GOING...There is
no skill N easy
sailing when skies
R clear and blue.  
There is no joy in
merely doing things
that anyone can do.
There is great
satisfaction that is
mighty sweet 2
take when you
reach a destination
U said U couldn't
U R an
important piece
in the puzzle of
intolerance locks U up Tolerance
lets U grow..intolerance demands
Tolerance preserves
independence ...
intolerance seals
Tolerance finds a way 2
keep doors open
Can't means
"don't want to"
Life can only B
backwards but must B
lived forwards
U have 2 learn 2
set limits with
others. Move
your sources of
approval inward
Anxiety does not empty
tomorrow of its sorrows It
empties today of its
U may delay but time will not
Even when it seems
like U have 'no'
choices U can
choose your attitude
Failure is not an accident
"Reality" is
laughter is the
shortest distance
between 2 people
Count Blessings
not lessons
louder than
"be not overcome with evil
but overcome evil with good"
ROMANS 12:21
fall 7 times standup 8
LIFE is not a
problem to solve
but a gift to cherish
Obviously U R
looking 4
something 2 do
Some people fear failure.
Others fear success.  
Either is 2 costly 4 fear
Where are you?
Do not 4
Then B
un 4
Live..Love..Laugh & B Happy
The poor are shunned even by
their neighbors but the rich
have many friends.  He who
despies his neighbor sins but
blessed is he who is kind to
the needy Proverbs 14:20-21
The step between suspicion
and accusation is research.
Complaining can lead to passivity
and inertia. Once U discover
complaining, discard it.
If the world is cold make it
your business to build fires.
A house is made of wooden beams
A home is made of love and dreams
"Impossible" is a notion that
imposes very real limits, but that
may exist only in your mind.
It's not about a dream - it
is about a plan
When U have the will 2 win U have
achieved half the success. When U
don't U have achieved half your failure.
Listen 2 your inner
GOD-guidance, not
your inner critic
N pursuing success
U either have
results or reasons Y
U gave UP
Do not rent
space N
your mind
Weak controlling manipulative
mean spirited people can spot a
vulnerable soul, make sure U
know what U stand 4
NEVER give
UP your
If U R easily
discouraged, defeated
or distracted, U will
never B a Winner
An attitude of
if u have one eye on yesterday
and one eye on tomorrow you're
going 2 B cockeyed today
Life Lessons vs. Laws of Money
Fear knocked at the
door.  Faith answered.  
And lo no one was there.
Embrace possibilities well beyond
predictable limited range. It is
then you will discover yourself
newly, with the exhilaration of
finding a creativity, confidence,
and power previously unknown
Forgiveness does
not change the
past but it does
enlarge the future.
4 get
4 get
Don't cry over spilt milk. It was
probably sour anyway
Weak controlling manipulative
mean-spirited people can spot
a vulnerable soul.   Make
certain U know what U stand 4
A successful person
is one who can lay a
firm foundation with
the bricks that
others throw at him
or her
N pursuing success U either
have results R reasons WHY U
gave UP
Talk happiness; talk faith; talk
health. Say you are well, and
all is well with you, and God
shall hear your words and
make them tru
We often allow
imaginary barriers and
boundaries to stand
between ourselves and
our dreams. Imaginary
lines are crafted with
doubts, worries and "I
Why R U standing outside
the amazement?
definitions belong to
the definer..not the
Let nobody hold back
control or mold you
Protect yourself from the
arrows of adversity, criticism
and misguided people.
When U R not using
your smile, U R like
the man with a
million dollars in the
bank and no
U never stay around
when I'm feeling fine
but back always in
time, for pain
a man that studieth revenge
keeps his wounds green, which
otherwise would heal and do well.
Be curious always! For
knowledge will not acquire you:
you must acquire it.
The shoe that fits one person
pinches another; there is no
recipe for living that suits all
Make the effort but don't make it into a struggle
Refuse to grow UP
U pile up enough
tomorrows, and you'll
find you've collected a
lot of empty yesterdays
It ain't
bragging if
you can do it
Getting to
someone is
not a task--it’s
an art
Never give up.
A man can't be
heard if he
stops talking.
Procrastination is a thief and a
passive decision to do nothing
One man has
enthusiasm for 30
minutes, another for
30 days, but it is the
man who has it for
30 years who makes
a success of his life.
U can't cross the sea
merely by standing and
staring at the water
Our only security is our ability to
Don't complain about
what U allow.  Don't
complain about what U
can change.  80% of
the people U complain
2 'Don't Care' and 20%
R glad it is not them
Allow your own words and actions to
express the person you truly are.
The only courage
that matters is the
kind that gets you
from one moment
to the next
Sometimes U have 2 leave 'the
city of your comfort' 4 'the
wilderness of time'
WOW-ify the world
with your
We can misunderstand what's been
said or discover that someone has
intentionally misled us
Leap, and
the Net
Worry is focused thinking on what U can’t answer or
solve about your situation. Worry is returning over and
over again to a place where U R stuck. Worry is nagging
negativity. Worry is usually all about what you can’t do
anything about anyway.
Don't let It take an
entire lifetime to
understand it is not
necessary to
I am that -
U R that -
all this is
that - and
that's all
there is
GET OVER IT. Failure is how we learn
and grow
Drop the
slowing U
You are unique.
Just like
everyone else
kick the ball of confusion,
proctastination and fear to
get you moving again
We don't receive
wisdom; we must
discover it for
ourselves after a
journey that no
one can take for
us or spare us of
Love is the
water of life,
drink it down
with Heart &
It takes
courage to
grow up and
turn out to
be who you
really are
Don't allow Life to kick U around
Only the strong survive
If U put a small
value on
yourself rest
assured the
world will not
raise your price
Real courage is when you know you’re
licked before you begin, but you begin
Excuses Quitting &  Living N Shame & Blame
turn 2 Hopelessness then depression
We can walk
arm-in-arm without
seeing eye-to-eye on
every issue
Tell me, I'll forget.
Show me, I may
remember. Involve
me, I'll understand
Two monologues
do not make a
You are not
your problems
and they are
not you - the
more you
yourself with
the problems
that face you,
the more
difficult it will
be for you to
get past them
You can complain that life is unfair and lament that the
best in life has passed you by. Or you can get busy and
make the very best of your life
Failure teaches U what not to do
B  stimulated by
enthusiasm &
optimism throughout
the day
A good plan today is better
than a perfect plan tomorrow
Rid "I
wish" "I
hope" "I
want to
be" from
The same
hammer that
breaks the glass
sharpens the
steel; adversity
will make or
break you
Relinquish the
need to defend
your point of view
An ending is a new
beginning, an exit
is an entrance to
someplace else
In detachment lies
the wisdom of
uncertainty, lies
freedom from the
Do U believe
what U C, or
do U C what U
There is no
evolution in
thoughts about
the past
Practice non-judgement.
Judge nothing throughout
the day
You can wait and wish and hope for
everything in life to be perfect Or you
can get busy making things better
The mind is like
a parachute  it
works only
when open
Never mistake
knowledge for
wisdom. One
helps U make a
living, the other
helps U make a life
A child becomes an
adult when he
realizes that he has
a right not only to be
right but also to be
LIFE can be
summed up in
It Goes
I did what I thought needed 2 B
done the only way I knew how 2
do it because I thought I had to
do it that way
When you put off something that
needs to be done you don't get rid
of it you merely make it more
burdensome than it otherwise
would have been
The cataclysm has happened. We are
among the ruins. It is rather hard
work but there is no smooth road into
the future. We've got to live no
matter how many skies have fallen.
We turn to God for
help when our
foundations are
shaking, only to
learn that it is God
who is shaking them
Dance like no
one is
Love like
you'll never
be hurt, Sing
like no one is
Live like it's
heaven on
Compile a big
list of all the
things you don't
have or get busy
making full use
of the good and
valuable things
you do have
He who asks is
a fool for five
minutes, but
he who does
not ask,
remains a fool
You win some, you
lose some, and
some get rained
out, but you gotta
suit up for them all
We are what we
repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is
not an act, but a habit
anger says 2
another U no
longer control
how I feel
Therre will always be someone
who will have a need to analyze, to
criticize, to judge you - Do not
react.  Less is more
I'm an idealist.
I don't know
where I'm
going but I'm
on the way
Start by doing what's
necessary, then what's
possible, and suddenly U R
doing the impossible
Success is unavoidable..You cannot avoid
being successful. The things you have fully
committed yourself to achieving you have
Conscience is God’s presence in man
Why not?  is a slogan for an interesting life
Be not afraid; only believe
Mark 6:36
Feelings R  
When we step out in faith we begin to
experience God's power
When you cannot
make up your mind
between two evenly
balanced courses of
action choose GOD
Everyone has
talent. What is
rare is the
courage to follow
the talent to the
dark place where
it leads
Failure is the lubricant of success
Anger is an arrow
looking for a
target. Guard that
emotion well or it
will control and
destroy U.  
forgiveness does
not make U weak.
It makes U strong
Doubt sees the obstacles
Faith sees the way
Doubt sees the darkest night
Faith see the day
Doubt questions
"Who Believes or Cares?"
Faith Answers
When U walk N 2 a room do you
say "There U are" or "Here I am"
If there R people N your life who
continuously disappoint U break
promises stomp on your dreams and
judgemental of U using different
values That is NO true friend
Waste not fresh tears
over old grief's
Yearn to understand first
and to be understood second
For God hath
not given us the
spirit of fear;
but of power,
and of love, and
of a sound
Timothy 1:7
live in a world where
overcomes resistance
                    JUDGE LISA WHITE HARDWICK
Inspired By:     Missouri Appellate Court
Allow the value that is in every situation to make
itself known and to grow
Let go of the need to fight against what is
Living in the moment means letting go of
the past and   
not waiting for the future.
I never think of the
future. It comes soon