Visual Affects in  the WAYANS' Family Greatest
Laugh Out Loud Comedy Film
"Little Man"Has
Audience Members Rip-Roaring
By:  Gatsby Melodi'                                                                       View the Trailer
Kansas City - July 14, 2006 - Shawn and
Marlon Wayans once dared to become
"White Chicks"
and now Marlon Wayans
6'2" will have you howling as Calvin the 2'
6"  gangster in Revolution Studios’ newest
Little Man, debuting in theaters
Friday, July 14th.  

A notorious crime boss offers Calvin and
his former partner Percy P (Tracy Morgan)
$100,000 to steal the famous Queen

During a botched heist Calvin slips the
into the purse of a woman named Vanessa (Kerry Washington   "She
Hate Me" &  "RAY" ) who is married to a man named Darryl, played by
Shawn Wayans.

In order to get into the house to get the diamond back Calvin pretends
to be an abandoned baby left on Darryl and Vanessa's doorstep.

So how did they make
Marlon look 2 1/2 feet tall?

"They digitally took my head and put it on another person's body,"
Marlon. "“I don’t use my body, I act with only my head,”

Shawn adds, "There was a 9 year-old child actor named Linden Porco
who played Marlon's body double.  I did all the scenes with him and, in
post production we added
Marlon's head."

Shawn and Marlon not only star in "Little Man" but in typical Wayans
fashion they also wrote and helped produce the movie. Their brother,
Keenen Ivory Wayans, directed it.

It has been more than ten years since
Shawn and Marlon debuted on
TV in their series "
The Wayans Brothers," and since then, they have
scored on the big screen with movies like
"White Chicks."

Calvin is a hardcore tough guy human cartoon with a chip on his
shoulder but
Marlon is so good at playing him that he doesn’t get lost in
the cartoon and instead you still relate to him as a human being and
comedy ensues.

All the acting Marlon did in front of the camera took place on a green
screen stage, mostly alone.  "Though
Shawn and Marlon appear in the
movie together they never shot a single scene together,” explains
Keenen. “It was difficult for both of them, but it was actually probably
easier for Shawn, because at least he had Linden.
Marlon had the most
difficult job because he was totally isolated.”

"Secretly, Calvin's desperate for someone to love him,” comments