Anthony Anderson Is Malcolm King a selfmade millionaire
with a healthy dose of arrogance and ego - April 22nd in theaters
By: Gstsby Melodi'
The script for King’s Ransom written by
Wayne Conley provides a solid mix of
comedic action dialogue and set pieces
for the director and actors to explore.

“One of the biggest problems I think
directors have is that sometimes we
don’t follow our gut", said director Jeff

"There are so many circumstances
swirling around us and there’s so many
questions that you have to answer and
so many people that need your time and

"Your gut is a powerful thing and if it’s
moving you to do something, you should
probably do it”, Byrd concluded.
Anthony Anderson as “Malcolm” and Regina Hall as
“Peaches” in New Line Cinema’s film, KING’S RANSOM.
Photo: ©2005 Takashi Seida/New Line Productions
Regina Hall is
“Peaches” in New Line
Cinema’s April 22 film,
©2005 Takashi
Seida/New Line
Hear how Regina
Hall makes
Peaches "girlie" -
Duration - 52 sec.
Director Jeff
Byrd frames
the next shot
in New Line
Playing the role of Peaches, Malcolm King’s
ditzy mistress, is Regina Hall.

The talented and wonderfully animated Hall
begins the interview with a huge wide grin  
“Peaches and I are really different.  I don’t think
Peaches can spell Sunday and if she does
she probably would spell it ‘sundae’ like the
dessert, not the day."

"I think she lives in a reality that allows her to
always see the innocence in people, which is
kind of nice."

"But I like to think I’m a lot smarter than she is"

"I’m optimistic too, but certainly not naive like

Along with the help of Peaches Malcolm plots
his own kidnapping in order to secure a
fictitious ransom so extremely high that  once
paid the public will think he’s broke and unable
to meet his wife’s (Kellita Smith) financial

But unbeknownst to Malcolm he’s not the only
one with a kidnapping plan.
Anthony Anderson as “Malcolm King” and Kellita Smith as “Renee” are tied up by captor “Corey” (Jay Mohr) in
New Line Cinema’s upcoming film,
KING’S RANSOM, in theateres only April 22, 2005.
Director Jeff Byrd
On April 6, 2005 Anthony Anderson in
Hollywood told a throng of reporters - "I love
what I do.  I was Blessed with a gift that I have
recognized since the age of 9."

"I have always wanted to have an
affect and
effect on people's lives with my work."

"With this cast that we had Kellita Smith,
Regina Hall, Loretta Devine, Donald Faison,  
Charlie Murphy, Jay Mohr,  the energy just
bounced off the walls to each other.  We had
fun and played."

"This film is PG-13 so the tone of some of the
jokes not necessarily what was said but the
tone and color of it with a visual are different."

"New Line aggressively came after me.  I want
to applaud New LIne for giving me my first
opportunity to star in and carry a film."

"Comedy comes from pain.  We have to be
able to laugh at ourselves.  A lot of people are
not willing to do that even in our most darkest

"They don't want that vulnerability to tanscend."

Anderson revealed that one of his secrets to
keeping his comedy real  "We are people

"Sometimes we (comedians) will go sit in the
park and watch people and pick up things."

"We all have a bit of arrogance", Anderson
continues. about his character Malcom in
"King's Ransom"

"Malcolm is the kind of boss who makes you
want to quit your job - walk away because you
have zero tolerance for the abnoxious

"We've all had a boss or experienced ego and
arrogrance to the extreme", Anderson
continues.  "And you think about hurt and how
it made you feel. Some peoples bosses are
Donald Faison as “Andre” in New
Line Cinema’s April 22nd film,
©2005 Takashi Seida/New Line
“We got to improv a lot and Jeff Byrd is
really good at controlling which way the
improv goes and what you say  which is
a great quality to have as a director,”
says Faison.

He gives us enough rope, but he’s able
to hold on to it and pull us back in when
we’ve gone too far away from the boat.”

“There’s a lot of women in this movie
and the beauty of them is that they are
all challenging they all have their own
separate personalities that really work
well for the picture,” says Byrd.

Kellita was born in Chicago raised in
Oakland relocated to L.A. to pursue an
acting career. In her spare time, she
practices other art forms such as
fencing, tae kwon do, snowmobile
riding, tennis and recently, she’s taken
on sculpting. Kellita
admits, “I envision myself as the next
action out Angelina Jolie.”

Regina Hall will next star in John
Schultz’s Honeymooners opposite
Cedric the Entertainer, Mike Epps
Gabrielle Union for Paramount
Taking on the role of a
parking valet who assumes
Malcolm King’s identity is
Donald Faison, a
talented actor who
showcases his comedic
abilities every week on the
hit NBC television series

For Faison, "it was the
opportunity to improvise on
the set", he said.
Kellita Smith as “Renee” shows off her bling to
Loretta Devine, in New Line Cinema’s upcoming
film,  KING’S RANSOM.  
"There is a lot more to me than comedy."

"I am on (FOX-TV)
The Shield right now doing
great dramatic work.  This season they
brought me in wtih Glen Close."

Martin Scorsese' upcoming new film
"The Departed" starring
Jack Nicholson,
Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark
Wahlberg and myself is another journey."
Faison on his
demanding role
Duration - 36 sec
Not only his wife but one
of his long suffering
employees (
) and a dim-witted
local bumpkin
Mohr), have all cooked up
separate schemes of
their own.

Each more ridiculous
than the next.   What
results is a wild  comedic
ride for Malcolm that will
change his life forever
Faison tells how
Denzel Washington
inspires his life.
Duration -81 sec.
Nicole Parker as
“Angela” in New Line
Cinema’s upcoming
film, KING’S
Photo: ©2005 Takashi
Seida/New Line
Faison a proud
Duration - 35 sec
Charlie Murphy as “Herb” in New Line Cinema’s
upcoming film, KING’S RANSOM
Loretta Devine has compiled an
impressive list of film credits
Woman Thou Art
Loosed, Maya Angelou’s Down
in the Delta, Bill Dukes Hoodlum,
Stanley & Iris with Robert De Niro
and Little Nikita opposite Sidney

Devine has two NAACP awards
for her supporting roles in
Forrest Whitaker’s
Waiting to Exhale and Penny
Marshall’s The Preachers Wife
Denzel Washington and
Whitney Houston.
Nicole Parker of course is currently enjoying
success with her situation comedy for UPN
“Second Time Around”  opposite fiancé Boris

“What we’ve done is we’ve taken a $16 million
movie and made it look like a $30 million movie
thanks to Jeff Byrd and his whole team,” said
producer Darryl Taja.

Taja  continues “They’ve really knocked
themselves out and as far as the production
design goes  we’ve done a lot of stuff with what
people would consider a very modest sum in
terms of a studio film.”
When asked who inspired him "Moms Mabley,
Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, Tom Hanks, Billy
Robin Williams, Denzel Washington,
Angela Bassett" was his effervescent response.

"And let's talk about Jamie".  He pauses and sits
up straight saying "
Jamie Foxx doing what he did
RAY has now got the industry looking at other
comedic actors and considering them as
dramatic leads in film.  I applaud
Jamie for what
he has done and will continue to do."
(l to r) Brooke D’Orsay as
“Brooke”, Leila Arcieri as “Kim”
and Nicole Parker as “Angela”
in New Line Cinema’s
upcoming film, King’s Ransom
©New Line Prod.
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