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Eva Crowned Next Top Model
By:  Solomon James

Self-proclaimed tomboy Eva Pigford out-fierced her competition
to win the third installment of
"America's Next Top Model".
EVA & TYRA Photographed together
for the first time, since Eva became
"Next Top Model".

Not bad for a shy lonely and
confused lil' black gal who decided
one day to change her life and
stepped out on Faith  defying
everybody who told her "you can't".
The 19-year-old student from Los Angeles was left
the last pretty young thing standing on the season
finale of Tyra Banks' catwalk-strutting reality show
Tuesday night.

She triumphed over legally blind Amanda Swafford,
who finished third and Yaya Da Costa Johnson,
from Harlen, New York, in second place..  
Eva Pigford
Pigford was rewarded with a
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl, a
spread in Elle magazine and a
contract with Ford Models.

"I am a cover girl," Pigford said after
her win. "This little tomboy from L.A.
that has never been beautiful. I was
not the cute girl in school. I came
here the shortest and the one that
had the most insecurities inside of
them, and now I'm
America's Next
Top Model."
Eva PIgford Facts:
Age: 19 years old
Height/Weight: 5'7"/118 lbs.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Student
Favorite Movie: "Crooklyn"
Favorite Magazine: Jungle, Elle &
Favorite Food: Mexican
Other: Self-described over-achiever
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