"She Hate Me" Spike Lee's 2004 Hit Satire
Starring Anthony Mackie &
Washington - Debuts On DVD Feb 1st from
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Based On A Short Story by LANSTON
Pictures & Paramount Home
Entertainment Starring Regina Taylor &
CCH Pounder In-stores February 8th
"School Daze" - The Musical Comedy Film
From Spike Lee  - Starring Kadeem Hardison,
Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito,
Tisha Campbell, Kyme, and Joe Seneca
Debuts on DVD From Sony Pictures Home
Entertainment  On Feb 1st
When biotech exec Jack
(Anthony Mackie, "8 Mile"
& "Brother to Bropther" )
blows the whistle on his
bosses (Woody
Harrelson, "Natural Born
Killers", and Ellen Barkin,
"Sea of Love") over an
insider-trading scandal,
he gets more than he
bargained for.
title from PBS Pictures, a new
branding line of fiction films,
tells the evocative story of an
African-American woman’s
struggles in a small rural
town. The drama stars
Regina Taylor, CCH Pounder,
and Cherry Jones

Oriiginally released in 2000,
the 1930’s.
Langston Hughes' haunting story of an African-American
woman's confrontation with death, abortion and loneliness,
takes place in the small rural town of Melton, Iowa.  

Cora Jenkins and her family, the only African Americans living
in the community, endure isolated lives and their existence is
supported solely by Cora’s earnings as a domestic to the
Studevant family.  
DVD Features:
Full screen format; Dolby Digital English 2.0 Surround; closed-
captioned for the hearing-impaired; Running Time: 95
minutes; DVD S.R.P $19.99 - 21.99 in Canada.
Once this playa is played, he finds himself hitting rock
bottom when an old flame, Fatima (Kerry Washington,
"RAY" "Save the Last Dance"), blows back into his life
with the ultimate job offer: father her child, no strings
attached.Teaming up to turn the tables on corporate
culture, he sets up shop as a stud-for-hire at 10 G's a
pop for a bevy of wealthy lesbians.

When Jack delivers the goods, even his ex's glamazon
gal pals can't resist his considerable...charms. Torn
between love and money, Jack chases his American
Dream all the way to the bank. But things heat up when
Jack impregnates the Mafia daughter (Monica Bellucci,
"The Matrix" "Reloaded") of a notorious boss (John
Turturro, "Secret Window"), triggering the FBI to expose
Jack's cash-cow scheme.

The Genius of Filmmaker  
SPIKE LEE  Mammothly
Succeeds With His Latest Effort  "SHE HATE ME",
declares Afro American Syndicate, about
"She Hate Me",
a film about Sex, Greed, Money and Politics In America.
DVD Features:
Director Spike Lee Commentary; 7 Deleted Scenes; "She
Hate Me Behind the Scenes" featurette; Previews; Dolby
Digital 5.1 (English);  Subtitles: French, Portuguese,
Spanish; Closed Captioning; Widescreen Presentation;
Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington, Ellen Barkin,
Monica Bellucci, Jim Brown, Brian Dennehy, Woody
Harrelson, Bai Ling, Q-Tip,
Dania Ramirez, John
Turturro; Writer: Michael Genet,
Spike Lee; Running
Time: 138  Minutes; SubTitles: French, Spanish.
Dunlap), an intense student who encourages his buddies
("DaFellas") to fight for his beliefs; Giancarlo Esposito
(Julian "Big Brother Almighty" Eaves), out to strengthen the
Greek system with his Gamma PhiGamma fraternity
brothers; Spike Lee ("Half-Pint"), driven to become a
"Gamma man"; and Tisha Campbell (Jane Toussaint),
leader of the sorority, "Gamma Rays," find themselves
caught up in romance and relationships/rituals and
rivalries during one outrageous homecoming weekend.

With dynamic music, including EU's hit "Da Butt", and
dance numbers choreographed by Otis Sallid (Fame), Lee
successfully challenges viewpoints about self-identity and
self-esteem in this original, contemporary musical
DVD Features:
Cast Commentary; Spike Lee Commentary; Birth of a
Nation Featurette; College Daze Featurette; Making a Mark
Featurette;  Music Video - "Be Alone Tonight"; Music Video
- "Be One"; Music Video - "Da Butt"; Widescreen
Presentation; English (Dolby Surround Sound); French,
Spanish; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; Director:
Spike Lee; Producer: Spike Lee; Writer: Spike Lee
Theatrical Date: 1988; Running Time: 114  Minutes,

Special Edition 2-Disc DVD Set
Celebrate Rat Pack Cool Cat Legendary Entertainer
Sammy Davis Jr On Jan 25, 2005 When MGM Home
Entertainment Will Release Three Classic Fims On DVD
MGM Home Entertainment pays tribute to the multi-talented,
quintessential entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr., on Jan 25th, when
3-classic films arrive on DVD for first time, and is sponsoring a
2-pack DVD "Salt & Pepper" and "One More Time" (a $40 value).
"Heartwarming laugh-out-loud comedy!"
Starring Flex Alexander, Khalil Kain, Tyson
Beckford, Art Evans & JoMarie Payton From
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
"GAS" Debuts on DVD January 11, 2005
In the hit comedy "Salt and Pepper" and its sequel "One More
, Davis stars with fellow rat-packer Peter Lawford, as London's
hippest nightclub owners who become detectives to help solve

"Salt and Pepper" and "One More Time" will be available on DVD as
a 2-pack. These "wild, fast-paced" (
Variety) "hilarious romps are
filled with lots and lots of funny bits" (
Los Angeles Times).

No one will believe club owners Salt (Sammy Davis, Jr) and Pepper
(Peter Lawford), in
"Salt and Pepper", as they battle clueless cops
and rioting revolutionaries in a hilarious bid to crack the case, so
they're forced to go it alone.

When his rich twin brother turns up dead, Pepper (Peter Lawford),
secretly assumes his identify, only to discover that his brother didn't
just die, he was murdered. Now Pepper and Salt (Sammy Davis Jr)
are plunged into a wild and wacky caper filled with hysterical hijinks,
devilish double-crosses and a diabolical crew of diamond
smugglers with an evil plot to put them both on ice, in
"One More
DVD Features:
Original theatrical trailer; Running time 101 minutes; Widescreen;
Subtitled in Eng, French & Spanish; Rated PG-13; English Mono,
Spanish Mono, S.R.P. $19.98;  Pre-order Dec 21st.
Paul Winfield - Cicely Tyson - Ossie Davis - Howard
Rollins - Roscoe Lee Brown - Tony Bennett Star in
"KING" - Based on the Remarkable Life of Nobel
Peace Prize Winner Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
In-stores On DVD January 11, 2005 From MGM
Home Entertainment
MGM Home Entertainment pays tribute to an
extraordinary leader with a dream
based on the remarkable life of Nobel
Peace Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King,

Nominated for nine Emmy Awards, this
"astute and compelling" (Variety) biography,
based on the remarkable life of Nobel
Peace Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King,
Jr., takes an intimate look at one of the
world's most public heroes during one of
the most tumultuous times in American
history starring Paul Winfield, Cicely Tyson and Ossie Davis, "King" is
a riveting tale that appropriately honors a true legend. The original
theatrical release was 1978.

In 1950s-60s America, the civil rights movement found its leader in a
Southern Baptist minister. Using lyrical eloquence, Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr., motivated masses of people - black and white - to demand
equality by way of nonviolent protest.

In spite of his peaceful agenda, Dr. King was often the target of terrible
violenc, but he was never swayed from his path of nonviolent
preachings' however; by the time he was assassinated in 1968, Dr.
King had already defined a dream that would change a nation forever.
DVD Features:
2-Disc DVD Set; Contains 2 new Documentary Featurettes, "
" & "The Civil Rights Movement," featuring Ossie Davis $  Bis
Kenneth C. Ulmer in Conversation with Tony Bennett & Abby Mann;
"Recreating History: The Making of 'King'" - a 15 minute featurette on
the making of the film, Running time 4 Hours 32 minutes; Full Screen;
Soundtrack: ENG (Mono); Subtitles: ENG, FR, SP; S.R.P. $24.98.
When a wild child Anna Lucasta (Eartha Kitt) is thrown
out of the house by her self-righteous father, she falls
in to a life of prostitution, and into the arms of street
wise sailor Danny Johnson (Sammy Davis, Jr)., in
"Anna Lucasta"
The stage is set for a great sibling battle when two brothers are
informed that they have inherited the family business -
GAS and Market!

A clause states the brothers must work the family business
together for a year, before they gain ownership. After a year, they
can do with it what they like, but until then the two must literally
become their brother's keeper.

As the brothers begin their new relationship as partners, their
differing management styles begin jeopardizing their father's
40+ years of work invested to maintain one of the few
Black-owned gas stations in Southern California.

The brothers challenging year is brightened only by the two
women who fall in love with them.

In the comedic vain of
"Kingdom Come" and "Soul Food",
is a whole new grade of high octane comedy!

The sudden illness of their mother brings the brothers closer
together in an effort to raise money for her medical expenses
and a costly surgery o save her life.
DVD Features:
Directed by Henry Chan; On widescreen and Pan & Scan on a
2-sided DVD; English Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound; S.R.P. $19.98
U.S. / $25.98 Canada; Running time 90 minutes; C.C.
But after Anna shocks them all by finally finding true love with a
well-heeled young suitor, her unforgiving father sets a vengeful plan
in motion to remind his daughter of her sordid past, and destroy her
future forever.
DVD Features:
Original theatrical trailer; Running time 97 minutes; Widescreen;
Subtitled in Eng, French & Spanish; English Mono; S.R.P. $14.95;
Pre-order Dec 2, 2004.
"The Great White Hope" DVD on 20th Century Fox
Home Entertainment Starring James Earl Jones and
Jane Alexander
Shark Tale From the Studio That Brought You SHREK Now
Available On DVD From DreamWorks Home Entertainment
Cast Includes Will Smith as Oscar;
Robert De Niro as Don Lino; Renée
as Angie; Angelina Jolie as
Lola; Jack Black as Lenny;
as Sykes; Ziggy Marley as
Ernie; Doug E. Doug as Bernie; Michael
Imperioli as Frankie; Vincent Pastore
as Luca;
Peter Falk as Don Brizzi; Katie
as Katie Current; David Soren
as  Shrimp/Worm/Starfish #1/Killer
Whale #2;
David P. Smith as Crazy Joe; Bobb'e J.
Thompson as Shortie #; Kamali Minter
as Shortie #2; Emily Lyon Segan as
Shortie #3; Lenny Venito as
Giuseppe/Great White #1;
Based on Howard Sackler's
Broadway play about the life of
flamboyant boxing great, Jack
HOPE stars James Earl Jones as
Jack Jefferson, a fictional
counterpart for Johnson.

The film also stars Jane
Alexander, Chester Morris, Hal
Holbrook, Moses Gunn.  Director
is Martin Ritt.
When You Don't Have A Memory How Can You
Remember Who to Trust? Now Available  On  
DVD  "THE i INSIDE" From Dimension Home Video
Jefferson, the first-ever African-American heavyweight champion,
fights racism, hostile fans, and aggressive promoters to become
the top fighter in the world in the early 1900s.

However, once at the top, Jefferson finds that he has provoked
the anger of the government, labor unions, and the boxing racket
itself because of his race, talent, and his romance with a white
woman, Eleanor (Jane Alexander).

Under investigation by the government, Jefferson travels the
world fighting for a promoter whose main focus is to find a white
fighter who can match Jefferson's prowess in the ring--that is the
definition of the great white hope of the title.

Bolstered by Mr. Jones's powerful performance,
is a searing examination of prejudice in 20th
century America.

The film doesn't back down from some of the more complex and
disturbing issues in the play, namely the psychological reasons
for the white establishment's fear of Johnson. Revealing and
entertaining, Ritt's film takes an unflinching look at racial politics
in America.
DVD Features:
Originally Released/Aired: 1970; Run Time: 103 min;
SIDE 1: Widescreen Feature, Teaser, and Theatrical Trailer
SIDE 2: Pan and Scan Feature, Teaser, and Theatrical Trailer;
Audio: English Stereo, English mono; Close Captioned.
Ryan Phillippe (GOSFORD PARK,
CRUEL INTENTIONS) leads a hot young
cast in this riveting psychological thriller.

When Simon (Phillippe) awakens in the
hospital after surviving a near-fatal
accident, amnesia has erased the last
two years from his memory.
Saverio Guerra as Pontrelli; Shelley Morrison as Mrs. Sanchez; Mark
Swift as Announcer; James Madio as Great White #2/Hammerhead;
Frank Vincent as Great White #3; Joseph Siravo as Great White #5;
Steve Alterman as Messenger Fish/Tip Fish #2; Phil LaMarr as Prawn
Shop Owner;
Jenifer Lewis as Motown Turtle;
Sean Bishop as Tip Fish #1/Great White #4/Whale/Killer Whale #1;
James Ryan as Cashier/Starfish #2 and 3/Oyster/Clown Whale; Latifa
Ouaou as Whale Wash Co-Worker; David Yanover as Taxi Fish;
Christina Aguilera as Christina.
When a shark accidentally clobbers himself, a small fish named Oscar  
happens to be around, prompting everyone to believe that he killed the
shark himself. This lie soon makes Oscar a celebrity, worshipped by
the general mass of fish, wooed by a glittering golddigger missed by
his best friend and hunted by the godfather of great whites
DVD Features:
Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby; Run Time: 92 min;
Hilarious technical bloopers; Interactive in-depth guide through the
Shark Tale Worlk; The Music of Shark Tale
His brother was killed, he has married a woman he doesn't
remember (Piper Perabo -- CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN,
COYOTE UGLY) . . . and he's haunted by strange visions of
the woman he loved (Sarah Polley -- DAWN OF THE DEAD,

Soon, he starts to uncover the truth behind his brother's
death and unravel the unbelievable turns his life has taken.
DVD Features:
Closed Captioned; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound;
French Subtitles; English, Spanish; Run time 91 minutes;
Directed by: Roland Suso Richter; Based On The Stage Play
"Point Of Death" By Michael Cooney Screenplay By Michael
Cooney And Timothy Scott Bogart
Afro American Syndicate HOMEPAGE
Innovative filmmaker,
Spike Lee - "She Hate
Me" "She's Gotta Have It),
brings to the screen a
music-filled, offbeat
contemporary comedy
that takes an
unforgettable look at
black college life.

Amidst gala
coronations, football,
fraternities, parades
and parties, the stars of
the film-Laurence
Fishburne ("Dap"