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Pioneering Dramatic Behavior & Great Music  Skills Presented By 22 Year Old
Darrel Petties  Reasonates  Staying Power
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Atlanta, GA  May 23, 2006 - 'My hearts
in the Kingdom of God.  I'm totally sold
out for His discretion", newcomer

Darrel Petties
(pronounced pet us)
began our phoner about his recently
released CD
"Darrel Petties &
Strength In Praise Count It All Joy"

released April 4, 2006 on the EMI
Gospel label.

GM: What did you mean when you
said that you were sold out to God?
What does it mean to be sold out?

Darrel Petties:  "To know that you don't
have your own agenda to do anymore.  
Totally submission...'I'm an old boy..I
come from stuff that don't make no
sense to some."

No doubt 22-year-old
Darrel Petties
who has been singing since age 5.
is wise beyond his earthly years. His
speech deliverance is unassuming
and he  carefully chooses  words that
match his laid back demeanor.

GM: Do you remember the name of
your first solo song at age 5?

Darrel Petties:  "It was Kermit the Frog".

He tells a warm and  fuzzy story of how
he came from a single parent home
and grew close to his grandfather.   "My
grandfather is my father, my mentor,
my listener, my guide", Petties boasts..

That grandfather was also a preacher
who taught him and impressed God
about him so much, "I accepted the call
to preach at age 12", Petties revealed  
to me and then quickly asserts his
decision making.

"Daily we must become sensitive to
when God is speaking.  I would always
hear His voice."    

As evidenced with this debut Darrel
Petties now joins the elite group of
Gospel artists and choir leaders with
staying power consistently using an
innovative ministry  sprinkling high
energy and excitement to the cause of
God and his covenant to being

Last year Petties blew us out of the
waters with his
'Glory Halleluhah' cut
that was  featured on the
WOW Gospel

GM:  What do you mean by you are an
old boy?

Darrel Petties:  Hand-clapping,
foot-stomping.  I love old school hymns
from back in the day."  

While the name Darrel Petties spreads
its wings his remarkable talents are
just beginning to brew at his tender
View 'Yes Lord"
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30 Second Audio Clips
And Comments From
Darrel Petties
View 'Yes Lord'
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W I N   F R E E DVD   
or   CD
Count  It  All  Joy
DP:  "Best for Lyrics"
A  Place
DP:  "Passionate song for
me.  Kind of like the things we
go through on a daily basis."
Thank  Ya  Jesus
DP:  "Church tune.  Back to
traditional church. Can't thank
Him enough."
Yes Lord
DP:  "My attitude and personality.  
Not sold out.  I tell God on a daily
basis.  God knows what's best."
Darrel Petties & Strength In Praise
Glory Hallelujah
DP:  "This is a hope song to
me.  I love it because it
expresses Freedom without
restraints from anything, FREEDOM."
It  Is  Well
DP:  "A hymn that features
Smokie (Norful).
I'm  On  My  Way
DP:  "Old school with new school
feel.  I wrote it two years ago. I
heard the rhythm in my head."
Surely  He  Knows
DP:  "I wrote this when my
choir was low in Spirit.
Everybody.  The Word came to
me in my spirit."
Mighty GOD
DP:  "One of my favorite
motivational songs.  God is
mighty above anything I'm going
Lord Help Me
DP:  "Personal prayer from a
low time."
"God has anointed
rest on my vocal
        - Darrel Petties
Afro American Syndicate HOMEPAGE
Darrel Petties
GM:  Your DVD is mostly wonderful
showy and dashing upbeat music.  The
overall visual is alluring.  You also wrote
all ten tracks on the CD.  What are you
hoping your ministry does more

Darrel Petties:  "Music is a source of
healing. My music is a Blessing because I
am real. I am careful about what I write.  
Every tear that is shed writes a story.  This
project is a natural debt. Everything I wrote
came out of pain, trials or victory.  
Sometimes we think we have things under
control.  Sometimes we need some kind
of break through to be a better person.  
God has anointed rest on my vocal chords.

GM:  How do you deal with stress and

Darrel Petties:  "Anxiety comes with low
periods.  I look at anxiety as another
opportunity to prove God strong."

GM: Do you remember the title of the first
sermon you ever preached?

Darrel Petties:  "God's Love" from I John
Chapter 1 which says Love is God and
God is Love...All in unity with body of
Christ..If a man say he love God but hate
his brethren."

GM: Who benefits listening to your

Darrel Petties:  "From the lil lonesome
grandma to young people.  This is Gospel
music for everybody. I'm bridging the gap
between Traditional and New Century."

GM:  Thanks for the interview Mr. Petties
and good luck with your ministry.  

Darrel Petties: "Thank you and God Bless.
'Mighty God"
Angela Holmes, Lead Vocals
Written by Darrel Petties
Duraton:  5 min 50 sec.