"I tried to write poems like the
songs they sang on Seventh
Street...(these songs) had the
pulse beat of the people who keep
on going."
- Langston Hughes
"We build our temples for tomorrow,
as strong as we know how and we
stand on the top of the mountain, free
within ourselves."
- Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes was a prolific writer. In the forty-odd years
between his first book in 1926 and his death in 1967, he
devoted his life to writing and lecturing.

He wrote sixteen books of poems, two novels, three
collections of short stories, four volumes of "editorial" and
"documentary" fiction, twenty plays, children's poetry, musicals
and operas, three autobiographies, a dozen radio and
television scripts and dozens of magazine articles.
Langston Hughes
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Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes
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