BILL Volume One" Now On DVD
The Biggest Spy Kids Movie Ever
Available Feb 24th On 2-Disc DVD & VHS
Hilarity reigns in this
all-new movie starring
Timon and his windy pal
Pumbaa -- and featuring
the new song ''That's All I
Need!'' Now, in ''The Lion
King 1 1/2,'' see how
things really happened --
America's favorite spy
family returns in an
all-new, action-packed
adventure, "SPY KIDS
starring Antonio  
Banderas  and Carla
This is a deceptively simple story
of retribution. The Bride (Uma
Thurman) lies on her back on a
dusty wooden floor, bloodied and
gasping for air, her distended
abdomen ripe with an unborn
child. We hear the voice of man
according to their perspective -- in this
rip-roaringly funny story within the story of ''The
Lion King.'' Find out the truth about some
''passed'' events -- such as when King Mufasa
introduced his young heir to the animal
kingdom. Let's just say there was something
behind that dramatic moment when all the
animals bowed to their new ruler! In this
all-new comedy-adventure, Timon and
Pumbaa reveal the true hullabaloo behind
their departures from their meerkat and
warthog 'hoods. Tag along as the two buddies
from the brush search for their dream home,
share their joys and trials as they raise young
Simba using the ''Hakuna Matata'' philosophy,
then cheer them on as they help Simba save
the Serengeti and reclaim his place atop
Pride Rock. Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick,
and the original voice cast return for this
all-new hysterical musical tale -- and meet
colorful new characters like Timon's Ma and
Uncle Max! Get ready for some king-sized fun
with Timon and Pumbaa, the greatest unsung
heroes of the savanna. They were there . . .
and they ain't LION! Rated G.
DVD Bonus Features:
''Who Wants To Be King Of The Jungle?'' Game
''Timon: Behind The Legend'' -- Dig up Timon's past
in this mock-umentary narrated by Peter Graves
''Before The Beginning: The Making of The Lion
King 1 1/2''; Timon & Pumbaa's Virtual Safari 1.5
Deleted Scenes Hidden Mickey Hunt -- Use your
remote to find and tally the Hidden Mickeys secretly
embedded throughout the movie
And much more!
responsible - we'll learn that hisname is simply
Bill (David Carradine) - and read the fear in The
Bride's eyes as, after a short preamble, he puts
a bullet in her brain.  So opens Tarantino's film
and if you're not immediately hooked, don't
watch. The Bride survives, spending four years in
a coma before waking to discover that she's no
longer pregnant.  The film is virtually devoid of
plot and yet it is supremely entertaining.
Gugino. The biggest, best and final
mission will be available  from Dimension
Home Video. The thrills and excitement are
more fun than ever. The Spy Kids return to
action with new gadgets, new creatures,
new cyber-space vehicles, and a brand
new, power hungry villain. The 2-Disc  
Includes 2-D & 3-D Versions. 4 pairs of
special viewing 3-D glasses included with
DVD. Experience all the thrills and
cutting-edge effects of what it's like to be in
a bigger-than-life video game-in your own
Vivica A. Fox is
outstanding during a
confrontation with The
Shrouded in fog and mystery,
the mansion was once a
stately antebellum palace
that hosted New Orleans'
wealthiest. Now it's creepy
and crumbling home to a love
struck gentleman and
There are two 5.1 tracks on this DVD: Dolby
Digital and DTS. Each offers ingeniously active
surround channels, from the splatter of blood on
walls to a mosquito in flight.

Most interesting is the explanation of how and
where the film was photographed, and
Tarantino's feelings that the Asian location is the
more comfortable home for the film, from
Miramax Films, Distributed by Buena Vista Home
999 ghosts, filled with incredible visual and
special effects. Now everyone can sneak
around the mansion on a virtual tour, put
your pictures in the movie and completely
adore this
fun-filled comedy adventure, if
you dare!
"THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS" With Beyonce Knowles, Cuba Gooding Jr,
Melba Moore, Ann Nesby, Steve Harvey Now Available on Wide-Screen DVD
Oscar® winner* Cuba Gooding, Jr. stars as Darrin Hill, a slick-talking but
down-on-his-luck NYC advertising exec who returns to his hometown in Georgia
to claim the inheritance his aunt left him. But before Darrin can collect the money,
he must fulfill his aunt's final wish - to create a local choir and lead them on to
win the annual 'Gospel Explosion' competition.
Jessica Alba, Mekhi Phifer, Lol' Romeo, Joy Bryant &
Missy Elliott    In "HONEY"   From Universal Pictures        
Now on WideScreen DVD
Dark Angel-lead Jessica Alba stars in the title role of this film, the
feature debut from music-video director Bille Woodruff. Honey is a
girl from the streets who works in a record store, teaches the
occasional dance class at a community center, and treks
downtown every weekend to hit the clubs and try out some new
moves. There, she meets a music video producer (David
Moscow) who offers her a chance to be a choreographer -- but at
Darrin soon finds out that his hometown is full of colorful characters but short on
talented singers. Then he meets Lilly
(Beyonce Knowles), a beautiful jazz singer with a
heavenly voice. Darrin sees Lilly as the answer to his prayers, if he can convince her his
intentions are good, and persuade her to sing.  Watch as Darrin tries to take this
spiritual motley crew to victory and along the way realize that this aunt left him
something much more than an inheritance.
a price she eventually learns she's unwilling to pay. Determined to pick herself
back up, Honey goes back to the inner-city of her youth with plans of starting a
dance school. Lil' Romeo co-stars as Honey's protege; other real-life
musicians (including Missy Elliott, Tweet, Jay-Z, and Ginuwine) appear as
Top OJAYS; BottomL
to R.
Angie Stone,
Rue McClallahan,
Cuba Gooding, Jr,
Melba Moore and
Beyonce Knowles
from Paramount
Pictures "The
Fighting Temptations".
Special DVD Features:
8 Extended Music Numbers
7 Extended Scenes
Theatrical Trailer
Widescreen Version     Enhanced for 16x9 TVs
Dolby Digital: English 5.1     Surround, English
Dolby     Surround, French Dolby     Surround
English Subtitles
Also starring Mekhi Phifer (ER) & (8 Mile) and Lonette McKee
Special Features:
16 Deleted Scenes Plus Must-See Outtakes
Make Your Move: Dance Like Honey!
Exclusive Music Videos From the Film Honey
- Judakiss & Sheek's "J-A-D-A"
- Shawn Desman's "Sexy"
In The Mix With Blaque: Go Behind the Scene
of Blaque's Music Video
Behind the groove: The Making of Honey
Blaque's "I'm Good" Music Video
The Inside Scoop: Feature Commentary with
Jessica Alba and Director Billie Woodruff
[DVD - Widescreen, Dolby, AC-3, DTS]
Rated: PG13   Genre: Drama
SCARY MOVIE 3  On DVD & Video May
11th With 45 Minutes of Deleted Scenes,
Outtakes & More
"THE GODFATHER"   Starring   
Marlon Brandon,   Al Pacino, James
Caan & Robet Duvall  Available On DVD
For First Time May 11th
With a hot
star-powered cast
including ANNA
and more,
Indisputably one of the
masterpieces of American
cinema, Francis Ford Coppola’s
THE GODFATHER stars Marlon
Brando in the title role of a film
that became a true cultural
phenomenon and the highest-
grossing film of its time.  This is
the first time the film has been
released on DVD individually.   
Sci-Fi/Thriller/Action   "PAYCHECK"    On DVD May 18th From
Paramount HomeEntertainment
In "PAYCHECK", Michael Jennings (Affleck) is being
hunted, but he doesn’t know why.  A world-famous
genius hired by high-tech corporations for
specialized top-secret projects, Jennings routinely
has his memory erased once a job is completed so
as not to divulge any company secrets.  Highly paid
for his work, he expects to earn eight figures for his
latest three-year project.
MOVIE 3 is the funniest installment yet.Based
on characters
created by Shawn & Marlon
Wayans, Buddy Johnson, Phil Beauman,
Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, written by
Craig Mazin and Pat Proft, produced by
Robert K. Weiss, Directed by David Zucker.
SCARY MOVIE 3 takes shots at block-busters
"The Ring", "Signs", "Matrix Reloaded", "Eight
Mile" "the Others", and also skewers pop
trends like "American Idol", from Dimension
Home Video. Approximate Running Time 84
minutes, Rated PG-13. Bonus DVD material
DVD Features:
Alternate Ending
Commentary by director David Zucker,
producer Robert K. Weiss and writers Craig
Mazin & Pat Proft
Alternate Ending
Outtakes and Bloopers
Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
"Hulk vs. Aliens: Behind the Alternate Ending"
"The Making of Scary Movie 3"
"The Making of Scary Movie 3...FOR REAL"
Widescreen anamorphic format
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Following the story of a New York Mafia family, THE
GODFATHER sets the scene for a trilogy of
entertainment and isone of the most acclaimed
movies of all time.  

The film is based on Mario Puzo’s best-selling novel.  
The first film to break the elusive $100 million box
office barrier, THE GODFATHER received three
Academy Awards™ in 1972 for Best Picture, Best Actor
(Marlon Brando) and Best Screenplay Adaptation
(Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola), from a total of
10 nominations including best supporting actor nods
for Al Pacino, James Caan and Robert Duvall.
DVD Features:
Widescreen format enhanced for 16:9 televisions;
Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround
French Mono;
sub-titled in English and closed-captioned for the
hearing-impaired. Commentary by director Francis
Ford Coppola.  Available from Paramount Home
Entertainment. Running Time 175 minutes
But upon finishing the work, instead of a big paycheck, he is given
an envelope full of random objects and told that he has agreed to
forfeit all payment.  With his memory erased per his contract,
Jennings has no defense, until he discovers that the objects are
clues to his past.  Now, with the help of Rachel
(Thurman), the
woman he has worked with and loved for the last three years,
Jennings is in a race against time to put the pieces of his past
together…before his previous employers have him killed.  
DVD Features:
Versions in full screen and widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby
Digital English and French 5.1 and English Dolby Surround; sub-titled in English
and closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired.·  Two commentaries: by director
John Woo and by screenwriter Dean Georgaris·        Featurettes on “The Stunts of
Paycheck” and “Designing the Future”·        Seven Extended/Deleted Scenes
Cast:  Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart, Uma Thurman
Mark Harmon In a Carl Reiner Film "SUMMER SCHOOL" On  
Widescreen DVD - Special  Price    June 1st  From Paramount
Home Entertainment
Directed by Carl Reiner, "SUMMER SCHOOL"
stars Mark Harmon as a teacher who reluctantly
must teach a class during the summer, but he’d
rather be in Hawaii.  In SUMMER SCHOOL
(1987), gym teacher Freddy Shoop (Harmon)
has reluctantly been recruited to teach an
English class full of goof-off students over the
summer.  Like the students he teaches, Shoop
has big plans for the summer, and none include
being stuck inside the classroom.  Finding it
hard to teach this group of slacker students who
aren’t willing to cope with him, Shoop must rely
on his unusual teaching style to get him through
the summer.  Also starring Kirstie Alley (TV's
"Cheers" and "Veronica's Closet");  and co-
starring Dean Cameron, Gary Riley and Courtney
Thorne-Smith (TV's Ally McBeal and Melrose
Miramax's Hilarious Comedy "MY BABY'S DADDY" On DVD & VHS June 1
From one of the executive producers of "Scary Movie", Miramax Home
Entertainment presents
"MY BABY'S DADDY" on DVD and for rent on VHS June
1st. A hilarious comedy about three guys who have to grow up quick when their
girlfriends all become pregnant at the same time.
"MY BABY'S DADDY" boasts
a top-notch cast that delivers the laughs from
Eddie Griffin ("Scary Movie3"),
Anthony Anderson (Scary Movie3") and Michael Imperioli (TV's "The Sopranos"),
the three friends who have one big thing in common, they're all new dads and
they're hysterically unprepared for fatherhood. The great cast includes Method
John Amos, Bai Ling and Joanna Bacalso. Written by Eddie Griffin,
Damon "Coke" Daniels, Brent Goldberg and David T. Wagner.  
Eddie Griffin,
Anthony Anderson
Michael imperioli
and Method Man.
Distributed by
Vista Home
DVD Features:
Running time 99 minutes, Rated PG-13; DVD aspect ratio 1.85 enhanced for
16x9 screens; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Spanish subtitles on DVD only.
DVD Features:
Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital English 5.1,
Restored English Mono and French Mono; sub-titled in English and
closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired
Running Time:  97 minutes          DVD-S.R.P.: $14.99 (C$15.99 in Canada)
In Stores June 15 - The Definitive Film About TUPAC
Special Collector's Edition
From Director John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy) Award Winning Cast Drama "The Day Of
the Locust"
Available June 8th on Widescreen DVD
"THE DAY OF THE LOCUST" features an award-winning cast, performing John
Schlesinger’s adaptation of Nathanael West’s dark novel about Hollywood
decadence, starring Donald Sutherland, Karen Black, Burgess Meredith, and  
William Atherton . Oscar nominations went to Burgess Meredith and
cinematographer Conrad Hall. Co-starring Richard A.Dysart, John Hillerman, Bo
Hopkins, Pepe Serna and Geraldine Page as 'Big Sister'.
Celebrating the life of Tupac Shakur, one of
the most influential and top-selling rap artists
of all time, "TUPAC:RESURRECTION" arrives
on DVD and VHS on June 15 from
Home Entertainment.  
In "THE DAY OF THE LOCUST", Tod, an art director (Atherton), is desperate to find work in
Hollywood and discovers that it’s much harder than he thought.  Upon meeting Faye Greener
(Black), a wanna-be actress with no talent, Tod falls in love with her, and much to his chagrin,
discovers that she has been involved with other men during their relationship, one of whom is a
man named Homer (Sutherland) who couldn’t care less about Hollywood life.  THE DAY OF THE
LOCUST portrays Hollywood as a world of drugs, sex and shattered dreams.
DVD Features:
Widescreen format enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital English 5.1 and restored English Mono; sub-titled
in English and closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired.Running Time:  144 minutes                  DVD–S.R.P.:
$14.99 (C$15.99 in Canada)  Rated R (R in Canada)
This powerful, critically acclaimed film is an intimate and
personal look at his life, told viscerally and dramatically
through Tupac's own words and music, as well as through
vivid images of the world as he experienced it.
"TUPAC:RESURRECTION" takes viewers along for the
hard-knock journey of his childhood, the ups and downs of
his professional career, romances, life-altering mistakes
and finally, through the lessons he learned from it all. It
explores honestly and openly
Shakur's many complexities,
and examines the artist's gifts, passions and conflicts while
unraveling the mystique of his life by looking at early

"TUPAC: RESURRECTION" is the only film made in
collaboration with
his mother, former Black Panther AFENI
SHAKUR, who has recorded a audio commentary with
director Lauren Lazin with surprise guests for this Special
Collector's Edition DVD. The loaded DVD also contains
many revealing special features; i.e., "Remembering Tupac  
Jada Pinkett-Smith, Snoop Dogg and others); 4 deleted
scenes; 2 interviews with Tupac - Malcolm X Dinner Speech
- Deposition (all never before seen footage); Music Videos
Trapped & Brenda's Got a Baby); Theatrical Trailer and TV
Spots; private home movies; excerpts from his poetry and

The Special Collector's Edition DVD is presented in
widescreen format enhanced for 16:9 televisions and in full
screen format. Both versions feature Dolby Digital English
5:1 and English Dolby Surround. The DVD is subtitled in
English and closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired.
Running time: 112 minutes.
Laugh & Laugh Some More On
June 29th With
On DVD Starring Lucille
Ball & Bob Hope From
Paramount Home Entertainment
Arriving on DVD June 14th to Coincide With The Theatrical
Paramount Home Entertainment will release
the original cult favorite "THE STEPFORD
WIVES" on DVD, June 14th, on the heels of
theatrical release of the remake.  Starring
Katharine Ross ('Butch Cassidy and the
Sundance Kid), the film centers around the
town of Stepford and the seemingly perfect
cookie-cutter wives who inhabit its
neighborhoods.  Special features include
interviews with director Byran Forbes,
PANTS" stars
'Queen of
Lucille Ball,
producer Edgar J. Scherick and stars Katharine Ross, Paula
Prentiss, Nanette Newman and Peter Masterson, as well as the
theatrical trailer, radio spots and talent bios.  

In "
THE STEPFORD WIVES", Walter and Joanna (Ross) Eberhart
are the newest residents in a suburban neighborhood in
Stepford. Wanting to be remembered as more than just a
housewife, Joanna pursues photography as a way of expressing
her intelligence and creativity. Seeing that the women she
surrounds herself with all seem to be cut from the same mold,
and are seemingly incapable of thinking for themselves, Joanna
begins to think something suspicious is going on in Stepford.
Upon realizing that her friends have been replaced by robots and
that she's next on the list, Joanna decides to run away with her
children before she becomes the latest Stepford Wife.  

The DVD of
"THE STEPFORD WIVES" is presented in widescreen
format enhanced for 16:9 televisions and features Dolby Digital
English and French Mono. It is closed-captioned for the
hearing-impaired, priced at $14.99 in U.S., and around C$15.99
in Canada. It is rated PG; Running time 115 minutes.
"FANCY PANTS" features funny-
man Bob Hope as a British wise-
cracking   valet named Arthur Tyler
who is hired by an affluent woman
named Effie Floud to teach proper
etiquette to her husband and
daughter Aggie, played by America’
s favorite redhead,
Lucille Ball.  

It turns out that Arthur really isn’t a
valet, but an out of work actor who’
s stumbled across the role of his
life.  The tables are turned when
President Roosevelt decides to
pay a visit and Arthur is caught
between revealing the truth about
himself or carrying on the charade.  

DVD Features:
Full screen format; Dolby Digital
English Mono; sub-titled in English
and closed-captioned for the
hearing-impaired.Rated "G"  
Running Time: 92 minutes  DVD-
5S.R.P.: $14.99 (C$17.99 in
VIN DIESEL Stars In the Pulse-Pounding Action
Adventure   "Pitch Black"    Now On DVD
The original sci-fi hit that first introduced
the world to the character of Riddick,
"Pitch Black" has arrived on DVD loaded
with new and exciting bonus materials
and a FREE movie ticket offer to see "
Chronicles of Riddick
" feature film in
theaters opening June 11th (while
supplies last; offer expires June 27, 2004).
Paramount Home Entertainment and CBS News Present
Available on DVD         Retail Street  Date   June 13
"Pitch Black" the futuristic action-adventure hit from director
David Twohy, features an impressive cast including Vin
Diesel (The Fast and the Furious), Radha Mitchell (Phone
Booth) and Cole Hauser (2 Fast 2 Furious).

The pulse-pounding excitement of Diesel's ultimate
anti-hero, Riddick, an escaped convict with the ability to see
in the dark, is captured in the DVD's all new bonus features
which deliver a comprehensive, all access pass into the
thrilling world of "The Chronicles of Riddick".

Running time-Rated: 1 hour 49 minutes; Unrated 1 hour 52
minutes; English/French/Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1
Surround; Bonus: The Game Is On-Commentary with Vin
Diesel, Cole Hauser and director David Twohy; The Making,
from Universal Studios Home video a unit of Universal
Pictures, a division of Vivendi Universal Entertainment.
The definitive documentary that follows the
amazing story of Ronald Reagan from his
star-making role as George Gipp in "Knute
Rockne -- All American" to his terms as the
governor of California, to his election as
the 40th President of the United States

Available only on DVD, it includes a
separate featurette on "The Great
Communicator" and "An Audio Collection
of Ronald Reagan's Unabridged
Speeches." Price is around $15.
Running time is 87 minutes.
"Badder Santa" On DVD  June
22nd Is A Nasty Comedy Without
Compromise For Losers And
Not your typical
Christmas movie, the
filmmakers and cast
of "Bad Santa" have
included on the DVD
DVD Features:
Original Theatrical Trailer; Screen Format Letterbox (1,66:1); English Mono;
English French & Spanish Subtitles;
.Price is around $15.Run time 87 minutes.
Adam Sandler &  Drew Barrymore In
"50 First Dates" On Widescreen DVD June
release of "Badder Santa: The
Unrated Version" seven minutes
of never before seen footage
which includes: Deleted and
Alternate Scenes; Behind the
Scenes Special, Outtakes,
Bloopers and Gag Reel, from
Buena Vista Home
Entertainment and Dimension
Home Video. The cast
members also discuss their
fellow actor, the late John Ritter

Cast include Billy Bob Thornton,
Tony Cox, Lauren Graham,
Bernie Mac and Brett Kelly.

Billy Bob Thornton is Willie T.
Stokes, a washed-up,
wise-cracking Department Store
Santa who can't help but be
more naughty than nice.
DVD Features:
Dolby digital 5.1 Surround
Sound, Widescreen (1.85:1) -
Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions.
Five Deleted Scenes with Optional
Director's Commentary ;Commentary with
director Peter Segal and Drew Barrymore;  
"The Dating Scene" Making-of
documentary; a viewer's guide through
production; Comedy Central
Oscar winner On DVD
Decorated Veteran Who Hangs Up His Guns For
Civilian Life In
"For Queen and Country"
From MGM Home Entertainment
Reel Featurette, "First Look" Special Airing; Music
Videos: "Hold Me Now" by Wayne Wonder, "Love
Song" by 311, Live Performance of "Amber" by 311
Bonus Trailers; Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 (English,
French) subtitles; Closed Captioning
Oscar winner Denzel
Washington gives a powerful
performance in this
absorbing drama about a
CBS: "Have Gun - Will Travel: THE
"Have Gun Will Travel"   It's
the statement on a business
card, adorned with a
chess-piece knight, that
heralds the professional
services of Paladin (Richard
Boone) in this wildly popular
veteran who turns vigilante when he returns
home to find his neighborhood besieged with
crime and corruption. Starring:
Washington  Dorian Healy  Sean Chapman
Director: Martin Stellman   Original Release
DVD Features:
Running Time:   105 minutes  Rated R  
Western series from the Golden Age of

Based at the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco,
and assisted by his manservant Hey Boy
(Kam Tong), Paladin is an intelligent yet
mysterious loner as well as a man of many
talents, including detective, bodyguard,
courier, sleuth, and bounty hunter. When the
situation is desparate, Paladin is the man to

This premiere season of "Have Gun - Will
Travel" showcases both Boone and such
guest stars as Jack Lord, Charles Bronson,
Angie Dickenson, Claude Akins, Strother
Martin, Mike Connors and June Lockhart in a
keleidoscope of thrilling, action-packed
adventures featuring the heroic man in black!

DVD Features:
Includes 39 episodes     from Season One
Full Screen Format; Production Notes; Cast
Biographies; Behind-The-Scenes Episodic
Information; Dolby Digital: English     Mono,
Spanish Mono.
Sony July 20th, 2004
Two Titles On One Glorious Black & White DVD  - Starring
Bing Cosby & Jane Wyman In  "JUST FOR YOU" &
"HERE COMES THE GROOM"      In Stores June 29th
Produced by Aaron
Spelling (TV's
"Charlie's Angels,"
TV's "S.W.A.T."),
In "JUST FOR YOU" Widower Jordan Blake (Bing Crosby)
has had wild success as a Broadway producer, but not
much success as a father. To win back their affection, he
decides to take one last vacation with his kids (Bob Arthur,
Natalie Wood) before they're not "kids" anymore. But that's
when Blake discovers that his son may have grown up
sooner than Dad anticipated -- he's fallen in love with his
father's girlfriend, a musical-comedy star (Jane Wyman)!
This lively film also stars Ethel Barrymore and features the
Oscar® - nominated tune, "Zing A Little Zong."* And when
Bing zings, everybody has a great time!   * nominee, Best
Original Song, 1952
"STARSKY AND HUTCH" roared onto
small screens in 1975 to become one of
the most popular, iconic series of the
decade. This was TV's coolest buddy
cop show, fueled by full-throttle car
chases, offbeat humor, colorful
characters and a hip vibe. The hit series
(1975-1979) followed streetwise
undercover detectives Dave Starsky
(Paul Michael Glaser) and Ken "Hutch"
Hutchinson (David Soul) as they cruised
around town in Starsky's red and
white-striped Gran Torino, battling thugs
and hoodlums with the help of their gruff
boss, Captain Harold Dobey (Bernie
Hamilton, Blacula, Scream!) and
jive-talking informant Huggy Bear
(Antonia Fargas, Shaft, Car Wash).
DVD Features:
Sneak peek at Warner Bros. Pictures new
movie Starsky & Hutch;  bloopers; inside
Starsky's famous Gran Torino; interviews with
Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul and Antonio
Vargas;  all 22 episodes from the first season; 5
disc set; Photo Gallery; Full Screen
Presentation; English (Mono), Spanish
In "HERE COMES THE GROOM" - with the legendary Frank Capra (It's A Wonderful
Life) in the director's seat, the inimitable Bing Crosby stars as overseas reporter
with a song in his heart...and room left over for two orphans. They are his to adopt,
if he can find a bride in just five days! His former fiancée (Jane Wyman) is the
perfect candidate, but she's destined to marry millionaire Franchot Tone. Or is
she? Among the highlights of this sparkling musical romp is Der Bingle's
crooning of the Oscar® - winning song, "In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening."*
* winner, Best Original Song, 1951
DVD Features:
Full screen format; Dolby Digital English Mono; sub-titled in English and
closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired.  GROOM is PG and JUST FOR YOU is
G in Canada Running Time: JUST FOR YOU: 104 /  GROOM: 104 minutes                
DVD-9S.R.P.: $14.99 (C$17.99 in Canada
RICHARD PRYOR Is Back July 6th On
DVD With Offbeat Comedy
  From Paramount Home
The symptoms: acute
tickling of the funny
bone and sever belly
laughs. The diagnosis?
Richard Pryor in Critical
Condition. Playing a
criminal who fakes
insanity, funny man
as Eddie, a con artist
From 1961  "THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG" Available On DVD June 29
Paramount Home Entertainment
Available Now On DVD -
Barbershop 2: Back in
In " THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG" - William Holden and
Nancy Kwan star in this soul-searching look at an
East-meets-West romance. He's a struggling American
artist who's down on his luck. She's a beautiful Chinese
prostitute who captures his heart. The scenery is as
spectacular as the colorful and exotic streets of Hong Kong
in this wonderfully warm story about the strength of true love.
Deleted scenes
Hilarious outtakes Cast
video commentary by
Cedric the Entertainer,
Sean Patrick Thomas,
who is falsely accused of acrime that he did
not commit.

To avoid prison and with no other way to prove
his innocence, Eddie pleads insanity and is
sent to a hospital mental ward for a medical

After a giant storm hits New York and causes
power outages and closures to the whole city,
Eddie is mistaken for a doctor and put in
charge of the entire hospital amidst all the
chaos that ensues.

That's when the craziness starts. As a doctor
somehow Pryor brings order to chaos even
while performing unorthodox physical
examinations, delivering a baby and using a
helicopter for air conditioning This comedy
film is directed by Michael Apted.

DVD Features:
Widescreen Version; Enhanced for 16X9 TVs;
Dolby Digital: English     Mono
English Subtitles  Rated R,  Running Time 99
Troy Garity and Jazsmin Lewis Audio
commentary by director Kevin Rodney
Sullivan and producers Robert Teitel
and George Tillman, Jr. Extended
music video -
Mary J. Blige, featuring
Eve: "Not Today" Music video - Sleepy
Brown, featuring OutKast: "I Can't
Wait" Behind-the-scenes photo
gallery Original theatrical trailer

DVD Features:
Description Flags General title;
Languages/Sound Eng/Fre/Spa  
Screen Formats Enhanced
Widescreen for 16x9 TV;  Subtitle
Languages Eng/Fre/Spa
Cast:  Tony Curtis;  Zsa Zsa Gabor;  William Holden; Lionel Jefries; Nancy Kwan;
Rosanna Schiaffino; Sylvia Syms; and  Michael Wilding  

DVD Features:
Widescreen Version     Enhanced for 16x9 TVs - Dolby Digital: English     Mono
English Subtitles and closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired.
Running Time: 126 minutes        DVD-9S.R.P.: $14.99 (C$17.99 in Canada)
Paramount Home Entertainment and CBS DVD Launch "CSI:MIAMI
- The Complete First Season  
Paramount Home Entertainment and CBS DVD launch
June 29, 2004, in a spectacular 7-disc DVD box set, which
includes 25 original broadcast episodes from the first
season, along with over 3-hours of newly-created
featurettes exclusive to the DVD release. It carries no
suggested retail price but is expected to be priced by
retailers at around $70. Total running time is approximately
18 hours and 13 minutes. All discs are encoded with the
Macrovision AntiCopy process.
Something's Gotta Give & As
Good as it Gets
2-Pack Side by Side
-Now On DVD- Special Price
Something's Gotta
IT GETS together on
DVD with special
price tag.
Led by former homicide detective Horatio Caine (Caruso), CSI: MIAMI follows a
Miami forensics unit as they work crimes amid the steamy, tropical surroundings
and cultural crossroads of Miami.  Caine leads an elite team that includes
Calleigh Duquesne (Procter), a bilingual Southern beauty with a specialty in
ballistics; Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane), a cocky yet disarming investigator who is
well-connected on the street; Eric Delko (Adam Rodriquez), an underwater
recovery expert who knows all the twists and turns of the Florida waterways; and
Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander), the no-nonsense, know-it-all coroner.  Caine
and his crew collect and analyze the evidence to solve the crimes and to vindicate
those who often cannot speak for themselves – the victims.  The film also stars
Kim Delaney as Megan Donner.

DVD Features:
Disc 1: Cross-Jurdisdictions (the pilot); Disc 2: Just One Kiss, Ashes to Ashes,
Broken, Breathless;
Disc 3: Slaughterhouse, Kill Zone, A Horrible Mind, Camp
 Disc 4: Entrance Wound, Bunk, Forced Entry, Dead Man Walking; Disc 5:
Evidence of Things Unseen, Simple Man, Dispo Day, Double Cap; Disc 6: Grave
Young Men, Spring Break, Tinder Box, Freaks and Tweeks;
Disc 7: Body Count
(25th episode) and 5-never before seen featurettes.
Widescreen Format Enhanced Version for 16:9 and features Dolby Digital:
English 5.1 &  Spanish Dolby Surround.
Frank Sinatra, Laurence
harvey, Janet Leigh
Angela Lansbury  In MGM
Home Entertainment's Original Political
On DVD July 13th
Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg
Kinnear and
Cuba Gooding, Jr., star in
James L. Brooks' hit comedy, AS GOOD
AS IT GETS. Nicholson gives a
show-stopping performance as Melvin
Udall, an obsessive-compulsive novelist
with Manhattan's meanest mouth.

When his neighbor Simon is
hospitalized, Melvin is forced to babysit
Simon's dog, and that unexpected act of
kindness, along with waitress Carol
Connelly, helps put Melvin back in the
human race.

Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) is a perennial
playboy with a libido much younger than
his years. During what was to have been
a romantic weekend with his latest
infatuation, Marin (Amanda Peet), at her
mother's Hamptons beach house, Harry
develops chest pains.

He winds up being nursed by Marin's
reluctant mother Erica Barry (Diane
Keaton), a successful, divorced New
York playwright. In the process, Harry
develops more heart pangs -- the
romantic kind -- for Erica, an
age-appropriate woman whom he finds
beguiling. However, some habits die
hard. When Harry hesitates, his
charming thirtysomething doctor (Keanu
Reeves) steps in and starts to pursue
Erica. And Harry, who has always had
the world on a string, finds his life
DVD Features:
Jack Nicholson and Nancy Meyers talk
about their wardrobe disagreement on
the set
Jack Nicholson singing karaoke in this
deleted scene, and much more.
as a "masterpiece" by Roger
Ebert, the diabolical thriller
"The Manchurian Candidate"
debuts on Special Edition
DVD July 13th from MGM
Home Entertainment.  
"The Manchurian Candidate" Special Edition
DVD features its own all-star cast, including
Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey (Darling),
Janet Leigh (Psycho) and Angela Lansbury in
her Academy Award nominated performance.
Directed by John Frankenheimer (Ronin) and
based on Richard Condon's (Prizzi's Honor)
novel, "The Manchurian Candidate" follows a
group of American soldiers who are captured
and brainwashed into becoming sleeper
agents during the Korean War.

Available at a suggested retail price of $14.95,
Edition DVD
is packed with bonus materials,
including a rare interview with Sinatra,
screenwriter George Axelrod and
Frankenheimer, two new featurettes
showcasing in-depth interviews with Lansbury
and filmmaker William Friedkin (
To Live And
Die In LA)
, an audio commentary by  
Frankenheimer, Easter eggs-an animated
photo gallery and the original theatrical trailer.

When a platoon of Korean War GI's is
captured, they somehow end up at a ladies
garden club party. Or do they? Major Bennett
Marco (Sinatra) can't remember. As he
searches for the answer, he discovers
threads of a diabolical plot orchestrated by the
utterly ruthless Mrs. Iselin (Lansbury) that
involves her war hero son (Laurence Harvey),
her senator husband (James Gregory) and a
secret cabal of enemy leaders.

DVD Features:
57 behind-the-scenes photos; theater trailers;
16x9 Widescreen (1:75:1) Screen Format;
English 5.1 Surround & Original Mono;
Spanish Mono; English, French & Spanish
Subtitles; 2Hours 7 minutes run time; Black &
OMAR EPPS  &  Meg Ryan  In Powerful Drama                 
Packing A Punch on DVD and VHS on July 13
"Against The Ropes" starring Meg Ryan ("Kate and
") and Omar Epps ("First Time Felon". "The
Wood", "
Higher Learning"), is heading to DVD and VHS
on July 13.  The film is inspired by the story of  Jackie
Kallen, an  up-and-coming female boxing promoter trying
to work her way up in the boxing world.   The DVD
contains two featurettes ("A Ringside Seat" and "Queen
Of The Ring:Jackie Kallen Then & Now"), and the
theatrical trailer.
Jackie has grown up with a love of the sport running through her veins.  
Determined to become the first lady of boxing, she comes across talented
boxer Luther Shaw (
Epps) who is rough around th edges. After convincing
Luther to let her be his manager, the two work together to make him the
champion of the ring.

Charles S. Dutton (TV's "ROC") directed "Against The Ropes", and also stars in
the film as a veteran trainer.

The DVD of "
Against the Ropes" is presented in both full screen and
widescreen format enhanced for 16:9 televisions.  Both versions feature Dolby
Digital English 5.1 and English and French Dolby Surround. The DVD is
sub-tiled in English and closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired.

Rated PG-13  Running time 110 minutes, Encoded with the Macrovision
Anti-Copy process.
DMX's Charismatic Anti-Hero Takes To
The Streets In
Fox Home Entertainment
Action-Packed Crime Drama
Video July 13th
From Academy Award-winning Director Bernardo Bertolucci "the
dreamers"  On DVD July 13 from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment -
Sexual Obsession Desire & Discovery
Part devil, part priest,
drug-dealer King David
ruled the streets with fiery
style and icy cruelty, and
he's coming back to rule
once again when Fox
Academy Award-winning Director Bernardo Bertolucci (The
Last Emperor
) delivers "a vibrant film" (The Associated Press)
and receives a "
two big thumbs up" from Ebert and Roeper for
the edgy and provocative film "the dreamers".  Available on
DVD and VHS July 13 from Fox Home Entertainment, "the
dreamers" follows the sexual awakening of an American
student (Michael Pitt) as he is lured into the wanton, sordid
affairs of a Parisian brother and sister.
LAW In  "Cold Mountain"  2-Disc DVD
Collector's Edition Now Available
Home Entertainment releases "NEVER
DIE ALONE" on DVD and video July 13,
2004.  As King David -Hip-hop star
(DMX) returns home in search of
redemption, "NEVER DIE ALONE" charts
the jagged line between good and evil
and explores, through King David's own
poetic reveries-the cycle of villainy and

The movie that the
LA Weekly calls
"electrifying" comes to DVD with
commentary by DMX and director Ernest
R. Dickerson, eleven-deleted scenes
with optional commentary; a making-of
featurette will be available in both
widescreen and full screen for a
suggested retail price of $27.98
U.S./$41.98 Canada. The VHS is priced
for rental.
DVD Features:
English Dolby 5.1 and Spanish Dolby
Surround. The two-sided disc features
both the widescreen (2:35:1 aspect
ratio) and full screen versions of the film.
Nicole Kidman
(Academy Award
Winner - Best Actress,
The Hours, 2002) stars
with Academy Award
winner Renee'
Zellweger (Best
Supporting Actress
Cold Mountain 2002)
and Academy Award
The 2003 debut of the stunning sexy and controversial NC-17 rating.  
Bertolucci's "intense" (People), and "exquisite" (Premiere) cinematic
masterpiece perfectly captures the sexual obsession, desire and discovery of
three young teens during one heated summer in Paris. "the dreamers" is
available with its original NC-17 rating and in an "R" rated version.
DVD Features:
Director/Producer/Writer Audio Commentary; "Bertolucci Makes The Dreamers"
Featurette; Michael Pitt "Hey Joe" Music Video - Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci;
"Events in France May 1968" Featurette; Version 1 NC-17 (for Explicit Sexual
Content) 115 minutes; Version 2: "R" (for strong sexual content and graphic
nudity, language and some drug use); Widescreen $29.98 S.R.P. / $41.98
S.R.P. (Canada); English 5.1 Dolby Surround subtitled; Spanish Dolby
Surround subtitled; French Dolby Surround 112 minutes; Dolby Digital
soundtracks contain up to 5.1 channels of discrete audio; Dolby Surround
soundtracks contain up to 4 channels of encoded audio; Playback from
2-channel DVD outputs is compatible with stereo and Dolby Pro Logic
reproduction;  theatrical trailer
nominee Jude Law (Best Actor, Cold
) star in this stunning masterpiece
film that takes place at the dawn of the Civil
War, the men of Cold Mountain, North
Carolina, rush to join the Confederate army.
Ada (KIDMAN) has vowed to wait for Inman
(LAW), out as the war drags on and letters go
unanswered, she must find the will to survive.
At war's end, hearts will be dashed, dreams
fulfilled and the strength of the human spirit
test, but not broken.  Donald Sutherland will
steal your heart as Kidman's father. While
Sutherland' s part is minimal, his presence is
powerful. Directed by Anthony Minghella (
English Patient -
DVD Features:
Storyboard comparisons; Sacred Harp
History; Commentary with Writer/Director
Anthony Minghella and Editor Walter Murch;
the Making of the film; Royce Hall Special
Words & Music; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Sound; DTS 5.1 Digital Surround Soluond;
Widescreen (2:35:1) - Enhanced for 16x9
televisions; French Language Track; French &
Spanish Subtitles.
EDITION DVD COLLECTION" Aug 24th Order Cut-off
HOLLYWOOD - Paramount Home Entertainment presents the long-awaited
and eagerly anticipated FRIDAY THE 13th - FROM CRYSTAL LAKE TO
5-disc set features the entire collection of Paramount's eight FRIDAY THE 13th
films, two-per-disc, plus a 5th disc that is dedicated to many hours of
behind-the-scenes material on the history and folklore associated with the
classic horror series, as well as theatrical trailers, new animated menus,
commentary tracks and other FRIDAY THE 13th pleasures.  Order cut-off for the
DVD collection is August 24.

Special features include:
* Cast commentary on FRIDAY THE 13th - PART 3 by author Peter Bracke and
actors Larry Zerner, Paul Kratka, Dana Kimmell and Richard Brooker
* Commentary on FRIDAY THE 13th - PART VI: JASON LIVES by director Tom
* Commentary on FRIDAY THE 13th - PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD by actor
Kane Hodder and director John Carl Buechler
director Rob Hedden
* A featurette "Tales From the Cutting Room," in which exclusive deleted
scenes and footage is revealed for the first time.
* An 8-part featurette "The Friday The 13th Chronicles," which looks at the
legacy of the films throughout their history, featuring cast and crew commenting
on each film and why they appeal to audiences.  Includes Adrienne King, Amy
Steel, Corey Feldman, Kane Hodder, Lar Park Lincoln, Betsy Palmer, Tom
Savini and directors Sean Cunningham, Tom McLoughlin, Rob Heddon,
Joseph Zito and John Carl Buechler.
* A 3-part featurette "Secrets Galore Behind The Gore," which looks at the work
of master make-up effects designer Tom Savini in Part 1 and Part IV and John
Carl Buechler in Part VII.  Includes rare and never-before-seen footage,
drawings and stills illustrating the make-up techniques used to create Jason
and achieve elaborate death scenes.
* A featurette "Crystal Lake Victims Tell All!" in which cast and crew from various
films share amusing anecdotes.  Includes Corey Feldman, Larry Zerner,
Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Lar Park Lincoln and directors.
* A featurette "Friday Artifacts and Collectibles," which looks at props and
collectables from the films.
* The theatrical trailers from all 8 movies except Part VI, which is represented by
the teaser trailer.

EDITION DVD COLLECTION is expected to be priced by retailers for around
$60 in the U.S. and at around C$70 in Canada.

FRIDAY THE 13th (1980) takes place years after a young boy named Jason
drowns in a lake while attending Camp Crystal Lake and shortly thereafter, the
camp closes.  Flash forward to the present, where the owner decides to
re-open the camp and one by one, the counselors have mysteriously been
murdered by an unseen person.  94 minutes; Rated R (R in Canada)
Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital English and
French Mono.

FRIDAY THE 13th - PART 2 (1981) picks up with Jason Voorhees, presumed
dead from drowning years ago, exacting revenge on the innocent campers at
"Camp Blood."  Living as a hermit in the woods all these years, Jason
witnesses the graphic murder of his mother and decides to wreak havoc on
everyone at the camp - killing each camp counselor one by one.  86 minutes
Rated R (R in Canada); Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions;
Dolby Digital English and French Mono.

In FRIDAY THE 13th - PART 3 (1982), vacationing teenagers take off for a
weekend of relaxation at Camp Crystal Lake.  Planning a few days of sex, drugs
and rock-and-roll, they are in for a series of frightening surprises when a local
motorcycle gang follows the teenagers back to their campsite, only to find a
persistent Jason with an agenda of his own. Adorned with his trademark
hockey mask for the first time in the series, Jason delivers non-stop chills and
thrills as everyone on the lake must fight for their lives. 95 minutes
Rated R (R in Canada); Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions;
Dolby Digital English and French Mono.

In FRIDAY THE 13th - THE FINAL CHAPTER (1984), Jason resurfaces from a
seemingly deadly massacre and returns to Camp Crystal Lake to a new set of
prey.  Starring a young Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys) as Tommy Jarvis, it
seems Jason has finally met his match in the 12-year old horror movie maven.  
Enlisting the help of a local hunter, Tommy and his sister must rely on one
another to help defeat Jason, while also trying to avoid their own demise.  91
minutes; Rated R (R in Canada); Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9
televisions; Dolby Digital English and French Mono.

In FRIDAY THE 13th - PART V: A NEW BEGINNING (1985), with Jason dead,
someone new has begun a killing spree of their own, using Jason's M.O. and
preying on inhabitants of a sanctuary; 92 minutes; Rated R (R in Canada)
Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital English and
French Mono.

FRIDAY THE 13th - PART VI: JASON LIVES (1986) has Tommy returning to the
grave to ensure that Jason is indeed dead.  Instead of remaining dead, Jason
is accidentally brought back to life by Tommy and now Tommy must stop all the
mindless killing and make sure Jason dies for good this time. 87 minutes
Rated R (R in Canada); Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions;
Dolby Digital English Ultra-Stereo and French Mono.

FRIDAY THE 13th - PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD (1988) centers on Tina
Shepard, a young girl with telekinetic powers who believes she drowned her
father in Crystal Lake.  Returning back to the site as a method of supposedly
helping her cope with her grief, Tina accidentally frees Jason from his watery
grave, only to lead to more killing sprees by the man in the infamous hockey
mask. 88 minutes; Rated R (R in Canada); Widescreen version enhanced for
16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, English Ultra-Stereo and
French Mono.

graduating class of a local high school vacation on a cruise ship and
unbeknownst to them, Jason is a stowaway on the same ship.   Slowly killing
students one at a time, Jason eventually sinks the boat, stranding the few lone
survivors in Manhattan.  Among those survivors, is Rennie, who believes Jason
attempted to drown her as a child.  Fighting for her their lives, Rennie and the
other survivors must make sure Jason dies once and for all.  100 minutes;
Rated R (R in Canada); Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions;
Dolby Digital English Ultra-Stereo and French Stereo Surround

All five discs are sub-titled in English and Spanish, closed-captioned for the
hearing-impaired and encoded with the Macrovision( AntiCopy process.
How Far Would YOu Go To Escape Your
Past -
Anthony Hopkins Plays a Black
Man Passing For White In Miramax's
"the Human Stain" Also Starring Nicole
Kidman On DVD July 20th From Buena
Vista Home Entertainment
On DVD July 20th, THE
Gorgeous Tale of Secrets
and Passion"
says "Gotham
Max Von Sydow & Charlton Heston
MGM Home Entertainment's
Oscar-Nominated Classic
Now on
HOT!  An exceptional film every step of
the way
- said Leonard Maltin about
Academy Award winners Anthony
Hopkins and
Nicole Kidman along with
Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump), and Ed
Harris (The Hours) starring in the
provocative mystery "The Human Stain"

Coleman Silk (Hopkins) has a secret.  
A terrible 50-year-old secret that the
esteemed college professor has kept
hidden from everyone - including his
wife, his children and his down-and-out
youn lvoer (Kidman), and it about to ruin
his entire life.

DVD Features:
Behind the scenes special; A tribut to
Jean Yes Escoffier-Dinemotographer;
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound;
Widescreen (1.85:1) Enhanced for 16x9
televisions; French Language Track;
French and Spanish Suttitles.
The Passion Of The Christ",
there was
"The Greatest Story Ever
, now available on DVD from
MGM Home Entertainment.
"A magnificent film, handled with reverence,
artistic appreciation and admirable restraint"
(New York Daily News), the five-time Academy
Award nominated film features magnificent
performances by Max Von Sydow, Charlton
Heston, Martin Landau,
Angela Lansbury,
Roddy McDowall,
Sidney Poitier, Claude
Raines, Telly Savalas, Robert Loggia, Pat
Shelly Winters and John Wayne. This
epic is an inspiring grand scale recreation of
the life of Jesus of Nazareth, from His humble
birth and teachings to His crucifixion and
ultimate Resurrection.

Lavishly produced at a cost of $20 million, an
enormous amount for the time, this
exceptional motion picture is fully restored to
its original brilliance.
"The Greatest Story Ever Told"
DVD is priced at $14.95.

DVD Features:
Widescreen 16x9 (2.75:1); English 5.1
Surround, Stereo Surround; French 5.1
Surround; French & Spanish Subtitles.
Running time 3 Hours 19 Minutes (1965)
Come Fly the Funky Skies On MGM
Home Entertainment's Bootilicious
September 7th In Both R-Rated
and Unrated Versions
CA - Prepare for a
funkadelic ride
aboard the
Plane when MGM
lands both an
DVD August 10th
With Vanessa
Williams - Steve
Harvery - Bow Wow -
Cedric  the  Entertainer
R-rated and unrated "Mile High" version
on DVD and VHS on September 7th.  
Taking the "friendly skies" to a whole
new height,are comedy stars Tom
Arnold (True Lies),Kevin Hart (Along
Came Polly) Mo'Nique (Garfield: The
Movie) and D.L. Hughley ("The
Hughleys") join hip-hop superstars
Snoop Dogg (Starsky & Hutch) and
Method Man ("Method & Red") in this
madcap mile-highcomedy about an
all-new airline with sexy flight attendants,
a mack casino and the hottest dance
club at 30,000 feet.

The Soul Plane DVD's have been
upgraded to first-class with bangin'
special features. The R-rated version
includes deleted scene, outtakes, a
"Boarding Pass: The Making of Soul
Plane" documentary; a cast video
commentary; a behind-the-scenes photo
gallery; an Easter egg and more. In
addition to these special features the
unrated "Mile High" version boasts a
new film version with more than seven
minutes of never-before seen footage
four risqué deleted scenes and a
featurette on director Jessy Terrero.

Both the rated and outrageously unrated
DVD's are available for the suggested
retail price of $26.98.

R Rated Version DVD Features:
7-Never before seen deleted scenes:
"Karl Malone"- "Additional Ticket" -
"Seabelt Extension" - "Colt 45" - "More
Popeye's Chicken" - "Nashawn Finds A
Dog" - "Public Housing Ho's";  A gag reel
filled with never-before-seen bloopers;
Extended version of the flight instruction
video featured in the film; A hidden
feature called "Frequent Flyer's"
featuring real-life cast experiences on
airplanes; 35 still photos from the film;
trailer as shown in theater. Running time
1 Hour 26 minutes.

Unrated "Mile High Version DVD
New film version with more than seven
minutes of never before seen footage;
Deleted scenes 'Mr. Hunkee In the
Bathroom" - "Smoking Section" - "Fudge"
- "Black Cockpits"; cast talks about their
experiences with director Jessy Terrero
on the making of the film; feature-length
audio commentary by Tom Arnold, Kevin
Hart, Gary Anthony Williams, Godfrey
and director Jessy Terrero. English 5.1
Surround English/French/Spanish
Subtitles;  Running time 1 Hour 32
"I couldn't stop laughing" writes
Sylvia Flanagan from
.  Buckle up for the
wildest road trip of the year!
Cedric the Entertainer leads an
all-star cast in this hilarious
comedy adventure about a misfit family trying
to survive outrageous obstacles (including
each other) on a cross-country trek to their
annual family reunion.  Along the way, they'll
battle a psycho truck driver, pick up a
voodoo-loving hitchhiker, and "expose" the
dangers of hot tubbing in a strange hotel.
Co-starring Vanessa Williams, Bow Wow,
Shannon Elizabeth and Steve Harvey,
"Johnson Family Vacation" is packed with
laughs and fueled by fun!
DVD Features:
Full Length Audio Commentary by Cedric the
Entertainer, Bow Wow, Director Christopher
Erskin and Producer Eric C. Rhone; Full
Length Audio Commentary by Writers Todd R.
Jones & Earl Richey Jones; Deleted Scenes
and Outtakes with Optional Director's
Commentary; "Making-Of" Featurette and
much more; English 5.1 Dolby Surround
subtitled; Subtitled in Spanish; 96 minutes;
Captioned Side A Dual Layer; Side B Single
Layer; Full Screen Modified to fit your screen
1:33:1; Widescreen (Anamorphic 2:35:1 From
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.
Romantic Comedy THE PRINCE &
Coming On DVD August 10th From
Paramount Pictures Starring  Julia Stiles -
Luke Melby - Miranda Richardson
stars Julia Stiles as
Paige, a pre-med
student trying to get
through medical school
when she meets Eddie,
heir to the Danish
throne, and the two fall
in love, in this wonderful
romantic comedy
starring Julia Stiles, Luke Melby and
Miranda Richardson.  

In "THE PRINCE & ME", Paige Morgan
(Stiles) is a girl from Wisconsin dedicated
to fulfilling her dream of becoming a
doctor.  While studying medicine and
becoming one step closer to making that
dream a reality, Paige meets Eddie (Melby),
who unbeknownst to her is the Crown
Prince of Denmark posing as a typical
college student as a means of escaping
his royal obligations.  

As their relationship deepens and the two
fall in love, Paige must choose between
her dream of becoming a doctor and the
possibility of becoming part of Denmark’s
royal family.
DVD Features:
Full screen and widescreen format
enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital
English and French 5.1 and English Dolby
Surround; sub-titled in English and
Spanish and closed-captioned for the
hearing-impaired.Commentary by director
Martha Coolidge; Featurettes: “The Lawn
Mower Race of The Prince & Me,” “The
Look of The Prince & Me” and “Inside the
Fairytale: The Prince & Me.”; 7
Deleted/extended scenes and an alternate
ending; Gag reel and the Theatrical trailer.  
Rated PG (PG in Canada); Running Time:
110 minutes; DVD-9M.A.P.: $19.95
(approximately $29 in Canada)
The Hunt Begins August 10th - FOX Home Entertainment Unleashed the
Definitive Dissection of the Ultimate Jungle Face Off On DVD
"PREDATOR:  Collector's Edition"
CENTURY CITY, CA - It came to
Earth to kill for sport, bit it picked
the wrong man to hunt. Arnold
Schwarzenegger is back to face
off wit the ultimate killer on
August 10, 2004, when Fox
Home Entertainment unleashes
"Predator: Collector's Edition", a
2-disc DVD bloodbath of all new
special features. Just in time for
the theatrical release of Alien
The Mel Gibson Epic On DVD & VHS
Aug 31st  
One of the most
powerful and
controversial films in
the history of cinema
makes its highly
anticipated DVD and
Arnold Schwarzenegger wages an all out war
against an unseen enemy in  "Predator"
debut, on August 31, 2004,  "THE
Twentieth Century Fox Home
Entertainment and Icon Productions.  
Focusing on the final 12 hours of the
life of  Jesus of Nazareth, the year's
most talked about movie was first
released in theaters on Ash
Wednesday, February 25, 2004.  The
powerful Mel Gibson, helmed epic
went on to gross more than $375
million at the box office, earning a
spot in the "Top 10 Grossing" movies
of all time.

This depiction of the last 12 hours in
the life of Jesus opens with his
betrayal by Judas, his condemnation
by the Pharisees and his appearance
before Pontius Pilate. Pilate deters to
King Herod, but Herod returns Jesus.
Pilate then asks the crowd to choose
between Jesus and Barrabas. The
crowd chooses. Barrabus. Pilate
washes his hands of the matter, and
Jesus is forced to carry the cross
through the streets to Golgotha where
Roman soldiers crucify him. Although
Jesus briefly fears that God his Father
has abandoned him, he regains his
faith proclaiming "Into Thy hands I
commend my spirit". At that moment
of his death, nature itself over-turns.

Starring Jim Caviezel, in the critically
lauded role of Jesus Christ and
Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene,
DVD is presented with a maximum bit
rate, 5.1 Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS,
offering viewers the highest quality  
picture and audio. The film was shot
in Aramaic and Latin, is presented
with English subtitles on VHS and
English and Spanish subtitled on
DVD. Price to own, the film is
available in Widescreen or Pan and
Scan DVD for $29.98, and on VHS for
$24.98. Day-and-date with its DVD
and VHS debut, "THE PASSION OF
THE CHRIST" will be available for the
first time on D-VHS for $34.98, joining
Fox's library of releases for JVC's
D-VHS system featuring D-Theater
encryption.  The D-VHS release will
feature a DTS digital surround
encoded soundtrack at the full bit rate
of 1509 kbps, as well as Dolby Digital
5.1 surround.
Vs. Predator, Dutch Schaeffer (Schwarzenegger) and his team of commandos
(including Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers) make their desperate stand
against an alien hunter and a threat unlike anything man has ever seen.

This special 2-disc collector's edition comes fully loaded, featuring over
5-hours of never-before-seen bonus features, including an all new commentary
track with director John McTiernan, 7-new featurettes, outtakes, easter eggs, a
deleted scene and a documentary. Also included is a sneak peak at "Alien Vs.
Predator", as well as a movie Cash coupon good for one FREE admission to
see "AVP", invading theaters on August 13th.  This collector's edition DVD will
be available in both widescreen and full screen for suggested retail price at
$26.98-US / $37.98-Canada.
DVD Features: English Dolby 5.1 and DTS; French stereo, Spanish mono; and
trailers for "Alien Vs. Predator" and "I, Robot"
The Film That Won Grace Kelly Her Only
Academy Award
September 21st From Paramount
Home Entertainment
Bing Crosby and
Grace Kelly star in
GIRL" the film that
won Kelly her only
Academy Award, is
also starring
William Holden.
Documentary    "FROM  JESUS  TO  CHRIST" First Time On DVD  From
Paramount Home Entertainment Street Date - August 24th
Previously available only on VHS, FROM
draws upon new and sometimes
controversial historical evidence and
interviews with the nation’s leading New
Testament scholars and transports the viewer
back to the time and place where Jesus once
lived and preached.
In "THE COUNTRY GIRL", Frank Elgin
(Crosby) is a washed up actor given
the chance of a lifetime to stage a
comeback when director Bernie
Dobb, played by William Holden,
offers him the lead in a new musical.  

Suffering from extreme insecurity,
Frank turns to his wife Georgie (Kelly)
to make decisions for him, and she
teams up with Bernie to boost Frank’s
self-esteem despite the fact that she
has grown sick of dealing with her
husband’s problems.
DVD Features:
Full screen format; Dolby Digital
English and French Mono; sub-titled
in English and closed-captioned for
the hearing-impaired; Running Time:
104 mnutes; DVD-5S R.P.: $14.99
(C$17.99 in Canada)
and the movement he started – challenging familiar assumptions and
conventional notions about the origins of Christianity.  The film traces Jesus’ life
and focuses on the events that occurred after his death and on the men and
women who were his first followers and whose belief, conviction, and martyrdom
created a major movement that transformed the Roman Empire.
DVD Features:
Widescreen format; Dolby Digital English Stereo; closed-captioned for the hearing
impaired;Running Time:  240 minutes; DVD-9Approx. $20 in the U.S. and in
TV  on  DVD      -       THE JEFFERSONS
The Complete Second Season  Now Available
TV On DVD From Universal -
Available Aug 24th -
Return to that "D-lux" apartment in the sky" and revisit all
your favorite moments from the hilarious second season
of THE JEFFERSONS, one of the most beloved,
ground-breaking sitcoms in TV history.  
The Apprentice:
Complete First
Catch up with
Omarosa, Bill,
Kwame and The
Donald as you
Serving up social satire and smashing stereotypes, America's funniest family is at
it again with jive-talking dry-cleaning king George Jefferson (SHERMAN
HEMSLEY), no-nonsense wife Louise 'Weezy" (
ISABEL SANFORD), sassy maid
Florence (MARLA GIBBS), and acid-tongued matriarch Mother Jefferson (ZARA
CULLEY), not to mention wacky next-door neighbors, interracial couple Helen and

Developed by legendary producer NORMAN LEAR (and the most successful
spin-off from TV's "All in the Family"), THE JEFFERSONS remains one of TV's
most popular and longest-running (1975-1985) comedy series ever, changing the
color of prime-time TV forever.

Remastered and made available on DVD for the first time, this collectors 3-Disc
set features all 24 episodes from the series seminal second -season run. As the
laughs keep coming, this is one high-rise address you'll want to
"move on up"
over and over again.
DVD Features:
3-Disc: "A Dinner For Harry", "George's First Vacation", "Louise's Daughter" (A
mysterious young woman shows up at the Jefferson's door insisting she's
Louise's daughter while George throws a tantrum)
, "Harry & Daphne (Bentley is
avoiding marriage and is hiding in the Jefferson's bathroom)
, "Jefferson vs.
(A ploy to meet rich banker Mr. Whittendale), "Mother Jefferson's
Fall", "Movin' On Down","Uncle Bertram"(
Stranger picks up Mother Jefferson in
the elevator and turns out to be Jenny's uncle)
, "George Won't Talk" (George's
delivery van is looted in Harlem where he has been invited to lecture at a local
college about his success),
"George's Best Friend" ( A visit from George's ole
Navy buddy Louis Gossett Jr
),'Jenny's Grandparents", "George's Alibi" (Lionel
wrecks George's brand new delivery truck)
, "George and the Manager" (One of
George's employees quits and he must hire a new manager, but not the most
qualified person who happens to be a white woman
), "Lunch With Momma",
"George vs. Wall Street" (
Louise is furious that George is betting on the
misfortune of others)
, "The Break-up Part I" (Lionel desperate to pass a college
course, George buys him a term paper)
, "The Break-up Part II" (Will Lionel lose
Jenny to the beautiful stranger George has set him up with who turns out to be
a working girl),
"Florence's Problem" (Florence's strange behavior forces
Louise to suspect Florence might be contemplating suicide.
), "Mother
Jefferson's Birthday", "Louise's Cookbook, "George Meets Whittendale", "Lionel's
(Lionel takes to the bottle and Louise, Jenny and Mother Jefferson try
to conceal his stupor from George)
, 'Tennis Anyone?" (George is honored to
become a member of an exclusive tennis club until he learns the membership
committee has more on their mind
), "The Wedding" (George decides to renew
his wedding vows but Louise has second thoughts after clashing with George
over her being made an equal partner in Jefferson Cleaners
). CC

Also stars Lionel (DAMON EVANS), Jenny (BERLINDA TOLBERT, Mr. Bentley
experience The Apprentice like never
before on DVD.Donald Trump, one of
America's, most successful
businessman, teams up with Executive
Producer Mark Burnett (Survivor) to
create a thrilling, no holds barred
game where the ultimate prize is the
dream job of a lifetime. Now
experience the phenomenon like never
before with all the best moments you
didn't see on TV, including an exclusive
sneak peek at The Apprentice 2.
DVD Features:
5-Disc:  Run Time Disc (1) 3H-6M; (2)
3H-6M; (3) 2H-47M; (4) 2H-49M; (5)
2H-56M; Dolby Digital  2.0 Stereo;
Subtitled French & Spanish; Full Frame
1:33:1; The Interview; Insights and
Advice from the Donald & more.
"TWISTED"           Starring
Ashley Judd,
Samuel L. Jackson &
Andy Garcia
August 31st From Paramount Home
detective Jessica
Shepard (Judd)
specializes in
profiling suspects
and puts her skills to
use on a murder
investigation as she
discovers a
TV On DVD - "Sanford and
 Complete Third Season -
Includes Episodes While Foxx Was
In Dispute With Producers
You Like One Across Your Lip?"
With Cousin Emma "I'm Gonna Fix
a Great Big Breakfast In da
!" From Sony/Columbia
TriStar Home Entertainment
frightening correlation between the
murder victims: they are all her past
boyfriends.  Fearing she could be the
next victim, Jessica worries for her life
while simultaneously trying to solve
the case.

In "TWISTED", detective Jessica
Shepard (Judd) specializes in
profiling suspects and puts her skills
to use on a murder investigation as
she discovers a frightening
correlation between the murder
victims: they are all her past
boyfriends.  Fearing she could be the
next victim, Jessica worries for her life
while simultaneously trying to solve
the case.

Directed by Philip Kaufman,
Ashley Judd, Samuel
L. Jackson, and Andy Garcia, in this  
simmering nail-biting, provocative
suspense.  "Twisted" is a pulse-
pounding psychological thriller that
will keep you guessing to the very end.
DVD Features:
Full screen and widescreen version
enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby
Digital English and French 5.1 and
English Dolby Surround; sub-titled in
English and Spanish and closed-
captioned for the hearing-impaired;
Two featurettes: “Creating a Twisted
Web of Intrigue” and “The
Investigators: The Clues of Crime”; 10
Extended/deleted scenes with
commentary  by director Philip
This smash vehicle
created for
comedian Redd
Foxx,  "Sanford and
Son" details the
disagreements between Fred
Sanford (Foxx), aging junkyard owner,
and his 34 year-old son Lamont
(Demond Wilson) .Airing from 1972 to
1977, the show was NBC's most
popular program for four of its five
seasons and earned four Emmy
nominations. This collection
compiles all twenty-four episodes
from the show's third season.

Episode 19 "
Lamont Goes Karate"
was written but never filmed, due to
contract disputes between star REDD
FOXX and the show's producers. The
negotiations also forced FOXX not to
appear in Season Three's final six
episodes. He returned to the hit
series at the start of the fourth season.
Disc One: 'Lamont, Is That you?"
Lamont and Rollo mistakenly
stumble into a gay bar
); "Lamont As
Fred catches Lamont
coking his white female drama
coach while rehearsing
Shakespeare and thinks it is real
"This Little TV Went To Market" (
new color TV set from Grady is
); "Presenting The Three
Degrees" (
Seventies soul singers
enter a talent show
); "Libra Rising All
Over Lamont" (
Astrologist instructs
Lamont to strive for harmony
); "Fred,
The Reluctant Finger Man" (
witnesses a gang of thieves robbing
Julio's house
); "Fuentes, Fuentes,
Sanford & Chico" (
Lamont partners
with Julio and dejected Fred bunks
at a local mission
); "A House Is Not A
Pool Room"
(Lamont buys Fred a
pool table
Disc Two: "The Blind Mellow Jelly
Collection aka The Chameleon" (
donates his old records and plots to
get his prized collection back
"Superflyer" (
Fred overcomes fear of
); "The Members of the Wedding
aka The Engagement" (
proposes to Donna, Lamont and
Aunt Esther intervene
); "Grady The
Star Boarder" (
Grady rents a room);
"Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe" (
Esther resolves the question of who
is Lamont's real father
); "Wine,
Women & Aunt Esther aka Leaving
the Nest" (
Fred throws a house party
with Fast Fanny, the local topless
); "Fred Sanford, Legal
Eagle" (
Lamont gets a traffic ticket
and goes to court with Antonio
Fargas as his attorney
); "This Land
Is Whose Land?" (
Fred attempts a
cover-up when he doesn't like a
surveyor's determination of his
property line
Disc Three: "Fred's Cheating Heart"
Fred fakes a heart attack and
Lamont forces him into the hospita
"The Party Crasher" (
Lamont and
Rollo scheme to get Fred out of the
); "Lamont Goes Karate"
Lamont confronts a bully after a bar
fistfight with Grady's help
); "Will the
Real Fred Sanford Please Do
Something?" (
A woman who had a
drunken fling with Fred pays Lamont
a visit
); "Tyrannt, Thy Name Is Grady"
Lamont changes the locks but has
to deal with Aunt Esther's Bible
); "Aunt Esther and Uncle
Woodrow Pfft" (
Aunt Esther throws
her husband out of the house
forcing him to seek solace at the
Sanford house
); "The Way to
Lamont's Heart" (
Lamont fibs to his
girlfriend about Grady
); "Hello
Cousin Emma, Goodbye Cousin
Emma" (
Clarice Taylor stars at lazy
Cousin Emma always promising but
never delivering a "great big
DVD Features:
Starring: Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson;
Featuring Lynn Hamilton, Whitman
Mayo, LaWanda Page, Gregory Sierra,
Nat Taylor, Hal Williams; Producer  
Norman; Lear; Region 1; Keep Case
3-Disc Set; Full Frame;
Audio: Dolby Digital Mono - English;   
Running Time 595 Minutes; Closed
Captioned;  From Columbia Tri-Star
Home Entertainment -
TV On DVD - "Sanford and Son"  Complete Fourth Season - "I am
convinced that 'Sanford and Son' shows middle-class America a lot of
what they need to know"
Redd Foxx Is Quoted As Saying In A 1973 Interview -  
Available Now From Sony/Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment  
The character Fred Sanford was named after Redd
Foxx's father. The producer's original choice for
Lamont Sanford was Cleavon Little, who turned it
down due to prior commitments. He suggested Redd
Foxx to them for the role of Fred.  Lamont's middle
name is Grady.
Tarantino At the Top His Form On
DVD August 10th -
From Buena Vista
Home Entertainment
Returning for more laughs with the groundbreaking series from Norman Lear and
Bud Yorkin (the award-winning creators of "All In the Family") -  "Sanford and Son",
no doubt TV's most famous junk shop - for an outrageously funny fourth season,
is Golden Globe Winner REDD FOXX as Fred Sanford, the junk dealer with a big
mouth and every get rich quick scheme in the book.

Caught up in his plans are his long-suffering son Lamont (Demond Wilson), his
best friend Grady (Whitman Mayo), and his arch-enemy and sister-in-law Esther
LaWanda Page).

Returning from a trip to St. Louis, Fred wastes no time in getting knee-deep in
trouble, from accidentally growing special herbs in his backyard garden, to trying
to return a ring he thinks was stolen from Frank Sinatra, to setting Lamont up with
a computer date.

The fourth season welcomes such guest stars like David Doyle ("Charlie's
Angels"), Ron Glass ("Barney Miller"), Howard Hesseman ("WKRP in Cincinnati"),
and Scatman Crothers. One of the 70's highest rated shows, this legendary
sitcom is now yours to take home and enjoy over and over again in a collectible
3-disc set.
Disc One: "Fred's Treasure Garden" (Grady serves a salad made with
homegrown parsley to his friends including two policeman
); "Once A Thief"
Lamont invites his ex-convict friend (Ron Glass) to stay at the Sanford house);
"A Little Extra Security" (
Grady receives too many Social Security checks);
"There'll Be Some Changes Made" (
Lamont leaves home after Fred refuses to
allow a sensitivity group to meet at the Sanford house
); "Going Out of Business"
Pat Morita guest stars when Lamont takes a salesman job in a clothing store
to leave the business
); "Ol' Brown Eyes Is Back" (Fred breaks into Frank
Sinatra's hotel room to return what he thinks is a stolen ring
); "Matchmaker,
Matchmaker" (
Uncle George dies and bequeaths Lamont $7,000 if he produces
a son and name him George
); "Grady and His Lady" (Fred puts his foot down
between Grady and his  bride to be
Disc Two:   "The Surprise Party" (Fred spoils a homecoming party  planned  for
him by Lamont and Grady
); "My Kingdom For A Horse" (Fred buys a horse to
make millions but fails to notice that the broken down animal has been gelded
"Home Sweet Home" (A
development company offers to buy the Sanford
); "Sanford and Niece" (Tina Andrews stars as Fred's niece Elizabeth, the
splitting image of his late wife
); "Strange Bedfellows" (Lamont runs for state
assemblymen, but Fred is not quite sure about it. Margaret Avery guest stars
"Julio and Sister and Nephew" (
Fred's anti-Puerto Rican attitude changes after
Julio's nephew is the victim of discrimination at school
); "The Merger" (Lamont
decides to combine the Sanford junk business with Julio's junk business
making one big junkpire
); "Tower Power" (Guest star Janee Michelle takes the
Sanford's on a tour of an art museum, and Fred decides to create his own
legacy in his backyard
Disc Three: "My Brother-in-law's Keeper" (Allan Drake stars as Fred's sister's
new white husband
); "The Masquerade Party" (Fred, Grady and Bubba become
television game show contestants
); "Golden Boy" (Fred buys half ownership of
a professional boxer, who eats better than he fights
); "The Stand-ins" (Scatman
Crothers, Billy Eckstine and Al Williams  guest star in this show off of a new
nightclub act
); "The Headache" (Darrell Zwerling guest stars as the doctor who
can't find reasons for Lamont's headaches, except for Fred
); "The Older
Woman" (
Lamont falls for an older woman to discourage a romance between
Fred and his woman
); "The Stug" (Richard Ward plays the supposedly novice
gambler to teach Lamont and his friends a lesson and then return the money,
but whatever happened to him?
); "The Family Man" (Carol Cole guest stars as
Grady's daughter living in upscale Westwood, whom Grady moves in with, after
leaving Watts
DVD Features:
Region 1; Keep Case 3-Disc Set; Full Frame; Audio:Dolby Digital Mono - English;  
Running Time 602 Minutes; Closed Captioned;  From Columbia Tri-Star Home
Entertainment -
With this thrilling,
must-see movie
event, writer and
director Quentin
Tarantino (PULP
completes the
action-packed quest for revenge
begun by The Bride (Uma Thurman)
in KILL BILL VOL. 1Having already
crossed two names from her Death
List, The Bride is back with a
vengeance and taking aim at Budd
(Michael Madsen) and Elle Driver
(Daryl Hannah), the only survivors
from the squad of assassins who
betrayed her four years earlier.

It's all leading up to the ultimate
confrontation with Bill (David
Carradine), The Bride's former
master and the man who ordered her
execution! As the acclaimed follow-up
to the instant classic VOL. 1 -- you
know all about the unlimited action
and humor, but until you've seen
, you only know half the
DVD Features:
Deleted scene; Behind the scenes
look at the making of Kill Bill, Vol. 2
featuring Quentin Tarantino; Kill Bill,
Vol. 2 premier - Chingon
performance; widescreen (2:35:1)
Enhanced for 16x9 televisions; Dolby
Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; DTS 5.1
Digital Surround Sound; French
Language Track; Chinese, Japanese
Korean and Spanish Subtitles.
Vivica A. Fox stars as
Lucinda Perriweather    When    
Available on DVD and Video
August 24th
Anne Hathaway, the
delightful star of The
Princess Diaries, is
Ella, in the charming
fairy-tale adventure
On the day of her birth, Ella is given a
gift from her Fairy Godmother Lucinda
Vivica A. Fox.  The gift is of
obedience, which is also a curse.
Under no circumstances can Ella
refuse anything she is asked to do,
no matter how wicked it may be.  
Tired of being taken advantage of,
Ella with a talking book as her
TV on DVD - August 31st    From Paramount Home Entertainment
"Touched By An Angel - The Complete First Season"
includes all 13 episodes from the first season (1994), plus the two-
part series finale from 2003 as a special bonus.
companion, leaves home to find her
Fairy Godmother and return her
unwanted gift.  This simple errand
soon turns into an amazing journey
filled with ogres, giants, wicked
stepsisters, elves and the plotting of
Prince Charmont's evil uncle, who
want to take over the crown and rule
the kingdom.  Bursting with colorful
characters, music wit and whimsy,
enchanting and heartwarming tale
that will captivate the entire family.
Starring Della Reese, Roma Downey, and John Dye - "TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL –
delivers inspiration in the form of Monica
(Downey), Tess (Reese) and Andrew (Dye), three angels dispatched from heaven
to inspire people who are at a crossroads in their lives.  Features notable guest
appearances by Randy Travis, Phylicia Rashad and Malcolm-Jamal Warner.
DVD Features:
Full screen format; English and Spanish Stereo; Closed-captioned for the hearing
impaired·; The highly rated two-part series finale from 2003; “I Will Walk With You”;
Audio commentaries on 4 episodes by select cast and crew; Three featurettes:
“Martha Williamson Talks About Touched by an Angel”;  “Behind-the-Scenes of the
Final Episode”;  and “The 60 Minute Interview with Ed Bradley”; Running Time: 11
hours, 33 minutes; 4 x DVD-9’s; Expected to be priced around $40 in the U.S. and
around C$50 in Canada.
Follow The Wild And Wacky
Comical Adventures - TV on DVD
August 31st - The Complete
Second Season From 1952-1953
From Paramount Home
Vivica A. Fox stars as
Lucinda Perriweather in  
WINNER - "Best Picture & Audience Award"   
Philadelphia Int'l Film Festival
WINNER  - Sundance Film Festival 2004
WINNER - Berlin Film Festival  2004
WINNER - Toronto Film Festival  2004
"BAADASSSSS!"  On DVD and VHS Sept 14 From Sony Pictures
Classics Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
DVD Features:
Music Video 'It's Not Just
Make-Believe" performed by Kari
Kimmel; Deleted & Extended Scenes;
Feature commentary with director
Tommy O'Haver, Anne Hathaway and
Hugh Dancy; Red Carpet Premiere;
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound;
widescreen 1.85:1 enhanced for 16x9
televisions; French track; Spanish
features all
31 side-splitting
episodes from the
The true story of black filmmaking legend Melvin Van
Peebles, energizes with heart, humor and raw attitude
under the talents of his son (director and star Mario
Van Peebles), on a ride that details the underdog effort
to make an empowering black film against all odds.
An inspiring and informative crowd pleaser, critics and
audiences alike have gotten behind
second season in a 5-disc DVD
collection.  Containing some of the
most memorable Lucy episodes of all
time, including “Job Switching,” “The
Handcuffs” and “Lucy Goes to the
Hospital.”How could you not love the
first lady of comedy! Lucille Ball was
basically the first comedian ever on
the big black and white tv.  
continues to follow the wild
and wacky comical adventures of
Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and their
infamous neighbors Fred and Ethel
as they embark on even more
madness in season two. Also this is
the season when Lucy has a baby,
and they name him Little Ricky. No
longeer a need to try tapeing off of TV
and getting so so quality, now get "I
Love Lucy" on DVD in Digital clearity,
a dream come. It's a lot better than
some of the other crappy shows on tv
that are totally boring!
DVD Features:
Full screen format; Dolby Digital
English and Spanish Mono; Spanish
sub-titles; closed-captioned for the
hearing-impaired; Special footage –
includes deleted footage and lost
scenes; Cast information; Flubs;
Behind the scenes featurettes;
Production Notes;         Lucy’s Radio
Show; Running time 13 hours, 19
minutes; 5-Disc DVD-9's. Expected to
be priced around $50 in US and C$65
in Canada.
Star In MGM Home Entertainment's Oscar
Winning Film
On Special  Edition
DVD  September  7th
Mario Van Peebles' candid portrait of his father Melvin's struggle as a
young, black director during the society-shifting early '70s, determined
to make a film that matters, Melvin (played by son Mario) deals with
two-faced backers, a rag tag crew, threatening creditors and various
shades of Hollywood hypocrisy.

Obsessed and with everything on the line, including his failing eyesight
and family, his only choice is to stick to his guns and do whatever it
takes to get his neo-blaxploitation epic
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss
to the audience for which it was envisioned.

The real-life father and son dynamic brings an intimacy to this inspiring
and often hilarious tribute to the father of black cinema. The result is a
seamless layering of entertaining drama and poignant documentary
that mirrors itself from every angle and never loses its edge.

The MVP FILMZ Production, is a Mario Van Peebles Film, starring Joy
Bryant, Ossie Davis, David Alan Grier, Nia Long, Paul Rodriguez, Saul
Rubinek, Khleo Thomas, Mario Van Peebles, Rainn Wilson.
Screenplay by Mario Van Peebles & Dennis Haggerty, Produced and
directed by Mario Van Peebles.
DVD Features:
Commentary with Mario and Melvin Van Peebles; Featurettes
"American Cinematheque Q&A with Melvin Van Peebles" & "The
Premiere"; The Making of Baadasssss1; "Melvin Catches a Bug"
Easter Egg; Running time 108 minutes; Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
(English); French, Portuguese, Spanish Subtitles; Closed Captioning;
Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation; $24.96 S.L.P.
MGM Home
summons the
provocative, powerful
and influential
"Judgement  At Nuremberg"   onto
Special Edition DVD.September 7th.  
Nominated for 11, Academy Awards
and winner of two, this critically
acclaimed, cinematic masterpiece
was directed by Stanley Kramer
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner) and
features gripping performances from
the best of Hollywood's golden era,
Spencer Tracy, (Guess
Who's Coming To Dinner
), Judy
(The Wizard of Oz), Burt
(From Here to Eternity),
Marlene Dietrich (Witness For the
), Montgomery Clift (A
Place In the Sun
), Richard Widmark
(The Alamo), and Maximilian Schell
(Topkapi) in his Oscar-winning

Inspired by a true story
At Nuremberg"
sheds a
controversial light on the darkest era
in modern history as a retired
American judge presides over the trial
of four German judges who used their
power to conduct atrocities under the
Nazi regime.

American judge Daniel Haywood
(Spencer Tracy) presides over the trial
of the four German jurists accused of
legalizing Nazi atrocities. But as
graphic accounts of sterilization and
murder unfold in the courtroom,
mounting political pressure for
leniency forces Haywood into making
the most harrowing and difficult
decision of his career. His actions -
and those of the other trial
participants - "make for fascinating
poignant and continuously exciting
entertainment", says
The New

Available at the suggested retail price
of $14.95, the "Judgement At
Nuremberg" Special Edition DVD
features a new transfer, an "In
Conversation" Abby Mann and
Maximilian Schell" featurette, "A
Tribute to Stanly Kramer" featurette,
"The Value of A single Human Being"
Featurette, a behind the scenes photo
gallery with rarely seen stills and
original theatrical trailer.
DVD Features:
Running Time 186 minutes;
Widescreen (1.66:1); English 5.1
Surround, English Mono, Subtitles
English, French, Spanish, Close
Get Your Laugh On With Some Clean Funny Comedy From BRUCE
- "BRUCE BRUCE LIVE" Presented By Urban Works
Entertainment - Another Platinum Comedy Series
By: Gatsby Melodi'
BRUCE BRUCE is a comedian's comedian. He's
sharp, clever and delivers those jokes that provoke
thigh-slapping reactions.

After receiving the highest ratings ever as the host of
BET's "10th Anniversary" Season, BRUCE BRUCE
signed for a second season.  He is the host of BET's
Platinum Comedy Series Presents  
"One Night Stand"
Stand-up Comedy On DVD From
MO'NIQUE Of Televisions "The
Parkers" Fame
Stand-up comedienne,
sitcom star, author,
model, designer and
glamour doll
wildly popular  "Comic View" , reaching over 71 million homes every
week, and he's packing venues nationwide, headlining A-list
comedyconcerts where he keeps them convulsive with laughter, as
evidenced by this DVD,

On this hilarious 60-minutes stand-up comedy special, he joyfully and  
meticulously enrolls the audience  into his college or university as a
candidate for a degree in fun-times, using as teaching tools -
captivating humor,  quick and  spontaneous snaps, all done
single-handedly taken the
entertainment world by storm and
made herself a household name. As
star of theUPN comedy series
Parkers", and through feature roles in
such box office hits as
"Soul Plane",
and "Baby Boy", MO'NIQUE has
captivated the world with her brass
infectious persona.

Mo'NIQUE's side-splitting act in "The
Queens of Comedy", brought her
international attention and cemented
her reputation as one of the best and
most sought-after comedians. She
continues bringing her outspoken
humor to audiences everywhere with
her recently published book "
Women Are Evil: Notes of a Big Girl in
a Small-Minded World
", which
chronicles her frustration living in a
world designed for the skinny.
Night Stand"
is a no-holds-bared
approach to comedy, poking fun at
her life as a single mother with two
sons. At times she needs her mouth
washed out - constantly using
profanity, but it is not totally offensive,
and will add pleasure to a boring,
uneventful  evening.  Running time:
60 minutes.
Invite American's Favorite Dad Into Your Home On DVD & VHS
"BILL COSBY, HIMSELF" -  From FOX Home Entertainment
Century City, CA - Before "Cliff Huxtable" was
American's favorite dad, the man behind the laughs
was simply
BILL COSBY, HIMSELF, available in his
most famous concert performance for the first time on
DVD.  In this stand-up comedy showcase, the king of
urban family comedy delivers the hilarity of domestic
foibles to your doorstep.  With only a microphone and a chair, Cosby
riotously conveys the chaos and confusion of raising kids and
handling family life.

Featuring some of Cosby's most popular bits,
is an early insight into the career of one of the most
remarkable comedic figures of our time.  The DVD is priced at
$14.98 U.S/$16.98 Canada. The VHS is priced for sell-through at

The BILL COSBY, HIMSELF DVD is presented in widescreen 1.85:1
ratio and full screen 1.33:1 ratio; features English stereo and mono
sound; Closed Captioned;English Mono & Stereo; Subtitled English
& Spanish; Running time 103 minutes, written/directed and
Executive produced by Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr.
On DVD September 14th - The Comedy -  "Roscoe’s House of
Chicken and Waffles: The Movie"  
Starring Glenn Plummer, A.
J. Johnson, & Clifton Powell From Urban Works Entertainment
Academy Award Winner TOM
HANKS Stars In the Uproarious
Comedy Crime Caper On DVD & VHS
MARLON WAYANS From Touchstone
Home Entertainment Sept 14th
FOX Home Entertainment Releases
the Platinum Comedy Series
Cedric the
For a New Low Price
This is the true flavored story of what happens when
Clyde Coltrane, a numbers runner with an appetite
for adventure, is run out of New York by police.
Burbank, CA -
Academy Award
winner Tom Hanks
(Best Actor, "Forest
"Philadelphia", teams
up for the first
Fans of the Johnson
Family Vacation
Cedric the
Entertainer, can own
an additional DVD
starring your favorite
comedian in great
With nowhere else to go he comes to Los Angeles to save a friend
from a life threatening debt with the Mafia, where it’s a case of out of
the frying pan and into the fire when efforts to pay back the mob are
botched, and Clyde must use his savvy to turn a failing restaurant
into a booming business that can pay back the money.

The question is can they succeed before they're cooked. To do it
Roscoe and Clyde face one high-jinx-caper after another while at the
same time developing a recipe for chicken and waffles that will earn
them fame and fortune. Stars Glenn Plummer,  A.J. Johnson
Fridays, I Got The Hook Up), and featuring Clifton Powell (Rush
, Bones, Dead Presidents).
DVD Features:
Running time 90 minutes 5.1 Surround Sound.
time with Academy Award winning
filmakers Joel and Ethan Coen (Best
Screenplay, "Fargo" 1997),
for  THE
available on DVD
and VHS on September 14.
is a laugh-out-loud
comedy about small time criminals
who attempt the heist of the century,
and  a feisty old lady who stands in
their way.

hilarious bonus features to-die-for,
including 'The Slap Reel' outtakes;
'Gospel of the Ladykillers' deleted
scenes; 'Danny Ferrington: The Man
Behind the Band'; and 'The
Ladykillers Script Scanner', an
enhanced computer feature (ROM).

stars as Goldwait Higginson Dorr III,
Ph.D., a charlatan professor who has
assembled a gang of "experts" for the
heist of the century. Their base of
operations; the root cellar of an
unsuspecting, church-going little old
lady named Mrs. Munson (Irma P.
Hall 'Soul Food').  

The use--the men need a place to
practice church music, while they plot
their heist. The problem-- Dorr's men
aren't the brightest thieves in the
world. Mrs. Munson stumbles onto
their plot, they decide to do her in, but
the 'ladykillers' hilariously
under-estimate their host upstairs.

Produced by Ethan Coen and Joel
Coen, Tom Jacobson, Barry
Sonnenfeld and Barry Josephson,
written for the screen by Joel Coen
and Ethan, other than Hanks, Wayons
and Hall,  the cast includes J.K.
Simmons, Tzi Ma, and Ryan Hurst.
DVD Features:
Widescreen 1.85:1, formatted for 16x9
screen; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Sound, French & Spanish
subtitles;Running time 104 minutes;
$29.99-DVD, $24.95-VHS.
stand-up performances.  Fox Home
Entertainment recently released the
Platinum Comedy Series - Cedric The
Entertainer -
Starting Lineup.

Cedric The Entertainer has won four
consecutive NAACP Image Awards for
Outstanding Actor in a Comedy
Series for his role on WB's #1 rated
sitcom The Steve Harvey Show.

Cedric The Entertainer: Starting
Lineup, filmed in the boxing ring at the
Biloxi Grand Casino in Mississippi,
features a stand-up performance
from Cedric that showcases his
dynamic comedic flair. Joining Cedric
are some of his friends who take the
stage to showcase their comedic
talents alongside one of the Original
Kings of Comedy.
DVD Features:
Additional Performances by: Roland
Powell, Juan Villareal, Tony
Luewellyn, and J.J; English Stereo;
Full Frame; Close
Captioned;Running time 75 min.
THE ROCK Lays Down The  Law In  MGM HOME
Smack Down Onto Store Shelves Sept 28th
Justice Is Served On The DVD With Bloopers,
Deleted Scenes, An Alternate Ending, A Stunts
Featurette,  Two Audio Commentaries And A
Photo Gallery.  “Rock solid action!” hails
about the film, everybody is talking about.
Action heavyweight The Rock (The Rundown) takes no prisoners
when he fights for justice and crushes corruption with his badge, a
bad guy attitude, and a really big stick in
"Walking Tall," pounding its
way onto DVD and VHS on September 28th from MGM Home

Co-starring Johnny Knoxville (Jackass: The Movie), Ashley Scott
(S.W.A.T) and Neal McDonough (Minority Report), the
adrenaline-fueled adventure is inspired by the true story of Sheriff
Buford Pusser, a tough-as-nails law enforcer who was determined
to rid his hometown of crime and drugs.  

Available for the suggested retail price of $27.98, the "
Walking Tall"
DVD packs a mean punch.  In addition, the "Walking Tall" VHS will
be available for the suggested dealer price of $33.00.  
DVD Features:
Running Time: 86 minutes; Screen Format: 16X9 Widescreen
(2:35:1); MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of intense violence,
sexual content, drug material and language; English 5.1 Stereo
Surround, French and Spanish Stereo Surround; Subbtitles:  Eng,
Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Close Captioned.
DVD September 21st From Buena
Vista Home Entertainment
Calif.,-The complete
3rd season of TV's
beloved "Felicity" will
be available on a
five-disc DVD set
ready to own on September 21 from
Buena Vista Home Entertainment,
Imagine Entertainment and
Touchstone Television.

Starring Golden Globe Award winner
Felicity's angst-ridden adventures
through 17 episodes during her junior
year at a New York university.

Bonus DVD materials for this five-disc
set include: a special documentary
with actor Greg Grunberg ('Sean
Blumberg' on the show) that looks
back on season 3; audio commentary
with the cast and crew; and a
hilarious Mad TV parody of the show.
From the Streets of Los Angeles Comes the Powerful
Journey of
"Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams
Starring Jamie Foxx and Lynn Whitfield Now on
DVD and VHS From Fox Home Entertainment
In this crime drama, Jamie Foxx gives a
career defining" performance" (says
Daily Variety), as Stan "Tookie "
Williams, founder of the notorious Crips
Dave Chappelle Addresses the
Police, Racism, Sesame Street &
More in
"Killin' Them
His HBO Special Now
Available on DVD From Urban Works
Entertainment Platinum
Comedy  Series
Stan "Tookie" Williams (Jamie
street gang in this riveting true story.  Awaiting execution on death row,
(Foxx) is now determined to stop the violence he helped create.
When he begins a crusade to steer children away from gangs by
writing a series of powerful anti-gang books, he earns worldwide
critical acclaim, as well as four Nobel Peace Prize nominations.
Dave Chappelle is a
successful comedian,
screenwriter, and
actor.  His laid-back,  
yet socially attuned
style of Comedy has
Phil Morris, Ron Glass, Allison Dean,
Richard T. Jones, Vanessa Williams,
From UrbanWorks
In this romantic,
suspense thriller,
(Allison Dean), a
beautiful, young and
wealthy corporate
made him a favorite among all ages
and races. As an actor he's appeared
alongside some ofHollywood's
biggest names in films such as
Nutty Professor
, Con Air, You've Got
, Undercover Brother and Blue

Chappelle also co-wrote and starred
in the prison caper Half Baked. Now
laugh out loud as you spend 60
hilarious minutes with Dave
Chappelle as he sounds off on
everyone within earshot.

Originally aired on HBO in 2000,
"Killin' Them Softly" is without a doubt
one of the funniest stand-up specials
available. Chappelle's no holds
barred style of comedy addresses
issues about the Police, Racism,
Sesame Street, Kids, and the
DVD Features:
5.1 Simulated Surround Sound;
Scene Selections; Previews; Running
Time: 60 Min.
Stan "Tookie" Williams (Jamie Foxx) and Barbara
Becnel (Lynn Whitfield) in
executive witnesses a brutal crime,
becomes the key witness in the
prosecutions case, and then
becomes the target of the same
psychopathic killer (Phil Morris).  After
a long bid, the murderer is released
and sets his sights on revenge.

Erin's father (Ron Glass) hires a
handsome bodyguard (Richard T.
Jones) to protect her from this
psychotic killer. The suspense and
thrills prove to be overwhelming,
forcing Erin to find refuge in the arms
of her protector. Can love save the

"INCOGNITO" based on the novel
"INCOGNITO" by Francis Ray,
screenplay by Shirley Pierce; directed
by Julie Dash.
DVD Features:
Scene selections, Interactive menus;
Full frame; Trailers; Running time 95
DVD Features:
The flipper disc DVD offers both widescreen aspect ratio: 1.78:1;
Pan & Scan aspect ratio 1:33:1; 5.1 English Dolby and English
Dolby surround sound; commentary editor Terilyn Stropshire and  
Barbara Bechnel, who has extensively interviewed and co-written
with Stan Williams; Side One features a 5-minute introduction by
Stan "Tookie" Williams with a running still gallery as well as a
messge from Stan "Tookie" Williams; Side Two features more
commentary by Director Vondie Curtis, and more.
Running time 93 minutes.
Now Available On DVD -  Kim Fields Like You Have Never Seen Her
- "HIDDEN BLESSINGS" -- Where There is Romance, Suspense &
Murder From UrbanWorks Entertainment
"Hidden Blessings" is a romantic suspense
thriller and a classic
who-dunit?- about a
relentless female detective (Cynda Williams)
who investigates the murder of the wife of a
prominent architect (Marc Gomes)
Even though the husband is the prime suspect of this seemingly
open-and-shut case, the detective finds herself hopelessly falling in
love with him. Do her emotions cloud her judgment in investigating
the case? And if the husband didn’t murder his wife . . . who did?  
BET Presents a Director's Circle Filmworks Production, a Timothy
Wayne Folsome film, directed by Timothy Wayne Folsome,
screenplay by Stacy McClain-Fields.
DVD Features:
Scene selections; Interactive Menus; Trailers; Full Frame; 5.1
Simulated Surround Sound; Running time 90 minutes. Cast
includes: Cynda Williams (
Mo Better Blues, Introducing Dorothy
, Caught Up), Kim Fields (Living Single, Facts of Life),
Marc Gomes