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On December 14th UrbanWorks Entertainment Presents the Return  of   
From 1972 to 1984   - -  - -    First Time Available On DVD
"FAT ALBERT and the Cosby kids"  
"Fat Albert and the Cosby kids"
SRP: $14.99

Fat Albert and the kids are back!  Rudy, Mushmouth,
Donald, Bill, Weird Harold, Russell and of course the
ring leader, Fat Albert.  

This exclusive DVD consists of the
Top 5 highest
rated episodes of the series.
"Fat Albert and the
Cosby kids"
is the re-introduction of a pop-culture
icon to the next generation.
"FAT ALBERT’s Greatest Hits – THE
SRP: $49.99; Format: DVD (4 discs)

20 Classic Epsidoes of FAT ALBERT!  
Fat Albert and the Cosby kids, aired from 1972 to
1984 and was re-syndicated in 1989.

This creative animated series enjoyed one of the
longest and most successful runs in Saturday
morning cartoon history.

Live action commentaries featuring
Bill Cosby were
set around animated episodes of Fat Albert and the
Cosby kids, a series about a group of urban
adolescents growing up in a Philadelphia
Episodes: Creativity; Take Two, They're Small; Smoke Gets In
Your Hair
; Sweet Sorrow; & Poll Time.    
Episodes Include: Lying;Tomboy;Match Thy Neighborhood; Rebop
for Bebop; and 15 more.        
Topics ranged from social issues to personal
introspection and were blended with humor and
music. Among the many great characters that
inhabited Fat Albert's world were Rudy, Mushmouth,
Donald, Bill, Weird Harold and Russell.  
The show "Fat Albert", was based on Cosby's 1960's
stand up comedy monologues about his childhood. The
episodes revolved around the daily life lessons learned
by Fat Albert and his friends.
You will have in your hands a very special collection of
historic episodes in one box set! The Ultimate Fat Albert 4
disc set. This unique piece of memorabilia is a collector’s
item that many generations will enjoy.
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