A Sassy & Smart Teenage Comedy "SAVED!"          
Debuts on DVD and VHS  Street Date  October
5th        From MGM Home Entertainment
Marvelously Uplifting & Inspiring - Ray Charles
Celebrates a Gospel Christmas with the Voices of
Jubilation Now Available on DVD From Urban Works
By: Gatsby Melodi'
"CLERKS: 10th Anniversary
3- Disc DVD Available Sept 7th
sensations Mandy Moore (Chasing
Liberty), Jena Malone (The United
States of Leland), and Macaulay
Culkin (Home Alone) head an A-plus
cast in the hilarious teen comedy
"Saved!", debuting on DVD
Burbank, CA - Miramax Home
Entertainment presents
10th Anniversary Edition"
, a
stupendous 3-disc DVD set available
on September 7th. "CLERKS" is the
debut comedy from acclaimed
director Kevin
In an exciting move that marked music history,
legendary superstar
Ray Charles was joined by the
world famous 120-member Voices of Jubilation
Gospel Choir of Newark New Jersey for his
first-ever Christmas Music Special, combining
talents in this unprecedented musical showcase
not only to entertain but also to spread positive
messages to a wide audience.
Smith, and now audiences can enjoy two versions
of the film including the extended Sundance Film
Festival version.  
"CLERKS 10th Anniversary
" is jam packed with bonus materials,
including an all new animated missing scene, two
documentaries, the "flying car", short film from
Tonight Show
, original audition tapes, music
videos, all new commentary from Kevin Smith and
much more.

Clerks is the look at one day in the life of Dante
(Brian O'Halloran), a convenience store clerk and
his best friend Randal (Jeff Anderson), a video
store clerk. Both are ambivalent about their
mundane jobs and don't care who knows it.  In
between the comical parade of peculiar customers,
Dante and Randal manage to play roof hockey,
attend a funeral and grab some quality time with
their girlfriends. When it comes to these two clerks,
there's no such thing as a routine day at the office.  
Set in New Jersey "Clerks" is written and directed
by Kevin Smith.
DVD Features:
Running time 92 minutes; 1.85:1 formatted for 16x9
screens; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; French
Language Track available; French & Spanish
Subtitles; Rated "R" for extensive use of extremely
explicit sex related dialogue.
andVHS October 5th, from MGM Home
Entertainment. "A boldly hilarious satire" reviewed
Rolling Stone magazine. It features divine
performances by Patrick Fugit (
Almost Famous),
Heather Matarazzo (
Princess Diaries), Eva Amurri
The Banger Sisters), Martin Donovan (Agent Cody
) and Golden Globe winner Mary-Louise
Parker (
Angels in America).

From the producer of Being John Malkovich
(Michael Stipe of R.E.M.)
"SAVED!"  tells the tale of a
group of outsiders who band together to navigate
the treacherous halls of a Christian high school,
ultimately learning about themselves, finding faith
in unexpected places and realizing what it truly
means to be Saved.

"Good girl" Mary (Malone) and her domineering best
friend Hilary Faye (Moore) start their senior year at
the top of the social structure at American Christian
High School, until Mary finds out she's pregnant.  
Then Hilary and her devoted "disciples" turn against
Mary and the school labels her as an outcast.  It is
as an outcast; however, that Mary finds true friends -
other students the school doesn't quite know what
to do with.  Mary and her new friends band together
to navigate the treacherous halls and make it to
graduation, ultimately learning more about
DVD Features:
Over 16 minutes of never before seen deleted
scenes; Two minutes of bloopers and outtakes;
Characters exposed in scandalous deleted
scenes; Four minute making of documentary;
Feature length audio commentary by Mandy Moore
and Jena Malone; Feature length audio
commentary by director/co-writer Brian Dannelly,
producer Sandy Stern and co-writer Michael Urban;
A hidden feature called "Michael Stipe Wants You
To Be Saved"; Original theatrical trailer; Running
time 92 minutes; 16x9 widescreen format; English
5.1 Surround; Subtitles English, French, Spanish;
Closed Captioned. $26.98 DVD S.R. P.; $27.50
Pre-Order September 7, 2004
What makes this endeavor so special is that the twelve-time
Grammy winner Ray Charles has never performed Gospel music in
a live concert setting before.In this spectacular performance, he
returns to his gospel roots and the music that gave him his start.  
Charles brings his own, unique, jazz/rhythm and blues interpretation
to these immediately recognizable traditional holiday favorites, that
no doubt will touch your soul.

This recording is said to be Ray's last live filmed performance. On
October 29th Universal Pictures will release the big screen bio-pic
"RAY" starring Jamie Foxx in the title role, Regina King and Kerry
Washington. The show includes such holiday favorites as
Christmas Song
(Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire), Little
Drummer Boy
, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Silent Night,
The First Noel
, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Rudolph The Red
Nose Reindee
r, and my two  favorite ''What Kind Of Man Is This',
and '
Satan You're A Liar'.   A portion of the proceeds from this
release will benefit "Save Africa's Children", a non-profit organization
dedicated to building orphanages in Sub-Saharan Africa.

From the man who simply states in his autobiography, "I was born
with music inside me", this monumental performance is certain to
go down in history as one of his most effectively energy driven.
DVD Features:
Full frame, Scene selections; Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1; previews;
Running time is 90 minutes.  S.R.P. $9.99 (VHS) / $14.99 (DVD).
The Urban Contemporary Version of You've Got
UrbanWorks Entertainment
On Sept 7th BEN ALLECK Stars In "JERSEY GIRL" The Funny &
Heartwarming Comedy About A Single Father Forced to Live In the
Present On DVD & VHS From Miramax Home Entertainment
In "MASQUERADE", Joi Scott
(Simbi Khali -
Thin Line Between
Love & Hate
, We Were Soldiers), a
young magazine writer quits her
cushy New York City Fashion
Editor job when she loses a
promotion and her
Miramax Home Entertain- ment presents
"JERSEY GIRL", a touching romantic and star
powered comedy, from acclaimed director Kevin
Smith on DVD and VHS on September 7th.

"JERSEY GIRL" Ollie Trinke (Ben Affleck) is a
smooth and successful Manhattan music
publicist who seems to have it all, when his
cushy New York City Fashion Editor job when she
loses a promotion and her man on the same day.

Her ego crushed, she returns home to Los Angeles
to get her life back on track, being independent, not
seeking shelter with her over-bearing mother (Anna
Maria Horsford -
Friday After Next, television's
AMEN & The Wayans Brothers).

She moves in with her best friend Monica (Kellita
Smith -
The Bernie Mac Show), a sexy female
player.  Along the way she meets Marcus aka
"Miles" (Cress Williams -
Fallen), the man of her
dreams in an Internet chat room.  

False identities and chance meetings lead to
jealousy and confusing circumstances in this
romantic comedy, the urban, contemporary version
of You've Got Mail. It startd in a chat room and
ended in love.
DVD Features:
Scene selections, Interactive menus, Full screen;
Running time 90 minutes.
perfect life is suddenly tragically upended, leaving him as a single
father unqualified for the role. Out of a job and out of luck, he
reluctantly moves in with his father (George Carlin) back home in
Jew Jersey. Something happens several years later, and he begins
to realize that sometimes you have to forget about who you thought
you were, accept who you are, and acknowledge what makes you
happy, it is the honest, heartfelt, and often amusing story about the
man that makes this storyline rich and exciting.
DVD Features:
Commentary with Writer/Director Kevin Smith, Actor Ben Afflect,
Producer Scott Mosier and Special Guest Jason Mewes; 'From
Mallrats to Jersey Girl'; 'The Tonight Show/'s Roadside Attractions';
Behind the scene special; Text interviews with Cast and Crew;
French Language track; Spanish subtitles; Dolby Digital 5.1
Surround Sound; Widescreen 1:85.1 Enhanced for 16x9
Televisions; Cast includesBen Affleck, Liv Tylere, George Carlin,
Raquel Castro, Jason Biggs and Jennifer Lopez, and a cameo
appearance from Will Smith.   Running time 102 minutes.
Leave Room For Surprises in "All About You"
Starring Vanessa Bell Calloway, Debbie Allen,
Adam Lazarrre-White, Lou Myers & Introducing
Renee Elise Goldsberry From UrbanWorks
Entertainment Now Available On DVD & VHS
In "All About You", Nicole Taylor
(Renee Elise Goldsberry)
postpones law school to be with
Robbie (Adam Lazarre-White), the
love of her life.  Ambitious,
intelligent, successful and
irresistible, he was everything she wanted. Until
one night at a party celebrating Robbie’s success,
when she painfully discovered the feeling is not

She is in his eyes, a pit stop on his road map
through life.  She leaves Los Angeles to start a new
life in San Francisco, where she moves in with her
best friend Lisa (Lisa Raye), and gets a job waiting
tables at Toomies, a jazz supper club.

Nicole’s caught by surprise when Lisa leaves for a
month, subletting her room to Brian (Terron
Brooks), Robbie’s estranged younger brother. Brian
has wandered the globe the past few years
escaping the pressures of his family name and all
that comes with it. Forced to share living and
working spaces, Nicole and Brian can’t avoid each
other. As their attraction grows, they are also forced
to deal with their painful pasts to open themselves
to another chance at love

Celebrated by audiences and critics nationwide,
"All About You", is an emotionally riveting romantic
comedy, with fabulous musical performances, that
has garnered several awards including
Blockbuster Audience Award - American Black
Film Festival"; "
Grand Jury Prize - Hollywood Black
Film Festival";
"Audience Choice Award - Chicago
International Film Festival", written and directed by
Christine Swanson, produced by Michael Swanson,
original songs produced by Rickey Minor.
DVD Features:
Widescreen, letter box version, 5.1 Surround sound;
Original Trailer; Deleted Scenes, Commentary with
Director and Produces; Scene selections.  Running
time 100 minutes.
"Keeping Your Head Above Water, Making A Wave When You
 "GOOD TIMES"   Is Back - TV on DVD From Columbia Tristar
Home Entertainment
"Temporary lay-off. Easy-credit rip-offs."
Making ends meet never seemed so
funny as on
"GOOD TIMES". Now you
can share those old-school laughs and
tears all over again in
The Complete Second Season"
, a
deluxe 3-disc set featuring all 24
original network episodes from the
show's sophomore season, digitally
remastered on DVD for the first time.
Dennis Hopper Provokes Terror In MGM
Home Entertainment's Intense Psychological
Thriller "Unspeakable" Arriving On DVD and VHS
October 5th
Oscar nominee Dennis Hopper
stars in the taut, suspenseful
and disturbing psychological
thriller "Unspeakable" arriving
on DVD and VHS on October
5th, from MGM Home
"Temporary lay-off. Easy-credit rip-offs." Making ends meet never
seemed so funny as on
"GOOD TIMES". Now you can share
those old-school laughs and tears all over again in
TIMES: The Complete Second Season"
, a deluxe 3-disc set
featuring all 24 original network episodes from the show's
sophomore season, digitally remastered on DVD for the first time.

Depicting the daily struggles of the poor but proud Evans family,
run with a strong hand by iron-willed mother Florida
(Emmy-winning Esther Rolle), and hard-working father James
(John Amos), with wise-cracking kids J.J. (Jimmy Walker),
Thelma (BerNadette Stanis), and Michael (Ralph Carter), plus
sassy neighbor Willona (Ja'Net DuBois), the Golden
Globe-nominated hit series is strikingly crisp, clear, and remains
one of TV's enduring legacies. Look back 30 years, and recognize
where the world of today came from.
DVD Features:
Full screen 1.33:1; Color, English; Closed Captioned, Dolby
Digital, Approximately 600 Minutes on 3-Disc.
Filmed in a real prison, "Unspeakable" explores
the depths of a serial killer's mind as he faces
death by electrocution.  As a warden of the prison,
Hopper delivers "one of his best" performances
alongside screen veterans Lance Henriksen (
vs. Predator
), Jeff Fahey (Body Parts) and Dina
Meyer (
Starship Troopers).

Against the advisement of the prison warden
(Hopper), a psychologist Diana Purlow (Meyer)
attempts to map the mind of serial killer Jesse
Mowat (Pavan Grover) and discovers images so
twisted and horrific, she can't begin to explain them.
But when Mowatt later escapes death from the
electric chair and begins a lethal rampage, she is
faced with a terrifying question - Is he merely a
talented serial murderer, or something far more
"This movie will grab you" says
Film Flash Radio.
DVD Features:
Over 10 minutes of never-before-seen deleted
scenes; Extended Gory Scenes-over four minutes
of some of the most bloody and gruesome images
ever caught on film; Two frighteningly funny
outtakes; original theatrical trailer; Running time
109 minutes; 16x9 Screen Format; English 5.1
Surround; Subtitles English, French & Spanish;
Closed Captioned;
Pre-order Date August 24,
$25.98 DVD S.R.P. and $27.50 VHS S.R.P.
"The Best of The Steve Harvey Show" Now Available on DVD From
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
BET Presents "AFTERALL" With Holly Robinson
Peete, Hattie Winston, Michael Warren, & Kellie S.
Williams - On DVD & VHS From UrbanWorks
This collector's DVD features the five
highest-rated episodes of
"The Steve Harvey
starring Steve Harvey (The Original Kings
of Comedy
, TV's "It's Showtime at the Apollo")
and "Cedric The Entertainer" (
Barbershop, TV's
Cedric The Entertainer Presents").
When an ambitious broadcast
reporter who refuses to let anything
or anyone disrupt her dream of
becoming an anchorwoman
Harvey steals the show as Steve Hightower, former '70s R&B star
who lands a music-teacher gig at a tough urban high school with
the help of coach Cedric Robinson (Cedric).

Named Vice Principal, Steve woos Principal Regina Grier (Wendy
Raquel Robinson,
Two Can Play That Game) and clashes with his
secretary Lovita Jenkins (Terri Vaughn,
Friday).  Showing who's in
charge with his unorthodox approach, Steve discovers a new groove.

Packed with hysterical high jinks,
replays all your favorite moments from this
award-winning hit series, showing why Steve and Cedric are two of
today's hottest comedians.
DVD Features:
"That's My Mama"
-Steve fools his mother (Isabelle Sanford) into
believing he's dating Regina;
"Welcome To Bernie's"-The faculty
learns "self-help" can be hazardous to your health;
-The faculty is forced to attend Lovita's computer course;
"Little Stevie Blunder"-Steve pretends to be blind to impress a
beautiful stranger;
"My Whole Left Side"-Steve hits the roof when
Grandma Puddin' (Cedric) pays a visit; Digitally Mastered Audio &
Video; Full Screen; English Dolby Surround; Episode Selections;
Trailers. Approx 140 minutes.
meets a headstrong cameraman their stormy
relationship pushes her to a major turning point in
her life. Instead of just covering a news story, she
finds herself totally involved and fighting to stop
corruption in a housing project in the old South
Central neighborhood she worked so hard to move
away from.
DVD Features:
Scene selections; Interactive menus, Full frame,
Preview, 5.1 Simulated Surround sound; Running
time 95 minutes.
"Ballers: Street Dreams of the Rich and
Famous" Street Date Sept 28th   On DVD
SRP: $14.99
From UrbanWorks Entertainment
The most powerful players in
the Hip Hop Game share their
secrets and intimate thoughts
like never before! This highly
anticipated documentary was
created by music industry veteran Tony Dofat
and co-produced by Heavy D. Exposed for the
first time are insightful perspectives on the
evolution of the rap music genre. Candid
conversations with the top record execs,
agents, attorneys and the artists themselves,
chronicle the rise from the streets to the

Featuring P.Diddy, Russell Simmons, Damon
Dash, Redman, Method Man, Heavy D, Andre
Harrell, Dave Mays, Kid Rock, Erick Sermon,
Took Da Boss,  Timbaland, FUBU, Freddie
Foxx, Dave Mays, 8 Ball, and more.

China Vision Films presents "Ballers: Street
Dreams of the Rich and Famous", written,  
directed and executive produced by Tom Dofat.
DVD Features:
2-Disc DVD; Bonus music videos &
performances from Fuff Ryders, Luke, Trick
Daddy, Juvenile, Master P, XZIBIT & Shag;
Running time 90 minutes.
He Got Everything He Wanted By Giving Up
Everything He Loved   
"RHAPSODY"    Starring   
Lisa Raye, Wood Harris & Gina Ravera On DVD
From Urban Works
Cool, sexy and crazy in love, record
producer Dollar Bill (Harris) and
his girlfriend Lenore (Ravera)are
caught up in a whole new world of
Hollywood superstars, hot cars,
and expensive champagne.
Bill has to deal with overwhelming pressure and
threats from his record company coupled with
record producers and industry insiders dissin' him,
he begins to crumble under the unfamiliar
pressures of fame fearing that his true inspiration
to make music is gone forever
DVD Features:
Scene Selections; Behind the scenes footage,
Interactive mens; Running time 95 minutes..
A  Who-Done-It?  Movie With More Twists and Turns Than A
Winding Staircase   
 "SKIN DEEP"      
It's Amazing How One Small Thing Can Set Off Such An
Interesting Chain of Events - From Urbanworks
In a world of sex, love, race and betrayal, not all
suspects are created equal. Anthony (Mailon
Rivera) appears to be living the American dream.
He has a successful career, lovely home,
beautiful wife and sexy mistress, but the reality
that Anthony faces lurks beneath the surface, his
detached wife Victoria (Kristen Shaw) has lost
FOX Home Entertainment Strikes Up the Band
with Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Ethel Merman, in
Irving Berlin's
 DVD Sept 7th
Obba Babatude, Shanice Wilson, Tavis
Smiley, Kirk Taylor, Tamara Taylor & Tico
Wells Star In "One Special Moment"
Available on DVD & VHS From UrbanWorks
interest in sex, his emotionally unstable love interest has become
more demanding (Debra Wilson -
"Saturday Night LIVE", and his
best friend Michael (Steve White) constantly accuses him of
selling out.

Anthony's world spirals out of control when Michael and his
free-spirited wife Sarah (A.J. Johnson) come over for an afternoon
of drinking and hot tubbing. What begins as a normal day,
amongst friends, turns to tragedy when one of the women is
found dead, setting off a series of events fueled by prejudice and
paranoia that will destroy all of their lives.

"SKIN DEEP" stars Mailon Rivera, Steve White and Debra
Wilson.  It is an Official Selection of the 2003 Chicago
International Film Festival and Winner of "Best Film" and "Best
Actor" at the American Black Film Festival.
"SKIN DEEP" is a
compelling, fast-paced thriller that relentlessly draws you into an
intricate web of danger and deceit.

Screenplay by Sacha Parisot and Ken Parn, directed by Sacha
Parisot, A Curve of Happiness Partners production, and a Sacha
Parisot film.
DVD Features:
Widescreen 5.1 Surround sound; Scene selections; Previews;
2-Full length audio commentaries; Running time 90 minutes.
Century City, CA - The joint will
be jumping on Sept 7, 2004,
when "
debuts on
DVD as the latest addition to Fox
'One Special Moment" -  He's
cool, hot, and oh-so fine.
Sterling Hamilton (Kirk Taylor -
School Daze) is a Hollywood
Action-Adventure film superstar.
He's got the upscale crib, the
fancy rides, all the women he
Home Entertainment's Studio Classics line of
digitally enhanced and restored DVD's.

An all-star ensemble cast including such
legendary performers as Tyrone Power, Alice
Faye, Ethel Merman, Don Ameche, Jack Haley,
Jean Hersholt and John Carradine headline this
magnificent and musical film co-written by
master composer Irving Berlin, following the
story of a music man Roger Grant (Power) who
shakes up San Francisco society in 1915 when
he pursues the new ragtime beat instead of
more classical, "dignified" fare. The toe-tapping
film won the Ocsar for
Best Music Scoring in
1938, as well as received an Academy Award
nomination for
Best Song with Irving Berlin's
'Now It Can Be Told."

From acclaimed director Henry King (The Song
of Bernadette
, Carousel) and boasting four
additional Academy Award nominations for
, Best Art Direction, Best Editing and Best
, Original Story.

DVD, featuring deleted scenes, a still gallery,
optional commentary, a special biography on
Alice Faye, theatrical trailers of upcoming Studio
Classics releases
and more, which is available in Full Screen Black
& White aspect ratio 1.33:1. The  DVD will be
priced at just $14.98 U.S./$16.98 Canada.
can handle, but what he really wants, is a
family.  Following the advice of his manager
(Obba Babatude -
The Jackson's, John Q, How
, Broadway's Dream Girls), he holds a
contest offering one million dollars to the
perfect woman who will have Sterling's baby.  
High school teacher, Colby Watson (Tamara
Taylor -
Party of Five) catches Sterling's eye,
and he want to get with her, but she rejects
him as a shallow Hollywood player with all his
violent movies and actress girlfriends. Now
Sterling has got to convince her that despite
the way things look, he's the real deal, in the
Urban drams, starring Kirk Taylor, Tamara
Taylor, Tico Wells, Michelle Griffin, Shanice
Wilson, Obba Babatunde, Tavis Smiley.

"One Special Moment" is written by Kevin
Harold Davis and Dwayne Robinson, Directed
by Nelson George, music is by James Mtume.
DVD Features:
Scene selections; Behind the scene footage;
Interactive menus; Full screen; Dolby Digital,
Running time 90 minuts.
The closer you are - The more dangerous it gets  "INTIMATE
BETRAYAL" Now On DVD & VHS - A BET Movie From Urban
Works Entertainment
Starring Monica Calhoun (The Players Club)  as
(Reese Delaware), an aggressive magazine
reporter who is thrown into the treacherous world of
high tech industry after the mysterious death of her
computer whiz brother. The search for his killer
leads her into a love affair with the prim suspect.
UrbanWorks Presents Classic Cinema
"Look Out Sister", "The Proud
"Paradise In Harlem"   &
"Jericho   Pre Book Now Street Date - Oct
12DVD Pricing (2 discs) - $14.99
All clues point to (Maxwell Knight), brilliantly played by Khalil Kain
Tiger Woods Story), the handsome high tech millionaire and her
brother's boss, who shows up at her door and tries to convince
her of his innocence.

During the visit he turns up the heat and seduces her.  Is it a
sinister plot to try and deceive her, or is he sincere - you decide!

Ignoring warnings from the police and faced with her own
lingering doubts, she won't stop seeing him until she finds out
the truth, in "INTIMATE BETRAYAL" based on the novel "Intimate
Betrayal" by Donna Hill, screenplay by Chuck Cummings and
Diane Wynter. The film is directed by Diane Wynter and
executive-produced by BET Founder Robert L. Johnson, Debra
Lee, Roy Campanella, II and Njeri Karago.
DVD Features:
Scene selections; Behind the scene footage; Running time 90
minutes; Dolby Digital; S.R.P. $9.99/DVD $14.99.
UrbanWorks Entertainment  
presents four classic films
which highlight the great
richness of African-American
"RITUAL" A Powerful Psychological
- On DVD & VHS -Pre Book: 9/13,
Street Date: 10/26  $14.99/DVD $6.99
/VHS    From Urban Works Entertainment
Gotham Entertainment and
the Raslan Company of
America present
powerful psychological
drama written and directed by
Stanley Bennett Clay, based
on his award-winning stage
Paradise in Harlem (1939) features
exhilarating song and dance numbers by
Harlem greats Mamie Smith, Juanita Hill, and
Lucky Millinder, and stars Frank Wilson as an
actor who is forced to flee town after
witnessing a mob hit, but risks everything to
return to fulfill his life long dream of becoming
a Shakespearian actor.

Look-Out Sister (1947) is an infectious
Western Musical featuring the talents of Louis
Jordan, the legendary musician who has
been cited as the influence of musical icons
such as Ray Charles, Etta James, and B.B.

In Jericho (1937),  Paul Robeson plays the
title character, a medical student who is
drafted into the army at the end of WWI.  When
Jericho accidentally kills the highest ranking
officer in his unit during a torpedo attack, he
escapes impending captivity and travels to the
Sahara desert where he befriends the local
people, healing the sick and becoming the
respected and beloved leader of the Arab

The Proud Valley (1940), Paul Robeson stars
as David Goliath, a young man with a beautiful
singing voice who is called upon to make the
ultimate sacrifice when disaster threatens the
pit in his Welsh coal mining community.
play.  "RITUAL" stars Clarence Williams III
(The General's Daughter), Denise Nicholas
(CBS-TV In The Heat of the Night), Angelle
Brooks (The VIPs), and Shawn Michael
Howard (Above the Rim).Leon Becker
(Clarence Williams III) is a successful and
wealthy Malibu attorney and the patriarch of
a seemingly perfect and harmonious
family.  Leon sees his brood not only as the
pinnacle of personal achievement, but also
as an example to all that the great
American Dream is attainable, even if you
are Black.

Underneath the surface, the Beckers are a
family in crisis. Leon is completely
oblivious to the trials and tribulations that
exist in his home and is equally detached
from his ethnic soul.

Wife and mother Sylvia (Nicholas) is on the
verge of alcoholism and is threatened by
her daughter Teresa (Brooks), a cunning
"Electra" who seems to want to replace her
in the house and, perhaps, the bedroom.

The Becker's brooding son Mason
(Howard) drops out of his Ivy League
school and returns home to confront his
family's problems. Yet, all these trials-by
fire are the challenges along the path to
survival for this American family.              
BET Presents The Suspense Drama "Playing With Fire" - Starring
Vanessa Williams, Tangi Miller & Mel Jackson Now Available On
DVD & VHS From Urban Works Entertainment
EVERYONE HAS A PRICE.   In "Playing With Fire",
Riana Robert (Vanessa Williams) is an
over-protective woman who tries in vain to save her
younger sister Camille (Tangi Miller) who has,
along with her lover, stolen a priceless solid gold
African artifact from Ghana.
With the Ghanaian consulate and U.S. Customs hot on her trail,
Camille faces extreme danger as she plans to double-cross her
lover and keep all of the money for herself.

BET Pictures presents the Directors' Circle Filmworks
Production, a film by ROY CAMPANELLA II, starring Vanessa
Williams, Tangi Miller and Mel Jackson, introducing Sean
Blakemore as Eric.  Screenplay by Christopher Lucien Koefoed,
produced and directed by ROY CAMPANELLA II.
DVD Features:
Scene selections; Interactive menus; Full frame; Trailers; 5.1
Simulated Surround Sound; Genre: Romance/Drama;Running
time 90 minutes.
Dimension Home Video Presents "TRACK DOWN" - the
Intense, High-tech Crime Thriller on DVD September 28th -
Starring Master P
How Can Love Be Hot & Cold - The NAACP Image
Award Nominee "FIRE & ICE" Starring Lark
Voorhies, Kadeem Hardison, Tempestt Bledsoe &
Glynn Turman Availale Now On DVD & VHS From
UrbanWorks Entertainment
BURBANK, Calif, Dimension
Home Video presents  
the intense, high-tech
crime thriller about the capture of
America's most notorious
computer hacker, on DVD
September 28.

Based on a true story,
stars Skeet Ulrich
"Scream") as Kevin Mitnick, a
computer expert whose renegade
A woman in the limelight wants a life
of her own. Beautiful and successful
Holly Aimes (Lark Voorhies), is the
daughter of a respected California
Congressman (Glynn Turman), who
is used to being in the public eye.  
Laughter From 1987 -  "Robert
Townsend:Partners In Crime Vol 1"
Featuring Damon Wayans, Keenen Ivory
Wayans, Kim Wayans, Howard Hewitt,
Patrice Rushen & More On DVD From
UrbanWorks Entertainment
Russell Wong (center) as
Tsutomu Shimomura and
Master P (right) as Brad.
“©Buena Vista Home
Entertainment, Inc. All Rights
When an ugly breakup with a famous actor hits
the tabloids, Holly decides to start a new life in
Florida, swearing off men.

On the rebound Holly is being pursued and
romanced by player talk show host Michael
Williams (Kadeem Hardison), whom the
magazines call "the sexiest black bachelor in
America".  As the relationship intensifies,
Michael is faced with the challenge of
persuading Holly to gamble her future on love.

The music is by Patrice Rushen, and the close
out song performed by Shanice, is the icing on a
perfectly delicious cake.
DVD Features:
Scene selections; Behind the scene footage;
Commentary from Kadeem Hardison, Tempestt
Bledsoe and Lark Voorhies, Running time 87
In this one hour program
"Partners In Crime", Robert
Townsend surrounds himself
with classic performances by
comedy giants Keenen Ivory
cyber crimes seemingly cannot be stopped. On his trail is Tsutomu
Shimomura (Russell Wong, "
Twisted," "Romeo Must Die"), a
computer crimes expert who sets out to catch his anonymous foe.
This powerful, riveting drama also stars Donal Logue (TV's
Grounded For Life"), Christopher McDonald ("Spy Kids 2: Island of
Lost Dreams
"), Amanda Peet ("The Whole Ten Yards"), Master P
Hollywood Homicide"), with Jeremy Sisto (TV's "Six Feet Under")
and Tom Berenger (TV's "
Wayans, Damon Wayans, Grammy-
nominated  Patrice Rushen, singer Howard
Hewitt and other surprise guests
masterfullyentertaining using laughter.   
Robert Townsend is regarded by many as
a renaissance man. He is an actor,
director, producer, comedian and writer
with a career that spans over 15 years, and
this DVD successfully exhibits "variety
show host".  A few of his films include “
Five Heartbeats
” and “A Soldier’s Story
directed by Norman Jewison, and
Mighty Quinn”
with Denzel Washington.
DVD Features:
5.1 Simulated Surround Sound; Scene
selections; Full frame; Trailers; Running
Time is 60 minutes
BET Pictures Presents Gary Dourdan & Wendy Davis In the Action
Drama "
Rendezvous"   From UrbanWorks Entertainment
Inadvertently caught up in the ruthless world of
organized crime, Jade (Wendy Davis), a stunningly
beautiful but vulnerable young woman runs for her
life after learning about her late boyfriend's
connections with the mob. In desperation she
seeks the help of her neighbor Jeff (Gary
Dourdan), a handsome and successful artist.
BET Pictures Presents "Midnight Blue"
Success never smelled so good -  On DVD
& VHS From Urbanworks Entertainment
Soon the two of them become entangled in an intimate love affair,
fighting for their lives and a stolen suitcase filled with a million
dollars that belongs to the mob. Will their thirst for money lead to
their downfall or will their twisted love affair prevail?
cast includes Gary Dourdan (TV’s “CSI “, Showtime’s “Soul Food”),
Wendy Davis (TV’s “High Incident”)
DVD Features:
Full Screen; Interactive menus; Trailers; Scene selections; Running
time 95 minutes.
Explosive Action At Every Turn "No
Tomorrow" With Pam Grier, Master P &
Gary Busey From UrbanWorks
Enterainment On DVD Sept 28th
A satirical romantic comedy
about two brothers, Tom
Jordan (Mailon Rivera) the
philandering type and the
other brother Luke (Joseph
C. Phillips) the stable one,
are engaged in a power
The world’s most notorious
criminal strikes a deal to
execute a multi million dollar
arms deal. As word spreads
among the underworld, a big
city mobster, an American
militia force and the FBI get
Newcomer NAKI BROWN Is Hilarious As 'Pancake' In  
With Bill Nunn, Cameron Gipp, Chrystale Wilson,
Comedienne Wanda Smith & More On DVD & VHS From
UrbanWorks Entertainment
By: Gatsby Melodi'
struggle to gain control of the family cosmetic
business and the love of the marketing
director (Angelle Brooks) of the company. A
jilted lover manipulates all three in a game
where only she knows the rules.

"Midnight Blue" cast includes Angelle
Brooks, Joseph C. Phillips, Reynaldo Rey,
Ellen Cleghorn, Roy Fegan, Bobbby McGee,
Meta Golding, Bennet Gullory, Renee Hughes,
Jimmy Woodard and Mailon Rivera.
DVD Features:
Full screen; Scene selections, Interactive
menus, trailers, 5.1 Simulated Surround
Sound; Running time 90 minutes.
involved blurring the lines of loyalty and
trust. Once the deal is in place it’s clear that
no one can be trusted and all sides have
been played for fools.
DVD Features:
Full Screen; Runnig time 99 minutes.
"Groupies" is a comedy taking you through
the highs and lows of the loves and losses of
three beautiful young women trying to make it
in the entertainment industry.
Video show host Mia Moore played by Chrystale Wilson
The Players Club, Trois), is stuck with a dead end job and
is forced to take in a roommate to pay the bills. Pancake
played by newcomer Naki Brown is that roommate, and the
fun begins. Derrick Lassten, played by Bill Nunn has a
possible job offer for Mia as an on-air entertainment
journalist for a program called "Backstage Entertainment".  
Mia takes the job, meet and falls in love with one of the top
paid rappers, but Pancake can't keep her big mouth shut
and things happen.

"Groupies" is a Porchmonkey Production, story and
screenplay written by Chrystale Wilson, and directed by Fred
Dresch.  While the script is excellent, and the casting is
superb with Naki Brown at the top of the acting
performances, unfortunately this DVD is often too  dark to
make out on the screen who is speaking.
DVD Features:
Full frame; Menu selections; Running time 90 minutes..
BET Presents "Journey In Black With
Bussell Simmons" On DVD From
Urbanworks Entertainment
Russell Simmons is the
master visionary whose
unlimited dreams has long
shaped and been on the
cutting edge of Hip-hop.
Simmons realized early that
Hip-hop’s appeal could cut
BET Presents "Journeys In Black With Rev.
Al Sharpton" On DVD From UrbanWorks
Where there are civil
injustices most often there is
Al Sharpton. Often criticized
and ridiculed but never
ignored, Sharpton resides on
the forefront of the modern
civil rights struggle.
across geographic, ethnic, and
classboundaries and that Hip-hop would
evolve from its roots of Deejays, MC’s,
graffiti and break dancing in the streets of
New York into a culture within itself.
Russell created business and
entertainment franchises Def Jam
Records, Def Comedy Jam, Def Poetry Jam
and Phat Farm clothing. BET’s Journeys In
Black gives Russell the stage to share with
you his opinions and philosophies on Hip-
hop, fashion and business.
DVD Features:
Full Screen; Running time 45 minutes.
His brash and fearless rhetoric was
developed at an early age as a child preacher
on the streets of his native Harlem, N.Y. With
his trademark hairdo and controversial public
image, Sharpton has been a major force in
civil rights and politics. In fact, in New York City
he has the power to sway political elections at
all levels from the city council to the President
of the United States. BET’s Journeys In Black
gives you a glimpse inside the man who has
worked his whole life to correct the injustices
afflicted upon the poor and uninformed
members of society.
DVD Features:
Full Screen; Running time 45 minutes
Directed by SPIKE LEE      Adapted By Roger Guenveur
 From His  Original Stage Play
"A Huey P. Newton Story" - Winner of the Peabody Award On
DVD & VHS From UrbanWorks Entertainment - Without the
Struggle There Is No Life
A Huey P. Newton Story, is an intimate
portrait of Huey P. Newton, the late
co-founder of the Black Panther Party.
Director Spike Lee and Roger Guenveur
Smith collaborate for the 7th time to bring
Newton's thoughts, philosophies, history and
flavour to life.

Adapted from Robert Guenveur Smith's
Award winning off- Broadway
performance of the same name,
Spike Lee
"Journeys In Black  
From UrbanWorks Entertainment
"Commitments" - The choices we make
are what we become - A Love Story You
Will Recognize In This Fast Paced World -
Now On DVD & VHS From UrbanWorks Ent.
Lawyer, lecturer,
philanthropist, talk show
host and best selling
author. Johnnie Cochran,
best known for
representing high profile
clients O.J. Simpson,
Fox Giovanni (Victoria
Dillard), a successful and
dynamic stock trader on Wall
Street, suffers a severe heart
attack and must take six
weeks off from her
high-powered lifestyle.
brings the play from the stage to the screen as only he could.  Shot
before a live audience, Spike Lee uses his signature mixture of film
and archival footage, to capture Newton's "inner mind." Roger
Guenveur Smith is in the title role.

"A Huey P. Newton Story" film, is complemented by period material
and original compositions from sound designer Marc Anthony
Thompson, who received an Obie and Audelco Award for his work.
Accompanied by an outstanding performance, starring and written
by Roger Guenveur Smith, Nominated for two NAACP Image Awards
and for winning the Peabody Award. This film is a piece of history
that will bring the meaning to "Without Struggle There is No Life".
DVD Features:
Full screen; Running time 90 minutes.
Sean "P-Diddy" Combs and Snoop Dogg,
began his career in Los Angeles as a
deputy attorney for thecity's criminal
division. He started his own practice and
became one of the most successful and
respected lawyers in the nation, winning
civil rights and criminal cases against the
powerful Los Angeles Police Department.
BET's Journeys In Black gives you an up
close look at one of the most brilliant legal
minds of our generation.
DVD Features:
Docementary; Full screen; Running time 45
She takes her break at the home of her foster
mother Willow (Virginia Capers)  in Slumber,
North Carolina, where she meets the
handsome and sexy Van Compton (Allen
Payne). Will she accept the possibility of true
love for the first time in her life?
DVD Features:
Full frame; Scene Selections; Behind the
scene footage; Interactive menus; Running
time 93 minutes; S.R.P. $19.98 (DVD)
$14.98 (VHS).
The 80 Million Dollar Box Office Hit "MAN ON FIRE"
and VHS Sept 14th From Fox Home Entertainment
From 1987     EDDIE MURPHY: RAW Uncut
& Uncensored - - Shows Eddie Murphy
Doing What He Does Best
Now Available on DVD & VHS From
Paramount Home Entertainment
Century City, CA - Revenge is a dish best served
smoldering when one of the most intense action
films of the year,
"MAN ON FIRE", makes its DVD
and rental VHS debut September 14, 2004 from
Fox Home Entertainment.  Ranked top of he
charts by Q-Scores, as one of the nation's
favorite male movie stars, Academy Award
winning actor
all-star cast including fellow Academy Award
winner Christopher Walken
(The Stepford Wives)
The record-setting
number one concert
shows Eddie
Murphy doing what he
does best: making
people laugh.  Filmed
live at New York’s Felt
Forum, Murphy delights,
shocks, and entertains
Dakota Fanning (The Cat in the Hat) and Marc Anthony in the $80
million box office hit that critics laud as "magnificent", "A thriller that will
keep you on the edge throughout!" said (WGN-TV).

Washington delivers an unforgettable performance as a burned out ex
CIA agent hired to be the bodyguard of a precocious child, but loses
her to kidnappers.  

Directed by action-master Tony Scott (Top Gun, Days of Thunder,
Enemy of the State), "MAN ON FIRE" unleashes a powerful in your face
drama of a bodyguard and his vow for revenge.  Fox Home
Entertainment will release "MAN ON FIRE" on rental VHS, as well as a
single disc Widescreen DVD available for the suggested retail price of
$29.98/$41.98 Canada.
DVD Features:
The dual layered DVD is available in widescreen format with DTS,
Dolby Digital 5.1 audio feature and Spanish subtitles.  Special features
include commentary by director Tony Scott, producer, screenwriter, and
actor commentary by Lucas Foster, Brian Helgeland and Dakota
Fanning, and inside looks at upcoming Fox theatrical releases "
Hide &
" teaser and "Taxi". Running time 146 minutes.
with celebrity impersonations, observations
on ‘love, sex and marriage in the 80’s, a
remembrance of Mom’s hamburgers and
much more.
DVD Features:
Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9
televisions; Dolby Digital English Surround;
sub-titled in English and closed-captioned
for the hearing-impaired; Running Time 90
minutes;  DVD S.R.P.: $14.99 (C$17.99 in
Afro American Syndicate HOMEPAGE