Side-Splitting Humor Returns With Fox Home Entertainment
The Evans Family Tries Hard to Make
Ends Meet In "Good Times - The
Complete Third Season" (3discs set) -
Now Available on DVD From Sony
PicturesHome Entertainment
The $145M Will Smith Box Office Machine "i,ROBOT"
Available on DVD Dec 14th From Fox Home Entertainment
Century City, CA - Another
season of side-splitting
laughter returns from Fox
Home Entertainment TV On
Season Two", a 4-disc DVD
collection, now available.
"GOOD TIMES"  (1974-1979),
which was a spin-off of the "All
in the Family" spin-off
"Maude," details the trials and
tribulations of an
African-American family living
in the projects on the south
side of Chicago. Florida Evans
(Esther Rolle), her husband
James (John Amos), their
wisecracking son J.J. (Jimmy
Walker, whose "Dy-No-Mite"
became a popular 1970s
catchphrase), and neighbor
and best friend Willona (Ja'net
Du Boise) exploited, to great
comic effect, subjects like
Robot manufacturer Bruce
Greenwood (r) chides
Smith and Chi McBride
(seated) for their investigation
into a murder © 2004
Twentieth Century Fox.  All
rights reserved
On the hunt for a murderer, Will Smith takes a
close look at one of several thousand suspects.  
Photo Credit:  Digital Domain TM and © 2004
Twentieth Century Fox.  All rights reserved
The second season introduces one of the show's most popular characters
Fire Marshall Bill, played by Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty), and the addition of
renaissance man
Jamie Foxx (Collateral & Ray).

"IN LIVING COLOR"  ran for 5-years, and immediately became a prime time
favorite with its edgy sketches and talented cast that featured future stars like
Carrey and Foxx, David Alan Grier (Life With Bonnie), Tommy Davidson
(Juwanna Mann), and the
Wayans Brothers (White Girls).

Classic sketches such as "Homey the Clown", "Men On Films", "Anton
Volunteers", "Cephus and Ressie's Broadway Tour", "The Buttmans: Guess
Who's Coming to Dinner", "Benita Butrell", "1-900-YT GUILT","Homeboy
Shopping Network", "Laquita Sings the Blues", "The Newlywed Game", "The
Arsenio Hall of Justice",
"Oprah's Restaurant",  and much much more.

The collectible 4-disc set features all 26 episodes from the second season,
and is loaded with extras, including commentaries, featurettes, and guest
Queen Latifah, Flavor Flav, Billy Dee Williams, Public Enemy, Ice Cube,
and more
DVD Features:
Full screen 1:33.1; English 2.0 stereo sound; English & Spanish subtitles.
Running time 598 minutes; $49.98 U.S. / $69.98 Canada.
Century City, CA - Superstar Will Smith conquered the robots, and the
summer with the $145 million critically acclaimed box office smash
"i,ROBOT", and now Fox Home Entertainment, brings the "high tech thriller
ride with eye-popping visual feats' (
Chicago Tribune), to DVD and rental VHS
on December 14th.
DVD Features:
Eng 5.1 Dolby Digital, Subtitled in Span & French Dolby Surround;
Widescreen 2.35:; Pan and Scan 1.33:1; Commentary by director, Alex
Proyas & screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman; Running time 124 minutes; Rated
PG-13; $29.98 U.S / $43.98 Canada.
inflation, unemployment, and bigotry. This three-disc
collection contains all 24 classic episodes from the
third season, when GOOD TIMES tackled topical
themes from venereal disease to the U.S.
Bicentennial and plot points like J.J.'s surprising
engagement, Thelma's man troubles, Michael's
problems in school, and James buying a gun to
protect his family from local crime. This was the final
season for star John Amos.
DVD Features:
Full Screen Presentation; Languages: English; 3-Disc
Set;  Stars: Esther Rolle, John Amos, Jimmie Walker,
Ja'net DuBois; Running Time 600 min.
Josh Hartnett Walks Hand-in-Hand With Deception
And Seduction In MGM Home Entertainment's

"Wicker Park"
 The Tangled Web Unravels On DVD
and VHS December 28th
Wesley Snipes Must Fight Off His Foes &
Inner Demons In "UNSTOPPABLE" On DVD
From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
MGM Home Entertainment Pays Cinematic Homage to
Legendary Composer
Cole Porter In "De-Lovely"
Starring Ashley Judd, Kevin Kline With Performances
From Natalie Cole Robbie Williams, Elvis Costello, Mick
Hucknall and Others - Special Edition
Debuts On DVD and VHS December 21st
Santa Monica, CA - Hollywood heartthrob
Josh Hartnett (
Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk
) plunges into a dark world of
obsession, betrayal and deception in
"Wicker Park", debuting on DVD and VHS
Dec 28th from MGM Home Entertainment
Dean Cage (Wesley Snipes), a
former Special Ops soldier, is
mistakenly identified as a CIA
agent who is kidnapped and
injected with a mind-controlling
drug making him susceptible to
the power of any suggestion.
Santa Monica, CA - Academy Award winner
Kevin Kline (Life As A House) and Ashley Judd
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood) star in
the "the best musical biography ever made"
(Larry King, :Larry King Live") when
debuts on Special Edition DVD and VHS
December 21st from MGM Home Entertainment.

Based on the life of legendary composer Cole
Porter, this elegant and deeply complex biopic
showcases "knockout performances" (Gene
Shalit, "Today") by Sheryl Crow, Diana Krall,
Alanis Morissette,
Dean escapes and goes in search for the antidote,
but first he must fight off his foes, his inner demons,
and the illusions of his drug-induced state or he will
die by end of day.
DVD Features:
Running time 100 Min; Rated R;  Widescreen; Bonus
Trailers; Stars: Wesley Snipes, Jacqueline
Obradors; Director: David Carson; Genre:
Psychological Thriller;  SubTitles: French, English;
Dubbed: Spanish, French.
When investigator William Geld (Robbins) succumbs to forbidden
desire and engages in a passionate affair with Maria Gonzalez
(Morton), he violates his society's strictest law "Code 46", and
must fight to protect the life he never knew he could have.

In the near future, privileged classes live and work "Inside" cities,
while non citizens scratch out a miserable existence "Outside" in a
vast desert. People cannot leave their designated zones without
special visas known as "papelles".  When fraudulent papelles
surface, Seattle investigator William Geld (Robbins) travels to
Shanghai to ferret out the culprit and meets Maria Gonzalez
(Morton), a woman with whom he has a passionate affair but
beaks one of society's harvest laws: Code 46.
DVD Features:
Per-order Nov 30, 2004; Running time 93 minutes; 16x9
Widescreen; Rated R for scene of sexuality, including brief graphic
nudity; English 5.1 Surround; Subtitled Eng, Fr, Spanish, Close
Captioned; $25.98 DVD S.R.P. and $27.50 VHS S.D.P.
Natalie Cole, Robbie Williams and Elvis Costello, who lend their voices to
rendition of Porter classics such as
'Anything Goes', 'Night And Day', and
So In Love', in honor of this renowned 20th Century American composer.

From Paris to Venice to Broadway to Hollywood, the lives of Cole (Kline)
and Linda (Judd) Porter were never less than glamorous and wildly
unconventional. Though Cole had an insatiable appetite for love, only
Linda would inspire him to write some of the greatest songs of all time.
DVD Features:
Audio Commentary #1 by Director Irwin Winkler and Kevin Kline; Audio
Commentary #2 by Winkler and writer Jay Cocks; Making of De-Lovely
featurette including behind the scenes footage and cast and crew
interviews; Behind the music featurette including interviews with Sheryl
Crow, Diana Krall, Alanis Morissette, Natalie Cole, Elvis Costello and
Robbie Williams; Two anatomy of a scene featurettes includes special
scene breakdown of "Be a Clown" and "Love For Sale"; Deleted scenes
'Cole Porter as A Child', 'Cole Porter and Love', 'Linda and Cole At a
Distance', 'You Do Something to Me', 'The Murphys Sing', 'Be A Clown
Versions I & II', 'Can't Turn Shakespeare Into A Musical'; Alternate Ending
never before seen; TV spot for De-Lovely soundtrack; Original trailer; 16x9
Widescreen Format; Running time 125 min; PG-13 for sexual content;
English 5.1 Surround, French and Spanish Stereo Surround; Subtitles
Eng, Fr & Spanish; $26.98 DVD S.R.P.; $27.50 VHS S.D.P.
Brian White and Isaiah Washington Star in
the Thriller  
"Trois:The Escort"  - Now
Available on DVD From Director Skav One  
& Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Sex is the game and betrayal - the
rule in this suspense-packed
third installment of the erotic Trois

When a rap concert he’s
promoting loses big money, Trent
Meyer (
Brian White, TV’s
“Redemption”) is forced to
become a high-priced escort to
pay off his debt to ruthless
mobster Benny Grier (Isaiah
Washington, Romeo Must Die).
Boris Kodjoe Is "Doing Hard Time" In the Prison Film,
Psychological Drama On DVD From Sony Pictures
Home Entertainment
But while in the throes of a torrid affair with his
beautiful and powerful boss, Trent falls in love with
one of the madam’s gorgeous call girls (Reagan
Gomez-Preston, Love Don’t Cost a Thing). With
dangerous consequences looming, he soon finds that
the price of love may be too much to pay.
DVD Features:
Making-of Featurette; Widescreen Presentation;
Bonus Previews; Stars: Isaiah Washington, Brian J.
White, Patrice Fisher; Writer: Gregory Ramon
Anderson, Greg Anderson; SubTitles: Portuguese,
Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, English; Running
Time: 95  Minutes.  
A man turns to crime in the name of justice in this
hard-hitting drama. Michael (Boris Kodjoe) was a good
father and a law-abiding citizen until the day his
seven-year-old son was accidentally killed in an
exchange of gunfire between two gangs of drug dealers.
Gospel Great Releases  "THE DONNIE MCCLURKIN STORY -
By: Gatsby Melodi'
friends, Marvin Winans, Kelly Price, Andrae'
Crouch, CeCe Winans, and others share their
stories of the Gospel sensation, in stores on DVD
November 23rd.

Gospel’s greatest singers are featured in this
amazing docudrama "The Donnie McClurkin Story
From Darkness To Light".

Donnie McClurkin’s long awaited DVD is an
extraordinary film documenting his life, as one of
Gospel music’s most dynamically liked singers.
Michael becomes obsessed with seeing the gunmen brought to
justice, but when the murder charges are dropped and the shooters
are given a short sentence for drug possession, Michael decides to
take matters into his own hands.

Michael commits a crime so that he will be placed in the same prison
as the men who took his son's life; once there, he can take their lives
in exchange for the life they took.

Michael seriously underestimates the ruthlessness of the prison
population and must fight for his own survival before he can carry out
his plan.

"Doing Hard Time" also stars Giancarlo Esposito, Steven Bauer, and
Sticky Fingaz.
DVD Features:
Widescreen;  Dolby; Bonus trailers; Director: Preston Whitmore;
Running Time: 100 Min; Rated R; Close Captioned.
First Time Ever on Video!
From Sony Pictures Home
Debuts on DVD
January 25, 2005
In this docudrama,  family and friends walk you through a path of pain,
heartache, and restoration.  It reveals the incredible journey that led this
phenomenal talent to fame and recognition, while openly shares his story,
"So  that others can step out of their darkness, and into the light, obliges

For years, McClurkin’s music has touched the hearts, minds and souls of
people all over the world, traveling the globe,  (Africa, Japan, Australia, United
Kingdom, Switzerland Sweden, and other countries) sharing the good news
in song.  

"The Donnie McClurkin Story From Darkness To Light"  DVD is priced at
$19.99 and is a Image Entertainment Release.

In addition to the  mentioned guests,  also lending voices are Kirk Franklin,
Beyonce Knowles, Steve Harvey, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, and Bishop T.D.

Gospel music lovers will also view some never-before-seen performance
footage of the up and coming McClurkin new cd, along with clips of him
performing with R&B and Gospel song birds, Patti LaBelle and Yolanda

DVD highlights include include, Donnie's hottest-selling multi-platinum
singlea "We Fall Down" and the heartfelt "Stand".

Don't miss an opportunity to get to know the real Donnie McClurkin. Running
time is 96 minutes.
Originally panned by the
critics for its morbid and
disturbing psychological
, the passage of
time has been kind to the
film.  It is now considered  
by many film scholars to
be one of legendary
director Otto Preminger's
(Anatomy of a Murder,
Laura, The Cardinal)
ingenious works.
On DVD November 16th -    From
Paramount Home Entertainment/Comedy Central
#*%$#@!!  UNCENSORED",  
is an all-star
tribute to the entertainer starring his wife,
Jennifer Lee Pryor, and the hottest
comics of today.
At long last, audiences may see BUNNY LAKE IS
at home when Sony Pictures Home
Entertainment releases this film noir classic
on DVD January 25, 2005.  

Based on a novel by Marryam Modell, the film
features an exemplary cast that includes
Laurence Olivier (Hamlet,  Wuthering Heights),
world-renowned playwright, composer, and actor,
British, Noel Coward (In Which We Serve, Our
Man in Havana), Carol Lynley (1959 Golden Globe
nominee for Most Promising Newcomer, 1960
Golden Laurel award nominee Top Female New
Personality) and Keir Dullea (2001: A Space

TV Guide Online called the film, "a truly
compelling psychological suspense story from
Otto Preminger. BUNNY LAKE'
s questioning
about what is real and what is illusion has a
parallel in Michelangelo Antonioni's 1966 film,
Blow Up."

Just arrived in England from the US, Annie Lake
takes her 4 year-old daughter Bunny to her new
Having to rush away to meet movers, she leaves
Bunny alone to wait for the teacher.

When she returns Bunny is missing and nobody
can remember seeing her. She calls the police.
But when she goes to find a photo of Bunny for
them, she discovers that all of Bunny's things
have been removed from the apartment -there is
no longer any trace of Bunny and all the evidence,
or lack of it, seems to point to Bunny being a
figment of her imagination.
DVD Features:
Widescreen Presentation; Audio:  English Mono;   
Subtitles:English, French; Filmographies; Bonus
Trailers; Scene Selections; Year of Theatrical Rel
1965; Running Time: 107 Min-SLP $19.94.
Hosted by Richard Pryor, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
in the 80’s, the hour-long tribute includes appearances from
a few special friends, including
Dave Chappelle, Margaret
, Jamie Foxx, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Harvey, Chris
, Denis Leary, Robin Williams, and many more popular

The program also features clips of previous concert
appearances, recordings, and unreleased diary excerpts.  
The entertainer describes the irreverent special himself: “It’s
not a B.S. didn’t-he-USED-to-be-great tribute.  It’s a funny
(expletive) show.  I may have MS, but I ain’t dead yet,
DVD Features:
Full screen format; Dolby Digital English Surround; closed-
captioned for the hearing-impaired; Over 30 minutes of
extended interview footage with Dave Chappelle, Denis
Leary, Jennifer Lee Pryor, Chris Rock and Robin Williams;
Not Rated - Parental Advisory: Explicit Content. Warning: This
program is recommended for mature audiences only. It
contains adult language and situations.
(18A in Canada); Running Time: 42 minutes (+ bonus
features)   DVD S.R.P.: $19.99 (C$21.99 in Canada)
On DVD & VHS Academy Award Winners Denzel Washington
Meryl Streep Mesmerize A Whole New Generation of
Audiences in Academy Award Winner Jonathan Demme's
"The Manchurian Candidate"
DEC 21st From Paramount Home Entertainment
Academy Award™ winners Denzel Washington
and Meryl Streep star in this film about a
conspiracy behind a presidential campaign, and
also stars   Kimberly Elise as Rosie, and  Liev
Schreiberin as Sgt. Raymond Shaw.
"The Manchurian Candidate", from Paramount
Pictures, debuts on DVD December 21st.
Serving together in the Persian Gulf War, Captain Bennett Marco(Denzel
Washington) and Sgt. Raymond Shaw (Liev /scgreuberub) were part of a
platoon of soldiers kidnapped and brainwashed.

Ten years later, Shaw gears up for his vice presidential campaign while Marco
eventually remembers being kidnapped and discovers Shaw’s powerful
mother played a big part in that scheme.

Determined to reveal the truth behind everything, Marco must first convince
Shaw that the brainwashing really happened.
DVD Features:
Full screen format and widescreen version enhanced for 16:9 televisions;
Dolby Digital English and French 5.1; sub-titled in English and Spanish; closed-
captioned for the hearing-impaired; Cmmentary by director Jonathan Demme
and screenplay co-writer Daniel Pyne; 2-featurettes: “The Enemy Within: Inside
the Manchuriuan Candidate” and “The Cast of the Manchurian Candidate”; 5
deleted/extended scenes and 2 out-takes with optional commentary by
Demme and Pyne·        Live Schreiber screen test. Running Time: 129 minutes
M.A.P.: $19.95 (around C$29 in Canada)
Richard Gere     Jennifer Lopez      Susan Sarandon
ON DVD & VHS Februay 1st -- "SHALL WE DANCE?"
The Original Japanese Version - Discover
the international Hit That Inspired Hollywood
A Grisly Murder A Famous Suspect and A
Lurid Trial That Will Last An Entire Season
Experience The Tension &
Drama Of Fast-Paced TV On DVD Feb 8 From
Fox Home Entertainment
From Miramax Home Entertainment, the
studio that brought audiences "Chicago",
"SHALL WE DANCE?" starring
Golden Globe winner Richard Gere, Jennifer
Lopez, Academy Award Winner Susan
Sarandon and Stanley Tucci, on DVD and
VHS Feb 1st.

"Shall We Dance" has swayed critics and
audiences alike with its intoxicating blend of
sexy romance, music and dance.
For A High School Football Player, the Toughest Challenge
Isn't Always On the Field - "
Directed & Produced by Todd Lubin On DVD Jan 11th
From UrbanWorks Ent
Like the heart
pounding series
of “24,”  
keep you on the
edge of your seat
"Year of the Bull" is a stunning look into the life of
one high-school football player determined to get out
of the inner-city and into a Division I collegiate

This documentary follows an entire season with the
Miami Northwestern Bulls and Taurean Charles, an
All-American, blue-chip prospect battling
standardized tests, societal pressures, family
conflict and internal struggles.
For longer than he can remember, a middle-aged workaholic named
John Clark (Richard Gere) has led an incredibly dull existence - the
mundane accounting job, the mind numbing commute, the family he
rarely sees. But one night his whole changes when he catches a
glimpse of a beautiful dance instructor (Jennifer Lopez) in the
window of a shabby ballroom dancing school.
DVD Features:
Deleted scenes with commentary; Behind the scenes of Shall We
Dance?; Running time 106 min; Widescreen 1.85:1 Enhanced for
16x9 and 1.33:1 formatted 4x3 screens; Dolby digital 5.1 Surround
Sound; French & Spanish subtitles.
Theodore Hoffman (Daniel Benzali) converses with Richard Cross
(Stanley Tucci) in MURDER ONE SEASON 1.  © 2004 Twentieth
Century Fox Home Entertainment
In addition to the standout’s problems, he is faced with trust issues because
everyone surrounding him has an agenda. This riveting film begs the
ultimate question...what matters most SAT scores or the final score of the

Sports Illustrated wrote "Rarely have the tensions and pressures endured by
young athletes been effectively conveyed as they are here.."

Having lost his father at an early age, Taurean lives with his mother and twin
sister and believes football will enable him to provide his family with a better

Bearing the weight of a city's overwhelming pressure to win, Taurean comes
of age on camera. Through his experience, we witness the elements that
make high school football unique in Liberty City: the state-wide media hype
that invades a star athlete, the school's voracious appetite for a state
championship, young men having to play through serious injuries, and the
recruiting frenzy from colleges across the nation.
and glued to the television when it debuts as a 6-disc DVD
set on Feb 8th, from Fox Home Entertainment.

Theodore Hoffman (Daniel Benzali) is a prominent
defense attorney in a prestigious Los Angeles law firm.

After successfully defending the wealthy but suspicious
Richard Cross (Stanley Tucci) in a lurid murder trial, he is
now involved in the defense of Neil Avedon (Jason
Gedrick), a famous young actor who has had severe drug
and alcohol problems and was subsequently charged with
the murder, after Cross was acquitted.  Problem is - Jason
doesn't remember that evening at all.

Season One's creator  Steven Bochco’s (“NYPD Blue,” “L.
A. Law”) ground-breaking show follows the unpredictable
twists and turns of a high-profile murder trial over the
course of
23 episodes.
Shall We Dance? - Japanese Version
Here's the irresistible comedy that had critics and
audiences cheering all across America ... and
inspired the new Hollywood hit film version
starring Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, and Susan

A middle-aged workaholic's incredibly dull life
takes a funny turn when he signs up for a
ballroom dance class .....You will love every
minute of this crowd-pleasing motion picture!
DVD Features:
Theatrical Release 1997; Running Time:119 min; Genre: Comedy;
.85:1 Aspect Ratio; Closed Captioned; Dolby Digital Surround Sound
English, French, Spanish Subtitles; Language(s): English,
Japanese; DVD SRP $29.99.
Starring Daniel Benzali, Stanley
Tucci, Patricia Clarkson and Jason
“MURDER ONE” received
multiple Emmy® and Golden
Globe® nominations during its run
on ABC from 1995-1997.
"MONSTER"      Based On the True Story of
The First Female Serial Killer
The Man-Hating and Murdering Serial Killer
On A Special Edition, 2 discs DVD - Street Date
Jan 25 from
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
DVD Features:
Full Frame; Scene Selections; Stereo 2.0; Bonus Material; DVD Outtakes;
Music Video; Bonus CD soundtrack featuring platinum recording artists
Trick Daddy, Trina and Twista.  Starring: Charles Taurean; Run Time 84 min
DVD Features:
S.R.P. $59.98 U.S./$89.98 Canada; includes all 23
episodes plus audio commentary on selected episodes;
a “Making the Case: Season One” featurette; Run Time:  
1012 minutes; Closed Captioned:        

A recognized industry leader, Twentieth Century Fox Home
Entertainment is the marketing, sales and distribution
company for all Fox film and television programming on
VHS and DVD as well as video acquisitions and original
productions for the U.S. and Canada.

Each year the Company introduces hundreds of new and
newly repackaged products, which it services to more
than 70,000 retail outlets – from mass merchants and
warehouse clubs to specialty stores and e-commerce –
throughout North America.  Twentieth Century Fox Home
Entertainment is a unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a Fox
Entertainment Group company.
Academy Award® and Golden Globe
Charlize Theron stars in
MONSTER, a shocking, powerful and
moving film based on the true story
of the first female serial killer, Aileen
Wuornos. The film also stars
Christina Ricci and Bruce Dernis,
and is  directed by Patty Jenkins
Latest DVD Announcements From
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
BURBANK, Calif., January, 2005 – Miramax Home
Entertainment presents CAROLINA, a romantic comedy
about one woman’s quest for love and life,
on DVD
February 1, 2005.

stars Julia Stiles (“The Bourne Supremacy,”
“Mona Lisa Smile”), Academy Award® winner
(Best Actress, “Terms of Endearment” 1983)
and Alessandro Nivola (“Jurassic Park III”) in an endearing
story of a young woman (Stiles) trying to escape the
eccentric ways of her wacky Southern family to meet the
man of her dreams – a nice, normal, available guy.
Charlize Theron (The Italian Job, Trapped) explodes in a magnetic
performance as convicted killer Aileen Wuornos.

Severely abused and unloved, Aileen immersed herself in the
dangerous world of highway prostitution...until she met Selby Wall
(Christina Ricci, Sleepy Hollow), a naive girl who was Aileen’s last
chance at a normal life.

All Aileen understood was violence, and nobody imagined the
nightmare that awaited the seven men standing in the way of her

Aileen is a drifter prostitute who kills her "johns" and Sebly Wall
(Christina Ricci), a girl whose sent by her parents to live with an
aunt to cure her homosexuality. After their chance encounter, their
love flourishes, while their financial situation becomes desperate.
DVD Features:
Widescreen Presentation; English (5.1 / DTS), French, Spanish;  
Subtitles: French, Spanish; Director and Producer's Commentary;  
Deleted Scenes; Monster "Surrounded" & "The Vision and the
Journey" Featurette; Film Mixing Demo; Bonus Previews; Running
Time: 109 Minutes; SLP: $24.96 DVD
“©Buena Vista
Home Ent., Inc. All
Rights Reserved.”
Finding him appears easier said than done until she meets a handsome and
debonair Englishman – but complications hilariously arise when she introduces
her perfect guy to her less-than perfect family. And that doesn’t even start to
mention what her best friend Albert has to say about the situation. As funny and
charming as “Sweet Home Alabama,” CAROLINA is a southern belle whom is sure
to sweep you off your ever-loving feet.
Billionaire Mark Cuban, Queen Latifah's
Mother, Queen Latifah, Jenifer Lewis, Eve,
Farrah Fawcet, Danny Glover, JaRule   On
DVD    "THE COOKOUT"  From Lions Gate
Home Entertainment
BURBANK, Calif., January, 2005 – Miramax Home
Entertainment presents
3 STEPS TO HEAVEN, a suspenseful
thriller about a woman who obsessively follows the trail of her
boyfriend’s murder,
on DVD February 1, 2005.

In 3 STEPS TO HEAVEN, a young woman becomes obsessed
with the death of her boyfriend and decides to do her own
detective work to find out what really happened. The
authorities write off his death as a drowning but she knows
there’s something more to it.
Queen Latifah lends her comic
sparkle to
The Cookout, a new
comedy she also helped conceive,
now available on DVD.
Todd Anderson's life changes
overnight when he signs a $30 million
contract with the New Jersey Nets.  
Determined not to forget his roots, he
throws a cookout for all his family and
friends, from the new and old
Dylan McDermont & Julianna Margulies Battle Time
The Odds And Each Other to Stop Vicious Attacks
Against the US and UK in
"THE GRID" From Fox
Home Entertainment February 8th - 2 Disc DVD Set
When she discovers that her boyfriend’s trail leads to three celebrities, she
confronts them and their secrets. 3 STEPS TO HEAVEN is a riveting drama of one
woman’s relentless search for the truth… no matter the cost. 3 STEPS TO HEAVEN
is written and directed by Constantine Giannaris.
Todd Anderson (Quran Pender) becomes a first draft pick
in professional basketball and starts spending like
there's no tomorrow; he buys a car, diamonds for his
golddigging girlfriend (Meagan Good), and a huge house
in a gated community.  

When everyone assembles in his new ritzy neighborhood
for a celebratory cook-out, chaos follows.
DVD Features:
Closed-captioned; Widescreen; Run Time: 97;
Introduction w/Jenifer Lewis & Storm P;
Behind-the-scenes with cast; 5.1 & 2.0 Dolby Digital
Surround Sound ; Full Screen Version; Eng, Spanish
Subtitles; trailers.
#1 rated mini-series
debuts on a 2-Disc
DVD, Feb 8th, from
Fox Home
where the stakes
life or death -
when forming a  
tenuous alliance in


With a plot as
complex as the
subject it portrays,
premiered on TNT
bringing in 4.3
million viewers, with
Golden Globe Winner - Oscar Nominee In Two Categories
Quintessential JAMIE FOXX On DVD February 1, 2005
In "RAY"     From Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Over 25 Minutes Additional Footage Not Shown in Theaters
A pioneer ahead of his time, legend Ray
Charles and his triumphant fight to
control his own destiny in
"RAY", comes
to DVD and VHS on February 1, 2005.

Hailed by audiences as one of the most
powerful, dramatic and moving stories
of the year,
Ray won Golden Globe®  
“Best Actor”* (
Jamie Foxx).

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
nominated Ray for “
Best Performance
by a Cast
” and Jamie Foxx for “Best Male
Actor in a Leading Role

The film also received Critics Choice
Awards for “Best Actor” and “Best
Soundtrack” from the Broadcast Film
Critics Association
U.S. and British intelligence agencies form a
tenuous alliance to stop a powerful organization of
international terrorists in “THE GRID.”  © 2004
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Features All 31 Sidesplitting Episodes From
Season Three -- February 1st From Paramount
Home Entertainment - 5-Disc DVD Collection  

continues to follow the wild
and wacky comical
adventures of Lucy and
Ricky Ricardo and their
infamous neighbors Fred
and Ethel as they embark on
even more madness in
season three.
heart-stopping action and intricate plot twists. It offers a dynamic
portrayal of the challenges and personal dilemmas faced by those
of all side of the terrorist conflict.

The CIA, FBI and NSA  form a complex alliance with their British
counterparts (M15 & M16) to combat an intricate organization of
international terrorists plotting a set of vicious attacks against the
US and UK.
DVD Features:
Run time: 266 min; All 6 hours of mini series plus commentary by
director, executive producer; deleted scenes; Featurette - Race
Against Time; Audio: English Dolby 5.1; Video: Anamorphic
Widescreen; Close Captioned; Color: Color; S.R.P. $26.98 U.S. /
$37.98 Canada.
RAY,  worldwide was cited time and time again from various media outlets as
“One of the Ten Best Films of the Year”, .  

AS News Report  proclaimed - -  "Has Academy Award Winners Written All Over
It - - Or Grits Ain't Groceries & Mona Lisa Was A Man".

Jamie Foxx’s lead performance as the “Genius of Soul” also garnered a “Best
” nod by the National Board of Review, the Boston Society of Film Critics,
the National Society of Film Critics and the Washington D.C. Film Critics among

Director Taylor Hackford has been nominated for the Directors Guild of America
“DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2004.”
The DVD is priced at $29.98 SRP.   The VHS is $23.98 SRP
DVD Features:
Over 25 minutes additional footage not shown in theaters; Theatrical film plus
extended version; 14 never before seen deleted scenes; Complete uncut music
performances including 'Hit the Road Jack; A revealing look at Jamie Foxx's
incredible transformation into Ray Charles; Friends and fellow musicians
remember Ray Charles; Feature Commentary with director Taylor Hackford.
Episodes include such classics as: “Friendship,”
“Aunt Martha’s Old-Fashioned Salad Dressing”
and “Cousin Ernie.” From 1953-1954
DVD Features:
Full screen format; Dolby Digital English and
Spanish Mono; sub-titled in Spanish and closed-
captioned for the hearing-impaired; Flubs, lost
scenes, restored music, behind-the-scenes audio
featurette, original series openings, original
animated sequences, production notes; Running
Time: 13 hours 39 minutes, 5 x DVD; SRP around
$45 (C$52 in Canada).
"ANGEL"  Season Five On DVD - The Must See Final
All 22 Episodes on 6 Disc From FOX Home
Century City, CA - In this must see final
season, Angel - cursed with a
conscience and a soul - continues his
quest to redeem himself and the rest
of the world when the fifth season of
"Angel" was reborn February 15 on
DVD from Fox Home Entertainment.

Familiar faces, including Buffy (Sarah
Michelle Gellar), Willow (Allyson
Hannigan) and Harmony (Mercedes
McNab), make their return in the
climatic last season of this sexy
sci-fi-action-thriller series that has left
an indelible mark on the pop culture
Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon Take you
On A Wild Ride in "TAXI" On DVD With
Extended Version, Deleted Scenes & More
From FOX Home Entertainment
Michael Landon Jr. Presents A Family Friendly Film
Based On the Best Selling Book By Janette Oke
"Love's Enduring Promise"  On DVD February 22
From FOX Home Entertainment
Queen Latifah as a cabdriver with a full
throttle attitude and undercover cop
Jimmy Fallon (Saturday Night Live),
the duo take an usually wild and
hyusterical ride in a race to stop a
band of supermodel bad girls.

Latifah is New York's fastest cabbie
whose skills behind the wheel and
souped up car help an overeager
undercover cop pursue the gang.  
Century City, CA - Author Janette Oke's
heartwarming tale of unexpected love
in the face of adversity continues with
the highly anticipated film
Enduring Promise
arriving on VHS
and DVD Feb 22, from Fox Home

The sequel to
Love Comes Softly,
which was hailed by audiences and
critics alike and became the Hallmark
Channel's highest rated film ever.
The Angel Investigation team is stunned when the senior partners
of Wolfram and Hart give them control of the L.A. Office.  The gang
quickly moves in , and although everyone is delighted at the
amazing resources that they  now have at their command, they can't
stop wondering what the catch is.  But the biggest mystery of all
revolves around a small package.  Angel receives containing an
amulet and a handful of dust - which coalesces into a very much
alive Spike.
DVD Features:
Audio commentary by Joss Whedon, David Boreanaz, Alexis
Denisof, Amy Acker, Sarah Thompson, Christian Kane, Juliet
Landau, Adam Baldwin, Skil Schoolnik, David Fury, Steven S.
DeKnight, Jeffrey Bell, Brent Fletcher, Elizabeth Craft and Sarah
Fain; Overview with cast and crew interviews; Run Time: 990 min;
Audio: English Stereo 2.0, Spanish Stereo 2.0, French Stereo 2.0;
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen; Close Captioned; S.R.P. $59.98
U.S. / $89.98 Canada.
DVD Features:
Color, Closed Captioned, Widescreen Edition,
Additional Footage, English Soundtrack, French
Soundtrack, Spanish Soundtrack, English Subtitles,
Spanish Subtitles, Dir/Cast Commentary, Rated
PG13, Run time 97 minutes.
Clark and Marty were caught in a marriage of convenience that over
time turned into deep mutual respect and love.

In this sequel, they now preside over a growing family in their little
prairie house. But as they reach out to those in their frontier
community, they discover that love is not limited by the size of a
Love's Enduring Promise is directed by Michael Landon, Jr..
DVD Features:
Run Time: 88 min; Audio: English Dolby Surround 5.1; Video: Full
Frame; Close Captioned;  DVD $19.98 U.S. / $26.98 Canada.
FOX Home Entertainment Presents
On DVD March 15
Century City, CA - Part documentary, part narrative drama
and part visual hallucinogen, the quantum fable WHAT
THE “BLEEP” DO WE KNOW!? arrives on DVD and VHS
March 15, 2005 from Fox Home Entertainment.  
I Heart Huckabees - The Ultimate Ensemble Cast
Delivers Coming On DVD February 22nd From Fox
Home Entertainment
WE KNOW!? is “a
genuinely upbeat movie
with big questions and
hopeful answers - that
won the Grand Jury
Documentary award at the
2004 D.C. Independent
Film Festival, the Audience
Choice Award at the 2004
Sedona International Film
Festival and was named
Best Hybrid Documentary
at the 2004 Maui Film

Filled with wondrous
animation and special
effects, WHAT THE
25th Anniversary Edition Nominated For 8 Academy
Awards 2-Disc Collector's Set    Robert De Niro
Is "RAGING BULL" From MGM Home Entertainment
From the brilliant mind of David O. Russell comes
the laugh out loud funny existential comedy
debuting on DVD Feb 22nd from Fox
Home Entertainment.

Featuring an all star cast that includes Dustin
Hoffman, Jude Law, Lily Tomlin, Jason
Schwartzman, Mark Wahlberg, and Naomi Watts, I
HEART HUCKABEES garnered teh best opening per
screen average of teh year, with a projected gross
box office of over $12MM
The film tells the life story of one of the greats of
boxing, Jake LaMotta (Robert De Niro), his
struggle to become the middleweight champion
of the world and then his physical decline to
cabaret entertainer after retirement.  

Broadly dealing with his marriage to Vickie
(Cathy Moriarty) and his relationship with his
brother- manager Joey (Joe Pesci), this is a no
punches pulled look at boxing and life in the
1940's & 50's.
Reggie (Robert Bailey Jr) leads
Amanda (Marlee Matlin)
through an incredible
experience where reality can
be changed by every thought.
© 2004 Twentieth Century Fox
Home Entertainment
is an outrageous
comedy.  Kind hearted
but confused activist
Anddrew Markovski
hires a pair of screwball
existential detectives to
help him find the
meaning of life.  All the
while, a sexy French
author is trying to throw
a wrench in their plan by
seducing Andrew's
mind and body.
DVD Features:
Audio Commentaries Featuring Director Martin Scorsese, Editor
Thelma Schoonmaker, Producer Irwin Winkler, Jake La Motta;
4 Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes; "The Bronx Bull" Making-of
Documentary; De Niro vs. La Motta Shot-by-Shot Comparison;
"La Motta Defends Title" Newsreel Footage; Screen Format:
Widescreen; Soundtrack: ENG 5.1 Surround, Stereo Surround), FR,
SP (Mono) Subtitles: ENG, FR, SP;  Run time 129 minutes.
DO WE KNOW!? takes viewers down the rabbit hole with
Amanda (Oscar Award winner Marlee Matlin) as her
ordinary life unravels into a swirl of  chaotic occurrences,
all of which throw the very nature of reality into question.
DVD Features:
English Dolby Surround 5.1 in widescreen (aspect ratio
1.78:1); Interview featurette; music video; Top 5 Bleeps;
original theatrical trailer; Q&A with directors; s.r.p. $29.98
U.S./$45.98 Canada.
Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman in I HEART
HUCKABEES, FROM FOX Home Entertainment
DVD Includes:
Run time 106 min: Commentary by D. Russell, JHason
Schwartzman, Mark Wahlberg and Naomi Watts; English 5.1 Dolby
Surround; Spanish Dolby; Close Caption; Full Screen & Wide
Screen; Sub-titled in Spanish; S.R.P. $27.98 U.S. / $41.98 Canada.
Afro American Syndicate HOMEPAGE