UrbanWorks Entertainment Partners  With  
Award-Winning Playwright  Shelly Garrett  
To Release   Groundbreaking   Stage Play   
LOS ANGELES, CA  February 14, 2006
 UrbanWorks Entertainment (a
premier home entertainment
company), and celebrated
playwright, Shelly Garrett will
release the immensely popular
stage play,
Beauty Shop - The
Original Stage Play
, to DVD
audiences everywhere.

Created by Garrett,
Beauty Shop
was one of the first urban plays to
garner national exposure, with
5 million theater-goers
having seen the production.
The hit play inspired a TV sitcom, “New Attitude,” which
aired in the U.S. on UPN and in the U.K.

The non-stop laughter in  
Beauty Shop action centers
on salon owner Big Mama Lucille and her crew of
outlandish hairstylists.

Although small in stature Big Mama Lucille is big on
personality and attitude.  She runs her salon like the
gossip central it is.  The scandals and surprises in this
hilariously funny production make for sidesplitting  

Shelly Garrett’s Beauty Shop - The Original Stage Play,
available on DVD February 14, 2006 is sure to be a
favorite for those who enjoyed the original stage
production and a whole new generation of home
entertainment and theater enthusiasts.  
DVD Features:
90 Minute Run Time; Audio Commentary with Shelly
Garrett; Scene Selections; s.r.p. $14.99.
1970's Hidden Gem "THAT'S MY MAMA" Starring Theresa Merritt
and Clifton Davis  Seasons I & II -  TV on DVD August 23  From
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment -
Mama Wants the Best For Her Son
'That's My Mama" debuted the fall of 1974 on ABC-TV and
Theresa Merritt as Eloise (Mama) and Clifton Davis as
her son Clifton.

Other cast members include Lynne Moody as daughter Tracey,
Lisle Wilson as Tracey's husband Leonard, Ted Lange,
Theodore Wilson and  Jester Harrison. The show was created
by Dan T. Bradley and Allan Rice.

"That's My Mama" the series takes place in Washington, D.C.
and centers around Mama and Clifton.  You won't stop
laughing at
Mama's quick wit.  "You look lost Clifton" says
mama. "Well mama I think I lost my mind", Clifton responds.  
"Oh I thought it was something important", mama humors back.
Welcome back to Oscar's Barbershop for
Season Two "That's My Mama" where the
hilarious laughs just keep coming..    

Joan Pringle has replaced Lynne Moody in
the role of Tracey, Earl (
Theodore Wilson)
has quit his job at the post office and has
taken up cutting hair with Clifton in the
barbershop, Junior (
Ted Lange) is in
college and oddball neighbor Laura (Helen
"227") is along for the ride.
DVD Features:
Full Screen 1.33:1; Guest appearance from
Judy Pace; Closed Captioned; Run time
312 min; Episode selections; s.r.p.$29.99.
DVD Features:
All 26 Episodes; Guest appearances from Tim Reid, Berlinda
Tolbert and Kim Hamilton; Full Screen 1.33:1; Dolby Digital;
Close Captioned; Run time 602 minutes: Episode selections;
s.r.p. $29.99
The Scary Truth Is Revealed On DVD in "The
Night Listener" Starring Robin Williams
From Buena Vista Home Entertainment
NEW YORK Feb 27, 2007 - In the
film The Night Listener, Robin
Williams stars as the late-night
radio host Gabriel Noone, who
befriends a 14-year-old listener.
The film, which co-stars Toni
Collette and Rory Culkin, is a
psychological thriller based on
the novel by Armistead Maupin.

For years, Gabriel used his own life, and that
of his lover, to weave first-person tales for his
radio show. They're both being HIV-positive
has made them especially poignant for
listeners, but now Gabriel's lover is leaving
him, bringing their story to an end.  

Gabriel's having long chats with the boy on the
phone, and also with his protective foster
mom, Donna (Toni Collette). But something
doesn't quite feel right. Donna and Pete sound
a lot alike, and Gabriel starts to suspect he's
being scammed. The suspicion grows
stronger when he pays them an unannounced
visit and Donna refuses to let Gabriel see the
boy.  Ever-present doubt drives this film,
providing a momentum that carries us straight
through to the fascinating ending - an excellent
example of a psychological thriller that does
not need to rely on physical violence to make
us not only sit up and take notice.
Paramount/CBS TV on DVD
"Criminal Minds" The Complete First
Season   With Shemar Moore
NEW YORK Feb 27, 2007 -
To catch a criminal, you
have to think like one. An
elite group of profilers
analyze the nation's
most dangerous
criminal minds in an
effort to anticipate their next moves
before they strike again, Wednesdays
9pm ET/PT, on CBS.
Drop dead
georgeous, sexy
Shemar Moore
weaves excitement
as Special Agent
Derek Morgan, the  
expert  handling
obsession crimes.
Shemar Moore
photo:  Paramount Home
Moore is known for "Diary of a Mad Black
Woman"; "Soul Train" host, his portrayal of
Malcolm Winters in "The Young and the
Restless" on CBS, for which he won a
Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding
Supporting Actor in a Drama Series 2000.
All the episodes are there. All the subtitles
are there.  All  the laughter is there.  
NEW YORK Feb 27, 2007 -
Martin Lawrence,
Tisha Campbell, Tichina  
Arnold,  Thomas Ford, and
Carl Anthony Payne.  Martin
Payne (
Martin Lawrence) is a
loudmouth with a job on radio.
MARTIN focuses on Payne`s relationship with
his long-time girlfriend Gina (
Campbell) and the wide variety of crazy
friends he surrounds himself with, most of
whom are also played by Lawrence.

His buddies Tommy and Cole are always on
hand to lend support especially when Martin
locks horns with Gina's loud-mouthed
co-worker, Pam.

The first season of the classic Fox comedy
series, MARTIN, arrived on DVD Jan 2, 2007
in a 4-disc set. The DVD features hilarious
bloopers as well as audio commentary by
star Martin Lawrence on some of his favorite
scenes.Then, of course, there's Martin's
overprotective mother, Mama Payne, his
sassy-tongued next door neighbor Sheneneh,
and the overbearing player, Jerome, all
performed by Lawrence himself. Find out
wazzup in the outrageous world of Martin!
RUN’S HOUSE:  Complete Seasons 1  &  2
Decked Out Three-Disc Set Arrives March 20
Just  In  Time For The Third Season
Premiere April 2nd On   MTV
2007 –
 Hip-hop icon  
Reverend Run (Joseph
Simmons) of legendary
rap group Run-DMC   
balances the demands of
family, preaching and the
music business, in  the  
hilarious reality family
from hip-hop moguls  
Diddy and Russell
, debuting on
DVD  March 20, 2007
MTV Home
Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment.  

The three-disc set includes  all 16 episodes from seasons
one and two; includes over an hour of bonus footage  
including interviews,  extended scenes, music videos and
room tours  from “Run’s House: Family  Confidential.”.  

RUN’S HOUSE  Complete Seasons 1 & 2 DVD  will be
available for the  suggested retail price of $39.99.  Season
three will premiere  on MTV  April 2  
Universal Studios Home Entertainment Unleashes
Two Masters of Mystery  & Suspense When Classic
TV Goes on DVD October 9th - Murder She  Wrote
7th Season and ALFRED HITCHCOCK 3rd Season
KANSAS CITY Oct 9 2007 - Fans of MURDER SHE
WROTE will be delighted by the COMPLETE
SEASON 7, which includes some of the best
examples of the show's trademark wit and clever
writing.  The cases continue to mystify right up to
their thrilling conclusions, and Angela Lansbury's
charming charisma has never been more inviting.  The show revolved around
the day-to-day life of a retired English teacher who, after being widowed in her
early fifties, became a very successful mystery writer, starring Golden Globe
winner Angela Lansbury as writer detective Jessica Fletcher in the season that
earned a Golden Globe nomination and two Primetime Emmy Award

The 7-Disc DVD set  first aired the fall of 1990 and includes all 22 episodes
with fabulous surprise guests like Nanette Fabrey, Lyle Waggoner, Abe
Vigoda, Larry Wilcox, Jerry Orbach and Phyliss Newman.  Run time is over 17
Hours, in Full Frame.

Another master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, was as prolific as he was
brilliant, producing not only dozens of award-winning films, but also a few
excellent television series'.
Golden Globe Award for "Television Achievement," was arguably the best of
his small screen triumphs. The show ran from Oct 6, 1957 to June 29, 1958.   

Hosted by the man himself, the series offered viewers short audiovisual
stories on a weekly basis, mixing the genres of horror, drama, suspense, and
fantasy. This DVD set is a terrific package of some of the finest programming
the Golden Age of Television ever produced.
The first two years of the show
are also available in complete season box sets.

Opening episode 'The Glass Eye', has one of those amazing endings that
leaves your mouth open. Catch up with
 ALFRED HITCHCOCK as he narrates
these half-hour thrills and chills and takes us back to a time when classic
television was at its best.  The 5-Disc DVD set includes all original 39
episodes with run-time approximately 17 Hours.

Great programming, no doubt -
ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS Season 3, are available Oct 9th and will
make fans and newcomers rejoice
"REEL INDIES" From Mill Creek Ent.  Brings
Cheap Independent Features to Audiences on
DVD September 25, 2007

Kansas City Sept 24, 2007 - The Reel Indies brand
showcases award-winning features and  documentaries from
edgy and creative filmmakers, that would otherwise not have
been able to get a distribution deal.  Four titles will be
released on September 25, 2007:  "Being Caribou"; "Bombay
Calling", "My Bad Dad" and "An American Messiah", MSRP
$14.98/each DVD.

"American Messiah", a mock documentary story of a man who
thinks he is a messiah - the acting, directing and subject line
stinks.   But "My Bad Dad" - can at least hold your attention.  
Joe's ex-girlfriend dies and her three surviving children
change him from drinking, fighting and womanizing to
accepting parenthood, as he fights for their custody.