Afro   American   Syndicate
Two  Vol One on DVD June
10th Starring DAVID
Excellent &
Clever Scripts
Ron Howard; Kurt Russell;
Ivan Dixon
;  Suzanne
Pleshette; Ed Begley, Sr;  
Leslie Nielsen; Tuesday
Weld; Barry Morse -- A
Must Have Collection
David Janssen
July 7, 2008 David
Janssen (Mar 27, 1931
- Feb 13, 1980) was a
Golden Globe-winning
Emmy Award-nominat
ed American film and
television actor best
known for his starring
role as Dr. Richard
Kimble in the hit televis-
ion series The Fugitive
(1963–1967), about a
doctor on the run after
falsely being convicted
of murdering his wife
and sentenced to death.
Janssen was born David Harold
Meyer in Naponee, Nebraska to
banker Harold Edward Meyer and
beauty queen Berniece Graf, married
on May 22, 1930 in Nebraska and
divorced in 1935.

Following his parents' divorce when
he was five, his mother moved him to
Los Angeles, CA. She eventually
married Eugene Janssen Sept 1940
and David used his stepfather's
name after he entered show
business as a child. He attended
Fairfax High School in Los Angeles.

In the early morning hours on Feb 13,
1980, Janssen suffered a heart
attack and died at his beach house in
Malibu in the presence of his wife,
Dani (married 1975). He was a
month shy of his 49th birthday, and 2
days into filming the title role in a TV
film "Father Damien The Leper

David Janssen enjoyed a reputation
as both a consummate professional
and as a great guy to work with.

He had an IQ of 160 and would read
6 books per week.  He is buried in
Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in
Culver City, CA.  Cause of death is
heart failure.

THE FUGITIVE: Season Two Volume
is a warm recollection of acting
from a decent and talented man.  The
DVD contains the first 15 episodes
from the second season of the  
highly successful and influential
drama series that ran (1963-1967).
Just put the DVD in your player and
be drawn in to each storyline and
episode when the nice guy in the
fugitive selflessly risks the relentless
pursuits of police Lt. Philip Gerard
(Barry Morse) that could land him in
prison in exchange for helping others
in the name of justice and fairness.  

The Fugitive scripts creative variety is
endless.  The quality of acting and
casting which includes several
actors at the beginning of their
careers is certain to please. These
episodes have been transferred from
the original negative with restored
audio.  Run time is approx 13 hours;
4-Disc set; in B&W; Full Screen; SRP
$39.98, available from Paramount
Home Entertainment June 10, 2008.
Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden
Brooks, Reggie Hayes, Jill
Marie Jones, & Persia White
Dance on to CBS DVD
July 29 "Girlfriends Fourth
Season" From Paramount
July 7, 2008 -
(2000) is a
sophisticated comedy
series that invites
viewers into the lives of
four professional African
American women living
in Los Angeles struggling with the
weighty issues of life, men, love and
money.  As they search for happiness
in all its elusive forms, the four
girlfriends rely on each other for
support, reality checks, advice and for
the laughter that everyone needs to
make it in this crazy place called the
modern world. 3-Disc; Run time 503
min; widescreen; SRP $36.98.
Season Four (1971-72) Roars
With Great Crime Drama
Taped in the Tropical
Paradise "HAWAII  FIVE  O"
on  DVD June 10, 2008
July 7, 2008 - Filmed
entirely on location in
Hawaii, the show
followed Jack Lord as he
played Steve McGarrett,
head of an elite state
police unit investigating
organized crime, murder, assassin-
ation attempts, foreign agents, and
felonies of every type.  James
MacArthur played his second in
command Danny ("Danno") Williams
with local actors playing members of
the Five-O team.

"Hawaii Five O" is one crime drama
that found its audience and kept it for
twelve years. The strength, integrity,
and dedication of these kinds of
characters cannot be overstated, and
will always have lots of fans rooting
them on now that the show is
available on CBS DVD, thanks to
Paramount Pictures Home

"Hawaii Five-O The Fourth Season"
rides the same wave of excellence
that carried the series through
Seasons One, Two and Three. Five-O
seems to have gotten a little edgier in
Season Four, most notably in the
increased level of violence and
dealing with issues such as
post-traumatic stress disorder.
The 6-Disc Boxed set in Full Screen
Format features Episode Promos;
Run time over 20 Hours; SRP $49.99;
Subtitles: Spanish, Brazilian and
Jenifer Lewis, Angela Bassett,
Tamela Mann, Margaret Avery
on DVD   July 1   From LionsGate              
July 7, 2008 -       Tyler Perry’s latest hit
"Meet the Browns" arrived on DVD
and Blu-Ray Disc on July 1, 2008.  
Produced, written and directed by Perry,
the film is based on his popular stage
production of the same name and was
hailed “lively and funny” by The
Washington Post.  Starring Academy  Award®
nominee Angela Bassett, and one of the wackiest and
most adored actors in film and stage today, Jenifer
Tyler Perry’s "Meet the Browns" is a charming
story about the joys of family and the possibility of
second chances.  The 2-Disc Special Edition DVD
includes four original featurettes, while the Blu-ray
Disc contains those same four featurettes plus three
additional featurettes, and both come with a standard-
definition digital copy of the feature film.  The standard
single-disc DVD will include a Widescreen and Full
Screen version of the film.  

Brenda is a single mother with 3 kids struggling to live
in inner city Chicago and gets laid off.  A letter arrives
announcing the death of her father whom she’s never
met, taking her to Georgia for the funeral. There she
meets the Brown's, her father's fun-loving crass
Southern clan.  In a small town full of long afternoons
and country fairs, Brenda struggles to get to know the
family she never knew existed ad finds a brand new
romance that just might change her life.  Subtitles:
English and Spanish; Run time: 100 minutes; 2-Disc
SRP$34.98Widescreen/ 1-Disc SRP $29.95
wide/fullscreen/ 2-Disc Blu-Ray $39.99
Barbara Eden & Larry Hagman One Last
Time on DVD July 8
July 7, 2008 - The final season of one of
the most beloved sitcoms in television
history comes to DVD July 8 when Sony
Pictures Home Entertainment releases
"I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete
The four-disc box set
features the romantic magic of all 26
episodes from the fifth season and will be available in
Full Screen for $39.95 SRP.  Broadcast year 1968-69.

Barbara Eden in her career-defining role as Jeannie
and Larry Hagman as the hapless Major Tony Nelson
star as the adorable mismatched couple back for one
last season of adventures.  Their viable chemistry and
deft comic timing was made even more successful by
the series’ talented regulars
Bill Daily as Tony’s best
friend and secret-keeper Major Roger Healey, Hayden
Rorke as nosey Dr. Bellows, and Emmaline Henry as
his wife, Amanda Bellows.

Inspired by other supernatural shows of the time
“Bewitched”), I Dream of Jeannie began
its five-season run on September 18, 1965.  Created
by best-selling author, Sidney Sheldon, the series
cleverly blended romantic and slapstick comedy with
outstand- ing special effects, making the show an
immediate success.  Guest stars appearing during
this season include Farrah Fawcett, Jackie Coogan.
Run time approximately 639 minutes.
Subtitles: Spanish, Portuguese
July 7, 2008 - Based on the critically
acclaimed film of the same name,
"SOUL FOOD" the series reunites the
Joseph family in an hour long drama
series which chronicles the lives of a
tight knit African American family living in
Chicago.  The series explores, in an
honest and touching way, the relationship between  
three sisters, the men in their lives and their children.  
The Joseph family faces everyday struggles to which
all families can relate.  "SOUL FOOD" is not your
typical family, it is simply the drama of a family.

Fans will be delighted to finally get their hands on
Soul Food -The Final Season" and officially relive the
Joseph sisters without any interruptions .  The 4-Disc
DVD Box set includes all 14 original episodes aired
on BET; Run time is 741 minutes; in Full Screen
format; SRP $49.98.
The TV Series That Took The Essential
Bare Bones Concept of the Original
Movie to a Whole Other Level of
Provacative High
With Class & Style "Soul Food The Final
Season" on DVD July 8 From Paramount
July 10, 2008 - The
ensemble drama about
young adults growing up
in Beverly Hills is a blend
of romantic drama and
subject matter that
crosses all cultural
High School Kids With A
Very  Powerful Enigmatic
Force That Caused A
Worldwide Phenomenon &
Later Made Them Adult
90210 Season Five" on CBS
DVD July 29 from
Paramount Home
boundaries. The storyline has followed
the Walsh family as they moved from
a  middle-class Midwestern
neighborhood to wealthy and
glamorous Beverly Hills, maturing
from high school to college students,
facing new challenges as they
continue to grow and discover more
about themselves and their personal
ambitions. As their worlds evolve, old
friendships will be tested as new
relationships develop, but no matter
how complicated their worlds become,
they will always share in their
strengths and experiences.

Things exciting happening in
Hills 90210 Season Five
Dylan diving seriously into addiction;
Tori Spelling's boobs gets bigger and
she gets prettier; Donna is set-up with
a surprise date and he's white; Kelly
shoots her big mouth off on Valerie;
Mackenzie Phillips does an
intervention.  The 8-Disc DVD Boxed
set from (1994-95) run time 23 Hours
19 Mins; Subtitles Spanish,
Portuguese; Full Screen; SRP $59.98.
"Get Smart - Season 1" The original family
comedy  TV series from 1965 full of spies,
gadgets, gags and catch phrases.The
digitally restored and re-mastered 4-disc
DVD collection features all 30
HOME BOX OFFICE Does the Body Good
With Top Notch DVD Releases For
August Family Entertainment
Whether you're wanting to laugh out loud while
watching great comedy, get caught-up in the suspense
of thrillers you can watch over and over, or cry from
real-life-biographical satire, HBO has got the hook-up
this month and they are out to satisfy all your desires
on DVD.
"THE WIRE Fifth Season" The final ten
episodes of the beloved HBO series comes
to a gripping conclusion about the role that
newspapers play in the twisted bureaucracy
"Joe Louis: America’s Hero Betrayed" is 75
impressionable minutes on the first black
sports star revered by both black and white
fans, who had it all and lost it big time in
the hands of the government and the IRS. His son
paints a horrible picture of a not-so-good dad. S.R.P.
of big cities. THE WIRE is much stronger when you
take it in one sitting on this 4-Disc DVD set, runtime
6300 minutes, with 6 episode commentaries from
creator David Simon. SRP $59.99 in stores August 12
of the first hit season, from the minds of comic
geniuses Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, starring
Adams, Barbara Feldon, and Ed Platt. Run time 900
minutes SRP $24.98 in stores August 5.
It's the Friendly & Cozy
Little Boston Bar Where
Everybody Knows Your
Name "CHEERS" Season
on DVD September
From CBS/Paramount
August 29, 2008 -
Woody's 2-episode
wedding story arc is
worth the price of the
entire season. "Calling
Dr. Daniels, Dr. Jack
Daniels!" is funny stuff!
The only long storyline this season is
Sam and Rebecca's attempt to have
a child together. Other notable
episodes include  "Bar Wars"
between Cheers and Gary's Olde
Towne Tavern, and when Cliff goes
on the Johnny Carson show.  For
once there is no season ending
cliffhanger.  Sam still is a womanizer,
Norm loves his beer, Cliff is still
annoying, Frasier and Lilith act as
weird as ever, and Woody does
anything for his girlfriend Kelly.
Season 10 is classic Cheers and a
great place where everybody knows
your name!  (1991-1992).   The
Emmy® award-winning smash-hit
television series kept the laughs
uncorked. Season 10 contains 25
episodes in a  4-Disc DVD set; Run
time over 10 Hours; SRP $42.99.
The Untouchables Season
Two Volume One on DVD
August 26 From
CBS/Paramount Home Home
Entertainment Filled With
Grit and Intelligence
August 29, 2008 - The
Untouchables was
considered one of the
most violent television
shows of its time (1959)
and sparked protests
from concerned parents.
The Untouchables chronicles the
campaign of Eliot Ness (Robert
Stack), the young U.S. Prohibition
Bureau agent, to smash the beer
and booze empire of Al Capone in
1920s Chicago. 'The Untouchables'
was a
Desilu production, the
co-presidents of
Desilu were Desi
Arnaz and Lucille Ball.

Nearly fifty years after the series
premiered, "The Untouchables" is
still thoroughly entertaining due
largely to a powerful premise, great
actors, and good writing. The fact
that the show is filmed in black and
white makes the stories all the more
compelling.  A very successful show
that made a star out of Robert Stack
and brought new fame to a Treasury
agent named Eliot Ness.

The hyper-active announcer on The
Untouchables was the voice of the
1930's and '40's newsreels,  Walter
Winchell. The intended continuous
suspense has lost nothing and
intensifies on the DVD collection.  
Just kick back and enjoy the well
written shows. DVD contains 16
episodes; 4-Disc set; Run time over
13 Hours; SRP $39.98.
The Love Boat Is Making
Another Run Promising
Something For Everyone on
DVD August 12, 2008
August 29,2008 - "The
Love Boat  - Season One
Volume One" from 1977,
consists of 12 exciting  
episodes on a 4-Disc set.
Each week, passengers
looking for romance board
the beautiful Pacific Princess cruise
ship as it sails to tropical and exotic
lands.  Coming about this season
include guests stars:
Pearl Baily,
Jonelle Allen,
Kathy Bates, Bob Crane,
Don Adams, Nanette Fabray, Georgia
Desi Arnaz, Jr, Stephanie
Vicki Lawrence, Jim
Backus, Frankie Avalon,
Patty Duke,
Rick Nelson, Shelly Long, Audrey
Meadows, Monty Hall,
Leslie Nielsen,
Marcia Wallace, Annette Funicello,
Jessica Walter, Kaye Ballard, Gary
Collins, Antonio Fargas, Pat Morita.
Gavin MacLeod,
Ted Lange, Bernie
Kopell, Fred Grandy, Lauren Tewes.
Run time 10 Hrs. 44 min; SRP $36.98.
Courtroom Drama at it's Best With
Raymond Burr as "Perry Mason In
3 Volume 1" on DVD August
19th From CBS/Paramount -- But It's
Awfully Expensive
August 29, 2008 - The show brings back
so many warm memories of 1957.  
Raymond Burr had some good roles in
films but will always be remembered as
Perry Mason. Its mix of drama, noir,
humor and its truly likable characters
made for terrific viewing. Season 3 has
some great episodes, including a case where Paul
was the accused in a twisty tail of blackmail and

Raymond Burr as Perry Mason the brilliant attorney
always extracts a last-minute confession from the
true killer, usually with the help of loyal secretary
Della Street (Barbara Hale) and cocky private eye
Paul Drake (William Hopper); co-starring William
Talman as DA Hamilton Burger, and Ray Collins as
Lt. Arthur Tragg.  The classic crime series returns all
powerful with Season 3 Vol One but some say the
hefty SRP $49.98 is not fair for only 12 episodes on a
3-Disc set. Run time 624 minutes.
That Girl: Season Four 4-Disc
DVD Set Debuts August 12th
from Shout! Factory
August 29, 2008 - Before
The Mary Tyler Moore Show,
Murphy Brown and Ally
McBeal, there was That
Girl.  Nominated for an
Emmy® Award for these
Marlo Thomas gives Ann Marie some
of her most   memorable moments in
Season 4 of
That Girl . From the
banana spy camera she wields in the
2-part season opener,
, through her unforgettable
donning of a chicken suit in
Here But Us Chickens
,  she
demonstrates her undeniable talent for
physical comedy. Faithfully along for
Ann’s wild ride are her boyfriend
Donald (Ted Bessell) and her parents
(Lew Parker & Rosemary DeCamp).

A beloved landmark television series,
That Girl premiered in 1966 to critical
acclaim and instant stardom for
Golden Globe-winning actress Marlo
Thomas.  Also serving as the show’s
producer, Thomas set out to create a
new role for prime time women,
proving that they could be strong,
independent and happily single.  Over
the course of five funny, adventurous
and fashionably fabulous seasons,
effervescent wannabe actress Ann
Marie (Thomas) progressed from a
naïve young girl who dreamed of
becoming a star to a smart, confident
woman who could stand up to her
parents and become engaged to her
boyfriend on her own terms, and never
lose her sense of identity.  From 1970;  
SRP$39.99. Run time 660 minutes.
September 16, 2008 - She is the
youngest among three sisters and
two brothers, born January 13, 1970.
Shonda Rhimes is a screenwriter,
director and producer, best known
as the creator and executive
producer of television series Grey's
Anatomy and its spin-off Private
Practice.  In May 2007, she was
named as one of the Time 100
people who help shape the world.
Shonda Rhimes Golden Globe Winning Creator
& Executive Producer of Grey's Anatomy  
Successful Spinoff Series "Private Practice" on
DVD Sept 16th from Walt Disney Studios Home
Shonda Rhimes
The Time 100 is an annual list of the 100 most
influential people in the world, as assembled by Time

She has a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth (1991)
and a master of Fine Frts (MFA) from the University of
Southern California's School of Cinema-Television.

Rhimes initially struggled to find a writing or production
gig after graduation. For a time, she lived with her
sister in San Francisco and worked in advertising.
Later, she worked as an office administrator, and then
as a counselor at a job center that taught mentally ill
and homeless people job skills.  Eventually  Rhimes
began to break into the market and sold several scripts.

Rhimes received first position credit for the HBO movie
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, starring Halle Berry.
Private Practice is the spin-off of the
award-winning popular television show,
Grey's Anatomy.  The DVD release of
ABC television’s new series, Private
Practice: The Complete First Season-
Extended Edition, will make its debut on
DVD on September 16, 2008
from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment,
S.R.P. $39.99; in a three-disc set with exclusive
bonus features including deleted scenes and
behind-the-scenes revelations; sub-titled in Spanish
& French; Dolby Surround Sound; Widescreen.

Created by Shonda Rhimes, the series chronicles the
life of Dr. Addison Montgomery as she leaves Seattle
Grace Hospital for Los Angeles in order to join a
private practice.
Audra McDonald
Taye Diggs
Disc One Episode Two titled 'Sam Receives An
Unexpected Visitor' introduces a guest starring role
for actor Dorian Harewood involving switched
newborn babies that will break your heart. This
episode alone is well worth the addition to your
collection of TV on DVD.

Shonda Rhimes  went from independent
screenwriter and single mom to a public figure and
is now the guiding force and creative engine for
more than 200 employees.

Season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 1 (9:00
p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network.
Shout Factory Delivers Holiday
Cheer With Golden Age
Television From 1954  
Season One On DVD Now
October 7, 2008 -
Shout Factory makes
available all
compelling 26
episodes from the first
season of the 1954
beloved family sitcom
Father Knows Best, it's  now
available for the first time on  DVD
endorsed and produced in tandem
with the heirs of Robert Young and
producer Eugene B. Rodney,
co-proprietors of the TV series.   
Young died July 21, 1998.

Good, clean, decent TV -  Father
Knows Best hopelessly captivates
because of the Anderson's perfectly
rosy lives.  It isn't that you want the
Anderson's to be your family, it's just
the easy problem solving in a family,
improving relationships, kindness,
forgiveness, hard work, and moral
purity in the scripts that make for a
good escape from today's world.

Margaret looks to Jim as the head of
the household. Jim does not abuse
his position as the man of the
house, and constantly treats his wife
Margret with the utmost respect and
love.  The
warmth, the messages, and yes the
strong patriarchal structure is what
distinguishes Father Knows Best
from other 1950's family shows.  It is
all about the dad and  how he
responded to his family and how
they responded to him.

Elinor Donahue (Betty) born April 19,
1937 (age 71) today lives in Tacoma,
Washington with her third husband
and is the proud mother of four sons.
Billy Gray (Bud) born January 13,
1938 (age 70) today lives in Los
Angeles, today is and inventor and
motorcycle enthusiast.
Laurin Chapin (Kathy) born May 25, 1945 (age
63) today is a keynote speaker and licensed
ordained evangelist.   To contact Laurin

One great big plus about this DVD is
the 2008 never before seen
interviews with Elinor Donahue
(Betty), and Lauren Chaplin (Kathy),
about the show then and about their
lives today.
It's a 4-Disc DVD set with run time
11 Hours; featurettes include: Robert
Young's Home Movies; Rare Behind
the Scenes Color Footage from the
set; 24 Hours Tyrantland; Window on
Main Street: The Return; S.R.P.
Paramount /CBS Home
Entertainment Laffs You Back to
DVD  Oct 7th
October 7, 2008 - Several
series tried to be funny
based on the
principal  but  The Beverly
Hillbillies did it first, and
The show immediately shot to the
top of the Nielsen Ratings shortly
after its premiere in 1962 and stayed
there for several seasons earning
some of the highest ratings ever
recorded for a half-hour sitcom.

Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen) and his
kinfolk,  the poor Ozark Hillbilly family
barely surviving until one lucky day  
while hunting for food in his swamp
he missed his target and struck the
ground with a bullet and as the song
goes   "up through the ground came
a bubblin' crude, oil that is, black
gold, texas tea."

Jed sold his swamp to the OK Oil
Company for $25 Million and moved
his family in to a to-die-for 36 room
mansion in Beverly Hills.

Jed then put his money and
confidence into the hands of  
Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills with
(Raymond Bailey) as his greedy
banker Milburn Drysdale. Each
hilarious episode revolves around
the misunderstanding culture clash
between the Clampetts and a
uppidty Beverly Hills mentality.

Created by TV maverick Paul
Henning (Petticoat Junction, The
George Burns & Gracie Allen Show)  
this is the first DVD season of the
show available. Season One  
apparently is in public domain with
selected episodes appearing in a
variety of "Best Of" or compilation

In addition to Ebsen and Bailey other
regular cast members includes
Granny (Irene Ryan), Jethro (Max
Baer, Jr), Elly May (Donna Douglas)
and Jane Hathaway (Nancy Kulp).

CBS has done a fine job with this
5-Disc collection.  All original 36
episodes are included;  S.R.P.
$49.99; run time is 15 Hours 18
Minutes and is in Full Screen;
Special Features include Irene Ryan
screen test as Granny; Paul Henning
interview from 1969; and 1963 CBS
Fall Preview Show.
Paramount Home
Entertainment on October 7th
Single-Disc Compiling 8 Heart
Warming CLassic TV Episodes
October 7, 2008 - With
holiday theme
episodes from eight of
the most beloved
shows in Paramount
vaults library comes
"Holiday Treats" on
October 7th.  Family Ties, I Love
Lucy, The Honeymooners The Brady
Bunch, The Andy Griffith Show,
Frasier, Wings, and Taxi appear on
one disc   to help you relive holiday
moments from these classic shows,
run time is 198 minutes,
S.R.P. $12.99..
Ironside - The Complete First Season (1967)
Now Available on DVD From Shout Factory  -
The Series Gave Jobs to Blacks - A theme song
From Quincy Jones & Ironside's Driver/Legs
Played by Black Actor  Don Mitchell
October 7, 2008 - Just a year removed
from "Perry Mason", Raymond Burr
became flawlessly outstanding as
former San Francisco Chief of Detectives
Robert T. Ironside returning to the police
force as a consultant  following a
shooting from a sniper's bullet that left
him disabled and wheelchair bound, in "Ironside".  
Raymond Burr's portrayal of the most famous lawyer
in TV history, Perry Mason ended 1966.

"Ironside" the series consistently delivers memorable
characters, brilliant acting, and well-crafted stories
coupled with unforgettable theme music written by
Quincy Jones.

Another standout quality about the series is the fact
that Ironside hired Mark Sanger, a delinquent young
Black man with a chip on his shoulder and hatred for
the police portrayed by Don Mitchell, as his
legs/driver.  Mark Sanger eventually goes to law
school and becomes an attorney.

The episodes take an unflinching look at social
issues of the 60s and 70s including racial strife, the
war in Vietnam and drug use.  Ironside also drafted
two young law enforcement officers Detective Sgt. Ed
Brown, portrayed by Don Galloway, and Officer Eve
Whitfield, portrayed by Barbara Anderson as staff to
work cases with him. Soon the barely civil relationship
between Ironside and Mark deepens to a close
friendship and the three staff members become
Ironside's true family.  Nominated for two Golden
Globes and Ten Emmy Awards, the pioneering TV
classic is now available in an 8-Disc DVD box set
from Shout Factory, S.R.P. $59.98, run time over 23
Hours, with all 28 original episodes.
The Nelson Family Presents The
Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet:
Best Of Ricky And Dave on DVD
From Shout Factory
   - Excellent Fun!!
October 7, 2008 - Ricky
and Dave Nelson grew
up before America's
eyes in the 1950's hit
television sitcom The
Adventures of Ozzie &
Harriet and became
bona fide  popular heartthrobs. Ricky
began singing in the show's fifth
season   and continued until the
series ended in 1966. These 24
excellent episodes in a collectible
4-Disc DVD Box set is packed with
love and emotional guarantees to
always put a smile on your face. The
genius in this collection is that Ricky
and Dave's age varies from
adolescence to young adulthood
making it more appealing to a wider
audience.  The bonus material
includes 12 song performances by
Ricky, early radio show episodes,
and the Ozzie and Harriet trivial
game.  This Shout Factory collection
gathers episodes over the shows 14
year run.  It is endorsed and
produced in tandem with the Nelson
Family.  Run time is over 7 Hours,
S.R.P. $34.99.  Actress Tuesday
Weld guest appears.
Mission Impossible - The Fifth
TV Season 1970-1971  One of
TV's Best Espionage Shows
From  CBS/Paramount Home
Entertainment On DVD
October 7, 2008
October 7, 2008 -
Mission Impossible The
Fifth TV Season
continues the
episodes that made this
show fun and exciting to
watch with its eclectic guest stars,
sometimes complicated plots, and
skillful use of the con the bad guys   
approach.  Peter Graves, Greg Morris,
Peter Lupus and Leonard Nimoy
return but Barbara Bain left at the end
of Season Three and has been
replaced with pretty newcomer  
Lesley Ann Warren.  The great
pleasure of the series is watching the
missions played out and how they're
presented to the audience. Although
each mission's purpose is clearly
explained, the strategies for
accomplishing them are not, and that
generates suspense as the
television audience goes into these
missions with only the vaguest idea
how the team will pull their missions
off, and that makes for perfect
viewing, especially on DVD.  The
6-Disc DVD box set includes all 23
episodes of Season Five in color, run
time is over 19 Hours, S.R.P.
$54.99.Guest stars include Sal
Mineo, Davis Roberts, Robert Conrad.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Eighth Season Is
On The Case 24-7 In a 5-Disc DVD Box Set
October 14th  Scouring the scene - Collecting
irrefutable evidence - Finding the missing pieces
that will solve the mystery From CBS DVD and
Paramount Home Entertainment
October 14, 2008 - CSI: Crime Scene
Investigation is a fast pace drama about
a passionate team of forensic
investigators trained to solve crimes by
examining the evidence, created by
Anthony Zuiker and executive produced
by movie maven Jerry Bruckheimer.  
The thrilling series centers on the Las Vegas Police
Department's night shift forensics unit, which utilizes
cutting edge technology to solve the often grisly crimes
of a glamorous city whose constant influx of visitors
make it rife with criminal elements.  In the
gutwrenching first episode, Dead Doll, the team race
against the clock to find Sara who has been left for
dead in the heat of the desert. The final show for this
season is called For Gedda in which Warrick is
accused of murdering a famous Vegas gangster and
even he is uncertain of his guilt or innocence. This
collection presents all 17  episodes of the Eighth
Season, which concludes the previous season's
nail-biting cliffhanger, in which Sara was kidnapped by
the Miniature Killer, and features a crossover.  

The 5-Disc Box set S.R.P. $84.98 includes Audio
Commentaries By Cast & Crew On Select Episodes;
Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes; Run Time 12 Hours
12 Min; Bonus Episode "Where & Why (Without A
Trace).   This is the best season of all except for Jorja
Fox and Gary Dourdan leaving the show.  In the Season
8 finale, Dourdan's character was shot and left for dead
at the episode's end.
October 7, 2008 - Season 3 continues as
Sammy Jo follows her dream to become a
model in New York City leaving behind her
newborn son Danny to be raised by Blake
and Krystle which infuriates Alexis. Jeff is
poisoned with toxic paint and Adam starts
scandals. Fallon flies to Haiti to seek a
Dynasty Season Three Volume One (1982-83) on
DVD October 21st From Spelling Entertainment,
Paramount/CBS Home Entertainment
divorce from Jeff.  Blake pursues legal action to prevent
Alexis from seizing control of Denver-Carrington. Steven
meets his brother Adam for the first time. Kirby marries
Jeff.  Merger wars between Blake and Alexis. The
season finale ends when Blake finds out that Chris is
Steven's attorney and homosexual lover. Kirby's baby is
not Adams. In a 3-Disc box set, run time 568 Minutes;
S.R.P. $36.99.