The OPRAH SHOW  Ends 2004 Proclaiming - "America's Funniest Family: The Wayanses"
And Oprah Accepts Kim's Apology For the Fat Oprah Jokes On 'In Living Color'
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It's the first time the funny Wayans family has been interviewed
together in 14 years, and they had a hilariously reunion on the
OPRAH SHOW episode titled
 "America's Funniest Family: The
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Keenan Ivory Wayans on
OPRAH, Dec 31, 2004
Damon Wayans  on OPRAH,
Dec 31, 2004
Oprah asked, "White Chicks. How did you come up with this idea?"  
Marlon responds, "Shawn generates all these little ideas that come out
of his head. He called me and said, "Yo, Marlon. We should play

"And all I heard was a dial tone", Shawn humorously added!"

"It was crazy," Marlon explains. "They put this [thick] prosthetic on your
face, so every day we'd be in makeup for 5 hours, work for 14 hours,
then go home and get two hours of sleep and then have to repeat the
process all over again. By the time we finished, our faces were all
bubbly and nasty from the makeup!"

Shawn added, "We started off good-looking black men. Then in the
movie, we got [to be] better-looking white women. By the end of the
movie, we turned into the ugliest brothers you've ever seen."

Big brother Keenen directed,
White Chicks, but it is a family affair for
the Wayans. How does the family work together so well?

"The truth is, Shawn is 'Rain Man.' He generates the ideas," Keenen
said.  "We all have a way that we work together. They call me the

Pointing to Marlon, Keenan continues,   "This guy is the funniest one of
all. When it comes to performance, this is the man right there.  Marlon  
comes over to the house and literally goes to sleep on the floor. But
there is a method to his genius. So he's on the floor sleeping, and
Shawn and I are writing, and we'll get stuck and go, 'We need a funny
character here.' And [Marlon] sits up and goes, 'We need a guy who
likes a black woman's butt on a white girl.'"
The moment when Oprah admits to Kim how hurt she was because of the
'In Living Color' scene, and Kim repeatedly apologizes.
Photo Courtesy of Harpo Productions Inc.
Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans and Oprah Winfrey on the show
Dec. 31, 2004. Photo Courtesy Harpo Productions Inc
Damon Wayans! From his days on In Living Color to his
current role as a frazzled dad on ABC's My Wife and Kids,
Damon has been making us laugh for years. How did he
come up with characters like "snappy" film critic Blaine

"Keenen and I used to commit to characters," Damon
explained. "We would walk the streets of New York all day
long as these characters—we'd never break character." He
credits Keenen for making sure his characters were always
evolving. "What Keenen did on In Living Color was challenge
us to not just have a catchphrase, but to take it to the next

According to Keenen, Damon is the one to really push the
boundaries of comedy. "He's a genius.  He's the one that
would come get in my ear and I would listen.
Marlons, Shawn, Keenan Ivory, Damon and Kim Waymans
proclaimed "America's Funniest Family" on OPRAH. Photo
courtesy of Harpo Productions Inc.
OPRAH SHOW  Ends 2004 Proclaiming - "America's Funniest Family: The Wayanses"
And Oprah Accepts Kim's Apology For the Fat Oprah  On 'In Living Color'
Chris Rock heard the Wayans were
coming on the show, and  send a
little "shout-out" to a family that has
meant so much to him.  Chris said.
"I worked with Keenen Wayans on

"I'm Gonna Git You Sucka"
. I had a
scene where I go,
'Gimme one rib'.
Chris Rock
"I learned how to do standup from Damon Wayans.
When I was in the clubs, he was like the only hip
black guy doing stand-up, and he was really nice to
me. He took me under his wing, he let me eat with
him, and I was just a kid. I learned more from Damon
Wayans just on how to be a comedian than any other
person out there."
Jim Carrey said the Wayanses
gave him his first big break -
-making him the "token white guy"
on In Living Color!   I just wanted
to say thank you for everything. In
Living Color was a tremendous
The moment when Oprah admits to Kim how hurt she was hurt by the
'In Living Color' scenes. Kim graciously apologizes.
Photo Courtesy of Harpo Productions Inc.
Jim Carey
Sister Kim Wayans is now a successful writer, producer and
director of brother Damon's show My Wife and Kids.

When Kim acted on "In Living Color" with her brothers, one of
her characters poked a lot of fun at Oprah. Kim now regrets
being a part of those jokes, even though Oprah says she has
no problem laughing about it now!

"Damon wrote those sketches! It's not really okay though for
me," Kim says. "The person that I am now wouldn't do a sketch
like that. Funny doesn't trump being mean for me anymore,
and I apologize."
experience for me. Keenen, thank you so much for
that opportunity; I wouldn't be here without you.
Damon, thank you so much for being a friend.
Gosh, what can I say? You guys are fantastic. Some
of the most outlandish things ever done on
television were done on that show."

The Wayanses credit their parents for filling their
lives with laughter, even when times were hard, and
inspiring them to pursue comedy.

"We were so poor, that I stole 15 cents from my
father, and he missed it—not only did he miss it, but
he chased me down and frisked me and took it
back!" joked Damon.

Marlon adds, "My mother, when she's mad, she's
Richard Pryor with breasts!."
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