Inspired By:   Missouri Appellate Court
Before you speak, choose words that will
serve a greater good. Before you act
choose deeds that will make a positive
contribution to the world around you
U aren't what other people call U, U R
what U respond to
Daily habits create the pattern for
future behaviors
Every relative isn't
famly and every
buddy isn't a friend
Truth is like the sun. You
can shut it out for a time,
but it ain't goin' away
U don't need a certain number of friends,
only a number of friends U can B certain of
The only time U run out of
chances is when U stop taking
increases wisdom
but doesn't reduce
the follies
A friend to
everybody and to
nobody is the same
the greatest difficulty you must overcome
is convincing yourself to get started
N prosperity our friends know us, N
adversity we know our friends
Living in the moment means letting go
of the past and not waiting for the
future. It means living your life  
consciously, aware that each moment
you breathe is a gift.   
Never insult an alligator
until you've crossed the
The greatest mistake you can make in life
is to be continually fearing you will make
Stop putting a wish bone where
your back bone ought to be
U can't B a dormat if U
don't lie down
It is wise to apply the oil of
refined politeness to the
mechanisms of friendship
There are two primary choices in life: to accept
conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility
for changing them
U were born God's original, try not to
become somebody else's copy of who
they think U should B
The only
way out of
through it
2 B wronged is
nothing unless U
continue 2
remember it
The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who
cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn
unlearn and relearn
The most successful job U will
ever have is being U
For too long, I've wanted anybody
in this world to cup my face in
their hands, look me straight in
the eyes, and with lovng
compassion and tender mercy
tell me "U didn't do anything
Remove those "I want U 2 like me
stickers" from your forehead, and place
them where they will do the most good --
on your mirror
A chip on your
shoulder is when
you vow that for all
you've given and all
you've lost,
somebody owes you
something, and  
you're going to get it
Forgiveness doesn't
let the other person
off the hook, it
eliminates the hook.
Let go of the
judgmental story
The advantage of a bad memory is that one
enjoys several times the same good things
for the first time
Whenever times get so hard U don't know how
U got where U R let alone how U R going to
make it out - away from the pain the heartache
the terrible sorrow from situations U find
yourself in - REMEMBER that God never built a
staircase to nowhere
Never think of the future. It comes
soon enough
"How do I know if I'm
doing it right or
wrong?" - Is our ego
tempting you to doubt
journey of transformation
Make today  the
great day   it already
The farther behind I leave the past
the closer I am to forging my own
YOUR Seat &
Get On Your
Man removes a mountain  by
carrying that mountain away in
small stones
Love truth, and
pardon error
Repose is good when it is rest,
when we have chosen it...It is not
good when it is our sole occupation
We have no more right to
consume happiness without
producing it than to consume
wealth without producing it
U gain strength,
courage and
confidence by every
experience in which
U must stop and look
fear in the face
Surrender yourself to God. Wish for
nothing but one thing: that His will be
done, that His Kingdom come, and
that His nature be revealed. Then all
will be well
The illiterate of the 21st century will
not be those who cannot read and
write, but those who cannot learn
unlearn and relearn
Old age to the unlearned, is
winter; to the learned, it’s
harvest time
Happiness is a way of travel - not a
There is only one corner of the
universe you can be certain of
improving, and that's your own self
Give yourself a
break.  Cut yourself
some slack and
recognize that the
life you have is the
life you want
IMPOSSIBLE.. Is just a BIG WORD thrown around by small men who find it
easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power.  
They have to CHANGE IT. .....IMPOSSIBLE is not a fact, It's an Opinion...
IMPOSSIBLE is not a Declaration. It's a Dare..  IMPOSSIBLE  is a
POTENTIAL... Impossible is temporary....Impossible is NOTHING.
- - Muhammad Ali - 125th Lenox Avenue, New York City
The liturgical movement must
become a revolutionary
movement, seeking to overthrow
the forces that continue to
destroy the promise, the hope,
the vision
To stand on one leg and prove God's
existence is a very different thing from
going on one's knees and thanking Him
One of the greatest
causes of
unhappiness is letting
other people tell U
what will make U

True happiness does
not come  in
particulars.  Drop the
All problems become
smaller if U don’t dodge
them but confront them
Be who U R.  Say what you feel.
Because those who mind don't
matter and those who matter don't
Today,stop living your life like a
question that you can't answer
Life shrinks or expands in
proportion to one's courage
Finish each day and be done with it.
You have done what you could; some
blunders and absurdities have crept
in; forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day
KEEP Ideas in motion
Ideas must move to grow
Don't compromise yourself. You are
all you've got
If you wish to travel far and fast travel
light.    Take off all your Envies Jealousies
Unforgiveness Selfishness and Fear.
Choose your path
Your problems are real
and demanding
If you have known loss and sadness
you have also gained a profound
understanding of how very precious
life is meaning and fulfillment
Love like you'll
never be hurt
Did you lose a memory or were U robbed into helplessness?
When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is
composed of two characters - one represents
danger, the other represents opportunity
Greed is never satisfied because self is
at the center of its world
Take a lesson from the weather it
pays no attention to criticism
Some people think it's holding on that
makes one strong; sometimes it's simply
letting go
Always do the things you
fear the most. Courage is
an acquired taste like
A line from a song can
break a writer's block.
A word of
encouragement can
launch a career.
Prayer is meaningless unless it is
subversive, unless it seeks to overthrow
and to ruin the pyramids of callousness,
hatred, opportunism and falsehood
Greed is a sign of emptiness
to expect a best-case "scenario" to
replace a worst-case "reality" is
wishful thinking...Stop trying to
snatch victory from the grasp of
failure...when failure is not real it
has no lesson to teach
Whoever can see through all
fear will always be safe
Have courage for the great sorrows of
life and patience for the small ones. And
when you have finished your daily task,
go to sleep in peace. God is awake
Disappointment can be a gift that tells U much about
yourself. Choose to benefit from it
Happiness is a way
station between too little
and too much
Half our life is spent
trying to find
something to do with
the time we have
rushed through life
trying to save
Ability is what you're capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines when you arrive
Are you humbly
grateful? Or
grumbly hateful?
We don't receive
wisdom; we must
discover it for
ourselves after a
journey that no one
can take for us or
spare us.
Worrying about something that
may never happen is like paying
interest on money you may
never borrow
Everyone struggles to learn life
lessons...Learn from your mistakes...You
learn practically nothing from your
successes...People who suffer have
postponed accepting the truth...They want
life to be different than what it
is....Suffering is the steps from denial to
acceptance gone awry
A successful
person is one
who can lay a
firm foundation
with the bricks
that others throw
at him or her
You are a prisoner of your own
insecurity when you FEAR "rejection"
Quit when you feel
Keep away from small people
who try to belittle your
ambitions. Small people
always do that
Swallowing your pride seldom leads
to indigestion
A failure of power makes you
doubt your worth.
The most generous gift you can give to
those who love you is to allow them to be
emotionally open with you...Friendship is
an island of acceptance...a place to be
validated to get perspective on your
courage..check your perceptions and
motives...Friendship allows you to
unburden without burdening..Friendship
allows you to think out loud without
instead of seeking new ways to
solve their problems "controlling
people" try to show that they
were taken advantage of or
cheated.  They they try to prove to
others that they are right and
what went wrong is somebody
else's fault..and they can prove it
As long as you're going to be thinking
anyway, THINK BIG
What is your
source of
It is not in our power to explain
either the prosperity of the wicked
or the sufferings of the righteous
With faith, there
are no questions;
without faith
there are no
The power of choice must involve
the possibility of error. That is the
essence of choosing
The great gift of family life is to
be intimately acquainted with
people you might never even
introduced yourself to had life
not done it for you
If you are out to describe the truth leave
elegance to the tailor
Never argue with an ignorant person. They
will drag you down to their level and beat
you with experience
One of the most valuable things we can do
to heal one another is listen to each other's
Our dilemma is that we hate change and love
it at the same time; what we really want is
for things to remain the same but get better
Understanding is the reward of faith.
Therefore seek not to understand that
you may believe, but believe that you may
When you have blocked "Guilt" you cannot
face the injury or its consequences..Hurt
converts to Anger..Anger converts to
Guilt...Denial causes you to be unaware of
your guilt
There is no work better than to please God;
to pour water, to wash dishes, to be a
cobbler, or an apostle, all is one, to wash
dishes and to preach is all one, as touching
the deed, to please God
Christianity can be condensed into four
words: Admit, Submit, Commit and
Valor lies just halfway between rashness
and cowardice
Courage is fear that has said its prayers
Conformity is the jailer of
freedom and the enemy of
Striving for perfection is the greatest
stopper there is.… It's your excuse to
yourself for not doing anything. Instead,
strive for excellence, doing your best
Hope begins in the dark. The stubborn hope that if you
just show up and try to do the right thing the dawn will
come. You wait and watch and work: you don't give up.
Live so that when your children
think of fairness, caring and
integrity, they think of you.
In the final analysis, for the believer there
are no questions, and for the
non-believer there are no answers
Nothing can be more useful
to you than a determination
The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake,
an almost fanatical love of justice, and the
desire for personal independence, these
are the features of the Jewish tradition
which make me thank my lucky stars I
belong to it.
To be a person of truth, be swayed
neither by approval nor disapproval.
Work at not needing approval
from anyone and you will be free
to be who you really are.
Ease destroys bravery, trouble...creates