"Soul Symphony"
Duration:  4:09
18.  WILL DOWNING  "Soul Symphony"      CD
17.  NAJEE  "My Point of View                       CD
15.  THE WIZ                                                  DVD
Starring:  Diana Ross, Theresa Merritt, Michael
Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Lena Horne, Mable King
and Richard Pryor.
14.  ANTWONE FISHER                                DVD
Starring: Denzel Washington, Derek Luke, Joy
Bryant, and Salli Richardson.
13.  COACH CARTER                               DVD
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Ashanti, and Richard
Smooth jazz multi-instrument-
Najee offers up  
solid sets of groove based
tunes with talent on the flute,
alto & soprano saxophone.
Contemporary soprano sax
player whose work on this CD
elevates his theory of resolut-
ion in  co-writing, producing,
arranging top notch stuff.
This lavish 1978 adaptation of the
classic tale
The Wizard of Oz  
features over 400 dancers, and is
a keepsake that unfortunately got
lost somewhere over the rainbow.
Unbelievable soul stirrin'  &
mellow jazz added to
deep delicious baritone for a
classy invitation to fall into his
voice and relax.  
This fascinating film directorial
debut by Denzel Washington about
a young man's painful past and a
new hope is based on a true story
worthwhile to watch and own.
Coach Carter came to teach high
school boys and made them men
using a strict regime typified in
written contracts for respectful
behavior, good grades, and more.
Talent and enthusiasm by a terrific
cast, and some fabulous music
make this DVD full of joy and life.
This is off-the-chain hilarious
comedy in a feel good movie with a
genuine sweetness to it, to be enjoyed by the
whole family, for fun.
11. LIONEL HAMPTON  There Will Never Be
Another You,  Featuring  SYLVIA  
She appeared with Hamp at
the Inaugurations of
Presidents Reagan and Bush
and together recorded two
albums. The footage on the
DVD is to die-for.
10.  ROCK  HUDSON      Nov 13, 2006   on    DVD
"Screen Legend Collection"        
Starring: Rock Hudson, Kirk Douglas, Dorothy Malone,
Joseph Cotten, Carol Lynley, Gena Rowlands
In his prime he was one of  Top 3
Hollywood's biggest box office stars.   
Fans will want to add these 5 films (in
color) , from 1952-65, each making its
DVD debut in this collection.
9.  GIMME A BREAK                        TV on DVD
Starring:  Nell Carter
In the late 70's & early 80's she was
the T
oast of Broadway starring in
Fats Waller's musical "Ain't
Misbehavin", then American fell in
love with her in this hilarious series
Probably one of the most
talked about episodes  
"Happy Anniversary" with
Rudy singing Bab baaaa.
This is the season.
22 episodes  that displays  
young people doing
something positive with
their lives and meeting the
challenges of college life.
This show made a huge impact on a
lot of young black men and women,
and their decision to go to college.