56.  "ME & MRS. JONES                                  DVD
older woman and younger man love    
Starring: Kim Fields, BrianWhite, Wandachristine
One young male hottie and two older
women take you through their emotions
of control, honesty, and even remorse in
places where they each looked for love.
"taking you higher"  Oct 3, 2006    on        DVD
Recorded in Los Angeles, this luminous
56 minute throw back  to the old Las
Vegas days with a big band, 8 dancers,  
great songs and
Cedric' signature funny  
hardcore stand-up comedy will help you
54.  DENZEL WASHINGTON    Oct 3, 2006
"A Hand to Guide Me"      Hard Cover Book
The two-time Academy Award winner
shares the story of his own troubled
adolescence and the mentors who
helped guide him through these crises.
A portion of the book's proceeds benefit
jump start a party with at least three crackups within
the first two minutes. Add laughter to the moments.
53.  INSIDE MAN     Directed By Spike Lee        DVD
Starring:  Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, Willem Dafoe,
Christopher Plummer
In this intense driven edge-of-your-seat,
action packed explosive crime thriller,  
the perfect bank robbery quickly spirals
into an unstable and deadly game of
cat-and-mouse between a criminal
mastermind.  a determined detective, and a power
broker with a hidden agenda.  
Spike Lee is at his
Denzel is swell. Academy Award quality here.
52.  16 BLOCKS                                                        DVD
Starring:  Bruce Willis, Mos Def
An aging burnt-out cop (Willis) is
assigned the task of escorting a fast
talking witness (Def) from police custody
to a courthouse - there are forces trying
to prevent them from making it.   The
At last, The First 19 Episodes Season One
was recorded 1957 & 58, and it's still just as
exciting.  Perry Mason is an attorney who
specializes in defending and winning  
indefensible cases. Inquiring minds love it.
51.  PERRY MASON Season One Volume One  TV on DVD
Starring:  Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Hopper,
50.  ANGEL RODRIGUEZ     Nov 28, 2006     on         DVD
Starring: Rachel Griffiths, Jonan Everett
Angel is a high school senior with a C average and
a whole lotta anger inside that mkes him whimsical
and capricious.  His father wants him out ot the
family home and enrolled in the armed forces,
because he lies and steals.   Taking place over 36
hours, the film challenges commonly accepted
beliefs about altruism.  Runtime: 85 minutes
49.  ATL           (Story by Antwone Fisher)                              DVD
Starring:  Tip T.I. Harris, Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, Keith David, Lauren
London,   Lonette McKee,-  Directed by Chris Robinson
ATL tells a very familiar story but with interesting
hues and nuances that defy the typical
hood flick.  it
follows a group of friends on their way to high
school graduation. Star and narrator of the flick is
Tip "T.I." Harris as Rashad Swann.
Rashad and his little brother Antwone "Ant" Swann (Evan
Ross) lost their parents to a car accident and now live with
their Uncle George
(Mykelti Williamson).  ATL was inspired by
the real-life experiences of music producer
Dallas Austin and
TLC's Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins; the story is by
Antwone Fisher,
the subject of
Denzel Washington's 2002 directorial debut.
DVD features a shocking alternate ending.
Kenny G
Have Yourself A Merry Xmas
Arista Records
48.  Play through the pain - It's not really
pain it's weakness leaving the body.