100.  Be extra nice to your significant other.
Don’t say anything to put them off.  Do sweet
things to make them like you    Don’t argue.  
99.  LITTLEMAN on DVD November 7, 2006
Starring: Marlon & Shawn Wayans, & Kerry Washington
98.       A PRIVATE AFFAIR        DVD
Starring Vanessa Bell Calloway, Clifton Powell
A kneeing-slapping laugh-out-loud  quirky
comedy directed by  
Keenen Ivory Wayans. A
Wayans Bros.
Prod.  The DVD features
Commentary with
Marlon, Shawn & Keenen; and
you''ll luv it.
Featurettes:  'Making of Little Man'; 'Visual Effects of Little
Man'; 'Linden's World'-(this is the young boy who is the
body); 'Method or Madness'; and 16 entertaining 'Deleted &
Extended Scenes.   Special features are not CC
Coming To America, with Eddie Murphy first
Vanessa Bell Calloway to light. You will
adore this love/power-struggle movie that first
aired on
BET in 2000, and now available on DVD.
The film co-stars
Lou Myers, Kym E. Whitley, and
Janet Maclachlan..  A vulnerable woman and a
man that plays a sax set the night to music.
97.  Matt Savage Trio "Quantum Leap"  CD
Matt Savage, keyboards; John Funkhouser, bass; Steve Silverstein, drums
Matt Savage is a handsome and talented
Jewish 14-year-old jazz prodigy, composer and
(managed by his mom Diane) who was
first discovered at the age of seven after
hearing the recordings of
Thelonious Monk,
John Coltrane
and Miles Davis.  This
extraordinary jazz is relaxed and serene
96.  HATE CRIME on DVD   November 14, 2006
Starring: Seth Peterson, Bruce Davison, Giancarlo Esposito, Chad Donella
A provocative suspense thriller with a testament to
the power of love and the damaging consequences
of human intolerance dealing with
homophobia, and
a preachers kid.  It is a film by Tommy Stovall, shot
on location in Dallas, TX.  Desperate attempts to
carry out a complex and dangerous plan to reveal the
brutal attacker will uncover shocking secrets and turn
many lives upside down.  This film is worth watching
and discussing.
95.  Promises are the bricks of life and trust is the mortar.   
Practice all of your conversation starters and responses.  
The secrets of life are always yours to know, experience
and share.
94.  Happy Feet Soundtrack   CD
Features:  Pattie LaBelle, Prince, Yolanda Adams, Fantasia,
The Beach Boys, Nicole Kidman & more.
The movie is in theaters Nov 17, 2006.  
The album features songs made
famous by
Earth, Wind & Fire; Elvis
Presley; Prince; Queen; and Frank
Sinatra, as performed by some of the
film's stars, including
Nicole Kidman,
Hugh Jackman and
Robin Williams .
93.  United 93 DVD
Directed by Paul Greegrass
Honest, unflinching and profoundly
United 93 tells the
unforgettable story of the heroic
passengers and crew members who
prevented the terrorists from carrying
out their plans for the fourth hijacked
plane on September 11, 2001.
40 everyday Americans sat down as strangers
but together found the courage to stand up as

DVD features Commentary with Director Paul
Greengrass; Featurettes- Real life stories behind
the brave passengers and crew with interviews
with families; Biographies of the 40 passengers.  
92.  Give yourself a break.  Cut yourself some
slack and recognize that every relative isn't
family and every buddy isn't a friend
86.  Live so that when your children, your family and your
friends think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.
91.    I'M NOT SCARED     DVD in Italian with
English & Spanish Subtitles
This award-winning ( Berlin Film Festival, Italy's
Taormina Film Festival) shocking drama of
innocence and evil though spoken in Italian
leaves you in tears with lots of discussion about
the visually sumptuous production.
A 10-year-old boy named Michele
looking for his younger sister's lost
glasses discovers another 10-year-old
boy buried alive who thinks he's there
because he is dead.
Starring: Cedric the Entertainer, Wendy Raquel Robinson
Cedric keeps the laughs coming with
this sketch comedy show with
musical numbers from his own
television show which
originally aired 2002 and 2003.
First released in 1992, Robin Harris'
Bebe's Kids come to life in
this fast moving animated feature from
the producers of House Party and
This is hilarious fun  with an infectious hip-hop
 BeBe's Kids were born to be bad but
they hopefully won't multiply
-  based on the popular
characters of the late comedian Robin Harris.  
Bebe's kids do everything they can to sabotage
Mom's relationship in this family entertainment.
This is Nancy Wilson's seventh
album for Capitol Records from the
1960s.  The reissue also marks the
first time that this album is released
on CD in the U.S.  It is remastered
directly from the original master tapes. Opening
My Shining Hour, a remake from the 1943 film
The Sky's The Limit;    Blake Edwards 1962 classic
The Days of Wine and Roses;   When Did You
Leave Heaven
from the 1936  film"Sing, Baby, Sing"
and the remining 14 tracks are clear and powerful.
Starring:  Julia Stiles, Luke Melby
In this delicious romantic comedy Julia Stiles plays a
college student that meets her prince charming, but she
must choose between her dream of becoming a doctor
or the possibility of becoming part of Denmark’s royal
family.  It's so innocent, but very tasty.
85.  LASSIE  On DVD November 14, 2006
Written & Directed by Charles Sturridge                    $28.95 s.r.p.
More than six decades after Lassie's screen debut in
1943, she's out to warm a spot in your heart forever
with this British adaption based on Eric Knight's book
"Lassie Come-Home" starring Oscar-winner Peter
O'Toole.   This time out Lassie is reluctantly sold by her
owners and finds herself transported to northern Ireland five
hundred miles away from home.  Lassie is determined to defy
odds and return to the home with a boy that she loves much
more. Behind some very  beautiful British landscapes Lassie
faces dangers as she makes her way across the country.  This
heart-warming tale is a tear-jerker to please, even dad.
'Love to the Music'
84.   RUBEN STUDDARD       The Return                                                   CD
There's a lot less of the Velvet Teddy Bear to hug since
Ruben Studdard has lost over 100 pounds by cutting
back on his food.  The R&B singer, who won 2003's
American Idol competition, says he's now a
Singing more soulfully and convincingly -- 'Change Me' was the lead
single and video from the new album that hit stores Oct. 17th.  The
remaining 13 tracks demonstrate a man who has evolved in to a singer
taking more risks gymnastically leaving nothing disguised, hidden or
The Return  opening and title track yields profit with the
legendary songwriting team of
Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff.
82.  LOST Season Two                                    TV on DVD
Over 17 Hrs; 7-Disc Set;  Subtitle Eng; Dolby; Widescreen
83.  MARGUERITE MARIAMA      Wild Women Never Get the Blues          CD
When cheating husbands and no good friends don't
come home -- wild women don't worry.  They
get the blues. They got a disposition - N
evah known
to treat a man right. They keep him working
day and night, -- Marguerite Mariama so bluesdramatically sings in the
attention-grabbing title cut
Wild Women Never Get the Blues. This is
followed by Charles Smalls
THE WIZ (Stephanie Mills) 'Home'.  After
which she demands 'You Don't Know What Love Is'   before she is
'Going to Chicago' and then through some 'Trying Times', after which  
Stevie Wonder's 'Knock Me Off My Feet'  closes out the warm debut
from the
New York City singer, dancer, cherographer, Ph.D.
This multiple Emmy Award-winning drama
famous for it's flashbacks is still giving you
two questions for every answer.  
Season Two
comes complete with over 8
hours of insightful original bonus material
including unaired original flashbacks.  Three new cast
members joined the show this season.  Plus you can
replay key scenes to find some of the hidden
this show has become known for.  The 7 disc
DVD set proves just as wonderful as
LOST: Season
One and is reveling in mystery and intrigue.
The ladies of Wisteria Lane return in
Season Two with more high anxiety,
more testy relationships, and always
a new mystery. Television's hottest
show gets even juicier in this
second season.
Desperate Housewives hooks you in, gets you
addicted, and takes you on an emotional journey
with its characters because of it's astute balance of
comedy and suspense. There's
more dark secrets,
reversals of fortune, crazy laughs and
heart-breaking situations in these 24 episodes of a
series that took the TV world by surprise.  
80.  DOING HARD TIME                                 DVD
A Son's Legacy..A Father's Revenge
Starring:  Boris Kodjoe; Giancarlo Esposito
Michael is Doing Hard Time.
Timing is everything.
Kodjoe stars as Michael and he  
therapeutically massages your
heart and emotions in this well
thought-out and well acted-in cautionary
Written, Directed and Produced by
Preston A. Whitmore II.

Michael was a good husband and a
loving dad until that day his 7-year-old
son got innocently murdered as he
played with friends on the playground  -
he was shot through his eye.  Michael
seeks vengeance in this manly man film
for fellas and dads and grand-dads.

The storyline is true reality with blood and
guts and violence, nudity and profanity --
but not offensively so.  (Rated R).

Kodjoe's work includes "Soul Food",
"Brown Sugar", "The Gospel".