DENZEL WASHINGTON   Big  Screen  Directorial  Debut       "ANTWONE FISHER"
By: Gatsby Melodi'
"In memory of my Father, Edward Elkins, whom I never had the pleasure and the honor to know" - Antwone Fisher  
Antwone Quenton Fisher was raised in institutions from the moment his single mother gave birth to him in prison.  As
a foster child he suffered more than a dozen years of emotional abandonment and physical abuse, until he escaped
and forged a life on the streets.  And just as his life was about to hit rock bottom, Antwone enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  
A decision that would ultimately save him. He became a man and garnered a loving family he so desperately longed
for. Through it all, Antwone refused to allow his "spirit" to be broken or diminished.  He never gave up his dream of
"better days".
"The beginning part is for my
father.  This is your story.  I
wasn't there but I put it
together from what the family
remembered.  And from what I
dreamt.  You may think it's not
my place to tell. Maybe so. But
aside from your blood that's in
me, this story's just about all I
have of you.  I guess that
makes it mine too."      -
Antwone Fisher
"finding fish' reads like a great
work of fiction, moving me
alternately to tears and to
laughter, sorrow and joy making
me forget at times that the story
is astonishingly true."
Denzel Washington
The book "finding fish" a memoir
written by Antwone Quenton
Fisher (released  2001)
Antwone Quenton Fisher and actor Derek Luke
"Initially I wanted to tell my story because the opportunity presented
itself and I was told that I could not do it, meaning that I did not have
the aptitude to write. It reminded me of how I was always told as a
child that I was worthless and that I would never accomplish anything
in life - words that still haunt me.  I became determined to write my
story simply because I was told that I couldn't.  Then, I discovered that
it was cathartic and cleansing for me to write about my life.  I felt free.  
Free from what felt like secrets...Free from the responsibility of such
unhealthy shame".
.Antwone Fisher  
Who will cry for the little boy, lost and all alone?
Who will cry for the little boy, abandoned without his own?
Who will cry for the little boy? He cried himself to sleep.
Who will cry for the little boy? He never had for keeps.
Who will cry for the little boy? He walked the turning sand.
Who will cry for the little boy? The boy inside the man.
Who will cry for the little boy? Who knows well hurt and pain.
Who will cry for the little boy? A good boy he tried to be.
Who will cry for the little boy, who cries inside of me?"
Antwone Fisher
"Having my story told gave me "faith" and "encouragement".
It reminds me that there are good and unselfish people in
the world; people who would help an absolute stranger by
guiding him to the necessary "tools" to pull himself up
Despite the unfortunate circumstances of my life there is
hope. Peculiar and blue words 'You ain't nothing. You ain't
never gonna' be nothing' made for a fervent fuel that gave
me the strength and the courage to persevere.  At the age of
17 I was homeless.  All I had were my thoughts and the
comfort of pretending that my situation would improve.  I
would think to myself - something "good" is about to
happen.  I learned to convince myself of seemingly
impossible things. Sometimes they would work out, but I
remained optimistic long before I knew the meaning of the
word.  It was that optimism coupled with my "fear of failure"
that allowed me to hang in there for the 9 years it took to
bring this film to life."
..Antwone Fisher  
Joy Bryant plays Fisher's girlfriend.  Salli Richardson
is 'Berta' the wife of
Denzel's character (Davenport).
L to R Derek Luke, Joy Bryant and Denzel Washington
Derek Luke worked at Sony Pictures gift
shop and had become friends with
Fisher during the time. Luke says,
"When I finished reading the script I was
in tears but with the tears there was
healing going on, which is why I wanted
to do the film"  Without enlisting the help
of Fisher, Luke convinced a friend of a
friend to allow him to read for the part.  
Friends "in life" actor Derek
Luke and Antwone Fisher
"Fisher's journey is
nothing short of
inspirational" says
Denzel, "it is a triumph
of spirit.  I am inspired
by Antwone. When you
look at all that he's gone
through, survived and
can still be a gentle
soul. Hopefully this film
will reach out to those
who are dealing with
difficult times and have
thoughts of despair".
"'Antwone Fisher' the film is an incredible story of survival and
strength which touches issues often kept quiet in the family",
says Denzel. Fisher says he wanted to make certain his story
was told for all to understand the levels of abuse and learn how
to break the cycle, break the pattern. He says ---"alot of people
told me I couldn't write. Others questioned why".  But he says
although he was ridiculed by transgressors "I knew in my heart I
could do it!"  He also shares that most of his encouragement
came from complete strangers. Writing was a healing for Fisher
like the meeting of his biological mother for the first time.
Denzel Washington
plays naval psychiatrist
Dr. Jerome Davenport
This project has all the markings of steadfastness guided by "the marvelous light" into things 'hoped for' and evidence
unseen.."Faith". Antwone was working as a security guard at Sony Motion Pictures Studio when producer Todd Black
was so moved by Fisher's story as told in the book 'finding fish" (released 2001) that he hired Fisher to write the
screenplay.  Although it took 10 years to bring this emotional roller coaster to the "big screen" the message is
succinct.  Without doubt "Best Film" "Best Director" "Best Screenplay" 2003.  The film opens nationwide January 1,
2003 and is released by FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES.   

Actress Salli Richardson reveals her memorable experience of working with
Denzel Washington "Director".  She said,
"He knows the process we as actors need to go through. Particularly in a script like this where there are a lot of
emotional levels and some of them are sometimes hard to get to.  He gives you the time to get there.  He gives you
those little words that maybe he says in his head, in your ear to help you get there".  Denzel Washington in a recent
interview on
BET's 'Ed Gordon Live' in responding to host Gordon's question..."Did you enjoy directing?" ...'Yeah I like
it alot.  I plan on doing more".
(Come on with it Mr. Washington. Your first project is helping tame the savagery of the world.)
VING RHAMES Is Role Model In Film "DARK BLUE"  
By:  Gatsby Melodi'
The movie "Dark Blue", staring chameleon actor Ving Rhames, has realistic wanton rage scenes, acted out by kids, reflective behavior
of the times in which we today live.  "Dark Blue" is a perfect vehicle for
Ving Rhames.  It propels Rhames to new heights as an actor, and
as a role model. The positive side of the black man is rarely portrayed in films.  Movie moguls are more focused on the all powerful
mighty dollar. Somebody said, "Money talks...anything else walks".  It is very important our young black males be allowed to see the
other side, when confronted with adversity. That side which "keeps it real".  Mentoring and being mentored to, both are very healthy!  

Who doesn't want to be told they are  "wonderful", "smart" and "valuable", on a daily basis?  Feeling good about self, magnanimously
feels very good.  Yet, when we look around us, reflections of the past ...Tradewinds; defiantly stands as deterrents between giving out,
giving up, or getting up.    After you've done all you can, then what?
n America, the
police are
sworn to
uphold the law
and protect the
Rhames says he was attracted to the script's focus on
social issues.  He said, "This is a film that deals with
something of social relevance.  And I think it's also a
piece that shows that the more things change in the
world, the more things remain the same."
But on the streets,
it's everyone for
themselves - And
the streets is where
police officers craft
is honed
According to Rhames, he sees Holland as a man who
is struggling.  "He has that dilemma with being a black
man in blue", he says.  "If the police department is
corrupt, then where does he fit into this equation?  He
also has his own imperfections.  He's committed
adultry, but he's also a man who wants to do the right
thing.  Holland reminds me a bit of Serpico in a
sense.  This is an African-American who's willing to
take on the whole establishment.  I found that
intriguing about the role",
Multi-talented VING RHAMES as LAPD Asst. Chief Holland
in film "Dark Blue" from UA, an
MGM Company
United Artists and Intermedia Films present this special deliverance film,
starring Ving Rhames in his very moving, but very real role portrayal as Asst.
LAPD Chief Holland, in Director Ron Shelton's dramatic thriller "Dark Blue",
based on a story by acclaimed writer James Ellroy,
Eddie Murphy  Diverts  Attention  Appropriately   In   "DADDY DAY CARE
By:  Gatsby Melodi'  
"Daddy Day Care" has got it goin' on, baby!  This time around Eddie Murphy is out to prove his staying power by diverting attention
from "self".  The superstar is not focusing on indiscriminate humor to make his role more appealing, .  Instead he tailgates a
recognizable slice of life - setbacks.  And he offers an alternative solution.

Murphy takes it to the next level by demonstrating through humor that a man is in fact a "real" man, when he accepts responsibility by
stepping up to the plate in turbulent times as needed, in order to save his family.  And  that a setback is a set-up for a comeback, in
the uproarious new "family entertainment" comedy  delight "Daddy Day Care", from Revolution Studios/Columbia Pictures.  

"Daddy Day Care" brings to the wide screen a positive black father/adult male image influencing present participles with a storyline
that has some whaling in the aisles, and others geared up for success.  Very refreshing!
Born on August 1, 1998 in Oakland, California,
newcomer KHAMANI GRIFFIN (Ben) beat out several
thousands of kids from across the country to get his role
in "Daddy Day Care".  According to actress
Regina King
who plays Murphy's wife and Ben's mother; "Khamani is
a very smart boy, already able to read at four and pick up
on nuances of one point Khamani noticed just
before Eddie starts filming a scene he clears his throat.
And soon he was doing it too."   
In the film, as in life, children are the "real
stars".  The script is written and Murphy
affords ample opportunity for each child actor
to shine in their own right.  They yell, they
scream, they become obstreperous and
work the nerves of
Eddie Murphy and his
co-stars, but in actuality "Daddy Day Care" is
a film about a setback leading to a setup for
a comeback.  
"It's really cool being in a movie because everybody's gonna see you on television," Khamani Griffin beams.  He shares one ordeal
in making his first film, "One time I had to sit on the steps being mad at
Eddie Murphy who plays my daddy, because he was playing
with other kids instead of me.  But I guess that's the hard part about acting", concluded this wise young fella.  .

The soundtrack which includes the Jackson 5 classic "ABC and 12 other tracks is on Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music Soundtracks
Actor  Delroy Lindo  Chit Chats With Gatsby About Paramount Pictures Sci-Fri Thriller   "The Core"
By: Gatsby Melodi
For reasons unknown the earth's inner core has stopped rotating, and life around the globe is changing dramatically.  In Boston, 32
people with pacemakers all within a 10 block radius suddenly drop dead. In San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge collapses, in
London's Trafalgar Square flocks of pigeons lose their ability to navigate flying into panicked crowds, and in Rome, thousands of tourists
watch helplessly as an electrical superstorm reduces things to rubble.
"To prepare for this role", he told me, "I
studied with brilliant scientists around the
globe".  And he said that while there were
several people involved with him
researching his role, he said he drew much
wisdom and strength from one male, young,
vibrant and brilliant internationally known
Black Engineer-Scientist, Dr. Robert
Shorney.".  He says he is not minimizing
other inputs, the difference is that from his
other assistance  preparers with the role,
from UCLA, Vancouver and UBC (University
of British Columbia), "I learned by
communication through letters and fax",
exudes Delroy.  
Delroy has grown from Spike Lee, film

"Quite a few years ago," he told me in a
phone interview.

"My last film with
Spike Lee was in '96",
obliged Delroy, than continued.  
"Although in 'THE CORE", I play a
scientist...I did not find it hard to get in to
character, and neither did I find the
dialogue difficult,  or camp",
Paramount Pictures presents "THE CORE" , an original science fiction
thriller directed by Jon Amiel, the film is a David Foster Cooper Layne Sean
Bailey Production, and a Jon Amiel film.  The film is written by Cooper Lyne
and John Rogers.
New Flick  "The Fighting Temptations"   From Paramount Pictures
By: Gatsby Melodi'
A struggling New York advertising executive (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), travels to his small hometown in Georgia to claim an inheritance, but
finds he must create a Gospel choir and lead it to success before he can collect.
Beyonce'Knowles, the
pop sensation of
Destiny's Child was
named the 2002 ASCAP
Awards Songwriter of
the year, garnered (5)
2002 Grammy
nominations, including
"Record of the Year" and
"Best Song Written for a
Motion Picture", and
recently made her film
debut in "Austin Powers
in Goldmember
Sparks fly when he
meets the perfect
lead singer
(Beyonce' Knowles),
who rocks his world
and the entire town.
Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding, Jr,
has a phenomenal track record of successful
movies including such films as "Snow
Dogs", "Men of Honor", "As Good As It Gets,
"Jerry Maguire", "A Few Good Men" and "Boyz
N the Hood".
Cuba Gooding, Jr
The film is rated PG-13
Paramount Pictures presents "The Fighting Temptations", an MTV Films Production in association with
Handprint Films, a Jonathan Lynn Film, Executive Producers Van Toffler, Benny Medina, Produced by
David Gale, Jeff Pollack, Loretha Jones. Story by Elizabeth Hunter, Screenplay by Elizabeth Hunter and
Saladin K. Patterson, Directed by Jonathan Lynn.  Cast also includes
Melba Moore, Ann Nesby, Mike
Epps, Wendell Pierce, LaTanya Richardson
By:  Gatsby Melodi'
Morgan Freeman is one of those extraordinary monumental actors who has never given a bad performance.  There is never a point in a
Morgan Freeman performance where you feel it is false or manufactured.  In "Dreamcatcher", he wonderfully plays a very dark
character.  He has embraced this role unlike any other, maybe to get away from his more saintly performances.
"Dreamcatcher",  is about four friends who perform a heroic act as children and are changed forever by the
supernatural powers they gain in return.  The fear of chaos is out there; whether it is somewhere in the universe,
outside in the dark, or in the  body as it begins to rebel.   Castle Rock Entertainment, (the company that produced the
films, "Misery", "The Shawshank Redemption", "Dolores Claiborne", "The Green Mile", all based on Stephen King's
books or stories), presents King's best selling novel "Dreamcatcher", starring
Morgan Freeman.  The film is directed
by, screenplay by and the film is produced by Lawrence Kasdan, executive produced by Bruce Berman.  
Morgan Freeman confides, "Curtis is king.  He's a very powerful guy in his group.  It is his own personal army, and whatever he
needs...He gets - money, manpower and weaponry.  He's a little burnt out, but he's a dedicated soldier.  He is a man who, if the job
needs to be done, he gets it done; people call that ruthlessness, but he thinks of it as a dedication to purpose," says
Young Director Storms Hollywood Big Time With "THE ITALIAN JOB"
By:  Gatsby Melodi'
"The biggest challenge was making it
through production in the Italian Alps and
Venice.  We had to contend with a number of
difficut factors ranging from the language
barrier to weather conditions", remembers
director GRAY.
"I liked a lot of things about the original," says
Gray.  "It had great style and unforgettable
performances.  But the film that we've made is
for modern audiences, with updated technology."
F. GARY GRAY (Director) solidified an acceptance in Hollywood with
critical hits like "The Negotiator" starring
Samuel L. Jackson and "Set It Off"
Jada Pinkett-Smith and Queen Latifah.
A contemporary update of Paramount's 1969 classic, "The Italian Job" features chase scenes full of twists, turns
and exciting stunts.  Shot in Hollywood, CA  and Venice, Italy, Paramount Pictures presents a DeLine Pictures
Production of an F. Gary Gray Film, directed by F. Gary Gray. His motion picture directorial debut came with "Friday"
starring Ice Cube and introduced funnyman Chris Tucker.  Reel in hand, he segued into music videos,  garnering
Grammy nominations for clips by top recording artists
Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige and TLC.  His credits include
the landmark "Waterfalls" video for TLC. At the tender age of 33, Gray has established himself as a major talent in
the film and music video worlds.