The satisfying family picture that we've all been
waiting for -
Comedy On DVD Starring
Lauren Bacall -  Oct 5th From
Paramount Home Entertainment
Don't Miss the Biggest Event In 10,000 Years
Entertainment Thrusts $185 Million Worldwide
Phenomenon Into Full Force On DVD and VHS Oct 5th
Century City, CA - From the director of  
Independence Day, "a stunning
chievement" (NY Daily News),
"eye-poppingly awesome" (Rex Reed, NY
Observer), and "totally cool" (Gene Shalit,
"The Today Show"), Roland Emmerich's  
lands on DVD and VHS Oct 5, 2004, from
Fox Home
"ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS" tells the story of
two siblings who want to reunite their divorced
parents in time for Christmas.  If teenaged Ethan
and his younger sister Hallie put every toy in
Macy's on their Christmas list, it still wouldn't
include what they want most. They want a
miracle - they want their divorced parents back
together.  Christmas is a time for family and in
"ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS", that is all young
Ethan and his little sister really want.  Along with
the aid of their grandmother, the two construct a
plan to get their parents back together.
Entertainment, unleashing its fury of super storms, tornadoes, tidal
waves and lethal ice age.

When global warming triggers the onset of a new Ice Age,
tornadoes flatten Los Angeles, a tidal wave engulfs New York City
and the entire Northern Hemisphere begins to freeze solid.
With lots of humor, heart and yuletide sparkle, the film stars Lauren
Bacall, Thora Birch, Harley Jane Kozak, Kevin Nealon, and Leslie
Nielsen, theatrical release (1991).  

Ethan Randall (Dutch) and Thora Birch (Patriot Games) play the
siblings who come up with a hilarious plan to reunite their parents
(Harley Jane Kozak and Jamey Sheridan). Movie legend
Bacall plays the sympathetic grandmother who assists the kids. And
Leslie Nielsen (The Naked Gun. films) appears as Santa Claus. So
what is the plan? Ho-ho-ho! Aren't you in for a surprise!
DVD Features:
Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital
English 5.1, English and French Dolby Surround; sub-titled in
English and closed-captioned for the hearing impaired; Running
Time 92 minutes; DVD S.R.P.: $14.99 (C$17.99 in Canada)
Now, climatologist Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid),
his son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) and a small
band of survivors must ride out the growing
superstorm and stay alive.

With a domestic box office of over $185
audiences by storm with its jaw-dropping
special effects and depiction of the thrilling
race of escape the worst possible outcome of global
warming. The DVD is packaged with a collectible 3-D
lenticular image and features two separate
filmmaker commentary
Jack Hall (Dennis
Quaid) holds on for
his life as an
Antarctic ice shelf
disintegrates.© 2004
Twentieth Century
Fox Home
"Like an American-century Dostoyevsky, with comp
cocktails" says The Village Voice About  
"California Split" On DVD Nov 2 from
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
tracks, deleted scene, an exclusive DVD-ROM link to an hour long
"Making Of" featurette and more.
DVD Features:
Widescreen and Pan & Scan; S.R.P. $29.98 Us / $26.98 Canada.
deleted scenes, interactive audio demo; English 5.1 Dolby Digital; FR.
& SP. Dolby Surround with widescreen version in 2.35:1 and Pam &
Scan 1.33:1; customer rebate w/DVD; Run time 123 minutes.
Culver City, CA  - At a time when poker has gone main-
stream in a big way, Columbia TriStar Home Enter-
tainment will release one of the greatest poker films ever
made -
CALIFORNIA SPLIT - from one of the greatest
directors of all time, five-time Oscar®-nominee Robert
Altman (The Company, Gosford Park, M*A*S*H, The Player).
The Ten Year Campaign to Destroy Bill Clinton
Available on DVD Sept 28th From Fox Home
Entertainment- A Freightening Documentary
Making its DVD debut on November 2, 2004, CALIFORNIA SPLIT is one of
the most accurate and sympathetic portraits of the poker underworld ever
filmed, and stars Oscar®-nominees Elliot Gould (Bob & Carol & Ted &
Alice, Ocean's 12) and George Segal (The Mirror Has Two Faces, TV's
"Just Shoot Me!").   Scripted by Joseph Walsh (1974's WGA nominee for
Best Comedy).

Bill Denny (George Segal) and Charlie Walters (Elliott Gould) are two
compulsive gamblers with nothing in common except incredibly bad luck.
CALIFORNIA SPLIT follows the underworld adventures of two misfit
compulsive gamblers as they chase down action anywhere they can and
features cameos from some of the greatest players of the game,
including Amarillo Slim Preston.

On DVD November 2 with an all-new director and cast commentary. DVD
special features include audio commentary by Altman, Walsh, Segal and
DVD Features:
Widescreen Presentation;   Remastered in High Definition; English 3.0 /
LCR; Subtitles:  English, Japanese; Director & Cast Commentary; Bonus
Trailers; Scene Selections; Original Theatrical Release: 1974; Rated: R;
Color / Closed Captioned Running Time: 105 Minutes
Century City, CA - An "eye-opening look at how
disreputable characters can impact
government",  acclaimes ( about
documentary that offers a glimpse into the
partisan vendettas and political machinations
behind the nearly 10-year campaign to
systematically destroy the political legacy of the
Clintons.  Arriving on DVD, Sept 28th from Fox
Home Entertainment,
PRESIDENT" uses previously unreleased material, interviews and
shocking revelations from both sides of the beltway, probing work
focusing on the smear campaign against
Bill Clinton from his
gubernatorial days in Arkansas leading up to and including his
impeachment trial.  Kenneth Starr fans, beware.

Harry Thomason and Nickolas Perry's incendiary documentary, based
on the best-selling book by Gene Lyons and Joe Conason,  offers a
glimpse at the genesis of partisan vendettas, and explores the myths
and truths behind the operations to destroy the political legacy of the

Less of an advocacy film, (chronicling 1975-1999), and more of an
alarming treatise on the political power of the media and personal
interests, it contains fascinating and riveting footage including
Isabella Rossellini Stars In MGM
Home Entertainment's Critically
"The Saddest Music In the
- Pre-Order Oct 19 Dark Musical Comedy On
DVD & VHS Nov 16th
President and Mrs. Clinton, James
Carville, Susan McDougal, Jerry Falwell,
Robert Bennett and more.

No doubt we live in one of the most
tumultuous political climates of the
nation's history, a climate where
politicians can be toppled on a whim.  
It's enough to leave even the most
cynical voter asking - "How did this
happen?"  No matter which side you
stand on, this documentary raises
interesting questions that should be
debated and discussed
SANTA MONICA, CA -Isabella Rosellini "glows as
the femme fatale" (E! Online), in the critically-lauded
musical melodrama
"The Saddest Music In the
, chiming onto DVD & VHS Nov 16th, from MGM
Home Entertainment, from director Guy Maddin (The
Heart of the World), "The Saddest Music In the World"
has been called "intoxicating" (TIME), and "exceptional"
(New York Post),   
One of the most wonderfully
adored U.S. Presidents,
William Jefferson Clinton and
his lovely and brilliant wife
Hilary as seen in "The Hunting
of the President".
garnering 3-Genie Awards, and the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival's Film
Discovery Jury Award for Best Director.   

The black & white film is set in Canada during the Great Depression,
and follows the story of a rich beer baroness (Rossellini), who
sponsors a contest for the $25,000 prize to find the world's saddest
tune  As the disturbing depths of the links between themselves, the
baroness and an amnesiac nymphomaniac are exposed. and it will
take more than a pool of alcohol to drown their
sorrows. It features a chorus full of bonus material, including 3-short
films from director Maddin, 2-featurettes, and the original theatrical
trailer, running time 99 minutes
DVD Features:
The speech President Clinton made at the premiere of the movie; the
original theatrical trailer; Widescreen 1.85:1; Full screen 1.33:1;
English Stereo or Mono; French Mono; $19.98 U.S./$25.98
Canada;Running time 90 minutes; Closed-Captioned.
On DVD & Video Oct 5th - The $100 Million Box Office
Hit Is Yours - From Highly Acclaimed
Director/Academy-Ward Winner Michael Moore
FAHRENHEIT 9/11" From Sony Pictures Columbia
TriStar Home Entertainment
Neve Campbell Stars In MGM Home Entertainment's
Sultry, Suspenseful Thriller "LOST JUNCTION" On DVD &
VHS November 9th - A Deadly Dose of Southern Fried
Charm - Pre-Order Oct 12 - Street Date Nov 9
In the most provocative film of the year,
("FAHRENHEIT 9/11") Academy Award Winner,
Michael Moore presents a searing examination
of the role played by greed and oil in the wake
of the tragic events of 9/11.  
Michael Moore
blends captivating and thought-provoking
footagewith revealing interviews while
balancing it all with his own brand of humor
and satire, in
"FAHRENHEIT 9/11".  
SANTA MONICA, CA - Set  against the
steamy backdrop of the American South, a
tale of murder an deception transpires in
Lost Junction, arriving on DVD and VHS
on Nov 9th, from MGM Home
Entertainment, starring Neve Campbell (Scream, Party of Five), as a
sultry southern belle who may have killed her much older husband.  
Lost Junction delves into one woman's deadly secrets during  a
seductive journey through the Southern landscape,  directed by Peter
Masterson (Full Moon In Blue Water), the suspenseful thriller also
features performances by Billy Burke (Wonderland), and Jake Busey
(Enemy of the State).
DVD Features:
Original theatrical trailer; 16x9 widescreen, standard; English, French,
Spanish 5.1 Surround, Stereo Surround and Mono; Subtitled Eng, Fr,
Sp.  $25.98 DVD s.r.p.$27.50 VHS s.r.p.
This is the #1 documen- tary of all time, an entertaining and provocative
film which has exploded from its documentary genre into the
mainstream market.

Keep an ear out for an extensive advertising campaign with eye catching
posters and DVD displays available to increase in-store awareness.
DVD Features:
Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby; Encoding: Region 1 (U.S.
and Canada only); Run Time: 122 minutes;  SRP $28.95/ VHS
Romantically Lush and Seductively Sweet - On DVD &
VHS Nov 2
From Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
Meet The Most Genetically Perfect Alien Hybrid In
MGM Home Entertainment's First-Ever DVD Premiere
Release December 7th -
Will Premiere on Saturday, November 27th at 9PM
ET/PT, Exclusively on the SCI FI Channel
Culver City, CA - "FACING WINDOWS"
(La Finestra di Fronte), the romantically
lush and seductively sweet, critically
acclaimed Italian film will bereleased on
DVD and VHS (rental) Nov. 2, 2004, by
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.
Santa Monica, CA - Prepare to be willing prey
to ultra-sexy extraterrestrials when Species
III, the third installment of the wildly
successful Species franchise, evolves onto
DVD in both unrated and R-rated versions,
and on VHS December 7th from MGM Home

Once again the species strike back. This
time with sultry newcomer Sunny Mabrey
(XXX:State of the Union)as the most
fearsome alien hybrid yet - a deadly alien
offspring of the original species, Eve, played
by Natasha Henstridge (The Whole Ten
Yards).  With a special appearance by
"FACING WINDOWS" was the recipient of five David di Donatello
Awards (the "Italian Oscars"), including Best Actor for Massimo Girotti,
Best Actress for Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Best Film and Best Music, in
addition to being honored as
Official Selection in both the Venice and
Toronto Film Festivals and received awards for Best Actress, Best
Original Story
and Best Song by the Italian National Syndicate of Film

Ms. Mezzogiorno was also awarded
Best Actress at the Bangkok
International Film Festival.

As Dennis Dermody describes in PAPER MAGAZINE, the film is, "an
intensely romantic confection that keeps surprising you with its
insights and loveliness."

Giovanna, though still very young, has been married to her devoted
husband Filippo for 9-years. She divides her time between her job at
the poultry factory, looking after her two children, and baking cakes for
the local cafe, bearing the weight of responsibility on her shoulders.
The strain on Giovanna is increased when Filippo, in his kindness,
brings home a refined elderly gentleman who has lost his memory.

In trying to help this man Giovanna reluctantly spends more and more
time with him, slowly uncovering clues to the mystery of his buried
past: a number tattooed onto his forearm, his expertise in the art of
the patisserie and the name, Simon.

Increasingly irritated by her husband's softness, her fantasies of the
ideal are projected onto the handsome mysterious neighbor whom
she watches in the hope of adding a little excitement to her life.
DVD Features:
Remastered in High Definition; Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35; Italian
Dolby 5.1; Subtitles:  English, French; Previews; Scene Selections;
Theatrical Release: 2004; Rated: R for language and some sexuality;
Color; Running Time: 107 Minutes; DVD SLP: $29.95-VHS: Rental
Sunny Mabrey in
"Species  III"
Copyright ©   
Studios Inc. All
Rights Reserved
Henstridge, Species II also includes gripping performances by
Robin Dunne (The Skulls II), Amelia Cooke, J.P. Pitoc (Trick) and
Robert Knepper (Carnivale"). Featuring eye-popping special effects
and knuckle whitening suspense, Species III is the most jarring,
action-packed chapter in the sci-fi series yet.

Produced by MGM Home Entertainment, Species III will premiere on
Saturday, November 27th at 9PM ET/PT, exclusively on the SCI FI

In the on-going fight for supremacy between mankind and
human-alien hybrids, a fatal hybrid weakness has given humans
the advantage, until now, when Sara (Sunny Mabrey), the daughter
Eve is born. She grows into th most genetically perfect alien form
yet, seeking to repopulate the earth with her kind, this dangerously
beautiful femme fatale has overwhelming desire to mate while a
crack military team trails her in an attempt to end the war between
the two species forever.
DVD Features:
Audio commentary by Robin Dunne, director Brad Turner and writer
Ben Ripley; Behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film;
Production designer Cameron Birnie and Turner provide insight into
set; Visual effects coordinator Greg Tippie and digital effects
coordinator Dennis Berandi featurette; 45 still photos from the film;
original trailer; Running Time Rated 1 Hour 51 min / Unrated 1 Hour
52 min; Widescreen 1.78:1; Subtitles Eng, Fr, Sp.; 5.1 Surround
The Complete Series"  With Never-Aired Episodes
- Available Oct 26th From Fox Home Entertainment
One of the "Original Kings
of Comedy"
Cedric the
Entertainer keeps the
laughs coming fast and
"THE HARVEST" A Violent and Sexy Film That's
Compulsive to Watch - Debuts on DVD Oct 26, 2004
Culver City, CA - Urban legend meets
film noir edginess in writer/director
David Marconi's (Enemy of the State)
thriller, "THE HARVEST", debuting on
DVD October 26, 2004 from Columbia
TriStar Home Entertaiinment.
furious with this off the hook sketch comedy show
sprinkled with hip music and sexy dance numbers.
Along with the beautiful Ced-sation dancers and an
outrageous troupe of fellow actors (which includes
(Wendy Raquel Robinson -
The Steve Harvey Show;
Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Fields), musicains (Rick James, Ice Cube,
Nelly, Bobby Brown) talk show host Montel Williams, and comedians
(Evan Marriott, David Alan Griere, Alfonso Ribeiro), dancer Savion
Glover; Steve Harvey), Cedric invites you to get down with the
velvet-voiced Love Doctor, sling some hash and insults with the sassy
Cafeteria Lady, and the follow the outrageous recipes of Chef
Reverend's favorite good luck.
DVD Includes:
3-Disc DVD Collector's Edition; 22 episodes; 6 never-aired episodes;
Full frame 1.33:1; Subtitled Eng & French; Dolby Digital Surround 5.1;
Running time 572 minutes. S.R.P. $39.98 / $54.98 Canada)
Starring Miguel Ferrer (Traffic, TV's "Crossing Jordan"), Leilani
Sarelle (Shag, Basic Instinct) and Harvey Fierstein
(Independence Day, Mrs. Doubtfire),
"THE HARVEST" explores
the frightening concept of organ theft, one of the oft-told urban
legends that haunt the modern psyche.  Marconi's script twists
through a creepy Mexican underworld with a complex, edgy
Tarantino-esque narrative structure, following a down-on-his-luck,
pill-popping, hard-drinking Hollywood screenwriter sent to Mexico
to research his floundering project and instead wakes up with
one less kidney.

When disillusioned writer Charlie (Miguel Ferrer) travels to Mexico
to research a bizarre spate of murders, he is dragged into a
nightmare world of intrigue, seduction and murder. Seduced by
Natalie (Leilani Sarelle), Charlie's life changes forever. Abducted
and drugged, he awakes to discover that one of his kidneys has
been "harvested" by a ruthless gang involved in the illegal trade of
body parts. He flees, setting out to find Natalie before his
abductors return to reap the rest of their deadly harvest. Based
around true events, "THE HARVEST" is a violent and sexy film
that's compulsive to watch.
Remastered in High Definition; English Mono; Bonus Trailers;
Scene Selections; Fullscreen presentation; Original Release:
1993; Rated: R; Color / Closed Captioned Run Time: 97 minutes
From Buena Vista Home Entertainment - VALENTIN
on DVD and VHS October 12
BURBANK, CA -  Miramax Home Entertainment pre-
VALENTIN, the critically acclaimed, heartwarming and
funny story of a young boy's determination which transforms
the lives of everyone around him, on DVD October 12.
VALENTIN has won the coveted Audience Award at the
Newport International Film Festival (2003),  the Golden
Calf Award at the Netherlands Film Festival (2002),
and seven Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards (2004) including
Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay. In VALENTIN, a precocious
and imaginative 8-year-old boy named Valentin is raised by his
grandmother.  He dreams of becoming an astronaut and spends his time
developing space suits made from whatever materials he can find. He also
dreams of having a normal family and misses his mother, who aband-
oned him. During a visit from his father, he finds out about his father's
current girlfriend, Leticia. Valentin asks to meet her with the hope that she
will become his mother. This encounter between Valentin and Leticia
opens up old secrets but also creates an opportunity that Valentin just can't
pass up.
DVD Features:
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Widescreen 1.85:1 Enhanced for 16x9
televisions, Original Spanish language track, English subtitles, Interview
with Director, Theatrical Trailer.
The Animation/Family Tale That Always Laughs the
"Bebe's Kids" With Nell Carter - Tone
Loc & Robin Harris Is Offered Now On DVD October
5th From Paramount Home Entertainment
BEBE’S KIDS is a fun-filled animated film
about a ladies’ man named Robin who
luckily meets the woman of his dreams.
Unfortunately his plans for a romantic first
date take a drastic turn when he is stuck
entertaining her kids at the amusement park
Fun World.  Robin Harris' infamous "Bebe's
Kids" come to life in this hilarious animated
feature from the producers of House Party
and Boomerang.

They were born to be bad. They don't die,
they multiply.
I'M NOT SCARED   On DVD October 19th From
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
BURBANK, CA - Miramax Home Entertainment presents
NOT SCARED, the suspenseful and compelling thriller
about a young boy who discovers a shocking secret,
available to own on DVD October 19th.
They're not monsters... just  Bebe's Kids, the irrepressible stars
of a new animated feature based on the popular characters of
the late comedian Robin Harris.

When ladies' man Robin (Harris) meets the beautiful Jamika at
a funeral service, he feels he must have died and gone to
heaven. But on their first date, she greets him with four small
surprises: her son Leon and girlfriend Bebe's three trouble-
seeking kids.

Robin's dream date becomes a nightmare as the group goes to
the amusement park Fun World. There, Bebe's kids - devilish
daughter LaShawn, militant preteen Kahlil, and gravelly voiced
toddler Pee Wee - do everything they can to spite Robin's
amorous intentions... and nearly destroy Fun World in the

With the voices of Robin Harris,  
Nell Carter and superstar
rapper Tone Loc, Bebe's Kids will delight children and every
parent who ever tried to keep up with them.
DVD Features:
Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital
English 5.1 and English Dolby Surround; sub-titled in English
and closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired; Bonus cartoon,
“Itsy Bitsy Spider”; Running Time 72 minutes;DVDS.R.P.: $14.99
C$15.99 in Canada.
This masterfully crafted, haunting film is directed by Gabriele Salvatores,
director of the Academy Award(R) winning film "Mediterraneo" (
Best Foreign
Language Film
, 1991).

I'M NOT SCARED, something sinister is lurking under the surface of
10-year old Michele's (Guiseppe Cristiano) idyllic summer. While the days
in his remote southern Italian village are filled with the familiar routines of
childhood, a chance discovery leads to a shocking revelation. Now,
suddenly beyond the point-of-no-return, Michele digs further to find that even
his own parents may be involved in a monstrous crime.
DVD Features:
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; Widescreen 2.35:1 Enhanced for 16x9
Televisions; Original Italian Track; English & Spanish Subtitles.
SOLD Tops Previous #1 Title The Simpsons
HOLLYWOOD, October 19, 2004 – Paramount Home
Entertainment and Comedy Central Home
Entertainment proudly announce
DVD box set has become
the #1 all-time selling TV show on DVD ever with over 2
million units sold, according to Videoscan and retail
sources.  It puts the two-disc collection of Dave
Chappelle’s top-rated Comedy Central series ahead of
previous record-holder, "The Simpsons-The
DVD Nov 9th from Miramax and Buena Vista Home
Complete First Season", which has sold 1.9 million units.  CHAPPELLE’S
SHOW − SEASON TWO: UNCENSORED will be released on February 8,
 The third season of "Chappelles's Show" will debut on Wednesday,
February 16 at 10:30 p.m.ET/PT

“We already knew ‘Chappelle’s Show’ was one of the funniest series on TV,”
said Thomas Lesinski, President, Paramount Pictures, Worldwide Home
Entertainment.  “The unprecedented sales of the DVD underscore its
enduring appeal to consumers across a broad spectrum of age, gender and

“Dave Chappelle is one of those incredibly talented artists that comes along
every once in a great while," said Lauren Corrao, COMEDY CENTRAL's
senior vice president of original programming & head of development.  
"Every time I have a new personal copy in my office, someone takes it."

Released on February 24, 2004,
features: 12 outrageous episodes; audio
commentary by Dave Chappelle and series co-creator/co-executive producer
Neal Brennan on five episodes and a 30-minute deleted scenes/blooper
reel.  Other bonus footage includes an extended 20-minute version of the
"Ask a Black Dude" sketch featuring comedian Paul Mooney.  The Season
One DVD features musical guest appearances by Mos Def, David Broom,
De La Soul and Blackstar.
BURBANK, Calif., October 22, 2004 - Miramax
Home Entertainment presents a special 2-disc
SONATINE, available on Nov 9th.
ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman stars Japanese screen
legend Beat Takeshi in an action-packed, award winning film
that has been compared to "
Kill Bill Volume One."

SONATINE also stars Beat Takeshi in a fast and furious
gangland thriller with an edgy "Pulp Fiction" attitude.

Both of these films include bonus DVD features, including an
introduction to SONATINE by Quentin Tarantino, acclaimed
director of such film favorites as "Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill"
Volumes One and Two. Available for $29.99 (S.R.P.).
FOX Home Entertainment's Latest Addition to the
Studio Classics Line - The Academy Award
Winning Timeless Romance
 "Three Coins In the
On DVD Nov 2nd
From Buena Vista & Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Century City, CA - Fox Home
Entertainment triples the romance on
DVD Nov 2nd with the debut of "Three
Coins In the Fountain", the latest addition
to the Studio Classics line of digitally
enhanced and restored DVD's.  A
delightful ensemble cast including Louis
Jourdan, Dorothy McGuire, Clifton Webb,
Jean Peters, Maggie
BURBANK, Calif, - Walt
Disney Home
Entertainment proudly
presents the remarkable
McNamara and Rossano Brazzi star in the acclaimed film
which follows the adventures of three American women who
wish for love by tossing coins in to Rome's famous Trevi

A secretary at a government agency (McGuire) sets out to win
the heart of her employer (Webb), while her co-worker (Peters)
romances an Italian (Brazzi) who works at the agency. Office
newcomer Maria Williams (McNamara) meets a real Italian
Prince charming (Jourdan) and falls madly in love. Now the
only thing the three hopeful ladies need to do is seal their fate.

Winning the Oscar for
Best Cinematography and for Best Song,
Original Music with the unforgettable theme of the same
"Three Coins In the Fountain" additionally received a
Best Picture
nomination at the 1955 Academy Awards.  1954's
"Three Coins In the Fountain" makes every film lover's wish
come true on DVD, with the disc showcasing optional
commentary, Original MovieTone News footage, an impressive
restoration comparison and more. $14.98 U.S./ $16.98
DVD Features:
Widescreen 2.55:1; Commentary from film expert Jeanine
Basinger; Origianl MovieTone News footage from 1955
Academy Awards, 3-trailers;
Ordinary Americans with an extraordinary story - Olympic boxer Michael Bennett
(left). Disney’s AMERICA’S HEART AND SOUL is available to own on Disney DVD
November 2, 2004. Permission is hereby granted to newspapers and magazines to
reproduce this photo on the condition it is accompanied by “©Disney. All Rights
From sea to shining sea, from purple mountain majesties, it's not
merely the land that makes America beautiful, it's her people.

Filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg takes viewers on a journey that weaves
across this great nation, revealing a rich tapestry of ordinary people
living extraordinary lives as they follow their dreams with the freedom of
spirit that's uniquely American.

From the Vermont dairy farmer, to the blind mountain climber, to the
father and son marathon runners, their inspiring stories are as different
as can be - passionate, colorful, courageous, funny, touching. Available
on Disney DVD exclusively at Costco November 2.
"The Stepford Wives" DVD Street Date
Nov 9th From Paramount Home Entertainment Starring  
Nichole Kidman, Bette Midler, Glenn Close, Matthew
Broderick, Christopher Walken & Faith Hill
Fox Home Entertainment Clears The Field On
Nov 8th With Suspense Thriller
Robert Redford, Helen Mirren & Willem Dafoe
In THE STEPFORD WIVES, Walter (Broderick) and
Joanna (Kidman) Eberhart are the newest
residents in a suburban neighborhood in Stepford.
Seeing that the women she surrounds herself with
all seem to be cut from the same mold, and are
seemingly incapable of thinking for themselves,  
Joanna begins to think something suspicious is
going on in Stepford.   Upon realizing that her
friends have been replaced by robots and that she's
Century City, CA - The year's most
critically acclaimed and talented
triumvirate cast star in
"The Clearing",
a twisted tale of living the American
dream, until that dream becomes a
next on the list, Joanna and Walter decide to turn the tables and
expose the truth about what’s really been going on in Stepford.  
DVD Features:
Full screen format and widescreen version enhanced for 16:9
televisions; Dolby Digital English & French 5.1, English Dolby
Surround; sub-titled in English and Spanish, Closed-captioned for the
hearing-impaired;     Commentary by director Frank Oz;
5-Featurettes: “
A Perfect World: The Making of The Stepford Wives,
Stepford: A Definition,” “Stepford: The Architects”
, “The Stepford
” and “The Stepford Husbands”;
6 Deleted/Extended Scenes; Stepford: Gag Reel; Teaser and
theatrical trailers; Running Time: 92 minutestes; DVD-M.A.P. $19.95
(C$29 in Canada); Rated PG-13 for sexual content, thematic material
and language (PG in Canada)
nightmare.  This stunning thriller debuts on Fox DVD and
VHS November 9, featuring stellar performances by Robert
Redford, Helen Mirren and Willem Dafoe.

"The Clearing" delivers a taut, engrossing thriller about fate,
love and missed opportunities in Pieter Jan Brugge's
(producer of The Insider, Heat Bulworth), directorial debut. A
must see for all Robert Redord fans.

A self-made tycoon Wayne Hayes (Redford) is seemingly
invincible, but all illusions are shattered when he is
kidnapped in broad daylight from his peaceful Pittsburgh
estate with wife Eileen (Mirren).

Under the microscope of a probing FBI investigation and
Eileen's own painstaking introspection, she too is a victim.
Meanwihle, Wayne, with his fate resting in the hands of a
kidnapper (Dafoe) who has nothing to loose and everything
to gain, finds himself in the most important negotiation ever -
for his life.
DVD Features:
Eng Dolby Digital 5.1; Span Dolby Dound; French Dolby;
Subtitled in English & Spanish;Widescreen 1.85:1;Closed
Captioned; Commentary from Director-Pieter Jan Brugge,
Film Editor-Kevin Trent & Screenwriter-Justin Haythe ;
Deleted Scenes with optional commentary; Still gallery;
S.R.P. $27.98 U.S. / $41.98 Canada.
THE HEBREW HAMMER -  A Wildly Satirical
“Jewxploitation” Picture That Never Met A Stereotype
Or Offensive Joke It Didn’t Llike - ON DVD Nov 16th
Starring Mario Van  Pebbles From Paramount Home
THE HEBREW HAMMER stars Adam Goldberg in
the title role of this holiday farce as a handsome
Orthodox stud and man of action who is called
upon to save Hanukkah.  When Santa Claus’ evil
son Damian (Dick) is pushed over the edge by
his father’s liberal policies, he murders the
Christian patriarch and, stepping into the vacated
role, launches a nefarious worldwide campaign
to eradicate the Jewish Holiday.  
The Hammer
joins forces with Esther (Greer), the gorgeous daughter of the chief of
the Jewish Justice League to topple Damian and save Hanukkah for
future generations.  The comedy stars Adam Goldberg, Andy Dick,
Mario Van Peebles, and  Judy Greer.  
DVD Features:
Widescreen Version Enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby Digital
English Surround; closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired·        
Audio; Commentary by Adam Goldberg, director Jonathan
Kasselman, producer Josh Kesselman and their mother, Sandra
Kesselman; The original student short film; 8 deleted scenes, gag
reel, cast & crew bios; Rated R for language, some sexual references
and drug use; Running Time: 85 minutes     DVD S.R.P. $19.99
From A 5-Minute Skit on British TV to Features
VANITY FAIR  ------        Now Comes the  DVD
Sacha Baron Cohen, better known as the comedic
mastermind behind the character "Ali G", makes
his feature debut in the often times funny but edgy
"Ali G Indahouse", now available on DVD, from
Universal Studios Home Entertainment.
Packed with sexy, irreverent, politically incorrect humor,
Cohen's clueless alter ego is outrageous in "Ali G Indahouse".

"A perfecta introduction to the outrageous world of today's
red-hot comedian who is terrifyingly funny" wrote the
New York

The disc includes over 2-hours of bonus features that can't be
shown in polite company, much less theaters, as well as
some jaw dropping humor, for adult audiences only, due to
graphic, but not offensive nature.
From Disney & Buena Vista Home Entertainmentt
Nov 16th "A Wrinkle In Time" With Alfre Woodard -
Best Actress Nominee In A Sporting Role 1983 Award
Madeleine L'Engle's best-selling and beloved
Newbery Award-winning novel bursts to life in a
spectacular family film that TV Guide calls "a
charming and imaginative film."  It film stars Katie
Stuart, Gregory Smith, David Dorman, Chris Potter,
Kyle Secor, Sean Cullen, Sarah-Jane Redmond,
Kate Nelligan, Alfe Woodard.
Directed by Milos Forman and Nominated for 8
Academy Awards  Nov 16th Street Date             
"RAGTIME"  With  Howard E. Rollins Jr, Moses
Gunn & Debbie Allen From Paramount Home
Astrophysicist Dr. Jack Murry disappears without a trace. His
children, Meg and Charles and their neighbor Calvin O'Keefe
embark on a cosmic quest to find him. Guided by Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs.
Who, and Mrs. Which, the children travel to a distant planet and
encounter a society controlled by an evil force.

They must trust themselves and one another if they are to rescue
Dr. Murry and return home safely. Enjoy the nonstop excitement and
adventure of
A WRINKLE IN TIME, starring Academy
Award(R)-nominated actress Alfre Woodard (1984 Best Supporting
Actress, CROSS CREEK) and teen idol Gregory Smith from TV's
EVERWOOD. It's an amazing journey your family will want to take
over and over again.
DVD Features:
Rare interview with famed author Madeleine L'Engle; Behind the
scenes Featurette; Deleted scenes; Full screen 1.33:1, Dolby
Digital 5.1 Surround Sound;
RAGTIME interweaves the lives and passions
of a middle class, small town family against
the scandal and events of a transitional
America in 1906.  Based on the popular novel
by E.L. Doctorow, RAGTIME tells the story of
four New York families at the turn of the 20th
century.  Starving immigrant artist, Tateh sets
off to mske his
fortune in Hollywood, but along the way encounters showgirl
Evelyn Nesbit who is at the center of a murder investigation.  
Meanwhile, an upper-class family finds their seemingly
perfect existence ruined when black pianist Coalhouse
Walker Jr. begins to romance a pregnant girl living in their
DVD Features:
Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions; Dolby
Digital English 5.1; English Restored Mono and French
Mono; sub-titled in English and closed-captioned for the
hearing-impaired;  “
Remembering Ragtime”; Commentary
by director Milos Forman and executive producer Michael
Hausman; Deleted Scenes; Running Time: 155 minutes;
DVD S.R.P.: $14.99 (C$17.99 in Canada
On Dec 28th Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
Will Release A Pair of New-to-DVD Science Fiction
Films -
Television Reporter Kate Is Onto the Biggest
Story of Her Life  - On DVD From Paramount
Home Entertainment December 7th
Television reporter Kate is
onto the biggest story of her
life. She seeks to uncover
the truth about the
mysterious murder of two
young Puerto Rican men, in

"A Show of Force"

"A Show of Force"
Robert Duvall, Andy Garcia,
Amy Irving, Lou Diamond
Phillips, Kevin Spacey.

"A Show of Force" is
directed by Bruno Barreto.  
Venus Rising
Cyber Bandits
"Cyber Bandits" - A navigator aboard a millionaire's high-tech yacht,
Jack Morris (Kemp) is pulled in to a poisonous web of betrayal and
violence when the millionaire (Hays) develops a weapon capable of
sending his victims into deep virtual reality, where they can never
return. But when the millionaire's mistress (Paul) steals the secret
computer code and has it tattooed onto Jack's back, everyone wants a
piece of Jack's skin.  Starring Martin Kemp (
The Krays, British TV's
East-Enders"), Robert Hays (Airplane!, TV's "Starman"), Alexandra
Paul (TV's "
Baywatch") and music stars Grace Jones and Adam Ant
join forces in a script by James Robinson, screenwriter of The League
of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  With eye-popping CGI effects, this sizzling
sci-fi thriller about a cyber-smuggler who holds the secret that could
destroy the world will hold sci-fi fans spellbound.
DVD Features:
Audio: English 2.0; Trailers; Scene Selections; Year of Theatrical
Release: 1995; Rated: R; Color / Closed Captioned; Running Time: 87

"Venus Rising" - Raised on an island prison where they were held
hostage, Eve and Vegas have survived through instinct and strength.
They escape to a Pacific paradise where emotions are controlled by
drugs and love is something you play on the Virtual Reality network.
Hunted by the prison owners and haunted by their violent pasts, the
two fugitives try to fit in, and find that the difference between fact and
fantasy is the difference between life and death. Starring Jessica Alba
Honey, TV's "Dark Angel");  Academy Award® winner Joel Grey
(Best Supporting Actor,
Cabaret, 1972); Morgan Fairchild (TV's
," "Hotel") and Meredith Salenger (The Journey of Natty Gann).  
"VENUS RISING" features a script from Leora Barish, writer of the 80s
Desperately Seeking Susan.
DVD Features:
Audio: English 2.0; Trailers; Scene Selections; Year of Theatrical
Release: 1995; Rated: R; Color / Closed Captioned; Running Time: 91
Inspired by a true story, A SHOW OF FORCE follows a TV
reporter’s investigation into the brutal and suspicious deaths
of two young Puerto Rican nationalists.

The government claims the victims were terrorists, while
some believe them to be student activists.  It’s up to this
crusading reporter to find the truth despite threats to her own

When a person murders, it's a crime. When a government
murders, it's a cover-up.
DVD Features:
Widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions, Dolby
Digital English 5.1 and English Dolby Surround; sub-titled in
English; Closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired; Original
theatrical release 1990; Running time 92 minutes; S.R.P.:
$14.99 (C$15.99 in Canada).
Science Fiction Icon Rutger Hauer At His Most
Menacing, Calculating and Heroic Best -
Available on DVD Dec 28th From Columbia
TriStar Home Entertainment
"SLEEPOVER" - A Good Hearted Teen Comedy
Starring Alexa Vega ON DVD Nov 23rd From
MGM Home Entertainment
Culver City, CA  -  Science fiction icon Rutger Hauer (Blade
Runner, Ladyhawke
) will get recognition from a new pair of
sci-fi DVDs, available December 28, 2004, from Columbia
TriStar Home Entertainment.  "
feature Hauer at his most menacing, calculating and
heroic best.
Rules will be broken  in "Sleepover".
Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) stars in this irresistible comedy
about four best friends who embark on a zany, all night
scavenger hunt against their "popular girl" rivals.
In the post-apocalyptic world that is
Earth, mach- ines rule.  Having killed off
their human adversar- ies, the Roms
and the Droids have squared off against
one another in the search for mankind's
last and most fatal element of war:
guns.  When
Omega Doom (Rutger
Hauer) strides into the fray, the
machines hone in on the stranger and
the slaughter intensifies.  As combatants
are decimated and the survivors get
closer to the mythical stash of the guns,
the question becomes, "Will there be
anything left to kill?"
Bursting with hilarious hijinks, glorious girl-power and true-blue
friendship. "Sleepover" is a high spirited, high stakes romp that's
topped with sprinklings of Cinderella - The Seattle Times.
DVD Features:
Audio Commentary by Director Joe Nussbaum and cast; "A Guide to
Perfect Sleepover" - Making-of Featurette; Meet the Girls; Original
theatrical trailer; English 5.1 Surround, French & Spanish Stereo
Surround; Languages Eng, Fr, Span, Mandarin, Cantonese Subtitles;
Running time 89 minutes.
Hilary and Haylie Duff Premiering on DVD & VHS
Nov 23rd in the Animated Holiday Film From Miramax
Home Entertainment    "In Search of Santa"
Burbank, CA - Miramax Home Entertainment presents
"In Search of Santa", a delightful holiday movie
premiering on DVD and video Nov 23rd.   

Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie Duff, voice the
adventures of two penguin princess sisters, Crystal
and Lucinda, as they set out on a journey to find the
elusive Santa Claus.  
DVD Features:
Audio: English: Dolby Surround; Subtitles: Eng, Chinese,
Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai; Trailers; Scene
Selections; Year of Theatrical Release: 1997; Rated: PG-13;
Color / Closed Captioned;
Running Time: 84 Minutes;  $19.94 DVD
Hauer, Terry O'Quinn (The Rocketeer,
"Lost") and Nick Cassavetes (Mask,
Face/Off) star in this stylish,
action-packed, yet intelligently
tongue-in-cheek take on Japanese
"Zatoichi" films.

Blinded and left to die in Vietnam, Nick
Parker (Rutger Hauer) has been
missing in action for more
than two decades. Finally home, he sets
out to find and forgive his old Army
buddy, Frank Deveraux
(O'Quinn). Forced to cook up designer
drugs for a corrupt casino boss,
Deveraux talks, putting his
In this touching story, the sisters are forced to work together in order
to survive brave hostile pirates, and hungry predators along the
DVD Features:
Featurette "Inside the recording booth with Hilary and Haylie Duff";
English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound; Full screen 1.33:1;
Running time 80 minutes; Closed Captioned.
MGM Home Entertainment Cooks Up A Quirky Comedy
About A Swedish Researcher And A Norwegian
Farmer -
"Kitchen Stories"  On DVD and VHS Are
Served With Tasty Laughs On Dec 14th
Santa Monica, CA - Kitchen Stories, a heart
warming and hilarious scientific examination of
bachelor domestic behavior in 1950's Norway,
debuts on DVD and VHS December 14th from
ex-wife and son in danger. Caught in the middle and with
henchmen in close pursuit, Nick uses his highly tuned
senses to escape in an action-packed cross-country battle.  
DVD Featurers:
Audio:  English Dolby Surround; Portuguese, Spanish;
Subtitles: English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish,
Thai; Trailers; Scene Selections;
Year of Theatrical Release: 1990; Rated: R; Color / Closed
Running Time: 85 Minutes; DVD SLP: $19.94 DVD; DVD
Order Date: 11/18
MGM Home Entertainment. This "wry, droll and very warm" (Newsday)
tale by Swedish director Benet Hamer "leads to laughter that is
completely unrestrained" (Los Angeles Times), as a Swedish
researcher strikes up an unlikely friendship with a cranky Norwegian

In the 1950's, and a Swedish efficiency expert under strict orders not
to interact with his subject is sent to improve a Norwegian farmer's
culinary efforts. But the old former would much rather amuse himself
by impeding the timid culinary efforts. But the old farmer would much
rather amuse himself by impeding the timid researcher's work. Soon,
in the struggle between neutral observation and the need for human
interaction, the kitchen becomes a battleground.

The film garnered 8 awards in 2003, including honors at the
Copenhagen International Film Festival, Flanders International Film
Festival, Amanda Awards, Lubeck Nordic Film Days, Sao Paulo
International Film Festival, Tromso International Film Festival and
Valladolid International Film Festival.
DVD Features:
Original theatrical trailer; Running time 95 minutes, 16x9
Widescreeen; Languages Norwegian, Swedish 5.1 Surround;
Subtitled English; $29.95 DVD S.R.P.$27.50 VHS S.D.P.
Have the Power to Change the Future By
Reliving the Past - in "TRU CALLING"  TV on
DVD - Season One Collection On DVD Nov 30th
From Fox Home Entertainment
Century City, CA - Timed to
coincide with the network
premiere of "Season Two" on
FOX, relive the suspense and
drama of the first season when
"TRU CALLING" debuts on
DVD November 30th.
A sexy, fast paced television
drama that puts a stylish new
spin on crime thrillers.  It's a
race against time to save a life.
"TRUE CALLING" Season One , is a 6-Disc DVD Collection
containing all 20 episodes.  What if you had the power to
change the future by reliving the past? For Tru Davies, that's
the question she faces afer her interenship to medical school
falls through, and she takes a job working the graveyard shift
at the city morgue.

Left alone her first night on the job, a dead woman opens her
eyes and asks her for help. Tru later awakens from a dream,
and then finds herself reliving the experience all over again.  
She learns she has the power to change the fate of the
deceased people wheeled into the morgue.

Starring Eliza Dishki as
Tru ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer",
"Wrong Turn"), and Jason Priestley ("Beverly Hills 90210") as
Jack Harper.
DVD Features:
English Dolby Surround; Subtitled in Eng, French & Spanish;
Close Captioned; Widescreen 1.78:1; Deleted scenes;
Commentarya by Creator/Executive Producer Jon Harmon
Feldman; Disc 5 features Tamyra Gray (American Idol); Full
Blown Rose Music Video; Running Time 880 min; $59.98
U.S. / $89.98 Canada
Own On DVD TV's Hilarious "227" -  First Season With
Stars Jackee' and Marla Gibbs From Columbia TriStar
Home Entertainment -
Now Available
More than just one of the most popular TV
sitcoms of the '80s,
227 is the Washington,
DC apartment building where housewife Mary
Jenkins and her close-knit circle of friends
and neighbors gather on the front stoop to
dish about life, family and especially each
other in this first season collection of
twenty-two hilarious episodes. Starring
Gibbs as Mary, Hal Williams as her
hardworking  husband Lester, Regina King  
as their teenage daughter Brenda, Alaina Reed as Mary's best friend
Rose, Helen Martin as crotchety busybody Pearl, and Emmy
Award®-winner Jackée as the sexy, "man-wise" Sandra Clark. Also
appearing in the first season's 22 side-splitting episodes are such
familiar faces as Leslie Nielsen, Dennis Haysbert, Whitman Mayo
and Fran Drescher. 227 ran for five hysterical seasons, proving that
when it comes to comedy and laughter, there's no place like home.
DVD Features:
Full screen; English (Stereo); 3-Disc Set; Stars: Marla Gibbs, Hal
Regina King, Alaina Reed, Helen Martin, Jackee Harry;
Close captioned; Running time 525 minutes.
Afro American Syndicate HOMEPAGE