Tyrese Gibson Stars in "ANNAPOLIS" On DVD
June 27th From Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The First 19 Episodes of PERRY MASON
Season One Recorded 1957 & 1958
Starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale &
William Hopper Available On DVD
July 11th
From Paramount Home Entertainment
A young man from the wrong side of the
tracks has his dream come true when he is
accepted to the Naval Academy. But once
there he is not sure he measures up against
the best and the brightest.

At Annapolis 50,000 apply and 1,200 are
accepted, but only the best survive.  The film
moves through first year at the academy,
culminating in the big boxing tournament.
Raymond Burr is Perry Mason.  
This  long-running series was
built upon Erle Stanley Gardner's
many novels about a brilliant
defense lawyer and his staff that
solved crime with surprise wit-
nesses  and stern cross
The standout performance is Gibson's elegant but  tough and
composed steel-jawed company commander, naval officer, Lt
Cole.  Gibson had to step up to the plate, training not only to
become a highly disciplined midshipman but also a nearly
invincible boxer.

From Touchstone Pictures comes this exhilarating story from a
world where heroes are born and legends are made.  
ANNAPOLIS is directed by newcomer Justin Lin, written by Dave
Collard, and stars James Franco,
Tyrese Gibson, Jordana
Brewster, Donnie Wahlberg, Chi McBride and Vicellous Shannon.

Gibson says “Every physical change my body could possibly go
through, I went through. I got shin splints, my wrist was hurting
because I was hitting the wrong way and at first I couldn’t go
more than 45 seconds in the ring but that all changed fast and I
was truly able to understand the confidence that comes with
being a great boxer like Lt. Cole.”

The DVD features run time 101 minutes; s.r.p. $29.99;
Commentary by: Director Justin Lin, writer David Collard, editor;
Widescreen Format; Deleted scenes with audio commentary.
It was the first mystery series to feature chalk or tape
outlines to mark the spots where bodies were found.

The cases were won by way of pivotal confessions of
witnesses solicited by Perry Mason's surgeon-like
examination, or with last minute key evidence brought
into the courtroom by private investigator Paul Drake
(William Hopper.  Della Street (Barbara Hale), Perry's
faithful secretary, was always at his side in the
courtroom where hapless Hamilton Burger (William
Tallman) was the Los Angeles District Attorney who
never seemed to win.

As to the myth that Perry Mason never lost, there
were 2 episodes where it did occur, but you'll have to
watch to find out. The show was revived in 1973-74
using some of the original casts and then in a string
of feature length TV films from 1985 until Raymond
Burr's death in 1993.  DVD Boxed set includes
5-Disc.; 1000 minutes; Dolby Digital Mono B&W.