Afro  American Syndicate
The lifestyle of a Jewish
Indiana farm boy Josh Sendler
(Douglas Smith) in his senior
year of high school playing
basketball and diligently
working toward a career in the
NBA takes a flip flop.  His
Conflict, Confusion, Turmoil,
Racism, Love, Hate all meet in
"ROCK THE PAINT", featuring
original music and score by
Wyclef Jean on DVD June 10th
hopes are seemingly diminished when his
dad announces that the family is
immediately leaving and moving to Newark,
New Jersey.  

One year earlier his mother was killed in an
automobile accident and his dad thinks
moving he and his little brother to New
Jersey to live with his dead mother's
parents is the best.

Despite social bigotry, his first true friend in
Newark becomes Antwone (
Kevin Phillips)
who teaches Josh inside street techniques
to better his athletic skills and that anger is
best taken out on the basketball court.

Conflict, confusion, turmoil, racism, love
and hate all meet in "Rock the Paint",
featuring original music and score by
Jean. Running time 105 min; SRP $29.98,
from Allumination FilmWorks.
Has obsession controlled
you? What if you became the
obsession? So scary you'll
think twice before going in to
an apartment uninvited.
DVD June 3rd
Jeffrey (Daniel Sauli) is a
young gay architect living
in New York City who has
fallen for a hunky
handsome man named
Rene and they've gone
back to his apartment to
spend the afternoon making love, but
the mood is broken when they are
interrupted by Jeffrey's   female
roommate Nicki (Heather Alicia
Simms),  and Rene announces he's
gotta go. Jeffrey can't get his mind off
Rene, and when he sees him on the
street one day, he follows him
discovering where he lives and rents
an apartment in his building.

Jeffrey quickly learns the previous
tenant is missing and has left behind
all his belongings in the apartment.  
Jeffrey hears painful moaning sounds
coming from the apartment beneath
his, and it belongs to the manager
Gladys (Patti D'Arbanville)who has
given Jeffrey a key to use in case of an

The dark secret Jeffrey stumbles on
when he uses that key  in this
Hitchcock like film  "You Belong To Me"
will make you think twice about going
in to another person's apartment
uninvited.  Writer and director Sam
Zalutsky, Run time 82 minutes; SRP
$24.98, from Wolfe Video.
There's a long way between   
guilt & conviction!!
"COVER"        Now on DVD
The bogeyman is for real!
In a film about HIV and the DL
(down-low), director
Bill Duke
brings together an astounding
casts of actors like
Patti LaBelle,
Vivica A.
Fox, Clifton Davis, Lou
Gossett Jr., Leon, Aunjanue Ellis,
Paula Jai Parker and Obba
Babatunde to tell a story of a young married
couple in which unbeknown to the wife her
husband is sleeping around with other men
and is therefore considered to be on the
down-low.  This gripping tale of lies and
betrayal is discovered by a churchgoing
female devoted to marriage who becomes
angry with God for allowing the secret double
life to happen.  She is eventually arrested for
murder.  The bogeyman is for real in "Cover",
running  time 98 minutes, SRP $26.98, from
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
TV's   "MANNIX"  Celebrates
40th Anniversary With
Season One DVD Release
on June 3rd
Complete with action
packed fistfight's, high
speed car chases and
determined justice, the
first season of "MANNIX",
television’s long-running
detective drama about a
tough and cynical private investigator
debuts on DVD June 3 from CBS
Home Entertainment and Paramount
Home Entertainment, just in time for
the show’s 40th anniversary.  

With four Golden Globe® wins,
including Best TV Show, "Mannix" stars
Mike Connors who earned a Golden
Globe and four Emmy® nominations
(Outstanding Continued Performance
by an Actor in a Leading Role), for his
portrayal as the cool-headed, classic
American detective Joe Mannix, an old
school detective with rugged good
looks driving a snazzy convertible car.

"Mannix: The First Season" contains a
6-Disc DVD set; Run time 20 hrs. 10
mins; each episode features an audio
introduction from Mike Connors;
SRP $54.99.
Never give up on your dreams.
Never give up on each other
Now Available on DVD
Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin
in the Sun" was the first play
written by an African American
woman to be produced on
Broadway and premiered in
1959 with a cast that included
Sidney Poitier, Claudia McNeil,
Diana Sands, Ruby Dee and Lou Gossett, Jr.

The critically acclaimed, Sony Pictures
Television movie adaptation of the Tony®
award-winning Broadway revival, "A Raisin in
the Sun" debuted on DVD May 13 from Sony
Pictures Home Entertainment.  Recreating
their roles for the television adaptation are
Sean Combs; Emmy® and Tony Award®
Phylicia Rashad; four-time Tony
Award® winner
Audra McDonald; Tony
Award® nominee Sanaa Lathan; and John
Stamos.  "A Raisin in the Sun" was also the
very first broadcast network television film to
screen at the
Sundance Film Festival.

The movie is executive-produced by Craig
Zadan and Neil Meron's Storyline
Sean Combs' Bad Boy World
Wide Entertainment Group and Sony Pictures
Television. The show's Broadway producers,
Carl Rumbaugh, Susan Batson and David
Binder, also serve as executive producers.
The film is produced by John M. Eckert. Kenny
Leon, who received a
Drama Desk
nomination for Outstanding Director for his
staging of the play on Broadway, makes his
film debut with this movie; and Paris Qualles,
writer of the critically acclaimed and
Emmy-nominated "Tuskeegee Airmen" and
Rosa Parks Story," adapted Hansberry's
play for the new movie event.

The DVD includes audio commentary with the
director, and featurette "Dreams Worth While:
The Journey of A Raisin in the Sun" which
includes soundbytes from Lorraine
Hansberry's sister Mamie, her niece Nantile,
and her great-niece Tayne.  Run time is 131
minutes, SRP $24.94.
Family is unpredictable
but entertaining
on DVD June 17th
Martin Lawrence plays Roscoe
Jenkins who thought he was a
loser, so he left his hometown
and went away to transform
himself into what he thought
was a winner.  But when
Roscoe went back home for
the celebration of his parents 50th wedding
anniversary with the entire Jenkins clan, he
learned after a few days that he'd lost
interest in his arrogant, sex-crazed,
pretentious, fake-ass celebrity wannabe
girlfriend he'd brought with him to the
celebration and so he kicked her to the curb
and sent her out of town.  He then thanked
his family for their unconditional love and
strength to withstand anything the world
throws at him, making him a better man
and giving him a place to finally call home.

And while up to that point Roscoe Jenkins
was never able to please, get the love of, or
be accepted by his father he suddenly
hears the words from his father played by
James Earl Jones "We all need love.  Son, if
I ever drove you away, if I ever made you feel
unworthy, I'm sorry.  I love you."

ROSCOE JENKINS is more than a  comedy,
it is a family experience

The cast also includes among others
Margaret Avery,
Michael Clarke Duncan,
Mo'Nique, Nicole Ari Parker and Cedric "The
Entertainer", Malcom D. Lee is the writer
director, with old skool music from
Wonder, Whitney Houston, Jill Scott, Pointer
Sisters, Frankie Beverly.  Run time is 114
minutes, SRP $29.98, from Universal
Studios Home Entertainment.
Considered one of TV’s sassiest
sitcoms, MARTIN: The Complete
Fourth Season picks up where
Season Three left off on April 1
"Martin: Season Four" picks up
at Martin and Gina’s wedding.
Watch as trouble brews when
Martin, his buddies and
overprotective mother, among
others, bring the honeymoon to
a screeching halt. A family TV
favorite since the 90’s, Martin: The Complete
Fourth Season, in stores now and is a great
add-on to the
Martin series collection. Funny
Martin Lawrence stars in this classic
sitcom as Martin Payne, a brash radio and TV
personality who speaks his mind, often to the
frustration of his long-suffering girlfriend, and
now wife,
Gina (Tisha Campbell) Add to the
mix equal parts fun, quick-witted banter and
love as his buddies
Tommy (Thomas Mikal
Ford), Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II), Gina’s
loud-mouthed co-worker
Pam (Tichina
Arnold), generate some good old-fashioned
laughter. Run time 594 minutes, SRP $29.98,
from HBO, available April 1, 2008.
Relive  the    love   and  the
laughter all over again for
the   very  first   time.
Seasons 6  7  &  Final 8
Now Available on DVD
"The Cosby Show" appeared on NBC
for Eight Seasons from 1984 to 1992
becoming one of the most popular
programs in the history of television.  
The original cast consisted of
Cosby, Phylicia Rashad, Malcolm
Jamal Warner, Tempestt Bledsoe,
Keshia Knight Pulliam and Lisa
Bonet.  Season 6 introduced
4-year-old future Disney star
Season 6 (1989-90)
Lisa Bonet returns to
the show married to  
Joseph C. Phillips
whose daughter is
Raven-Simone. guests
Season 7 (1990-91)
This has great menu
navigation throughout
the DVD including
on-screen synopsis of
each episode. Erika
Alexander ('Living
Season 8 (1991-92)
This is the final season
of "The Cosby Show"
Vanessa got engaged,
Clair reunited with
college chums, Theo
graduated college,
Single') joins the cast as Cliffs' cousin
Pam. Guests include:  
Allen Payne,
Leslie Uggams, Clarice Taylor, Earl
Hyman, and John Ritter.  Contains
3-Disc DVD set: Run time 572
minutes; SRP $24.98, from First Look
Home Entertainment.
Guests include Miriam Makeba,
Daphne Maxwell Reid, Margaret Avery,
CCH Poujnder, Earl Hyman, Clarice
Taylor, Allen Payne.   Contains 3-Disc
DVD set; Run time 572 minutes; SRP
$24.98, from First Look Home
Gunn, Nancy Wilson, BB King, Earl
Hyman, Clarice Taylor, Mavis
Staples.  3-Disc DVD set; Run time
550 minutes; SRP $24.98, from First
Look Home Entertainment.
Bribery, Extortion, Murder  &
Racketeering  Happen When
The Most Dangerous Man Walks
the Streets -
WASHINGTON  Stars in    
Now Available on DVD
They've got possession, supply,
conspiracy, bribing a law officer,
people who will attest to seeing
him kill in cold blood, off-shore
bank accounts, real estate and
business all bought with money
from heroin, and hundreds of
parents of dead kids.  They say he murdered
thousands of people who used his heroin,
and he did it from a penthouse driving a
Lincoln.  The Italian mafia is willing to testify
against him because as a black
businessman he represents the kind of
progress that's going to make them lose a lot
of money.  With him out of the way everything
can return to normal

But he's not worried because he's got
celebrities and sports figures that will refute
all claims against him.  Afterall, he's been
good to Harlem and he's confident Harlem will
be good to him.

But he ultimately agrees to snitch on dirty
police officers.  It is called the largest police
scandal with over 32 officers federally indicted
on bribery charges.

Academy Award winner
Denzel Washington
brilliantly steps into the role of Frank Lucas, a
former heroin dealer and organized crime
boss in Harlem during the late 1960s and
early 1970s.

Lucas born September 9, 1930 in La Grange,
is the subject of  the movie "American
Gangster", and it is inspired by a true story.  
Frank Lucas was convicted of "Conspiracy to
Distribute Narcotics" and sentenced to 70
years, but for his cooperation Frank's prison
sentence was reduced to 15 years and he
was released in 1991.

There is a 2-Disc DVD widescreen set.  The
first Disc contains the original version - run
time is 2 hours 38 minutes and an extended
18-minute version with an alternate ending
Washington is met by co-star Russell
Crowe after being released from prison. The
second Disc contains deleted scenes and two
featurettes titled "Fallen Empire: Making of
American Gangster" and "Case Files" , SRP
$29.98, from Universal Studios Home
Frameline Releases Marlon T.
Rigg's  Classic   1991   PBS   
Experimental P.O.V.  (point of
view) Documentary  "TONGUES
July 7, 2008 - Founded in 1977 and
headquartered in San Francisco, CA
Frameline is the nation's only non-
profit organization solely dedicated to
the funding, exhibition, distribution
and promotion of lesbian, gay, bi-
sexual and transgender media arts.
Frameline has released on DVD "Tongues
Untied", Marlon T. Rigg's controversial classic
documentary chronicling the black gay male
experience.  It originally aired on PBS's P.O.V.
series in 1991 and contributed to the national
debate about the National Endowment for the
arts funding for the art with nudity, gay themes,
and pointed political commentary.  The film
continues to speak to viewers today with enthu-
siasm and provokes heated controversy.
line can connect more viewers with Riggs' land-
mark film," adds Michael Lumpkin,  Artistic Dir.
The 55-minute video documents community  
voices, some quietly poetic, some undeniably
raw and angry challenging society's entrenched
myths about what it means to be black, gay,
male and human.

Marlon Troy Riggs was born 1957 in Fort Worth,
Texas, graduated Harvard University, B.A. (with
honors), 1978; University of California, Berkeley,
M.A. in journalism, 1981.  He died April 5, 1994,
of complications from AIDS.