CAROL CHANNING & Sistahs Add Color Humor & Sophistication Bringing
Out the Best Of the
58th Annual Tony Awards
At Radio City Music Hall
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Former President Bill Clinton to Take the
Entire Show of 60 Minutes on CBS Sunday
June 20th
About the Monica
Lewinsky.issue, former
Bill Clinton
tells the CBS news
No doubt multi-talented
superstar CAROL
CHANNING stole the
show at the
58th Annual
Tony Awards
held last
evening at the Radio
City Music Hall. doing
what she does best,
making others laugh
and feel great.
Cinton 60 Minutes

'Questioned by
CBS News anchor
Dan Rather,
Clinton said he,
his wife and their
Chelsea, dealt
with their family
crisis through

''We did it together.
We did it
individually,'' he
says. ''We did
family work.''
60 Minutes that he never considered
resigning and is proud he fought

''I stood up to it and beat it back,''
says of the impeachment process, which
he describes as ''an abuse of power.''

''The whole battle was a badge of honor. I
don't see it as a stain, because it was

The interview, to take up the full hour of
Sunday's program, is timed to next week's
publication of Clinton's memoir, ''My Life,''
which covers his Arkansas childhood, his
tenure as that state's governor as well as
his presidency.

'I did something for the worst possible
reason. Just because I could,''
Clinton says
of his infidelity. ''I think that's just about the
most morally indefensible reason anybody
could have for doing anything.''
Anika Noni Rose
"Caroline or Change"
Audra McDonald
"A Raisin in the Sun"
Anika Noni Rose won for "Best Featured
Actress In A Musical" for "Caroline, or
The dynamic superstar, CHANNING, one of
the most adored people on earth, shared the
stage with hip-hop's genuine trailblazer
LL Cool J.  Together they were brilliantly
paired to present the award for "Best Original
Score", that ultimately went to "Avenue Q",
music by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx.

The magical moment happened before their
award presentation, when CHANNING and
Cool J began a tap and rap routine that
culminated with Ms. CHANNING and Cool  
criss-crossing their outstretched arms
grabbing ahold of their shoulders, just as
most hip-hop acts end routines, as if to say
"peace out" the end.

"I've been keeping it poppin'', Ms. CHANNING
humored the audience, "I'm updating my
The audience loved it and went wild with
robust laugher and  thunderous applause.
Many of the audience members were seen
slapping high-fives, and bending over with
convulsive laughter  Clearly a show-stopper.

In 1985 when he was just 17 years old,  LL
Cool J released his first hit, "I Can't Live
Without My Radio, and since then starred in
his own "television sitcom with Debbie Allen,
"In the House" and appeared in several films.
Audra McDonald won "Best Featured Actress
In A Play" for "A Raisin in the Sun"
"I am so grateful to
be born to parents
that wanted me and
loved me"  Phylicia
Rashad hushed the
sell-out crowd as
she thanked GOD
and her mother when
accepting her award
for "Best Actress In A
Play" for "A Raisin In
the Sun".
Phylicia Rashad
"A Raisin in the Sun"
Gone Are the Bleached Blond Dreads  SERENA WILLIAMS
Designs Clothes For Her Own Line Aneres, and for Nike As Part of
a Sponsorship Deal That Could Be Worth Nearly $40 Million
Encourages All to Follow Your Dreams  She Says  "Just Do It"
By: Rhoda Markowitz
In Theaters  June 11th,  Bette Midler, Nicole
Kidman,   Glenn Close  
"The Stepford Wives"
Tennis ace Serena Williams
appeared on the catwalk in
Paris alongside sister
Venus to model her
glamorous clothing designs.
She has been busy
designing the range since
taking a break from tennis
due to a knee injury. Both
sisters, with their athletic,
toned figures looked
fabulous in Serena's
Serena Williams
Sports New Look
Funny lady Kirstie Alley
says, "I love to make
people laugh, but I also
like it when I am
addressed by my real's kirstie like
L to R Glenn Close, Nichole Kidman, Bette Midler in
"The Stepford Wives" from Paramount Pictures.
Serena, holder of all four grand slam tennis titles is making a new
fashion statement these days.  Gone are the bleached blond dreads
and new are the matching skin tight red top and briefs. A belly button
jewel was also noticeable now that the star's midriff was on view.

Serena Williams Height: 5-foot-10 Weight: 145, Plays: Right-
handed, can wear anything she wants with that fabulous body.

I asked Serena where she loved to shop in the United States, and
she responded "I love to shop in New York!  One of my passions is
shoes, and there is no better place to shop for shoes than New York
City.   Bergdorf Goodman has the best shoe department on their
2nd floor – Manolos, Roberto Cavalli, every great designer shoe is
there.  I also love to go to the Manolo Blahnik store --- especially
when they are having a sale!!"

"For great clothes I go to Henri Bendel and Saks.  All of the stores on
Fifth Avenue are fabulous.  Versace and Louis Vuitton are two of my

"For jeans I like the Diesel store on Madison  Ave.  Soho is also
another favorite shopping area. I love all the funky shops like D&G.  
Soho is definitely the spot for less expensive, fashion forward

"It may seem like I spend all my time shopping but that’s not the
case.  My time is usually limited so I go straight to the spots where I
know they have all the things (shoes!!) that I love! "

The 22-year-old tennis star continued , 'I've always been a lover of
clothes.  A lot of entertainers are in to designing clothes. That's all
you need now days, is a dream. Just do it. Don't be afraid.  I went to
school for it, and now I'm going for it.  I used to design dresses for
my Barbie dolls.  And now Venus and I have our own dolls."

What do you do when you're not designing clothes or kicking but on
the tennis court, I asked?  "My sister Venus and I are best friends.  
We live in Palm Beach, and we live like we're 80 years old,  just
staying at home.  We both read alot, and order take-out."

Who do you credit for your talent and success? "I give all the credit to
my parents and GOD".
What does it take to become a Stepford wife, a
woman perfect beyond belief?    Ask the Stepford
husbands, who've created this high-tech terrifying
little town, in this very modern comedy.  Starring
Bette Midler, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick,
Christopher Walken, Faith Hll, Roger Bart, Jon
Lovitz and Glenn Close. A Scott Rudin/DeLine
Pictures Production, A Frank Oz Film, Based upon
the book by Ira Levin, Screenplay by Paul Rudnick.
The Men We Became- My Friendship with
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
By: Robert T. Littell            Released June 1st
For over twenty years Robert Littell was John F. Kennedy
Jr.'s closest confidant. In a beautiful and moving
memoir, Littell introduces us to the private John. A story
of laughter and sorrow, joy and heartbreak,
The Men We
is an unforgettable memoir.

Rob Littell was a freshman at Brown when he met the
young JFK, Jr. during orientation week. Although Littell
came from a privileged background, it was worlds apart
from the glamorous life of the son of the late President
and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Eager to be accepted on his own terms,
Kennedy admired Littell's irreverence toward his celebrity and they became
close friends.

Littell recounts wonderful dinners at Jacqueline Onassis's apartment where
she surprised him with his favorite dinner of specially burned hamburgers
and weekends at her retreat in Martha's Vineyard where she critiqued their
touch football while lying on a chaise lounge, her face covered in cold cream
and cucumber slices.

As students, Littell and Kennedy bummed around Europe. They slept in Hyde
Park, sampled the pleasures of Amsterdam, ran afoul of customs officers and
almost got busted at the Ritz Hotel for smoking pot. They even shared
apartments in New York City until Jackie summoned them to dinner one day
and gently suggested it was time to grow up.

Littell was a part of JFK, Jr.'s secret wedding to Carolyn Bessette on
Cumberland Island, Georgia, and three years later a pallbearer at his funeral.

From shared adventures, private moments and lasting memories, Robert
Littell offers a unique look at John F. Kennedy Jr.'s life - one that has never
been seen before.

Robert Littell graduated from Brown University in 1984 and worked as an
investment advisor until the year 2000. He is currently writing and fundraising
for Take the Fields, a private/public partnership that restores athletic facilities
at New York City public schools.
A Makeover?  Not Really, A Miracle!  "Oh my God..Oh
my God", says Angela about extreme makover on
abC-TV Show Performed By The First
African-American Plastic Surgeon To Be added to "the
Extreme Team"
By: Gatsby Melodi'
June 24 – 27       8pm & 10:30pm
It was a sad day at The Blue Note and around
the world when drummer
Elvin Jones lost the
battle to a long illness on May 18, 2004.

An esteemed and long-time member of The Blue
Note family, Elvin graced the club’s stage
annually over the past 20 years and considered
the club to be his performance home.   
Beverly Hills plastic surgeon
Dr. Anthony Griffin, M..D.,
F.A.C.S. Angela's Plastic surgeon
Angela Before
Angela's fearlessness paid off!

ABC-TV's Extreme Makeover, now in its second season after the show's tremendous
ratings success, has at last, added its first
Afro-American Plastic Surgeon  to "The Extreme  Team."

The magic is conjured through the skills of an "Extreme Team," including the nation's top
plastic surgeons, eye surgeons and cosmetic dentists, along with a talented team of hair
and makeup artists, stylists and personal trainers, led by an on-camera Extreme
Makeover expert.

Angela from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a clinic clerk who wanted her extremely thick lips
and very broad nose reduced, but feared that her African-American identity may be altered.

She became the patient of Dr. Anthony Griffin, one of the foremost authorities on plastic
surgery for African Americans and ethnic skin types. "Because of her extra tissue, this is
probably the biggest challenge of my career", said Dr. Griffin.

A crusader in promoting the new safe ethnic surgical techniques to other plastic
surgeons and teaching that plastic surgery does not erase ethnic identity, Dr. Griffin
eased Angela into her makeover.

Bothered with ridicule and name calling since childhood like "ugly"
"big nose" "big lips" and "monkey girl",  Angela revealed, "Kids can be cruel. They don't
know the words stick with you."

"I've been with this nose for 29 years", adds Angela. "I'm very excited about the life that
waits ahead."

She had a chin augmentation with implant, rhinoplasty, lower eyelid lift, upper and lower
lip reduction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, lipo of hips and waist, laser hair removal,
skin Medical peel, at home program for acne and hyperpigmentation, 6 upper da Vinci
porcelain veneers and Zoom whitening.  

"I am the Painter, Sculpture and Architect", said Dr. Griffin. "This was a lot more of a
challenge that what appeared. I began thinking about having done this on television."

Following nationwide open casting calls and over 10 thousand written applications, the
lucky individuals are chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in Extreme
Makeover. These men and women are given a real life fairy tale in which their wishes
come true, not just to change their looks, but their lives and destinies.

"It's always tense when you're taking off the bandages. You never know", said Dr. Griffin.

"Oh my God...Oh my God...I don't know what to say...Thank you Dr. Griffin..Oh my God",
were the first words uttered by Angela as she stared at her new face with tears strolling
down her checks.

"I can't ask for a better day", responds Dr. Griffin. "Gratification, that's what we live for.
She's happy. I'm ecstatic".

Angela went from a size 14 to a size 6 during the grueling 8 weeks. After all is said and
done, what was her favorite part, 'the shopping", she responds. "The shopping was fun
and an energetic experience."

The most difficult she said was, "Being away from my six children and my husband.  My
husband and I fought over the telephone because it was a hard time for him taking care
of the household alone."

And how did Angela's husband respond to the makeover, "It was worth the wait. She is
very pretty. She looks like a movie star."

Angela assures him, "Honey, it's not about pretty. It's about being accepted."

Anthony Griffin, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Angela's Plastic Surgeon, 8641 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 305,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211. (310) 657-8264
Elvin Jones
He last played the club in December 2003, and was looking forward to
his return June 24 – 27.  In celebration of his life and music, his band,
The Elvin Jones Jazz Machine, will perform with special guests
throughout the week.

Paying homage to their friend and bandleader are Delfeayo Marsalis
(trombone and musical director), Sherman Irby (alto sax), Mark Shim
(tenor sax), Carlos McKinney (piano), Gerald Cannon (bass), Ali
Jackson (drums), Sonny Fortune (saxophone/flute), June 24 - 25; and
Ravi Coltrane (tenor & soprano sax), June 26 – 27. For reservations
and more information, call (212) 475-8592 or visit www.bluenotejazz.
Bishop T. D. Jakes Takes Atlanta By Storm Ministering
To Ten's Of Thousands At  Mega Fest 2004
By: Howard Stein
Guest speakers included and  Dr. Creflo
Dollar, Bishop Eddie Long
  Bishop T.D.
Jakes' Mega Fest took over four giant
downtown venues in Atlanta June 23-26 for
four days of fervent Christian worship
mixed with an all-star entertainment lineup.

For the first time ever, the motivator T.D.
Jakes combined his
ManPower conference
with his soul-stirring
Woman, Thou Art
events with his empowering
"straight-talk" for kids.  
Bishop T. D. Jakes
They came to witness the charismatic preaching,  and his free from
bias  attachment of painful and restraint work.  "ManPower" and
"Woman, Thou Art Loosed," his famous conferences for men and
women -- and a new addition, "The Youth 3D Experience."

And while those who attended were predominantly African-American,  it
featured an all-star lineup that blurs boundaries between Christian and
secular worlds.

The packed schedule included appearances by famous preachers and
entertainers alike, including poet Maya Angelou; basketball star Magic
Johnson; comedians Steve Harvey and Sinbad; and singers Patti
LaBelle, India.Arie and Kirk Franklin.

At Wednesday night's "Woman, Thou Art Loosed," Jakes urged tens of
thousands of women to seize the opportunity to "start all over again,"
insisting that God has a plan, no matter how dismal life may appear.
As for sins in their past, he shouted repeatedly, "It doesn't matter." As
for the pain and suffering they carried with them: "You've got to get over
it, so you can get on with being the woman of God you were created to
be. ... There is a happy and fulfilled woman inside you screaming to get

On Thursday night, a hoarse Jakes pushed tens of thousands of men,
including baseball star Darryl Strawberry and NAACP President Kweisi
Mfume, to "drop your masks."

"What really matters is who you are when nobody's looking," he said,
and described a state of secret misery, a "solitary confinement",
particular to men suffering under the pressure to succeed, perform and
"measure up."

Voicing this struggle, he asked: "If I fall apart, who's gonna put me back
together again?" And if a woman pledges to help: "Will you still respect
me in the morning?"

Bishop Jakes stimulated men to "discover the king inside you."
That Sound. That Voice.  It Sounds Like Whitney Houston. But!!
TARRALYN        And It's All Good
By:  Gatsby Melodi'
I defy anyone to listen to this cd and not contend
it is Whitney Houston, "new and improved" or
"back like before".  Opening track 'Where You Are'
takes you forward to a new school rendition of
the old school song.
On the second track 'Remedy', the phrasing, the
runs, the whales are all too familiar. Didn't
Whitney do it like that.   "Can't get enough - I'm
falling in love' TARRALYN sings with enthusiasm
and style and magnificence.
By J. C. Lee
This new hugely successful self-titled debut album from newcomer TARRALYN
released on the Casablanca Music label, marketed by Universal Records, is truly
delightful, without the cursing, without the disparaging comments, without
condescension, and is instead ravished with lots of luscious soulful and tasty
lyrics and melodic vocals, obviously designed to appeal to everyone, including
Gospel music lovers, especially songs like 'Up Against All Odds'.  

She sings 'Up against all odds...Let God direct the path.....Never loose your faith in
love when you're up against all odds..Hold on to your hopes and dreams..Baby
imagine a place where we can hideaway."

Tarralyn brilliantly has brought love back to romance, and it's all good, from the
voice, to the beat to the lyrics to your heart ---sifted through her taste buds.  

Clap your hands and bob-n-peck that neck to 'Gotta Have You', as she sings, 'Just
as long as you keep loving me right..I'll make sure you won't regret it baby..I wanna
kiss you and hug you..I won't you forever..we'll be together just as long
as you keep loving me right"  

For 22-year-old
TARRALYN RAMSEY, the first artist signed to Tommy Mottola's
Casablanca/Universal Records label, her first prize for winning this year's
Born To Diva
competition, she says "This album is truly true. I am up against all

Tarralyn's independent spirit arrives at a time when the world is sick-n-tired of
being sick-n-tired of lack of soulful sincerity in the music made today.  Names like
Mahalia, Aretha, Whitney Mariah and Celine, are all persons she credits as
influences in her life, and I am certain even they would be pleased with this
delicious sagacious offering.

It is the song 'Up Against All Odds' that swept the final VH-1 competition, and
garnered America's votes.   

Born in the Atlantic coastal town of Melbourne in central Florida, her mother is a
school teacher, and  her father in construction,  Tarralyn Ramsey got her training
in church.

She'll tell you that
"WHITNEY" was the first album she owned, and 'I Wanna
Dance With Somebody'
was the first song that obsessed here as a 6-year-old.  At
the same time, Tarralyn's grandmother, a preacher herself, drew the child's
attention to Clara Ward, Mahalia Jackson and Aretha Franklin.  It was Aretha's
"Amazing Grace" album with 'Never Grow Old', and the medley of 'Precious
Lord/You've Got A Friend'
she quickly mastered with gusto.

When Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem at the Superbowl in 1991,
Tarralyn says,  "I was on it the next morning in school."

Opening gigs for her as a teenager ranged from Ray Charles, Yolanda Adams,
Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee to Fred Hammond and others.

Some of Tarralyn's recorded tracks were featured on
Verity Records WOW Gospel
('Unconditional Love'); and WOW Gospel 2001 ('Tell It')

About the close out jam on the album, TARRALYN says "10,000  thank you's', is a
song from my heart to God. To let Him know that I'm really thankful and
appreciative for all the doors that He's opened for me. The things that He's seen
me through, and the things He's going to do with my life. I wanted to tell Him thank

Casablanca is the label that propelled Donna Summer to stardom in the 70's with
her hit 'Love To Love You Baby".  "TARRALYN" lyrics and album are kickin- BIG
TIME..and it's all good.  She's here for a very long time.
HAMBURG, Germany   -   Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick
sang at the end of the World Women's Award ceremony in
Hamburg's Congress Center on Wednesday.
The 40-year-old singer is quoted as saying:
“My message for women is to love and
respect themselves, for if they love
themselves then they can love others as
well. I have learned to do this. Through love
for myself and praying to our Lord I have
been able to overcome my personal

Other honorees included Vivienne
Westwood, Katarina Witt, Naomi Campbell,
Bianca Jagger and Diane Kruger.

The Women’s World Awards were created
by Austrian communication’s company
World Connection to complement its
annual World Awards, which has awarded
prizes to men including Morgan Freeman,
Steven Spielberg and Luciano Pavarotti
since 2000.
Whitney Houston received a lifetime
achievement award at the first-ever Women’
s World Awards. Organizers said the prize
was designed “for women whose unique
achievements have contributed to a better,
more peaceful and humane society.”

Dionne Warwick also received a lifetime
achievement award at Wednesday’s
ceremony at the Congress Center.

A 300-member jury chose winners in 12
categories, according to the Women’s
World Awards Web site.

With her
Whitney Houston Foundation for
Children, Houston has supported the rights
of children and humanitarian projects,
though it has presently stopped taking
grant applications, according to the
foundation’s Web site.
Conglomerate TIME WARNER Seeks to Take Over Entertainment Giant
By: Rhoda Wolin

Hollywood, CA  - A bidding war has broken out for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., with Time
Warner offering around $3 billion to take-over the wounded Hollywood studio, as well as
assumption of it's $2 billion in debt, according to newspaper reports.

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal reported in Thursday editions that Time
Warner has made a preliminary offer for MGM that rivals overtures from Sony Corp. The
reports valued the deal at $13 cash per share for public shareholders, plus the
assumption of nearly $2 billion in MGM debt. Majority shareholder Kirk Kerkorian would
get $11.50 a share in Time Warner stock under the deal, The Times said.

MGM reported,  has been in talks with Sony for months over a sale for roughly the same
price. MGM continued talks with Sony even after a 15-day exclusive negotiation period
expired in late May.

A bid from Time Warner could raise warning flags with antitrust regulators since the giant
media company already owns Hollywood powerhouse studio Warner Bros.
Matt Savage Trio Releasing
New CD in September & Performing at
BIRDLAND in NYC In A Combination
Concert/CD release
Mon. Oct 4th, 2004
By:  Diane Savage
In the last few months,
Matt has been to
Washington, DC (twice),
New York, and
California.  He
performed at The
Kennedy Center and
BIRDLAND, and also   
competed at the
National level of the
National Geography
Bee.  He’s been one
busy kid!
Last Chance to View -- and Purchase -- Duke
Ellington's Piano
Jazz and art lovers have just a few days left  
to see a beautiful part of jazz history -- Duke
Ellington's white baby grand piano on which
he composed
Mood Indigo, In A Sentimental
, Caravan, Sophisticated Lady, The
, Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me
and more of the world's greatest tunes.  On
display -- and for purchase -- for the first time
ever, the piano can be seen at the Michael
Rosenfeld Gallery.  The exhibition also
includes a selection of American art inspired
by jazz and improvisation.  Artists include
Romare Bearden, Norman Lewis, Gordon
Parks, Archibald Motley, Jr., Stuart Davis,
Alma Thomas and Gjon Mili, among others.  
12 -year-old genius
jazz pianist Matt
All of the songs on the upcoming CD are
composed by Matt.  It’s a terrific CD.  It is
entitled “CUTTING LOOSE”.  And I don’t
hail the wonders of the CD just because I
am obviously biased!  I promise!!  You’ll
just have to hear the CD when it is
available to make your own call.
There is no known photo of
Ellington with this piano,
but take a look at the  piano
sitting gracefully on the
stage of the world-renowned
Apollo Theater.
KNOWLES Knows She's Looking Good,
but remains humble.  Beyonce' even
took time out to pose for us, and then
said "thank you".  Now that's a very nice
lady with a very kind heart..
"Me & Pop Looking
Good Tonight" -
Taking time out to
pose is Pop-  
Muhammad Ali and
his 26-year-old Laila,
daughter of Veronica
(Muhammad's 3rd of 4
The entire exhibit can be seen online at
but just being near the actual piano and art is worth the trip!  Currently
owned by Stephen James, nephew of the late composer and band
leader, the piano could be yours at the close of the exhibition.  Now
through July 30, 2004, at  Michael Rosenfeld Galley 24 West 57th Street-
NYC 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mon - Fri (212) 247-0082
Diana Ross Performs FREE Greenwich,
Connecticut Concert to Benefit Children
Diana Ross staged a
free concert Thursday
(June 24) in
Greenwich, Conn. The
show took place in
Roger Sherman
Baldwin Park, which is
Estee's Son  Ronald Lauder
Buys Another Television Station
adjacent to the nonprofit Arch Street Teen
Center. While the show was free, 300 passes
were sold for $250 to a special post-show
reception with Ross. Proceeds benefited the
teen center.

Ross' children, Evan and Ross Naess, are
active in the center's programs. "Evan was
involved in teaching a hip-hop dance class,
and Ross is very active in the Young Life
program," says Kyle Silver, director of the Arch
Street Teen Center.

Silver says Ross recently called him to
arrange the show, and said she viewed the
concert as a gift to the town as a way to kick off
the summer. "For a second I thought it was a
joke," he said. "I mean, when does that ever

A Greenwich, Connecticut resident herself,
this is not the first time Ross has helped out
the town. Six years ago, she performed a
benefit at Greenwich Academy, which her
daughter, Chudney Silberstein, attended.
ZAGREB, Croatia -- A media group owned by
U.S. billionaire Ronald Lauder has purchased
Croatia's first private television station Nova
TV for 24 million euros ($29.5 million), a
spokesman for the group said Thursday.  The
Nova purchase adds to Lauder's Central
European Media Enterprises Ltd., which runs
seven television stations across central and
eastern Europe, with an estimated 70 million

"The contract is signed, and only some small
details remain to be cleared out of the way
before the whole process is wrapped up
around the end of the month," said Radovan
Klaic, who heads a public relations agency
hired by Lauder.

Nova TV was the first station to win a
government television broadcasting
concession. Media experts estimate that the
station could generate revenues of up to 80
million euros ($98 million). Lauder's group
was in the running for Croatia's state-run
television channel HRT 3 last year, but lost out
to RTL, Germany's largest private broadcaster.

Central European Media Enterprises has
subsidiaries in London, the Netherlands and
in each of its operating countries, including
Romania, Ukraine, Slovenia and the Slovakia.
It is worth an estimated 121 million euros
($150 million).  Lauder is an heir to the
Lauder fortune.
"You Show Me Yours - I'll Show You Mine" - King  & Queen of Cinema
DENZEL WASHINGTON and HALLE BERRY  bursting with pride, after
receiving more OSCAR's, recently at the Academy Awards.
Gospel Music Legacy Passes to Next Generation Kierra
"KiKi" Sheard  
Follows Steps of Legendary Clark Sisters
With Eagerly Anticipated Debut Album, “I Owe You”
Available In Store August 10th
Kierra "KiKi" Sheard is only 16, but already
she possesses a lifetime of experience in
gospel.  The granddaughter of Dr. Mattie
Moss Clark,
"I play the Blues" Says Bill Sims Jr
Opening Act For Lillias White    
At the   NY Blue Note  Wed July 21st
who served as President of the Church of God in Christ Music Department
for 25 years, and the daughter of Karen Clark-Sheard of the renowned Clark
KiKi Sheard has music in her blood.  Now, Sheard is ready to share
that music with the world via her forthcoming commercial CD single, “You
Don’t Know” produced by Award-winning producer, Rodney Jerkins released
on June 29.  

Her full-length debut release, I Owe You will be released on EMI Gospel on
August 10.

Sheard's extraordinary vocal talents haven't been hidden under a bushel.
Performing since the age of nine, Kierra was a featured vocalist on all three
of her mother's solo releases. Her performance of "The Will Of God" on Clark-
Sheard's 1997 solo debut, Finally Karen, brought the young Sheard a
prestigious Stellar Award for Best Children's Performance.

After years of playing supporting roles in the family business, the teen is
poised and ready to step into the spotlight. "I really want to do my best to be
an example of a young person doing what God wants them to do," says
Sheard. "I have a desire to minister to young people, relate to them through
my experiences and let them know that God is the best thing that could ever
happen to you."

With the support of her musical family Sheard will tour extensively this spring
and summer. She'll be in concert with her mother and aunt Dorinda Clark ––
and The Clark Sisters.  Her mother will introduce Sheard at all of her
promotional performances.  This spring, the teen sensation has already
made stops at the Gospel Music Association’s (GMA) Conference held in
Nashville in April, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and at Bishop T.
D. Jake's Potter's House in Dallas during the month of May, and performed at
the hugely-popular “Woman Thou Art Loosed” (WTAL) Concert as part of T.D.
Jakes’ Mega Fest Conference at Atlanta's Georgia Dome in late June.
The Blues has many distinct
origins and sounds, if you
ask Bill Sims what type of
Blues he plays, his answer is
simply, "I play the Blues."
Hear Bill Sims, Jr., play the Blues on Wednesday, July 21, at 8pm and 10:30pm at the Blue
Note, 131 West Third Street in the Village, when he will be the special opener for renowned
vocalist Lillias White.  He will dish up 30 minutes of steaming blues with his soulful voice
and mean guitar!  Although Sims performs at the Blue Note for one night only, Lillias White
is featured both Tuesday, July 20, and Wednesday, July 21.  The two-night engagement is
part of Another Side Series produced by Jill Newman Productions.  For tickets or more
information, call (212) 475-8592 or visit

At age fourteen, Bill turned professional when he joined the Jacksonian Blues, a rhythm
and blues band considered the top in Ohio.  He learned his lessons well sitting in the
piano chair of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Freddie King, the Ojays, Jerry Butler and many
more.  In 1971, Bill joined The Four Mints, a doo-wop rhythm and blues group. They
traveled the country, opening for the mega-bands of the 1970s such as Gladys Knight and
Earth, Wind and Fire. In 1976, Bill left The Four Mints to explore other musical venues.

In 1988, Bill came full circle and returned to the Blues. He founded his own band, Bill Sims
and the Cold Blooded Blues Band where he is both lead guitarist and lead vocalist. He is
currently considered one of the best musicians in the New York City Blues scene. Besides
regularly performing at the best Blues clues in the city, Bill tours extensively both domestic
and internationally. His virtuoso musicianship can be heard in most homes across
America in the advertising spots of Coca-Cola, Reebok, Folgers and ESPN. In 1992, Bill
released his first CD, Blues Before Sunrise. In 1999 his much-awaited CD Bill Sims was
released on Warner Brothers records to coincide with the 10 hour PBS special on Bill.
Angela After