"My album cover (laughter) John  Hall is the
photographer. My eyes are closed like in trace on
stage for the fans.  This picture is for them.  
They understand."
                     - Marion Meadows
W I N   F R E E  CD
Marion Meadows
Using An Impressive Array of Creative Songwriters and Musicians MARION "Saxman"
 Unremittingly, Enthusiastically, & Earnestly   Woo Woo Woo's Ya   on  His
New CD "Dressed to Chill" in Stores   May 23rd  From Heads Up
Sample the CD NOW...CLICK HERE
By: Gatsby Melodi'                                                                                                                                                        
New York, NY - May 23, 2006 - Joined by
fruitful and  impressive creative support teams of
songwriters producers and musicians
"SAXMAN"  Meadows  no doubt  unremittingly,
enthusiastically  and earnestly  woos in the name
of respect and love on his new CD titled  
"Dressed to Chill", with over 56 minutes of  
beautiful landscapes artfully arranged. The CD is
in stores today,  from Heads Up International.
GM:  There is a magical "IT" that makes you
and Marion Meadows like Burt Bacharach
and Dionne Warwick.  What do you think
that IT is?

Michael Broening
: " We both write soulfully
meaning that we write from the heart not
looking at a song analytically..it comes out
sounding sterile sometimes.  We write about
things that feel good.  When we are writing
we are not evoking through lyric so it will have
to be soulful to get emotion through melody..  
I come up with a track and basic melody.  "

GM:  What does that mean?

Michael Broening:
 "Groove progression and
melody.  Sometimes we keep the groove.  
Marion comes in takes it off to a place i did
not imagine and it is much greater."

GM:  What about the titles? Do you start
with a theory, a concept, a title?

Michael Broening
:  "The titles come after.  
We picture what the mood is.  We sit there
and listen the titles come afterwards."

GM: Are there any songs on "Dressed to
Chill" that hold particular passion for you?

Michael Broening:
"Marion is married and
has a daughter and I am married with one
daughter and one son.  Family is very
important to both Marion and myself."  

"Dance With My Daughter" is inspired by
my daughter  Alyssa (3 years old).  She was
at one of our concerts one night and saw 2
people dancing in the crowd.  She tapped me
and asked  'Daddy will you dance with
me?'...That was a very tender moment for
me.  I went in to a trance when we recorded
this song."

GM:  What does that mean, trance?

Robert Broening:
 "When i forget everything.  
I'm so in touch with feel of the music not
aware of my body."

GM:  Wow!!   Any other songs on the CD that
hold personal passion for you?

Robert Broening:
 " 'Scent Of A Woman'  -
My wife is from Hawaii...This song is about  
my wife inspired by emotion written at 2 AM..I
smelled her perfume although she was gone
and her scent  lingered in the room. So this
song is about a feeling I had of being in a
room at home without my wife and missing
her very much while she was away."

Two other tracks worthy of recognition are
remake ''I Believe I Can Fly" and an
original composition from
Chris 'Big Dog'
titled 'Steppers..Let's Do This"
co-written with
Marion Meadow.

'I Believe I Can Fly'      Meadows
spectacular soprano sax sounds like a flute
or a clarinet.  He's gentle and kind with his
deliverance  instead of boasting when he
I can fly delivering notes that would
remind you of
Pattie Labelle on the floor
rolling around in concert -now that's a good
thing.  This song goes to church.  It is
smooth, inviting and warm like somebody put
their arm around you.

GM: You produced 'I Believe I Can Fly'' and  I
love it.   
Marion told me that you took him to
church on this cut and he loved it..  What
was your flavor?

Chris 'Big Dog" Davis:
 "Don't blow my mind!!
(giggles)  This is  smooth jazz does R. Kelly.   
We re-did it with a beat.    It is my first time
working to slow and meditational.  Marion
wanted it to be the title of the CD "I Can Fly'. ."

"Yes, i took Marion to church....rich and
soulful soul!!! I pulled it out of him in 2-3
hours with only 2 or 3 takes, and that's a
GREAT thing."

GM: Why is it a GREAT thing?

Chris 'Big Dog' Davis:
 "It could take a day if
they don't feel it."  

.GM:   I see Vanessa Williams is doing
background singing with Lori Williams and
Raymond Reeder.  Is this Miss America -  
Vanessa Williams?

Chris 'Big Dog" Davis
:  " No that is Yolanda
Adams back-up."

GM:  Marion does some serious gymnastics
with his soprano sax on 'I Believe I Can
Fly'.   At one point
Marion holds a note that's
incredibly long.  Did you arrange it that way
or is it Marion Meadows creative juices at

Chris 'Big Dog' Davis:
 "No that is all Marion.
He has good breathing."

GM:  Steppers...Let's Do This is the perfect
song to jump start a party - much like the
Luther Vandross' classic 'Having A Party;.  
You wrote it with Marion didn't you?

Chris 'Big Dog' Davis:
 "Marion and I talked
about a song that said LET'S DO THIS!!!! .  So
I came with "Let's Do This".  .  When Marion
heard it he said I
love that song but I need it  
in a different key
. .....Groove came about
.Marion is such a sweetheart.  He came in
and nailed it."
GM:  Where does the name big dog
come from?

Chris 'Big Dog' Davis:
 "Ah man ..I'm
6'3" 320 pounds..Most people think i
pump alot of iron but i am really very
Chris "Big Dog' Davis
GM:  How did you come up with the title 'Let's Do This'?

Chris 'Big Dog" Davis:
 "Let's do this came about as the
result of the Nike logo when
Michael Jordan was the
spokesperson. The  logo. was
"Just do it"...We got the
musicians  together and that's all I told them when I
contacted everybody.  Man you know how cats always say
"let's get together and play"...I told them ..Let's just do this

GM:  Do you mean like a jam session?  This song is a
result of great musicians doing what they do best?

Chris 'Big Dog' Davis:
 "That's exactly right."
GM: Mr Meadows I am going to throw some
song titles at cha from your "Dressed to Chill"
CD and I would appreciate your first

Marion Meadows..""Okay that's  cool!

GM:                  'Believe I Can Fly'

Marion Meadows:
 "I don't do cover songs but this
is a song i listened to over and over again and
thought it was a great song for a sax...There
were two other tunes in my past which i
considered doing but
Gerald Albright and
Grover Washington successfully covered them
 Chris (Big Dog Davis)  put that church on
it..He slammed it ...When i put the sax in --- it was
easy because it was so beautiful."

GM:                    'To Love Her'

Marion Meadows:  
"This is a beautiful song..I play
bass and clarinet mysterious color of the clarinet."

GM:                     '1000 Dreams'

Marion Meadows:
 "I don't make my records
smooth jazz this song we make contemporary
jazz... Takes us back to the way contemporary
jazz used to record like CTI's George Benson
going back to the melody".

"This is a song of hope..whatever your dreams
might be -- You can do whatever you want it to
be.  It can be done".

We did a video 40 miles on the bike and gave it
to the record company and they determine what
will happen to it  It could be our first video if."

GM:                       'Just My Style'

Marion Meadows:
 "On this cut I am playing both
soprano & tenor sax.  I did the soprano first came
back and overdubbed tenor.  I started out playing
tenor. Found soprano years later and decided it
was Voice of Choice...craving tenor ..I'm creeping
it back in from the road and airplay."

GM:                    'Scent of A Woman'

Marion Meadows:
 "I had an idea of a ballad..that
was my guideline I went by..i love beautiful
ballads. Music is most beautiful and probably my
favorite on the CD."
I requested of his record label -  Heads Up
International and was granted interviews with
Marion Meadows about "Dressed to Chill"; his
co-writer/producer/keyboardist of 10 of the CD's
12 tracks,  
Michael Broening;
singer/lyricist/producer of 'Miss Know It All',  Will
and Chris 'Big Dog' Davis
writer/producer/keyboardist about R. Kelley's
cover '
I Believe I Can Fly' and Davis' original
composition '
Steppers...Let's Do This' co-written
with Marion Meadows.  

GM:  What is it about the song title 'Dressed to
Chill' that motivated you to name your CD that

Marion Meadows:
 "The title is a play on words.  
Over the years style of jazz musicians...Cool
dressers..Distinctive style -- From jazz metaphor
- Cool for the most part.... Overall style."

The single
'Dressed to Chill' starts off very
attention getting --  "BAMM" --  All up in your face
with a fabulous rhythm so funky in a crowd or
alone you wanna shout
 Get Down & Party.   
Bassist Mel Brown makes his mark supreme on
this cut. The bassline is always prevalent.  It
makes ya wanna say    "
Get  Down  Baby  
Bubba  Bubba Get  Down"
.and   Meadows  sax
screams at the end are quite grand.

GM:  Dressed to Chill  is such a pretty song Mr.
Brooening how did you come up with that title?
Michael Broening:  "Marion
is about looking and feeling
good...He's definitely in to
fashion...The record is a
chill-out thing...It is a play on
looking and feeling good."
Michael Broening
Another stand out track is "Miss Know It All' .
She's sassy potentially dangerous and  
controversial.  She is also the brainchild of
Philadelphia performer/songwriter/vocalist
Will Brock (Howard Hewitt
sounding) who ambiguously defines her
lyrically in the song.  
Brock co-wrote the song
Broening who wrote the music.  

GM:  Is Miss Know it all a gold digger?  Is this
a fellas be aware kind of song? And what do
you mean by No Compromise No Room For
Will Brock:  "No she is
not a gold digger and this
is not a fellas' be aware
No compromise
..no room for surprise
says she is self-aware."
Will Brock
"She ain't putting up with no junk or
garbage....No Games...No selfish decisions
without interest in her wants. There is no
compromise. She's not lowering her
standards or principles."

GM:  In the song you sing ''she's the reason
we wrote this song.'  Didn't Michael Broening
write the music and you wrote the lyrics?  
Who is the we?

Will Brock:
 "I mean "we" collective
consciousness.  All the people's lives she'll
touch by meeting them in person or influence
by influencing others through association

GM: That is an interesting slant. You
seemingly are ambiguous in the writing
leaving lots to the imagination. Is that what
you want people to get from the song?

Will Brock:
 "It is substantial intellectual
content...tongue-in-cheek...She knows what
she wants.."all caught up"....She says ..You
can't mold me..You can't make me...You're
getting a complete package."

"In the first version I wrote and presented to
Marion -  Miss Know It All thought she knew
everything but Marion would not sing it,.  He
wanted it more positive..I thought about a
woman and words like "super strong" and  
"special" came to mind and then I thought -
what kind of man wants to be with that

GM: So it was your intention to be
ambiguous?  Less is more?

Will Brock:
 "Ambiguity is exactly how I wrote
it.  Yes, she is dangerous to a weak man.  
That's great art.   I put a mirror in front to allow
the critic to place his or her self in that mirror
for their interpretation...One size fits all."
GM:  The Afro American Syndicate did a blast with your
ecard  to over one hundred thousand addresses on our
distribution list.  Several females responded saying
they'd buy the album just on it's look.  What does
staying fit look like to you? And how tall are you?

Marion Meadows:  
"I'm 5'9".  Physical fitness is part of
ones life.  I have always been an athlete.  My hobby is
cycling, bike racing, getting outdoors and exercising...i will
bring my bike with me on the road training to do
races...diet cardio i can eat whatever i want but i don't eat
meat by choice..my diet is vegetables and fish."

GM: Thanks Mr. Meadows for taking time out to chat
with Afro American Syndicate.  When your story is told
how do you hope the script goes?

Marion Meadows:
 "My story is I want to be known as
inspiration and champion the cause like
Herbie Hancock,
Weather Report, Chic Correa, George Duke.  Like Cool
Jazz Modern Jazz into electronic age..the Motown sound
Marvin Gaye and people like Chaka Khan."

"Grover Washington told me "You've been to school and
learned the instrument.  Step out with own voice bold
legacy and carry torch for us."
"What makes this album
different is the beauty of having
a legacy..Life  experiences
through a career of music ...I'd
like to say I've told my story at
this point in my life...This is
what's going on...Anthology of it
is eclectic."

-  Marion Meadows
                               Afro  American  Syndicate