Smokie Norful Continues To Prove That He Is One Of Gospel
Music’s Leading Men On His Latest CD For EMI Gospel Titled
"Nothing Without You"
"WOW Gospel 2005" Features 30 Top Gospel Artists and Songs From
Smokie Norful, Karen Clark-Sheard, Darrel Petties & SIP; Donnie
McClurkin; Donald Lawrence Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dietrick Haddon,
Kierra Kiki Sheard, Byron Cage, Tonex & More On Verity
Gospel Luminaries Donald Lawrence & The Tri City Singers Reminisce
And Celebrate With CD Titled -
Restoring The Years From EMI Gospel
What do you say about a man who, in ten short years, has
almost single-handedly transformed not only the sound, but
also the literal definition of the modern Gospel choir?

And where do you locate a lexicon that adequately lists the
adjectives to describe songs that have made their way not
only to the top of the charts, but deeply into the hearts of
"Nothing Without You" features
soon to be classics,  handcrafted
by Norful along with a host of
legendary producers including
multiple award winner George
Duke, who lends his skills to the
CD’s title track, and guest soloist
including Vanessa Bell Armstrong
on 'Continuous Grace..
Just when you thought WOW Gospel couldn't
get any better, WOW Gospel 2005 sets the bar
even higher for gospel complications, with
tracks from Shirley Caesar, Hezekiah Walker,
Fred Hammond, CeCe Winans, and many
more of your favorites in this stellar 2-Cd set.

Entering into its 8th year, WOW Gospel has
Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers have almost challenged music writers to
outdo each other with accolades.
The new disc has something for everyone: from testimonial
ballads and urban-inspired grooves to foot-stomping, hand-
clapping Sunday morning church.

The CD’s title track is a ballad inspired by Norful’s wife, Carla,
written on the occasion of their wedding.

The initial pressing of
Nothing Without You is a Limited
Collector's Edition that includes a live video of the first single
"Can't Nobody",  packaged in a colored jewel box and is further
enhanced with a link to Norful website.

Tracks deserving recognition are 'Nothing Without You',
'Continuous Grace', and 'Know Too Much About  Him'.
truly become a hallmark project that launches the best in gospel.

The WOW Gospel concept was introduced in 1998 by the record label
partnership of Verity Records; Provident Music Group; EMI Christian
Music Group and Word Entertainment, with the goal in mind to create
the ultimate collection in gospel hits.

The double CD set contains 30 tracks including the introduction of hot
new talent like Shea Norman and Kierra Sheard, joining heavy hitters
The Canton Spirituals, John P. Kee, Twinkie Clark, Bishop Eddie Long
& New Birth Choir, Rance Allen, Ricky Dillard, Vickie Winans, and more.
Enhanced with complete Lyrics & Bonus Video Clip
Donnie McClurkin“Now More Than Ever Worship”
the highly anticipated Second Release from Joann Rosario
in stores July 12, 2005 from Verity
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July 25, 2005 - Noticing trouble with
her voice in late 2002, Rosario
was diagnosed in January 2003
with nodules on her vocal chords.  
She lost function of both her
speaking and singing voices.

For someone who has been
singing all her life this was now
more than a challenge.  She says
"It was a test to the strength of my
faith in the God I serve."
LaShun Pace Is Back With "It's My Time" An Album Composed Of
Tears & Prayers
Out to Vehemently Praise His Name -
DONNIE MCCLURKIN Returns With Don't  
Need the Lyrics to Sing-Along-to Tracks

Encouraging Our Thoughts to
Reflect On
Designated Reverence
-  Songs Like 'We've
Come This Far By FAITH', 'I Will trust in The
LORD'  Many Special Guests Including Dottie
Peoples in "psalms, hymns & spiritual songs"
for Verity Records
While LaShun Pace soared professionally over the
past ten years - she has endured serious health
issues, a failed marriage and the dealth of her
oldest daughter Xenia.  

Pace wrote all but one of the ten tracks after a
friend asked if
LaShun Pace
Singer/Songwriter Antonio Neal Credits The Winans, Isley Brothers &
Al Green With His soulful "inspirational lifestyle gospel inspired
sound" on "days of my life"
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After eight years of writing and preparation Antonio
is ready to share his music with the world. He
says "This has been an up and down journey with
many disappointments and victories."

""Antonio Neal's music deals directly with the
issues young adults face every day," says EMI
Gospel President Ken Pennell. "His songs give
guidance and encouragement to those that are
looking for a deeper more meaningful way of life.,  
We appreciate Antonio's pursuit of a purposeful life
and we welcome him to the EMI Gospel family of
This time out Donnie McClurkin is
no doubt in biographical mode with
this presentation titled  "psalms,
hymns & spiritual songs"

This is a young man who has risen
above adversity  despite adverse
Joe Ligon Reflects Upon the  Formative Years  
"I've had many a
meal served on a greasy paper plate out the back door of
kitchens in the south when we were on the road...We made
it through all that and we're still here singing ...better than
By: Gatsby Melodi'
'You Don't Know' from
Album titled
"days of
my life"
 4 min 9 sec.
After 44 years 35 albums 3 Grammys and
performances with the Rolling Stones,
Aretha Franklin,
James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, Luther Vandross,
Ray Charles, and Paul Simon from the church-house
to the White House -  
Mighty Clouds of Joy take it back
to old time religion on
"The Mighty
Micah Stampley Has Arrived With the Release of His Stunning
Debut Album "The Songbook of Micah" Executive Produced by
Bishop T.D. Jakes On EMI Gospel
"The Gospel" Movie Soundtrack Includes Secular Music With A Message of Love
Not Appearing in the Film On Verity Records
Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Deitrick Haddon, Donnie
Fred Hammond, JoAnn Rosario, Hezekiah Walker,
Martha Munizzi, Greg Kirkland, Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack,
Tamyra Gray all add their voices to tracks found on "the
gospel" movie soundtrack now available on Verity Records label.

The soundtrack kicks off with a supped up version including rap
on Kirk Franklin's penned 'He Reigns', followed by the high
energy 'Victory" sung by Yolanda Adams.
With a multi-octave voice of literally
staggering power and sensitivity and a
fluent writer’s hand with both words and
Micah Stampley moves with "the
songbook of Micah"

10 of the 12 songs written or co-written
by Micah, is a dramatic compendium of
styles, ranging from cool R&B, to hot,
funky hip-hop, traditional-flavored
Gospel, and gorgeous pop balladry.

Micah was born in Los Angeles,
California, but was raised in Baton
Rouge, Louisiana.
Clouds of Joy In the House of The Lord LIve in Houston", their newest
release for EMI Gospel, produced by Sanchez Harley.

Founding member Joe Ligon says "Even as we began to work a steady
rotation of major secular venues including Carnegie Hall, Madison
Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the White House, and the Apollo
Theater, the Clouds never dodged our roles as believers, nor shied away
from our identity as a devoutly Gospel group."

The Clouds have had their share of tough times, especially playing the
South back in the 60s, when a black person couldn't even count on getting
a motel room, or service in a restaurant.  

Joe says, "I've had many a meal served on a greasy paper plate out of the
back door of kitchens. But we made it through all that, and we're still here
and singing better than ever."

"There are a lot of different styles that have come together over the years
to create what people know as the `trademark' Clouds sound" Ligon says.
"We wanted to hit on a lot of those high spots on this album.

He comments that the album's title song, "In the House of the Lord," stirs
strong remembrances for him.   

" It's written from the viewpoint of a young boy remembering when his
grandma would take him to church - just like mine did me.  The deacons
would all be praying; the choir would be singing, and the preacher just
preaching away."

Joe is still joined today by his early partner Wallace, and longtime
members and vocalists Mike Cook and Ron Staples, with Johnny
Valentine, Orick Ewing, Alfred Hudson and Ervin "Big Man" Williams
making up the band.
No doubt that 'Victory' composed by Gregory Curtis will become an instant favorite
with its staying power appeal, performed by Kirk Franklin.

Deitrick Haddon is certain to garner new fans with his rendition of the
Sam Cooke
classic 'Change Is Gonna Come' which does not appear in the film.  Donnie
McClurkin and Kirk Franklin deliver an urban mix on 'Ooo Child'.

Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway 1960's sensational 'The Closer I Get to
composed by Mtume and Reggie Lucas adds flexibility to the soundtrack; as
does the close out track penned by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff 'Put Your Hands
Together' performed by Fred Hammond and Natalie Wilson.

Other stand-out tracks include JoAnn Rosario's self-penned 1 min 22 second
Interlude 'When I Pray'; Fred Hammond's 'All Things Are Working'; a version of
Hezekiah Walker's 'I Need You to Survive' that does not appear in the film; and the
Tamyra Gray stealer hit from the film 'Now Behold the Lamb' written by Kirk Franklin
and spoken word by Clifton Powell.
Come Holy Spirit Intro
Duration: 38 sec
Micah Stampley
Micah’s father Richard Stampley was and remains a carpenter
and craftsman of fine furniture and cabinetry and was called into
the ministry in the mid-‘80s.

His mother Delmarie, worked full-time making a home for and
taking care of the couple’s eight children.

With influences running from Gospel greats such as Andrae
Crouch, the
Clark Sisters, the Winans, and the Hawkins Family,
to mainstream luminaries that included Billy Ocean, Michael
Jackson, and Cyndi Lauper, it makes complete sense that
Songbook of Micah
is a diverse, intriguing and compelling
musical mix.
MARVIN SAPP Delivers High Energy Praise on
"Be Exalted"
Lord I Love You, Lord I Praise You
The Album Cover of "HERO" Is A Photo Of Kirk Franklin But He
Quickly Embellishes "The true hero Is Jesus Christ" - - Kirk
Franklin's First Album In 7 Years-- Now Available On Verity
By: Gatsby Melodi'
To exalt means to raise in rank,
power; to elevate by praise.  On
'Be It Unto Me', the opening
track recorded in the studio but
with a LIVE feel for
Marvin Sapp leaves
no doubt as to the GOD he
October 23, 2005 - "To all my people in the
struggle who think God's forgotten about
you here's some pain medicine",
Franklin sets it off with the opening lyrics to
Looking For You the first single from his
kickin'  latest CD entitled
"HERO" now
available from Verity Records
DARWIN HOBBS Covers Tunes He Proclaims Are Dear to His Heart On
"Worshipper" For EMI Gospel - Street Date September 27, 2005
Hobbs says that "Worhsipper" is his first praise and
worship album and most of the leads and
background vocals were produced by him, "I always
wanted to be more involved on the production side
of things so this time around I did just that", he says
of his high level creative input on this album
"singing the music I love".  
On the album's title HERO track Dorinda Clark-Cole magnificently
slavers those  signature
Clark Sisters runs all over everywhere
that her momma (Mattie Moss Clark)  taught her to and even adds
her own colorful flavorings after the spoken testimonies from old
and young voices that say -   "When I was 4 years old I was
diagnosed with cancer"; "While giving birth to my sons I died";
"The doctor didn't know if i was going to live since I'd lost 99% of
the blood in my body" "In Kuwait soldiers were killed. They had to
amputate 90% of my leg".  

These testimonies speak of an evolutionary process that has
brought them to a place to look back over their pain and  
transgressions in their lives and has brought them through it all.  

To these wonderful testimonies of how they got over,
has penned lyrics like --"The earth wept in pain. When I
needed a hero you came and saved the day. Jesus you are my

No doubt Kirk Franklin ain't jivin' on this album.  
Franklin  has a
flair for reaching the younger crowd and pulling them in to doing
the philanthropic thing. This time out cognizance is ageless and

is the pain medication for the entire human race..  

Other standout tracks that will keep Kirk Franklin's HERO around
for a very long time include #10
Afterwhile with Yolanda Adams;
Without You; and #14 Why with Stevie Wonder.
The style and freshness on  "Worshipper" forces the listener to reckon
with the fact that Hobbs is much more than a gospel singer who
sounds a lot like Luther Vandross.  

The 6th cut titled
'Worshipper's Medley' Hobbs shows the varied
colors of hs vocal instrument on this 10 minute 21 second cut
rendered with prayerful delicateness and devotion. The medley songs
included are 'Precious Jesus' / 'Bless His Holy Name' / 'O Lord We
Praise Your Name' / 'The Lord Is Here'.

Hobbs says, "I wanted to do a record with a live band and so we
gathered in Nashville with some killer players like Jeremy Haynes on
drums; Buddy Strong on B-3 organ; Javier Solis on percussions; The
Natural on guitar and Daryl Freeman on bass. These guys along with
Aaron Lindsey on keys, live horns and strings, made every vision of a
live record come to fruition."

Darwin precisely states, "A huge part of my artistry arises from my life
as a worshipper and that comes out wherever I'm singing and in my
life as a whole. It's more that what I do - it is what I am."

The heartbeat of this album can be heard in a song penned by Darwin
Hobbs called simply
'Grace', with lyrics like "Thank you for your
grace...Let me live to worship you."
Kirk Franklin's HERO in its entirety is written
with that freeing quality of  vulnerabilty and
will be around for a very long time.
Bishop Eddie L. Long and the New Birth Total Praise Choir to
Release  “A NEW BEGINNING”  Produced by Grammy Award
winner Kevin Bond In stores February 21st
Brokenhearted (Reprise)
Duration:  1 min 9 sec.
After nearly two years Bishop Eddie L. Long and
the New Birth Total Praise Choir are gearing up
for their second release on
EMI Gospel titled A
New Beginning.

The new project is a contemporary choir praise
and worship album with a modern flair that
Daryl Coley
embodies a smooth flowing Gospel/R&B groove enforcing the
theme of forward-directed, present and future tense thinking, faith
and belief of Gods people.

The soon to be classic album of newly recorded material hits
stores February 21st.
she'd ever put lyrics to all she's been through.

LaShun's powerful dramatic one-of-a-kind voice remains
incomparable on
"It's My Time", her debut for EMI Gospel.

Outstanding tracks include
'Hey' which she describes as "kind of a
Gospel 'Don't Worry Be Happy'.  It says  we cant take on every
challenge in life at one time" Pace adds.

'Emotions' deliveres a sound much like a 1960's Aretha Franklin, and
probably the strongest cut.
Her exceptional artistry wonderfully attracted Gospel music
luminaries as collaborators on this project with contributions
from noted producers such as
Fred Hammond, Alex Ward,
Michael-Anthony Taylor and
Donald Lawrence .
serves in this horn powered energetic
arrangement with lyrics like "Oh Lord renew my
mind so I can see your Kingdom. Your Kingdom
come , Your will be done", written and produced by
Aaron Lindsey.

It is almost like
Marvin Sapp is preaching using his
vocal skills because the next song happens to be
penned by him titled
'Do You Know Him?', with an
Ohio Players feel.  On it he repeatedly asks do you
know Him?  And just incase you don't know who
Jesus is - Sapp teaches "He rolled the stone away
and He rose again to give me another chance.
Turned water in to wine, preached from sea to sea
and delivered me." Clearly Sapp is singing
heartfelt emotion from a personal relationship and
he's got something for everybody on
"Be Exalted"
on Verity Records.