Mo'Nique  Makes "BET awards *04" A Darn Good Time With Side-Splitting Humor "Bigger Is Better...And We're Huge"
All the world is happy about the joy added to their lives because of Mo'Nique's side-splitting humor, at the beginning of the "BET awards *04" show, recently televised, on the cable
station.   The comedy act was a wonderful take-off from and tribute to Beyonce', who in-turn when accepting her award for "Best R&B Female Singer" told the audience "I want to
dedicate this award to Mo'Nique.  I loved it" -
American Idol Fantasis Barrino
presented an award with Ruben
Stoddard, at BET Awards '04.
Gabrielle Union won "Best Hair" &
"Best Smile" awards on Red
Carpet entrace to BET Awards '04.
Denzel Washington at BET
Awards '04. He received the "Best
Actor" award.
Mo'Nique and her son on the red carpet
in to Kodak Theater in Hollywood for
the BET Awards '04. She served as MC
for the evening.
Looking sexy and beautiful, Mo'Nique
takes time out to pose for camera
during BET Awards '04
In Theaters   July 30th, 2004 Comedy/Drama   "SHE HATE ME"
Written & Directed by   Spike Lee
BRANDY Is Back At Age 25 With A New
Attitude About Her Self & Her Music Says
"I Am Sharing the Me Nobody Ever Sees" -
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Biotech executive John Henry Jack Armstrong
(Mackie) gets fired when he blows the whistle on
his bosses launching an investigation into their
business dealings by the Securities & Exchange

Branded a whistle-blower and therefore
unemployable, Jack desperately needs to make
a living.

When his former girlfriend Fatima (Washington),
a high powered businesswoman and now a
lesbian, offers him cash to impregnate her and
her new girlfriend Alex (Ramirez), Jack is
persuaded by the chance to make "easy" money.
Since making her
Atlantic debut a decade
ago when she was all of
15 years old, Brandy has
been the consummate
modern artist, a
charismatic and
multi-talented performer
whose gifts span the
creative spectrum.  
Tina (mom) and Beyonce' Knowles, at the BET
Awards '04, Beyonce received "Best R&B Female
Singer" award.
25-year-old Brandy talks
about new album and
new attitude.
WILL SMITH Says, "I'm fueled by
To Parade Magazine
Now, with her eagerly anticipated new album,
“AFRODISIAC,” the Grammy Award-winning
star has put the focus back on her true
passion – music.  Her fourth full-length
release – and first new music since 2002’s
“FULL MOON” – it is unquestionably the most
accomplished, passionate, and personal
collection of her multi-platinum career.  
Highlighted by such tracks such as the
pulsating “Who Is She 2 U?” and the
mesmerizing first single, “Talk About Our
Love,” the album finds Brandy working at the
highest level of her considerable abilities –
opening her heart and soul to the world… and
creating brilliant, evocative music in the

“This is a very special record for me,” Brandy
says.  “I’ve been through a lot of stuff over the
last few years, and it’s definitely helped me
and my creative process to share my life in my
music, and to share it in a way that I never
have before.  The lyrics are straightforward
and heartfelt, expressing how I feel and
confronting things I’ve actually experienced.  
There’s so much passion, so much
happiness, so much pain—every emotion is
on this album.”

“I do things with my voice that I’ve never done
before,” she says.  “Every song, every lyric, is
acted out through the tone of my voice.  It’s not
just about sounding good, it’s about singing
so people can really relate and hear exactly
what you’re saying and feel exactly where you’
re coming from.  

“With the last album, the focus was very much
on the technical,” she continues.  “It was
about how it sounded.  So I wanted to go into
this album with a more honest approach.  
Even if there are some flaws, if you have the
passion, then that’s all that matters.  You can
hit that perfect note, but if you don’t have the
feeling, people won’t understand it.”

“AFRODISIAC” is incontrovertibly “About

“To confront the things that I’ve gone through
can be very difficult,” she says.  “But I’ve been
able to do that on this album, to let everything
go and just push it behind that mic.  My
experiences were reflected on my other
records, but it was like they were coded.  On
this new album, you hear it.  You hear the
struggle.  You hear the frustration. You hear
the happiness.  You hear my yearning to be in
love.  Whereas before, people would say, ‘Oh,
she can sing,’ or ‘This is a good record,’ but
you couldn’t really hear me.  You didn’t hear
the passion.  You hear it now, because I’m
connected to it.”
Word spreads and soon Jack is in the baby-making business at $10,000 a try.
Lesbians with a desire for motherhood and the cash to spare are lining up to
seek his services. But, between the attempts by his former employers to frame
him for security fraud and his dubious fathering activities, Jack finds his life, all
at once, becoming very complicated

"She Hate Me" stars Anthony Mackie (8 Mile, Manchurian Candidate, Kerry
Washington (The Human Stain, Bad Company), Ellen Barkin, Monica Bellucci,
Jim Brown, Sarita Choudhury, Ossie Davis, Brian Dennehy, Woody Harrelson,
Bai Ling, Lonette McKee, Paula Jai Parker, Dania Ramirez, Q-Tip and John

A 40 Acres and Mule Filmworks Production, "She Hate Me" is written by Michael
Genet and Spike Lee, based on a story by Genet.  

The film is directed by Spike Lee.  Lee, Preston Holmes and Fernando Sulichin
produced. Designer Brigitte Broch, Director of Photography Matty Libatique,
Costume Designer Donna Berwick, Editor Barry Alexander Brown and
Composer Terence Blanchard complete the creative team.

"SHE HATE ME" is a Sony Pictures Classic release, opening on July 30, 2004.
NEW YORK - In Will
Smith's new sci-fi thriller,
"I, Robot," his character
drives a motorcycle. But
in real life, Smith says
he's driven by fear
"What people believe is my self-confidence is
actually my reaction to fear," he tells Parade
magazine in its July 11 issue. "All it takes is
just one person telling me I can't do it, and I'll
use the fear of failure as fuel."

In the article, Smith recounts a day in
Jamaica when he was about 20 years old,
watching people jump off a high cliff into the

"I can't swim, and I was terrified," he said. "So
for about three minutes, I stood there,
thinking, `This is ridiculous.' Then I jumped
off the cliff, feet first, and went in the water."

Now 35, Smith has lived through going
broke, after making millions, and a failed
marriage. He's had success in music,
television and film, and has been married to
actress-singer Jada Pinkett Smith since

"I keep going because I doubt myself," he
said. "It drives me to be better. I've learned
that the mastery of self-doubt is the key to
Former president Bill Clinton's wife, New York Sen. Hillary
Rodham Clinton  (r), a speaker at Boston's Democratic
convention's opening night, works the crowd at the party
welcoming New York State delegates.  "I am 100 percent
behind John Kerry. I have worked with him in the Senate.
I knew him before the Senate. I just want Americans who
haven't made up their minds to know him as I know him.
To know that he's a serious, thoughtful and effective
leader who is going to be a great president for our
Wynonna Sings About Love, Survival,
Strength, Passion, Forgiveness and Hope
In New CD
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. leans over to kiss his son Yusef at
the podium of the FleetCenter in Boston, July 28, 2004.
Jackson Sr. was scheduled to address the convention
later in the day.
Her voice is stronger than
ever, and her music has
blossomed into a woven
tapestry of love.  She still
stands firmly and steadfastly
after 20 years in the music
The Reverend Al Sharpton won the hearts of
delegates to the Democratic National Convention
with a rousing and raucous speech Wednesday
night, saying the fact that he was able to run for
president is proof that kids can grow up poor and
make it in America.  "The issue of government," the
Rev. Al Sharpton told delegates, "is not to
determine who may sleep together in the bedroom,
it's to help those that might not be eating in the
business more now that ever before with the
release of this delicious cd, her #1 album,
"What the World Needs Now is Love",
celebrates twenty years as a music icon, this
being her third to debut at the #1 spot on the
country charts.

Wynonna continues to blaze trails with her
compassionate artistry, humanitarian
endeavors and unprecedented success while
capturing the hearts of fans, .
Rolling Stone
proclaimed  "Ms. Judd appears just when we
need her…tender enough to let a little humor
into the tune and tough enough to shut down
a biker bar," while
The New York Post raved
"Judd has risen… and created the best album
of her career!"

About her latest effort and the simplicity that
makes it so outstanding, Wynonna says, "I
prefer to spend more of my time in fantasy
than in reality. I want to believe in a better
world, not one that's going downhill. I choose
to believe that the simpler times were better. It
seems like things are getting more
Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., hugs his Vietnam swiftboat
crewmate, Rev. David Alston, at Logan International
Airport in Boston, July 28, 2004. Alston and some of
Kerry's other Vietnam War crewmates, also pictured,
greeted the candidate upon his arrival in Boston to
accept his party's nomination.
"Across 110th Street" Featuring Ruben
    In Stores Now
(New York, NY) - Latin music
label Libertad Records has
just released
"Across 110th Street"
, the  
second CD released by the
“There is motherly and sisterly love, man and woman love, but no love is
stronger than Stone Love”, says Multi-talented
ANGIE STONE About Her New  lp Titled "Stone Love"
In the ever-changing universe of contemporary music,
there are very few artists who have remained as
creatively consistent as singer,  songwriter, producer  
and actress
Angie Stone. Whether belting out tunes on
Broadway (most recently she appeared as “Big Mama
Morton” in the Tony Award winning production of
“Chicago”) or crafting new songs on the tour bus,
Angie Stone fiercely manages to bring real soul to the
world-renowned Latin danceband featuring
salsa legend Ruben Blades.

Founded by Aaron Luis Levinson in 2000, and
directed by Oscar Hernandez, the 13 member
Spanish Harlem Orchestra covers classic Latin
music, and introduces exciting original music.  
Their first CD, released in 2002, garnered the
New Artist Award at the 2003 Billboard Latin
Music Awards and was nominated for a Grammy
in 2002 for Best
Salsa Album of the Year.  

Classics such as "Bailadores" and "Como Lo
Canto Yo" have been rearranged and
orchestrated to blend in with original
compositions written by band members Ray De
La Paz and Oscar Hernandez, and one outside
contribution from talented new songwriter Ray

"This was an excellent opportunity to record
some great music with a great band and my
good friend Oscar (musical director & pianist)
Hernandez.  The Spanish Harlem Orchestra
plays with the swing that epitomizes what this
music is about" said Ruben Blades.

"Working on this album with Ruben and Oscar
was simply an extraordinary experience, with
blistering performances by every member of the
Across 110th St. exemplifies the virtuosity,
groove and sophistication that are at the core of
this music. When I heard the playback of the first
take of the first song it was plainly obvious that
we were getting something that was going to
take off like a hurricane out of Spanish Harlem",
said founder  Levinson.

"Across 110th Street" features four performances
by Ruben Blades as well as classic renditions of
salsa songs by newcomers Willie Torres and
Marco Bermudez. The CD also highlights the
vocal styling of original Spanish Harlem
Orchestra member and salsa pioneer Ray De La
Paz, trombonist Jimmy Bosch and bassman
Ruben Rodriguez.

The album's 13 songs were recorded live in the
studio, without overdubs or digital effects. "The
sonic signature is fat and round, and cannot be
confused with the assembly line digital methods
used by most studios today," said Levinson.

Two trumpets, two trombones and a baritone sax
make-up the bracing brass sound of this band,
and dedicated conga, bongo, and timbale
players round out the percussion,while the
upright bass and acoustic piano are the icing on
this salsa flavored cake. With a sound both
modern and historic, Spanish Harlem Orchestra
is the signature sound of the 21st century Latin
Guitarist James Silberstein
Releases "Song For Micaela"
Street Date July 15
Guitarist James
Silberstein had
been flying
somewhat under
the radar, until
table.  With Angie Stone’s third solo disc Stone Love, this fiery songstress is
out to prove that it takes more than a few dips of the hip to be a true diva.“I
wanted a title that conjured the same sense of love that I captured on the
record,” Angie declares. “There is motherly and sisterly love, man and
woman love, but no love is stronger than Stone Love.”

On Stone Love’s first single “I Wanna Thank You”, Angie has created the
perfect up tempo summer jam. Already imagining fans blasting the track at
backyard cookouts or roller skating beneath colorful strobes, Angie says, “I
wanted to make a song that would give people the feel of summer whenever
they played it.

Having began her career in the ground breaking rap trio Sequence, the
versatile Ms. Stone has worn many hats in the house of music. From playing
saxophone in Lenny Kravitz’s band to writing songs with D’Angelo to
performing with Raphael Saadiq, the talented Angie Stone refuses to let any
moss grow. “I’ve always believed in trying to be as diverse as possible,”

Featured on the sizzling retro sounding track “That Kind,” Angie Stone got yet
another chance to collaborate with seventies shero Betty Wright. “The first
time we worked together,” Angie recalls, “was when Betty brought me in to
work with her and Joss Stone on (the record) The Soul Sessions. “To me,
Betty Wright is the truth when it comes to soul singing,” Angie says of the
singer who in 1970’s recorded the classic song “Clean Up Woman.” Says
Angie, “When I found out that Betty would be in town when I was recording
‘That Kind’ I invited her to the studio. It’s special when you can make a song
with an artist always admired. I just love her to death.”

Of course, Stone Love wouldn’t have been complete if Angie Stone hadn’t
been able to record a duet with her new fave soul man Anthony Hamilton.
“Although I’ve known him for a while, this was the first opportunity we got to
work with each other,” Angie Stone says. “But, anyone who listens to us on
‘Stay For A While’ will hear that we’re kindred spirits.”
The accomplished player combines the
warm tone and remarkable fluid single
note burn of a Pat Martino, Tal Farlow or
Joe Diorio with a capacity for harmonic
sophistication, uncommon lyricism and
a penchant for alluring bossa novas.

Silberstein crafts an invigorating and
appealing collection of standards and
originals on "Song for Micaela",  his long
overdue debut as a leader.

Along for the ride are the guitarist's core
working rhythm section of
bassist/producer Tony Cimorosi and
drummer Vince Cherico, as well as such
stellar guests as trumpeter Randy
Brecker, saxophonist Eric Alexander,
pianist Bruce Barth, bassist Harvie S
and vocalist Carla Cook on one song 'So
Many Tears', all together they swing with
authority while engaging in some fiery
interplay along the way.
Gospel Music’s
Premier Male
Vocalist readied
his third project for
Verity Records to
the sheer delight of
almost 6000
participants in
Virginia  Beach, VA
on July 16th, at
Disco Hit Maker Sensation - Sly Cabell "Feeling Fine" Is Back On the
Block As
Sylvester Cabell   With A New Dance Favorite Titled  
"Rock the House"
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Disco sensation Sly Cabell, who in 1985
recorded for Salso Records, and rocked the
dance floors with 'Feeling Fine', is back in the
studio and searching for a record deal.  

Armed with a new steadfast attitude and a voice
to back it up, Sly Cabell, now goes by Sylvester
Cabell, and he's just completed putting the
finishing touches on 'Rock the House', a jam
dance club disc jockeys across the country are
calling "
another hit", from the singer.  
The Rock Church.  McClurkin navigated
a conclusive and congregational tour
through the history of popular church
musical experiences for his forthcoming
CD that has already been titled
"Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs".
The set included old favorites from
several denominational sects, and
introduced new compositions that are
sure to be standards of the future.  
McClurkin’s goal for this project is to
reintroduce the standards of the church
to the younger generations of Christians
and to unify the church body as a whole.  
Sylvester Cabell
"I wanted an up-tempo song that was rocking, moving and exciting like the
Grand Finale" he told me in a phone interview from his home in New Jersey.

Cabell says that while his focus remains on dance club music, other genres
will be included on his forthcoming and as yet untitled cd.  "I have been busy
writing songs that would appeal to the TV commercial market, and  I have
been shopping my music overseas in Germany, Japan and UK.  The
feedback is excellent, and now I am looking for a record deal",  he obliged..

Timing couldn't be better tor Cabell, Salso Records has just released  a
compilation of Salso hits titled "Disco Flavors", re-releasing mammoth music
from the disco era like 'Do It Till Ya Satisfied' from Barbara Joyce; Loleatta
Holloway 'All About the Paper'; First Choice 'Love Having You Around'; SKYY
''First Time Around', Salso Orchestra 'Get Away', and of course Cabell's
slamming 'Feeling Fine'.  Billboard magazine heralded  Cabell's
Feeling Fine,
as "recommended".  

Studio 54
, New York Village Gate, and the Rainbow Room on the top of  
Rockefeller Center, are but a few of the places where the name Sly Cabell
opened doors and garnered smiles and respect.

Sylvester Cabell is hoping to put the bumping and thumping back on to the
dance floors, something he knows how to affectionately deliver, as evidenced
by what this reporter heard on 'Rock The House', a tune that no doubt will
please fans while garnering new ones.   Mr. Cabell can be reached at Jubell
Media 201-262-0311, or email
Acclaimed  Author & Philanthropic
Terrie Williams Guest Speaker
Arts On The Pier Tue, Aug 10 at 7PM
On Broadway The Incredible
Wallace Roney At the Iridium Jazz
Club Tues & Wed
 Aug. 3-4 At  8&10
On Tuesday, August 10 at
7:00 pm, special guests
and performing artists will
share their talent and spirit
on the stage at Pier 63
Maritime (23rd St. @ 12th
Ave., behind Basket Ball
City). The event will
conclude with a special
premiere screening of  
"What's It Worth?",
Wallace Roney,
born in Phila,
PA 1960  
began studying
the trumpet
and music
theory at age

When he
entered the
Duke Ellington
High School for
the Performing
Arts, he had
Glamorous & multi-
talented Terrie Williams
a short film created, written and produced by
H.O.P.E. Productions (Helping Others by
Producing Entertainment), an organization of
media professionals who are currently enrolled
in the MBA in Media Management program at
Metropolitan College of New York.  They joined
forces to celebrate an evening of artistic
expressions whose proceeds will be shared
entirely by two not-for-profit, 501 (C) 3
The Stay Strong Foundation
and BCSB Cathie Family Life Development

Terrie Williams (co-founder of The Stay Strong
, will be present as a guest speaker.
She is an acclaimed author, mentor, lecturer,
social worker and entrepreneur (President of the
Terrie Williams Agency, one of the country's
premier lifestyle marketing and communications
firms).  Also Dr. Shirley B. Cathie, founder of
BCSB Cathie Family Life Development Center
will be in attendance as well.

Tickets for the event are $15 per person. For
additional information call 212-673-1645 or 212-
522-9267 or visit website at http://www.

The film tells the story of a NY surgeon's  anger
and powerlessness following the death of his
brother, (a victim of September 11), who joins
the war effort in Iraq as a doctor, hoping to serve
justice and honor in the memory of his brother.

While there, he is severely injured and grows
disillusioned about the purpose of the war,
witnessing senseless atrocities day after day,.
Instead of healing, his emotional scars get
deeper. He's coming back home, must face his
new disability, his unhealed anger and his
disillusionment. He feels aloof and incapable of
communicating with his family,  because he's
afraid they won't accept the  person he has
become.  In reality, he's the one who doesn't
accept the man he sees in the mirror, and  
realizes only he can put his demons to rest, by
finding a way to channel the depth of his

Cast includes: Reginald Metcalf; Verania
Kenton; Franklin Ojeda Smith and  James
Earley. --Producer-Juliet Duggins; Ex Producer-
Nathan Stoll; Based on a story by:Nathan Stoll,
Valeria Basso, Linda Duggins, Roslyn Dames
and Becky Lingelbach; Written by:Nathan Stoll
and Valeria Basso.
Embrace Joy Now With Joyce Meyer As Your Guide In      
By: Rhoda Wolin
In "Seven Things That Steal Your Joy", bestselling author
Joyce Meyer reveals the most common obstacles to
living a joyous life—and how to overcome them. Meyer
provides powerful examples from Scripture to remind us
that God promises us a joyful attitude, providing we are
open to receiving it. She examines the seven most
common “joy stealers,” such as excessive reasoning
Wallace Roney
already made his recording debut at age
14, and had attained distinction as a
gifted local performer.

In 1979, Mr. Roney won Down Beat's
Award for Best Young Jazz Musician of
the Year. Between studies at Berklee
College of Music and Howard University,
he played with Art Blakey's Jazz
Messengers before departing to perform
as a leading sideman.In 1987, he began
new fruitful associations with both Art
Blakey's and Tony Williams's bands,
and in 1990 won Down Beat Magazine's
Critic's Poll for Best Trumpeter to Watch.
In 1991, Mr. Roney had the honor of
performing second trumpet to his
mentor Miles Davis in the historic
concert held in Montreux, Switzerland.

He is an evocative player on ballads and
can be fiery and explosive on up-tempo
tunes. He has recorded on numerous
albums as a sideman, and his solo
recordings include Misterioso (1994),
Village (1997), According to Mr. Roney
(1997) and No Room for Argument

A skillful bandleader, composer, and
performer, Mr. Roney is securing himself
a prominent position as one of this
generation's leading jazz trumpeters.

IRIDIUM JAZZ CLUB, 1650 Broadway
(Corner of 51st) New York City,
Reservations: 212-582-2121
and ungodly anger and gives us “joy keepers” to overcome them,
including confidence in God and being quick to forgive. In her honest,
straightforward style, Joyce encourages us to make the decision to enjoy
life—not just once in a while or when things are going well, but in every
circumstance, every day.  It is very difficult to not be affected by anger, it
puts your brain in a fog.

You simply have to read this book to understand. Its about joy in our
salvation that makes us effective and whole. It not only addresses the
Problem,it offers practical solutions that work!!!!    
Oprah Winfrey Chosen For Jury Duty On A Murder Trial
By: Rhoda Wolin
Oprah Winfrey walked into the
courthouse Monday (8/16/04)  through
an alternate entrance to
avoid crowds, but officials said once inside the courtroom, she wouldn't
receive any special treatment.

The talk-show host had told reporters she didn't think she'd be picked
because she's too opinionated. But Winfrey added that if she were
selected, "I'm just hoping it doesn't take longer than a week because I've
got shows to do."

After Winfrey was selected for a murder trial, Judge James B. Linn was
asked how she was picked.

"This was a straight-up jury selection," he said.

Today it was announced, Oprah was selected as a juror.  Like all of the
other Cook County Criminal Court jurors, Winfrey will be paid $17 a day
for her efforts.
Kirstie Alley
Fat and Happy
By: Rhoda Wolin
Smokey Robinson Has Faith In Gospel Album - Singer
Overcame Drug Addiction Through His Faith
By: Ashley Eli
Are Teeth Whitening Kits Safe?
By: Rhoda Wolin
Alley, best
known for
her role
on the hit
People want that really white smile, but a
growing number of people are overusing the
teeth whitening products and paying a painful

From TV commercials to magazines ads,
getting a million-dollar smile has become a
billion-dollar business. An ad promises,
"beautiful white teeth!"  But as more and
more people strip, paint, and gel their way to
pearly white teeth, some are seeing a dark
side of the bleaching craze.  

People are taking for granted that the more
the use, the whiter the teeth.  But not reading
and following the directions,is a big mistake.

After months of daily use, instead of whiter
teeth, they get:- irritated, inflamed gums,
splotchy dark spots, and painful sensitivity.
and in some instances-  teeth even began to

Dr. Larry Rosenthal, a top New York cosmetic
dentist, says he sees patients with this
problem all the time. "I use the term
bleaching junkies," he says. "They are
teeth-whitening abusers who don't realize
how powerful the peroxide in these products
may be."

While manufacturers say these products are
safe if used properly, little research has been
done on the effects of overuse. Experts also
warn, bleaching teeth without proper
supervision could make serious dental
problems even worse.

Dr. Rosenthal says "those with weak enamel
to begin with are a bad candidate for
bleaching. In the end, you may have to get
porcelain veneers to achieve that dream
smile, covering up the years of damage that
over-bleaching can do. "

These products do not work for everyone.
Some people will find their teeth will stay
dark no matter how much they bleach.
Overusing the products won't make these
teeth any whiter, see your dentist before
bleaching your teeth.
He began using drugs during the 1980s, and what
started out as recreation with friends eventually
overtook him for a two-year period.
“I was dead,” he said. “I was ashamed of myself because it wasn’t like
(drug addiction) happened to me as a teenager or a young man. I was a
full-fledged adult and my life was going exactly as I would have written it,
but drugs don’t care who you are or what you’re doing.”

After his close friend Leon Issac Kennedy took Robinson one day to a
storefront church in Los Angeles, Robinson says he quit cold turkey after
the service. “I turned it over to God,” he said of his recovery. “I never went
to rehab or a doctor or psychotherapy. The Lord freed me that night and
when I came out of there, I was healed.”

Now Robinson is taking his first step into the gospel world with “Food for
the Spirit,” released in April on his own Robso Records. Prior to recording
the nine-song album, he’d been writing inspirational songs with the
intention of shopping them to other artists.
Kirstie Alley
"Cheers," is returning to prime time in
the new Showtime series "Fat Actress."

On the show, which is loosely based on
her life, Alley plays a plus-size actress
looking for love and for work.

She wants to set the record straight
about a lot of the tabloid stories. It's
been printed she's 300 pounds and on a
horrible downward personal slide. Not
true. She weighs 203 pounds, which
she says  "Is indeed fat, but I'm not in
some kind of crisis. And I am happier
with myself that I have ever been."

A round of Fat Kirstie stories have been
surfacing, and the actress says, "I found
out through a private investigator that a
lot of the photos had been doctored.
Photographers shoot me from a really
low angle, because that makes a
person look heavier."

So how did she come up with the idea
for "Fat Actress"? She created it. She
basically plays herself, a celebrity,
running around Hollywood.

Friends of hers in real life who probably
will appear on her show include John
Travolta (her costar in the "Look Who's
Talking" movies), Meg Ryan, and her old
colleagues from "Cheers."
MATT SAVAGE Goes on Record With "Cutting Loose" -
His Mom Reports
By: Diane Savage
The Matt Savage Trio’s new CD, “CUTTING LOOSE”,
is now available for purchase,  and only from our web
We WILL be selling at stores and on AMAZON, and even digitally, but
these signups take time, so Matt’s best fans get early access to the CD
before the general public.

It is SO terrific.  It is by FAR the best CD yet released by
The Trio, and
honestly, it’s just plain great…not just “great for a kid”, but GREAT!  It is
complex and upbeat and moving. This CD is one about which Matt will
be proud forever. Matt composed all 14 of the songs on the CD.  Plus,
we donate a portion of the proceeds to
Autism Research Foundations,
and if people purchase through us we have more funds to donate.

NY on Monday, Oct. 4, 2004 - 8:00 PM - NY, NY - BIRDLAND -  315 West
44^th Street. Tickets $20. Purchase
tickets through Birdland online at
or at (212) 581-3080.
"Simplicity is the key to
what I do"         
Lionel Richie About His
New Cd        
"Just For You"
Lionel Richie is one of
the world's most
recognized and
rewarded performers,
having sold nearly 100
million albums,
notched 22 "
Top 10"
Marla Gibbs speaks at a memorial tribute for actress
Isabel Sanford at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre
in Los Angeles Aug. 22, 2004. Sanford, who is best
known for playing Louise "Weezie" Jefferson on the
television show
"The Jefferson's", died July 12, 2004,
at age 86.
Racial Differences In Cancer Gene
By: Ashley Eli
Black women with breast cancer are four
times more likely than white women with
breast cancer to have mutations in a gene
known to help suppress tumors, new
research shows.

The mutations occur in a gene called p53.
"P53 tumor mutations have for several years
been known to be associated with a poor
prognosis for breast cancer," said study
author Beth A. Jones, an assistant professor
of epidemiology at the Yale University School
of Medicine. The report appears in the Aug. 9
online issue of Cancer.

"Overall, the rates of breast cancer in
African-American women are slightly lower
than in white women. But the death rate from
breast cancer in African-American women is
slightly higher than in white women", says Ms.
hits, five Grammy Awards, an Oscar and a
Golden Globe, not to mention piles of
American Music Awards and People's Choice

He says he believes that a hit song is one that
is rendered with great craft, conveys simple
heartfelt ideas, and resonates with listeners
of any age, race, creed or nationality.  

"I wanted to find the simplest phrase that
everybody says, no matter what language you
speak", Mr. Richie explains. "At one point I
was actually going to make the title of this
album "
Simplicity". So much of my career has
been about saying things the way people say
them, using melodies. '
All Night Long' will
always be all night long. '
Easy Like Sunday
' will always be easy like Sunday
morning. '
Stuck On You' is stuck on you. 'Truly'
or '
Still' or 'Endless Love', if you look at the
titles, they say the entire thought before you
even go into the story. And that's why my
music has stayed around so long."

Richie says he pursued fresh direction with
one creative goal and vision for  "
Just For
", resulting in his broadest reaching effort
to date.  "I wanted to be as organic as
possible. No gimmicks, nothing flowery. It's
kind of an old-fashioned way of doing things,
but I wanted a kind of rawness and natural
sound to everything."

Indeed "
Just For You" is full of organic
touches from the stirring rhythmic throb of the
title track, to the folky Celtic flavor of '
Just 2 Be
With You
', to the Middle Eastern whirl of 'She's
', to the soulful gospel anthemics of 'I
Still Believe',
to the ebb and flow of 'Ball and
', which starts with Richie's voice and an
acoustic guitar building to a sweeping,
electrified rock bridge.

About the song '
One World' he says "I've never
gone into politics or religion that much, but on
this album it was kind of necessary for me to
say the phrases that people are thinking. The
world seems to be in turmoil, but the world
has always been in turmoil. The more things
change the more they stay the same."

On this effort Richie did collaborate with Paul
Barry, Mark Taylor, Daniel Bedingfield, 7
Aurelius, and Lenny Kravitz.
Marla Gibbs
With Its Circuitous, Surprise Filled Script And Sexy
"Wicker Park" Only In Theaters  
Friday September 3rd From Metro Goldwyn Mayer  Pictures
Set in Chicago, "Wicker Park " (a remake of the
acclaimed French movie L’Appartement by Gilles
Mimouni), is a psychological drama about a
young advertising executive and his obsessive
search for a lost love. The only clue he has comes
from the director of her dance company, who
informs him that she has accepted an offer from a
theatrical company in London.
Two years later while still trying to track down the woman who
mysteriously walked out of his life, he’s caught up in an affair with a
mysterious young woman  who’s also dating his best friend, and her
motives are less than pure.  Obsession can go both ways, and Matthew
discovers it’s possible to love someone too much.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment present
the romantic thriller
"Wicker Park", starring Josh Hartnett (Pearl
Harbor, 40 Days and 40 Nights
), Rose Byrne (Troy), Matthew Lillard
Scooby-Doo, Scream), and Diane Kruger (Troy).   

Directed by Paul McGuigan from a screenplay by Brandon Boyce
(based on the motion picture
L’Appartement, screenplay by Gilles
Mimouni), "Wicker Park" was produced by Tom Rosenberg, Gary
Lucchesi, Andre Lamal, and Marcus Viscidi, with executive producers
Georges Benayoun, Gilles Mimouni, Henry Winterstern, and Harley
Tannebaum. The talented roster of behind-the-scenes artists includes
director of photography Peter Sova, production designer Richard
Bridgland, editor Andrew Hulme, costume designer Odette Gadoury,
and composer Cliff Martinez.  
MIRAMAX Films Presents "Dear Frankie" Opening
March 4, 2005
heartwarming and often
humorous tale of
9-year-old Frankie and
his mom Lizzie, who
have been on the move
ever since he can
L-R Gerard Butler, Jack
McElhone, in Miramax Films
Presentation of "Dear Frankie".
To protect her son from the truth, Lizzie has
invented a story to satisfy Frankie's curiosity.

She regularly writes Frankie a letter from his
make-believe father who works aboard a ship
traveling to exotic lands. Yet, Lizzie soon finds out
his father's ship will be arriving in a few days. Now
Lizzie must choose between telling Frankie the
truth, and hatching a desperate plan to find the
perfect stranger to play the perfect father.

From Miramax Film, directed by Shona Auerbach,
"DEAR FRANKIE" stars Emily Mortimer (
Lovely and
, Young Adam, Bright Young Things),
Gerard Butler (
Tomb Raider 2, Timeline, Phantom
of the Opera)
and Jack MCElhone (Young Adam)
as Frankie.
Comedienne and actress
Whoopi Goldberg, shown
here at the May 8, 2004,
Tribeca Family Festival in
New York, was dropped
as spokeswoman for the
Slim-Fast diet drink
company on July 14,
2004. Slim-Fast
executives decided to pull
Goldberg from its
advertising campaign
after she mocked
President Bush at a
Democatic political rally.
Kenny G And Chaka Khan Bring
Down the House With  'Beautiful' A
Track From His New CD Titled
"Duets" On CBS "The Early Show"  -
Chaka Also Promotes Her New CD
Get Ready to Be Frightened & Thrilled  
August 27th When "SUSPECT
Opens From Paramount Pictures
Harry Lennix, Ben
, Aaron Eckhart &
Carrie-Anne Moss
Whoopi Goldberg
"Tenor Saxophone Battle"
Saturday, December 18th, 2004
@ 3pm
Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola
Jazz @ Lincoln Center's Fredrick P. Rose Hall
Broadway & 60th Street
The Jazz Battle will feature jazz musicians as they duel in friendly -
yet musically intense - exclusive one-on-one battles for an afternoon
in Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola. The club is a 140-seat jazz club with
down-home yet sophisticated atmosphere, against a backdrop of
Central Park and the Manhattan skyline.  (Press Release Attached)

The program is as follows:
Round 1:  1pm-2pm    Wess "Warmdaddy" Anderson, alto sax vs.
Antonio Hart, alto sax
Round 2:  2pm-3pm    Mark Whitfield, guitar vs. Doug Wamble, guitar
Round 3:  3pm-4pm    James Carter, tenor sax vs. J.D. Allen, tenor

Rhythm Section: Eric Lewis (piano), Carlos Henriquez (bass) and
Ali Jackson (drums)
Kenny G and Chaka Khan
Grammy Award-winner Kenny G is one of the
most successful instrumental recording artist in
contemporary music history.

He's sold over 70 million albums worldwide
and now he's celebrating the release of his
15th career album.  
"At Last - The Duets
, on the Arista label, is in stores now
and features recordings with some of the
hottest names in music, including Barbra
Streisand, Gladys Knight and eight-time
Grammy winner Chaka Khan.
From Paramount Pictures "Suspect Zero",(l to r)  
Aaron Eckhart, Ben Kingsley, Opening Agust 27th
"Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again"
Sells Over One Million DVDS In Its First Week And
Becomes The All Time Fastest Selling Stand-up
Comedy DVD

HOLLYWOOD, Dec 17, 2004 -- America has once again embraced the
hilarious comedy of the Blue Collar boys -- Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable
Guy, Bill Engvall and Ron White.  

Paramount Home Entertainment and Parallel Entertainment Pictures are
proud to announce that "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again" DVD has
become the all-time fastest-selling stand-up comedy DVD ever with over a
million units sold in its first week of release.

The success of "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again" is also the
springboard for a development deal between PHE and Parallel
Entertainment Pictures.  The first project slated for a DVD release is "Larry
the Cable Guy: Health Inspector," in which Larry stars as a health inspector
of the city's restaurants.

"The Blue Collar boys have struck a chord with all Americans, even those
who started out thinking this wasn't for them," said J.P. Williams, producer
of both Blue Collar films.  "The TV show has helped broaden their appeal
but it's the sales numbers for this DVD that truly show how popular they
have become."

"They are incredibly talented artists and down to earth guys.  It's a rare
combination," said Blue Collar producer Alan C. Blomquist.  "We look
forward to working with Paramount in traditional feature length comedies."

"We are delighted with sales of the Blue Collar DVD," said Thomas
Lesinski, President, Paramount Pictures, Worldwide Home Entertainment.
"It has really taken off at retail all across the country and we are confident it
will sell well throughout the entire holiday season and beyond.  Blue Collar
is truly a one of a kind franchise.  We hope to keep the momentum going
with the feature projects we have in development with J.P. and Alan."

"Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again," the sequel to "Blue Collar
Comedy Tour: The Movie," was released on December 7, 2004.  
FBI agent Thomas Mackelway (Aaron
Eckhart) get called in to investigate a strange
murder.  When the trail leads him to the
suspect (Ben Kingsley), he realizes that he
has been drawn into a psychological
labyrinth that turns what is expected upside

"SUSPECT ZERO" is presented in
association with Intermedia Films and
Lakeshore Entertainment, a Cruise/Wagner
Production, an E. Elias Merhige Film,
co-producers Lester Berman & Darren Miller,
executive producers Jonathan Sanger, Mortiz
Borman, Guy East, Nigel Sinclair Tom
Rosenberg & Gary Lucchesi; produced by
Paula Wagner, E. Elias Merhige & Gaye
Hirsch, Story by Zak Penn, Screenplay by Zak
Penn and Billy Ray, directed by E. Elias
Chaka Khan's new album,
"ClassiKhan," on the
AGU-EarthSong/Sanctuary Urban
label,  features classic songs she
says she loved growing up.
Isabella Rossilini Is 52 And Glad About
By: Rhoda Wolin
Isabella Rossellini's beauty
has made her one of the
world's most recognizable
 She’s Ingrid
Bergman's daughter. She
says she thinks it's interesting
for her to see the way young
people today relate to her
Isabella Rossellini
The actress, now 52, told "The Early Show"  co-
anchor Harry Smith she not only didn’t mind
passing the 50 mark, she was and is proud of it.

“I think sometimes not the entire film, but that last
scene of 'Casablanca,' with Humphrey Bogart at
the airport, has become like an iconic image. So
sometimes when I say to a young person, 'My
mom is Ingrid Bergman, the one in
"Casablanca," ' you still see a gaze of, 'Who?' (So
I say) 'You know, the scene with Humphrey
Bogart, in black and white, at the airport?' 'Oh,
that's your mom?' "

"I think they always talk about how difficult it is for
women to grow old," Rossellini says, "most
women feel terribly liberated."

Rossellini says she doesn’t mind the aging
process.   "You're liberated even in the sense
that you always have to please, please and be
pretty. (But) at a certain point, you say, 'Well, I am
who I am and that's it,' you know?"
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