"IDLEWILD"  Opening August 25, 2006 ..Music By OUTKAST   
Written & Directed By Bryan Barber
New York, NY February 16, 2006 - Set against
the backdrop of a 1930's SpeakEasy
is the story of the love and
ambitions of two performers told through
musical numbers and vibrantly
choreographed dance sequences, in
theaters soon from Universal Pictures.
Andre 'Andre 3000'
Benjamin and
'Big Boi'
Patton in "Idlewild"
Paula Patton and
Andre 'Andre 3000'
Bre' Wan Waddell and Bobb'e J.
Thompson in Universal Pictures'
Idlewild - Coming 2006
Antwan 'Big Boi' Patton and Andre 'Andre
3000' Benjamin in "Idlewild"
Paula Patton and Andre Benjamin
in  "Idlewild"
Andre 'Andre 3000' Benjamin in "Idlewild"
Terrence Howard in "Idlewild"
Breaking up is hard to do but sometimes it can be downright dangerous in the
Ivan Reitman comedy MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND
By: Stephanie R. Green
Brooklyn.NY July 21, 2006 -  20th Century Fox
will open their Super-Heroines Comedy “My
Super Ex-Girlfriend” on Friday, July 21st.  The
film stars
Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Rainn
Wilson, Anna Faris,
Wanda Sykes and Eddie
Izzard.  Ivan Reitman Directed the film and
Don Payne is the Screenwriter.

The film is essentially about G-Girl/Jenny
(played by
Uma Thurman) inability to accept
the break-up of her newly acquired boyfriend,
Matt Saunders (played by Luke Wilson).  As
the old saying goes, “breaking up is hard to
do” but in this film, it is downright volatile.  In
the film, Matt thinks he’s found the perfect girl
(unbeknown to him she’s a super heroine)
until she becomes overly possessive, then
he decides to break-up with her and she
resolves that is vastly unacceptable.  

There’s an
old saying that states “Hell knows
no fury like a woman scorned” and there is
no better
testament to this statement than in
the film “Super Ex-Girlfriend” depictions.

I sat down at a press conference with
Thurman, Luke Wilson, Rainn Wilson, Ivan
Reitman and Don Payne, the Q&A follows.

Q: We've had our coffee this morning?
UT: We've had our coffee. We always have
our coffee.

Q: Some people are upset that it's gG-girl Girl
and not G-womanWoman. What about this?
UT: Get a life [Laughs]. Move on. Lets just
move forward. As a real full fledged and
aging woman, I just love The G Girl thing.
DP: I think that there's a long history of
women and girl in the names of super-
heroines. So, that's my defense.

Q: What does the G stand for in G-Girl?
DP: What does it mean to you?
Q: Uma, is it hard to save the world in heels?
UT: Well, if you're going to
save the world, you should
do it in style. But, ah, no.

Q: Did you have a lot of input with the costume
UT: Well, I don't know about you guys [gestures to
Rainn and Luke] but, it's such a part of your character.
It Costume designs can't wear you, ; you have to wear
LW: I know the first time she put it on, a huge amount
of photographers showed up and I was told to stand
out there with Uma and I could just sense that it
wasn't quite right. They kept telling me: "Could you
just step to the side or of
Uma? A little further?
Further?" Next thing I knew I was about 10 yards
away. So people were very interested to see what her
costume was going to be.
UT: Most importantly, the whole underthing of the
movie is it's a romantic comedy. It's earth-based,
that's the humor. That's what Don wrote, that's what
Ivan directed. It's not like you're in a rubber suit… if
you want 'The Incredibles,' animate it. We wanted to
do something that's about everyday. If you stumbled
upon a meteor and suddenly had super powers, a
New York girl, or from wherever you may be, what
would you do? Target? The mall?
Gucci? You have to
put together a look, keep your identity under control.
So, we just approached it from a very earthly, working
day, kind of like the texture of the movie.

Q: Is it more of an upside or downside that there are
so many superhero movies out right now?
UT: Well, I think that one of the great things about the
script that (unlike the typical valiant type superhero
that's like 'Oh, yes, I must go save the world –') unlike
thatis, there's a whole comedy base here with the
reality of it all. Here's this girl like any of us who
stumbles on a rock, (and by the way she says girl
because she is girl and so if she called herself
woman at seventeen she would have a problem,) but
she really isand she becomes more intense than
kryptonite. She's just a real person. She wants to
have a real life. She just deals with her responsibility
of having superpowers, but she really resents it. I
guess that's the humor in the piece.
Q: How much do you like doing
comedies because you seem to
be focusing on that a lot lately?
UT: I've been trying to bust into
the comedy business my whole
life. They're like, 'No, that kid, she
wants to stay in her corset. Keep
her in the corset.' I'm like, 'Get me
out of this corset!' So, thank God
for Ivan [Reitman] giving us a
chance to all have great roles. It's
hard in Hollywood to do different
things. , I know this. , It's a
struggle. I love comedy and
comedy is drama. I don't
approach it any differently. I'm not
a comedian. I'm not a standup. I
just do comedy like a dramatic
part.  And personally, I love to
watch comedies, if you don't get
to do create what you like to
watch then you can't become
Oliver Stone  falls  short with Time  
Awareness / Intensity / Succinctness in
Paramount Pictures World Trade
Opening in theaters
Wednesday August 9
By: Howard Stein
Contributing Journalist

New York, NY Aug 8, 2006 - Time is of the essence
especially when telling a story about two men buried
alive in the 9/11/01 World Trade Center collapse and

I sat watching this film learning little and feeling
frustrated about it.

New Yorker's consistently tell stories about paper
being everywhere in the area...
paper paper paper is
what they say.

And while in the film
Oliver Stone seemingly did
spend a few bucks demonstrating the sky raining
paper  -- those scenes lack innate  warmth that
permeates in
 New York City every day.

The other subject matter New Yorker's convey is --
"bodies" dropping to the ground from the WTC.   They
tell horrific tales of literally seeing people jumping to
their deaths and how that experience changed their

Yet in this movie you see one body falling to the
ground and so it is doubtful people outside
New York
City will recognize the mammothness of the
mind-altering emotion generated by that experience.
And yet Mr Stone (a native New Yorker) included the
inference pathetically.

New Yorkers have
generous of heart , so I don't get
excited about Oliver Stone's lack of warmth and
commitment with his directorial skills in
World Trade
 opening in theaters, Wednesday, Aug  9th
Paramount Pictures, Viacom owned.

Kudos to Mr. Stone for attention to the  storyline -
A True Story of Courage and Surviva
l - but on the
other hand
World Trade Center lacks the intensity
and  commitment that is fueled by succinct

I rarely knew  time.  I wanted to know whether it was
five minutes for five hours between scenes.  Knowing
the time fame helps with emotions.

After 1 hour and 45 very
loong minutes I'd had enough
and walked out of the theater just as the screen
revealed the two subjects had been found.  Some say
it is then the movie begins.  Runtime is 2 hours and 5
minutes.  The film stars
Nicholas Cage, Maria Bello,
Maggie Gyllenhaal.
Anthony Mackie,  Eva Pickford    & Wayne
Brady   Headline  An  Enchanting  
Cautionary  Tale  from    
SONY Pictures    CROSSOVER Opening
Friday, Sept 1st
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Anthony Mackie and Wayne
Brady in "Crossover", in
theaters September 1, 2006
Sony Pictures.
Eva Pigford in "Crossover", in
theaters September 1, 2006
SONY Pictures.
September 1, 2006 - By any standards the film CROSSOVER  
only in theaters worldwide today,  is a remarkable
cautionary tale that should be a
must see for every middle
and high schooler.  The film is a remarkable "fellas be
aware", and the story is tastefully told without wanton
violence, vulgar words or inappropriate and offensive sex

Simply stated, Crossover says --
'fellas be aware' and
cognizant of decisions you make about your life and about
your future because bad things happen to good people
and smiling faces do tell lies.  

TriStar Pictures and 360 Pictures present the Preston
CROSSOVER starring Anthony Mackie, Wayne
Brady, and Eva Pigford with wonderful cameo appearances
Allen Payne (Jason's Lyric) and Michael Bivins  (New
Edition).  Casting by Robi Reed; Costume Design by Okera
Banks.  Produced by Frank Mancuso Jr.; Written & Directed
by Preston A. Whitmore, II.
"But what starts out as a comedy of manners
slowly descends into something darker, and in
the middle of the film, I bring him back to
York to show how his deepening ties to the
murderer Perry Smith are changing him. I end
picture in New York, as well, consciously echoing
the beginning, but now all the lunches that looked
so pretty and fun seem wrong, because he has
been irrevocably altered by what happened in

gradual but ultimate shift from light to dark,
comic to tragic, match the shape of Capote’s
life: his early years were marked by his insouciant
wit and effervescence, his outrageous self-
assertion, and the beguiling, almost sunny
pleasure he took in
conquering the world."

"These were succeeded by the later years of
bitterness, a failure to produce the work he
promised, a break with friends, reckless and ill-
chosen love affairs, and a debilitating taste for
drink and pills that only hastened his decline. It is
that shift, from the triumphant to the tragic, that
Infamous chronicles."

Given the riveting contradictions in Capote’s
character, the rich range of people who made up
his circle, and the comic and dramatic turns that
marked the period, the real wonder is that there
were only two scripts."
Fearless And Funny and Witty
And So Are His Friends In
Warner Independent Pictures
By: Gatsby Melodi'

Starring Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig &
Sigourney Weaver -- Rating: R   / Running Time: 118 min
Opens Worldwide Friday - Oct 13th

Kansas City October 7, 2006 -   
  What was it about
this tiny man that made him big enough for two

"I’ll tell you what it was for me", reflects
writer/director Douglas McGrath.  "What interested
me was not the story of a writer from
New York
going to
Kansas to write about a terrible crime,
nor was it of interest that he was a
gay writer from
New York going to Kansas."

"What I found fascinating was that Truman
Capote was a
gay writer from the very top of New
York society going to Kansas to write about this
crime. He was court jester and confidante to the
cream of
Manhattan high society, and I placed
everything in the story within that context."  
Toby Jones as Truman Capote in director Douglas
Infamous, a Warner Independent Pictures
release. Photo Credit: Deana Newcomb © 2005
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Infamous is the kind of film that constantly
tests your emotions; it can quickly, but you
can be assured to enjoy the scene.  

In the film, Sandra Bullock is fresh and thick
in her role while Sigourney Weaver  delivers
the funk.  Toby Jones as Truman Capote is
enchanting, you just want to pick him up and
give him a great big squeeze.  
Infamous is
the type of
film magic that  only happens
every once in great while. Infamous is a
Killer Films/ John Wells Productions film by
Douglas McGrath.

Film Opens December 1st
LOS ANGELES (Nov. 28, 2006) -
On Monday, Nov 27th, more
than 100 churches nation-
wide host simultaneous
advance screenings of
Line Cinema’s The Nativity
 for those eager to see
the story of Christmas, scheduled for a Dec.
1st release in the U.S., and will open in
territories worldwide throughout the month of

The Nativity Story chronicles the arduous
journey of two people, Mary and Joseph, a

miraculous pregnancy, and the history-
defining birth of Jesus.
This dramatic and compelling story comes to
life starring Academy Award® nominee
Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider) as
Mary;   Oscar Isaac (upcoming Guerrilla) as
Joseph; and Academy Award® nominee
Shoreh Aghdashloo (House of Sand and Fog)
as Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.

The Nativity Story is directed by Catherine
Hardwicke (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown) from
a screenplay by Mike Rich (The Rookie,
Finding Forrester).

“The anticipation for the release of
Nativity Story
within the Christian community
is gaining momentum, and it has allowed us
to put together this unique event,” says Rolf
New Line’s President and COO of
Worldwide Distribution and Marketing.

“Similar to the world premiere at the Vatican,
the scope of this event speaks volumes about
the way people are embracing the film."

The Nov. 27th screenings took place in nearly
every major market in the U.S.,  participation
from Catholic Archdioceses, Evangelical
megachurches, and Mainline Protestant
WILL SMITH and his real-life son
Jaden Christopher Syre Smith Headline
In Theaters December 15th
“The concept this film is based on is the hope
that any person, armed with their own will and
determination, can create their life, can create
their situation -- from the lowest of the low to the
highest of the high", says
Jaden Christopher Syre Smith
(left) and
Will Smith

Tim Roth, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Okonedo, Hugh Bonneville, Gina McKee,
Samrit Machielsen, Grirggiat Punpiputt And Toni Collette
Star In The Two-Part Miniseries
Part  I:  Sun Dec 10, 2006 8PM/7C           Part II:  Sun Dec, 17, 2006  8PM/7C

Directed By Bharat Nalluri From A Script By Abi Morgan; Executive Produced By Jane
Featherstone And Derek Wax For Kudos; Produced By Finola Dwyer
Sophie Okonedo, Chiwetel Ejoifor
photo: Kerry Brown
NEW YORK Dec 6, 2006 - HBO Films presents in association
with BBC Two a Kudos production
Tsunami, The Aftermath,
an original two-part miniseries.

Tim Roth (Academy Award® nominee for “Rob Roy”; “Dark
Water”), Chiwetel Ejiofor (“Kinky Boots,” “Dirty Pretty
Sophie Okonedo (Academy Award® nominee for
“Hotel Rwanda”), Hugh Bonneville (“Notting Hill”), Gina
McKee (“Scenes of a Sexual Nature”), Samrit Machielsen,
Grirggiat Punpiputt and Toni Collette (Academy Award®
nominee for “The Sixth Sense”; “In Her Shoes”),   lead the
cast in this unique and deeply affecting drama, which is
inspired by true accounts and focuses on the harrowing
aftermath of the tsunami that devastated the Andaman
coast of Thailand in December 2004.

A tale of personal loss, survival and hope, the characters  
lives are transformed by the cataclysmic natural disaster.  
(l to r) Anika Noni Rose
as Lorrell,
Knowles as Deena and
Jennifer Hudson as Effie.
They’re young. They’re beautiful. They’re just what
Curtis is looking for     DREAMGIRLS
Dec 15, 2006 NY, LA, SF
Dec 25, 2006 Expansion
Jan 19, 2007 Wide Release

New York, Dec 6, 2006 -
Jamie Foxx, who won the
Academy Award® for his portrayal of
Ray Charles in
“Ray,” in addition to being nominated for Best
Supporting Actor for
“Collateral,” plays Curtis Taylor,
Jr., a hungry young businessman trying to get into
the music business.
Danny Glover, Eddie
Murphy and Jamie
Foxx  in “Dreamgirls.”
DreamWorks Pictures Presents “Norbit”
On Feb 9th,
Eddie Murphy Is "Norbit" Casts
Marlon Wayans, Clifton Powell,
Eddie Griffin
, Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Rasputia (EDDIE MURPHY, left)
gets some tips from her “Power
Tap” instructor Buster
WAYANS, right) in “Norbit.”
Jan 25, 2007 -  Norbit has
never had it easy.  As a baby,
he was abandoned on the
steps of a Chinese
restaurant/orphanage and
raised by Mr. Wong (

Things get worse when he’s
forced into marriage by the
mean, junk food-chugging
Rasputia (Eddie Murphy).  Just when Norbit’s
hanging by his last thread, his childhood
sweetheart, Kate (Thandie Newton), moves
back to town.  In the comedy Norbit, he’ll show
them all that nice guys sometimes finish first.
Norbit gets some advice on how
to get the girl from local pimps
Pope Sweet Jesus (
GRIFFIN, center) and Lord Have
Mercy (KATT WILLIAMS, right)
Rasputia’s brothers Blue (LESTER “RASTA”
SPEIGHT, left), Earl (
right) and Big Jack (TERRY CREWS, far
right), go over their plans for the orphanage
with Kate’s fiancé Deion Hughes (
GOODING, JR.) in “Norbit.”
Mark your calendars...It is official
..With cast in place December 2006
from Broadway to the Big Screen   
New York  Jan 24, 2006 -
Principal photography is
underway on
DreamWorks Pictures’
Paramount Pictures
big screen version of the Tony Award-winning
musical sensation “Dreamgirls”, set for release
Dec 22, 2006.  

Shooting began on Monday, January 9, at the
Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, under
the direction of Academy Award® winner Bill

The cast includes
Jamie Foxx as Curtis Taylor,
Beyonce' Knowles as Deena Jones; Eddie
Murphy as James "Thunder" Early; Danny Glover
as Marty; Anika Nomi Rose as Lorrell Robinson;
Jenifer Hudson as Effie and a surprise from

Hinton Battle
"Dreamgirls" opening Dec 22, 2006
Making of Dreamgirls
Video Update
Courtesy of
Paramount Pictures  
June 26 2006
Making of Dreamgirls
Video Update
Courtesy of
Parmount Pictures
June 26 2006