Donnie McClurkin - Hezekiah Walker -  Vanessa
Bell-Armstrong - Andrae Crouch - Lalah Hathaway
Ramsey Lewis - Faith Evans -
Carl Thomas -
DJ Rogers - Richard Smallwood - & - - - -
Blanche S. Mc Allister
-- Are Church Folk Church'n - -  
On     "Donald Lawrence & Co. I SPEAK LIFE" -  
Produced By D'lawrence for Quietwater Entertainment
By: Gatsby Melodi'
RUBEN STUDDARD Returns to His Gospel Roots With
"I Need An Angel" For J Records
J Records has released the first inspirational
album by 'American Idol' 2003 winner, Ruben
Studdard, titled "I Need An Angel", The album
dropped Nov 23rd, and includes new
versions of several inspirational classics and
traditional tunes, along with Studdard' original
composition 'Don't Give Up'
Donald Lawrence is indeed a conveyor
spreading Holy Ghost lyrics added to a phat
diversity of melodies and beats,  on his sizzli'n  
new CD "I SPEAK LIFE",   a debut, for Verity

Clearly, Lawrence is out to garner the attention
and respect from all age groups.  He's written
15 of the 16 tracks on the CD, and all carry the
unified assiduous message -
"Jesus Is All".
Ruben Studdard
"With this album, I'm going back to my roots", 25-year-old Studdard says,
"I've only been singing non-spiritual material for about 3 or 4 years.
Gospel music was all I sang before that, so doing an inspirational record
was a natural thing for me."

Stoddard whose musical journey began in his native Birmingham, AL,
said he chose songs "that have played an important role in my life."
"Donald Lawrence & Co.   I Speak Life"    flawlessly delivers an
immediately recognizable new sound from the singer.  

To his hallmark sound, Donald Lawrence has excitedly added  
imagery to
his skills.  He said, "Change is definitely good.  The word is getting out
there about gospel music, period. There are alot more options available for
folk now. It's a different mindset."

Lawrence has recorded this album on his own, without
Tri-City Singers.   "I
was never actually signed to any labels myself" he reveales, "Its actually Tri-
City the group, that's signed.  And they are still signed to EMI for another
project or two.   I believe.     Now on Verity Records, I'm still D. Lawrence,  
but no Tri-City."

"The last album was about people who didn’t have certain things, spiritual
deficiencies I guess you could say, and they needed to get it back -  Now
that they have it, they can express the joy and speak out of their mouths and
their spirit the things that have been returned to them", conveys Donald

The 16 tracks, totalling over 74 minutes, knocks on doors, peeks through
the windows of the world and delivers a message of truth, as it relates to
Jesus Christ.  And - It's his story and luckily he's sticking to it.

Tracks noteworthy are the remake of '
Right Now', (written by Andrae'
Crouch), which relinquishes the energizing freshness needed to jump start
a bad, stale day.  '
Right Now' features Blanche S. McAllister lead vocalist;
with Tobi White, Dawn Brown, Annette "Queenie" Lennox, Anita M. Wilson,
Latrice Pace-Speights, Michael Smith and Jason Nelson supplying
additional vocals.

Ann Nesby on his last album was given the spotlight to wear you out.
Vanessa Bell-Armstrong picks up the torch and fiercely continues with

Even his hit, '
Don't Forget to Remember' has been redone.  On it, LALA
Hathaway & Ramsey Lewis join Donald Lawrence. The end result is 3
words, "Fab-u-lous"! On
'Better'  newcomers "The Murrills" hand over the
mic to feature veteran vocalist  D. J. Rogers, after Lawrence slows down
the beat.  OH YEAH!!
Covers include Al Green's 'Everything;s Gonna Be
Alright;  the Winans 'Ain't No Need to Worry'; and Fred
Hammond's (who Ruben acknowledges as one of
his early influences) 'Running Back to You'.

"God does everything for a reason. No matter where
you come from, how you look or feel, or what your
background is, God can still use you to inspire
"I Need An Angel"
album cover
Traditional material includes 'Amazing Grace', 'There Is Not A Friend Like
Jesus', 'I Surrender All', and the album is rounded out with a duet with
Harvey Watkins, Jr., on 'Fix it Jesus', and 'We Have Not Forgotten', featuring
and produced by Fred Hammond.
Deitrick Haddon Releases On Verity Label  "CROSSROADS"  
Picking Up Where  He Left Off On  "Lost And Found"
Deitrick Haddon has been called the voice of a new
generation. He’s also been called Gospel’s Soul Prodigy,
resulting from his ability to deliver tender yet searing vocals,
reminiscent of the great Soul Singers (Sam Cooke, Marvin
Gaye, Otis Redding) of music’s past.Haddon’s Verity debut,
Lost And Found, was a staggering success and the follow-up,
CROSSROADS, picks right up where that left off! Crossroads is an amazing
collection of twenty songs that speak directly to the heart of man, in whatever
stat or situation he may be in.

Haddon has an incredulous ability to sing the feelings of his heart, which by
extension, reach the hearts of whoever hears him do so. Incorporating
various styles of music (Rock, Reggae, Calypso, and R&B), Haddon
delivers another SMASH with CROSSROADS…IN STORES NOW!!!
THE CANTON SPIRITUALS     Still Manage to Breathe
New Life In To Old Time Church Great Gospel From Verity Records -
The Canton Spirituals have a history stepped in
anointing and legacy! Harvey Watkins, Jr. has
valiantly carried the torch,
Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents HE-MOTIONS says "I think of
the CD as a soundtrack to the book”
HE-MOTIONS. What exactly is that? The clever
coining of a catchy phrase that quickly passes
in and out of the modern popular vernacular?
Or maybe the title to some new genre of
macho rap or rock music? On the contrary,  
HE-MOTIONS is nothing less than the true
understanding of the heart and mind of a man.
initially lit by his father decades ago, as he leads this group further in
ministry through music.Their latest recording,
New Life: Live In
Harvey, IL
, has all of the elements that have become synonymous
with these Gentlemen Of Gospel Music.   Watkins’ undeniable
charisma and charm, captivating stories of his childhood with his late
father, and the infectious hand-clapping, foot-stompin’ Gospel Music
that could easily promote tears (of love and sincerity) or cheers (of
celebration and victory).

New Life: Live In Harvey, IL also boasts appearance by fellow
Gospel mainstay, Paul Porter (of “The Christianaires”), and Bishop
Neal Roberson.

The Canton Spirituals have been doing this for a long time, and still
manage to breathe New Life into Old Time church!  New Life: Live In
Harvey, IL…In Stores  Now.
HE-MOTIONS is also the latest, anxiously awaited release from pastor, artist
and Renaissance man,
Bishop T. D. Jakes, and a host of superstar guests.  
As a riveting mixing of  entertainment, enlightenment, exhortation and
education, it features new, deeply inspired—and inspiring—songs from an
all-star line up of artists that includes gospel sensations Smokie Norful, Kirk
Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, and newcomer and star-in-the-making, Micah
Stampley, among others, and is a carefully conceived musical companion-
piece to Jakes’ upcoming book (released July 15, 2004) by the same title.  

Bishop Jakes is a heralded man of the cloth, serving as Senior Pastor of the
28,000+ member church,
The Potters House, in Dallas, Texas, and a
renowned community advocate, humanitarian, author, songwriter, playwright,
conference speaker and broadcaster, seen regularly across the United
States and around the world on cable TVs’ Black Entertainment Television

No less than
TIME Magazine has referred to the Bishop as “America's favorite
preacher,” in a article titled: “
Is This The Next Billy Graham?”  

The first seeds for HE-MOTIONS were planted by the runaway success of
Bishop Jakes’ 1993 best-selling book,
Woman, Thou Art Loosed, and the
chart-topping album that followed it.

“I have always been aware that there was a strong need to minister to men,”
says Bishop Jakes, “and being a man myself, I understand that men have
unique challenges.   After 27 years of counseling experience in the trenches
of human relationships—from the White House to the Prison House—I feel I
am now ready to share some common threads      from my own experiences
as well as the many men I have ministered to.”

Over ethereal music and effects, Jakes almost whispers a warm, dynamic
intro to the album, to be a part of “poetry in motion, truth in flight,” as he
encourages the listener to “…take courage, buckle your seatbelt, strap
yourself in, get your helmet on, this is your invitation for deeper consecration.

The cut 'Brothers & Friends', a duet featuring Micah Stampley & Michael O’
Brien, is a mid-tempo profession of brotherly love, as catchy and memorable
as it is moving, without a hint of shyness at expressing the commitment and
gratitude that cements a true and lasting friendship.  O’Brien’s soaring pop
tenor voice has become a trademark of contemporary Christian luminaries,
Newsong, and Stampley, winner of the 2004 Stellar Award Talent Search and
recently signed to Jakes’ Dexterity Sounds label, has a debut solo project of
his own scheduled for late-2004/early-2005 release.

'Emotional',by New Breed, featuring multi-platinum Gospel giant,
, and Bishop Jakes, is equal parts pastoral marriage counseling and
a cool, hooky urban groove, as Kirk explains the difficulty many men have
showing and expressing their deepest feelings, and conveying them to the
significant women in their lives, with the Bishop interspersing words of
understanding and godly wisdom and advice.

On 'It Doesn’t Matter', Bishop Paul Morton & Bishop Jakes render a profound
expression of encouragement that no matter what our failures and
shortcomings, Christ’s ultimate sacrifice provides us an endless second
chance, delivered with Morton’s supple, emotive tenor, and Jake’s uplifting

2004 Grammy Award-winner
Donnie McClurkin gives a moving  revelation of
untapped potential within a man awaiting the touch of the Lord to unleash it,
on 'King Inside of Me', with an angelic choir backing his transcendent
interpretation, which rises from a whisper to a roar and back again.

'Take My Life' is a soulful, gorgeous ballad of worship carried into Holy-Spirit
overdrive by Micah Stampley’s other-worldly vocal.
'Where Are the Fathers', a poignant story song and a powerful
piano/orchestral plea to the men of this nation to rise to the preeminent
calling and responsibilities of fatherhood, featuring internationally celebrated
worship leader, recording artist, songwriter and producer, Israel Houghton.

Da’Dra Crawford, with Greathouse, gives soaring, soulful, heartfelt words of
thanks and love to the true hero of her life—her loving and devoted father—on
'Thanks for Staying'.  On 'Yes', Micah Stampley, in a smooth and easy R&B
pocket, tells the story of one man’s personal growth and triumph over self-
centeredness in a marriage through the faithfulness of a devoted wife.

'Beautiful', co-written and performed by Grammy-nominated songwriter,
Hallerin Hill, is an unabashed love song, with a husband unreservedly
pouring out his devotion and adoration for his wife.  

Smokie Norful, Stellar Award-Winning New Artist of the Year in 2002, whose
premiere album, “I Need You Now,” was an unprecedented chart-topping
debut, has already delivered the No. 1 single of the same name into the
ranks of all-time gospel classics.  Here he turns his formidable talents to  'It’s
All About You', an irresistibly punchy, funky statement of gratitude to the
ultimate role model, Jesus Christ.

Though Jakes’ musical endeavors have played a significant role in the
exponential growth of his ministries, his role as an author is still clearly near
and dear to him, and he finds himself excited at the results produced by
extensive and highly focused preparations made to insure that
the CD, closely follows in lyrical content the central themes and messages of
the book.

“In the history of our record label, EMI/Dexterity Sounds, we have never
worked as closely with the artists and the songwriters to insure a
harmonious blend of thought between the music and the book,” he explains.  
“Our process was to sit with the writers and share with them the message
that is in the book and then to approve the songs based on their ability to
minister along the same lines as the book.  We have never done that before,
and I believe those who hear the music will immediately see the benefit of
our unified commitment to healing the hearts and souls of men, and the
women who love them.  I think of the CD as a sound track to the book!”

Jakes is quick to point out that while
HE-MOTIONS, book and songs, are
written from a decidedly Christian life-view, it speaks to all men, churched
and unchurched alike.

“The messages of both the CD and the book are practical enough that
anyone will relate to them.  And the music is a beautiful experience unto
itself.  A lot of the issues that Christian men confront are generic—father/son
issues, male/female issues—that affect all types of men.  When you include
with that an intense look into how we process our faith in God as Father, and
our love for our own children, it is pretty comprehensive. All men can find
something that is uplifting and life-changing in this CD and book.”

Jakes anticipates that
HE-MOTIONS, in many ways, will mirror for men the
kind of ministry that women have experienced through
Woman, Thou Art
, but believes that ultimately, even as it provides tools for Christ-based
self-awareness, problem-resolution, and growth, it will be an album that also
entertains as it enlightens.

“I believe
HE-MOTIONS will combine as a force and an impetus for healing
and restoration of individuals and relationships,” he says.  “I also believe that
it will continue to be a great source of encouragement, enjoyment, and
entertainment for men and women as they worship God, enjoy life, and
appreciate it with each other in a more holistic way.”

HE-MOTIONS closes with another heart-stopping narration by Bishops
Morton and Jakes, accompanied by reverential ensemble vocals, on a reprise
of 'It Doesn’t Matter'.    The two men’s timeless words of truth and redemption
hark back to the album intro’s invitation to be a part of “poetry in motion,” as
they look unflinchingly into the darkness, doubts and desolation that populate
far too many lives in this world, and nevertheless manage to find a steely, but
still-shining message of hope and strength in the midst of despair.  

“To the men who feel like you’re at your wits’ end / Don’t know how you got in
this mess / Standing there looking saying, `Where do I begin? / Maybe it’s too
late…too long, too much, too far’ / I’ve got good news / Something I think you
need to understand / It’s about Jesus / Who He is, what He can do / And where
He’s been and how strong He is and how able He is / Take the courage of the
morning and soar into your dreams / Step into your destiny / Get yourself
together and get back up again / To every man who ever gave up on his
dream / Walked away from his career, his wife, his children / Did something
crazy, lost his self-esteem / Sat down with a belly full of regret / Been to hell
and back / Been there / Messed up / Done that / We gotta story for you / Listen
to me and listen well / I know what it is to have my feet / Dangling into the fires
of hell / …But through it all / I will remember the name of the Lord.”  
… the true heart and mind of a man, indeed.

COMING TO THEATERS FALL 2004 "Woman Thou Art Loosed" The Movie.  
"With moanings and groanings, the Spirit helpeth our
infirmities. He lifted me up when I felt shackled"
TWINKIE CLARK Recorded From Detroit  "LIVE" -
By: Gatsby Melodi'
She's baaaack! One of the First Lady's of Gospel,
Twinkie Clark has returned to deliver the gift of song.
On the opening track, an organ
Prelude (The High Place)', a Public Domain  arranged by Ms. Clark,  
innovatively seasoned with her solo on the organ intermittently  
singing only the phrase "In the high place" and displayinga teaser of
her compelling vocal prowess, is an inconceivably large  beginning.    
The sound gives out the feeling that we're in church service and the
choir is about to enter the sanctuary. As this track (3:23 length) winds
down the audience applauds, it is then Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole
takes to the mic and introduces one of gospel's great voices, saying
"Come on Detroit. Let's give it up for the queen of the beat we have on
the organ.   You have been asking her. She's Detroit's very own. My
sister. The one and only Twinkie Clarrrrk.  And she's
LIVE in Detroit".

The title of the sizzling hot CD
"Twinkie Clark Home Once Again Live
In Detroit"

Clearly the structualization of the song sequence was thoroughly
orchestrated to minister, as she assiduously slides into the tune
'Everything You Need Is Right Here' giving aid  to the audience with the
lyrics "Whatevvvvvvvvvver you want. Whatever you need, just ask in His
name. Everything you need is right here. Just lift those hands and
thank him in advance."

This is one of those "jumpstart" CD's.  "Anybody in here got a yoke that
needs to be destroyed. You might have come-in bound, but God will
loose you up from those burdens", the powerful positive seed is titled
'Let Your Anointing Be In This Place', a song so nice she did it twice
with a reprise version (2:14), as the band takes over and the beat says
get up and do the David's dance, a song she penned.

For those unaccustomed to uptempo beats with Gospel music, she
then slows down the pace with "Intercession".  Webster's Dictionary
defines intercession as "the act of interceding 2) : Prayer, petition, or
entreaty in favor of another". Twinkie sings, "It opens the door to what
we're praying for".  This too is penned by Twinkie, as are four other  
songs on the project.

Clark Sisters fans will enjoy 'I Made It'  featuring
reunited (Jacky, Dorinda Karen and Twinkie).  No doubt (Mom Mattie
Moss-Clark is smiling down on her proud daughters), this song is
penned by Dorinda.

My favorite is the last track, 'I'll Hide Your Word' written by Ondrei
Edward, "I wanna walk meek, think humble and lowly. Through the
misery and strife, I wanna live my life for you. Your Word is a lamp unto
my feet, and a light into my path", she emphatically employs with a
child-like innocense.  Keep an ear out for '
I'll Hide Your Word'.

The 11-track CD was recorded "LIVE"  April 24, 2004 at Greater
Emmanuel Institutional COGIC, Detroit, MI, mixed by Asaph A. Ward at
Miralex Joint Studios, Kansas City, MO. For bookings contact Lisa
(231) 722-3219 or Stephanie Mayer (734) 306-8746
The Granddaughter of Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark - The Daughter of
Karen Clark-Sheard - Sept 7th   Meet  17-Year-Old New Gospel
Sensation KIERRA "Kiki" Sheard
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Kierra Sheard was born with music in her
heart and a song on her lips.  While most
people have to study and learn a
skill, for Kierra, (as the youngest standard-bearer of one of Gospel
music’s greatest family dynasties), it just runs in the blood.Kierra, 17,
is the daughter of  Karen Clark-Sheard, a founding member of Gospel
legends, the Clark Sisters. She’s also the granddaughter of the late Dr.
Mattie Moss Clark, the prodigious conductor, arranger, songwriter,
singer, instrumentalist and teacher who is roundly credited as one the
defining influences in all of Gospel music.

With Kierra’s solo debut album,
"I Owe You", for EMI Gospel, that will
be released on September 7th, that incomparable family tradition is
carried on in a voice and sound that respects its roots, while taking the
Gospel message to the masses in the cutting-edge urban, R&B and
pop music of today.

'You Don’t Know,' (1st single release),  sounding alot like the Clark
Sisters (1970's) hit  '
You Bright the Sunshine', is co-written and
produced by Grammy winning,  producer, Rodney Jerkins (Destiny’s
Child, Mary J. Blige, Will Smith, Kirk Franklin), is a driving, commanding
hip-hop statement of God’s power and faithfulness in the lives of His
children. “This is really my testimony of all that God has done for me in
my life,” says Kierra.

Praise Offering,' a soaring, pop-flavored ballad of worship on which
Kierra’s amazing prowess is dazzlingly displayed, written and
produced by acclaimed producer/artist JMoss (Hezekiah Walker, Patti
LaBelle)., '
Closer', 'So Long',  and my favorite 'Done Did It', are but a
few of the albums stand-out tracks.

Kierra, or “Kiki,” as she is affectionately known, was born and raised in
Detroit.  “My mother passed away when Kierra was only 7,” Karen
recalls, “but before she died she told me that this baby was going to
sing, and that I was to raise her in my shoes, and bring her up the way
my mother had raised me.”

“I want to demonstrate to young people that you don’t have to live in sin
to have fun and enjoy yourself,” Kierra emphasizes, “I think
I Owe You" will show that there’s even greater joy, lasting joy, in
singing and praising God in our own voice and our style of music.”  
JOHN P. KEE With Numerous Flavorings Is Back With His
First Solo Recording In Over A Decade Titled
"The Color Of Music"
By: Gatsby Melodi'
"When my career started 25 years ago, it began
with foundational principles that exist today.  I
believed from the beginning that the spirit of
giving would provide a harvest that would allow
me the privilege to seed into the lives of the
people of God" writes John P. Kee on the inside
jacket and continues.

"The last year has been a year of strategic transition.  It revealed the
real meaning friendship, endurance and worship. Through my
transition I've learned to respect the gift of song. Understanding the
true call of a prophetic teacher, God has also instilled in me an inner
vision of true worship."

"This journey will give you a glimpse of my worship experience.
Travel with me as I share inner prophecies of praise, power and
worship and deliverance through
The Color of Music."

Kee has written all 17 tracks on the diversified cd, and the lyrics have
been supplied.  On track #4 "Sakiya's Song (a song he dedicates to
Felice Kee) their is in fact a childs voice heard in the background,
reading the words will explain its meaning.  Other outstanding tracks
are my favorite 'Encouraged', 'Praise Power', 'ICU' (a duet Kee does
with LeJuene Thompson - dedicated to Robereta Flack),
'Partatropolis Mix', 'Dancin'.  This CD is very eclectic, frequently
quoting scripture, and no doubt is a welcomed arrival.

Coming Soon, is "The Reunion Project From John P. Kee and New
Life Community Choir".
WOW Gospel 2004 Includes Kirk Franklin - Kurt Carr -Vickie Winans
-Smokie Norful - Donald Lawrence - RIZen - Shirley Caesar - Dorinda Clark
Cole- John P. Kee & MORE
By: Gatsby Meldoi'
Along With Six of His Own Compositions BEN TANKARD
Breaths New Life Into Music By McFadden & Whitehead - Lionel
Richie - Maurice White On  new CD "piano  prophet" With Added
Vocals From the Amazingly Talented Songbird
Shirley Murdock
By: Gatsby Melodi'
If EVER there was a time when three letters used to express
strong feeling (as pleasure or surprise)  were appropriate
then this CD is the occasion.  W-O-W!  Jubilantly speaking,
the original, best-selling Gospel compilation is back.   
WOW-ify your each day  with "WOW Gospel 2004", where
the only thang missin' is --ears to be heard.  
Ben Tankard unfeignedly writes on the inside
linear notes: "I was raised poor and had no
idea what my calling or assignment on earth
was.  I thought
This delightful two-disc-CD 30 song compilation helps you appreciate biblical
messages.  It will take your life from boring to roaring, as you lift up the name of

Disc One opens with the uplifting 'Brighter Day' from Kirk Franklin, followed by  'I
Almost Let Go' from Kurt Carr & Carr Singers,  a song no doubt will be played
over and over when you feel like giving up - throwing in the towel. 'It's Already
Done' from Bishop T.D. Jakes & the Potter's House Mass Choir is one of those
hand-clapping infectious praises. Hezekiah Walker's 'I Need You To Survive"
breathes hope and comfort into the heart, and its lyrics surely are packaged as
a ballad to be reckoned with.  And just when you get up off the floor from praisin'
on that song, then comes  Donald Lawrence & Tri-City with the all-powerful
"Bless Me (Prayer of Jabez)' the song that has made its way into many Sunday
church services across the globe., 'enlarge my territory, i pray for increase" the
choir earnestly pleas to God for his Blessing, and more.

Disc Two pumps with Vickie Winans 'Shake Yourself Loose', followed by the
vivacious 'I Won't Let Go' from John P. Kee & New Life.  Get even more
WOW-ified with 'You Can't Hurry God from Dorinda Clark-Cole.  If you've got a
problem that's too hard to solve, "place it in the Master's Hand", Lamar
Campbell & Spirit of Praise slows down the praise with 'There's Nothing Too
Hard'. Known as the voice of "The Canton Spiritual" - Harvey Watkins answered
the prayers of thousands with the release of his debut solo recording, and he
has invited friends Doug & Melvin Williams  to help deliver 'It's In My Heart', a
testimony.  The quartet sound is represented in 'He's Coming Back Again' from
newcomers 7 SONS OF SOUL; Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson reassures "it will all
be over 'Afterwhile'; the queen of gospel herself Ms. Shirley Caesar preaches
'Amazing Grace' Hallelujah!! Beverly Crawford has come a long way since her
days of singing lead with Bobby Jones and takes it to the next level in 'Higher In
The Lord'; another song worthy of recognition is 'View The City' from newcomers
it would be in professional basketball."

"After a career-ending injury I gave up on my NBA basketball plans
and attended a Pentecostal revival service one night very
discouraged.  I received Christ that night and the meeting changed
my life."

"I sat at the keyboard and was anointed with oil by the evangelist
and I began to play that very night like a seasoned professional
veteran. God anointed me. I began recording from that point. I have
never had lessons and don't even read music. The Holy Spirit
reveals to me what and how to play."

"15 recordings and 15 years later, God continues to Bless me.  I
am no longer poor and unhappy.  And with the music that God has
given me, I have the tools to help and encourage others who are

"Like David, when I play, evil spirits depart.  I encourage you to set
your expectation thermostat on
increase. The "Holy Bible" has all
the keys you need for your assignment in life. As you read and
meditate on the written Word of God, put on this cd."

"Along the way to increase and success, I have suffered heartache,
disappointments, divorce, injury, and death in the family. However, I
am a witness that if you look up, you can get up.  If you can get up,
you can get dressed. If you can get dressed you can get going. If
you have a "Holy Bible", then you have all the necessary
Bible Keys
for success."

Kicking off the cd marveling is the ever so delightful 1970's
McFadden & Whitehead hit -
'Ain't No Stoppin Us Now' with a
slowed down tempo, Fred Hammond on bass, and accompaning
vocals including scats from Shirley Murdock and Shell Massey. The
next two tracks composed by Ben Tankard accentuate the positive
in the title song 'Piano Prophet
' and "Touch And Agree'.  

"Father help your children. Don't let them fall by the side of the road.
Teach them to love one another" Shirley Murdock pleads in Lionel
'Jesus Is Love', a song so nice Tankard did it twice, the
later is a 4 minute instrumental version.

Earth Wind & Fire's powerful hit '
Head To The Sky", written by
Maurice White never sounded so righteous as arranged by Tankard
with assiduous keyboard runs and Shell Massey on vocals.

Ben Tankard closes out the linear notes saying words I feel are
appropriate to close out the review of  "piano prophet".

"Make sure you only speak out of your mouth those things that you
would like to see in your life. You have creative power with your
words so don't allow your words to create anything that you don't

This CD and Tankard's testimony are truly exemplary of "inspired
inspirationally", and this level of entertaining brilliance is destined
to propel this artist toward the sky.  
From Memphis, TN - Gospel Newcomer SHEA NORMAN
"My Heart Depends On You" - A Mix of Smoothed Out
Ballads and Mid-tempo Tracks - On Verity Records
Gospel Newcomer SHEA NORMAN is well on his way to
establishing legions of fans and a lasting career., in the
Gospel music industry.

Discovered by Fred Hammond, "because of his rich,
dynamic and compelling vocals", Hammond says, and
Blessed with a gift that defies boundaries, Norman's voice
rings out true and pure on every song, with his  refreshing
renditions of runs. Truly a wonderfully unique sound.
"I have a deep personal relationship with God, I know the Lord and trust in
Him always", explains Norman.  "His Word is absolute in its power and in its
revelation. I find inspiration and guidance in the Word of God."

Outstanding tracks include the upbeat catchy Stevie Wonder tinged opener  
'More & More to Me', and the two ballads 'You Can Use Me', and (my favorite)
'Deliverance Will Come'.

People who enjoy the vocal gymnastics of  Smokie Norful, Darryl Coley, or
Peabo Bryson will embrace Shea Norman.  There is over one hour of
listening pleasure on "My Heart Depends On You"..But also be advised that
Norman in one song addresses God as Daddy, certainly questionable lyrics
some might interpret as disrespectful.