By: Gatsby Melodi'
By: Gatsby Melodi'
By: Gatsby Melodi'
With Praise in
'Confessions Of
A Worshipper"
His Best Work
By: Gatsby Melodi'
On the heels of receiving the
'Traditional Female Artist of
the Year' award at the 2004
Stellar Awards ceremony,  
AGEE clearly is a
"The Water I Give" is all the
proof necessary that the
sets the bar of achievement,
the higher she continues to
soar. As the album producer
"Live In New York" is a
wonderful compilation
of 15 spirited tunes that
is undoubtedly destined
to be warmly embraced
by listeners of any
GOD-fearing woman on the battlefield for
Christ on her new cd titled "It's Already
Done" on the Air Gospel label. A major force
in the gospel industry, her latest release
with outstanding tracks 'It's Already Done', 'I
Made It', 'Thank You', 'He Gave His Best'
and 'I Surrender All' are all strong
follow-ups to her smash healing hit "GOD
Did It", revealing the singer ain't no ways
tired recommending Jesus. Truly it is a
Blessing to all who hear it.
called Spirit of Praise.   Before
Lamar formed
Spirit of Praise, in the
mid-'90s, he was best known as a
songwriter, writing for a number of
groups, including the GMWA
Women of Worship.

Eventually, he gathered up a
number of professional singers to
form Spirit of Praise. They made
their debut on Tyscot Records in
1995 with Ready. Three years later,
they moved to EMI Gospel, where
they released Lamar Campbell &
Spirit of Praise. I Need Your Spirit
followed in mid-1999, and When I
Think About You was released a
year later.

His current release "
Confessions Of
A Worshipper
" is all about thanking
God for the anointing and faith to
believe in the vision,and
encourages others to enter God's
gates with Thanksgiving and Praise
being thankful for His Mercy.  

The title is indicative of the overall
contents, it is very testimonial.  From
the opening track Lamar Campbell
is truly sanging, as we church folk
say. Opening track 'We've Come to
Worship'  jumpstarts the praise;  
(my favorite) 'If We Ever Need the
and 'Oh Give Him Glory', are
the three he leads, and the
remaining 7 tracks include great
pipes from Denise Clark on the
upbeat 'Keep Presssing On', and
other tracks from Paul Logan, Carl
Jackson, and others.
and writer or co-writer of five of its twelve
songs, Dottie is one strong self-reliant artist
that knows who she is and what she wants.

"The inspiration for the title song comes
from the story of Jesus meeting the
Samaritan woman at the well, where He told
her the water He gave would bring her
everlasting life. There's healing in that water.
There's salvation. There's joy, and there's
love. We find all of that if we accept Jesus.
That's a life-saving message, and it's
definitely my pet song on this project", says

About an album full of hits, Dottie continues.
Grace & Mercy' is a gorgeous moving ballad
offering thanks and praise to God for His
infinite goodness. It's been on my heart for
some time to do a song about God's grace
and mercy. It's really just a conversation
between me and God, giving Him thanks.  
He'll Give You Everything' is a simple
sentiment and statement. I thank God for
everything He's given me. He's blessed my
ministry over these years, in things large and
small. He's been so good. We can never tell
Him 'thank you' enough", Dottie gushes.   

She concludes, "This is no longer about
awards, or material rewards to me. What
matters to me is that the people who hear
these songs, if they already know the Lord,
will be blessed and encouraged, and that
those who don't will actually be saved and
come to the realization that God will give you
everything you need-all the nurture, comfort
and provision-through the water only He can
give. I don't want people to see me in this
music. I want them to see HIm, and if they
do, they will receive a blessing, and I will
have achieved everything I could ever hope
to achieve."  
persuasion.  Known for his "Sunday
morning worship-friendly" repertoire, REV.
released cd titled "Live In New York",
recorded "live" at The Greater Allen
Cathedral in Jamaica, New York features an
array of guest artists/friends like HEZEKIAH
WALKER, and label-mates DOTTIE
CLARK, and is co-produced by his sons
David, Donnie and Timothy Jr.,  Since the
release of his hit "Who's On the Lord's Side"
in the 1990's, Rev. Wright has garnered
massive radio airplay, increased television
exposure coupled with music that saturates
choir stands around the world, it is easy to
understand how REV. TIMOTHY WRIGHT
became known as "The Godfather of
Gospel".  Every track is standout, totally
delicious and sumptuous, on AirGospel
Records. "I assembled this choir,
songwriters and musicians because I want
to create new music for the world to sing,"
Rev. Wright comments.
Song Stylist ANN NESBY Chat's About  Her   
Controvesial Gospel CD    "Put It On Paper"
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Aw sookie sookie there's
some great  sangin'
testifyin' and  praisin'  to
GOD the Father in
Heaven powerfully
worshiped and praised
by  thunder lungs  
Ann Nesby, former front vocalist for Sounds
of Blackness.
 In her steamy Holy Ghost
filled cd titled "Put It On Paper".  Ms Nesby
has no shame in her game.  Then  why
would she?  Her message is clear. . Blood
is thicker than Water... LOVE is thicker than
Blood.  And after all isn't  GOD  about LOVE..
I hold  Ann Nesby in reverence taking time
out from her hectic but blessed and
anointed itinerary which included recording
new projects and traveling the road
promoting this new cd to sit and chit chat
with me awhile.  Three telephone
disconnection's and a somewhat
non-audible interview tape could be
deterrents from writing this story,  but this
interview despite intervention from negative
forces was happenin'...

"GOD knows the anointing needed in this
interview",  Ann Nesby joyfully comforted
me.  While I patiently awaiting for Universal
Records to re-connect our
again-disconnected call  - - suddenly          
"I Am" opened the sky... .The Holy Ghost fell
..And the interview end-result is miraculous.

ANN NESBY is one of those people who
never meets a stranger.  Her voice is
demur and soft spoken.  Her calm
demeanor offers a comfort zone to discuss
?????  about her music, her life, her
inspiration, thought processes and
endurance to remain on the battlefield for
Christ Jesus  Factly, it was difficult to bring
closure to the interview ...She had such a
calm spirit , I wanted to simply listen to her
talk and  teach me how God motivates her
and directs her life toward accomplishment
of a meaningful  fulfilling life.

"People tell me all the time. I wanna sing
just like you. I wanna sing just like you. And
I tell 'em. Honey, then what you need is
Jesus. Cause I got an anointing.".  

She said that she comes from a family of
Evangelists. I don't know whether it is
because of this strong influence, but she
many times starts and/or ends each
sentence or scenario with scripture. I told
Ms. Nesby that while the lyrics and titles are
reminiscent of gospel music...the beat is
quite the antithesis, she responded,   "You
got to catch a fish before you can cook it"

She said, "People already in the WORD..
know...it is those not in the WORD that  I'm
reaching out to. I'm just sprinkling seeds.  If
I can catch 'em with the beat...they will learn
GOD gives love and forgiveness early in the
morning, late at night.  They will learn
everything will be alright.  Love is all
powerful. It can help you."

Her cd "Put It On Paper" may not at first
sound like
typical Gospel,  -- but afterall
typical 'relative'?

The title she said comes from a discussion
she and her husband had.  "One day my
husband and I were talking about how
people are just sleeping around, you know
-- shacking up and not getting married.  We
discussed how in the eyes of God it is
wrong. The joys of sex is something God
intended in marriage.  We wanted to
remind  people when you say you love
another -- mean it, and put it on paper."  

After deciding the song would become a
duet, Al Green was the voice she and her
husband unequivocally  wanted.  "We ran in
to Al at a concert, presented the song to
him. He heard it once backstage. He then
turned to me and said -- 'let's put it on

Tracks like 'You Always Cared', 'Let Your
Will Be Done', 'Where Would I Be', and
'Love Is What We Need' can direct each day
toward a positive direction, especially
during troubled times when we need
assurance that our Heavenly Father cares,
knows and will answer prayers.   "Put It On
Paper" from ANN NESBY.
Gospel Singer Formerly With Bobby Jones
Takes You Higher In the Lord With CD titled  
"Beverly Crawford Live Family & Friends"
"I wanna go higher, higher
in the Lord, I'm pressing on
the upward way.   New
heights I'm gaining
everyday, still praying as I'm
upward bound.
'Plant my feet on higher ground", sings
BEVERLY CRAWFORD  on the opening
track 'Higher In the Lord', on her new CD
"Beverly Crawford LIVE Family &
, for EMI Gospel.

The friends consists of duets with Shirely
Murdock, Melvin Williams, Dr. Bobby Jones,
Bishop Walter Camps, The Camps Family,
and her daughter Latrina Crawford.

On 'For the Rest of My Life" Beverly delivers
a  Jennifer Holiday tinging, stretching those

"Some people say they see my energy in
so many different  people like Shirely
Caesar, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin. I just
love to have fun.", Beverly Crawford says of
her style.

She has a powerful voice that is full yet not
too heavy. She lets the words, music, and
message breathe, something that's
paramount in gospel music.
'Prince of Praise & Worship'   BYRON CAGE   SINGS
"Make Sure That You're NEVER TOO BUSY To Praise The  
" In CD and DVD "Recorded LIVE at
New Birth Cathedral in Atlanta"
By: Gatsby Melodi'
The average person believes that they will get to Heaven if
they don't hurt people, become a nice person,  and regularly
contributes money  to a church.  Which ain't a bad genesis.  
Yet there is much more that will be considered. Bottomline
is, we will all be judged by our words and our works.  And
while we can't all sing, direct, record, and write pious music
good enough to jump start an infectious praise, Byron Cage
discernibly can..and tirelessly does deliver praise and
worship on these virtuous offerings.
The spirit of the Lord is definitely a Blessing.  Get ready to be blessed and
encouraged by witnessing the mammoth praise and worship deliverance on the
entrancing DVD, and by listening to the twelve unvarying tracks on the CD, with the
blessing - lurking on every track.  Both  encourage the lifting UP of hands
toward the sky, because you can still say 'yes to His will' no matter what the test,
which is the close-out-track
"Still Say Yes", a song penned by the late Thomas
Whitfield.  'Lord I love to call you Father' are the lyrics Cage uses his soulful tenor
vocals and choir director skills to confirm his faith, in
"That's What You Are To
, altruistically penned by Kurt Carr.  

I triple-dog-dare-ya to listen to Brent Jones penned  
"Never Too Busy" without
dropping one tear.   Opening track
"Magnify" penned by Michael Brooks is
delivered by Cage with Donny Hathaway tingings.        Inspired by gospel singers
such as the Rev. Donald Vails and Thomas Winfield, Cage began singing gospel
music as a teenager.
SMOKIE NORFUL Enjoying Success
"Limited Edition" And
Taking Nothing For Granted
country by storm in 2003.
He toured extensively with
gospel A-listers like Kirk
Franklin, Donnie
McClurkin, Yolanda Adams
and Bishop T.D. Jakes. He also recorded a
stirring rendition of '
O Holy Night' for Bishop
Jakes' holiday season release "
Follow the

Billboard magazine named Norful the #1
Gospel Artist of 2003 and he's been
nominated for two 2004 Dove Awards:
Contemporary Gospel Recorded Song of the
, and "Contemporary Gospel Album of
the Year
", for his current CD "Limited Edition".

His 2002 debut release for EMI Gospel  "
Need You Now
" was proof positive of his
skills as a singer and songwriter. An
incendiary live performer as well, he
captivated audiences and music buyers with
his passion and power for music he calls
"urban inspirational".

"Music is a power. It's a force", says Norful.  
"God is the ultimate source of that power and
He has no limitations or boundaries.  If you
tap into that source, people can't help but take
notice, whether they realize it or not.     I  try  to
write and perform songs that come out of my
personal experiences. When I do that, it
seems to reach the heart of people. Music is
the calling card that opens the door", he
adds.  "Once you have people's attention you
can impact them with what you have to say."

Norful is clearly a man available for the Lord's
calling.  "My greatest goal is to please God in
all I do in my life, my music, my ministry."  
Norful says, "The only way to do that is to be a
servant. My service at this point is uplifting and
encouraging others with the gifts that God has
given me."  
"There's a very human side to all of us
that cries out to the Lord in times of
trouble and situations where we feel
overwhelmed by life's circumstances  we
all go through.  We need to remember
that the Lord is a shield for us", explains Byron Cage, about his intent with the
release of his self-titled new CD and DVD titled "
Gospo Centric Records in Inglewood, California.  "I look at myself as just a
vessel that I pray God is going to use to get His music to many of His people,
and draw them closer to Him."

Over more than 15 years Byron Cage has been involved with two of American's
mega-churches:  Minister of music at Ebenezer AME (African Methodist)
Church in Fort Washington, Mass.; and Music Director of the New Birth Church
in Atlanta.  Cage also has worked with the GMWA National Mass Choir, Full
Gospel Baptist Mass Choir and Bishop Dennis Leonard’s Heritage Christian
Center Mass Choir, and is about to be carried to congregations and
audiences far beyond the four walls of even the biggest churches with the
release of this latest effort.

Byron sings unadorned praises to God accompanied by the sweet and soulful
sounds of his background singers, and eloquently expressing what he calls,
"a true hunger and thirsting for God.".

Produced by gospel luminary Kurt Carr, and recorded live in Atlanta's New
Birth Cathedral, the songs were written or co-written by a plethora of gospel
music's most celebrated writers, including Thomas Whitfield, Carr and Byron
himself are Donnie McClurkin, Michael Brooks, Freda Tapp, and Tobias Fox
on the forever memorializing "Shabach", a stand-alone strong number he
does in the Medley, and destined to propel the young singer.

The DVD takes this performance to a whole other pinnacle. I strongly
recommend it - a visual can do that, ya know.  The lyrics are printed in cd, so
go-ahead listeners float-on float-on with the maestro having fun singing and
praising GOD.   
Sho Nuff Sangin' Bruthas Bring Back That Old Time Religion on Self-Titled
"7 Sons of Soul"
by: Gatsby Melod'
Bishop Eddie L. Long Presents New Birth
Total Praise Choir
"Spirit & Truth"
Planned Release May 18th
Folks..Don't walk..RUN and pick-up a copy of some of the
finest sangin' around today from newcomers calling
7 SONS OF SOUL.  The members are CLIFF
These fellas sound like The Temptations singing
Gospel, and it's all good.
Unlike many Gospel choirs
which often draw and
hand-pick members from
numerous churches and
affiliations, New Birth Total
"Out of the Box" From TONEX Drops
May 18th on Verity Records
Tonex is a young artist with
the whole package. A
California minister since
his teenage years, Tonex
recorded and
independently released
Praise (NBTP), as they've become popularly
known, consists of 250 members from the
church congregation.

Spirit & Truth is the brainchild of
Grammy-Award winner KEVIN BOND,
(whose multi-million dollar  credits include
JAKES, to name a few) and arose from an
annual church wide conference at New Birth
which Kevin describes as "designed to edify
and inspire the congregation to rise up and
walk in the full potential and blessings of

"There are a lot of great artists who are doing
equally great music that's written and
arranged for concert settings," he explains,
"but there's a great need for strong, new
material that's conceived and created
expressly for the church and
Sunday-morning worship. Spirit & Truth
contains eleven songs which nearly any
church choir, from the average to the elite,
could do on any Sunday morning and truly
bless the Body of Christ."

Kevin, who also directs NBTP, wrote 90% of
the album's material.  "There is such a lack
of this type of music, so I found myself  
writing songs that would suit our needs and
desires. My intent was to create music
around the messages that Bishop Long
preaches, that would bless nationally and

The jubilant '
Suddenly' featuring VANESSA
BELL ARMSTRONG on lead vocals, "is a
strong roots in traditional Gospel song about
the quick work God will do in our lives", Kevin
'Thank You For Your Grace'
features an impassioned lead vocal from
Ted Winn of the Gospel duo Ted & Shari.
'He's Been So Good' carries a strong urban
contemporary feel and features a smoking
vocal by Darwin Hobbs.

"I believe it's time for our music to speak
more of the risen Christ, the Third-Day
Christ, and to celebrate all His resurrection
brought us", Kevin concludes.
This is one of those CD's you play over and over and over, just because you
want each and every drip drop it has to offer, even when your cup runs over.  
Dennis Edwards of The Temptations, Sam Cook, Teddy Pendergrass, Bobby
Womack, will all come to mind when listening to
7 Sons of Soul.

David Lindsey of the group says, "If you take The Canton Spirituals and The
Winans and put them in a pot together you come out with
7 Sons of Soul.'

With an impressive resume behind each of them, the DC based group who
says they've been together 2.5 years,  is certain to garner awards and shake-up
the world with the forcefulness in their delivery.  "You gotta keep holding on" as
an Al Green squeal is heard on 'Job'.

7's debut is rich with traditional religious themes set to contemporary, fresh
beats. The rousing
'What Is This'  (my favorite) with cameo appearances by
Pam Kinyon of Radical For Christ and gospel powerhouse Fred Hammond, is
a Grammy Award nomination, for sure.  With salient themes of forgiveness and
repentance, this album speaks to both the errant and the pious alike. Prepare
to find seven more reasons to love gospel.

When asked what the group hopes to bring to gospel music, they responded,
"Hope, versatility are a couple of things that we bring. You can be young and live
a holy life. Too many times young Christians are afraid to show who they are
because of what their friends think or what the world thinks. So we hope to be
able to show that as well."

About their stage appearance, the groups says, "Power house, energy, pizzazz.
We like to have fun and do it with style. People gotta know you mean it!!!'  And
mean it they do on other stand out tracks 'He's So Real', '
Amazing Grace', or any of the projects 14 delicious tracks.  It's all good.
his debut album, Pronounced Toe-Nay, in
1997 at age 21.  It was an incredibly
ambitious – almost brazen – debut,
featuring 21 songs broken up into seven
catogories: retro/funk, hip-hop/rap,
soul/gospel, jazz, mellow grooves, the
future, and bonus tracks.

He shows an amazing ability to span a
pretty broad spectrum of sounds effectively,
all with a compelling lyrical backdrop.  
Tonex would already be an across-the-
board breakout artist, but current pop and
urban radio stations don’t have room for a
hot contemporary artist singing about God
in the role of solving problems or about
dancing the celebration of faith.

The effortless musical prodigy returns with
an Anointed & Ingenious TWO Disc Set,
offering a coveted glimpse of Tonex and his
band, LIVE, uncensored and uninhibited.  
Songs like “Make Me Over,” “Since Jesus
Came,” “Games,” and “Todos Juntos” are
the perfect merge of Innovation &
Inspiration.  Out The Box –
Quartet Prodigy Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson Delivers Down Home Bass
Thumping Gospel Music on CD  
"New Seasons"  And Says "Comes
Directly From Personal Experiences
By: Gatsby Melodi'
VICKIE WINANS Demands 'Shake Yourself
Loose'  In Powerful Debut CD for Verity
Records Titled    "Bringing It All Together"
By: Gatsby Melodi'
A former member of the Harlem Boys Choir, Keith
"Wonderboy" Johnson began singing at the age of five. It was
at this age he received the nickname “Wonderboy” for
displaying his impressive talent. Even at a young age, music
was always about passion to
"This cd is for the entire
family", Vickie Winans told
me in a telephone interview
from her home in Detroit.
Ms Winans is riding high on the music
charts with the release of the first single
'Shake Yourself Loose' from her debut
gospel cd for Verity Records entitled,
"Bringing It All Together".

I asked Ms. Winans if she would share the
lyrics with me to 'Shake Yourself Loose',  
Words & Music  By  ANTUN FOSTER FOR
graciously obliged,  "Said you been bound
up looking for a way to break free Devil's
gotcha tied up listen to these words from
me Your situation might seem hopeless
but it's not the end Though you are
burdened and have shackles..."

This song has become the anthem on
many college and university campuses
across the globe because of the healing
need in our land.

The line between Gospel music and R&B
has always been blurred, and this
installment by one of the shining stars of
contemporary Gospel is no exception.
Vickie Winans, who has been singing in
church since childhood and recording
professionally for nearly two decades at the
time of this release, fervently confirms her
faith in funkified up-tempo numbers,
stripped down ballads and all out
hair-raising, sing-along testifying.

While every track is outstanding, Vickie
says to keep an ear out for the next release
words and music by Thomas
Keith. Artist like Joe Ligon, Marvin Winans, John P. Kee, James Cleveland,
Harvey Watkins, the Swanee Quintet played a key role in the development of
Keith Johnson as an artist.

Known for incorporating top production skills, natural talent and high energy,
Johnson never compromises the message or the heritage of Quartet music. By
melding the traditional Gospel quartet sound with jazz, R&B, rock and country
influences, Johnson has opened the door for the next generation of Quartet
artists and is affectionately known as the “new sound” in Quartet music.

Already a recipient of two Gospel Truth Magazine Awards, two American Gospel
Convention Awards, and multiple Stellar Awards nominations, Johnson is
certain to garner additional accolades with his first Verity release, "New
Season".  Outstanding tracks are '
Come On And See About Me', 'Shower Down
A Blessing
', 'Forgive Me Lord' (my favorite), and 'Afterwhile"
Windsor Village UMC Mass Choir "Welcome
to the Village!" Gets the Message Out With
Special Guest Daryl Coley
Kirbyjon Caldwell is a man
on a mission. An author,
pastor and religious advisor
to the President, he is the
nationally recognized pastor,
Beverly Crawford Increases Her Territory with "Beverly" for EMI
Gospel Executive Produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes
of the largest United Methodist Church in the
United States. Windsor's phenomenal
success has attracted the attention of
community and civic leaders and Caldwell
was asked by President Bush to give the
benediction at his inaugural ceremonies.
Kirbyjon Caldwell and The Windsor Village
United Methodist church are making a
difference in the lives of thousands through
their ministry and outreach in the Houston
community. "Welcome to the Village" for EMI
Gospel is deatined propel the name of Jesus
louder with power and conviction.

Other than the title track, outstanding tracks
are 'Lord I Want To Know You', 'Yes I Can',
'Holy Is His Name' featuring Daryl Coley, 'Yes I
Can', the cd is produced by Sanchez G. Harley
and executive produced by KirbyJon Caldwell.
Beverly, who's come to be known affectionately as
"Gospel’s Sweetheart," feels a calling to deliver a
message of encouragement and hope, especially in
troubled times.
"After 9/11, and the war in Iraq, and just the everyday trials of life, I
wanted this to be an album to really encourage people," says Beverly.
"Through it all, we all need family and friends who will lift us up, and
love us for who we are. This album takes you on a journey of worship,
and the excitement of worship," she explains. "I'm really a traditional
gospel girl, and that's going to come out in most anything I sing. But
this album is also very contemporary with the stylistic diversity to
provide songs in which anyone and everyone are going to find
something to latch onto musically and relate to lyrically. It's
inspirational, and it's also a whole lot of fun."

Stand out tracks are 'So Glad He Loves Me", (my favs) 'Run To The
Water',&  'I'm Still Standing", and 'Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus'.
"Run to the Water" With BISHOP T.D. JAKES
Featuring Darwin Hobbs, Shirley Murdock,
"Lady" Joy Hill, LeJuene Thompson On
"Woman Thou Art Loosed Worship 2002"
SMOKIE NORFUL Is Hott - He's Fresh - And the Man Can Sang On
Debut For EMI Gospel "I Need You Now"
Auntie Em From Broadway's "The Wiz"
Gospel Singers Are Working On A
Building in "God Cares"
By: Gatsby Meldoi'
He's a new name, but I predict a name everybody
will know for a very long time.  He sounds like
Peabo Bryson, Donny Hathaway, Daryl Coley, and
Stevie Wonder all rolled in to one, giving up the
soulful sound of Smokie Norful. This man is a
sanger, not a singer.  When he does vocal runs,
they seemingly are effortless, and this remarkable
During the week of
August 6, 2001,
thousands upon
thousands of women
from every culture, social
class and ethnicity
Her compelling
performance on the
Broadway stage in the
hugely successful
as Aunt Em was my
introduction to this
remarkable talent who
He's a new name, but I predict a name everybody will know for a very
long time.  He sounds like Peabo Bryson, Donny Hathaway, Daryl
Coley, and Stevie Wonder all rolled in to one, giving up the soulful
sound of Smokie Norful. This man is a sanger, not a singer.  When he
does vocal runs, they seemingly are effortless, and this remarkable
display of genius truly must be an annointing. No person would dare
not add this one to your collection.  

Norful comes to his hip, gospel-funk sensibilities from a background
as the son of an AME Pastor and an overseer of music, youth, and
children's ministries in Chicago. So even as the music weaves from
the crunch funk of "It's All About You" (employing the croaking
"Superstition" keyboard effect of influence Stevie Wonder) to softer
reflections like the title track, his heart is definitely in the spirit
throughout. His goal seems to be finding a happy middle ground
where Biblically based inspirations meet modern crossover hip-hop
sensibilities, and practical-minded tunes like "Life's Not Promised" hit
the mark. Other tunes like "Still Say Thank You" and the happy-clappy
"Praise Him" have a sense of the real church experience, organ and
all, and sound like they could have been recorded from the pulpit. A rich
experience that avoids many of the clichés of modern gospel and
conveys the spirit without being too preachy.
on the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, for the
Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference 2001
hosted by ministry mogul Bishop T.D. Jakes,
who said, ."It is my desire that your personal
time of praise and worship as well as that of
your local assembly be propelled into deeper
dimensions in God as a result of what we
experienced during that conference that
ushered millions into their God-given purpose
and destiny.

The cd contains: '
Sermonette 1: God Loves A
- 'Sermonette 2: Real Worship'-
Sermonette 3: The Mind Is The Battleground',
all delivered by Bishop Jakes. These stand
out cuts are to be played over and over and
over, one listen and you will fully understand.
There is a succinctness of the desirous
emotion to want to have a closer walk with
GOD when listening to this cd.  'Glorified',
'Lord I Life Your Name On High' 'Amazing
Grace" are but a few I suggest will become
wore me out then with her fiercely
wonderful vocal ability, and she's doing it
all over again sho nuff  sangin' feel good
Gospel music on this debut for EMI Gospel,
released February 2002.

My friend Clara Ward wrote "How I Got
Over" many years ago, and Clara I am
certain would be very pleased with what
Queen Esther has done.  Mahalia Jackson
made 'Move On Up' famous but now that
Queen Esther's signed her name to it, I'm
certain even the angels in heaven are
pecking their necks to this arrangement.

Making her first professional appearance at
a Duke Ellington sacred concert in San
Francisco at the age of 22, Queen Esther
Marrow has gone on to perform with such
legendary figures as Mahalia Jackson, B.B.
King, Chick Corea, Harry Belafonte, and
Bob Dylan. Marrow's debut release in the
U.S., God Cares, finds her backed by the
Harlem Gospel Singers, a 13-member
choir she founded in 1992.

Each track is standout, but my favorite is
"Working On A Building", and anybody who
has ever been in a storm or come out of a
storm, or on their way into a storm, will find
this cut healing.  
MARVIN SAPP Wants to Say 'One Thing' From
"diary of a psalmist" A Praise And Worship Service
Hezekiah Walker/The Love Fellowship
Crusade Choir - Family Affair, Vol. 2: Live at
Radio City Music Hall
Recruited for the legendary gospel group
Commissioned while still a relative unknown,
Marvin Sapp recorded with the group until its
dissolution in 1995, and then began his own
solo career with a self-titled album the
following year.
Great live gospel has
it's way of making a
believer out of even a
hardcore skeptic; even if
the positive message
takes a while to melt
your heart and toes
Sapp's Grace & Mercy, appeared in May 1997, then  two years later  
Nothing Else Matters, followed .

After a short absence from the music scene, he reappeared under
contract with Verity Records and released the song
"I Believe" on
the Wow Gospel 2002 album.

Now comes the cd "
diary of a psalmist" a praise and worship
album, on which he blends contemporary lyrics with less
complicated traditional arrangements.

When you listen to Marvin Sapp -- the artist emerging as one of the
most versatile, dynamic voices in gospel music -- you'll also see
the unmistakable evidence of Marvin Sapp the fiery,
compassionate, Spirit-filled preacher, who continues to serve
faithfully as associate and youth pastor of Bethel Pentecostal
Church in Grand Rapids, MI.

The whole focus of "diary of a psalmist" is forwarding people back
to Christ, getting them to understand that there should be no other
focus except Jesus Christ," he says.

Sapp continues,"He is the solution to whatever problem you are
going through. He is the source. He is the author and the finisher.
He'll bring us through and teach us what He wants us to learn from
it all. Jesus is His name, and nothing else matters."

Noteworthy track are 'One Thing', and 'We Worship You Today'. This
is one of those albums that the more played the more appealing it
And More - Give Him the Glory
will give in long before. This disc chronicles
Hezekiah Walker's happy, heartfelt troupe
as they created a holy fire at the famed
venue in February 2002, and is unique in
that Walker -- a classic vocal powerhouse
in his own right -- shares the love with other
lead singers.

The best of these are Kim Burrell and
Heather Covington, yet he seems to save
the real fun, wild, and brassy numbers
(those Blues Brothers backflip types) for
himself, à la "Any Way You Bless Me" and
the opener, "We Made It." Singer Kirvy
Brown also leads such a revival on "Never
Gonna Let You Go." The live show is
complemented by two slickly produced
hip-hop/gospel studio tracks.
She's hot and her
singing will rock
you into the arms
of Jesus with this
delicious offering.  
From "Everything You Are' to 'Helen's
Testimony' to 'Worship Medley', some
live albums sound like studio
recordings that just happened to be
made outside the studio. Not so with
this album. Helen Baylor...Live is a live
album as it should be, especially live
gospel. Baylor delivers powerful vocals
and impassioned testimony throughout
the album. The audience is heard but
not overwhelming, and the album feels
less like a concert and more like a
church service, which clearly is Baylor's
intention. The entire album  is rich, try "I
It Had Not Been For the Lord  Where
Would I Be
' first, 'HELEN BAYLOR
LIVE", on Verity Records.
Fresh and Soulful! JOHN P. KEE's
"Not Guilty" Is a good selection of
music - Double CD's Double Delight
This 2-album set is
cold-blooded gospel at its
very best.  One of the Best
Releases of 2000, January
28, 2001 this is an exemplary
showcase of the Reverend
Kee and The New Life
Community Choir.
RAYMOND MYLES Lives On Forever On
"A Taste of Heaven"  
By: Gatsby Melodi'
DOTTIE PEOPLES Praises  Motivate  & Has Church Tesifying 'He
Can Work It Out' in   "CHURCHIN'"
The perfect blending of traditional and
contemporary gospel, "Not Guilty" is perfect
spiritual "sweets" for the ear
CD kicks off with an amusing "conversation"
between Pastor Kee and an "Sister" Smiley.
This cut sets the stage for the first song, "I
Believe," a tremendously powerful homage to
the traditional foot-stomping chu'ch songs
where the members just "sang" to the
glorification of the Lord. The contemporary
sounds of "It's Possible," "Rain on Us," the
Latin-influenced "Dance," and "Stop Hiding"
favorably show that Rev. Kee & Company can
hold its own against any of their current peers.
"The Wedding Song" should become a
perennial favorite for nuptials to come.

Rev. John P. Kee and The New Life
Community Choir has put together a powerful
release that will really minister to all gospel
lovers. Not Guilty features over 130 minutes of
music testifying of how all are acquitted
simply through the faith of God.
The title of this album depicts what Dottie
Peoples does best, and that is deliver
unadulterated traditional church-flavored
music. Recorded live at the New Birth
Missionary Baptist Church just outside of
Atlanta, GA, Peoples is backed vocally by the
combination of Keith Brooks & New Creation,
When Raymond
Anthony Myles takes
the stage at the
Gospel Tent he is
usually accompanied
by the sound of
screaming women.  
Soul-diva Patti
her own Peoples' Choice Chorale, and the New Birth Mass Choir,
for AirGosp Records.

Former labelmate Byron Cage joins Peoples on the upbeat "It's
Gonna Be Alright." Two other tracks guaranteed to keep the toes
tapping are the project opener, "Enter His Gates," along with "He
Can Work It Out."

Noted pastor/recording artist Rev. Jasper Williams, who was very
instrumental in introducing Peoples to the industry, also makes a
guest appearance on the remake of the age-old gospel favorite "Get
Right Church." This is Dottie Peoples at her level best.  
LaBelle discovered this firsthand "She
was looking for singers," remembered

"I happen to be on the first row in the
middle, and she pointed at me...I was
the last of the three people. The first two
guys could not carry a note. So she
said, 'Can anybody sing in here?' By the
time she got ready to come to me, well
the place starts screaming because
people know she's about to get the
shock of her life. So when she gave me
the mike, it was unreal. People lost
their minds. They hollered and

Raymond began singing at the age of
five, when his mother placed him on top
of a box in church to sing "Just A Closer
Walk With Thee." In one of his earliest
memories growing up in the St. Benard
housing project, he remembers
climbing to the top of the bench on his
porch and imagining that the courtyard
was full of hundreds of people swaying
to the sound of his voice.

"I'm the ninth out of ten children," he
says, "and my mother struggled with
us. She was on welfare and my father
was not around. The typical 'growing up
in the ghetto story,' but I never had a
ghetto mentality. Because I lived in the
projects did not mean that I could not
conquer all the things that I saw other
people achieve."

"Anything goes nowadays," he says,
"but when I was coming up it was hard,
because people just did not
understand, singers and musicians are
different people, we are not the norm,
we're weird...
Only thing I knew is that I did not want to
be like some other people. I wanted to
be me. And I had a problem with people
accepting me, okay, and when I found
out who I was, and when I found out
whose I was, life became much better
for me."

Myles addresses this hard road to
self-acceptance in the prayer-like
introduction to "Learning To Love," one
of the heartfelt originals on "
A Taste of
, where he says: "You know,
I've discovered that some of ya'll are so
unhappy with yourselves. Too many of
you are trying to keep up with the Jones'
instead of just being who you are...And
you know what else I found out? I found
out, my friends, that before you can
learn to love anybody else, you've got to
first learn to love yourself."

The church meets the street with
spine-tingling exuberance on numbers
like "Elijah's Rock" and "Put a Little
Love in Your Heart."

"I never was a religious person," he
says. "I was reared in the church
because that's all I knew...I have always
said, and most people have said, that
my music and my personality is too
much for the average church...I don't
want to be known as being a gospel
singer. That's not taking anything away
from gospel music. I love singing
gospel music. But I am a singer. I am
an entertainer. People know me from
singing gospel music so they say
'gospel giant' or 'gospel great'
Raymond Myles...I don't want to be
categorized. When people say
Raymond Myles I want them to say,
UN-real. He is an awesome

If Myles had not been gunned down at
the age of 40, we would have more
chances to appreciate someone who
might just be about the best soul singer
to have emerged since whichever
golden age of black male vocals you
currently pledge allegiance to.
KIRK FRANKLIN Is Musically Speaking Reborn on
"The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin" With Guests Donnie McClurkin,   
Shirley Caesar,  Bishop TD Jakes   and   More
LA Shun Pace "Just Because God Said It"
This project is as close as it gets to having a
true, bona fide masterpiece. The artistic genius
of Kirk Franklin weaves through each of the 17
songs included on this gem. The title of this
project, The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin, says it all.  
Musically speaking, he has been born again.
Hear this high-pitched,
anointing come from your
speakers on songs like
'Grateful' and all of a
sudden shoutin' and
praisin' God is eminent.
The project effectively mixes live tracks recorded in Houston, TX, in
early 2001, with some stellar studio tracks, returning him to the
traditional/contemporary-flavored mix of his early work, only with a
more progressive feel.  
He relies on his talented background vocalist, along with the all-star
list of special guests, to take care of the vocal chores.  Featured
throughout are such artists as Donnie McClurkin, Crystal Lewis,
Jackie Velazquez, Shirley Caesar, Richard Smallwood, the late
Willie Neal Johnson, Yolanda Adams, and Bishop T.D. Jakes,
among others, with the latter joining Franklin on the track "911."
There is also a hidden bonus track entitled "J Train," featuring
Franklin and DC Talk's Tobymac. The true brilliance of Kirk Franklin
shines again.
She sings each song with sooo much power
you cannot stop praisin' the Lord. "Just
Because God Said It" and listen to all the
tracks you'll become  speechless.

My favorite line is when she sings, "has God
spoken anything in your life, if you can just
belieeeeeeeve God, and stand on His Word,
God said it!" The backing choir, Keith Brooks
and New Creation from New Birth Baptist in
Atlanta did an excellent job

This is one of those you listen to when you are
struggling going through hard times.  Faith to
really grow and be strengthened through your
trials are the message she sings. If you want
some real anointed and vivacious music, get
MAVIS STAPLES "The Voice"   No re-issues. Copies  float around
in second hand record shops. Find this one before it's too late!
"The Voice" was first issued in
1993 during the much
publicized dispute between
Prince and Warner Brothers.
Justin Time FONTELLA BASS With "Travlin'  
No doubt one of Mavis Staples finest and most personal.  In it  
sentiment is shared by the lady herself.

"'The Voice!' I love that album," Mavis exclaimed over the telephone.
"I cried on a lot of those songs. You see, 'the Voice' is my life. This
little guy.. Prince wouldn't talk to me when I first met him."

"He came out to meet me at the L.A. Forum and he stayed in my
dressing room for over an hour. I was just running my mouth, he
was just rolling his big eyes and smiling, you know? And I said to
myself 'this chile is bashful'. He was so shy that it almost hurt my
heart. I wanted to talk for him."

"When I got back to the hotel I thought 'now, how is he gonna write
for me if we can't communicate?' Then a light bulb went off in my
head and I said 'OK, I'll write to him'. So I started writing him letters. I
would write on these looong legal pads and I would write twelve or
thirteen pages at a time, to let him into my life."

"I told him everything that I thought he should know about me, even
from my childhood. And in all of these songs, I can hear things that I
told him about me. Like 'The Undertaker'. The song is talking about
how the kids should be staying away from drugs, but I really was
married to a mortician, back in the sixties."

"I told him that when I was a little girl, I couldn't wait for Sundays
when Mama would dress me up for Sunday school and there is a
song on there called 'Blood Is Thicker Than Time' and it goes
(sings) 'we went to church on Sunday morning-all dressed up-
looking mighty fine' and that was me as a little girl. That song he
wrote as a tribute to my family because I told him all kinds of things,
I just let him into my life."

"Each one of those songs is me. That album is about the life of
Mavis. I let him know what I felt about the kids, about the drugs and
the crime and that's 'The Voice'."

"A lot of people think 'The Voice' was written around Rodney King,
because there's a verse in there, saying 'the night sticks are still
singing four-part harmony on brothers back', but I had 'The Voice'.
Prince had sent me that song before the Rodney King situation, so
he was way ahead of them. But people thought that, because of that
line 'night sticks are still singing'. They figured he got that from these
police men beating Rodney King."

"The other song 'You Will Be Moved', I think, he did write about
Rodney King. I would tell Prince about the babies and the children,
'we gotta find a way to save the children'. He wrote
'la-da-da-da-da-see-the-video'. They showed this video of Rodney
King so much, so 'la-da-da-da-da-see-the-video' is just telling you to
'look at this video and see what's happening."

"We've got to do better. We as parents, we got to do better. Listen to
the children, hug the children, ask them how was their day'"

"A lot of the problems we're having in America, I totally blame on the
parents, because they have these babies, they spoil 'em. They buy
them these 200-dollar gym shoes... They don' t wanna be bothered.
The parents today are not like our parents were."

"I cried like a baby over 'The Voice'. I got so sick over that album. The
family had to lift me back up, I was so depressed! I knew that that
album was a hit, not to mention, it was so important.   It was so
positive and it needed to be heard. This album was right on time for
the world. And Warner Brothers wouldn't let it be heard!"

"Little Prince, I felt more sorry for him because he almost cried.
'Mavis, I am so sorry' he would cry over the telephone. He knew what
we had.   In interviews, people would not believe that this little guy
actually wrote those songs, they didn't think he could write songs
like that. Even my father! In  'Blood Is Thicker Than Time',  Prince
wrote ''as sure as Moses' staff parted the water, sure as Cain had to
pay for his crime', and when Pops heard that, he asked me ''what
does he know about Cain and Abel'. I said 'Pops, one of his favorite
books is the Bible. Prince is very spiritual person'. "

"I call him Little Prince", because that's my term of endearment for
him.  I love him so much."
The musical diversity of
vocalist Fontella Bass
is front and center on
Best known for her huge 1965 hit, "Rescue
Me," Fontella Bass features a family affair with
styles to spare. Brimming with soul, rhythm,
blues, and instrumental jazz on ten very
special compositions, this CD represents a
delightful musical tapestry that features her
son Bahnamous Bowie on keyboards, her
brother and singer David Peaston singing
mightily on the soul ballads "Special Lady"
and "Round & Round," and her son-in-law
Tracy Mitchell contributing his lead vocals,
electric guitar, and acoustic guitar.

Bass' deeply rooted gospel style shines
through on the title track while the rousing
"Walk With Me" and the black gospel-styled
gems "It's Alright Now," "In the Garden," and
"Thank You Lord" are so reverent that she will
bring tears of joy to your eyes. Backed by a
versatile rhythm section of Ptah Williams on
piano, Jimmy Hinds on electric bass, and
Curtis Fondren on drums, this label debut
should firmly plant Fontella Bass in the
mainstream of gospel-jazz, on Justin Time
Forgotten Sings 'Turn it over to Jesus'   In
"Remembering The Times"
Danniebelle Hall Passed
away Dec. 28, 2000.
Danniebelle's ministry
was dedicated to winning
souls to Jesus.
She had a special gift. Not only did she play
and sing beautifully, but she was so down to
earth that people couldn't help but feel
comfortable around her.

In 1995, Danniebelle began her biggest
personal battle yet. Being an insulin
dependent diabetic for a number of years, she
was also under treatment for hypertension.
Surviving a mastectomy due to breast cancer,
left leg amputation below the knee, and a host
of other health related issues, Danniebelle's
faith in God increased daily.

She passed on peacefully leaving a wonderful
legacy. Danniebelle's earthly presence will be
missed, but her legacy will live on in all of us.
"Remembering the Times" has lots of soulful
reachings no doubt will jump start a healing, it
is a double delightful double cd.
"Live in Detroit"  Vickie Winans
Released: June 24, 1997 Length: 62:01
Just as Vickie Winans is
one of contemporary
gospel music's best
singers, this CD is one of
the genre's best
Sangin' Gospel Music the Way It Ought to
be Sung - Ms Twinkie Clark- "Live In
Charlotte" Pleading 'Send Your Anointing on
Down Jesus'
By: Gatsby Melodi'
recordings.The live performance was
recorded in Detroit before an audience of
gospel enthusiasts and true believers. The
intensity of that faith comes across in the
rapport between the Grammy-nominated
and Stellar award-winning Vickie Winans
and her audience.

A keynote of the gospel idiom is the ability
of its musicians to have church anytime,
anywhere, regardless of whether in a
church or secular setting. Winans makes
clear her intent to have church in the Detroit

Like a good daughter of the church, she
opens with praise in "To God Be the Glory."
The message continues in the music with
the next selection, "No Cross, No Crown,"
penned by Reverend James Cleveland.
Inspiration continues to run strong with
another Cleveland tune, "Long As I Got
King Jesus," as well as "More Than
Enough," "Because He Lives," and "My Soul
Has Escaped." Another high point is the
moving "No, Not One."
Released August 20, 2002, on
Verity Records, this is one of
those albums no doubt will be
played until the end of the earth.
Clearly Twinkie Clark is out to help lead us out
of living in sin singing, "For Christ Is Sufficient,
He's Coming Back" she pleads singing, then
asks her sister Karen to come in and lead.
"I'm an heir of salvation don't you see. It is
time for us to stop living in sin, for Christ is
coming back again', Karen takes over lead.

"Stomp your feet ya'll it won't be long" Twinkie
sings.  Each t rack  is standout and
guaranteed to encourage living a purpose
driven life and fight the good fight of faith.
Donald Lawrence and Tri-City will have you falling out in the aisles
on    "Tri-City 4.Com"
Fortunately, all of the songs on the CD are worthy of
note. Donald and Tri-City will have you falling out in the
aisles with a song like 'God's Favor' and then will have
you getting your praise on with jams like 'Testify"'and 'I
Have Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken'.
"I'm Blessed" Lou Rawls Released: June 5,
2001 Is At His Best EVER!!  Sings 'God Is My
All and All'
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Lawrence's lyrics are steeped in Biblical truths.  'Let the Lord Minister
2 Ya',  Donald Lawrence's lyrics are always relevant and speak to
people in their real life situations

Donald Lawrence and Tri-city travel not only into cyber culture but also
into heights of testimony and praise which will leave you breathless

Much of this CD's underlying power comes from Lawrence' personal
testimonials in selections such as 'Blessed' and 'Let the Lord Minister
to Ya'.  Passion comes with the rest of the devotional pieces on the

"Tri-City4.com" also features two of the most explosively joyful
up-tempo numbers in recent memory. 'Never seen the Righteous'
erupts with a large R&B horn section arrangement that soars on an
infectious house beat and ebullient ensemble singing from the choir
"I Need Your Spirit Is A Joyous
Celebration of God's love, From Lamar
Campbell & Spirit of Praise Released:
July 1999
Be truly surprised
and impressed by
what you will hear on
this happy recording,
Lou Rawls.
Lamar Campbell has
stepped up his ministry in
his second album
The Spirit of Praise Choir's
voices are so clear and
Every morning while getting ready for work
it puts you in the right frame of mind.   It
really lifts your spirits and starts you on my
way in a good, positive, and spiritual mood.

That old Walter Hawkins 'Oh Happy Day'  
never sounded so good.

Sing along with Lou when he sings the
song 'God Is'.  It  just might be the most
played over and over

Lou sings, .'God is my protection. He's my
all and all. God is my light and darkness.
He's my joy in times of sorrow. God is the
joy and strength of my life. He rules all
things - misery and strife.  He promised to
keep me -  never to leave me. Never - never
come short of his word. I've got to fast and
pray. .....I want to go with him when he
comes back.."

Even James Cleveland would be happy
with his rendition of  his ''No Ways Tired',
he sings "nobody told me the road was
gonna be easy, please be patient with me
God is not through with me yet. When God
gets through with me, as i come forth as
pure gold", he makes a medley out of the
hits, as he slides into the title, "I'm
Blessed", 'I'm wondrously Blessed and
won't complain. I've got my health and
strength. I'm wondrously Blessed. If you
want to see a miracle just look at me. I've
been kept my goodness and mercy, I'm
emotion filled. The album has songs that
make you get up on your feet and jam, and
it has songs where you can fall to your
knees and worship.

'It's All About the Love of Jesus.' It lets you
know that all other things don't matter.

'He Won’t Let You Down', with smooth choir
balladry drawing the focus onto the love of
Jesus Christ. Campbell and crew succeed
here in accomplishing what all Gospel
music aims to do –taking attention away
from themselves and placing it all on

Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise once
again live up to their name.
you can count on La Shun Pace for delivering her unwavering
devotion to the message of the Lord and solid music that stays on
the charts especially on "A Wealthy Place"
The title song, 'A Wealthy Place', is a
wonderful song that reminds everyone that
no matter what in the world is going on, God
Is-still God -- and He will bring you out.
Atlanta-born gospel singer LaShun Pace first emerged during the
mid-1970s, performing alongside her siblings in the group the
Anointed Pace Sisters

La Shun Pace simply sets the tone for gospel achievement. The two
constants you can count on from La Shun are unwavering devotion to
the message of the Lord and solid music that stays on the charts.

Gospel's noted artist, Rev. Clay Evans once told La Shun that she
would eventually pick up and carry the torch left by the mother of
gospel music, Mahalia Jackson. Following in those footsteps, La
Shun has become one of gospels most popular and sought after
recording artists.

On this album LaShun Pace delivers a powerful gospel message:'
Prayer Will Fix It For You' will make you cry.  On .'He Keeps On Doing
Great Things', she encourages soprano, alto's tenor to sing along,
as she gives you your key.  Ready-set-GO
HAWKINS And Others Test the Beat Of
Gospel  "Live"
Live! Great Gospel
captures ten
contemporary gospel
artists in concert,
including the West
Angeles COGIC Mass Choir; David Searight,
and Donald Alford and the Progressive
Radio Choir; Tramaine Hawkins' "The
Potters' House";  Richard Smallwood's "He's
Able" ; Daryl Coley's "Beyond the Vei,";  "He
Came" by Sharon Riley and the Faith
Chorale"; and the fabulous "I Am Really
Grateful" from LaMar Campbell are some of
this albums energetic, entertaining
GET Joy-  Peace -  Strength - Healing  In "A Miracle In Harlem"
By: Gatsby Melodi'
It's Already Done  Is the Testimony On
"a wing and a Prayer"      From
T.D. Jakes  Rel: March 25, 2003
By: Gatsby Melodi'
When bills, kids, spouse, sickness, job
seem to get in your way, hurry-up and put on
"A Miracle In Harlem", pick any one of the
songs and you will feel Blessed instantly.
Bigger and badder than ever
before, this time out Bishop
T.D. Jakes with the release
of "a wing and a prayer" is
motivating and captivating
while you praise and worship
Down On New CD
'bout love"   
 For Verity Records
In Stores Now - His Very Best Worship &
Praise EVER !!
By: Gatsby Melodi'
'You're Next In Line For A Miracle' opens the Cd.  'Have you ever
walked the floor all night long wondering how you were going to pay
your bills. And a still voice says 'be strong'? " Ms. Ceasar' starts
of..."Today is your day. Get ready. The Holy Ghost is saying your next
in line. I don't care what the devil told you.  You're next in line for a
miracle. Your break though is about to come, because you kept the
faith today is your day."

This woman of God designed this project to not allow you to not
listen to this cd and walk away feeling anything other than
magnificent carrying the a good spirit  of God with you

For those who have seen her in concert, and more importantly the
few who get to hug her say they feel an energy with her touch. They
say you can't help but love her instantly.

"A MIRACLE IN HARLEM" praises the Lord. It is your night or day or
afternoon to be Blessed.

The song 'Strong Man' "Don't give up on God" she screams. "Let
Go", don't worry about letting go, just let Him, shes sing, "He took my
broken pieces and gave me a brand new start", she sings in 'How I
love Jesus'.  
Jesus.  It no doubt will go down as one of his
best offerings.  

Other standout tracks are 'My Life Is Available
to You'; 'A Path In the Sea', a track that
brilliantly ministers with Bishops Jakes using
spoken words as interpreted from the apostle
Paul, as to the reason why God sent you to
the earth; 'Send Me to the Nations'; the clap
your hands praise title song 'a wing and a
prayer' which is great song when exercising
the body with all its encouragement; and
'Send Me to the Nations' another great song to
exercise to and slim down while feeling good
about yourself and building self-esteem.  

Lift up the name of Jesus over and over again
on "a wing and a prayer"
This time out Fred
Hammond deters from
his usual forced feeding
of synthesizers and
drum beats and is
instead offering ballad
-like melodies worthy of
praise.  No doubt he is brilliant, but this
time out he's wonderful.  Let's start with my
favorite # 11 " Your Love Is', ("that's what I'm
talkin' 'bout") written by Hammond, Juanita
Wyann, Hallerin Hilton Hill and Kevin L.

The lyrics start out  'Beyond what I can
think. You go beyond my hopes and
highest expectations."  The CD starts off
with a twenty-one section hand-clapping
acappella version of "I Know It Was The
Blood".  Mr. Hammond has invited Brian
McKnight, Marvin L. Winans and more to
assist in this delightful project, which is
certain not to disappoint
anybody-anywhere,  and that is a
tour-de-force!  Other outstanding tracks are,
'Lord We Need Your Love', twenty-eight
second version 'God Is A Good God', 'Loved
On Me', Stevie Wonder's 'Love In Need'
(featuring Musiq and Hezekiah Walker's
Love Fellowship Chor on back-ups),
twenty-seven second version 'I'm A Soldier
In The Army Of The Lord'.
contemporary gospel
songwriter and the
leader of a large choir,