"Touched By an Angel- Second Season" - The landmark show that brought a message of
hope and faith to millions of viewers across the globe - Now Available on DVD From
Paramount Home Entertainment - 6 Disc - 17 Hours and 8 Minutes of Joy
Come along and sing a song and join the jamboree!    1957-1964
M-I-C..K-E-Y...M-O-U-S-E "Best of the Micky Mouse Club" Now
Available on DVD from Buena Vista Home Entertainment
This collection features 22 episodes that will warm the hearts of
your entire family.

The second season continues as Monica (
Roma Downey)
matures as a caseworker but still needs the firm-but-loving
supervision of Tess (
Della Reese).  John Dye joins the ensemble
as Andrew, the Angel of Death.
Now you can relive the magic of one
of the most popular children's
shows in history with a new
collection of episodes from the
Walt Disney's "The Best of the Mickey Mouse Club" features vintage
musical performances, cartoons, and even an introduction to THE
HARDY BOYS episodes by Annette Funicello. These
nostalgia soaked
classics are everything you remember . . . and so much more.

Five episodes, one from each of the five days of the week include: a
"Fun With Music Day," "Talent Roundup Day," "Guest Star Day," "Circus
Day," and "Anything Can Happen Day", is a mixed bag collection with
those fondly remembered Mickey Mouse Club enjoyabe nostalgic

Hey There! Hi There! Ho There! You're as welcome as can be.
DVD Features:
Full screen 1.33:1; Dolby Digital Surround Sound; Run time: 113
Minutes; Closed Captioned.
Nominated for 12 Emmys including two by Della Reese for Outstanding Supporting Actress
in a Drama Series;
3 Golden Globes, "Touched by an Angel" built a sizeable and loyal
audience with its upbeat themes and inspirational storylines.

"Touched  By An Angel the Second Season" aired from Sept 95 to May 96.  It continues to
inspire the love of millions with the inspirational messages that remind us that God’s love
will always be there. These 22 episodes are wonderful especially at a time when our land
needs healing...hope is alive in all of these episodes.

Special guests include Paul Rodriguez, Jasmine Guy, Stacy Keach, Vanessa Bell Calloway,
Maya Angelou,
Natalie Cole, Randy Travis, Al Jarreau, B.B. king, Al Hirt, Elliott Gould, and
Linda Gray, to name only a few favorites.
DVD Features:
6-Disc set; Dolby Digital; English
& Spanish Stereo; 22 episodes;
Run time 17 Hours 8 minues;
Full Screen Format.
The Classic Episodes That Started America's Long Running Love
Affair With Everyone's Favorite Redhead, Lucille Ball -
- TV on DVD Aug 16
Lucy manages to find trouble in Hollywood,
Manhattan, Paris, London, Rome, and everywhere in

Wild and wacky fun with
I Love Lucy: Fifth Season
involves John Wayne’s footprints from Grauman’s
Chinese Theater; on board the train back to New York
she can’t resist the all-too-convenient emergency
brake cord; modeling a French "designer"
Requisitions From Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment Debuting October 25th
By: Gatsby Melodi'
No jealously, misery, or envy in this wacky world of family fun and
entertainment.  Take the handshake and the patt on the back from
in this hold-on marvelous collection of love and happiness.  

Jerry won't punish you with brutality because of the voice of knowledge
you've earned with redundant viewings of this comical collection of good
to you films because you already knows the scenes, and the plot.
potato sack, causing an Alpine avalanche, hitting an accidental jackpot in
Monte Carlo, and who can forget the grape stomping in Italy.

This is
I Love Lucy from 1955-56..."And it's tasty too" from  the health
tonic-guzzling TV pitchwoman for "Vitameatavegamin" in "Lucy Does a TV
Commercial." This stuff is priceless from Paramount Pictures Home
Entertainment.  You won't stop laughing until you eject the DVD.
DVD Features:
Pilot episode that sold the  I Love Lucy series; All 26 Episodes on
4-Discs set; Full Screen format; Dolby Digital; Lost scenes; Guest cast
information; 5 Complete Episodes of Lucy's Radio Show titled "My
Favorite Husband" with Gale Gordon; Behind the scenes audio
featurette; Spanish subtitles; Flubs; Closed Captioned; Run time 680
minutes; s.r.p. $54.99.
Steve Lawrence joins Jerry Lewis on each of the 10 Disc, and together they engage with
commentary revealing the "makings of" each film which originally debuted in theaters
between 1953-1965.

"This collection includes one of my very favorite Martin & Lewis titles
The Stooge", reveals
Jerry Lewis. "My first solo film in 1957 was
The Delicate Delinquent so I had to include it.  
This collection really contains the films that are closet to my heart.  I directed
The Bellboy,
The Ladies Man, The Errand Boy
, The Nutty Professor, The Patsy and The Family Jewels.
This is where the fun of creating motion pictures for the whole family was really all mine",
adds Jerry Lewis.

"The man who taught me more about the filmmaking process than anyone, Mr. Frank
Tashlin, directed
Cinderfella and The Disorderly Orderly. His roots as a cartoon director
made him an ideal match for the crazy fun we put up on the screen. Please visit my website
for more www.jerrylewiscomedy.com"
DVD Features:
946 minutes; Widescreen Enhanced for 16:9 televisions and Full Screen Formats; Color &
Black & White; 5 Folders containing 2Disc each;  Eng & Spanish subtitles; Dolby Digital;
Archival Materials, Theatrical trailers
Jim Nabors As Gomer Pyle Is Introduced to the ANDY
- It's A
Male Thang -- TV on DVD Aug 16th - Originally Aired 1962-63
is the kind of manly man's
fun and excitement fellas really enjoy.

Thanks to Paramount Pictures Home
Entertainment, Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Ron
Howard and  Frances Bavier we can enjoy it
any hour of the day -- TV on DVD.
Get Lost In The Frightening & Action-Packed Adventure "LOST: THE COMPLETE FIRST
TV on DVD Available September 20th
Stranded on an island that holds many secrets following a jetliner
crash that had been traveling from Australia to Los Angeles are 48
people banding together making every attempt to get back home
alive from wherever it is that they have landed in this nonstop exciting
mystery - TV on DVD, from Touchstone Television, released by
Buena Vista Home Entertainment on Tues September 20th.

"Lost: The Complete First Season"became a worldwide
phenomenon and will not disappoint anyone looking for intrigue and
The Andy Griffith Show ran for eight seasons in prime time,
making it one of the most adored comedies.

Widower Andy Taylor divides his time between raising his young
son Opie, and his job as sheriff of Mayberry, North Carolina.

Andy and Opie live with Andy's Aunt Bee who makes a delicious
apple pie everybody wants a slice of, and who serves as a
surrogate mother to both Andy and Opie.  Andy's nervous cousin
Barney Fife, is his deputy sheriff whose utter incompetence is
tolerated because Mayberry is virtually crime-free.

From the very first episode "Mr. McBeevee", no doubt Andy has got
his hands full when Opie brags about his new friend who walks
on trees, wears a silver hat, has numerous hands, jingles, lives
in the woods and is named Mr. McBeevee.  Kids have
imaginations and this particular episode is really a 'Parenting
101' and should be watched by all, to see how Andy handles what
seems to be a lie from his son.
DVD Features:
Full Screen Presentation 1.33:1; Run time 13 Hours 28 minutes;
Closed Captioned; 3-Discs set; 32 Episodes; Episode
Selections; Original Sponsor Spots; s.r.p. $39.99.
This mystery-thriller about 48 survivors who scavenge what they can from the plane for their
survival, is the brainchild of J.J. Abrams, creator of “Alias”.  

Some panic, some maintain a warm sense of humor despite the desperate situation, some
pray and find an inner strength they never knew they had before, some have an intense sense
of mistrust of everyone, some keep to themselves and some constantly bicker.

Filmed entirely in Hawaii, Matthew Fox stars as Jack, the quick-thinking doctor and group
leader, Evangeline Lilly is a wanted criminal with a secret; Dominic Monaghan is a faded rock
star. There is also a Korean couple whose traditions, values and language gets lost in the
translation; Harold Perrineau and Malcolm David Kelley are the father and son team who
really do not know each other.
DVD Features:
Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0 Surround Sound; Closed Captioned; Widescreen 1.78:1 - Enhanced for
16x9 televisions: An island of secrets still to be revealed Run time 1,069 minutes; Audio
commentaries from the cast and creators; Audition tapes and personal stories from the cast;
7-Discs set; Deleted scenes; 24 Episodes; Over 8 Hours Bonus features; s.r.p. $59.99
Bea Arthur, Betty White, and Rue McClanahan Were
Together Again To Celebrate the release of the
GIRLS Season 3 on DVD!
At Last!!  A DIFFERENT WORLD To Be Released ON DVD Nov
8th From Urbanworks Enterainment
Explosive Drama Produced by John
Starring Terrence
Howard  "Hustle & Flow" On DVD January
10 from Paramount Home Entertainment
On November 8, 2005,
UrbanWorks Entertainment, a
division of Ventura
Entertainment Enterprises,
will release the Carsey-
Werner Co groundbreaking
A Different World:
Season One
on DVD.

Cosby Show"  spinoff
on DVD  will contain a 4-Disc
set with all 22 episodes from
the first season of the
award-wining show which
debuted in 1987 that quickly
became an NBC-TV  #2 hit,
and enjoyed a successful
6-year run (1987-1993).
The trio recently appeared for an in-store
signing at a New York Barnes & Noble.  

Fans can now enjoy another helping of
laughter with American's favorite girls.   The
misadventures, and cheesecake with this
laugh-filled season of the Emmy-Award
"Hustle & Flow" stars
Terrence Howard in an
unforgettable and
performance   as DJay, a
hustler and pimp in the
midst of a midlife crisis
just barely hanging on to
the bottom rung of the
ghetto, until he quickly
winning TV sitcom - all 25 episodes in this new complete
DVD set. Included are the original and unedited "Golden
Moments" episode where the girls share fond memories of
their times together, plus hilarious bonus features that
prove good comedy never grows old, from Buena Vista
Home Entertainment.
DVD Features:
3-Disc set;  Run time 594 minutes; Bonus featurettes -
"Golden Moments" "Golden Girls Scrapebook"; Full Screen
1.33:1; Dolby Digital Stereo Sound; s.r.p. $39.99.
realizes through some of the unlikeliest
encounters with others that he is not the only
one with a last shot at a dream.
DVD Features:
Run time 115 minutes; s.r.p. $29.99;
Widescreen format; Enhanced for 16:9 TV's;
Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround Sound
and English 2,0 Surround with Subtitles;
L to R) Glynn Turman, Dawnn Lewis,
Kadeem Hardison, Jasmine Guy, Cree
Summer, Lou Myers, Charnele Brown,
and Darryl M. Bell
First Time on DVD - Oprah Winfrey Presents "Their Eyes
Were Watching God" Starring Halle Berry Available Nov
29th from Buena Vista Home Entertainment
A Woman Is Kidnapped By A Stranger On A  
Flight and Threatened With the Potential
Murder of Her Father In "REDEYE" On DVD
From DreamWorks Home Entertainment
Initially A Different World centered on Denise Huxtable's (Lisa
Bonet) attendance at Hillman College-a place steeped in
tradition where her parents and grandfather attended with
pride because of its rich legacy and reputation for cultivating
young minds.  It is the first and only show in television history
to portray student life on the campus of an HBC.

A Different World, Bill Cosby is credited with
showcasing the positive side of the Black experience and
helping to counteract years worth of negative images
displayed through the media.  Studies have shown that during
its primerun (1987-1993) enrollment for African Americans in
colleges and universities was at an all-time high. The 4-Disc
DVD set run time is 575 minutes; s.r.p. is $39.99; it will include
a never before seen episode with
Tupac Shakur and Jada
Pinkett-Smith titled "Homie, Don't Ya Know Me", cast
interviews; "E" Entertertainment 30 min. retro look at the show.
Oprah Winfrey presents THEIR EYES
passionate romantic drama, on DVD
for the first time on November 29 from
Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

Based on the best-selling book by Zora
Neale Hurston, this engaging film stars
Academy Award®-winner Halle Berry
(Best Actress “Monsters Ball” 2001;
WES CRAVEN is at his best ever
and if it has been a while since
you have heard an audience
cheer and clap and get excited in
a your home behind a movie
viewing, then get ready with
When you are looking for thrills,action and a
good plot
"REDEYE" delivers.

What at first seems like a romantic connection
between two attractive strangers (Cillian
Murphy and Rachel McAdams) who meet on a
red-eye flight to Miami turns dark and deadly.

The DVD features a handful of bonus
materials and will retail for the MSRP
(Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of
DVD Features:
Outtakes and Bloopers; Making of a Thriller at
30,000 feet featurette; Get inside the mind of
Wes Craven; Commentary by filmmakers
including Wes Craven; Run time 1 Hour 25
Minutes; Subtitles in Eng. Sp & French; Dolby
Digital 2.0 & 5.1 Surround.
"Robots,” “Die Another Day”) as a free-spirited woman on a
quest for fulfillment in one of the greatest love stories ever.
Also stars Terrrence Howard, Lorraine Toussant, Ruben
Santiago-Hudson, Michael Ealy and Ruby Dee. Composed
by Terence Blanchard.  Executive produced by Oprah Winfrey
and Kate Forte; teleplay by Suzan-Lori Parks and Misan
Sagay and Bobby Smith, Jr,; Director Darnell Martin.
DVD Features:
Run time 113 minutes; Full screen 1.33:1; Dolby Digital 5.1
Surround Sound; Scene Selections; s.r.p. $29.99.
The Stars. The Stories. The Moments. On A 6-Disc DVD Set
With Lots of Photos "THE OPRAH WINDFREY SHOW 20th
Oprah Winfrey is donating 100% of
Harpo's profits from the sale of this
DVD Collection to "Oprah's Angel
Network", a charitable foundation
dedicated to helping educate and
advance women and children around
the world.

You will be reintroduced to people living
in crisis while learning more about
themselves and the other side of a
greater sense of joy.
A Bereaved Jodie Foster And Her Daughter Are Flying
Home From Berlin to America When at 30,000 Feet the
Child Vanishes and Nobody Admits She Was Ever On
That Plane "FLIGHTPLAN" On DVD From Buena Vista
Home Entertainment
After the mysterious death of her
husband, Kyle Pratt
(Jodie Foster) and
her daughter Julia
(Marlene Lawston)
are relocating from Germany to New
York City.

After boarding an airplane she helped
design, Kyle settles down for a nap, only
to awaken and find that Julia is missing.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Stars In the
Electrifying Non-Stop Action Adventure
"DOOM" Featuring Never Before Seen
Footage February 7th from Universal
Studios Home Entertainment
One real tear jerker is the 98-year-old man who could never
read until 1998.  He told Oprah he wanted to learn to read his
favorite book "THE HOLY BIBLE".  Oprah tells the audience
"Education is still the open door to freedom."

"I don't care about stars", Oprah states, "because I live in a
world where I am perceived to be a star and I know that doesn't
mean anything. What I care about is the energy my show
releases to the universe.  It is a Blessing to say it is your voice
to allow people to see the best of themselves and for that I am
eternally grateful."

"The word abuse means I'm in pain", she says in the
segment about approaching children.
DVD Features:
6-Disc; Run time 17 Hours 14Minutes; Never before seen
footage; Personal revelations by Oprah; All-time Favorite
Guests; Full Screen; Dolby Digital English 2.0 Stereo.
Heart stopping action and
groundbreaking visual effects
explode onto the screen in
this thrilling action adventure
Frenzied, Kyle demands the plane be searched, which
irritates the flight attendants, and raises the suspicions of
one of the passengers
(Peter Sarsgaard).

When each search comes up empty, fellow passengers
start becoming agitated, and the captain of the plane (Sean
Bean) is wary of her motives.

Kyle is forced to confront her own sanity when challenged
that  Julia might not have ever boarded the plane in this
suspense thriller guaranteed to keep you on the edge of
your seat.
DVD Features:
Rated PG-13; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; Run Time
98 Minutes; DTS 5.1; Widescreen 2.35:1 Enhanced for 16x9
Televisions; French and Spanish Language Tracks and
Subtitles; "The Making Of" featurette; Filmmaker Audio
from Universal Studios Home Entertainment,
starring Dwayne "The Rock"  Johnson, Karl
Urban and Rosamund Pike.

"DOOM" blasts viewers into an electrifying
and dangerous vision of the future with fight
sequences choreographed by Hong Kong
martial arts master Dion Lam (
The Matrix &
Spider-Man2), and innovative state of the art
visual effects from the legendary Stan Winston
Studios (
Jurassic Park II).

"DOOM" combines thrilling action with nail
biting suspense to create an unforgettable
cinematic thrill ride, directed by Andrzej
Bartkowiak and inspired by videogame
DVD Features:
Extras like First Person Shooter Sequence;
Game On,; Basic Training; Rock Formation;
Master Monster Makers; Doom Nation and
Doom3 Xbox Demo; Run time 1 Hour 53
Minutes; Dolby Digital 5.1; in English, Spanish
and French; Subtitled in English, Spanish &
French; Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1.
A Story Not Difficult to Follow "THE GOSPEL" Starring
Clifton Powell, Boris Kodjoe, Nona Gaye, Donnie McClurkin
& Others On DVD From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Although others have criticized the
camera work and editing, these
aspects of the movie will not bother you
nor distract you from enjoying this
magical film about what happens when
a  successful young R&B singer has
an unlikely homecoming
The Third Sunday in June Observed in  Honor of
Fathers...Give Pop A DVD With
Denzel Washington Gene
Hackman and
Will Smith From Buena Vista Home
"THE GOSPEL" builds sympathy for wayward son David,
who returns home with different eyes and sees the noble,
charitable work that his father has been doing as pastor of
his own church in Atlanta, for decades.

The music is slammin' with songs from Gospel  giants like
Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Yolanda Adams, Hezekiah
Walker and Donnie McClurkin to name a few.
DVD Features:
Dolby Digital 5.1, Filmmaker's Commentary; Deleted
Scenes; Making of Featurette; Photo Montage; Subtitled,
Widescreen 1.85:1; Run Time 111 minutes.
CRIMSON TIDE: Extended Edition - In the face of the
ultimate nuclear showdown one man has absolute power
and one man will do anything to stop him.  Producer Jerry
Bruckheimer presents additional footage added back into
the movie. Included on the DVD are deleted scenes, all-
access on-the-set featurette and an all-new behind-the-
scenes look at the making of this intense action thriller with
a stellar cast includes
Denzel Washington and Gene

ENEMY OF THE STATE Extended Edition - In a high
powered suspense thriller
 Will Smith is a successful
Washington, D.C. attorney who without his knowledge is
given a video that ties a top government official to a political
murder. With Gene Hackman and Jon Voight.

REMEMBER THE TITANS – Director’s Cut – Walt Disney
Home Entertainment and Jerry Bruckheimer Films present
the acclaimed drama starring
Denzel Washington, $19.99
s.r.p. This amazing saga of football, heroism and courage
is based on a true story. Experience a celebration of how a
town torn apart by resentment , friction, and mistrust comes
together in triumphant harmony.  With
Donald Faison,
Nicole Ari Parker.
Anthony Anderson, Kellita Smith, Donald
Faison Nicole Parker, Loretta Devine &
Regina Hall Outrageously Funny in "King's
Ransom" On DVD
A kidnapping plot gone wrong
leads to comedy in
Ransom", available on DVD
from New Line Home
Stars Stuart Townsend, Gabrielle Union, and Producer
Frank Spotnitz Sign DVDs at Best Buy in West Hollywood
Celebrating the DVD release of
Complete Series
Anthony Anderson is out to get himself
kidnapped to avoid paying excessive
alimony to his wife Kellita Smith, while he
fools around with Regina Hall who ends up
in love with Donald Faison.
Kansas City June 22, 2006 -  NIGHT
: The Complete Series
centers around crime reporter
Carl Kolchak’s (Stuart
Townsend) obsessive hunt for
his own wife’s murderer, and
the discoverery that his
imagination is no match for the
evil that lurks in the dark.
 He is
paired with skeptic Perri Reed
(Gabrielle Union) a newspaper
DVD Features:
21 Hilarious Deleted Scenes;
Commentary with Anthony Anderson, Jay
Mohr and Director Jeff Byrd; Run time 98
minutes; English and Spanish subtitles;
Closed Captioned; Widescreen 1.85:1;
Dolby Digital 5.1; Behind the scenes; s.r.p.
Frank Spotnitz, Gabrielle
Union,  and Stuart Townsend
Danny Glover - Nick Cannon - Wayne Brady - D.L. Hughley
Wanda Sykes  In A Dazzling New Retelling Of Time
Honored Classic Tales - "THE ADVENTURES OF BRER
RABBIT" On DVD March 21, 2006 From Universal Studios
Home Entertainment
colleague who  partners with him in his endeavors.  Kolchak
stops at nothing to uncover the supernatural side of the
night.  From Frank Spotnitz, the producer of
The X-Files;
NIGHT STALKER: The Complete Series
is so good, it’s
scary.  The project is an updated take on the 1970s ABC
series "Kolchak: The Night Stalker," about a crime reporter
who investigates supernatural phenomena.

Union explains. "I offer a bit more of the comic relief, where
Stuart's character is very dark and brooding."  The DVD
contains the original pilot, four never before seen episodes;
deleted scenes; a conversation with Frank Spotzitz, and run
time approximately 426 minutes.
From the Producer of ScarFace and
Carlito's Way Comes the Film About the
Early Years of the Gangster Legend On
POWER" From Universal Home
All-New animated feature film based on
Dr. Julius Lester’s prized adaptations
of the
classic tales  from Universal
Studios Home Entertainment.available
on DVD in time for Easter with exclusive
bonus features March 21, 2006,

Parents and children alike will delight
in the rib-tickling adventures of the
resourceful and mischievous Brer
Rabbit as he gleefully outwits his
animal friends with clever schemes
that keep them guessing what he’ll try
next!  Fun-filled bonus features,
including games and activities, make
From Martin Bregman,
the acclaimed
producer of
and Carlito's Way
comes the gritty, urban
action film that reveals
the early years of
gangster legend
Carlito Brigante
TV on DVD From the Early 1980's - NELL CARTER Is
Hilarious With A Presence In Family Comedy
"Gimme A
From Universal Studios Home Entertainment
"Gimme A Break" is a show that
was funny and dealt with relevant
issues that were causing turmoil
at that time.

A gruff widowed police chief and
his 3 children are all held together
with comedy from NELL the black
housekeeper who promised a
dieing mother and wife that she
would keep her family together
with love.

A very young Danny Glover and
Rue McClanahan add excitement
to this first season DVD
collection.  Racism, obesity and
kids being kids are but a few
issues found in this hilarious TV
on DVD that no doubt will add
hours of excitement and  fun for
your collective comedic
appetites.   The menus are a bit
troublesome but once mastered
deliver delightment.
available on DVD September 27th.

"Carlito's Way - Rise to Power" stars
Mario Van Peebles, Sean Combs, Jay
Hernandez and Luis Guzman.

Seduced by the power of the brutal New
York underworld, Carlito (Jay Hernandez)
enters a deadly circle of greed and
retribution assisted by his two brothers in
crime. Carlito is on the fast track to
becoming Spanish Harlem's ultimate
kingpin. He quickly learns that the only
way to survive at the top is through loyalty
to his friends and respect for the rule of
the street.

Like its predecessor,
Carlito's Way Rise
to Power
was adapted from the critically
acclaimed novels of Edwin Torres, based
on his experiences growing up in New
York's crime-ridden East Harlem in the
1960's, directed by Michael Bregman.  
This new film chronicles the young Carlito
using street smarts and cunning abilities
to stay alive in a world controlled by crime
DVD Features:
Deleted scenes; s.r.p. $26.98; Wide
(1.85:1) & Full (1.33:1)Screen Versions;
Run time 100 minutes; Dolby Digital 5..1;
Eng. Span & French subtitles; Closed
captioned; Featurettes "Got Your Back:
Carlito's Brothers In Time", "Bringin' the
Hood to Life", "The Making of Carlito's
Way Rise to Power" and "Set Tour With
Earl"; Gag reel.
The Adventures of Brer Rabbit the perfect treat for any
Easter basket and a lasting treasure for the whole
family.  With an irresistible soundtrack created especially
for this film.

The Adventures of Brer Rabbit is a lively, heartwarming
classic that will be watched over and over again.  The
all-star voice cast includes Danny Glover as Brer Turtle;
Wayne Brady as Brer Wolf; D.L. Hughley as Brer Fox;

Wanda Sykes
as Sister Moon; and Nick Cannon as Brer
Rabbit, the playful trickster at the center of all the action.
Spirited and entertaining, The Adventures of Brer Rabbit
updates the richly imaginative oral tradition of African and
African-American folk tales first put down in writing by
Joel Chandle
DVD Features:
Run time 7 Hours 47
Minutes; Full Frame
1.33:1; Subtitles;
Dolby Digital 2.0
Mono; 19 Episodes;
'Nell Goes to Jail
form Season Two
(Oct 2, 1982)
"The Cosby Show Season Two" Now  Available on
DVD from UrbanWorks Entertainment  - Contains

Happy Anniversary
Episode And Everybody Joins In
to Sing-a-Long - You Won't Stop Laughing
Probably one of the most talked
about episodes in the history of
Cosby Show" is the one titled
"Happy Anniversary".  

It memorialized a song where Cliff
and the Huxtable's pantomimed  a
song to Grandma and Grandpa
Huxtable in honor of their
1972's Billie Holiday Biopic "LADY SINGS THE BLUES" And
In Particular Diana Ross' Oscar-nominated Performance
Exemplifies A Pair of Hollywood Excellence On DVD From
Paramount Home Entertainment
It takes a diva to play a diva and Diana
Ross is kicking butts in her big screen
debut.  From the opening scene inwhich
the legendary
Diana Ross writhes in a
rubber room wracked by morphine
withdrawal the audience is caught up
with this film that should be watched as
a history lesson by all generations.
While Theo and Bill drew giggles it was Rudy and her "bab bay"
plea deliverance with arms folded and squatting to the ground
that brought the side-splitting humor and has become one of
the most talked about moments in any episode of "The Cosby

In the opening episode the Huxtables have only four children
(Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy). A few weeks later, a fifth
child, Sondra the Huxtables' eldest daughter, was added.  In
this season
veteran actor Clarice Taylor plays Grandma

Other episodes guaranteed to please are "Theo and the Older
Woman" who happens to be Robin Givens; "Clair's Toe"; 'Play It
Again Russell' which is a rare opportunity to see inside
Grandma & Grandpa's home and his playing the trombone at a
club featuring Broadway's sensation the late Josephine
Premise. and jazz legends like
Jimmy Heath and Tito Puente;
and "A Touch of Wonder' featuring
Stevie Wonder.
DVD Features:
Boxed 4 Disc DVD set; Over 9 Hours of programming;
bloopers, 25 original uncut network episodes & more.
COMMANDER IN CHIEF: The Inaugural Edition Part
Throughout "LADY SINGS THE BLUES", Ross as Billie
Holiday with  the support of friends like Piano Man
Pryor) and her manager/lover Louis McKay (Billy Dee
struggles with addiction and low self-esteem,
even as her singing career makes her a star.

The musical numbers are captivating, with Ross providing
her own versions of Holiday's standards.
DVD Features:
Run time 143 minutes; Commentary by Berry Gordy, director
Sidney Furie and Artist Manager Shelly Berger; Behind the
Blues featurette; Deleted Scenes; Widescreen Enhanced
for 16x9 televisions; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround; Subtitles
and fabulous music.
On Monday, June 26th,
Geena Davis and
Buena Vista Home
celebrated the DVD
release of Commander
In Chief: The Inaugural
Edition Part One. The
intimate press
reception took place at
the Pacific Design
Center in West

Now available on
DVD, the 2-disc set
features the thrilling
Nominated For 15 EMMY Awards - "DESPERATE
- TV on
DVD September 20th
Excitement & Phenomenally Trailblazing TV on DVD
Packaging with
Offers $20 Back By Mail - Yeah Man!!
If you think you've seen all the secrets
dead wrong.  Find out what really
goes on behind closed doors in the
sexy suburbs on Wisteria Lane, and
uncover even more secrets with over
5-hours of revealing bonus features -
TV on DVD from Touchstone
Television, released by Buena Vista
Home Entertainment, available
September 20, 2005.
Geena Davis
first ten episodes of this riveting drama starring
Academy Award® winner Geena Davis.the first female
President of the United States
After the original “CSI”
series became a smash hit
by storming to the top of the
Nielsen ratings for weeks
on end a spin-off series
was created titled CSI:
Miami” then the dice rolled
one more time with the Big
Apple in discussion about
another police procedural
drama set in character-
driven New York City.  
The shows creator Marc Cherry describes Wisteria Lane as
"Picture perfect, wholesome.

I think America is that way. It is a place where you can grow
up and raise kids.  That's the American dream".

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is about mystery, infidelity,
gossip, crime, cover-ups, sins, blackmail, murder and
Cherry tell why he thinks his show is successful.  He says,
"Over the years there have been great dramas and
mysteries like Dallas and Dynasty but nobody ever
approached it with a sense of humor and that is what is
missing in television today.  I think we are successful
because we are different."
DVD Features:
Widescreen 1.78:1 - Enhanced for 16x9 televisions; Dolby
Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; 6-Discs set; Run time 17 hours
48 minutes; Extended episodes; Deleted Scenes; Behind
the scenes with Meredith Vieira; A Stroll Down Memory Lane
with Creator Marc Cherry; Audio Commentaries by Marc
Cherry and the housewives; A Look at the Costume and Set
Design; Secrets of Wisteria Lane;
Oprah Winfrey is the New
Neighbor; Closed Captioned; s.r.p. $59.99.
So how is “CSI: NY” the series and DVD different from its
other brethren,  let me count the ways.  

CSI:NY The Complete First Season  DVD set of 7 creates a
challenge from the first disc insert because it is more than

You can VIEW with or without audio commentary and then
the screen flips to EPISODE SELECTION or PLAY THEM

After several unsuccessful attempts if you don't figure out
how to play episodes because of the investigative madess  
then ultimately  decide to
play them all .

Each disc has its own black plexiglass covering so there is
no overlapping or trying to figure out where the disc
belongs.  CSI:NY is not completely complex, some
episodes are without commentary.    You are gonna love it,
from Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment

CSI:NY on DVD is trailblazing packaging. It is the fhird
incarnation of Bruckheimer's successful CSI: Crime Scene
investigation franchise centering around a team of forensic
investigators who use high-tech science to follow the
evidence and solve crimes in the Big Apple.
DVD Features:
Run time 16 Hours 51 minutes; Widescreen for 16:9
format; Audio Commentaries on 7 Episodes; Dolby Digital
5.1 Surround; Spanish Surrround; Featurettes 'The Cast
Examines the Characters' - 'The Science Behind the
Scenes' - 'Set Tour' - 'The World's Largest Crime Scene' -
'The Zoo Year' ; Closed Captioned; s.r.p. $74.99
"BEWITCHED: The Complete First Season" All 36
Episodes On A 4 Disc DVD Set in Color or B & W
From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Join Samantha, Darrin and
Endora for magic and mayhem

The beloved 1960’s sitcom is
now available for the first time
from Sony Pictures Home
episodes in original black and white or color version
in a four-disc DVD set.

From producer/director William Asher   (
“I Love
Lucy,” “Gidget”), Bewitched’s welldrawn characters
and pitch perfect comedic performances made it a
classic sitcom that enchanted viewers for 256
episodes from 1964-1971.

Anchored by
Elizabeth Montgomery’s portrayal of
beautiful good-hearted witch Samantha,
Bewitched" also stars Dick York as her frustrated
but determined husband Darrin, and to further
complicate matters is
Agnes Moorehead, Samantha’
s mother Endora who is appalled that her daughter
married a mere “mortal” and does her spell-
assisted best to break them apart.

During its eight seasons on ABC,
"Bewitched" was
nominated for four Golden Globes® and more than
20 Emmy Awards®, winning three
DVD Features:
Run Time 917 minutes; CC; Subtitled Spanish,
Portugese, Chinese, Thai; Lanuages Eng, Span,
Portug. Full Screen 1.33:1; 4-Disc Set.   Each version
will be priced at $39.95 SLP.
Narrated by Robert Redford -
Walt Disney Pictures Presents
BURBANK, Calif., March, 2005 –Walt
Disney Pictures presents
, available to own on Disney
DVD April 5. 2005.

SACRED PLANET is a refreshing
journey away from the hectic world we
live in.
Through stunning cinematography, the film transports
you to some of the most fascinating, exotic, and
remote sites on Earth, giving you new insights into our
planet’s diverse landscapes, peoples, and animals.

This mesmerizing, fascinating tour of faraway places
and majestic creatures is an awe-inspiring wonder
that the entire family will enjoy.
DVD Features:
Starring: Robert Redford; Director: Jon Long; Genre:  
Documentary; Format:  Widescreen; Language:
English; Subtitles: French; Two different versions; Run
time 47 minutes; Commentary with Director.
A Romantic Comedy That Redefines the
Measure of Love -
May 24, 2005 From UrbanWorks Entertainment
Ric and Natalie are a happy young
couple headed towards marriage until
Natalie finds Ric in the company of
another woman. Amidst a series of
romantic twists and comedic turns,
Big Ain't Bad challenges us to study
the superficial elements against
which we measure love and value.
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DVD Features:
Full frame Scene selections; 5.1 simulated surround sound;
Previews; Deleted scenes; Outtakes;  Audio commentary;
Starring Sean Blakemore; Jade Jenise Dixon, Tico Wells,
Reginald Ballard and Troy Medley; directed by Ray
Culpepper, Run time 90 minutes.
Michael  Keaton stars in   "White Noise" -
the dead communicate with the living
through static - On DVD & VHS May 17 from
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
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White Noise
A thriller that explores the unsettling
possibility that the dead can contact
us all we have to do is listen.

Architect Jonathan Rivers is (
) who loses his wife in a tragic
accident and he turns to the world of Electronic Voice  
Phenomenon - Communication from beyond the grave.  

Once a portal to the other world is opened there's no
telling what will come through it.
DVD Features:
Run time 1 Hour 38 Minutes; Eng/Spanish Dolby Digital
5.1 Surround; Subtitles: Spanish; Widescreen (2.35:1);
Actual E.V.P. Sessions;  Feature Commentary with
Director Geoffrey Sax and Michael Keaton; Deleted
Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Patti
LaBelle, Roberta Flack & More - BET
Presents "Journeys in Black" On DVD From
UrbanWorks Entertainment
Luther Vandross'  (1951-2005) sound
has virtually been the soundtrack of
R&B over the past 20 years.  The
veteran R&B singer first realized his
love of music as a youngster going to
the legendary Apollo Theater in his
native Harlem, N.Y.
Luther has gone on to develop a smooth classic soul
sound  that is his alone.  When

you hear one of his songs there is no question that the
voice behind the music is Luther.

BET's Journeys In Black takes you backstage and behind
the scenes to explore the man behind one of the greatest
voices in the history of music.
DVD Features:
Run time 45 minutes; Scene Selections; Full Frame;
Commentary from his mother Mary and others.
"In Living Color Season 3" On DVD May 10,
2005  Contains 28 Episodes On 3 discs From
April 1991 to March 1992 - You Won't Stop
Laughing - From Fox Home Entertainment
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This new season introduces Jamie Foxx to an
already outstanding cast, and meet Fly Girl
Jennifer Lopez.  Nominated for 17 Emmys in
its short four-year stint,
In Living Color is
widely considered the best skit comedy show
since SNL.
DVD Features:
Homey the Sellout Part II / Men on Television Part 2: What
Happened To Blaine / Clarence Thomas' First Day/ Home
Alone Again / The Jackson Bunch / Late Night with Mike
Tyson / Anton and the Reporter /Wanda on the Dating
Game; Run time 690 minutes; Dolby Surround; Full Frame;
Close Captioned.
Debuting on DVD and VHS April 12th from
MGM Home Entertainment "HOTEL RWANDA"
Cheadle gives “
performance of his career

(The Hollywood Reporter) in
the 2005 Golden Globe-
nominated biopic
Rwanda, debuting on DVD
and VHS April 12th from MGM
Home Entertainment,
featuring supporting
performances by Nick Nolte,
Joaquin Phoenix  and Sophie
This “remarkable” (Newsweek), “powerful and
” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times) heroic
true story follows hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina
whose brave stance against savagery during the 1994
Rwandan conflict saved over 1,200 lives.

Nominated for three 2005 Academy Awards, including
Best Actor, Supporting Actress and Screenplay, and
three 2005 Golden Globe Awards, including Best
Picture, Actor and Original Song by Wyclef Jean,
Rwanda was also named one of 2004’s 10 best films
by the National Board of Review, received the People’
s Choice Award at the 2004 Toronto Film Festival and
was honored with the Audience Award for Best
Feature Film at the 2004 AFI Festival.

To raise awareness and support for the efforts in
Rwanda and Sudan, MGM Home Entertainment will
donate a portion of the Hotel Rwanda DVD sales to
the worldwide non-profit human rights organization
Amnesty International. In addition, the DVD will include
an inserted, pre-addressed donation envelope to
allow consumers to contribute an additional amount
to the cause.
DVD Features:
Audio Commentary by Director Terry George and Paul
Rusesabagina  With Select Commentary by Wyclef
Jean; Selected Scenes Commentary by
Don Cheadle
'A Message for Peace: Making Hotel Rwanda"
Documentary "Return to Rwanda" Documentary;
Original Theatrical Trailer; Running Time: 122
minutes; Subtitles: ENG, FR, SP  Closed Captioned;
16X9 Widescreen (2.35:1); $26.98 DVD (suggested
retail price) / $27.50 VHS.
Rediscover the First Season of that
Hilarious look at the life and times of
Chicago Psyhchologist
All 24 Episodes on
DVD from FOX Home Entertainment April 12
It's time to again to say "Hi Bob!" as
Complete First Season" debuts on
a hilarious 3-Disc DVD set on April
12th  from FOX Home Entertainment

Bob Newhart plays Bob Hartley a
successful Chicago psychologist
living in a high rise apartment with
his wife Emily (
Suzanne Pleshette)
an elementary school teacher.
Bob constantly  finds himself surrounded by very odd
characters including basket cases. THE BOB NEWHART
SHOW was part of the CBS highly successful Saturday
night lineup with "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The
Carol Burnett Show".  

Actors: Bob Newhart, Suzanne Pleshette, Bill Daily, Peter
Bonerz.  Director: David Davis, Lorenzo Music.
DVD Features:
Run Time: 657 min; Full Frame; Close Captioned; Audio:
English, Spanish : Mono.
Revisit One of America’s Funniest Families
Debuts April 12 in a Three-Disc DVD Set
From SONY Home Entertainment
Return to the “de-luxe apartment
in the sky” with George and
April 12.

Sherman Hemsley and
Emmy Award®-winner
Sanford, The Jeffersons  
chronicles the rise of jive-talking
dry cleaner king George Jefferson
and his nononsense
wife Louise.
Thinking easy life, George is ill prepared for the
unexpected pitfalls his new address will bring him.

The talented cast of supporting characters includes the
Jeffersons’ sassy maid
Florence (Marla Gibbs), acid-
tongued matriarch Mother Jefferson (Zara Culley), and
wacky next-door neighbors, interracial couple Helen
and Tom Willis (Roxie Roker and Franklin Cover) and
Englishman Harry Bentley (Paul Benedict).

Some of favorite episodews are: LOUISE’S PHYSICAL -
DVD Features:
Full Screen; 3-Disc Set; Run Time: 600  minutes
A Slam Dunk on DVD and VHS - Samuel L. Jackson
"COACH CARTER" - June 21, 2005
From Paramount Home Entertainment
COACH CARTER racked up $66 million
at the box office. Directed by Thomas
Carter the film was inspired by the story
of the controversial high school
basketball coach who benched his
entire team to instill integrity and
masculine pride making headlines for
his emphasis on the importance of
academics over athletics.  

Samuel L. Jackson does Oscar work
from a script strong and compelling
enough to make a man cry.  It's the talk
pop never taught.
DVD Features:  
Widescreen Version; Enhanced for 16:9 TVs; Dolby Digital:
English 5.1; Surround, French 5.1; Surround, English 2.0
Surround; Spanish & English Subtitles;Featurette " Behind The
Movie "Fast Break At Richmond High; 6 Deleted Scenes "Hope"
Music Video by Twista Featuring Faith Evans.
In This Outrageous Unrated and Fully Extended
Version of "Seed of Chucky" - Everyone's
Favorite Killer Doll Returns With Laugh Out Loud
Script On DVD and VHS June 7, 2005 from
Universal Studios Home Enterainment
This time around Chucky (voiced again by
Brad Dourif) and his homicidal honey Tiffany
are brought back to life by their orphan
offspring Glen. Then the horror goes
Hollywood as Chucky unleashes his own
brand of murderous mayhem!

Featuring Academy Award nominee Jennifer
Tilly (as herself and the voice of Tiffany) and
hip-hop star Redman, it's more gore, more
gags, and much more Chucky doing his
dirtiest deeds yet!
DVD Features:
The version you couldn't see in theaters; Run Time 1 Hour 28
Minutes; English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround; English DTS 5.1
Surround;  Subtitles: French, Spanish;
Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1); Theatrical Trailer; Teaser
Trailer; Cast and Filmmakers Audio Commentary including
writer/directorDon Mancini and puppet master Tony Gardner.
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