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Integrity  Responsibility & Cognizance In "Coach Carter" On DVD June 21
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(Front row, middle left to right)  Antwon Tanner as  "Worm" , Rick Gonzalez as  "Timo Cruz" , Nana Gbewonyo as  "Junior
Battle" , (
Back row, middle left to right) Channing Tatum as  "Jason Lyle" , Texas Battle as  "Maddux" , Rob Brown as  "Kenyon
Stone" ,(
Back row, right) Robert Ri’chard as  "Damien Carter"  in  "Coach Carter." Paramount Pictures Presents an MTV Films
Tollin/Robbins Production.  A Thomas Carter Film.  Samuel L. Jackson stars in,  "Coach Carter," The film also stars Ashanti.  
The Music Supervisor is Jennifer Hawks.  Music Score by Trevor Rabin.  The Film Editor is Peter Berger, A.C.E.  The Executive
Producers are Van  Toffler, Thomas Carter, Sharla Sumpter and Caitlin Scanlon.  Produced by Brian Robbins, Mike Tollin and
David Gale.  Inspired by the Life of Ken Carter.  Written by Mark Schwahn and John Gatins.  Directed by Thomas Carter.
Copyright ©2004 by PARAMOUNT PICTURES.  All Rights Reserved.
Inspired by a true-life story, “Coach Carter” is an
inspirational account of a controversial high
school basketball coach who received both high
praise and staunch criticism when he made
national news in 1999 for benching his entire
undefeated basketball team for poor academic
Behind the scenes with Samuel L. Jackson who
plays  "Coach Ken Carter"
 and the real life
Coach Carter
- Ken Carter on the set.
The real-life Coach Ken Carter of Richmond,
California, was selected to carry the Olympic
Flame on January 19, 2002 as it made its
way to the
Salt Lake City Winter Olympic

Several of Coach Carter’s 1999 team
members went on to earn 4-year athletic
scholarships including his own son Damien,
who was awarded a full scholarship to West
Point Military Academy.
(Front row, left to right) Rick Gonzalez as  "Timo Cruz" , Samuel L. Jackson as  "Coach Ken Carter" , Antwon Tanner as  "Worm"
, and Texas Battle as  "Maddux"  in  "Coach Carter." Paramount Pictures Presents an MTV Films Tollin/Robbins Production.
Director Thomas Carter on
the set of  "Coach Carter."
Paramount Pictures Presents
an MTV Films Tollin/Robbins
Production.  A Thomas Carter
Film. Copyright ©2004 by
All Rights Reserved.
Stealing many of the scenes is  Ashanti who brings
humor and sophistication as  "Kyra" joined here on
the set with Rob Brown as  "Kenyon Stone" in  
"Coach Carter."
(Below) Ashanti just being beautiful
on the set.
Director Thomas Carter and Samuel L. Jackson
on the set of Paramount Pictures Presents
"Coach Carter"  an MTV Films Tollin/Robbins
Production.  A Thomas Carter Film.
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