Morgan Freeman Pairs Up With Robert Redford In "An
Unfinished Life" From
Miramax Film Corporation  In  Theaters
December 24, 2004
DIANNE REEVES' Debut Holiday Album
"Christmas Time Is Here"   To Be Released
Sept 28th On Blue Note Records
Truly One of the Worlds Most Beautiful
Legendary Women EVER - By Any Standards --
MS. Sets the Record Straight About the True
Meaning of the Word      "
By: Bridgit Bianco'
Set against the rugged
ranch- lands of
the story of a
modern-day Western
family, as stoic as they
are divided, learning
the true meaning of

Robert Redford stars
as Einar
The winner of an
unprecedented 3-consecutive
Grammy Awards for "Best Jazz
Vocal Album", follows-up with
a collection of rare
and popular seasonal songs.  Vocalist Dianne
Reeves releases her first-ever holiday CD,
"Christmas Time Is Here", on Blue Note
Records. The 11-song collection features
Reeves' longtime trio consisting of pianist
Peter Martin, bassist Reuben Rogers and
drummer Greg Hutchinson.  Special guests
include guitarist Romero Lubambo,
saxophonist Steve Wilson, vibraphonist Joe
Locke and on '
Christ Child's Lullaby' the Sirius
String Quartet.

"Christmas Time Is Here", Reeves says
"I love Christmas. I love being with my family
during the holiday season. This year I decided I
wanted to be in others hearts and homes."

Reeves gathered a songbook of familiar
seasonal tunes and made them her own, like
Little Drummer Boy', 'Have Yourself a Merry
Little Christmas
', an upbeat and buoyant 'Let It
,  'The Christmas Song', and a Brazilian
grooved 'Christmas Waltz'.  She has also
included rare undeniably great tunes like
Time of the Year
' and 'A Child Is Born'.

Many of the songs on "Christmas Time Is
Here" are delivered with a warm, reflective
sensibility. "That's how I feel around the
holidays - listening to mellow music", reflects
Reeves. "It's the perfect time to sit back, relax
and float through songs."
Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman in Lasse
Hallstrom's "An Unfinished Life." Photo courtesy
Miramax Films.
Gilkyson, a tough-skinned, retired rancher who long ago turned his
back on memories. Still in shock from his only son’s death a decade
ago, Einar has let his ranch fall into ruin along with
his marriage. Now, Einar spends his days caring only for his hired
hand, and last trusted friend, (Mitch)
Morgan Freeman, who was
gravely injured in an encounter with a grizzly bear.

Einar intends to live out his days in this heartbroken solitude, until the
very person he blames for his son’s accident, comes to town - his
daughter-in-law (Jean)
Jennifer Lopez.

Jean shows up broke, on the run and with a girl named (Griff)
newcomer Becca Gardner, who she swears is the granddaughter
Einar never knew he had.

Suddenly, Einar’s quiet life is turned upside down as anger and
accusations resurface. But slowly, miraculously, 11 year-old Griff’s
curiosity about Western life, and her longing for family and a father
figure, begin to chip away at the stone that has become Einar’s heart -
opening up the way for unexpected
connection, adventure, mercy and true reunion.

Lasse Hallstrom directs from a screenplay written by Mark Spragg
and Virginia Korus Spragg, produced by Alan Ladd Jr., Kelliann Ladd
and Leslie Holleran.
this sultry queen of film noir a legend was her
voice, deep and husky, yet still alluring. Ms.
Bacall  truly remains one of Hollywood's great,  
respected and admired living legends still today
at age 79, so she's very qualifed to say that
while (her friend) Nicole Kidman is indeed an
extraordinary talent, her age in years
disqualifies her as a living legend. Bacall
became irritated during an interview with
Britain's GMTV Wednesday when the younger
actress was described as
a legend. "She's not
a legend," Bacall said, cutting off interviewer
Jenni Falconer in mid-sentence. "She's a
beginner. She can't be a legend, you have to be
older." The two actresses were in Venice, Italy to
promote their new film "Birth," in which
plays Kidman's mother. Kidman plays a woman
who believes her dead husband has been
reincarnated in the body of a 10-year-old boy. U
tell 'em girl!!!!
Queen of Televison - OPRAH WINFREY -
Gives Away 267 Pontiac  Vehicles- One to
Each Audience Member On the 19th Season
By: Bridigit Bianco'
Billionaire  MARK CUBAN   Scores Big
With Reality Show
 "The Benefactor"  
For Fall ABC-TV Monday Night  Line-up
By: Howard Stein
Magic Johnson's "HAIR SHOW" To Be Released In To
Theaters October 15th Starring The Very Funny
The wait is over, the 19th
season of "The
Winfrey Show" premiered
today, and it kicked off by
making dreams come
Mark Cuban is one of the
wealthiest men in the country with
more money than
Oprah, slightly
less than
Donald Trump,  -- and
outside of Dallas, few people know
In Magic Johnson's HAIR SHOW, the Queen of Urban
Comedy -
Mo'Nique portrays Peaches, a spirited hair stylist
from Baltimore. When Peaches arrives in Beverly Hills to
get reacquainted with her estranged sister, upscale salon
owner Angela (
Kellita Smith of "The Bernie Mac Show"),
sparks fly.
true. All summer long the show has been
planning the biggest, grandest, multi-million
dollar wildest dreams show in history,and today
it was pulled off in grand fashion, including
giving away 267 vehicles, one to each audience

A moment so big in
Oprah Show history, Oprah
had an emergency medical team standing by in
case she—or anyone else—fainted!
who he is.  Soon after college, having never taken a
computer class and without even owning one, Mark
Cuban started his own computer consulting firm.  
Working around the clock, Cuban often taught
himself to do what his clients needed - after he sold
them his services.  

“The goal was to say yes to anything. I used to stay
up all night. ‘You want this written in dbase? You
want it in BASIC? Sure I can do it,’” he says. “[But] I’d
have no clue.”

By 1990, and after seven years of nonstop work,
Cuban’s company, MicroSolutions, Inc., was
grossing $30 million a year.

It was then that Cuban cashed in for the first time,
becoming a millionaire after selling his company to

In 1995 was born. Half a million
people were listening to radio and TV stations
carried live on the Web site.

Cuban’s employees worked for 10 bucks an hour,  
with stock options as incentive - they were coming up
with fresh ideas like streaming
President Clinton’s
Grand Jury testimony and a Victoria’s Secret fashion
show. went public, and then in 1999 Yahoo
purchased the company for $5.7 billion.   

In the end, his 300 employees became millionaires
and Cuban himself was left with approximately $2
billion.  Christmas 2000,  for $280 million, he
purchased his hometown NBA team, the Dallas

"Ya'll ready for a chance to take some of my money",
he told a throng of potential contestants hoping to
have a chance at winning $1 million on his weekly
televised show
"THE BENEFACTOR", airing Monday
nights 8/7C. "It is a game to test how successful and
creative people will become when one million
dollars is the prize.", Cuban says.

The first show was totally awesome and fabulous,
with lots of surprises. In the first show Cuban
dismissed contestants for lying, for rudeness, "and
they must deliver", he added. The Benefactor" started
with 16 but ended the hour long show with 13
contestants, this is entertainment for the whole
family, and it is screams success all over it.
Mondays 8/7C ABC-TV
Peaches confesses that she's on the run from the IRS and has a
month to pay $50,000 in back taxes. After some hilarious moments
and passionate exchanges, the two sisters join forces to fight off
pesky rival salon owner, Marcella (Gina Torres of "The Matrix
Reloaded"), in a show-stopping competition to win a cash prize for
Peaches and bragging rights for Angela at the city's annual hair show.

DISTRIBUTOR: Urbanworks Entertainment
Mo'Nique, Kellita Smith, Serena Williams, Joe Torry, Gina
Torres, Taraji Henson and
Vivica A. Fox DIRECTOR: Leslie Small
WRITERS: Sherri McGee and Andrea Allen-Wiley
Rick James
Cause of Death Determined
Toxicology and other tests determined that funk
Rick James died last month from a heart
attack due to an enlarged heart, with numerous
drugs including methamphetamine and
cocaine contributing factors, the county coroner
announced Thursday.

The death was declared an accident, said
coroner's spokesman David Campbell, who
emphasized that none of the drugs were found
to be at life-threatening levels.

"He didn't die of a drug overdose," Campbell

James, 56, was found dead at his Hollywood
residence Aug. 6. An autopsy was performed
but the finding of the cause of death was
deferred while toxicology and other tests were

On Thursday the cause of death was officially
listed as an enlarged heart, along with
pneumonia and the "effects of multiple drugs"
— including such medications as Valium,
Xanax and Vicodin.

James, best known for the 1981 hit "Super
Freak," had a long history of cocaine addiction,
which led to a prison term for assaulting two
ANITA BAKER Is Back!!  More Melodic!!  More Harmonic!! More
Colorful!!  Delivering Lyrics & Music Reminiscent of True
n'Blues On Blue Note debut Titled "My Everything"   
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Anita Baker says "I contemplated long and
hard before I got ready to take my show on the
road again."  She said in early 2003 she
pulledtogether hertight rhythm section and her
faithful background singers and rehearsed,
"Hoping to start a buzz and see if the timing
was right for a welcome back", she continues.
Its been ten years since Anita Baker last recorded, and while the tone
and texture of the industry has changed, the singer, songwriter,
producer has heightened her prowess and seasoned ten deliciously
brilliant songs that you don't just listen to, but you feel 'em, visit 'em,
hum 'em, and yes, even sing 'em. Ms. Baker has graciously supplied
the printed lyrics, on the inside jacket.  

Why was she away so long, "I needed to get away to rest, to take care
of my family and to just spend some time with Anita, my husband and
boys."  She said she is still very much married to real estate developer
Walter Bridgeforth, and they have two boys ages 10 and 11.  

The first single 'You're My Everything', shows that Ms. Baker's amazing
alto is bell clear and full. About the cut, she says, "It's warm with
summer filled love that feels like you're sitting at an outdoor concert
wishing that days like this would never end."

'Serious' is the only composition that Baker didn't play a role in writing,
it was penned by Dawn Thomas,
Baker sings "Oh I wanna spend my
life with you
/ Baby tell me is that so wrong / I wanna hold you all night
/ This is serious".  

Other standout tracks include 'How Could You
' -
"It's right, it's real, baby it's true" she starts off singing; then there is
my favorite) 'LIKE YOU USED TO DO', a duet she sings with
BABYFACE, a potentially bonafide smash hit, and woeful tale of a
separated couple who both realize that they had a good thing. "
did it start to rain / How did things get so strange / When did it go astray
/ I need for you to show me that you know and want me / Like You
Used to Do
"...(shucks the lyrics are killing me - Luv-em) - they are bold
steps forward as an anthem for trying harder.  

On the jacket back-cover the words “My soul looks back and wonders
how I got over”, are displayed.  
Anita explains -  "I’m looking over my
shoulder all the time, seeing people there for me.  There were times
when I’d go, “Oh God, I’m so lonely. My mother abandoned me and
boo-hoo, boo-hoo. And He’d respond saying  “But I gave you another
mother.”  then I’d say, “Yeah, but she died.”  He’d say, “And I gave you
another mother. How many mothers you want?” Every time there’s
another one, another helping hand, and another hand, and another
hand. It’s like, I couldn’t fall if I wanted to. Somebody’s got me all the

Adding color and magic - making this album no doubt - hailed as
Anita Baker's "best ever" is Barry J. Eastmond, Gerald Albright, Nathan
East, Reggie Hamilton, Paul Jackson, Jr., Russell Ferrante, George
Duke, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Prince, The Ridgeway Sisters, and
(the sho nuff sangin') Perri Sisters.
"Being Bobby Brown" - A Reality Show  
Scheduled to Air On Bravo
By: Howard Stein
As the singer seeks to distance
himself from his legal troubles
and revive his recording career  
"Being Bobby Brown"    a reality
show that will focus on  his family
, will air next year on the Bravo
Bobby Brown  
DeKalb County
Decatur, Ga.
BASSETT Will Star in  Comedy  "MR
  From Touchstone Pictures  Hits
Theaters September 17th
Brown left the R&B group New Edition in the late
1980s for a solo career, but he has also become
famous for his numerous brushes with the law
and his turbulent marriage to pop songtress
Whitney Houston.

The Bravo network confirmed Wednesday that it
has signed an agreement to air 10 one-hour
episodes of
"Being Bobby Brown" in spring 2005.

Brown, Houston, their family and staff have been
spotted around
Atlanta since early this year,
shooting footage for the program.

Bobby Brown' will allow the public to see
Brown outside the context of a pop icon and bad
boy," Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick said in a
statement. "Rather, they'll witness an artist striving
to clean up his life for his future and the future of
his family."
Funnyman Bernie Mac
brings his irreverent
comedy to the big
screen to star in "Mr
3000", about an
over-the-hill ballplayer
who gets his
comeuppance after
assuming that his Hall
of Fame plaque is in the
Documentary "THE YES MEN" Are
Prankster Activists That Mimic the World
Trade Organization - From
United Artists - In
Theaters September 24th
Will Smith, Robert DeNiro,   Renee Zellweger,   
Angelia Jolie,   Martin Scorsese,    Dog E. Doug,   
Ziggy Marley and  Vincent Pastore Headline
DreamWorks Picturs Animation
Opening October 1st
Stan Ross (Mac) once loved the game of
baseball, playing with passion, energy, and
every ounce of his natural talent.
The Yes Men is a
comic, biting, and
revelatory  documentary
directed by the
filmmaking team
behind the acclaimed
Sundance Grand Jury
Prize-winner American
But somewhere
along the way, the
fame went to his
head.  His
star-run, ended his
career prematurely,
shocking his
teammates by
selfishly quitting the
game in the middle
of a season,
"SHARK TALE" stars the
voices of  
as (Oscar), a hustler
who has always been
able to fin-agle his way
out of trouble until
DENIRO as (Don Lino),
a great white shark;
as (Angie), the beautiful
angel fish who harbors
a secret crush on
JOLIE as (Lola), the
femme fatale, a dragon
fish who uses her
feminine wiles to get
what she wants;
(Sykes), a puffer
"MIKE" and "ANDY"
impersonate members of the
World Trade Organization in
United Artists' documentary
Courtesy Metro Goldwyn
Mayer and United Artists
Bernie Mac & Angela
Bassett in "Mr. 3000" in
theaters Sept. 17th
Oscar (WILL SMITH, center)
celebrates his good fortune by
jammin' on the jellies, Bernie
and Ernie (DOUG E. DOUG
DreamWorks Animation's
computer-animated comedy .
Photo: Courtesy of DreamWorks
The Yes Men is a comic, biting, and revelatory
documentary directed by the filmmaking team
behind the acclaimed Sundance Grand Jury
Prize-winner American Movie.  

The Yes Men follows The Yes Men, a small
group of prankster-activists, as they gain
worldwide notoriety for impersonating the World
Trade Organization on television and at business
conferences around the world.

The film begins when two members of The Yes
Men, - -  Andy and Mike, set up a website that
mimics the World Trade Organization’s and it is
mistaken for the real thing.  They play along with
the ruse and soon find themselves invited to
important functions as WTO representatives.  

Delighted to represent the organization they
politically oppose, Andy and Mike don thrift-store
suits and set out to shock unwitting audiences
with darkly comic satire that highlights the worst
aspects of global free trade.

The Yes Men documentary is Directed by Chris
Smith, Dan Ollman, and Sarah Price; Producers
Chris Smith and Sarah Price; Cast  The Yes Men
right after getting his 3,000th hit - the unofficial
key to baseball’s Hall of Fame.  Now, ten years
later, three of Mr. 3000’s hits have been
disqualified, and the 47-year-old out-of-shape
former slugger attempts a comeback - hitting
the gym and facing down  pitchers half  his
age, only to find that three hits are a lot harder
to come by than they used to be.

The media love to hate the bigheaded basher
and they’re going to delight in ripping him for
every strikeout.  With only his ex-flame
(ANGELA BASSETT) believing in him, for once
in his life, Stan must either rediscover his
passion for the national pastime - or settle for
living as “Mr. 2997.”
fish who is full of hot air and never misses an
opportunity to make a few extra clams
is directed by Vicky Jenson, Bibo Bergeron and Rob
Letterman from a screenplay by Michael J. Wilson and
Rob Letterman.
Jazz Drummer Pete Zimmer Does
Recording Debut "COMMON MAN" For
Tippin Records September 7th
The release of  "Common
, marks the recording
debut of Pete Zimmer on
which he takes his place as
a member of the small
Oprah Winfrey made her debut
on this year's International
Best-Dressed List, which
originated in the '20s.  
Jackie Onassis and Coco
Chanel are her fashion icons,
and picked Gianfranco Ferre as
her favorite designer. She's seen
here wearing one of Ferre's
designs at the Oscars ceremony,
Feb. 29, 2004.
but select group of straight ahead jazz
drummer/leaders. Following in the tradition
of Art Blakey, Max Roach and Roy Haynes,
Zimmer leads a hard bopping quintet that
plays moving music for the people. Unlike
his predecessors, the young drummer
doesn't leave the composing duties to his
talented sideman.  Zimmer wrote six of the
nine titles on this impressive disc,
demonstrating that he is one of the most
talented composers to ever sit behind a
drum kit.
At Age 64 Al Jarreau  Is Back Better Than
Ever With A New CD Titled
"Accentuate The
    And He's Got It Going On Baby!
By: Gatsby Melodi'
"I am in Europe now, but
I'm back in the states in
late August and
September. Then back to
Europe in October to
concentrate on
Scandinavia. Thank
heaven it’s been way too
long.  Then smaller cities
in France, Spain, Italy, etc"
Has the United States Postal Service Lost All Scruples With
New Stamp Program? - And Justice For Who?
By: J C Lee
Vanessa Williams,and model
Beverly Johnson pose before
modeling the 2004 Red
Dress Collection in the Heart
Truth fashion show at Bryant
Park in New York, Friday,
Feb. 6, 2004.
The U.S. Postal Service has approved a pilot program
for personalized postage. For about twice the regular
cost, consumers can now slap any old picture on a
stamp and surprise the recipient.
"Tommy Lipuma produced my new CD "Accentuate The
Positive", which is quite different than any other that I have
recorded. "Simplicity and sparseness was the first and last
commandment for this project. All songs were recorded live in
the studio with a quartet.  There were no string arrangements,
no background arrangements, background vocals or
overdubs.  Only two solo’s by harmonica and tenor sax were
added after the original sessions where I sang along with the
quartet. The quartet includes piano, bass, drums and guitar.
What we did was to select some classic standards, some jazz
standards and added two original pieces".

"We allowed those classic compositions to lead us to new but
simple arrangements of themselves. I sang more differently
than ever on 'Cold Duck', 'The Nearness of You', 'I’m Beginning
to See the Light', 'My Foolish Heart', 'The Midnight Sun',
'Accentuate the Positive', 'Betty Bee Bop’s Song', 'Waltz for
Debbie', 'Groovin’ High', 'Lotus Flower' and
'Scootch-a-Bootie'..  Yeah, yeah, yeah..Check it out man."
of their postcard or envelope.  The image, must not be deemed
objectionable by the folks at s, the online firm
handling the trial run of Uncle Sam's postage gambit.

Since objectionable is such a subjective term, the website:
Smoking Gun
sought to determine what kind of interesting
stamps they could actually create.   While the image censors
rejected their request for stamps featuring mug shots of Lee
Harvey Oswald,  they did get the green light for some unusally
distinctive postage.

The Smoking Gun can affix to its snail mail, stamps honoring
Monica Lewinsky's blue dress (the one splattered with Bill
Clinton's DNA);  Linda Tripp; MIA labor racketeer Jimmy Hoffa;
New Jersey Governor James McGreevey and alleged gay
lover Golan Cipel
, just  to name a few.

But get this, also acceptable were high school and college
yearbook photos of Kaczynski, who used the postal service to
deliver his homemade bombs.
Smoking Gun put one of the
Kaczynski stamps on an envelope and mailed it to their office,
see the cancelled result.

Have we gone crazy, losing morales and values and principles?
Spotlight on famous sisters,
tennis stars Venus and
Serena Williams, shown here
at the MTV Video Music
Awards Aug. 2
Spike Lee
Clean  - After Ruling
By: J. C. Lee
Movie director Spike Lee
in a ruling released Friday
by a United Nations body,
has won control of the
Internet domain name .
Spread The Magic,  Send a Free E-Card        
of Big Brothers and
Big Sisters
of America
The filmmaker had complained that it was
being used illegally, and an arbitrator from
the World Intellectual Property Organization
ordered the transfer of the domain name to
Spike Lee. The ruling said the registered
owner of "",  Mercedita Kyamko,
of Angeles City, Philippines,  had no rights or
interests in the name and was using it in
bad faith.

Anyone can register a domain name for a
few dollars, which has led so-called
"cybersquatters" to file for famous names to
make a fast buck from those who want the
names. Some names are worth millions of
dollars. Lee's lawyers told the arbitrator that
the domain was linked to a pornographic
Web site,

In its ruling, the U.N. panel noted that
Kyamko had a history of registering celebrity
domain names, including, which also
redirected visitors to the pornographic site.

Actors Kevin Spacey and Pamela Anderson,
"Jurassic Park" author Michael Crichton, and  
singer Celine Dion are among many
celebrities who have won their domain
names from other cybersquatters through
the WIPO process.
Have you
thanked that
special who put
a little magic in
this summer for
you? You can do
it now
SONY Agrees to Settle  Phoney Critic Suit
By: J. C. Lee

Sony Pictures Entertainment has agreed to settle a class-action
lawsuit brought by movie-goers who said they were duped into
seeing films by fake reviews company executives had planted in
advertisements, an informed source told MSNBC Thursday.

Sony, the film and television unit of Japanese Electronics maker
Sony Corp., has agreed to pay $1.5 million into a fund to settle
the case, said the source, who has knowledge of the settlement

The payout could amount to about $5 per participant in the class
action, and any remaining money would be donated to charity,
the source added.  Sony Pictures declined to comment.

The suit was filed in June 2001 by Omar Rezec of Los Angeles
and Ann Belknap of Sierra Madre, California, who claimed they
were duped into seeing the film, “A Knight’s Tale,” based on a
bogus review by a fake critic, named David Manning.

Manning was dreamed up by a
Sony Pictures advertising
executive as a reviewer for a Connecticut newspaper. Sony then
placed glowing reviews by the fictitious Manning in
advertisements for its movies.

When the ruse was exposed by Newsweek magazine, it proved
to be a major embarrassment for the studio. Sony investigated,
and later rebuked and suspended two executives.
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Arthur Ashe, Marion Anderson & New
Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Stamps Are Among Releases
For 2005
Be Introduced to Scat Operetta
"Boperetta" It Tells Its Familiar
Story Utilizing the Jazz Language of Scat
At Nuyorican Poets Cafe In New York City
Celebrities, sporty cars, and a little bit of
history are coming to your post office
next year with stamp subjects as
diverse as Henry Fonda and Greta
Garbo; sporty cars of the 1950s,  
distinguished Marines; and Ronald
Reagan and the Muppets.
"Boperetta"  With Full
Horn Section, is a
new and different
approach to
Even Beyonce' Hair Makes Big Bucks
By: Howard Stein
Other subjects include Arthur Ashe, Marian Anderson,
the civil rights movement, spring flowers, constellations,
and another set of four Disney stamps, this time with the
theme of "celebrations."

The 2005 U.S. stamp program was announced at the
year's major stamp show, "Stampshow 2005," in
Sacramento, August 14, 2004

For Arthur Ashe, the significant anniversary is 10 years
since his death from AIDS-related diseases. He
contracted AIDS during a blood transfusion.

There will only be a "contemporary" (non-religious)
stamp for Christmas in 2005; a new "art" (religious)
stamp is being issued this October, along with new
Hanukkah and Kwanzaa stamps, all of which will still be
on sale a year later for Christmas 2005. The four new
contemporary holiday stamps will feature cookies
shaped like Santa, snowmen, an angel, and
gingerbread men.
"Boperetta"  With Full Horn Section, is a
new and different approach to musical
theatre.  It tells its familiar story utilizing the
Jazz language of Scat, and the result is
Original music, Improvisation and Laughter
at 7pm  - The Nuyorican Poets Cafe
236 East 3rd St. Between Ave.B + C.,
through the end of 2004. Tickets are $10.-
212-505-8183.  September premieres
complete "All New"  FIRST ACT!  

The performers are:
THE HUSBAND: T.C.III comes from a
tradition of musicianship. Under the tutelage
of jazz institutions Trudy Pitts and Mr."C", he
received unique training in a professional
environment, as well as exposure to the
world of jazz. For over 17 years he has
developed, initiated, inspired, networked
and led several Philadelphia-based Jazz
bands with such notables as Duane
Eubanks, and Daryl Hall. In addition, T.C.
has performed with jazz legends Wynton
Marsalis, Art Blakey and Shirley Scott among
many others.  
THE WIFE: Susan Kramer was
born and raised on Manhattan's Lower East
Side Kramer started her jazz studies in her
teen years at Harlem's JazzMobile, under the
tutelage of Dr.BIlly Taylor, John Hendricks
and other jazz greats.  She worked in Europe
for five years and has recently returned to
music in New York after completing college.
She sings with the New Horizons Jazz
Ensemble and as a solo artist.
AURORA:  Aixa Kendrick is a consummate
actress, excellent visual artist, intuitive and
natural singer, talented dancer and a theatre
Musician/Dancer/Composer Brooklyn born
Haitian American  Goussy Célestin has
studied and performed music and dance for
the last two decades with such esteemed
names as Ron Carter, Jimmy Heath, C.
Scoby Stroman, Max Roach, Donald Byrd,
Barry Harris, and Sheila Jordan both as jazz
pianist and vocalist, and as a dancer with
Pat-Hall Smith, Jean Leon Destiné, and
Camille Yarbrough. Goussy currently serves
as keyboardist for the Femm Nameless, a
10 piece all female afro beat band dedicated
to the tradition of Fela Kuti, as well as solo
dance artist for Beauteez 'n' the Beat, an
ensemble which incorporates hip hop, tap,
afro-cuban, and jazz music/dance elements
with spoken word. She also leads her own
THE BIG MAN:  Douglas P. Ward
is a native New Yorker who hails from
Loisaida. He has been a jazz music lover
since childhood.
Ridgely is a multi talented performer.
Building on a solid classical European
foundation at Carnegie Mellon University
and a world music and dance foundation at
Cal Arts, she has broadened her techniques
to include Indonesian and Indian dance
styles and vocal techniques. Primarily a
flutist, but also a singer, dancer and healer,
she offers her acting presence and scatting
According to the website "Smoking Gun",
Beyonce Knowles's hair earns more than you
and your friends combined. The pop singer's
five-year endorsement deal with
L'Oreal is worth
a maximum of $4.7 million and requires the
22-year-old star to work just ten days annually
(though the company can ask for two extra
ten-hour "service days" at the bargain
daily rate of $25,000).  Along with the ten days worth of photo shoots,
promotional gigs, and personal appearances,
Knowles must
apprise the cosmetics giant of  "any radical changes to her hair that
any concert tour may necessitate" and has to maintain her luxurious
auburn locks in excellent condition."

Knowles can't go near Revlon or Clairol products and must maintain
"approximately the same physical appearance and health.  "The
lucrative contract, also gives L'Oreal the right to actually inspect
Beyonce's hair as long as she gets two weeks notice.
Even the Film Industry Has Resulted to Outsourcing - Many
Lose Jobs And Are Despaired They Fight Back
By: J.C. Lee
There is great concern in this
country about the outsourcing of
the film industry, and tens of  
thousands resulted to
protesting against the Bush
Administration. sayi the
government  should offer
incentives to keep film
production in the country.
"Ralphie Cifaretto on "The
Sopranos"), said Sunday night.
"Our government should create
incentives to keep the business
here."A lot of my friends are
losing their jobs because the
industry is going overseas,"
On September 3rd "The Cookout" Stars Queen Latifah, Quran
Pender, Eve, Storm P, Ja Rule, Frankie Faison , Farrah Fawcett ,
Danny Glover & Jenifer Lewis
When Todd Anderson is chosen as the #1 NBA draft
pick by the New Jersey Nets, he signs a contract for
thirty million dollars that instantly changes his life.

Whether he likes it, or not,  his mom  
Filmmaker Michael Moore(l),
protest organizer Leslie Cagan,
Rev. Jesse Jackson and actor
Danny Glover lead a protest
march with tens of thousands
of  Bush administration
opponents on the eve of  
Republican National  
Convention in New York,
Sunday, August 29th
Lady Em, is not going to let her son forget his roots. When Todd buys
a new house and mistakenly invites family from the old
neighborhood for a cookout on the same day he scheduled an
endorsement interview, chaos erupts and Todd must choose
between his down home roots and his newfound celebrity.

The comedy is written by
Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere, from  
Lions Gate Films  
TAYE DIGGS Joins UPN Wednesday
Sept 29th As
Taye Diggs joins UPN as a
28-year-old self-made  hot-shot
New York City entertainment
attorney  living the ultimate
bachelor life-who unexpectedly
inherits a baby girl in the series
titled "
Janet Jackson To Be on NBC
"Will & Grace"    Sept 23rd
Janet Jackson will
guest-star as herself in
an upcoming episode of
NBC sitcom "Will &
Grace", the episode will
air Sept. 23rd.  When
asked about the
upcoming "Will & Grace"
Jackson said
Taye Diggs
Kevin has plenty of pretty ladies and enough
money to buy whatever he want. But now he
must raise the six-month-old daughter of his
cousin, who unexpectedly passed away
Sean Hayes' character, Jack McFarland, "trying out as a
dancer.""There's a little bit of a routine and they go on to
do their thing from there,"
she said. "It's so funny. I have to
catch myself because I'm cracking up in rehearsals. It's
just funny to watch them. It's hilarious."