on DVD October 28th from
CBS Home Entertainment
and Paramount Home
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Hollywood  Oct 28, 2008 -
Reunites twin sisters Tia
and Tamera in this heart-
warming comedy about
an unconventional family
who learn lessons in life,
laughter and love as SISTER, SISTER:
THE FIRST SEASON arrives on a
2-Discs DVD set for the first time
October 28th from CBS Home
Entertainment and Paramount Home
Entertainment.  The series stars real
life sisters Tia (The Game) and
Tamera (Strong Medicine) Mowry in
their 3-time Kids Choice Award winning
roles as twin sisters separated and
adopted at birth who come face-to-face
at age 14 and realize their connection.  
Though identical in appearance, the
twins personalities are polar opposites
as Tia is an All-American bookworm,
while Tamera is more interested in
shopping and boys.  The teens
convince their adoptive parents,
conservative businessman Ray
Campbell (Tim Reid, Simon & Simon)
and outspoken fashion designer Lisa
Landry (Jackee Harry, 227, Everybody
Hates Chris), to live together under one
roof in the suburbs of Detroit where
they learn life lessons of individual

Guest stars during the show's first
season included a young Brittany
Murphy (Just Married, Uptown Girls)
and hilarious Saturday Night Live star
Molly Shannon.  Featuring all 12 high
energy episodes from its inaugural
season, SISTER, SISTER: First
Season will be available SRP $39.99 in
U.S / $42.99 in Canada. Run time is
277 minutes.

CBS Home Entertainment manages
the worldwide DVD business for the
CBS Corporation across all lines of
content including current hits and
classic series from the vast CBS library
as well as Showtime Video releases.
Girlfriends: The Fifth Season (2000)
TV Comedy on DVD Oct 28
October 28, 2008 - 'GIRLFRIENDS",
the sophisticated comedy series that
invites viewers into the lives of four
professional Afro American women
living in L.A. struggling with the
weighty issues of life, men, love and money as
they search for happiness in all its elusive forms
forms rely on support from each other. Run time 7
Hours 398 mins. 3-Disc DVD set, S.R.P. $39.99.
Deliciously Provocative and
Dramatically Sexy "THE L WORD:
4-Disc DVD Oct. 28 from Paramount
October 28, 2008 - Featuring all the
beauty, chaos and complexities of a
tight knit group of women, the Fifth
Season picks up to find dreams
coming true and new life paths forged
with all the trademark racky storylines, sizzling
sexuality and heart rending emotion that has
made THE L WORD the long running success on
SHOWTIME. Guest stars include Cybill Cheperd.
S.R.P. $62.99. Run time 658 Min.
Shout! Factory Brings" Father Knows
Best"Season Two (1955-56) to DVD
All 36 Uncut Episodes Nov 11, 2008
October 28, 2008 - Robert Young
returns to the head of the dinner table
to play the patriarch of America's most
beloved family in Season Two "Father
Knows Best". Following cancellation of
the 10:30 PM time slot on CSB, fans protested
prompting rival NBC to pick it up for the Second
Season. Opening episode 'Art of Salesmanship'
alone is worth the cost of the collection - a must
see for every male proving that growth is possible
Father Knows Best is indeed a get-up-and-grow
series full of possibility and change. 5-Disc DVD
Boxed set, Run time is over 17 Hours; S.R.P.
$39.99. Special Features include: new interviews
with Laren Chapin and Elinor Donahue.  Shout!
Factory provides excellent quality to satisfy.
Mchale's Navy:  Season Four Final 30
Episodes in 5-Disc DVD Nov 18, 2008
October 28, 2008- It's the last crew
deployment to Italy, and the final
season starring Ernest Borgnine, Tim
Conway and Joe Flynn from 1965-66.
Shout! Facory makes it available on
DVD, with hilarious  guest appearance from Don
Knotts, and includes all 30 episodes on a 5- Disc
set.  Run time 12 Hours; SRP $39.99..
Kansas City   August 18, 2009 -
Director James Toback,
who befriended him while
making 1999’s Black and
White, allows
Tyson to
speak for himself
In His Own Words The Riviting
Documentary "TYSON" On DVD
August 18 from Sony Pictures
Home Entertainment
as he illustrates his words through
archival footage and fight clips,
culminating in a subjective portrait that
begins in empathy before ending
somewhere more enigmatic.

Neglected as a child, the Brooklyn-
born youth took solace in his pigeons
before turning to stealing and brawling
in his teens and then legendary trainer
Cus D'Amato spotted his talent and
helped him to develop the discipline
and self-confidence he lacked.

Toback tracks the fighter’s rise in the
1980s,  the turbulent marriage to
actress Robin Givens whom he says
he still loves, the infamous ear-biting
incident, and the notorious rape
conviction about which he maintains
his innocence.

Tyson comes across as considerably
more humble and eloquent than his
reputation suggests.  He describes
boxing impresario Don King as
"wretched, reptilian, and slimy" and
Tyson has a special fondness for the
word annihilate and he continues to
battle loneliness and feelings of
abandonment, even fighting back a
few tears at times.

The documentary run time is 90
minutes. S.R.P. $28.96.
“I’m gonna live forever..... I’m gonna learn how to fly”
Season I & II The Award Winning Musical TV Series
Performs On DVD September 15 From MGM Home
Entertainment   -- See The Reinvention Of The Original
Oscar® Winning Film In Theaters Nationwide September 25
Los Angeles August 18, 2009 - Take a seat for the opening act as the
students of the New York City High School for the Performing Arts
take center stage when “Fame” Season One & Two steals the
spotlight on DVD September 15 from MGM Home Entertainment.

Known for its outstanding choreography and popular original
songs, the critically acclaimed 1980’s hit earned rave reviews and
garnered multiple awards, including a Golden Globe® for best TV
series comedy/musical in 1983 and again in 1984, instantly
establishing a dedicated fan base across the world. Based on the
beloved motion picture with the same name, “Fame” brings drama,
music and dance to life; Emmy®-award winning choreographer
Debbie Allen stars as Lydia Grant, a faculty member who guides
the gifted students through discouragement and disappointment as
they struggle for a spot in the cutthroat entertainment industry.  
The DVD releases is timed to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.’s
reinvention of the original Oscar®-winning* hit film FAME debuting
in theaters September 25, 2009. The 9-Disc set S.R.P. $39.98.
In This 3-on-3 Matchup The Ladies
Call The Plays
NAACP Image Award® Winning
Series Debuts On DVD September 1  
From CBS Home Entertainment And
Paramount Home Entertainment
New York August 18, 2009 - Join the team
and suit up for the DVD debut of THE
GAME: The First Season on September 1
from CBS Home Entertainment and
Paramount Home Entertainment.
Garnering a 2009 NAACP Image Award®
for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy
Series, this spinoff of the popular comedy
series Girlfriends scores extra points on DVD with all 21
first season episodes, plus the original Girlfriends
episode that introduced its main characters. Creator
and Executive Producer Mara Brock Akil offers up two
interviews and commentary on three episodes.  The
hip, sexy and lighthearted comedy follows the
glamorous yet stressful lives of three women, each with
a boyfriend, husband or son playing on the same
professional football team.  The women form an
unexpected bond that carries them through their daily
lives, as each uses their best "game" to deal with egos,
groupies and image consultants in an effort to keep
their men both on the field and on their arms, starring
among others, Tia D. Mowry (Sister, Sister) and Wendy
Raquel Robinson (The Steve Harvey Show).  THE
GAME: The First Season S.R.P. $39.99 US and $42.99