By: Gatsby Melodi'
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Bill Withers Is Back!
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Bill Withers' passion for
"romantic salvation" is
rekindled with two classic
albums. The mystique
immortalizing early
compositions of
singer-songwriter are
Praised as "triumphant", "deeply
moving" and "empowering",
"LIVING WATER" the critically
acclaimed novel by biblical scholar
named Best Christian Novel by the
revered Black Issues Book Review
Judge Hatchett is a nationally
syndicated weekday courtroom
series created to appeal to
young adults as well as viewers
of all ages. Presiding in the
courtroom is Judge Glenda
Hatchett, one of the youngest
digitally remastered for the first time and
repackaged with 'bonus tracks" set to
arrive in stores Tuesday, Jan 28 in
Columbia/Legacy's' Rhythm & Soul
Series'.  Withers two most memorable
and commercially successful albums,
(1972) "Still Bill", which introduced hits
'Lean On Me' and 'Use Me'.  The other is
"Menagerie" with 'I Want To Spend the
Night' and 'Lovely Day'.    "Still Bill"  will
feature newly-written liner notes penned
by Bill Withers, and "Menagerie" will
feature a new essay by award-winning
biographer David Ritz, based on exclusive
interviews conducted with Bill Withers
earlier this year.

Over the past ten years many gems made
famous by Withers have made their way
into the repertoires of today's recording
artists.  The unlikeliest star to emerge
from Slab Fork in dirt-poor Appalachia
coal mining hills of West Virginia where
Withers was born July 4, 1938.  He
confides, "I was small..I stuttered..I wet the
bed..I was sickly and unpopular.  Later in
life I started writing poetry and songs as a
way to legitimize myself."  After nine years
in the Navy followed by a variety of blue
collar jobs, Withers ultimately settled in LA
around 1967.  A friend helped him put a
demo together which enabled Withers to
win his debut album "Just As I Am".  In
1971 summer 'Ain't No Sunshine' and
'Grandma's Hands'  sought to reinforce
his unassuming sense of staying
unspoiled in an age of excess.    "Now that
I'm well in my sixties (64)", Withers
confides, "I feel the muse tapping on my
shoulder again.  I can't deny it's there. I'm
dealing with it first by picking up a
hammer and building a studio."
and most distinguished African American
women ever to serve as the presiding judge
of a state court   A powerful judge using  
emotional, relevant cases, and a unique way
of determining justice that ultimately changes
people’s lives.

What continues to distinguish the series
from its genre are its trademark “intervention
segments: creative sentences handed out by
the Judge to help litigants understand the
implications of their actions and learn how to
better handle problems. These reality-check
experiences are shot on-location around the
country from the waters in New York’s harbor
to the streets of Los Angeles inner city and
offer guidance that can be blunt,
confrontational, enriching or motivational.

With its dynamic storytelling, strong central
personality and innovative elements, JUDGE
HATCHETT successfully offers both
compelling entertainment and invaluable
inspiration the best of television today.

"I am looking for volunteers to be a guiding
light for today's youth for Big Brothers and Big
Sisters", she told me. "I'm asking everyone to
please call 1-888-412-BIGS or visit www. If you have ever
sang to a brush or put a smile on another's
face, please help me share the love with the
youth. They are our future."  
Also listed as a bestseller by "Essence"
magazine, "Living Water" (HarperSan Francisco
$14.95), is now available in paperback.    

OBERY HENDRICKS is a professor of Biblical
Interpretation at New York Theological Seminary
(and past President of Payne Theological
Seminary), has been hailed as one of the most
radical and original thinkers in his field. He holds
a Ph.D. from Princeton University and lives in
northern New Jersey. This is his first novel.

"Living Water" is an African-American retelling of
the dramatic New Testament story of the woman
at the well, one of the most intriguing and
mysterious figures in the "Holy Bible". In a story
masterfully told through beautifully descriptive
and poetic passages, the novel presents
profound insights into the complexities of
relationships, intimacy, strength, love,
redemption and spirituality. The journey the
woman at the well takes awakens in her-and in
all that read this novel, the strength and courage
to live life to the fullest..

"For all who experience difficulty in life, 'Living
Water' is a divinely inspired bridge to a new level
of self-awareness. A must read", recommends
Iyanla Vanzant.
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Some females say romance is
dead.  Others contend
emphatically that "love" is alive
and well in the romance
department with their male  
energizer. Some females
The Ojays
Though the collection
features its fair share of
ballads, "Love Songs"
gathers a dozen of
Ojays most romantic
Johnny Mathis
imply that black men don't use appropriate words
when it comes to romancing. Well then ladies,  
"waste not" "want not". any longer  Help is on the
way, "Love Songs", a sparattic music release
collection from Columbia/Legacy Recordings with
the motto, 'There are many ways to say I love you'.  

The label brings crooning centerstage as told by
five black men sang'n 'bout love.  Marvin Gaye,
Johnny Mathis and
The Ojays...sang'n 'bout
love.;;"Love Songs", 'the digitally remastered
collection that make great gifts.'  

For the man who takes it to the drama level with his
queen, "Love Songs" Johnny Mathis,  compilation
targets lovers with imagination.  This is a little more
interesting in that it is more than a collection of hits
and favorites with rearranged sequencing.  Only
one of the 16 tracks, 'The Twelfth of Never' was a
hit.  Most are songs associated with films and
Broadway musicals like, 'My Funny Valentine', 'I
Can't Give You Anything But Love' and 'What Are You
Doing the Rest of Your Life?'.  Though spanning
1957-1993, none of the characteristically lush
orchestrations are absent.
songs from their Philadelphia
International Records heyday in the early
and mid-70's, including such essentials
as '992 Arguments', 'Family Reunion',
'Let Me Make Love To You' and 'Stairway
to Heaven'.
A candlelit room, a
bubble bath and
Marvin Gaye "Love
Songs" are all you
need for a romantic
evening at home.
The remnant stuffing's of grand and
glorious days up in Harlem when
names like Duke Ellington, Count
Basie, Langston Hughes, Lena Horne,
Pearl Bailey and Moms Mabley meant
uncomplicated, sublime and fun-filled
days pay homage to that gifted era and
comes alive full force finding its
"pied-a-terre" in George C. Wolfe's
"Harlem Song Original Apollo Theater
Cast Recording". Vibrant boogie magic
and charming script.  But gossippie Ms.
(Queen Esther Marrow)
just kills me when she employs "When
U walk U get there" in #3 'Well Alright
Then!'.   The musical was created for
the legendary Apollo Theater stage by
award-winning writer/director George C.

"Harlem Song" is emblematic of the
commercial revitalization to which
Harlem today is passionately
committed.  It weaves together musical
numbers, stories, poetry  and
narrations.  The 24 cut cd marks the 1st
newly-produced, newly-recorded cast
album in the 12 year history of
Columbia/Legacy Records, a division of
Sony Music.  Yesterday is history.  
Tomorrow is mystery.  "Harlem Song
Apollo Theater Cast Recording"
is a gift.  Cast includes
recording artist Queen Esther who
brilliantly maintains the bling bling.   
Marvin Gaye
Dim the lights and spin 'Rockin' After
Midnight' and 'Sexual Healing', and see
where the night takes you.  Marvin Gaye
turns up the heat for females, in the beat.
The sexually charged compilation has
been digitally remastered to emphasize all
the moods of love.
WHITNEY HOUSTON Shows Diane Sawyer Self-Reliance and Spirituality In ABC-TV Special
By: Gatsby Melodi'
"This is my time now.  Love me or leave me...but love me" WHITNEY Houston
resplendently ended ABC-tv's Diane Sawyers interview which reportedly not only won
the time slot for viewers not hitting the remote but has broken all time records with
facsimile formats. Veteran journalist, Diane Sawyer thought she came armed with
lethal ammunition diligently hoping to reveal a broke down "has been" - down on her
luck looking for a pity party - but I'm gonna bust U before millions revealing your
forbearance or lack thereof questions. Instead, Americans are praising
overtly display of self-reliance and love for her fans.
 Whitney Houston says yes she's
partied, had fun and did childish things but assures all that is in the past.  She stubbed her toe and got
back up.  A sign of the guts of a winner.

Each question Sawyer put before
Houston was a welcomed open door for Whitney to respond with
ideas uncharacteristic of lexiphanic, bombastic or pompous as was expected she would.  Instead
Houston's responses were reverberating "i feel down but i got back up"  Houston looked drop dread
gorgeous with her 5'7" frame clothed in Italian white silk outfit shown here sitting at her white
babygrand piano photographed with  Sawyer who unscrupulously queried Houston, "Is it
alchol..marijuana...cocaine..or all".  "Sometimes"
Whitney surprisingly responds.  "What's your biggest
devil" Sawyer sets up a trap, "Me" Whitney spiritually grounded responds.  "I'm not the strongest and I'm
not the weakest" Whitney defies.  But it is Sawyer's questions regarding Whitney's father and his
one-hundred million dollar lawsuit pending against Houston that breaks down Whitney.  She says
sadly, "My father is 81 with ailing health"   Sawyer injects "Do U love him?"   "ABSOLUTELY. He gave me
life", she emphatically responds.  It is at this point tears profusely pour out Houston's eyes and she
begs that  the interview be halted.  But not before she said "My father has influences who say I am not
his daughter and he is not my father."  Thank GOD Sawyer's discretion stepped back to SLOW.    
UPDATE:  John Houston, Whitney's father passed February 2003.  Our Prayers go out
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Judge LISA WHITE HARDWICK of the Missouri Court of Appeals is one of this nations most powerful and influential judicialis.   
Judge HARDWICK in an in-person interview with me from her chambers at the Appellate Court bldg in Kansas City revealed to
me that she is living her childhood dream.  This truly magnificently noble and Holy Ghost "spirit-filled" vessel began with the
words ...  "My journey in to a legal career began with the death of
Martin Luther King Jr"  She went on to reveal to me exactly her
decision to become an attorney. According to Judge Hardwick, in 1964 when she was merely 3 years old, her parents (Dan
and Gustava White)  sat her down and explained to her the significance of MLKJr's infamous "March on Washington" "I Have A
Dream" speech and the impact it could have on the world overall, including this nations future.  
But Judge HARDWICK says that it was her witnessing the behavior from others that followed immediately after the  MLKJr  
assassination that she then decided to fight for civil rights.  Her future revealed itself to her.  She said she saw  the  rioting and
looting on the news broadcastings and questioned her parents why people responded so violently to the civil activist leaders
demise.   "My parents sat me down and explained that the feeling of despair was because the people thought that the dream of
Judge Lisa Hardwick
Court of Appeals
equality had died with MLKJr" , she said "it was at that point I decided I was going to be a civil rights attorney even though I had no idea what an
attorney was, or what they did.  But I did know that people did not have to be filled with despair, and I was determined to make a difference, so that
people's civil rights were not violated. Not Black or White, or female or male, but human rights"

While this locomotive equalizer is destined to make a difference by using the powerful weapon - "law" --She told me,  "When I leave the office I am
Mom, a wife, a daughter, a cheerleader, a Sunday School teacher.", ...  Thurgood  Marshall broke ground as the first African-American to sit on the
United States Supreme Court.  Rumor has hit that Judge Lisa White Hardwick could make history by becoming the first female African-American to
sit on this nations highest court.  Court of Appeals is second only to the Supreme Court....
.Thank you Judge Hardwick for taking time out to share
your success story
On Henry Johnson's new cd "Organic" with  the indomitable Ms. Nancy Wilson supplying her delicious vocals on 3-duets with
Johnson, and one solo project titled, "I'f It's the Last Thing I Do', it unwinds to a musical odyssey trail of slow, mellow and phat
jazz.  Johnson says the album is recorded "the way records used to be made, without overdubs, without studio programs to fix
mistakes".  Even
Nancy Wilson showed up ready to record only 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  There is a whole lotta fun going
on between Johnson and Wilson in this release, like the dialogue between the two the last minute on my favorite cut #5, 'Hello
Like Before', where they both let out a gutsy belting laugh at the end, that will certainly make you laugh out loud..  It's going back to
my  roots with music I grew up with", Johnson explains, "to the basic concepts of jazz and blues, but I'm taking the group into
areas that a lot of other organ groups ignore, with more difficult tunes and more modern arrangements. I just couldn't use the
digital recording process for this. Recording like this to analog two-inch tapes means you play complete takes, all the way
through. The organ is not a digital kind of sound", he concludes.  Other than fancy Ms. Nancy on vocals, and Johnson on guitar
and vocals, the group includes Peter Roothaan, tenor & alto sax; Greg Rockingham, drums; Chris Foreman, Hammond B-3
Organ. Johnson refers to the sound heard on "Henry Johnson Organic with
Nancy Wilson" manufactured and marketed by A440
Music Group, as organ combo, and explains.."The classic organ combo comprises a Hammond B-3 electric organ, the king of
keyboards, along with drums and out front guitar and/or saxophone. The classic organ combo does not include a bassist,
because the B-3's pedal board allows the organist to supply his own bass lines-with his feet."  /
Henry Johnson
Nancy Wilson
"Blue Gardenia" by the great baritone and tenor saxophonist Charles Davis is for lovers and friends. Charles is reunited with
Cedar Walton on piano, bassist Peter Washington, and drummer Joe Farnsworth. Davis' prolific career which spawns 50+ years,
is credited with honing his craft with many jazz notables including Billie Holiday. The 8 tracks contained here are delightfully
varied and divided between Charles' tenor and baritone, while much of his initial work was built on baritone.  Charles
take-no-prisoners approach to his tenor sax is evident from the stop-action syncopation on the head, and lyrical exciting solos
that focus on tranquel and relentless swing, emphasizing adventurous ideas consistent throughout "Blue Gardenia", from Reade
Street Records scheduled release July 1.  Each track embodies celibacy so I won't name fav's.  
Charles Davis
miles davis
"I've been trying to get Columbia A&R for
years to put out these albums with NO
, Miles said.  "There's nothing to
say about the music. Don't write about the
music. The music speaks for itself."
After the albums were completed, I asked Miles if he
had anything he wanted to say about them for the
notes"  -ralph j. gleason, from the original LP liner notes
Gleason continued in the liners, "Miles was more interested in listeners entering into his musical world and hearing his tales for themselves, than in
having a road map be provided to navigate the stories"  
Columbia/Legacy offers the unabridged version.  "Miles Davis: In Person Friday and Saturday Nights At The Blackhawk, Complete".  Recorded live at
the Blackhawk, San Francisco on April 21-22, 1961, the NEW double (4) cd collection included for the first time every note recorded by Miles and
crew at the Blackhawk in chronological order.
Miles Davis (trumpet), Hank Mobley (tenor sax), Wynton Kelly (piano),Paul Chambers (bass) and
Jimmy Cobb (drums).  Friday sessions include 4 previously unreleased tracks Saturday night disc features 9 previously unreleased tunes. 
In stores now is the stunning interplay and synergy resulting from a long-term relationship evidencing fully throughout "The
Stryker/Slagle Band", the quartet co-led by guitarist
Dave Stryker and alto/tenor saxophonist Steve Slagle, playing together since
1986 on more than a dozen recordings.  The cd's 7 original tracks cover territory of bop, blues, early Miles and African/Brazilian
musical tradition of laid back jazz stated over suspended great rhythm effects juxtaposing delightful bent notes, rapid runs and
'out' chords.  Tom Horner, drums, and Bill Moring, bass complete the quartet, on Khaeon music.
Websites: OR
UPN's THE PARKERS Keep'n It Real
By:  Gatsby Melodi'  
THE PARKERS features the outrageous mother-daughter team of Nikki
(Mo'Nique) and Kim Parker (Countess Vaughn), enters its fourth season
as one of the most popular shows on television with African-American viewers The Parker women's signature "Heeyyy" greeting has even made
its way into populare vernacular.  There is never a dull moment between the dynamic duo of outspoken, outlandish, yet amusing and charming
Nikki Parker and her hip, young, albeit not-too-bright daughter Kim as the two enter their final year at Santa Monica College
During hiatus from THE PARKERS, Mo'Nique
performs her comedy routine in cities across the
globe, electrifying audiences with her raw over
the top but chic humor style, as evidenced in the
highly successful concert even "The Queens of
Comedy."  She stars as the irrepressible
bodacious Nikki Parker.  With dreams of being
rich and famous,
Mo'Nique began doing comedy
performances in her hometown, Baltimore.  She
took to the stage for the first time on a dare from
her brother.  The standing ovation she received
that night gave her the inspiration she needed to
pursue comedy as a profession.
Countess Vaughn stars as
Kim Parker, a young woman
enjoying her college years
with an unusual accessory at
her side, her mother
Vaugh was discovered on 'Star Search' in 1988.  She
susequently turned her attention to televison where she
enjoyed a year long stin on "227".  She also guest starred
on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and "Thea", "Hangin' With
Mr. Cooper" and "Roc", all before the age of 18.  She
originated the character of Kim Park on UPN's Moesha"   
Vaugh currently lives in Los Angeles.
By Gatsby Melodi'
Mo'Nique currently lives in Los
Angeles with her two sons, Mark
Jr and Shalon.
Hawkins, the no-nonsense
receptionist who keeps order
amidst the chaos in the clinic, in
televion's highly successful series
Simply Red' MICK HUCKNALL Transcends
ShowBiz Adversity With New CD In Stores Now
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Ahmad Jamal Still Going Strong At Age
72 With Inventive Genius Display On "In
Search Of Momentum"
By:  Gatsby Melodi'
After playing the piano for nearly seventy
years, Ahmad Jamal says, "My life at 72
is certainly busier than at 27.  It's still
always exciting for me to sit down at the
piano, because every time I do,
something new happens.  Something
either surprises me or I surprise myself.
The wonderful thing about music is that
it's ageless."  

Jamal is anxious to discuss his new cd
"In Search of Momentum", and when
asked about the way he composes he
explains, "We're all living vessels.  We
are not creative people.  We are
reflections of creativity.  We have to be in
tune with creation to reflect creativity.  
When I write I hear thousands of
sounds.  Not all are subject to pen and
paper.  The valid ones are  the ones I put

When he talks about the two prolific
musicians accompanying him on the cd,
drummer Idris Muhammad and bassist
James Cammack, Jamal obliges, "I've
tried every context imaginable, but the
trio is the most demanding.  The trio
allows me a lot of space.  Playing at
optimum level is the challenge.  What's
necessary for me is establishing a
meaningful statement musically, the
value lies in my skills to interpret a song."

The cd has 10 tracks. On track #4
'Whisperings', the trio is joined by vocalist
O.C. Smith, who died in Nov 01. This
recording is said to be one of O.C.
Smith's last known recordings.   

Ahmad Jamal is a great philosopher.  
About his outlook on his journey, and "In
Search Of Momentum",  for Dreyfus
Records he says, "I'm a wordless
storyteller who cares about the
dynamics of music because musical
dynamics are human dynamics."
Jenifer Lewis
"Strong Medicine".o Lewis’ talent to captivate an
audience stems from her incredibly versatile
voice, her bawdy, well-developed sense of
humor and her powerf"Strong Medicine".

In the
Tina Turner biopic, “What’s Love Got to Do
With It,” Lewis’ critically acclaimed performance
as Turner’s mother, Zelma Bullock. Her
captivating presence and sharp-tongued humor
can also be remembered in Penny Marshall’s
romantic comedy, “The Preacher’s Wife,” with
Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston.  In the
theatre, her one-woman show, “The Diva is
Dismissed,” which she also co-wrote, had a
three-year run in Los Angeles and premiered at
the Joseph Papp Public Theatre as part of the
prestigious New York Shakespeare Festival.

On Broadway, her credits include “Eubie,”
“Comin’ Uptown,” “Dreamgirls,” and the recent
City Center Encores! Presentation of Neil Simon’
s musical “Promises, Promises” with Martin
Short and Christine Baranski. She also starred
in “The Old Settler” at the Pasadena Playhouse.

She starred in LIFETIME Television’s
Back” and was heard as the voice of Bebe in the
Eddie Murphy produced animation “The PJs.”
Additional television credits include starring
roles in the cable series “Linc’s,” the movies-for-
television “
Rituals” and “An Unexpected Life,” as
well as the miniseries “The Temptations.” She
has guest starred in the series “For Your Love,”
“Touched by an Angel,” “The Cosby Show,”
“Parenthood,” “Friends,”  “Living Single,” “Dream
On,” “New York Undercover,” “Murphy Brown,”
“Lois & Clark,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,”
“Girlfriends” and the new series, “Family Affair,”
starring Tim Curry. She has had the added
distinction of being
Johnny Carson’s final guest
with her friend Bette Midler on the last taping of
“The Tonight Show.”

On the motion picture side, Lewis was in
“Mystery Men,” opposite Ben Stiller and William
H. Macy. Her other feature film credits include
“Castaway,” “The Brothers,” “Partners,” “Girl 6,”
“Dead Presidents,” “The Mighty,” “Blast From the
Past,” “Sister Act” and “Sister Act 2: Back in the
Habit,” “Panther,” “Corrina, Corrina,”
“Renaissance Man,” “Poetic Justice,” “Juwanna
Mann” and
“The Antwone Fisher Story” directed
Denzel Washington.

"And I'm just getting started", the wonderful and
kind spirit ended the interview.
Taking charge of his life,
"Maybe I have been away,"
Hucknall age 42 says, "but
not in my head. I can still
sing, and songs just keep
coming. I don't intend to
stop doing this."
Simply Red
After 45 million album sales, 20-odd years on the pop
roller coaster, and redundant  feelings of  
disgruntleness at the end of his 14 year affiliation with
the Elektra and East-West labels of Warner Music
Group, Mick Hucknall takes charge of his life and his
career with the  Aug 26th US release of  "Home", the  
first album from Simply Red since 1999  Simply Red
introduced themselves in 1985 with the smash #1 hit  
"Holding Back the Years".   

According to "Financial Times" (3/26/03) Hucknall
earned about $32 million while his label made over
$300 million in the same period.  "I couldn't see
re-signing", says Hucknall about his business affairs.

"I go into the studio, pay the costs of recording an
album, pay for the marketing and still someone else
owns it.  The notion that I pay for it and they own it
doesn't make sense.  Now I have the responsibility to
make it a success, as I have put my money where my
mouth is", reveals Hucknall, about his decision to go
forth with his vision which is being channeled through
a company named

The new album marks a major return to artistic and
commercial form.  The first single 'Sunrise' has made
"Home" into out-of-the-box hits across Europe.  The
cd's eleven tracks include seven new songs written or
co-written by Mick Hucknall, and a 70's Philly Soul
favorite from the Stylistics 'You Make Me Feel Brand
New'.  Supporting cast includes such veteran session
musicians as guitarist Dean Parks, drummer James
Gadson, and keyboard players Bernie Worrell and the
notorious Joe Sample.

Hucknall is releasing "Home" on his own label, established with Silent Way
Management in conjunction with (media giant Lisa
Barbaris)  of "So What Media & Management", in New
York City.  This arrangement allows Hucknall to retain
ownership of his master recordings.
Winfrey Gets Booked
Winfrey  announced
she would no longer
sponsor a book club.  
Effective today
announced she's
re-opening her book
club, after stating,
NAT KING COLE Was First A Pianist
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Beginning in the 30's Nat King Cole
(1917-65) established himself as a
major jazz pianist.  Following the
success of his vocal recordings
"Straighten Up and Fly Right" and
"The Christmas Song" in the 40's
Cole increasingly featured his
"It has become harder and harder to find
books on a monthly basis that I feel
absolutely compelled to share. I will
continue featuring books on
'The Oprah
Winfrey Show' when I feel they merit my
heartfelt rcommendation."
Welcome back!
Pianist Alan Broadbent
'you and the night and the music"
A Name And Title So Recherche'
By: Gatsby Melodi'
No doubt you've seen actions that
make ya go 'Um-hmm'. Well, here
comes music so scandalously
delicious, if it came with calories
instead of pleasure you'd
no-doubt gain 50 pounds with
each listen.
vocals which N time led to international celebrity.  
Though he died of lung cancer at age 47 Nat Cole is
still well known as both a superb singer and virtuoso
pianist. Cole left a legacy of a "reputation of a superior
vocalist possessing a smooth but cool voice and a
sincere but laid-back personality", scribes liner notes
by Brian Priestley about "The Definitive
Nat "King"
Cole" a "fresh revelation" of the man and his music.  
Blue Note Records and the Verve Music Group join
together launching 'The Definitive Series' to celebrate
the classic artists of Jazz.This collection of Cole
choice cuts (mostly instrumental) from 1942-45 opens
with a "take me back in time version" of 'Tea For Two'.  
Cole is joined throughout the cd by Benny Carter,
Coleman Hawkins, Max Roach and Lester Young.
Laughing With Vin Diesel
"You know you do the
premiere and go to
the after party
because so many
people worked on
the project and you
want to see how
"you and the night and the music" is an
appropriate title for recherche' jazz delivered
with undeniable dominance from ALAN
BROADBENT.  There is no-force-feeding from
Alan Broadbent, no demands to pay attention;
instead, it is a come-as-you-are
whenever-you-can delight.  Once you cue it up,
go on about your business cause you know
it's-all-good. The profound innocence  and
tranquilness of piano, drums and bass unwind
you from the stresses of daily life.

Although this is his tenth trio recording,
Broadbent is significantly remembered for his
work as an arranger, construction big band
charts for singers like Natalie Cole and Mel
Torme, and his work with Woody Herman's
band as arranger and pianist, and with Henry
Mancini and arranger Nelson Riddle. In 1997 he
won a Grammy for his arrangement of 'When I
Fall In Love', for
Natalie Cole. A second Grammy
came in 200, for 'Lonely Town', which Broadbent
wrote for Charlie Haden's Quartet, featuring
Shirley Horn. ON this CD, Broadbent along with
drummer Joe Labarbera and bassist Brian
Bromberg, interpret seven standards, which
Broadbent says "are the ideal vehicle for jazz
many people are responding to your
work.  Then you're trying to sign off with
directors for future projects and making
excuses for why you didn't read a script
you were supposed to read Monday.  
You finally get everything wrapped
up..arrive in NY at 4 a.m...up at 7..and
you're lying in bed at 4:30 when you start
to think...What am I going to say on
(David) LETTERMAN?  You're never
going to sleep,"  laughs 35-year-old Vin
Diesel, Hollywood's latest action hero
and sex symbol.
SCHWARZENEGGER Speaks About His Film
"Terminator 3:  Rise Of The Machines"  
By:   Gatsby Melodi'
"No matter where I go in the world," Schwarzenegger
says, "no matter what movie I have promoted over the
last twelve years, people ask me when am I going to
do another Terminator?

The Terminator has become an icon.The character
has that quality which makes you want to see more of
him.You want him to win.You want him to survive.The
look of the Terminator is iconic - the black leather
jacket, the boots, the sunglasses.

The Terminator premise - artificially intelligent
machines become self-aware and wage war on
humanity, is more relevant and provocative to
audiences today than ever before. Equally compelling
to audiences is the Terminator's status.  He is not
bound by any moral inhibitions - if he needs a car he
gets in, rips out the cables and takes it. People can
live vicariously through the Terminator, fantasizing
about a lifestyle void of laws and moral codes that
restrict behavior.
Last to Go Disney Dismayed
"It Shouldn't Be Over" Says Roy
By: Gatsby Melodi'

Disney vice chairman Roy E. Disney, the
last family member to be active in the
media giant today resigned from it's
board of directors, the company said.

Disney reportedly has called on
Michael Eisner to resign as
well.  The governance and nominating
committee decided not to recommend
Disney for another term because he is
over the mandated retirement age of 72,
said the board's presiding director,
former Sen. George Mitchell.

Roy E. Disney, is the nephew of
company co-founder Walt Disney.
Breathes New Life In To Jazz Future
Generation & It Looks Very Bright
By: Gatsby Melodi'
"Glamoured is a Gaelic word
meaning to be whisked away,:
says vocalist, producer and
Cassandra Wilson,
explaining the title of her new
album on
Blue Note Records, in
which she sets moods
Schwarzenegger says,
"The story can be
understood by anyone,
no matter what nation or
cultural background
you're from. With the
way technology has
been advancing over the
with her trademark mix of first-rate originals and
adventurous covers of other songwriters material
Abbey Lincoln's 'Throw It Away'.

WILSON says that she called Abbey Lincoln for
permission to record 'Throw It Away', and recalls
Lincoln responding "Yeah of course. I'd love for
you to record it, and check out that last verse",
Lincoln emphasized.  According to Cassandra,
"Lincoln had written but had not recorded a third

Other standout cuts are the 70's soul-ballad 'If
Loving You Is Wrong', and Willie Nelson's 'Crazy'
(made famous by Patsy Cline).

When I hear Cassandra Wilson sing, I personally
hear Nina Simone Abbey Lincoln, Carmen McRae
tingings.  Another standout is 'Broken Drum", a
Wilson original recorded in Mississippi, that
conveys the weight of the CD.  Wilson says, "It's
saying its faith you maintain even when your
resources seem limited, and the effort you make
regardless of circumstances, that ultimately
makes the difference in our lives. Cassandra
Wilson starts a world tour in December 2003 to
promote this CD.
Skip The Sleeping Pill = Watch The
Film   "RADIO"  From
Columbia Pictures
--It'll Knock Ya Out Cold
By: Gatsby Melodi'

Behind every pill you take there is a
side-effect, so skip the sleeping pill and
go directly to the movies to see "RADIO",
from Columbia Pictures; guaranteed to
take you out of your misery and
immediately put you to sleep. Not even
stars like
Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ed Harris,
Debra Winger, or
Alfre Woodard can
save this disaster. "RADIO" is one of
those films that makes ya go WHY. Why
is this film a movie?

A mentally challenged brutha living in a
small town once again is saved by a
white man and is allowed to remain in
11th grad for 20 years. As a matter of
fact, this story is based on a true story,
and at the end of the film the real Radio
is shown, and guess what -- he's still in
11th grad.

"RADIO" is a sloow moving, boring film
that supposedly focuses on a mentoring
relationship between a high school
football coach (Ed Harris) James Robert
Kennedy nicknamed Radio because of
his vintage radio collection - the town
loner in Anderson, South Carolina,
pushing his ever present grocery cart up
and down the streets speaking to no
one, and is blatantly ignored, until one
day Coach Harold Jones (Harris) lifts the
brutha (Gooding Jr) up from
worthlessness and gives him value.  
Give me a break, isn't this story

In 1996, director/producer Mike 'Tollin
reportedly picked up an issue of "Sports
Illustrated", read an article written by
Gary Smith entitled, "
Someone to Lean
and this movie is the end-result.
Revolution Studios presents "RADIO",
the Tollin/Robbins Production, directed
by Mike Tollin, written by Mike Rich,
executive produced by Todd Garner and
Caitlin Scanlon.  YAWN..YAWN !!!  
last few years, everyone understands the fear that one
day machines will take over and the reality that they
can be smarter, stronger and ultimately replace
human beings. When people walk out of the theater
after seeing Terminator 3," predicts Schwarzenegger,
"they're not only going to say the visual effects were
mind blowing or the action is extraordinary - they're
also going to say this story was moving, the story was
told in the most amazing way, it is emotional and very
dramatic.  Jonathan did an excellent job of developing
a screenplay with writers Mike Ferris and John
Brancato. This is smart, exciting and affecting on
multiple levels."

Mario F. Kassar and Andrew G. Vajna present a
Jonathan Mostow Film, Directed by Jonathan Mostow,
Screenplay by John Brancato & Michael Ferris,
"Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines" will be released
by Warners Bros. Pictures.  Running time is 1 Hr 48
Minutes, and is rated "R" for strong sci-fi violence,
action, language and brief nudity.

"The more we entrust machines to do everything, the
greater chance we have of losing control.  What
happens if they start thinking?  What happens if they
turn on us.  Combined with people's fascination with
the concepts of time travel and altering the future, is
truly frightening and endlessly entertaining."
-andrew g. vajna
Romantic Epic "BEYOND BORDRS"
Starring ANGELINA JOLIE Shines Bright
By: Gatsby Melodi'
From Paramount Pictures,
Academy Award winner
ANGELINA JOLIE stars in this
thrilling romantic adventure
about an American woman living a sheltered life in
London, who is swept away by a handsome
renegade doctor (Clive Owen) committed to
humanitarian efforts in war-torn nations.

ANGELINA JOLIE, eager to bring "Beyond Borders"
to the screen says, "This is an amazing project and
it deals with so many important things. It deals with
families, countries, life and love.  I like the kind of
movie that puts people into situations they might
not be aware of, situations that can change their

Upon reading the screenplay for "Beyond Borders",
Jolie says she began to pursue a personal
involvement in humanitarian causes. Just a few
days ago (Oct 22), United Nations Secretary,
General Kofi Annan presented JOLIE with the
coveted United Nations Correspondents
Association (UNCA) Citizen of the World Award, in
recognition of a non-journalist who has been
instrumental in raising awareness of UN issues.  
"Beyond Borders" is fast moving, heartfelt and an
accurate assessment of life enrichening from PP
and Mandalay Pictures, a Camelot Pictures
MAGIC JOHNSON Turns Movie Mogul
By: Rennae Randolph

The testosterone charged movie "BarberShop" was a
clean cut success at the box office last year, so it only
seems logical to weave that good fortune into a
female version called "BeautyShop", executive
produced by Magic Johnson, but like many innovators
with creative juices, Johnson finds himself in the
middle of a lawsuit. A long running stage play of the
same name is contending "it" has the rights to
"BeautyShop", and is out to prove it in a Chicago
federal court.

According to sources, Magic Johnson's "BeautyShop"
has already completed shooting, while a movie based
on the stage play is now filming in Baltimore.
Tupac's Mom Tells Her Story In "tupac
Resurrection"    Coming Soon to Theaters
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Pavarotti To Marry
By: Rhoda Wolin

Legendary opera star Luciano Pavarotti
(68) is getting married to his longtime
companion. An Italian news agency said
Pavarotti will marry Nicoletta Mantovani
On December 13, in his hometown with
whom he has a baby daughter. His
spokeswoman Reneta Meroni,
confirmed the tenor planned to marry
within the next few months, but would
not confirm the date. But the ANSA news
agency said Pavarotti confirmed the
December date in a telephone
conversation.  Mantovani gave birth to
Pavarotti daughter in January. He has
three children from his marriage to Adua
Veroni, who managed his multi-million
dollar business affairs.
Executive produced by Tupac's mom, the film titled
"tupac Resurrection", opens Nov 14th from Paramount
Pictures, includes footage from MTV's archives as well
as a narration by Tupac himself, culled from hours of
interviews.  Now Mom gets her chance.
P. Diddy Runs NYC Marathan Raises $2
Million For Kids
By: J C Lee
Hip-hop entrepreneur Sean "P Diddy" Combs
completed th grueling NYC Marathon, raising $2
million for children - double what he had planned.
"Never in my life have I ever experienced anything
as crazy as this", Combs told reporters Sunday.
"This is a beautiful experience."

The money will be divided among two children's
charities and New York City public schools.  

Combs said after the race, "Twenty-six miles isn't a
publicity stunt".
Singer James Brown
appears in this Jan. 28,
2004, booking photo
from the Aiken (South
Carolina) County
Sheriff's Office. He is
facing charges of
domestic violence.
President Clinton gestures as he talks with Jacqueline
Kennedy Onassis and
John F. Kennedy Jr. during
re-dedication ceremonies at the John F. Kennedy
Library and Museum Oct. 29, 1993, in Boston.
John F. Kennedy Jr. comforts his sister, Caroline
Kennedy Schlossberg, as they arrive May 22, 1994,
at the New York apartment of their mother
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who died of cancer
May 19.