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"Check and Double Check" (1933)
Starring Duke Ellington
Run Time 1:17:00
Synopsis: This first and only appearance of the radio
stars of Amos 'N' Andy reprising their roles on the big
screen This film not only allowed audiences to
finally put a face to the voice they had been
hearing on the radio but they also were introduced
Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra.
"The Duke is Tops" (1938)  
Lena Horne
Run Time 1:3:00
Synopsis: This feature is the screen debut of
as Ethel Andrews, a young featured singer of
the shows put on by her songwriter/producer
boyfriend, Duke Davis (Ralph Cooper).
"Hi-De-Ho"    (1943)
Filmed in Black and White
Cab Calloway
Run Time 1:3:00
Synopsis: Cab Calloway stars as a bandleader torn
between two women, his jealous girlfriend Minnie
and his manager Nettie. After Nettie gets Cab and
his band a job at the Brass Hat Club, Minnie turns to
rival club owner Boss Mason to get revenge.
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"Killer Diller"   (1948")
Music By Count Basie   
Nat King Cole
Other Performers Dusty Fletcher, Butterfly McQueen,
Run Time 1:12:00
Synopsis: This all-black music and comedy revue
features some of the best and brightest stars of the
stage and screen. A loose storyline links the various
music, tap and comedic acts together. The
performers include Nat "King" Cole and the King
Cole Trio (with Johnny Miller and Oscar Moore),
Andy Kirk and his band, The Clark Brothers,
Nicholas Brothers, Butterfly McQueen
, Moms
, Dusty Fletcher, George Wilshire and the
only on-screen performance of Frankie Manning's
Congeroo Dancers. The performances in this
extravaganza will remind you of the classic Apollo
Theatre shows.
"Killer Diller" ( 1948)
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"10 Movie Pack"
"Paradise in Harlem" (1939)
Starring Mamie Smith, Frank Wilson
Run Time 1:10:00
Synopsis: This crime drama features an all
African-American cast and centers on Lem
Anderson (Frank Wilson); a club singer aspires to be
a great dramatic actor. His big chance evaporates
when he witnesses a mob hit. Pressure from the mob
and the death of his ill wife forces Lem to leave
town, drifting from place to place in an alcoholic
stupor. An opportunity to play Othello draws Lem
back to Harlem despite the risk leads to an
interesting climax.
"Reet, Petite & Gone" (1947)
Starring Louis Jordan
Run Time 1:7:00
Synopsis: This all African-American film stars
bandleader Louis Jordan in a dual role, as father
and son. Schyler Jarvis, a successful old-time
musical star, dies and wishes to leave his fortune to
his son, Louis, and Honey, the daughter of his
long-lost love. Henry Talbot, a crooked lawyer
decides to swindle the funds away from the rightful
heirs and take the money for himself. After taking the
money, Talbot meets an untimely end and
suspicion falls upon Louis as the killer. Everything
works out in the end for this film featuring plenty of
music provided by Louis Jordan's Tympany Five.
"Rhythm and Blues Revue"   (1955)
Starring Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughn, Count Basie
Other Performers Freddie Robinson, Cab Calloway,
Martha Davis, Ruth Brown, Lionel Hampton, Faye
Adams, Bill Bailey, Herb Jeffries,
Mantan Moreland,
Joe "Big Daddy" Turner, Little Buck,
Nipsey Russell
and Willie Bryant
Run Time 1:10:00
Synopsis: This legendary musical revue features
terrific performances by Sarah Vaughn, Freddie
Robinson, Nat "King" Cole, Count Basie, Cab
Calloway, Martha Davis, Ruth Brown, Lionel
Hampton, Faye Adams, Bill Bailey, Herb Jeffries,
Mantan Moreland, Joe "Big Daddy" Turner, Little
Buck and Nipsey Russell. Willie Bryant is the master
of ceremonies and sings "Bad, Bad Whiskey".
"Rock N' Roll Revue"  (1955"
Starring Duke Ellington
Co-Starring Nat King Cole, Lionel Hampton
Run Time 1:15:00
Synopsis: Willie Bryant is your host and MC of this
musical and comedy extravaganza. Along with
Bryant, other performers include
Duke Ellington, Nat
"King" Cole
, Larry Darnell, Dinah Washington, The
Clovers, Leonard Reed,
Big Joe Turner, Ruth Brown,
Martha Davis
, Little Buck, Mantan Moreland and
Nipsey Russell. Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, tap and
comedy routines abound in this feature from the
"Soundies Cavalcade"   (1945)
Starring Lena Horne
Co-Starring Teddy Wilson, Dusty Fletcher
Run Time 00:33:00
Synopsis: Three musical rarities for your enjoyment
featuring sultry songstress
Lena Horne, Teddy Wilson
and His Orchestra and the amazing Dusty Fletcher.
The three musical shorts are: Answer to Open the
Door Richard, Murder in Swing Town and Boogie
Woogie Dream.
"Soundies Cavalcade" 1945
Courtesy of
Mill Creek Entertainment
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"Soundies Festival"  (1945)
Starring Lena Horne
Co-Starring Teddy Wilson, Dusty Fletcher
Run Time 00:33:00
Synopsis: From the great era of musical shorts come
three gems that feature legendary African-American
performers including
Ethel Waters, Eddy Green and
the incomparable Dusty Fletcher.
The Collection Includes 10
Smooth Jazz Movies Digitally
RE-Mastered on 2-DVD's in
Black and White, from Mill
Creek Entertainment.

Run Time: Approx 10 hours
S.R.P. $7.98