TYLER  PERRY   Masterfully Allures Audiences  Causing Convulsive  Laugher  In
Feature Film "DIARY  OF  A  MAD  BLACK  WOMAN"   Amusing In Theaters Only   Friday,
Feb 25th Atlanta Plays Host To A Special Screening With the Cast, Producer and Director
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Tyler Perry as Brian in
Diary of a Mad Black
Tyler Perry in Atlanta,
GA Feb 14, 2005, at
Press Meeting for
Tyler Perry's "Diary of
a Mad Black Woman",
at Ritz Carlton Hotel
"Best Laugh Out
Loud Clean Comedy
this year"
Afro American Syndicate
Tyler Perry as Madea in
Diary of a Mad Black
Tyler Perry as Joe in Diary
of a Mad Black Woman
Tyler Perry as Madea in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, opening in theater Friday,
February 25, 2005..
"I got a chance to view the finished product
with an audience and I was pleased with
their responses",  Tyler Perry began our
interview at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, in
Atlanta, GA, about
Diary of a Mad Black
, his feature film,  based on the
immensely popular play of the same name
written by Tyler Perry opening in theaters
Friday, February 25th.

The film stars (
Kimberly Elise) as Helen
McCarter with the perfect life and the perfect
husband Charles (Steve Harris), who built a
successful and lucrative career as a
prominent Atlanta attorney.  Steve Harris is
a veteran actor whose career includes
respected work in film, the stage  and TV
shows such as "Homicide: Life on the
Street", 'New York Undercover", "Chicago
Hope" and "The Practice"
Steve Harris and Kimberly Elise, in Tyler
Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman,
Opening Feb 25th
The the fiilm also stars sexy Shemar Moore
who has won a Daytime Emmy Award and 5
NAACP Image Awards for "The Young and
the Restless".  Moore just ended a 5-year
run as the host of "Soul Train". His film
credits include "The Brothers", and "Never 2

Moore, age 34, plays Olando, and describes
his character in the film as a role model for
all young men, he said - "Orlando is very
compassionate.  It is okay for a man to be
strong and compassionate.  Too often
society interprets compassion in men as
weakness.  Orlando represents loyality and
freedom. It's okay for men to be that way."
Shemar Moore and Kimberley Elise at the
Ritz Carlton Hotel in Atlanta, for press
meeting Feb 14th for Tyler Perry's "Diary of
a Mad Black Woman"
Really nice man, Tyler Perry introduces himself to
each reporter, at Press Meeting for "Diary of A Mad
Black Woman", Feb 14, at Ritz Carlton Hotel, in
Atlanta, Georgia.
(l ro r) Producer Reuben Cannon and
Director Darren R. Grant at Ritz
Carlton Hotel press meeting for Tyler
Perry's "Diary of a Mad Black
Woman", Feb. 14.
On the red carpet at
AMC's Phipps Plaza, in
Atlanta, GA. for a special
screening at TYLER
PERRY and Shemar
Moore, Feb 14th.
The story focuses on Helen (Kimberley Elise). On
the eve of her 18th wedding anniversary Charles
(Steve Harris) announces he wants a divorce and
literally tosses Helen out of the mansion with all
her belongings already packed waiting for her in
a moving van.

Helen seeks comfort from Madea (Tyler Perry), "a
term short for mother dear", Perry explained.

To date Perry has independently written seven
plays, producing, directing and starring in five of
them. His works have grossed over $75 million
and have set box office records at major theaters
in over a dozen cities where performances draw
20,000 to 30,000 people a week.

Perry has also written two plays for Bishop T.D.
Jakes, including a 1999 stage adaptation of Jakes
best selling book
"Woman Thou Art Loosed".  In
2003, a film version went before the cameras,
bringing Perry into contact with producer Reuben

Perry explains "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" - "It
is a classic tale of a woman scorned, but with a
twist that raises the stakes for its heroine, Helen
Veteran actor Cicely
Tyson is Myrtle in
Tyler Perry's "Diary
of  a Mad Black
Woman", opening in
theaters Feb 25,
Tyler Perry is an abuse survivor who told me how he manages to continue to
push forward in life despite adversity,  " I keep Hope - In whatever situation -
Seasons Change".

Tyler, Kimberley and Shemar filmed the "Oprah Winfrey Show", Feb 15th, and it
should be aired Friday, March 4, 2005, check your listings.
Tyler Perry