Film  Is  Inspired  By  A  True  Story

Directed by Nelson George;           Written by Nelson George and Jim McKay & Hannah Weyer;  
Executive Produced
 by Jamie Foxx,  Queen Latifah,   Shelby Stone,  Jaime Rucker King,  Marcus King
And Shakim Compere;       Produced by  Mark A. Baker
NEW YORK February 27, 2007 -- HBO Films’
"LIFE SUPPORT", starring Oscar® nominee
and platinum-selling recording artist
Latifah (“Chicago”), debuts SATURDAY,
MARCH 10 (8:00 p.m. ET/PT) on HBO, with a
special Black History Month sneak preview
HBO On Demand the week of Feb. 26.

Shot at various Brooklyn locations, LIFE
SUPPORT is a moving and candid look at the
African-American community’s HIV crisis
through the eyes of a survivor who is a
mother, a former addict and an AIDS activist.

Inspired by the life of his sister and their
family -- director Nelson George (executive
producer of
HBO’s “Everyday People”), in his
feature-length directorial debut, co-wrote
the screenplay with the writing team of Jim
McKay & Hannah Weyer
(HBO’s “Angel

LIFE SUPPORT is executive produced by
Oscar®-winning actor Jamie Foxx (“Ray”),
Queen Latifah, Shelby Stone (HBO’s
“Lackawanna Blues”), Jaime Rucker King
(“Ray”), Marcus King (“Jamie Foxx:
Unpredictable”) and Shakim Compere
“Beauty Shop”); Mark A. Baker (HBO’s “Oz”)

HBO Films vice president Sam Martin is
the creative executive in charge of production
for HBO.

Also appearing in LIFE SUPPORT are Anna
Deavere Smith (“The West Wing”), Wendell
Pierce (
"Waiting to Exhale") (HBO’s “The
Wire”), Evan Ross (
"ATL"),  (the upcoming
Terrence Howard film "PRIDE" and P.D.R.”),
Rachel Nicks, Darrin Dewitt Henson (
Food”), Gloria Reuben (“ER”), Tony Rock (“All
of Us”) and Tracee Ellis Ross (“Girlfriends”).
LIFE SUPPORT: Nelson George, Queen Latifah. photo: Paul Schiraldi
Other HBO playdates: March 10 (4:30 a.m.), 12 (2:00
p.m., 10:00 p.m.),
18 (2:15p.m., 11:00 p.m.), 22 (1:00
p.m., 8:30 p.m.),
24 (8:30 a.m., 4:00 p.m.), 27 (10:00 a.m.,
7:30 p.m.) and
29 (4:30 p.m., 12:30 a.m.) /  April 1 (1:00
p.m.) and
17 (2:40 a.m.).

HBO2 playdates: March 15 (10:00 a.m., 9:00 p.m.), 20
(noon, 11:30 p.m.),
25 (8:00 p.m.) and 30 (6:30 p.m.).
“The impact of HIV on women in the African-American
community  is a crisis at the heart of contemporary
American life -- that no one is talking about,” notes
Films president Colin Callender.  “We are proud to be
working with Nelson George on his
directorial debut on a
story that is so personal and so timely.”

Director and co-writer Nelson George got the idea to make
a film inspired by his family – and more specifically, his
sister Andrea’s life – about five years ago. “I was
following Andrea around for a month or two to different
AIDS events. At one event in
Bed-Stuy for World AIDS Day
they were giving testimonials at a support group. When
they finished, everyone went to the rooftop carrying red
balloons, and they released them one by one in the name
of someone who had died. It was very emotional. I knew
right then and there that I would work some of that into the
film, and it later became the ending of LIFE SUPPORT.”
uses a mix of actors
and real people from
the HIV/AIDS  
community to tell the
story of HIV-positive
Ana Wallace
For George, Queen
was the perfect
choice to play his sister
and represent the
women he met with HIV.
“Latifah embodies the
spirit these women
have.  I think this is one
of the first roles she’s
(Latifah) had that has
allowed her to project
the totality of her being.  
She (Latifah)embodies a
certain strength and
dignity in her work, and it
seemed like it was a
natural fit. She’s a
phenomenal talent."

Ana Wallace channels
her energy and regret  -
over her past drug
addiction -- in to working
for Life Support - an
AIDS outreach group.

Wallace’ obsessive
passion for her job puts
her health at risk.  Her
stubbornness threatens
to drive her already
fractured family away,
and her mother
announced she’s selling
her home and moving
south with her daughter,
but without her.
SWANK as Katherine in Warner
Bros. Pictures’ & Village
Roadshow Pictures’ supernatural
“The Reaping,”
Photo by Gene Page
NEW YORK March 20, 2007 - Swank
plays  former minister, Katherine, who
turned her back on the cloth after
losing her young daughter and
husband while doing missionary work
in the Sudan.  As a university
professor, she has been called to
sites all over the world to investigate
weeping statues, wall stains
resembling saints and palms that
bleed, in this supernatural thriller.

Small-town schoolteacher Doug
Blackwell (David Morrissey) seeks her
help with a series of bizarre
occurrences the townspeople believe
to be sent by God, Katherine and her
partner Ben (Idris Elba)
"The Gospel"
come to learn that sometimes
miracles can be treacherous, and the
line between faith and superstition is
dangerously thin.
In the film "The Reaping"  Hilary Swank  loses
her Faith after her family Is tragically killed.  
The supernatural thriller co-stars Idris Elba
In Theaters April 5, 2007
Director: Stephen Hopkins  / Studio:  Warner Brothers
Screenplay by Carey W. Hayes & Chad Hayes, Story by
Brian Rousso
Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis, Susan Downey,
Herbert W. Gains  /  Executive Producers: Erik Olsen,
Steve Richards, Bruce Berman  /  Cast:
Hilary Swank,
David Morrissey,
Idris Elba, AnnaSophia Robb, Stephen
Opening March 23rd, "PRIDE" the
movie stars
Terrence Howard as the
founder of Philadelphia's first
African-American swim team -
Bernie Mac & Evan Ross
NEW YORK March 23, 2007 - The year is 1973, and
Jim Ellis
(Terrence Howard), is driven by his love
of competitive swimming.  He recruites troubled
teens from the streets and struggles to
transform a motley team of novices into capable
swimmers and state championships. Racism,
violence, and an unsympathetic city official
threaten to tear the team apart, Jim must do
everything he can to convince his swimmers that
victory, both in and out of the pool, is within their
 "PRIDE"  is from Lions Gate.
NEW YORK March 23, 2007 - Retired Col. Isaac
(DANNY GLOVER) warns Bob Lee
(MARK WAHLBERG) of a plot within the
government in Paramount Pictures’  thriller  
“Shooter", opening in theaters Friday March 23.

Suddenly, Swagger finds himself in the
headlines as the lone gunman who tried to shoot
the President.

Paramount Pictures Presents a di Bonaventura
Pictures Production of an
Antoine Fuqua film,
“Shooter,” starring
Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peña,
Danny Glover, Kate Mara, Elias Koteas, Rhona
Mitra, Rade Sherbedgia, and Ned Beatty.

Photo by: Kimberley French
From Antoine Fuqua, the director of
“Training Day,”  "
Starring Mark Wahlberg and Danny
Glover From Paramount  March 23rd
NEW YORK Aug 20, 2007 - The new HBO
drama series TELL ME YOU LOVE ME
kicks off its ten-episode first season
SUNDAY, SEPT. 9 (9:00-10:00 p.m.
ET/PT).  Created by Cynthia Mort and
executive produced by Cynthia Mort and
Gavin Polone.  

The show follows three couples who are
at different stages of their relationships,
all of whom see the same couples

TELL ME YOU LOVE ME looks at the
connection, or disconnection, between
sex and intimacy, as seen through the
stories of three couples who attend
therapy sessions with Dr. May Foster.  
Dave and Katie, in their 40s, are outwardly
happy, but have stopped having sex.  
Carolyn and Palek, in their 30s, want to
have a baby, but the pressure to get
pregnant is taking a toll on them.  Jamie
and Hugo, in their 20s, are engaged, but
trying to resolve issues with fidelity.

Cast regulars on TELL ME YOU LOVE ME
include (in alphabetical order):  Jane
Alexander (Emmy(r) winner for HBO's
"Warm Springs"; four-time Oscar(r)
nominee), Michelle Borth ("Wonderland"),
Tim DeKay (HBO's "Carnivale"), Aislinn
Paul ("Degrassi:  The Next Generation"),
Adam Scott ("Knocked Up"), Kate Towne
("Blades of Glory"), Sonya Walger ("Lost")
and Ally Walker ("Profiler").

Also appearing in TELL ME YOU LOVE ME
are:  Luke Farrell Kirby ("Slings and
Arrows"), David Selby ("Falcon Crest"), Ian
Somerhalder ("Lost") and Sherry
Stringfield ("ER").
Alexander, David Selby. photo: John
P. Johnson
After 30 Years, "Killer of Sheep" Finally
Gets a Proper Debut
Opening March 30th At the IFC Center
in NYC

NEW YORK April 9, 2007 - The IFC Center,
the ultimate entertainment space for
New Yorkers seeking out the best in
independent film, opened in June 2005,
in the historic Waverly theater.  Now,
thirty years after its debut, the new
35mm print of
Killer of Sheep, brilliantly
restored by UCLA Film & Television
Archive, is ready for its long-awaited
international release.
Killer of Sheep
opens March 30th at the IFC Center.

Killer of Sheep examines the black Los
Angeles ghetto of Watts in the mid-
1970s through the eyes of Stan, a
sensitive dreamer who is growing
detached and numb from the psychic toll
of working at a slaughterhouse. The film
offers no solutions; it merely presents
life — sometimes hauntingly bleak,
sometimes filled with transcendent joy
and gentle humor.

The Library of Congress has declared
the film a national treasure as one of the
first fifty on the National Film Registry
and the National Society of Film Critics
selected it as one of the "100 Essential
Films" of all time. However, due to the
expense of the music rights, the film
was never shown theatrically or made
available on video. It has only been seen
on poor quality 16mm prints at few and
far between museum and festival
The IFC Center is located at 323 Avenue
of America at West 3rd St. Box Office:
(212) 924- 7771.
"TELL ME YOU LOVE ME"  looks at the connection,
or disconnection, between sex and intimacy
Michael Clayton
Opens in NYC, LA and Toronto -
October 5
Opens Nationwide - October 12
From Warner Bros. Pictures
Aug 28, 2007 -
Clayton (George
Clooney) is an in-house
"fixer" at one of the
largest corporate law
firms in New York. At
the behest of the firm's
co-founder Marty Bach
(Sydney Pollack),
Clayton, a former prosecutor from a family of
cops, takes care of Kenner, Bach &
Ledeen's dirtiest work. Clayton cleans up
clients' messes, handling anything from
hit-and-runs and damaging stories in the
press to shoplifting wives and crooked
politicians. Though burned out and
discontented in his job, Clayton is
inextricably tied to the firm.

At the agrochemical company U/North, the
career of in-house chief counsel Karen
Crowder (Tilda Swinton) rests on the
settlement of the suit that Kenner, Bach &
Ledeen is leading to a seemingly
successful conclusion. When the firm's top
litigator, the brilliant Arthur Edens (Tom
Wilkinson), has an apparent breakdown and
tries to sabotage the entire case, Marty Bach
sends Michael Clayton to tackle this
unprecedented disaster and, in doing so,
Clayton comes face to face with the reality of
who he has become.

This film has been rated "R" by the MPAA for
"language including some sexual dialogue."
photo: Brent and Craig Renaud
LATER: Angelica Little. photo: Brent
and Craig Renaud
Examines  the  legacy  of   DESEGREGATION  and
LOOKS  at  the  CHALLENGES  facing   American
Education  today  when  the  exclusive  
Aug 28, 2007 -
The wave of
desegregation that
transformed the South
during the 1960s began in
Little Rock in September
After Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus defied the
Supreme Court's 1954 Brown v. Board of Education
ruling and ordered the National Guard to prevent nine
black teenagers from entering Central High School,
President Dwight D. Eisenhower responded by
sending troops from the 101st Airborne Division of the
U.S. Army to protect the students as they entered the

But what is the
legacy of the Civil Rights struggle for
equal education today?  To mark the 50th anniversary
of the forced integration of Central High School, Little
Rock natives Brent and Craig Renaud provide a candid
look at the lives of contemporary Central High students
in the documentary LITTLE ROCK CENTRAL:  50
(8:00-9:15 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO.

Brent and Craig Renaud followed the lives of
contemporary Central High students, teachers and
administrators, as well as community leaders, over the
course of a year for this intimate documentary, visiting
classes, school meetings and assemblies, teenagers'
homes and community events.  Sharing the stories of
both black and white students, the special reveals the
opportunities and
challenges they face in and out of
the classroom.

with Minnijean Brown, one of the original "Little Rock
Nine," revisiting Little Rock Central High.  Standing
before the school where she once walked amongst
scornful chants, she expresses surprise at the
intensity of her feelings, saying, "This is not supposed
to be like this.  It can't be 50 years...I can't feel this so
strong.  It just doesn't make sense."

The Advanced Placement program, which ranks
Central among the top schools in the country, is largely
populated by white students.  Meanwhile, the regular
classes are populated mostly by African-American
students, raising timely questions about the state of
public education, not just in Little Rock, but throughout
America.  Brandon Love, the school's African-American
student body president, says that in many ways
"Central is still segregated.  We just don't need the
National Guard to get in to school anymore."

Nancy Rousseau, Little Rock Central's principal,
speaks proudly of the school's awards and
achievements while acknowledging disparity,
observing, "We are continuing in our effort to pull more
of our minority students into our upper-level
classes...Is it perfect?  No, but we have come a long
way, too...we are working on things here."

Angelica Luster, a 15-year-old African-American who
takes AP classes, believes something deeper may
contribute to the lack of diversity in advanced classes,
noting, "African-American students...think that just
because there are so many white kids in that class,
that because I'm black, I'm not going to be able to do
well, so most people stay where they are comfortable,
in regular classes."
Other HBO playdates:  Sept. 29 (3:45 p.m.
ET/3:15 p.m. PT) and Oct. 4 (12:30 p.m., 9:00
p.m.), 7 (10:45 a.m.), 10 (8:45 a.m., 7:30
p.m.), 19 (4:00 p.m.) and 22 (11:30 p.m.).

HBO2 playdates:  Sept. 26 (11:30 p.m.) and
Oct. 1 (8:15 a.m.) and 23 (4:45 p.m.).

For many Americans, the desegregation of
Central High is merely a chapter in history
books.  But the students of Little Rock Central
High live in the ever-present wake of this
historic event, growing up amidst complex
race, class and socio-economic issues.  
Today, though the school is desegregated,
some say it is still not fully integrated.

Parents, teachers, students and community
members speak candidly about intertwined
issues of race, class and opportunity in
today's Little Rock.  Central High teacher and
golf coach Shannah Ellender says that the
parents of the affluent students "send their
kids to this school because Central is so well
known and has so many academic
opportunities and money thrown [at it].  These
kids come for the academics and the
reputation of the school...the lower-income
kids are there because they are in the district,
and that is where the bus takes them.  And so
it is two completely different ends of the

Teacher Angela Jackson also recognizes the
differences, saying, "If you are living in an
Advanced Placement world, you are out of
reality when it comes to students in this
school."  In fact, the communities around the
school, where many students live, are deeply
impoverished.  Surveying the rundown
houses, Little Rock City Councilman Ken
Richardson remarks that Central High, which
is now a national monument, is "a symbol of
how far we have come, but I think in many
cases it is also a stark reminder of how far
we have to go."

Craig Renaud, himself an alumnus of Central
High, reflects, "With the commemoration of
the school's desegregation later this fall,
many people are wondering if we have lived
up to the sacrifice that was made by those
nine black teenagers who integrated Central
High 50 years ago."

When Minnijean Brown returns to the school
to speak with a class, she is dismayed to find
it self-segregated, noting, "We still line up on
two sides of color, and if we keep on saying
and talking about and doing the same things
that we have been doing forever, we are going
to stay the same."

HBO Video releases LITTLE ROCK

is an
HBO Documentary Films presentation;
produced by Downtown Community
Television; directed, written, produced and
filmed by Brent Renaud and Craig Renaud.  
For HBO:  senior producer, Lisa Heller;
executive producer, Sheila Nevins.
Jodie Foster,  Terrence Howard,  &  Naveen Andrews
Headline Warner Bros. Psychological Thriller "THE
BRAVE ONE" Opens in Theatres on Friday, Sept 14th
Sept 4, 2007
- For
Erica Bain
Foster), the streets
of New York are
both her home   
and   her
livelihood.   She
shares the sounds
and the stories of
her beloved city
with her radio
audience as the
host of the
Naveen Andrews and Jodie
Foster in "The Brave One".
Jodie Foster and Terrence
Howard in "The Brave One"
show "Street Walk."   At night, she goes home to the love of her life, her
fiance David Kirmani
(Naveen Andrews). But everything Erica knows and
loves is ripped from her on one terrible night when she and David are
ambush- ed in a random, vicious attack that leaves David dead and Erica
close to it.

Stories of an anonymous vigilante grip the city, and NYPD detective Sean
(Terrence Howard) becomes increasingly determined to track down
the killer. As he pieces together the clues, the evidence begins to point not
to a guy with a gun, but a woman with a grudge.
DreamWorks Pictures Presents Halle Berry
Release: October 26, 2007
HOLLYWOOD Aug 23, 2007 - Academy Award® winners HALLE BERRY and
BENICIO DEL TORO star in “Things We Lost in the Fire,” a compelling
drama about two people brought together by fate. Audrey Burke’s (
life has been shattered by the sudden death of her husband. In grief, she
turns to one of his life-long friends, Jerry Sunborne (DEL TORO), a former
lawyer who is on a serious downward spiral. Together, they work to repair
their lives.

The film has been produced by Oscar® winner Sam Mendes and Sam
Mercer and helmed by acclaimed Oscar®-nominated Danish director
Susanne Bier.
Sidney Lumet Opens In Kansas City Market November 16,

KANSAS CITY Nov 5, 2007 - Directing a film tends to be such a physically
demanding activity that it's considered a young man's game. But 83-year-old
Sidney Lumet defies this logic. His new film, "Before the Devil Knows You're
Dead," is another convincing argument that early retirement is not always a
good idea for a master filmmaker. This is an adrenaline pump- ing,
devilishly well-made thriller set against the downfall of an American family.
Cast includes, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Albert Finney, Marisa
Tomei, Michael Shannon.
Lauren Bacall - Woody Harrelson - Lily Tomlin - Willem
Dafoe - Headline "THE WALKER"  In Theaters
December 7, 2007
NEW YORK Nov 5, 2007 - A contemporary drama
set in Washington, D.C., THE WALKER centers
around Carter Page (Harrelson), a well-heeled and
popular socialite who serves as confidant,
companion, and card partner to some of the capitol’
s leading ladies. These pampered women are
married to the most powerful men in America, and
when their husbands are too busy running the
Lauren Bacall
country to attend to their wives, they turn to their “gay best friend,” Carter, for
warmth, wit, and wisdom. Carter’s loyalty is tested when his dearest friend
(Scott Thomas) finds herself on the brink of a scandal that could destroy her
reputation and her husband’s career. Offering to cover for her, Carter
suppresses incriminating evidence, only to find himself the chief suspect in
a criminal investigation. Suddenly, this well-connected man-about-town is a
pariah, hounded by the police and forced to find the true culprit and clear his
name. More importantly, he must re-examine whether it is important to be
accepted by a society based on betrayal, hypocrisy, and corruption. Written
and directed by Paul Schrader.
Esther Robinson’s   'A WALK INTO
WARHOL FACTORY ' Opens Dec 14 at
Cinema Village in NYC
NEW YORK Nov 12, 2007 - Virtually unknown
Danny Williams was Andy Warhol's lighting
designer, lover, and a promising young
filmmaker. At a family gathering in 1966 he
borrowed his mother’s car for a drive and never
came back.  In this riveting personal inquiry,
Esther Robinson looks for the elusive truth in
this poignant and revelatory investigation.   
Winner of the “New York Loves Film” Award at
the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival and the Teddy
Queen Latifah
Terrence Howard
Jill Marie Jones
Gabrielle Union
Queen Latifah Stars-in & Produces
"The Perfect Holiday"
Opening December 12, 2007
ATLANTA, GA Nov 5, 2007 - THE
PERFECT HOLIDAY is the heart-warming
story of Nancy (
Gabrielle Union, "Daddy's
Little Girl" and “Bring it On”), a loving single
mother of three who falls for Benjamin
(Morris Chestnut, “Best Man", “Like Mike” &
“Breakin’ All the Rules”), a talented but
struggling songwriter who is working part-
time as a mall Santa. Conflicts arise when
her oldest son, 10-year old John-John,
convinces his younger brother and sister to
help scheme against their mother’s new
boyfriend in the hopes that she will reunite
with his hero - their rap-mogul father J-Jizzy
Charles Q. Murphy, “Norbit”).

Narrated (and produced) by
Queen Latifah
in the magical role of “Mother Christmas”
Terrence Howard, who plays the
amusingly Scrooge-ish “Bah-Humbug”,
THE PERFECT HOLIDAY brings together
all the elements of a new Christmas

Directed by Lance Rivera (“The Cookout”),
the film also features a hilarious ensemble
cast including:  Katt Williams, Faizon Love,
Rachel True and Jill Marie Jones.

Starring: Danny Glover, Vondie Curtis Hall, Charles S. Dutton, Lisa Gay
Stacy Keach, Mary Steenburgen, Yaya DaCosta, Sean
Patrick Thomas, and introducing Gary Clark Jr. and Eric Abrams;
Keb’ Mo’ and Dr. Mable John
NEW YORK Nov 18, 2007 - 1950. Rural Alabama. Cotton harvest. It's a make-or-break
weekend for the Honeydripper Lounge and its owner, piano player Tyrone "Pine Top"
Purvis. Deep in debt to the liquor man, the chicken man, and the landlord, Tyrone is
desperate to lure the young cotton pickers and local Army base recruits into his juke
joint, away from Touissant’s, the rival joint across the way. After laying off his regular
talent, blues singer Bertha Mae, Tyrone announces to his sidekick Maceo that he
has hired the famous electric guitar player, Guitar Sam, for a special one night only
gig: pack ‘em in and save the club.  

On the day of the show, the train arrives and Guitar Sam is no where to be found.
Tyrone is forced to take drastic action. He makes a deal with Sheriff Pugh to release
Sonny, the kid who hopped off a freight car here in Harmony, and turned up in the
club claiming he could play the guitar as well as any Guitar Sam.

Tyrone cleans Sonny up and launches a last ditch scheme to pass off the young
guitar picker as Guitar Sam just long enough to cut the lights and run off with cash
box.  When Sonny takes the stage and launches into his first scalding electric licks,
Tyrone will learn if it’s lights out for the Honeydripper or if his luck has changed:  he
might just be another man saved by rock n' roll.
Danny Glover and Lisa Gay
Hamilton in "Honeydripper"
Charles S. Dutton in
Yaya DaCosta
Next Top
Model), in
In Theaters December 28, 2007
Written, Directed & Edited  by JOHN SAYLES
From Director
Denzel Washington and Producer  
Oprah Winfrey In Theaters Dec 25th

Based on a true story of Young Black   
Intellectual Power during the 1930's
NEW YORK Nov 19, 2007 - From two-time
Academy Award winner
Denzel Washington
and an ensemble cast lead by Washington that
includes Academy Award winner Forest
Whitaker, comes “The Great Debaters.”  
Inspired by a true story, “The Great Debaters”
chronicles the journey of Professor Melvin
Tolson (
Denzel Washington), a brilliant but
volatile debate team coach who uses the
power of words to shape a group of underdog
students from a small African American college
in the deep south into a historically elite debate
team. A controversial figure, Professor Tolson
challenged the social mores of the time and
was under constant fire for his unconventional
and ferocious teaching methods as well as his
radical political views.

In their pursuit for excellence, Tolson's debate
team receives a groundbreaking invitation to
debate Harvard University's championship
team.  The film is directed by
Washington and stars Washington, Forest
Whitaker, Jurnee Smollett, Nate Parker, Denzel
Whitaker, and
Kimberly Elise. "The Great
Debaters" was written by Robert Eisele and
Tom Epperson and produced by Todd Black,
Kate Forte,
Oprah Winfrey and Joe Roth.  
Presented by
The Weinstein Company, "The
Great Debaters," will be released by MGM on
December 25th.