Desperate  Housewives  The  
Complete  Extra Juicy Second
Season     On DVD August 29th

August 28, 2006 - Delve in to the show's
creative genius mind as told by
Marc Cherry in this -- "extra juicy" edition
that enables the viewers to kick back in
their favorite relaxed position and get the
real 4-1-1 about the genesis of
Desperate Housewives.  

On Disc 6
 Cherry reveals that his show
came about as a curiosity with "1950ish
lifestyles".  Also on this disk
says, "I think you see a lot of that attitude
reflected on how I treat women in my
show.  They're
housewives but they still
are smart strong women who make the
choices for themselves."

In another featurette tilted
Marc & Mom --
"This is my mother
Martha Cherry, the
inspiration for
Desperate Housewives
and the inspiration for pretty much every
thing in my life", Cherry says and then
turns to his mom looking for her
approval says "Is that a good intro?"  
and Mom Cherry humorously responds
"Enough?? (shrugs shoulder)
Almost)".    You're gonna love Marc and
Martha chit chat, cause Moms is a hoot.

The featurette
'Desperate Role Model"
brings together many 1950's, 60's, 70's,
and 80's  television moms together with
opinions about
Desperate Housewives
the show.  At very top of the list is
WYATT (Margaret Anderson) in "Father
Knows Best", and yes she's still alive
and looking marvelous.  Also adding to
the discussion is
Banks) "Fresh Prince of Bel Air".

There are 6-Disc run time 1036 min.  
Releases Racially Charged Drama

Los Angeles, CA  Aug 29, 2006 -  On July 25,
Codeblack Entertainment, in
association with Foremost Entertainment,  
Forbidden Fruits to home
entertainment audiences across the country.   

The film chronicles the implications of
interracial relationships, cultural differences,
greed and
religion and the plot revolves
around the lives of three college students in a
love triangle that their family and friends
disapprove of.  

The three distinct cultures  
African American,
Chaldean-American, and Arabic-American
and the problems that develop when their
worlds collide.  

Boasting an impressive cast of veteran actors
Taral Hicks (Bronx Tale, Belly), Keith
David (
Crash, Mr. & Mrs. Smith), Fredro Starr
Save the Last Dance, Clockers), and
multi-platinum recording artist,
Keith Sweat,
Forbidden Fruits teaches important lessons
about love and tolerance, after the secrets are
revealed and the characters must choose
between love and loyalty.

Forbidden Fruits was written, produced and
directed by independent filmmaker,
Cayce.  Cayce is a Detroit native and a
graduate of the University of Southern
California (USC) film school.  
Animated Series Dick Tracy Celebrates 75th
Anniversary October 4th ClassicMedia
Releases 4-Disc DVD Set

New York, NY Oct 4, 2006 - Long before there
was ever a
CSI or a Law & Order, there was
the dashing detective
Dick Tracy - the
trailblazing comic strip that spawned not only
a new genre of cartoons, but also the very
notion that crime could be a source of

The enduring icon of superlative sleuthing is
turning 75, and celebrates the diamond
anniversary Oct 4th.

For the very first time ever - ClassicMedia is
releasing a 4-disc set with a limited edition
Dick Tracy comic book on pack, $39.98 s.r.p.

The Adventures of Dick Tracy originally aired
on TV from 1961-1964, with personalities
introducing the cartoons.

The voice of Dick Tracy was performed by
character actor Everett Sloan, with other
notable characters being voiced by the likes of
Paul Frees, also known as the voice of Boris
Badanov from the Rick and Bullwinkle
cartoons, and Mel Blanc, of Bugs Bunny fame.  

The creator of Dick Tracy, Chester Gould,
arrived in Chicago with the dreams of
becoming a published cartoonist. After ten
years of submitting ideas to the Chicago
Tribune, Dick Tracy was picked up and first
published in the Detroit Mirror in 1931,
followed by the New York Daily News and
finally the Chicago Tribune.  Tracy found his
voice when the cartoon aired in 1961.

Gould created the closed circuit TV Police
Showup in 1953 - real suspect lineups began
in 1954; his Electronic Telephone Number
Pickup was drawn in 1954 - the Caller ID was
patented in 1982; and the most interesting of
all of Gould's inventions was the Magnetic
Space Coupe which took Tracy to the moon in
1962, seven years before the first actual moon
landing in 1969.

"Collector's Edition - The Dick Tracy Show -
The Complete Animated Crime Series has
645 minutes runtime.

US Representative Judy Biggert (Naperville)
will introduce a resolution and proclamation in
the US House of Representatives declaring
10-4-2006 as "Dick Tracy Day", in the House
of Representatives.
SONY BMG MUSIC & Columbia Records In
Association With AXIS Entertainment And
Tye Tribbett & G.A. Bring the Contemporary
Gospel Sensation to DVD Power With

New York , NY Oct 25, 2006 - Born in Camden,
New Jersey, Tye Tribbett is the son of two
ministers.  He honed his talents as a
teenager, performing with regional artists such
as Steve Middleton and Tri-State Mass Choir of
the Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar.   In
1996, Tye founded Greater Anointing (G.A.)
consisting of a group of friends set on praising
the Creator through the gift of great music.   
Victory Live was recorded at Deliverance
Evangelistic Church, in Philadelphia on Dec 3,
2005.  A CD of the same name was released
to rave reviews by Sony in May of this year.  It
still maintains a Top 5 spot on Billboard's
Gospel Music charts.  
(l to R)  Beatrice Arthur, Rue
McClanahan, Estelle Getty.
Sixth Season is available on DVD
November 14, 2006. Permission is
hereby granted to newspapers and
magazines to reproduce this
photo on the condition it is
accompanied by “© Buena Vista
Home Entertainment, Inc. and
Touchstone Television. All Rights
Complete Sixth Season –

Los Angeles Nov 14, 2006 - The
girls are back for Season 6.  
Everyone’s favorite female
foursome is sexier, sassier
and more sarcastic than ever.

The Golden Girls Season 6 is
a winning DVD box set from
Buena Vista Home
Entertainment available on
November 14.  

This is the hilarious, must-
see season with some of the
biggest dating disasters yet
as Sophia takes Blanche’s
tips to attract a man, Dorothy
is wooed by the one-and-only
Sonny Bono and Rose tries
sky-diving to add spice to her
dating relationship.

And that’s just the beginning
of a season-full of genius
comedy that  includes
hilarious guest stars Debbie
Reynolds and Jeffrey Tambor
(Arrested Development and
The Larry Sanders Show).  
The Golden Girls Season 6
has bonus features that fans
will only find on DVD.  
Features include candid
conversations with
WhiteRue McClanahan and
STEP UP Cast Celebrate DVD Release!
The exhilarating and inspiring movie starring Channing
COACH CARTER) who sizzles as
Tyler Gage, a rough and streetwise hunk with raw talent.

When Tyler finds himself doing community service at a
school for the performing arts, he also finds Nora, (Jenna
Dewan) a beautiful and privileged classically trained dancer
who’s searching for a temporary replacement for her injured
dance partner.

Spying Tyler’s smooth moves, Nora decides to take a
chance on him. But as they begin training, tension builds,
tempers flare and the differences in their backgrounds
explode. igniting this electrifying tale about not giving up on
your dreams.

STEP UP will be released on DVD on December 19, 2006
from Touchstone and Buena Vista Home Entertainment.
L-R) Jenna Dewan, Mario, Channing Tatum. Thursday, November
30th, 2006 Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, and Mario celebrated
the incredible dancing and awesome music fuel of STEP UP! The
DVD launch event took place at the Hotel Victor as part of the GQ
Lounge weekend. STEP UP will be released on DVD on December
19th from Touchstone and Buena Vista Home Entertainment.
The Logo Channel Releases Comedy  
NOAH'S ARC - First Season on DVD

The show is bold, intelligent, sexy, and
extremely funny
Dec 18, 2006 - Although the characters are
primarily African American and gay, "NOAH'S
ARC" has great crossover appeal because
the writing is smart and funny, and the actors
are well cast. The show doesn't get caught
up in stereotypes, but it doesn't shy away
from them either.

The show is bold, intelligent, sexy, and
extremely funny and has parallels to and has
been cited as an African-American version of
the show "Sex and the City".

"Noah's Arc" is the first gay black drama
series to ever debut in America.

LOGO, the first 24 hr. predominately gay
network, has opened its doors to the show
and hopefully we'll be seeing the show stick
around for a while.

This one-of-a-kind groundbreaking original
series tells the story of Noah, Chance, Alex
and Ricky as they deal with boyfriends,
struggle to build careers, and search for Mr.

The Four Main Characters Defined:

  • Noah has finally found the
    screenwriting success he's dreamed
    of, and a new love, but he's also a
    hopeless romantic.  
  • Alex is not just a good cook that likes
    to stir the pot, Alex's domestic
    debacle takes turns.  Are there too
    many cooks in his kitchen?
  • Chance is a distinguished College
    professor who seems to have the
    perfect marriage and a wonderful
  • Ricky is promiscuous and proud.  He  
    thinks love is for the birds. He feels
    compelled to play the field.

The stars backgrounds:

Darryl Stephens (Noah)  first television role
was on MTV's Undressed playing a high
school student who tried to seduce girls with
scary movies. He had supporting roles in
television series including CBS' That's Life
and VH1's Red Eye.

Rodney Chester
(Alex) is a native of Cocoa
Beach, Florida, who graduated with honors
from Bethune Cookman College  Chester
has been a working professional in the area
of dance and choreography over 15 years all
over the world working with people like  
Whitney Houston, Prince, Chaka Khan, Diana
Ross, Toni Braxton, TLC and Deborah Cox,

Doug Spearman
(Chance)  television
appearances include roles on Star Trek
Voyager, Charmed, Girlfriends, The
Hughleys, The Drew Carey Show, Gideon's
Crossing and MAD TV

Christian Vincent (Ricky) is a native of
Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  He holds a BFA
from Butler University where he graduated
with the highest honors, Cum Laude. Vincent
is a professional dancer and choreographer
who has worked with such artists as
Martin, Macy Gray, Brian Setzer Orchestra,
Ashanti, Prince, Gloria Estefan and Madonna.

Given the general scarcity of well-developed
black gay characters in most films and
television shows, it's no small thing to have
an entire show built around them.

Director Patrik-Ian Polk has a good track
record, prior to creating Noah's Arc, he made
the well-received indie film Punks, which
also focused on the lives and loves of black
gay men.

DVD Runtime: 3 Hr. 18 Min. Sec; Languages:
English Subtitled, Spanish Subtitled
Audio: Dolby Digital, Stereo
(L to R)  Doug Spearman, as Chance; Rodney
Chester, as Alex; Darryl Stephens, as Noah; and
Christian Vincent, as Ricky, in "Noah's Arc on Logo
Channel Wednesdays 10/9C
ACTS Debuts On DVD December 19, 2006
NEW YORK, Dec 19, 2006- As the world watched in
horror, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on
Aug. 29, 2005.

Declaring that the city had avoided the worst of the
storm, city and state officials were caught off-guard
when the levees that had been designed to protect
low-lying areas of the city from flooding were
breached, and the 9th Ward District was inundated.

Like many who watched the unfolding drama on
television news, director
Spike Lee was shocked
not only by the scale of the disaster, but by the slow,
inept and disorganized response of the emergency
and recovery effort.

An estimated 1.5 million displaced residents of the
Big Easy learned the hard way that help was slow
in coming, if at all.

Watching his fellow Americans suddenly turned into
“refugees” in their own country,
Lee was moved to
document this modern American tragedy, a morality
play witnessed by people all around the world.

is the result, a four hour documentary
co-produced by HBO and
Spike Lee’s 40 Acres & A
Mule Filmworks, with Lee directing and producing.

The film is structured in four acts, each dealing with
a different aspect of the events that preceded and
followed Katrina’s catastrophic passage through
New Orleans.

The handsomely designed boxed DVD set includes
3 Disc and over 4 Hours runtime; Audio Commen-
tary by Spike Lee; a 105 minute epilogue featuring
new interviews and insights that further chronicle
the hardship endured by New Orleaneans; A gallery
of photos by David Lee with music by
Blanchard; French & Spanish Subtitles.
Spike Lee (right). photo: David Lee
Los Angeles Dec 25,
2006 -
 In his prime,
Hudson was
Hollywood's top 3
biggest box office
stars.   Fans will
want to add these
5 films - each
Five Movies From Screen Legend
Rock Hudson On DVD For The
First Time In
making its DVD debut. Hudson
deserves a wonderful box set for
current and future fans to enjoy,
and the sleek 3-Disc set with
pertinent biographical information
for sure will not disappoint.  

Rock Hudson' birth name is Roy
Harold Scherere, Jr., born
November 17, 1925, in Winnetka,

The titles featured are: "Has
Anybody Seen My Gal" (1952);
"A Very  Special Favor" (1965); "The
Golden Blade" (1953);  "The Last
Sunset" (1961); and "The Spiral
Road" 1962).   

At about 4 or 5 dollars a movie, it's
cheaper than a movie ticket and
you get to keep them.

Three of the films, including Spiral
Road, are presented in their OAR
of 1:85 ( widescreen )and are
Anamorphic. The label on the DVD
incorrectly lists Spiral Road as
2:35. Run time 8 hours 51minutes.
Merv Griffin Is No Doubt  ... 'the man'

"40 Most Interesting People Of Our Time"
Now Available on DVD - First Time Ever

TOPS World Wide Web "100 GIFTS TO GIVE
December 31, 2006 -
The 3-discs DVD set is
filled with nearly 9 hours of
interview classic moments
like  --
Kennedy matriarch
Rose Fitzgerald
in her only talk show
"My satisfaction came from conversing with
intelligent people who had something
important to say," Merv says of his eclectic
roster of guests.

Merv Griffin was a singer, band leader, movie
actor and then a TV personality.  

"As you may know, I've worn many hats
throughout my life. I've sung on the radio and
with a major orchestra; had the #1 record in
America; owned my own recording company
at age 20; composed a lot of music,
including the theme for Jeopardy -- the most
lucrative 14-seconds of music in history;
created and hosted television shows;
interviewed the world's most fascinating
people for 23 years; owned fabulous
thoroughbreds, extraordinary hotels and
casinos; and raised a terrific son."

Griffin also created “Wheel of Fortune” and
“Jeopardy!”--the two most successful game
shows in television syndication history.

Merv Griffin says simply: "I thrive on change. If
it's not broke, fix it anyway."

"I've never lost the thrill of reinventing myself,
turning an idea into reality, and discovering
new talent."

"In 1986, I negotiated the sale of two of my
creations, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy to
Sony for a staggering amount of money."

He was born July 6, 1925, in San Mateo,
California, and graduated San Mateo High
School in 1942.

Merv Griffin was recently honored with a
Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2005
Daytime Emmys, adding another Emmy to
the sixteen he already owns; he also was the
sole honoree at the 2005 Museum of
Television and Radio Gala, at the Waldorf-
Astoria in New York attended by more than a
thousand industry leaders and celebrities.

To the general public, he’s simply Merv--the
most approachable, warmest and fun-loving
combination entertainer/entrepreneur of our
times and that genuine consistency comes
through loud and clear on this compilation.
Merv and his long-haired
sharpei dog Charlie Chan
appearance; a very young Denzel
Washington from 1985 who boasts about
the birth of his then four month old first
child/son john David;  
Orson Welles
talking about his life and loves just hours
before his death;
Richard Burton on being
Welsh and being in love with
Taylor; Jerry Seinfeld; talks with
Nixon, Ford, Carter and
Reagan; Totie Fields; Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr.; Robert Kennedy;  Barbara
Walters;  Sophia Loren; Sammy Davis,
Jr.; Tom Cruise; Joan Collins;  Tom
Hanks;  Lee Marvin;     
Schwarzenegger; John Wayne, Richard
Pryor;  Grace Kelly;  Walter  Cronkite;  
Jack Benny;  Don Rickles; Danny DeVito;  
Jerry Seinfeld; Jay Leno, Phyliss Diller;
Tony Danza
, and more.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,  takes
questions from the audience;
Pryor performs in a suit and tie in a clip
from 1966,
Tom Cruise, fresh from Risky
is polite and soft-spoken (he
calls Merv "Sir").

Griffin gives an audio introduction before
each interview on the DVD set.

Merv Griffin is no doubt, "the man".  His
ingratiating knack for putting his guests at
ease strikes a pleasant contrast to today's
interviewing styles and helps explain his
ability to book tough-to-get guests, like the
wonderful Mrs. Rose Kennedy, who talks
about her grandchildren and the
importance of service to the United States
government as re-enforced to her children,
"by me and my husband", she says.

1965 -1986

From 1965 to 1969, "The Merv Griffin
Show" was a 90-minute Group W
syndication. It continued on CBS as a one
hour late night show until the end of 1971,
becoming the first major talk show to
move to Hollywood.

The fifth and final incarnation of "The Merv
Griffin Show" was syndicated by
Metromedia, and remained a favorite until
1986 when Merv decided to end his
23-year run after more than 5,500 shows
and 25,000 interviews.  The show won 15
Emmys during 23 years of high ratings.
Dec 31, 2006 - These 39
episodes (totaling 16 hours, 52
minutes, and originally
broadcast from September 30,
1956 to June 23, 1957) follow
the established formula that
made the series popular, with
The "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 2"
DVD collection - Another Excellent Reason
to Build A "Classic TV On DVD" Library
self-contained tales of murder, suspense,
and intrigue (mostly running about 26
minutes each) based on short stories from a
variety of new and established writers in the
mystery genre.

His birth name is Alfred Joseph Hitchcock,
born August 13, 1899, in Leytonstone,
London, England, UK.  He died April 29,
1980, in LA, California, USA. (renal failure),
and he was 5' 7".  

Alfred Hitchcock was the son of East End
greengrocer William Hitchcock and his wife
Emma. Raised as a strict Catholic and
attending St Ignatius College, a school run
by Jesuits, Hitch had very much of a regular
upbringing. His first job outside of the family
business was in 1915 as an estimator for
the Henley Telegraph and Cable Company.
His interest in movies began at around this
time, frequently visiting the cinema and
reading US trade journals.

The famous Hitchcock profile sketch, most
often associated with "Alfred Hitchcock
Presents" (1955), was actually from a
Christmas card Hitchcock designed himself
while still living in England.

He claimed to have an intense fear of the
police. He cited this phobia as the reason he
never learned to drive; a person who doesn't
drive can never be pulled over and given a
ticket. It was also cited as the reason for the
recurring "innocent man" themes in his films.

He almost never socialized when not
shooting films, with most of his evenings
spent quietly at home with his wife Alma

His nickname was "Hitch - The Master of

Two of his most famous quotes:   "There is
no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation
of it."  and "When an actor comes to me and
wants to discuss his character, I say, 'It's in
the script.' If he says, 'But what's my
motivation?, ' I say, 'Your salary.'"
December 31, 2006 - Raymond
Burr had some good roles in
films, but will always be
remembered for the tough
defense attorney you wanted on
your side in the toughest jam.
PERRY MASON Season One Volume Two
TV on DVD From 1957 - Great Courtroom
Drama - Don't Pass It Up Nov 21, 2006
Barbara Hale was his pretty secretary, Della
Street, who kept Perry human and was
probably, in love with him.

William Hopper was the dapper detective,
Paul Drake. He had a playful and flirtatious
relationship with Della but every viewer knew
that secretly her heart belonged to Perry.

William Talman as D.A. Hamilton Burger was
the perfectly cast guy you almost felt sorry for,
as just when he was ready to gloat over his
victory in court, Perry would spring his client
by revealing the real killer, once again
defeating poor old Burger.

The relationship of these four people made
the mood and mystery of the often gripping
conclusion fun to watch. There has never
been anything close to it in genre on
television since. Its mix of drama, noir, and
humor, and its truly likable characters, made
for terrific viewing.

There were great stories, often taking Perry
out of the courtroom and his office, but always
returning in those final moments of doom for
the real murderer. This is one DVD release
that i
n addition to Volume One, everyone who
loves great television will want to own. Just
hearing that opening theme song will make
you nostalgic.
Don't pass either Voume One
or Volume this one up, they can also be found
in a set of two.
"Dyn-o-mite" GOOD TIMES: THE
Introduces 11-Year-Old Janet Jackson
Available August 23 on  3-Disc DVD from
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
This was the next to last
season for the show.  Join
Evans family for more
laughs and good times with
on DVD Aug 23, from Sony
Pictures Home Entertainment.
Episodes 1-4 deals with child abuse.  Chip
Fields plays the child abusing mother of
Janet Jackson's character. By episode 5
Thelma is fed up with the crowed
apartment living arangements and moves
out.  The season ends with
Willona and the
gang hosting a benefit to help raise money
for  a new day car center with special guest
Gary Coleman. Johnny Brown is
hilarious as Bookman always ready to milk
his lines for humor. Stars are
Walker, Ralph Carter, Ja'Net Du Bois,
BernNadette Stanis, Johnny Brown, and
Janet Jackson. Originally aired 1977.
DVD Features:
Full Screen Presentations 1.33:1; Audio:
English; Episode selections; Run time 607
minutes; 3-Discs set; s.r.p. $29.95.
Created by Normal Lear (All in the Family &
Sanford and Son), in this next to final
season, 11-year-old
Janet Jackson joined
the cast as  Penny Gordon, an abandoned
girl who is ultimately adopted by Willona.  
Also the Evans famly Thelma, JJ and
Michael must learn to live without widowed
mom Florida who has remarried and
moved away.
GOOD TIMES casts were
recently honored by the TV Land
Awards celebrating classic
 Left to right, Michael,
Thelma, JJ, Wilona, Bufallo Butt and
John Amos, known at Dad.