and for "Curvation," a clothing and lingerie
line, "I like to consider myself more a
renaissance woman, if you will," Latifah adds.

About the film she said, “What appealed to
me about the project was that I could relate
to the story. I spent a lot of time in Brooklyn
during my teenage years, and I was very
fortunate to come through that time period
healthy, and to change my life and get back on
course. I can relate to the character of Ana in
that respect.”

The film
LIFE SUPPORT uses a mix of actors
and real people from the HIV/AIDS community
to tell the story of HIV-positive Ana Wallace,
who channels her energy and regret over her
past drug addiction into working for Life
Support, an AIDS outreach group.  Wallace's
obsessive passion for her job puts her health
at risk, and her stubbornness threatens to
drive her already fractured family away.

Inspired by the life of his sister (Ana Wallace)
and their family, director Nelson George co-
wrote the screenplay with the writing team of
Jim McKay & Hannah Weyer (HBO’s “Angel
LIFE SUPPORT is executive
produced by Oscar®-winning actor
Foxx, Queen Latifah, Shelby Stone (HBO’s
“Lackawanna Blues”), Jaime Rucker King
(“Ray”), Marcus King (“Jamie Foxx:
Unpredictable”) and Shakim Compere
(“Beauty Shop”). Also, Mark A. Baker (HBO’s
“Oz”) produces.
HBO Films vice president
Sam Martin is the creative executive in charge
of production for HBO.

Just one of many masterful moments in
SUPPORT happens toward the end of the
film when Ana learns that family friend,
Amare, now a gay HIV-positive teenager, has
been selling his anti-wasting injections,
which is the equivalent of committing suicide.

Hoping to find and get him the help he
desperately needs, Ana (Latifah) goes to the
project courtyard and finds a dying Amare
(Evan Ross)
"ATL", "Pride"   sitting there on a
bench looking up at his sister Tanya's
(Tracee Ellis-Ross) apartment.  His emotions
have concluded that Tanya  won't
communicate with him anymore, and so now
Amare has decided to die outdoors in the
courtyard of his sister's apartment building.

Filled with despair, Amare feels like he has
been counted out, abandoned and discarded
by his sister despite the allegiance and love
he has for her.  But Tanya contends that she
is weary of being responsible for her brother
Amare since he refuses to take care of
himself. She is no longer his co-dependent.

Ana listens with deep sadness as Amare
recalls the scary, neglectful  behavior of his
parents with Ana partying back when he,
Tanya and Kelly (Rachel Nicks) were small

Suddenly Ana takes off running toward
Tanya's building in an attempt to get to her  to
come out and save her brother Amare's life,
but Tanya won't answer the door.  It is then
that 9-1-1 call placed by Ana (Latifah) and the
intensity in her voice that creates the forever  
memorializing tear-jerking moment in the film.

The DVD run time is 88 minutes; subtitled in
Eng, Fr Span; Featurettes and Bonus include
audio commentary with Writer/Director
Nelson George; "The Story Behind the Story"
with Queen Latifah, Nelson George and
Andrea Williams; "Interview With Andrea
Williams: The Inspiration for Life Support";
and deleted scenes.
KANSAS CITY Oct 9, 2007
Queen Latifah
is all about
confidence building, not
just  in  herself,  but  she
genuinely and consistently
reaches back to help
others.  She has always
done things her way. At
age 8 little Dana Owens
started calling herself

Not A Hood Movie - "LIFE SUPPORT"  A Film Written & Directed
by Nelson George - Now Available on DVD From
HBO Films
By: Gatsby Melodi
"Latifah," a name she says is Arabic for
"gentle one, delicate, sensitive, nice."

The 34-year old says she added "Queen"
when she started rapping professionally.  
"My first single came out when I was 17.  I
signed my contract and my album came out
when I was 18,"   recounts Latifah.

Just as her music career was taking  off,   in
1991, director
Spike Lee tapped her for her
first film role, in "Jungle Fever."  She played a
waitress who frowns on
Wesley Snipes
choice of dates and minces no words in
telling him what she thinks.

Today  the Oscar®-nominated actor and
platinum-selling recording artist
Latifah is box-office royalty and she is a
bonafide Hollywood star, nominated for an
Academy Award playing a singing prison
Matron in "Chicago".  

Her queen-sized build and her queen-sized
talents have brought Queen Latifah fame and
fortune from her early days as a rapper to her
movie career, in films like
"Beauty Shop",
"Hairspray", and the 1996 enormously
entertaining "Set It Off" with co-stars
Pinkett-Smith, Kimberly Elise, and Vivica A.

Other Queen Latifah blockbuster films include
“Bringing Down the House”,  
“Barbershop 2:
Back in Business”, “Brown Sugar”,  “The Bone
“Taxi”,  “Living Out Loud” and “Last

On TV, she was a series regular on “Living
Single”; her other TV credits include “The
Muppets’ Wizard of Oz,” “Spin City,” “Sister,
Sister” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Today Queen Latifah gushes about her role
as an advocate for "big is beautiful."

"I feel like this is who I am," Latifah said.  "If I
feel like training and dropping some pounds
for my health, I'll do that. If I eat a little extra
mac and cheese, hey, it was good!"

Latifah’s parents divorced when she was ten
and so her mother Rita Owens became a
single mom raising two children.

"We all wanted to create businesses and sort
of get our families out of the 'hood, if you will.
You know, sort of move up, through the typical
American dream, so to speak."

She is one of the executive producers of the
LIFE SUPPORT.  In fact, she owns her
own production company and today, even the
former Dana Owens marvels at the persona
she created.

"You know, me and Queen Latifah used to be
the same person. And then somewhere along
the line, she got much bigger than me. She
became a corporation and a company and
she became a brand."

But even with her high profile image, as a
spokeswoman for "Covergirl"
                                    Afro American Syndicate
Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, John Goodman & Wanda Sykes
Head Up Hilarious Cast    "EVAN ALMIGHTY" on DVD Oct 9th
From Universal Studios Home Entertainment
KANSAS CITY Oct 9, 2007 - The hilarious and heart-warming comedy, Evan
Almighty arrives on DVD on Oct. 9, starring funnyman Steve Carell, Morgan
Freeman, Lauren Graham, Jonah Hill, and Molly Shannon.  This comedy for all
ages comes packed with special features like an ark full of animals.  
In this sequel to BRUCE ALMIGHTY, newscaster Evan Baxter (Steve Carrell, THE 40 YEAR OLD
VIRGIN) has traded in the news desk for a post in Washington as a congressman.  When he
has a strange encounter with God (Oscar winner Morgan Freeman, reprising his role from the
first film), God tells him to build an ark, just as Noah did thousands of years ago. Though Evan
is skeptical, he finally accepts the task after being hounded by dozens of animals that follow
him, two by two. By obeying God, Evan risks his family, career, and sanity--but will a flood
actually come and prove him right?  EVAN ALMIGHTY is a pure family affair  this is a squeaky
clean film that kids and parents can enjoy equally. With hundreds of animals, poop jokes are
inevitable, and they're worthy of a chuckle or two. Many of the funniest lines and delivery come
from Wanda Sykes.  

Run time 96 minutes; also there are additional bonuses including 12 minutes of hilarious
deleted scene and outtakes; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Eng & Span; DVS Dolby Digital 2.0;
Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0; English Subtitles. widescreen 2.35:1 or full frame 1.33:1;  s.r.p. $29.98.  
Director Tom Shadyac; Screenplay by Steve Oedekerk; Story by: Steve Oedekerk, Joel Cohen,
Alec Sokolow; Executive Producers: Ilona Herzberg, Dave Phillips, Matt Luber, Tom Hanks, Gary
View Makings of Arc trailer
Click Here
GREY'S ANATOMY  Complete Third Season  Released on DVD In a
7-Disc Set With All 25 Episodes Presented in Widescreen and 5.1
Surround Sound From Buena Vista Home Entertainment Sept 11, 2007
KANSAS CITY Oct 9, 2007 - In the third season of Grey's Anatomy, one medical
intern will get married to a superior while another is left standing at the altar. Two
interns will lose their parents. And one main character will try to commit suicide--or
not fight very hard to save her own life. There will be multiple hook-ups, infidelity,
and trust issues. Be a part of a television phenomenon, and experience America's
#1 drama.   
Capturing a Golden Globe(R) Award for Best Television Series -
Drama in its scintillating third season, GREY'S ANATOMY is the rare show
that makes fans of both audiences and critics.  Join the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital as they
learn there are no easy cures for life's challenges and that each choice comes in shades of
grey.   The 7-Disc DVD set run time exceeds 1107 minutes; features extended episodes and
audio commentaries.
Bruce Willis Stars As The Real Action Hero John McClane -- Fourth Film In
The Franchise That Defined The Modern Action Genre Explodes Onto DVD
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CENTURY CITY, CA Nov 12, 20007 - –He’s still an easy man to like and still a hard man to kill -
the action never lets up when John McClane finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time
once again in "Live Free or Die Hard"  in three DVD configurations: A single-disc full screen rated
version and single-disc widescreen unrated edition, both highlighted by audio commentary with
Bruce Willis and director Len Wiseman; a music video by super fans Guyz Nite.

As well as a special "Live Free or Die Hard" Unrated Two-Disc Edition, highlighted by never-
before-seen footage not seen in the theatrical version and a second disc locked and loaded with
exclusive elements such as  “Conversation with
Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith,” a feature-length
Making-Of documentary and more.  

The Live Free or Die Hard single-disc DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of
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