79.  CASSANDRA WILSON   "thunderbird"         CD
Her sultry, smokey voice breaks
new ground again on
creating new sounds with producer
T Bone Burnett;   guitarists Keb Mo
& Marc Ribot.
struts  blues tunes all funked up like Blind
Lemon Jefferson's  
Easy Rider, for the whiskey
  Wilson does a fabulous job at
texturing the Wallflowers song (Jacob Dylan)
Closer to You, using only an acoustic quartet,  
keyboards and piano, with her vocals way up
front in the mix.   
Cassandra Wilson is one of the
great jazz vocalists of her generation. Put
thunderbird under your man's tree, she does
more than just give old songs a fresh new feel
Wilson speaks to the surreal.
78.  Obery Hendricks  Living Water    Paperback
Living Water is an African-American
retelling of the dramatic New Testa-
ment story of the
woman at the well,
one of the most intriguing and
mysterious figures in the "Holy Bible".
The novel presents profound insights into the
complexities of relationships, intimacy, strength,
love, redemption and spirituality.
77.  GOLDEN GIRLS Season Six   1985 TV on DVD Starring:
Beatrice Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Estelle Getty
76.   I LOVE LUCY Season Five                    1951    TV on DVD
Lucy manages to find trouble in Hollywood,
Manhattan, Paris, London, Rome, and everywhere
in between. Wild and wacky fun involving John
Wayne’s footprints from Grauman’s Chinese
Theater; on board the train back to New York she
can’t resist the emergency brake cord; Modeling a French
"designer" potato sack; Causing an Alpine avalanche; Hitting
an accidental jackpot in Monte Carlo; and the forever funny
grape stomping in Italy.  Pack your bags and get ready to travel
and laugh with
Lucy and Desi and Fred and Ethel.  This has
Spanish subtitles.
This is the perfect first date TV on DVD to play when
you want to add fall-out-of-your-chair and hand-me
a-tissue kind of humor to the moment.  Disc Two
opens with the episode 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
..Before They Die' - in it, Blanche coaches Sophia
and Rose on how to get a man, "When I say jump you say
Blache teaches.  "Remember you've got something he
wants".  When
Sophia appears as the voluptuous diva Blache
has made her out to be, Blache explains, "I took a 84 year-old
woman and turned her into a 65-year-old drag queen". Disc
Three is a bonus with
Rue McClanahan and Betty White talking
candidly about the genesis of
Golden Girls, with Marc Cherry.
Waist Deep brings you in to the violent streets of
South Central Los Angeles when ex-con/security
guard O2 (
Tyrese Gibson)  gets car-jacked with his
son sleeping in the backseat.  The car jacker and
now kidnapper wants $100,000 cash money
75.  WAIST DEEP    Action Thriller        Oct 10, 2006           DVD
Starring:  Tyrese Gigson, Meagan Good, Larenz Tate
within-in 48 hours.  With the help of his new found love Coco
Meagan Good), they hatch a plan to rob banks, the action  
rolls through the gritty streets of South Central but it is a big
crime spree that manages not to have police heat hot on their
trail ( a new twist).  Waist Deep uses very little time to tell a
story.  Kimora Lee makes cameo as the fencing lady.
This is the season that introduced Jamie Foxx
Jennifer Lopez to the show that pushed the
envelope with sketches that remain in
questionable taste.   IN LIVING COLOR was a
cultural influence in 1990 and remains fresh
and funny today.  This season generates conversations with
skits like Benita Butrell; Men on Films; Laquita Sings the Blues
Billy Dee Williams; The Brothers Brothers; Home Boy
Shopping Network; Fire Marshall Bill and lots more.
Cassandra Wilson
Closer to You
Blue Note Records
73.  227 Complete First Season      1985  TV on DVD
There's no place like home..I mean no  place, child
This is a hilarious look at family life in
Washington, DC, apartment building 227.  It
is one of the most popular Saturday night
sitcoms of the '80s. Season One lays  the
foundation of the characters Mary
Gibbs), Lester (Hal Williams) as her hard-working
husband, her teenage daughter Brenda (
Regina King),
her friend Pearl (
Helen Martin) the crotchety busybody,
Alaina Reed)  as Mary's best friend Rose, and Emmy
Jackée Harry as the sexy Sandra Clark
10 reasons why Jerry Lewis has been
dubbed "Hollywood's King of Comedy" are
right here at your fingertips in this laugh-filled
"Legendary Jerry" DVD Collection! The fun
begins with Jerry's own favorite "Martin &
Lewis" films, 1953's The Stooge; The Delicate
Delinquent (1957). The laughs continue with The
Bellboy (1956), Cinderfella (1960), The Ladies Man
(1961), The Errand Boy (1961), The Patsy (1964), The
Disorderly Orderly (1964), The Family Jewels (1965),
The Nutty Professor (1963).
71.  THE HUNTING OF THE PRESIDENT                        DVD
This is a probing documentary that offers a
glimpse into the partisan vendettas and
political machinations behind the nearly
10-year campaign to systematically destroy
the political legacy of the
70.  ANDY GRIFFITH Third Season                  1963   DVD
Andy and Opie live with Aunt Bee who makes a
delicious apple pie everybody wants a slice of,
and who serves as a surrogate mother to both
Andy and Opie.  Andy's nervous cousin Barney
Fife, is his deputy sheriff whose utter incompet-
ence is tolerated because Mayberry is virtually
crime-free.  This is sqeeky clean family fun.
69.  CLAUDINE                                                     1974  DVD
Music Composed by Curtis Mayfield; Sung by
Gladys Knight; Starring Diahann Carroll and
James Earl Jones.  Just when it seems that
everything is going to work out, Jones runs
off. Claudine's children don't let him get away
68.  Sammy Davis, Jr. & Peter Lawford
SALT& PEPPER                                    1968         DVD
This Sammy Davis, Jr., clasic-film stars Davis
with fellow rat-packer
Peter Lawford, as
London's hippest nightclub owners who become
detectives to help solve crimes.  Slide this
treasure to someone fun and engaging.
67.  WICKER PARK                                                             DVD  
Hollywood heartthrob Josh Hartnett (Pearl
Harbor, Black Hawk Down) plunges into a dark
world of obsession, betrayal and deception in
Wicker Park.  This film is profoundly intense
when a great film, a great story-line, great acting
is what  you really want.  
Parents and singles will
luv it, totally.
66.  DOC POWELL         "DOC POWELL"                             CD
Special Guests: Brian Culbertson, Bobby Lyle, Kirk Whalum
There is layered soul in the music of guitarist
Doc Powell, his self-titled debut CD - from a
man whose resume includes work with,
Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Teddy
Pendergrass, Jeffrey Osborne, Ashford &
, Dionne Warwick, Grover
with it, though, and track him down to try to convince him
to return.
Diahann Carroll a single mother who works
hard to support her six kids. Sparks fly when she meets
sexy garbage man
James Earl Jones.
This is early Weinstein Brothers
brilliance at controlling the
vibrations in somebody's
 D. A. Pennebaker
presents a
Celebration of Soul  
Wilson Pickett, Mary Wilson, Isaac Hayes,
Jerry Butler, Chi-Lites, Carla Thomas,   Ann
Peeples, Sam Moore and so much more to
please those that remember 1965 as a time
if something is wrong with my Baby ----
then  something  is  wrong  with  Me.
Vivca A. Fox and Larenz Tate
should have earned Oscar
nominations for this biopic
about 50's rock icon Frankie
Lymon.  Fox will have you
lauging out loud,  Halle Berry is the
successful and sexy one, while
Rochon is the good girl.  LARENZ TATE in
the title role makes this a classic to be
enjoyed by the entire family.  
63.  WAITING TO EXHALE                           DVD
Starring Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta
Divine, Lela Rochon, Wesley Snipes, Gregory Hines
The adaptation of Terry McMillan's
best-selling novel, about four
friends, and their continuing
efforts to find Mr. Right
62.  AGAINST THE ROPES                         DVD
Starring: Omar Epps, Meg Ryan, Charles S. Dutton
A fictionalized drama of strength
inspired by the gutsy daughter of a
boxing trainer in search of a
boxing champion in the making,
directed by Charles S. Dutton.
61.  SHE HATE ME From Director Spike Lee  DVD
Starring:  Kerry Washington, Anthony Mackie, Q-Tip
Spike Lee's films can be described
as signposts tracking the evolution of
the country's on-going discourse of
race, sex and politics, in this film Lee
is exploring American attitudes
60.  WALTER BEASLEY   "For Her"             CD
Featuring:  Chuck Loeb, Phil Davis, James Lloyd
Saxophonist Walter Beasley  
combines talents as instru-
mentalist and vocalist to build
a compelling contemporary
The title says it all.
This marvelous DVD
first aired on BET in
2001.  In his own
words about his life as
a young boy growing up
Luther remembers his father as
a brilliant singer".  His mother
Mary, Dionne Warwick, Whitney
Houston, Clive Davis, Ashford &
Simpson, Patti LaBelle, Nat
Adderley, Jr., Gregory Hines,
Fonzi Thornton,
Alicia Keys,
Tyrese,  Roberta Flack, all share
journeys with the man who said if
he'd been an unsuccessful
singer "I may have been an
interior decorator".
 So Amazing
is a song he wrote for his niece.  
He said he'd like the history
books to reflect that he is being
remembered as
one of the
premier singers of all time
. Luther
journeys make a remarkable gift.
"Let's bump up the lights!"
Queen of Comedy Carol Burnett in
2004 was reunited with
Lawrence, Harvey Korman, Tim
and Lyle Waggoner before
a live audience to relive, recount
and remember favorite moments.  42 minutes.
58.  BEACHES                                             DVD
Starring:  Bette Midler,  Barbara Hershey
Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey
deliver  engaging fully-realised
performances as two best friends
who share an amazing relationship,
from director Garry Marshall.
towards morality and ethics.  Lee said that he
was inspired by  events like Enron, Worldcom,
Halliburton, and
Martha Stewart.
With its mix of drama, comedy and music, it
leaves behind a rainbow of delectable emotions.