By day Ralph Kramden (Cedric the Entertainer) is an ordinary New York
City bus driver. But in his off-hours he’s an innovator, an inventor, an
entrepreneur who’s just one great idea away from instant wealth in the
comedy  "The Honeymooners" Opening Nationwide June 10th From
Paramount Pictures
Fashion Renowned DJIMON HOUNSOU Is Captivating On
Screen in Futuristic Action Thriller "
The Island" Opening
in Theaters Only Friday July 22nd From DreamWorks
Like all of the inhabitants of this carefully controlled mid
21st century environment their day-to-day lives are
monitored seemingly for their own good.  
Hear Mike Epps
play opposite
Cedric as Ed
Norton, with a
final plea.
The only way out is to be chosen to
go to the
The Island - the last
uncontaminated spot in the world
following an ecological disaster that
took the lives of everyone on the
planet except them.
Djimon Hounsou (“In America”) is
Laurent, the leader of the security
team pursuing Lincoln (Ewan
McGregor) and Jordan Scarlett

A native of Benin, West Africa,
Hounsou moved to Paris when he
was 13.  At the age of 22, he was
discovered by noted fashion designer
Thierry Mugler, who enlisted him for
several design campaigns, as well
as his book Thierry Mugler’s
Cedric stars as Ralph Kramden, a bus driver
with grand dreams to get rich quick in
Paramount Pictures "The Honeymooners".
Duncan Clarke

takes a break
between scenes in
Pictures’ and Warner
Bros. Pictures’
futuristic action
thriller THE ISLAND
directed by Michael
who is elated and envied when he is selected to go to The Island.

was catapulted to stardom with his unforgettable performance as
John Coffey in Frank Darabont’s gripping adaptation of Stephen King’s “The
Green Mile.”  For his poignant portrayal of the gentle giant who is wrongly
condemned for a murder he did not commit.
Alice (Gabrielle Union, left) and Ralph Kramden
Cedric the Entertainer, center left) plan to buy a
duplex to share with their best friends, Ed (
Epps, center right) and Trixie Norton (Regina Hall,
right)… if the boys’ get-rich-quick ideas don’t mess
up the plan in the comedy  "The Honeymooners."
Paramount Pictures presents a Deep
River production, a John Schultz picture,
'"The Honeymooners" the film is written
by Danny Jacobson and David Sheffield
& Barry W. Blaustein and Don Rhymer,
based on characters from the CBS
television series.

Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps
are executive producers.
Jamie Foxx Stars in Columbia Pictures Epic
"Stealth" Opening in Theaters Friday, July 29th
The film stars Cedric the Entertainer, Mike
Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Eric
Stoltz and John Leguizamo.

Cedric describes Ralph Kradem his
character - "Ralph's got a  lot of crazy ideas.
He has dreams of grandeur, but like most
people he never really gets there. Our laughs
are based in reality."  Rated PG-13.
July 25, 2005 - In director Rob
Cohen’s exciting action
adventure "
Stealth" U.S. Navy
Ben Gannon (Josh
Henry Purcell (Oscar®
Jamie Foxx) and Kara
(Jessica Biel) are part of
a close-knit elite division of
test pilots flying highly classified
stealth fighter jets, referred to
only as Talons.
Josh Lucas, Jamie Foxx and
Jessica Biel star in Columbia
Pictures' epic action
adventure Stealth
Joy Bryant Gives Best Friend Kate Hudson A Lesson In Hoodoo in
"The Skeleton Key" In Theaters Aug12th
Joy Bryant stars as Kate Hudson's best friend in "The Skeleton Key", a supernatural
thriller from Universal Pictures.  Peter Sarsgaard and veteran actors
Gena Rowlands and
John Hurt also star in the film scheduled for release Fri, Aug 12th.
Jamie Foxx plays Lt. Henry Purcell, a character he describes
as “a bit of a smart ass, a bit cocky. But that’s very real. We
met quite a few fighter pilots before we started work and
they all had a bit of that in them. You have to because some
of the things you’re called on to do are crazy. One wrong
move here, a centimeter off there and you’re dead."
A John Singleton Film --They Came Home to Bury Mom...and Her Killer
- "FOUR BROTHERS" Starring Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre'
Benjamin & Garrett Hedlund In Theaters August 12, 2005
When their adoptive mother is
murdered, the notorious Mercer brothers
­ (left to right) family man and
businessman Jeremiah (André
Benjamin), hard rocking Jack (Garrett
Hedlund), hotheaded Bobby (Mark
Wahlberg), and ladies’ man Angel
(Tyrese Gibson) ­ reunite to track down
her killer in  "Four Brothers." Paramount
Pictures presents  "Four Brothers,"  a di
Bonaventura Pictures Production of  
starring Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson,
André Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund.  
KATE HUDSON (left) stars as Caroline, a live-in nurse
who uncovers a terrifying secret in the foreboding
mansion of her employer, in the contemporary
supernatural thriller
The Skeleton Key.  JOY BRYANT
(right) stars as her best friend, Jill.
a young singer turns his back on
God and his father's church when
tragedy strikes....  he returns years
later to find the once powerful
congregation in disarray
left to right Andre'Benjamin, Garrett Hedlund, Mark
Wahlberg and Tyrese Gibson in FOUR BROTHERS
From Paramount Pictures.
FOUR BROTHERS is directed by John Singleton from a screenplay written by David Elliot
& Paul Lovett, the film is produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and executive produced by
Ric Kidney and Eric Howsam.  Also starring in the film are
Terrence Howard, Josh
Charles, Sofia Vergara, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.  The film will be released on Aug 12, 2005.
the gospel
Told from the perspective of the pews
In Theaters Only Oct 7, 2005
From TriStar Pictures (Sony)
Written & Directed by Rob Hardy
Kodjoe returns home only to discover
that his childhood rival (Idris Elba) is
poised to become his father’s
successor at the church and has
married his cousin (
Nona Gaye), while
struggling to make peace with his
family, God and himself.

Donnie McClurkin and Hezekiah
Walker make their feature film debuts.

Original music by
Kirk Franklin and
performances by Yolanda Adams,
Delores (Mom's)
Starring: Clifton Powell, Yolanda Adams,
Dwayne Boyd, Idris Elba, Frank Taylor,
Nona Gaye, Omar Gooding, Tamyra Gray,
Fred Hammond, Keshia Knight Pulliam,
Boris Kodjoe, Donnie McClurkin, Martha
Munizzi, Michael J. Pagan, John Fitzgerald
Page, Brandon Thaxton,
Walker, Delores Winans, Aloma Wright
August 22, 2005 - "The
explores the
inner-workings of a
church - told from the
perspective of the pews.  
The film gives a realistic
portrayal of people
dealing with true life
struggles and issues.

Shot entirely on location in
Atlanta, "The Gospel"
Boris Kodjoe as a
hot R&B recording artist at
the top of his career -
estranged from his
character, David, learns
that his father (
Powell) the Bishop of their
church is ill and near
Tamyra Gray
Look for a soundtrack from Verity to
accompany the film some time in the fall.

“We were able to assemble this amazing
cast because our actors and heavyweights
in the gospel industry like
Kirk Franklin,
Donnie McClurkin
and Yolanda Adams
read the story and said it felt genuine to
them – that it was a drama about faith that
they could relate to,” says film
writer/director Rob Hardy, who likens it to
the biblical story of the prodigal son with
elements loosely based on his own life
Rob Hardy
"V For Vendetta" Is A Political Thriller That Touches
On Complex Issues - Opens Today Only In Theaters
From Warner Brothers
By: Stephanie R. Green
Contributing Arts & Entertainment Journalist

New York, NY March 17, 2006 -
You may not be able to grasp the full
meaning of a vendetta until you’ve experienced the screen version of
V for Vendetta.  Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with
Virtual Studios, a Silver Pictures Production in association with
Anarchos Productions Inc., V for Vendetta in theaters nationwide on
Friday, March 17th. .  Starring the talents of Natalie Portman as Evey,
Hugo Weaving as “V”, Stephen Rea as Chief Inspector Finch and
John Hurt as Chancellor Sutler, and directed by James McTeigue.
"Lucky Number Slevin" Starring Bruce Willis and
Morgan Freeman - In Theaters Only April 7th From MGM
- Run Time: 110 minutes

Kansas City February 16, 2006 -LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN is a comic thriller
that twists and turns its way through an underworld of crime and
revenge where nothing is as it seems.

Set in New York City,  a case of mistaken identity lands Slevin (Josh
Hartnett) into the middle of a war being plotted by two of the city's most
rival crime bosses; The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and The Boss (
Freeman), directed by Paul McGuigan and written by Jason Smilovic.

This is one of those don't miss films full of suspense and love.
Director John Moore Talks About His Film "THE OMEN" Opening In
Theaters Tuesday June 6th From 20th Century Fox
By:  Stephanie R. Green, Contributing Arts & Entertainment Writer
Moore:  "There was certainly some weird
stuff that went on.  We lost a lot of film – the
scene where he cuts the kids hair and
reveals the 6’s".

How was the film destroyed?

Moore:  "You can get a scratch on a negative
occasionally because it’s going through
mechanical rollers.  There was right down
the middle of the frame a blue and white
mark on 13 ½ feet of film – just like depicted
in the film."

And no one could explain how the mark got

Moore:  "No, believe me the lab technician  
covered up with a tablecloth, they were like
we can’t tell you, we don’t know."

Why (towards the end of the movie) do you
have the child stand next to a politician?

Moore:  "To fulfill the prophecy of Father
Brennan’s warning and from the eternal sea
rises.  David Thewlis character accurately
proposes the notion that the eternal sea
means politics and I don’t know any other
method of mass control, other than politics,
even fascism is politics, it’s an appeal to
ideas right or wrong, so politics is our life."

What’s your response to the 9/11 footage?

Moore:  "I would have to be an idiot if I didn’t
expect to come to New York and have native
New Yorkers see that image and not have an
emotional response.  I just hope that they
take it in the true sense that it is used as a
demonstration of evil.  Which the President
claimed it as such unless I’m misquoting
him.  Was it wise or unwise?  It’s hard to tell
but it certainly wasn’t anything other than a
genuine attempt  - I mean I obviously stayed
up late at night wondering whether or not it
was prudent to use."
Bruce Willis and Josh Hartnett star in Paul
McGuigan's Lucky Number Slevin.
Director John Moore reviews a scene with actor
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick on the set of THE OMEN.
June 6, 2006. New York, NY - The director,
John Moore shared that he is an admirer of
David Seltzer’s 1976 screenplay classic,
which was directed by Richard Donner, and
he has retained the structures and themes of
the original film.

In John’s version of the film he wanted to
take the characters a little further, emphasiz-
ing how evil is neither a concept nor theory,
but has a human face which is empowered
through human actions – this is what his film

I sat down at a round table with John Moore
to discuss the film; following is some of the

What was the inspiration in remaking this

Moore:  "It’s really the first ten minutes of the
movie.  This movie is a wonderfully, really
effective fable, it’s a wonderfully effective
metaphor, as all the good biblical stories
are.  So knowing that I had an incredibly
effective story, and to set it against the
backdrop of the first ten minutes of the movie,
that’s really, what I wanted to go for.

On the set were there any peculiarities that
went on filming  The Omen?
Josh Hartnett is Slevin and Morgan Freeman is The
Boss in Paul McGuigan's Lucky Number Slevin.
Lucy Liu and Josh Hartnett star in Paul McGuigan's
Lucky Number Slevin.
Security specialist
) is
contracted to hunt
down two peole and
is unaware of the
whole truth behind
his mission in
Pictures’ and
Warner Bros.
Pictures’ futuristic
action thriller.