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Kansas City July 7, 2008 - "Many
people think you're lounging
between albums but for me that
time was spent trying to find a
place to land that would give me
the opportunity to create
something artful and mindful."
Lalah Hathaway confides.

For "Self Portrait", (STAX/Concord
Music Group) her fifth solo studio
album released on June 3, 2008,  
Hathaway co-wrote and co-produc-
ed the project with Rex Rideout,
Rahsaan Patterson, Sandra St.
Victor and Terrace Martin

Rideout served as the producer of
the 2004 Grammy nominated All
Star Tribute album dedicated to the
music of R&B legend
Vandross, "Forever, For Always,
For Luther", for which Lalah
achieved her first #1 single tiled,
'Forever, For Always, For Love."

"The album is like a movie of my
life.  Over the last couple of years  
the portrait I see of myself is of a
very confident and smart woman
who is extremely funny,
independently wealthy and well

Leading off the 12-song collection
'Let Go', a dance-oriented,
up-tempo number she produced
with Rex Rideout and co-wrote
alongside Rahsaan Patterson.
About the song she says -- "This
past year I've had to let go of quite
a few things, some places, some
situations and a couple of
mindsets.  I tend to hoard things
which is sometimes unhealthy.
This song says to let things go. I
even let go of some old jeans."
Lalah Hathaway
'For Always'  "This song has been
through the most changes on the
record with three re-mixes.  It is
one of those songs for steppers.

'That Was Then' "I really love the
shape of this song. Sandra St.
Victor is a genius with an
incredible knack of listening to a
story and then crating it into a
beautiful melody."

'Learning to Swim' "They say you
never forget but I have. This song
features Marcus Miller on fretless

'One Mile' - 'Bokie did the rap and I
love it because no one expects me
to have anything close to rap in my

'Little Girl' "It is literally an
autobiographical song. I love that it
is a Polaroid of my life set to

'What Goes Around' 'I love that we
were able to include strings on this

'Naked Truth' "The question I am
asked most is - 'who's the guy on
the duet with you? (giggles) It's just
me singing in my lower voice
altered for effect."

'UDO (unidentified divine object)'
"The lyrics are celestial."

'Tragic Inevitability'       "I keep
rewinding this one.   It's very
moody, and a bit sexier than you
might have heard on my other
records.  The hook was written as I
recorded it live."
'Breath' - "This is a
blend of a soul record
and folky acoustic
guitar. I love songs that
challenge the ear. It
says breath. Let it go",
Hathaway said.

Born December 1968,
Lalah (real name
Eulaulah) is a
contemporary R&B and
jazz singer. She is the
daughter of soul singer
Donny Hathaway (Oct
1-1945-Jan 13, 1979)
and classically trained
vocalist Eulaulah, born
and raised in Chicago.

'On Your Own'
"This song came from a
dream I had about my
father. While I don't
remember everything
about the dream I do
remember  my father
was singing to me and
telling me that I could
make it on my own.  
That was the only line I
could remember when I
awakened.  -- YOU CAN
LALAH  HATHAWAY  Sings    Songs  About  Love  That  Hasn't  Been
Fulfilled Yet on "Self-Portriat" STAX Records/Concord Music Group Debut  
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