Bring the Innocence of Television Back
With --  The Complete First Season:
"WHAT'S HAPPENING" Now  Available On
DVD From Columbia TriStar Home
Entertainment -
Nice  Clean  Fun
Get Ready to Laugh 'Til It Hurts With
"What's Happening:The Complete
Second Season" -
October  5th From Columbia TriStar
Home Entertainment
Now Available On DVD - A Love
Story So Engrossing You Won't
Want To Miss One Second
Vanessa Bell Calloway & Clifton
Powell From Urban Works Enter.
All Your favorite characters
are back for more - best
friends Raj,
Rerun and
Dwayne; Raj's
smart-mouthed little sister,
Dee; Shirley, the waitress
at the local soda shop;
and of course Raj and
Mama. All 22
episodes from the show's
"Hey HEY hey!"      It's
What's Happening!!, the
funny, funky
comedy classic featuring
high-school pals Raj,
Dwayne and
Rerun, Raj's
bratty little sister Dee,
Shirley...who serves up
snacks and snaps, and
Mama - who's always got
The life of a
successful novelist
(played by
Bell Calloway)
begins to unravel
when the IRS
threatens her with
the possibility of
serving jail time for
tax evasion.
the last word! You'll get the complete hip, hilarious
first season - jam-packed with your favorite people
and the funniest moments. They're all here in 21
great episodes - from
Rerun's dance moves to Raj
and Dwayne's crush on the same girl, from Dee
running away to
Shirley getting fired from the soda
shop and much, much more. So dig out your
bell-bottoms and rainbow suspenders, comb out
your Afro and laugh again and again with these
old-school friends as you remember
DVD Features:
3-Disc: Full Screen 1.33:1 Presentation;  
Languages: English (Mono);  Stars: Danielle
Spencer, Ernest Thomas,
Fred Berry, Haywood
Mabel King, Shirley Hemphill; Running
time 520 minutes; Special Guest Stars Rosiland
Ted Wilson and many more.
second season are here, with guest stars like Irene
Cara, Tim Reid and the Doobie Brothers. Bust a gut
Rerun joins a lettuce-worshipping cult, Raj tries
to impress a model, and Dee wrangles a chocolate
cake and new skates from her sympathetic family
and don't miss
Dwayne's hilariously bad
performance of "Handyman" as part of a school
project. The '70s are back and funnier than ever. All
the laughs you remember - and some you probably
forgot - are here in this outrageous old-school
DVD Features:
3-Disc Set; Full Screen 1.33:1; English; Dolby
Digital; Stars:
Danielle Spencer, Ernest Thomas,
Fred Berry
, Haywood Nelson, Mabel King, Shirley
She seeks refuge with family and friends and
tries to get her life back on track, but soon
finds that the fame and fortune of her public
life now causes her to do things she never
suspected she was capable of doing. The
movie stars
Vanessa Bell Calloway, Clifton
Powell, Lou Myers, and Kym E. Whitle.
DVD Features:
Scene Selections, Full Frame, Trailers, 5.1
Simulated Surround Sound, Running Time 95
From 1974 "GOOD TIMES" And the Word
"Dyn-O-Mite" Started the Laughs -
Recapture Them on TV On DVD From
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
Newcomer BRIAN WHITE  Delivers
Starpower Opposite
WandaChristine In the Romantic Comedy
"ME & MRS. JONES" Available Now on DVD From
UrbanWorks Entertainment
By; Gatsby Melodi'
'Whatchoo talkin' but Willis?"
A Different Kind of Fun Introduced to
Television In 1978 With
DVD 'The Complete First Season From
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
On September 14th
"GOOD TIMES" was that
rare hit show which was a
successful spin-off from
"Maude", on CBS.  Airing
for 5-highly rated seasons
(1974-1979), the show
altered American's cultural
landscape by tackling
topical, often controversial
issues from a uniquely
"Me and Mrs. Jones" is a touching and refreshing,
original romantic comedy directed by Edward La
Borde Jr, starring    Wandachristine, Victor Williams,
Mel Payne, Michael Sommers,  
Kim Fields, and a very
brilliant, charismatic newcomer
Brian White ("The
"  "Mr. 3000").
Whatchoo talkin' bout,
When pint size
Gary Coleman uttered that
phrase to his TV brother,
played by
Todd Bridges,
audiences were hooked
and a star was born. But
the show's popularity was
based on more than the
rise of the diminutive,
wise-cracking Coleman.
African-American perspective, while delivering
heart-warming laughs.  
 "GOOD TIMES" focused on
a poor, but proud family in the Chicago projects, the
Evans clan headed by James (
John Amos), and
sharp-tongued mother Florida (
Esther Rolle)
struggling against adversity while keeping their
heads held high, stroke a chord with audiences of
all colors.  The trailblazing show also made a star
of jive-talking' comedian Jimmie JJ Walker, whose
catch phrase
"Dyn-O-Mite" became part of 70's pop
culture.  Now sit down and laugh with the entire
family, with "GOOD TIMES" - The Complete First
Season.- Ain't we lucky we got 'em -
DVD Features:
Digitally Mastered Audio & Video; English
2-Channel Dolby Surround; Subtitles: English,
French, Spanish; Episode Selections; Interactive
Menus; Running time 334 minutes
The film is executive produced by  D’Wayne Wiggins, founding
member of the platinum selling
R & B group, Tony Toni Toni, who is
also president of
Grass Roots Entertainment, and scored  the music
for this film.

The movie follows the romantic escapades of Tracy Wainwright
(Brian White) a young graphic artist at an Internet company in San
Francisco, who had been  down on his luck looking for employment,
until Mrs. Jones (Wandachristine), the company’ hard-as-nails CEO,
offered Tracy (
White) a job. There's just one problem, she has
underlying reasonings behind hiring Tracy.    Mrs. Jones has roving
hands all over Tracy's body and behind, takes a liking to him, and
ultimately  Mrs. Jones begins to seduce Tracy, by giving him lavish
gifts and making him her personal love/sex slave, anywhere she

The story takes an interesting turn when Tracy meets the love of his
life, Desiree (
Kim Fields), and ultimately must choose between the
two women.  
"Me and Mrs. Jones" was shot entirely in the San
Francisco Bay Area, which provides a stunning backdrop for this
funny and sexy romantic comedy adventure.  At times the film moves
a little low in adventure, but
Brian White and Kim Fields presence
cancel out all negativity regarding the film.  Grass Roots
Entertainment presents the Afro Flicks film, story by
LaBorde, Jr. and Allen White, screenplay by Allen White.  Running
time is 105 minutes.
"DIFF'RENT STROKES" was a pop culture
phenomenon that broke through cultural barriers as
well. The story of two African-American kids from
Harlem who move to Park Avenue to live with a
wealthy white widower (
Conrad Bain) and his
precocious teenage daughter (Dana Plato) not only
gave audiences lots to laugh about but gave them
something to talk about. Along with their
no-nonsense housekeeper (Charlotte Rae), this
group was anything but average - but they reflected
the changing face of the American family and
brought issues of race and class into households
across the nation. Finally available on DVD, this
3-disc set collects all twenty-two episodes from the
hilarious first season. Now you can experience all
of the fun of
Full Screen 1.33:1 Presentation; English;
Commentary with writer Paul Rubin; Featurette:
Whatchoo Talkin' Bout?; About the Film;  Stars: Gary
Coleman, Todd Brigdes, Conrad Bain, Dana Plato,
Charlotte Rae; Closed Captioned; Color;
Laugh Out Loud  When  "Mean
Girls" Debuts On DVD September
21st From Paramount Home
Written by Saturday
Night Lives Tina Fey,
"MEAN GIRLS" stars
Lindsay Lohan as Cady
Heron, a new student
who is trying to fit in with
a clique of snobby girls
only to find herself
becoming just like them.
Shirley Henderson, Kelly MacDonald, Colm Meaney,
Cillian Murphy &
Colin Farrel Star In MGM Home
Entertainment Critically Acclaimed Dark Comedy
Mary J. Blige In Concert In Your
Living Room - On DVD Oct 26th
"Live From Los Angeles"
In "MEAN GIRLS", 15-year-old Cady’s life
changes as she goes from being home-
schooled in Africa by her zoologist parents to
entering public high school.

The law of the jungle takes on a whole new
meaning as she falls prey to the psychological
warfare and unwritten social rules of teenagers,
forming a friendship with two outcasts.  Cady
soon finds herself invited to join the “in-crowd”
which consists of three girls called the

Once Cady discovers that the Plastics are out to
get her, she decides to turn the entire school
against them, only to find that she has become
a mean girl herself
DVD Features:
Full screen & widescreen format enhanced for
16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital English and
French 5.1 and English Dolby Surround; sub-
titled in English and Spanish and closed-
captioned for the hearing-impaired; Comm-
entary by screenwriter and actress Tina Fey,
Lorne Michaels and director Mark
Waters; 9 deleted and alternate scenes with
commentary by Waters and Fey;  A blooper reel
(“Word Vomit”); Three featurettes: “
Only the
Strong Survive,” “The Politics of Girl World” and
“Plastic Fashion”; Three interstitials· Theatrical
trailer; Running Time 96 minutes;
M.A.P.: $19.95 (C$29 in Canada)                       
SANTA MONICA, CA - A hot-headed cop and a
violent criminal hatch a bizarre kidnapping
plan to reunite two warring lovers in the sexy,
edgy comedy
"Intermission", arriving on DVD
and VHS Oct 19th, from MGM Home
New York, NY - Sanctuary Urban
has announced the first ever live
concert DVD from
Mary J Blige,
titled "Mary J Blige Live From
Los Angeles, capturing the
stunning performance for which
she is known, making it an
Entertainment.  Winner of four IFTA Awards (Ireland's equivalent
Academy Awards), including Best Irish Film, Intermission features
gritty performances by Shirley Henderson (
Bridgette Jones: The
Edge of Reason
), Kelly Macdonald (Trainspotting), Colm Meaney
Snitch), Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later), and Colin Farrell
Alexander).  Touted as "ferocious, fresh and funny" (Leonard
"Intermission" follows an ingenious tale of small town
delinquents, shady cops and warring lovers reunited by a bizarre
kidnapping plan.
DVD Features:
16x9 Widescreen: Rated "R"; English 5.1 Surround; Subtitles
English, Spanish; Close Captioned, Running Time 105 minutes;
Pre-Order Date - September 21, 2004.
essential purchase for music lovers.

Filmed earlier this year at the Los Angeles
Amphitheatre in front of an adoring audience
of over 5,000 fans,
Mary delivers with heartfelt
conviction and compassion, gritty lyrics set to
strong, soulful beats and high energy,
emotion filled performances. Through the
wonders of modern technology like giant
screens showing promo videos for her hits
like 'I Can Love You' and 'Real Love',  
Mary is
reunited with collaborators Lil' Kim and
Notorious B.I.G.

The DVD features 'Love @ 1st Sight', 'It's A
Wrap', and 'Not Today', from her 2003 album
"Love & Life". Then there is 'No More Drama'
and "Family Affair' from her 2002 album "No
More Drama"; and 'Your Child' 'The Love I  
Never Had', 'Love No Limit',  and 'You Remind
Me'  from her earlier projects.

DVD also features behind the scenes
footage from the "Love and Life Tour", as well
as a look behind the scenes on show day.
She bears her scars and shows you the
wounds in repair, a story of an impassioned
performer. Running time 95 minutes, Screen
ratio 16:9, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound.
"BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY: Collector's Edition"
on DVD November 9th from
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
BURBANK, Calif., October 22, 2004 - Miramax
Home Entertainment presents
starring Academy Award(R) Winner
Zellweger (Best Supporting Actress "Cold
Mountain" 2003; "Chicago"), Hugh Grant  ("Love
Actually," "About A Boy") and Colin Firth ("Love
Actually," "What A Girl Wants") on November 9
From 1993 Now Available on DVD for
the First Time November 16 - "The
Pickle" - Starring
Danny Aiello, Dyan
Shelley Winters, Jerry Stiller,
and Ally Sheedy From Columbia
TriStar Home Entertainment
. This new DVD edition features all-new bonus material for the
ultimate version of this hilarious romantic comedy beloved film. Just
in time to celebrate the upcoming sequel, "Bridget Jones: The Edge
of Reason," also starring Renee Zellweger, the BRIDGET JONES'S
DIARY COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVD is the ultimate edition of this
comedy classic. Available for $19.99 (S.R.P.).
From 1969 - Available Now on DVD  
November 16th For the First Time
- Stars Natalie Wood,
Robert Culp, Elliot Gould and Dyan
Cannon From Columbia Tristar
Home Entertainment
"THE PICKLE" Director
Paul Mazursky takes a bite
out of Hollywood with a
hilarious look at the artistic
sell-out. Starring Danny
Aiello, Dyan Cannon,
Shelley Winters, Jerry
Stiller, and Ally Sheedy.  
The Hit Comedy From 1978 Starring Goldie Hawn,
Chevy Chase, Burgess Meredith, Dudley Moore In

"Foul Play"
Available For the First Time On DVD
Paramount Home Entertainment Nov 16th
Culver City, CA - Four-time
Oscar® - nominated
writer/director/actor Paul
Harry and Tonto, An
Unmarried Woman
Enemies: A Love
, Down
and Out in Beverly
) has developed
FOUL PLAY stars Goldie Hawn as sweet,
unassuming librarian, Gloria Mundy.  When
Gloria comes across a plot to murder the
soon to be visiting Pope, she becomes
marked for murder and runs to detective Tony
Carlson, played by
Chevy Chase, for help.
This merciless comedy exposes the underside of
movie land commercialism with a crisp sense of
humor, a knowing edge, and supporting cast
boasting the talents of
Little Richard, Clotilde
Courau, Chris Penn, Spalding Gray, Griffith
Dunne, and Barry Miller.

Harry Stone (Aiello) always dreamed of making
"The Great American Movie." Instead he made
THE PICKLE - a teenage sci-fi flick about a flying
cucumber. Harry just wanted to get out of debt;
and now everyone he's ever known, loved and
neglected is standing in line for tickets. In the
angst-filled hours before the lights go down for
the New York premiere, his mother, children,
agent, ex-wives and girlfriend lend their support in
this high-pressure comedy and Harry has no
choice but to pucker up and laugh along.
DVD Features:
Remastered in High Definition;  Anamorphic
Widescreen 1.85; English Dolby Surround Sound;
Subtitles: English, Japanese; Featurette "
Tales of
the Pickl
e";   Director's Commentary;   Bonus
Trailers; Scene Selections; Running Time: 103
Minutes; DVD SLP: $19.94 DVD.
a keen insider's knack for skewering the
neurotically affluent Hollywood lifestyle.

On November 16, 2004, Columbia TriStar
Home Entertainment will release two
of the best examples of his satirical wit on
DVD for the first time: "

Each is priced at $19.94 SLP, and bonus
features for each include director's
commentary and a new featurette
filmed at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and
Film Institute.

Bob Mazursky's directorial debut stars
Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Elliot
Gould and Dyan Cannon.  It's a lively look at
two couples caught up in the crossfire of
the 60s sexual revolution.  After the ultra
sophisticated couple, Bob, a successful
documentary filmmaker, and his wife,
Carol, attend a secluded therapy group in
Northern California.  Only to observe.  But
then the budding hipster couple
immediately become absorbed by the
therapy and the groovy ideals of swinging
couples, tai chi, emoting, and primal
screams. Can Bob and Carol's new
thinking rub off onto best friends, Ted
and Alice?
Remastered in High Definition;   
Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85; English
Dolby Surround Sound; Subtitles:  English,
Japanese; Featurette "Tales of Bob & Carol
& Ted & Alice"; Director and Cast
Commentary;  Bonus Trailers; Scene
Selections; Running Time: 105 Minutes;
DVD SLP: $19.94 DVD
The two team up to unravel the bizarre murder plot and encounter a
deadly midget, a shadowy albino and a wild swinger along the
way.  In the midst of all that is going on, Gloria and Tony discover
they just might be falling in love.
DVD Features:
Widescreen Version Enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital
English 5.1 and English Mono; sub-titled in English;
Closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired; Running Time: 116
minutes; DVD S.R.P.: $14.99 (C$15.99 in Canada)
Tim Robbins & Samantha Morton Breaks All the
Rules In MGM Home Entertainment's Futuristic
"CODE 46"on DVD and VHS On Dec 28th
Santa Monica, CA - Academy Award winner Tim
Robbins (Mystic River) and Oscar nominee
Samantha Morton (
In America) set off sirens in
the cinematic thriller
"Code 46", debuting on
DVD and VHS Dec 28th, from
MGM Home
Entertainment.  Directed by acclaimed filmmaker
Michael Winterbottom (24 hour Party People),
"Code 46" tells the hypnotic tale of "a sexy and
moving pair of desperadoes" (Entertainment
Weekly), held prisoner in a futuristic society by a
strict code of conduct and class.
Fabian, Tab Hunter, Shelley Fabares and Barbara Eden
Star in the Hippest Surf Flick to Ever Hit the Beach -

-  From Columbia TriStar Home
Entertainment.First Time on DVD January 4, 2005
Culver City, CA  - Widely
considered to be one of the
best of the 1960s surf films,
classic from start to finish.
Directed by Paul McGuigan (The Reckoning) and featuring some of
Hollywood's hottest young stars, including Diane Kruger (
Troy), Rose
Byrne (Troy) and Matthew Lillard (Without A Paddle
), this "classy
psychological thriller" (Minneapolis Star-Tribune) follows a young
man's fixation on finding his girlfriend who vanishes without a trace.

What if the woman you loved disappeared without a word?  Without a
trace? How far would you go to find her again? When Matthew
(Hartnett) glimpses his lot love (Kruger) in a crowded cafe', he's
determined not to lose her a second time. But determination soon
turns to obsession, as Matthew finds himself on a dangerous and
chilling journey, where no one is who they seem, and chance meetings
with a sexy brunette (Byrne) might unravel friendships, careers and
DVD Features:
Audio Commentary by Josh Hartnett and director Paul McGaugin; 11
never before seen deleted scenes: "The Jeweler", "The Stairwell", "First
Flashback", "God Is in the Details", "Share A Little Something", We Can
See Each Other', Final Run Through", Photograph", {Phone Cell",
"Daniel" "Breakfast In Bed"; Gag reel; "Against All Odds" music video by
the Postal Service; 33 behind the scenes still photographs; Original
theatrical trailer; Running time 115 minutes; 16x9 Widescreen (2.35:1);
PG-13 for sexuality and language; English 5.1 Surround, French Stereo
Surround; Subtitles Eng, FR, Spanish; Close Captioned. $26.98 DVD
S.R.O.;  $27.50 VHS S.D.P.
Starring teen idol Fabian, Tab Hunter (Damn Yankees!, They Came to
), Peter Brown (TV's "Young and the Restless," "Days of Our
"), Shelley Fabares (TV's "The Donna Reed Show", "Coach") and
Barbara Eden (TV's "
I Dream of Jeannie"), and featuring a surf-tastic
soundtrack by Jan and Dean (who were originally slated to star in the
film), including the title song co-written with Brian Wilson,

RIDE THE WILD SURF is a nostalgic blast back to the time of woodies,
bunnies and beach bums.  Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment will
RIDE THE WILD SURF on DVD January 4, 2005, timed with the
DVD release of Sony Pictures Classics' RIDING GIANTS.

In the spirit of Gidget, the surfin' 60s come alive with long boards,
crashing waves, bikinis and beach parties when Hollywood's
happening jet-set, including Fabian, Tab Hunter and Barbara Eden take
a wet and wild magic carpet ride of adventure in surfer's paradise.  
Here, on Hawaii's famous North Shore, they test their skills, their
competition and their hearts in a tale of daytime pipeline extremes and
nights of cozy
romance and seduction.
DVD Features:
Remastered in High Definition;  Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85;  Audio:
English Mono; Subtitles:  English; Trailers; Scene Selections; Year of
Original Release: 1964; Color / Closed Captioned; Running Time: 101
DVD Order Date: 12/2/04; DVD SLP: $19.94
Quentin Tarantino Presents
International Superstar JET Li In
"HERO" From Miramax Home
Entertainment - On DVD & Video
November 30th
Burbank, CA - Quentin Tarantino,
master filmmaker of such
favorites as "
Kill Bill Volume 1
and 2", and "Pulp Fiction",
The Comedy Starring Jamie Foxx, Gabrielle Union,
Morris Chesnut,
Peter MacNicol, Jennifer Esposito
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
"HERO", the incredible martial arts
adventure, on DVD Nov 30th, starring Jet Li
("The One", "Cradle 2 the Grave" "Romeo
Must Die"), and a huge cast in a visually
stunning epic tale in the tradition of
"Crouching Tiger" and "Hidden Dragon".

Directed by Zhang Yimou ("Raise the Red
Lantern"), HERO debuted in the U.S. as a
#1 theatrical box office champion. The film
won worldwide critical acclaim, and has
was nominated for the 2003 Academy
Award and 2003 Golden Globe Award for
"Best Foreign Film".

This amazing story, based on a famous
Chinese legend of a lone warrior who rises
up to defend an empire. "A Must See" says
People Magazine.
DVD Features:
English, French & Original Chinese with
Eng & Spanish subtitles; DTS 5.1 Surround
Sound; Widescreen 2.35:1, Enhanced for
16x9 televisions; Running time 99 minutes
$29.99 DVD - VHS to Rent; Conversation
with Tarantino & Jet Li
"Breakin' All the Rules" stars Quincy (Jamie Foxx)
is a magazine editor whose life takes an
unexpected turn for the worse when his fiancée,
Helen (Bianca Lawson), decides to give him
some interesting news at their engagement
party -- she's breaking up with him.
Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, James King, Frankie
Faision, Lochlyn Munro in
From Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
When brothers and fellow FBI agents Marcus
Marlon Wayans) and Kevin Copeland
Shawn Wayans) accidentally ruin an
otherwise painstakingly executed drug bust,
getting back into the good graces of
Deeply depressed, Quincy decides to write a book about how to
painlessly break up with someone. The book becomes a smash best-
seller, and his friends begin turning to him for advice on the subject.   

Quincy's cousin Evan (
Morris Chestnut) is eager to call things off with
his girlfriend, Nicky (
Gabrielle Union), and asks him to do the dirty
work for him; however, Evan begins to have second thoughts when he
discovers Quincy has fallen for his girl.  
DVD Features:
Gag Reel; Making of Featurette; Cast and Crew  Commentary; The
newly colorized and completely restored The Three Stooges™ Short
Film "Hoi Polloi"; Widescreen and Full Screen Presentations; Running
time 85 seconds;  S.R.P. $26.96
their boss becomes a high-priority.   With this in mind, Marcus
and Kevin take on a case far beneath their usual standards.  They
agree to escort socialite sisters Brittany (Maitland Ward) and
Tiffany Wilton (Anne Dudek) from a private terminal at JFK Airport
to their hotel room in the Hamptons.

Once there,  it appears that Brittany and Tiffany have been
targeted by a serial kidnapper.

The FBI hopes to apprehend the perpetrator by using the girls as
bait.   The plan may have worked if it weren't for Kevin and
Marcus, who manage to let the sisters in on the secret. : With the
help of an FBI lab scientist, the very much African-American Kevin
and Marcus are  transformed into two white women who pass for
Brittany and Tiffany.

The agents must keep the charade up long enough to lure the
kidnapper, but fooling everyone involved will be the job of their
Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans.
DVD Features:
Widescreen; Dolby Sound; Subtitle Eng & French; Running time
108 minutes; Wayans Brothers audio commentary;
Filmographies- How'd They Do That? - a look behind the scenes
at the make-up special effects used in the film;
A Wayans
Comedy - the idea, process and humor of creating a comedy
Encore: On the Set - behind-the-scenes making-of special
Audrey Hepburn and Peter
O'Toole Sparkle As High Society
Thieves in the Treasured
Romantic Comedy Classic -
DVD From Fox Home
Entertainment Dec 7th
Laughter Is Delivered In Heavy Doses When the 4077th
Reports For Duty In "M*A*S*H" Season Seven On DVD
Available December 7th
Prepare for the return of the surgeons and
soldiers when M*A*S*H Television Series Seven
marches on to DVD, Dec 7th, from Fox Home

Climb into the tent with Hawkyee (Alan Alda), B.J.
(Mike Farrell) and Winchester (David Ogden
Stiers), to relive the laughter and tears of one of
television's most watched programs.
Romantic comedy
lovers will get rich
rewards on December
7th, when "How to Steal
a Million" debuts on
DVD, as the latest
addition to
Fox Home
Entertainment's Studio
Classics line of digitally
enhanced and restored
Winner of 12 Academy Awards, 7 Golden Globes, and 6 Peoples
Awards, the historic series aired from 1972 to 1983, a span
nearly four times as long as the actual Korean War.

The remarkable ensemble cast ledy by Alan Alda, Loretta Swit, Wayne
McLean Stevenson, Gary Burghoff, Larry Linville and Jamie
Farr captivated America - millions were glued to their sets every week
to laugh and cry with the brave doctors, nurses and staff of the 4077th.

A true cultural phenomenon, M*A*S*H continues to attract a huge
audience in syndication, and remains one of the most watched
television series, of all time.
DVD Features:
3-Disc DVD set; Aired dates from 9/18/1978 to 3/12/1979; Running
time 676 minutes;  Eng, Spanish and French Mono Language; Close
Captioned; Subtitled in English and Spanish; Full frame 1.35:; Dolby
Digital 5.1 Surround sound; Includes Emmy Award winning "Inga".
DVD's.  Starring cinematic treasures
Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany's),
and Peter O'Toole (Laurence of Arabia),
alongside an all star cast including
Charles Boyer, Hugh Griffith, and Eli
"How to Steal a Million" delivers
an unforgettable caper from acclaimed
director William Wyler (
Funny Girl, Ben

Following the adventures of a young
woman (Hepburn) who must steal a
statue from a Paris museum to help
conceal her father's (Griffith) art forgeries,
and the handsome career cat burglar
who enlists to help her (O'Toole).  

Audrey Hepburn plays the daughter of a
wealthy Frenchman (High Griffith) who
learns her father creates counterfeit art
and is in danger of being exposed as a
crook. She decides to steal the family's
forged Cellini sculpture from a museum
before experts can examine it.  
DVD Features:
Commentary by Eli Wallach and
Catherine Wyler, producer and daughter
of William Wyler; a special biography on
Audrey Hepburn; Original theatrical trailer;
Widescreen 2.35:1, English Stereo &
Mono; French Mono; Spanish Mono;
Subtitled English and Spanish; Running
time 123 minutes; S.R.P. $14.98 &
$16.98 Canada.
"Ray Charles Celebrates A Gospel Christmas With the
Voices of Jubilation!" In A Deluxe Edition DVD Nov 23d,
From UrbanWorks Entertainment
November 23rd, UrbanWorks Entertainment,
in association with Capstone Entertainment
will mark the DVD re-release  date for the
landmark holiday special
"Ray Charles
Celebrates A Gospel Christmas With the
Voices of Jubilation!"

First released in October 2003, the DVD
captures the 12-time Grammy Award winner
traditional gospel and holiday
music, in a
live concert setting.
In An Industry First - Producers of "24" Create Prequel
to the Next Season's Episodes Which Can Only Be Seen
On the "24 Season Three" DVD From
Fox Home
Enterainment On December 7th
Deluxe DVD Features:
Enhanced audio cd with 2-full length music videos, scene selections,
previews and Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1
Century City, CA - In a home entertainment first,
"24 Season Three" DVS Collection will
feature an exclusive made for DVD prequel,
linking seasons three and four together through
footage that can only be seen on the DVD,
allowing viewers to be the first to discover the
secrets of the highly anticipated new season,
including a romantic interlude between Jack
Bauer (
Kiefer Sutherland), an his new love
interest Audrey Raines
(Kim Raver).
The ground breaking Emmy and Golden Globe winning series starts
ticking December 7, 2004, delivering compelling and addictive action
from the heart pounding show, from
Fox Home Entertainment.

It's been 3 years since CTU agent Jack Bauer thwarted a terrorist
attempt to plunge the US into war. Now he's back in LA, after working
undercover for six months bringing down drug lord Ramon Salazar. But
the FBI receives a phone call threatening the release of a deadly virus
in Los Angeles, if Salazar isn't released from prison within 6 hours.  
Jack realizes the only way to prevent additional terrorist demands is by
breaking Salazar out of prison himself.  Will he survive this day?
DVD Features:
7-Disc Collector's Edition DVD Set; Contains all 24 episodes from 3rd
season; Original extended version Season Premiere; Cast/Crew
Commentary on selected episodes; Over 40 Deleted Scenes; Bonus
7th Disc with hours of exclusive extras; Running time 1064 minutes;
Languages: English & Spanish; Subtitled in English & Spanish; Close
Captioned; Widescreen 1.78:1; Dolby Digital 5.1 channels; S.R.P.  
$69.98 U.S. and $99.98 Canada.
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