Audience Awe Inspired
at Televised BET
Achievement Awards
By: Dr. Gatsby Melodi', PhD

New York March 1, 2008 - While there were
many receipients that night of a
Achievement Award
on Friday evening, it
was Tyra Banks who created and delivered  
the awe-inspiring visionary message with an
extremely strong desired goal or purpose for
anybody and everybody who has been
rejected or made to feel inadequate while
hearing the hurtful words "No" it can't be done.
Tyra Banks is a supermodel, host and judge
of the reality television show
America's Next
Top Model, and Tyra is currently hosting her
own Daytime Emmy Award-nominated talk
show, The Tyra Banks Show.

That BET Awards night was an evening full of
glamour, hope and inspiration, as it was
presented in its inaugural celebration of
recognizing Tyra Banks;  Dr.
Cornel West; Janice Bryant Howroyd;
Keys; Richard Parsons  and Maxine Waters.
The night show
stompers came when
R&B Legend
Knight performed two of
her 1970's hits 'The
Need to Be' and 'Just
My Imagination' in a
musical tribute to
Maxine Waters.
Gladys Knight
Audience members went wild and jumped to
their feet with excitement while Ms. Knight
performed and displayed warmly lite smiles
upon their faces.

Clealy there is a new and invigorating BET.
Why Chasing Women
Doesn't Work  --- The Best
Education You Can Get
About Dating
By: Dr. Ashley Eli', Ph.D

Hilo Bay, Hawaii - March 1, 2008 - Attraction
isn't a conscious process at all.  Attraction  is
not a CHOICE...    Duh.

Most of the things that guys are doing to
pursue and seduce women are actually
working against them.

Most fellas visit and buy gifts, trying to woo

Have you ever heard someone say "I spent
my life climbing the ladder of success... only
to find out it was leaning against the wrong

It's hard to conceive and even entertain the
thought that buying a woman a gift, telling her
how you feel about her after you've just met
her, giving her a lot of compliments, etc.
could actually turn her off and make her run
away from you.

But it can and does -- all the time.

STOP trying harder -- and instead try

To begin with, stop chasing women around.
Learn how to attract them to you.

Learn how to use your communication and
body language skills to create that very
special and magical feeling called
"chemistry" or "sexual tension".

Learn to flirt!  Create chemistry with your
ownword --  your own gestures -- your own
body lanaguage.
Tyra Banks, accepting
"Achievement Award"
from BET, aired Friday,
February 22, 2008.
Cable Station VH1
Brilliantly Reunites
Salt N Pepa Monday Nites
Both Look Sexy & Fine
So Funny & Entertaining
By: Howard Stein
Salt N Pepa songs are legendary.
Twelve million records sold.
LOS ANGELES March 1, 2008 - Back in 2002,
at the height of their success, Salt-N-Pepa
called it quits.

No one was ever quite sure why.

Rumors circulated that Salt had found God.

And -- that Pepa wanted to pursue an acting

Even as the speculation grew, the girls
remained silent. Until now, and the show is
magically delicious.

On The Salt-N-Pepa Show -- the two ladies  
give it one more shot, and the fun that
creates itself, is side-splitting humor.

Most of their issues are still unresolved---but
it's all good!!

Salt is still pissed-off because she thinks
she did all the work and was unappreciated.

And Pep's still angry accusing Salt broke up
the group -- and that she did it by calling Pep
in the middle of a pedicure!

And, believe it or not, they have never spoken
to each other about why they broke up in the
first place.

(Pepa) Sandy's still a party girl and is up for

Pepa desperately wants to re-capture the
glamour and glory of the old days.

Meanwhile (Salt) Cheryl's life has grown in a
completely different direction.

(Salt) Cheryl lives like a quiet Christian
lifestyle in New York's  Long Island section
and shunned the spotlight to devote much of
her life to God.

TUNE-IN ...TURN ON... this stuff is wonderful!
To Your Home on DVD

NEW YORK MARCH 1, 2008-  No doubt Martin
Lawrence is a genius.  Season Three on DVD
displays genius from the entire cast, which
Tichina Arnold, Carl Anthony Payne
II, Thomas Midal Ford and
Tisha Campbell.

HBO and the powers that be make it
possible  to enjoy all the re-takes and
outtakes on this 4-Disc DVD set, with over
600 minutes of fun with subtitles

Season One was for the man.  Season Two
was to prove Season One to the man. . But
Season Three is geniusssssss and you can't
stop laughing even if you wanted to do so.  
Famed Harlem Dancer and
Singer Is
82 & Still In
Demand All Over the World

Appearing At Dizzy’s
Monday, March 10, 2008
7:30 & 9:30pm
NEW YORK March 1, 2008 -
Born 1925 in Memphis,
Othella Dallas was
discovered by the
iconoclast dance  teacher
Katherine Dunham and
awarded a scholarship to
study with her in  New York.
Othella Dallas
She began her  successful American singing
career in New York, 1954 -- appearing
alongside  such greats as
Sammy Davis Jr,
Duke Ellington at the Apollo..

Her career brought Othella to Switzerland  
where she opened her own highly successful
jazz ballet academy in Basel and  continued
to sing at clubs and concert halls across the

Othella Dallas amazed  the crowd with her
appearances with Slide Hampton and John
Gordon’s Trombones  Unlimited.

Othella’s specialty is a mixture of dance and
jazz that builds up  to a sparkling climax.

She has been invited to give master classes
throughout  Europe and North America,
including at the prestigious “International
Vienna  Dance Week”.

Othella’s new CD “I Live The Life I Love” is
one of those albums you put on to set a mood.

“I Live The Life I Love” is manufactured with
Suonix/Switzerland  and will be distributed
worldwide. It is a peek into a life lived fully and

Othella Dallas is 82 - and at the top of her
career. Othella Dallas is an artist with a full
and rich story.

Box Office - Broadway at 60th Street (Ground
Floor) Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (or 30 minutes
past curtain) Sun Noon-6pm (or 30 minutes
past curtain) CenterCharge 212-721-6500.
Makes Mellow &
Smoothe Guitar Jazz
On "Your Move" For
Heads Up

Worldwide Release
March 11, 2008
Pick One Up
March 1, 2008 -

Contemporary jazz
bassist Gerald
Veasley makes no
claim to be a master
player, but there are certain
unmistakable parallels between his
line of work and the small-scale war
game that has challenged great
minds for centuries.

Like chess, Veasley sees music as a
pursuit that involves a combination of
strategy, quick thinking and even a bit
of blind faith.

“There’s a multiplicity of decision
making in the game of chess, and
there are consequences to every
action,” says Veasley.

“In a lot of ways, making music is like
that too. There are so many choices,
especially in jazz, where the situation
is never the same twice. That’s
always exciting to me. You’re creating
new scenarios at every turn, every
time you step in front of an audience,
or every time you step into the studio.
That’s what drew me to this kind of
music in the first place.  The idea that
it was always fresh, there was always
an opportunity and a new challenge.
Unlike chess, though, winning in jazz
doesn’t mean someone else has to

Gerald Veasley’s newest Heads Up
release, “Your Move,” is the
contemporary jazz bassist’s first
studio album in four years. “Your
Move” is his most innovative and
audacious recording to date.

Chuck Loeb steps in as a
formidable session player/producer/
author/co-author of several tracks,
while saxophonist and longtime
Veasley band member Chris Farr
also shares a few song credits.

Highlights include a unique take on
the Sly & The Family Stone classic
from 1970, “Thank You (Falettinme
Be Mice Elf Agin)”; “Three Tears,” a
tribute to Veasley’s longtime friend
Kip Boyer, who passed away earlier
this year; and the title track.
TAKE 6 Gets Lucky Deal

Heirs To Rich Tradition Of
Doo-Wop & Gospel Inks
This award-winning Christian sextet broke new
ground in a cappella in the '80s, paving the way for
the popular revival of R&B vocal groups. Their jazz
harmonies, original songs and vocal pyrotechnics
represent some of the best a cappella ever recorded.
CLEVELAND, OH - March 1, 2008 - Heads Up
president Dave Love's early career as a
performer, band leader, composer/arranger
and booking agent continues to be
invaluable for the successful record executive
and producer.

Heads Up International, one of the world’s
premier crossover jazz labels announced the
signing of an exclusive recording agreement
with the a cappella jazz group Take 6.

Heirs to the rich tradition of the doo-wop and
gospel groups of 1950s, and leaders in the
second wave of jazz and pop vocal groups
that emerged in the 1990s,
Take 6 will make
their Heads Up debut with a yet-to-be-titled
album of jazz standards and originals
scheduled for release in August 2008.
March 6-9 The Hancock Project: The Music of
Lenny White, Buster Williams,
George Colligan, Steve Wilson.
NEW YORK March 1, 2008 - In anticipation of a forthcoming
release on Chesky Records, veteran players
Lenny White,
Buster Williams, George Colligan and Steve Wilson
will perform the music of Herbie Hancock over four nights at
the Iridium in March. For these shows, the core band will be
augmented by
Wallace Roney, Joe Locke (March 8 only)
and Tom Harrell (March 9 only).    
Iridium Jazz Club
1650 Broadway @ 51 Street in NYC 212-582-2121
http://www.iridiumjazzclub.com     Sets At 8:30 & 10:30PM
New Jazz Label
Release Impressive
CD's April 2008 From
Beverly Hills, CA March 1, 2008 -
Rising Jazz Stars Foundation is
launching Resonance Records and
Resonance Heirloom Series with two
new extraordinary premier releases in
April 2008, announced by label
president George Klabin, who brings
over two-decades experience as
producer and audio engineer.

"Live In London" is a never before
released first recording by the late
Gene Harris, and is oh, so sexy, while
"Letter to Herbie" from pianist wizard
John Beasley, with Christian McBride,
Jeff "Tain" Watts, Roy Hargrove.
Visit  www.resonancerecords.org
Cannon Re-Loaded: An All-Star Celebration Of Cannonball
Adderley  Featuring
Nancy Wilson, Marcus Miller, George
Duke, Terence Blanchard, Steve Gadd & Others
NEW YORK March 1, 2008 - An all star cast of today’s jazz icons
brillantly celebrate the music of Cannonball Adderley, with a very
special guest appearance by
Nancy Wilson reprising two songs
('Save Your Love For  Me') & ('The Masquerade Is Over') from her
classic 1961 recording, Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley.

Produced by famed drummer Gregg Field and leader Tom Scott,
the collection features fresh, in the moment interpretations of
eight instrumentals popularized by Cannonball from the ultimate
jazz dream team of Tom Scott,
Terence Blanchard, George Duke,
Marcus Miller, Steve Gadd, Dave Carpenter and Larry Goldings.
The CD was released February 12, 2008 by Concord Music Group.
"Cannon's music endures for all of us for reasons that transcend our understanding", Scott says.  
"Cannonball had a big, robust sound on the alto sax and possessed a blistering technique, always
knowing how and when to use it. He could infuse an otherwise trivial melody with passion and soul or
if the song called for it, burn the house down with lightning fast riffs, never repeating himself."
WALTER BEASLEY the prolific recording artist
& compelling saxophonist/vocalist for more
than two decades talks about his latest CD
"Ready For Love" Available Now on Heads Up
By: Dr. Gatsby Melodi' Phd
June 1, 2008 - "This record is an indicat- ion of what hard work,
dedication, talent and effort will accomplish, and it's a gesture
of love and appreciation for the people who have supported
me along the way.  To actually take the time to dedicate
yourself to music, dedicate yourself to a strong work ethic,
dedicate yourself to being better, means you love what you do.
For me, every song on here has a special meaning and every song touches me
in some kind of way",
Beasley said.   

His previous album was titled
"For Her", and on it he sang about all the things
he wanted to do to please her.  "This one's for me", he humorously responded
to me in a telephone intereview when I asked him about the title "Ready For
Love" and the opening track 'FREE".  He also said he produced the CD, now
available on Heads Up International.
"It is my dream -- that one
day there will no longer be
doors we have to knock
down -- but instead
doorways where we can
walk through",
Tyra Banks
began her acceptance
speech after being handed
a trophy for her trailblazing
media mogul tactics and  
professionalism.  Tyra
Banks was recognized by
BET Televison for her
contributions in Media.