every time out.  The man was more
than an effective communicator  
with a rich, resonant baritone voice
and extraordinary entertainment
people skills, he is known as one
of the nicest people in show
business, donating time and
money to garner more money for
the United Negro College Fund.

His Capitol Jazz sessions featured
on this 73-minute compilation date
from February, 1962 to April, 1970,
include the emotion driven 'Old
Folks, 3 previously unissued
bonus tracks
'Mean Old World'  and
two Billie Holiday compositions:
'Long Gone Blues' and 'Fine and
Mellow', and 16 more ensemble
Shadings of George Benson's
familar sounding
and a dash of real-nasty funky
Bootsie Collins buoyantly
skips along in Joe McBride's
46.   TAVIS SMILEY "What I Know For Sure"
October 10, 2006                 
Hard Cover Book
Smiley's mother became involved
with the Pentecostal church that
would be responsible for shaping
him for life.  He went to church
seven days a week and his parents
believed anything outside church-life was
"sinful".   It was in church where he had his
first real test of betrayal, hurt and pain that he
writes about, and a beating he received from
his father that became life alteriang.  His
beloved Big Mama and his maternal
grandmother taught him ---"In everything
there is a lesson and a blessing--a lesson to
be learned and a blessing to be earned even
in the toughest situations". This is a great gift
for this season.
45.  LUTHER VANDROSS                                      CD
"The Ultimate Luther Vandross Collection"  
Compiled by Steve Berkowitz &
Leo Sacks; and executive pro-
duced by record industry god-
Clive Davis, this is  the
 Best Of Luther
A song from a Broadway
musical has to work twice as
hard - moving forward the plot,
explaining motivations or
characterizations, the interlude.
collection since his demise in 2005, and the
ultimate gift from the man who sold over 25
million albums singing about the power of love.
44.  NANCY WILSON   "Broadway My Way"    CD
And while at times the most remembered  are
the songs most integral to the action of the
Nancy Wilson delivers a classy set of
tunes arranged and conducted by Jimmy Jones
(originally released Jan 1, 1964)  capable of
working in a jazz format. The 17 songs are
drawn from the songbooks of giants like  Irving
Berlin, Rodgers & Hammerstein, from shows
Funny Girl, Bye Bye Birdie, The King & I,
On A Clear Day, to name a few that will
have you singing and humming along.
43.  BOBBY LYLE     "Hands On"                   CD
Bobby Lyle jammed with Jimi
Hendrix,     toured with Sly and
the Family Stone and   
Laws Band.   He's been the
sideman and music director for
superstars Bette Midler, Al Jarreau and Anita
Baker.   The keyboardist/programmer/piano
man is
packin' a whallop of uptempo and feel
good jazz.
Peabo Bryson sits in on one cut.
42.  FREDDIE HUBBARD "Here To Stay"      CD
Freddie Hubbard, trumpet; Wayne Shorter, tenor sax;
Cedar Walton, piano; Reggie Workman, bass;
Philly Joe Jones, drums
The key word for Hubbard's
approach to the trumpet in
this December 1962 session
while at the tender age of 24 -
is confidence."Here to Stay"
smooth style of jazz, to which he adds vocals
that draws you in to the music.  Born in 1963
in Fulton, MO, as a teenager McBride contrac-
ted a degenerative eye disease and eventu-
ally went blind.  
quickly established Hubbard as an important
new voice in jazz because of his certainty, and
it is packed with jams smooth as jello
pudding, even when he plays dazzlingly fast
passages. Freddie has earned a reputation
as a hard-blowing young lion. He is an
exceptionally talented virtuoso performer with
a rich full tone that is never lost.
41.  LOU RAWLS                           CD
"The Best of Lou Rawls: The Capitol Jazz
& Blues Sessions"
Recorded 1962-70
When Lou Rawls
passed away
January 7, 2006, the
world lost a love poet
who gave of himself
Luther Vandross
Think About You
"The Ultimate Luther Vandross"
J Records