Lehman College in the Bronx - Lehman Center for the Performing Arts
Presents The Perfect Holiday Event!
Backed By A 22 Member Gospel Choir
Saturday, December 11, 2004, beginning at 8 PM
Dick Clark Hospitalized After Stroke
Time for Radio City Spectacular Christmas With the Rockettes
LOS ANGELES, Dec 8, 2004 -
American Bandstand
host and pop music producer
Dick Clark has been
hospitalized in the Los
Angeles area after suffering a
stroke, a spokeswoman said
on Wednesday.
Fill your heart with Christmas.

For a limited time, Buy One ticket, Get One FREE! SHOWS
ADDED to this offer! Available only on select performances
and seats.
The 2004 edition of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, the ultimate
holiday extravaganza, with a host of unforgettable thrills including perennial
favorites like the show-stopping "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" and the
majestic "Living Nativity," as well as an awe-inspiring ride around
Manhattan aboard Santa's 3-D sleigh! NOW - Jan. 2 @ Radio City Music
""He did have a minor stroke and he's in the
hospital for that reason but he'll be fine,"
spokeswoman Amy Streibel told reporters.
James Ingram
Retailers Cross Their Fingers
By: J. C. Lee

With less than two weeks of shopping left until
Christmas, the nation's malls and stores
stepped up discounts over the weekend, but
business appeared to be mixed.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. - which became more
aggressive on pricing after a disappointing
start to the holiday shopping season -
continues to struggle. The Bentonville,
Ark.-based retailer said on Saturday that for the
week ended Friday, sales of winter
merchandise were below expectations, and its
general merchandise business was not as
strong as food sales. However, the world's
largest discounter is still sticking to its
December sales forecast.

Meanwhile, business at luxury stores
continued to be robust, with designer
handbags, jewelry and items like $1,200
massage chairs being snapped up by
well-heeled shoppers.

In New York, California, and even Atlanta,
luxury retailers are getting the benefit of
another phenomenon: the weak dollar. While
that may not bode well for the average
American, it's a lure for shoppers from Europe
and elsewhere whose currencies buy a lot
more dollars than they used to.

Retailers are all revved up, all ready to go, and
the consumers are just taking their sweet time,
walking around, checking out items, but not

Four Grammy-winning superstars - Peabo Bryson, En Vogue, James
Ingram, and Marilyn McCoo - star in an unforgettable holiday spectacular,
"The Colors of Christmas", at
Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, now
in its 25th Anniversary Season.

The concert is on Saturday, December 11, 2004, beginning at 8 PM.

The popular artists will perform such Christmas songs as "O, Holy Night,"
"I'll Be Home For Christmas," and "Have Yourself A Merry Little
Christmas," as well as their own greatest hits.  

The singers will be accompanied by a full orchestra and the 22-voice
gospel group
Judah Ensemble (who will also perform Quincy Jones'
arrangement of "Hallelujah"), directed by Kathy Hazzard.

For the past twelve years, this contemporary Christmas show has
become an annual holiday centerpiece for families across America -- a
magical celebration that touches the hearts of people of all ages with its
message of "Good Will and Peace on Earth."

Lehman Center for the Performing Arts is located at 250 Bedford Park
Boulevard West, on the campus of Lehman College in the Bronx.  Tickets
are: $40, $35, $30, and $25 and can be purchased by calling the Lehman
Center box office at 718.960.8833 (Mon. through Fri., 10 AM - 5 PM, and
beginning at 12 noon on the day of the concert), or through 24-hour online
access at www.LehmanCenter.org.

Lehman Center is accessible by #4 or D train to Bedford Park Blvd. and is
off the Saw Mill River Parkway and the Major Deegan Expressway.  Free
attended parking is available.
Before You Hit the Road Car Shopping
By: Howard Stein

Purchasing a car can be exciting, but it can also be extremely stressful if
buyers aren't properly prepared.  Craig Thor Kimmel, an automotive
consumer advocate and lemon law attorney, offers advice on buying a car
without falling for any tricks.

Kimmel explains, "Tthere's an oversupply of vehicles on the market.
Dealers have to get rid of cars. They offer incentives consisting of low
interest rate financing, options packages at reduced prices and, in some
cases, extended warranty protection - deals designed to appear sweet.  
Incentives make consumers forget about trying to get the best price."

Kimmel recommends four main steps before you hit the road and get  
caught in a car scam - "Know the MSRP" - "Know Your Credit Rating" -
"Check the car before you buy it " -  "Understand all the details of the
The MSRP is the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price reflected on the
window sticker of the car (the sticker is government mandated). You can
also find it out on Web sites such as Edmunds.com.

"Knowing the MSRP before going to the dealer will let you know what that
car should cost, according to the manufacturer. All itemized options for the
vehicle must be listed, too, so it gives the consumer a way of comparing
various cars on a lot without relying solely on what the salesman says.  If a
dealer is unable to go under the MSRP, walk out."
"If your credit score is excellent, banks will lend money at the lowest
interest rate available, and not just one bank, but any bank. A low credit
score means that it is riskier for banks to lend money, and those great
interest rates won't be available. The difference between a good interest
rate and a bad one can mean double or triple interest payments".

"Before even going to look at a car, buyers should visit their bank or go
directly to GMAC, Ford Credit, or any other large lender to find out how they
shape up. They should learn what their credit score is, and what the lowest
interest rate they qualify for is, over the span of time they want to pay off the

"Knowing ahead of time what you qualify for will enable you to negotiate
with the dealer and demand that you get the rate that you were expecting
and no more. If the dealer won't give you the lowest rate, either go to
another dealership, or finance through the lender that told you in the
beginning of the process what you qualify for."
Once the contract is signed, it's generally yours, so it's necessary to check
every single detail on and in the car to make sure it's what you wanted.
Test drive it and make sure every single feature is the way you want it to be.
Examine the car in daylight, never at night .Look under the hood and make
sure, for example, that if it's supposed to be a V8 engine, that it really is
"They could say the customer is only bound to pay a certain interest rate for
six months, when it's actually 60 months. Buyers need to understand that,
in the contract, they are obligated to pay a specific interest rate for a certain
amount of time. A consumer is bound when they sign, so read carefully."

"Another scam that occurs often is when consumers buy a car and are
contacted days or weeks later and told that, due to some unforeseen
problem with their credit or with a bank error, they must come back to sign
a new contract, always under terms that result in a higher priced car. This
scam is called
"Spot Delivery with Yo Yo," where the consumer is told to
return the car at a later date. Bring someone with you when you sign, and
never rely solely on the dealer to explain the terms of the contract. Always
read it. "

"Never relax when you buy a car. If the situation seems too easy and too
relaxed, you may not be paying close enough attention, so go over the
details again."
A 1961 Single 'Guess Who I Saw Today' Marveled the
Sophistication of 23 Year Old Nancy Wilson,
She's Still Beautiful!  Still Sounding Damm Good!  -
Nancy Wilson "R.S.V.P." Debuts at the Top of the Charts - With
all of the proceeds going to support the MCG Jazz program
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Marion Meadows
celebrates the New Year
and his new release
“Player’s Club”,
live  Friday,  Dec 31st, at
The Renaissance
Waverly Hotel.  Tickets
are priced from $60 to
$425 (couple).
Nancy Wilson
Rare Songs,
Very Personal
Nancy Wilson 19??
Nancy Wilson - Nov 2004
Born in Chillicothe, Ohio, on February 20, 1937, Nancy Wilson at  age
15, was given her own (twice-a-week) televison show, "Skyline
Melodies", after appearing at a talent show in Columbus, Ohio.

Prom night while other classmates were meeting and greeting and
making a childhood memory, Nancy was performing at a local club.
Six months later she had become part of the house band.  One night
Cannonball Adderley stopped by and told her, "If you ever come to
New York, give me a call."

Adderley was soon signed to Capitol Records, where Dave
Cavanaugh (Capitol A&R) heard Nancy Wilson in the studio, and
recalls - -  "What I heard that night was the nasal quality of Dinah
(Washington) and the tear of Billie (Holliday).  I signed her

An early 1961 song 'Guess Who I Saw Today', became a staple on
jazz radio and in juke box locations around the globe, for Nancy.

After countless television guest appearances, NBC give Nancy her
own network series , "The Nancy Wilson Show", for which she won
an Emmy Award for the 1967-68 season.  

She has also performed either as herself, or in occasional re-
ocurring acting roles on TV series like "I Spy", "Room 222", "The
Cosby Show", "Soul Food", "New York Undercover", "Moesha" and
"The Parkers"

After many years with Capitol Records, where she remained second
in sales to The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole and
The Beach Boys, she felt a label change would make a difference, so
Nancy swtiched to recording for the Columbia label.  A move she
now interprets as lateral, "I found it impossible to compete sales-
wise with increasingly teen-oriented acts."

Ms. Wilson has recorded over 67 albums to date, and is now  
celebrating her "
50th Anniversary in Show Business", with the
release of
"NANCY WILSON, R.S.V.P., Rare Songs, Very Personal".  

About the CD, she says, "I picked songs that were near and dear to
me, but I never recorded.  Most albums have a theme that runs
through it. These songs didn't fit into what I was doing at that
moment, but they continued to linger in the back of my mind."   

With guests ranging from Kenny Lattimore to jazz legends George
Shearing, Toots Thielemans and Phil Woods, Fancy Miss Nancy's
vast musical palette is well represented on "NANCY WILSON R.S.V.
P. Rare Songs, Very Personal", for Manchester Craftsmen's Guild.

Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild (MCG) is a non-profit school, a multi-
discipline, minority-directed center for arts and learning in Pittsburgh,
PA, that employs the visual and performing arts to foster a sense of
accomplishment and hope in the urban community.  With the support
of artists like Nancy Wilson, MCG Jazz releases albums through its
non-profit jazz record label, with all of the proceeds going to support
the MCG Jazz program.   www.mcgjazz.org
The Renaissance Waverly Hotel  is located at
2450 Galleria Way in Atlanta, GA. For more
information and tickets call 404.691.8497 or visit

Player’s Club finds saxophonist /composer/
Marion Meadows paying tribute to his
fellow musicians and peers. Moving effortlessly
between contemporary jazz and soulful R&B.  
This recording – the saxman’s ninth album – is
the follow-up to In Deep, his best selling 2002
"My music doesn’t have a beginning or end. It’s
continuous.   I didn’t stop writing after the first album"
Alicia Keys About "the diary of alicia keys"
Alicia Keys is a singer, songwriter
and extraordinary pianist who
combines classical training with an
old school sensibility and a direct
relationship with today’s mix of hip-
hop and R&B.   Alicia relates to music
Kenny G Is Eloquently Joined By Jazz Master Arturo Sandoval, Chaka
Khan, Gladys Knight, Barbra Streisand & Others For a Remarkable
Journey With New Album
"Kenny G At Last ... The Duets Album"
In making his fifteenth album for Arista / J
Records, Grammy Award-winner
Kenny G,  
became faced with the kind of creative
challenge only someone who has sold 70
million albums over two decades could imagine.
"I’m really a pretty simple lady and most important, I
keep the people who’ve been around me for years,
around me now.  That keeps me very focused. I’m
blessed with a family and a good circle of positive
people who help me keep perspective.  If I believed the
hype, I would never have been to make an album!

Reflecting on her latest project,
Alicia notes: “My music
doesn’t have a beginning or end. It’s continuous. I didn’t
stop writing after the first album came out and
everything I wrote since came from the experiences in
my life, of being on the road, traveling, dealing with
different situations. Once I got to the studio, I began to
let those things out of me."  

About  'You Don't Know My Name' - "That song is based
on real life experiences,” Alicia reveals. “I wasn’t
working at a diner but I was at a party and there was this
guy across the room.  We made eye contact and I got
his number just before I left.  Well, I did call him
although I couldn’t read his name on the napkin where
he wrote his number!  Thankfully, he picked up the
phone when I called and we had a great conversation.”
Alicia says, “
His quandary was how to make an album that would be personally and
artistically satisfying.  

Kenny’s new recording
"AT LAST…THE DUETS ALBUM", which features
a star-studded line-up of great artists, boasts a cast of extraordinary
performers from a range of musical genres:  
Arturo Sandoval, David
Burt Bacharach, Earth Wind & Fire, Barbra Streisand, Daryl Hall,
Chaka Khan
, Gladys Knight, Brian McKnight, Richard Marx, David
Sanborn, and
Yolanda Adams, all performing classic songs and
contemporary hits, provided the solution.  

One of the most extraordinary songs on the 13 track, 55 minute CD,  is
"AT LAST", (most often associated with Etta James). featuring  trumpeter
Arturo Sandoval seting the song ablaze.  Kenny G responds,  “Arturo
Sandoval has been a musical hero of mine for so long.  He is such a
great trumpeter and I love everything about his style.  I felt that if he
agreed to play on my record, it would be a true honor,” enthuses Kenny.  

The chance to work with soulful divas
Chaka Khan and Gladys Knight
was thrilling for the Seattle, Washington-born saxophonist “Both of those
women are real legends,” he notes. “Chaka is someone I always wanted
to work with and she does such great things on “Beautiful.”, while  Gladys
Knight offers a heartfelt reading of the classic “Misty”
Cleveland-based Heads Up
International, celebrating its
fifteenth year in 2005 as one of
the world’s premier crossover
jazz labels, announced that the
legendary South African vocal
Ladysmith Black
have been nominated
for two Grammy Awards in the
categories of
Best Traditional
World Music Album
How Strong Is the Strength of A Man?
Great Stocking Stuffers or New Years Gifts With His Happiness In Mind -
From Two Prolific Men --
Denzel Washington & Luther Vandross
By: J. C. Lee
Single & Starting Dating Again After 40ish !!
If you don't have that special someone to share your life with, "the
one" who brings out the best in you, - the joyous, generous,
celebratory side, consider reviving your dating life.  

Think about your own values and how they make you special. These
values are the magnetic center of your being, which draws others
with similar values close.  Polish up your values and you may find
other loving hearts attracted to yours. Consider these values:
Each day is a good time not only to be thankful to others, but to be
grateful for your blessings and good qualities. Being thankful for
your strengths--whether they include your intelligence, your good
looks, your kindness, your selflessness, or whatever is best about
you, can help you gain confidence in yourself.

When you're confident about your own gifts, you'll be able to use
your strong points to attract other people.   Be filled with
"Compassion" -  it's likely you're hoping to find this same value in a
potential mate. 2005 is the season to be your most compassionate
self.  Try expressing your sense of caring by volunteering at a food
pantry or senior citizen home.
One idea to consider when you're feeling low about your dating life
is to go out with someone you wouldn't ordinarily consider dating.-
not your "type." Open up to someone kind and thoughtful but not
particularly good-looking. You may find that good character traits
outweigh your usual prerequisites of job income standards.
If your dating life is in the doldrums, it's time to expand your own
horizons and increase your odds of meeting someone great when
you go on a tour, sign up for a photography class,or become a
Saturday afternoon regular at the New York Blue Note in New York
City, each week they have classes taught by a different  "Jazz
Master". The crowd is always eclectic and fun.  
Focus on your own inner life. Taking some time to understand your
own spiritual needs. Spiritual focus might have the added bonus of
leading you to uncharted dating territory
It might take guts to attend a party alone when everyone else is
bringing a date. But, getting there is half the battle (you never know
who else will show up too). And remember that being brave doesn't
mean going it alone.
"2005" can be a joyful year that offers the opportunity for a fresh
start. Love may find you when the New Year begins inside you.
Know there's a right time for everything. Keep an open mind about
your dating possibilities, have fun, and keep hope alive.
Oscar winner Denzel Washington made his powerful
directorial debut with a film inspired by the extraordinary
story of Antwone Fisher, who penned the poignant

DENZEL WASHINGTON'S  triumphant directorial debut  
"Antwone Fisher" is a man's film, dealing with
deep-seated psychological issues from childhood by a
sailor in the U. S. Navy, until a compassionate Navy
psychiatrist, played by the incomparable Washington,
helps Fisher find the courage to heal.
and Best Surround Sound Album by the
National Academy of Recording Arts and
Sciences for
"Raise Your Spirit Higher."  
Winners will be announced at the
47th Annual
Grammy Awards Ceremony
, to be held on
Sunday, February 13, 2005, at Staples Center
in Los Angeles and once again will be
broadcast live on CBS from 8-11:30 p.m.

For more than thirty years, Ladysmith Black
Mambazo have married the
intricate rhythms and harmonies of their native
South African musical
traditions to the sounds of Christian gospel

First introduced to a worldwide audience via
their guest appearance on Paul Simon’s
Graceland album, Ladysmith Black Mambazo
continue riding a wave of popularity generated
by "Raise Your Spirit Higher".

Released to coincide with the historic ten-year
anniversary of the end of apartheid, the group’s
first studio recording in over five years held the
#1 spot on Billboard’s World Music chart for
several months
DVD Features:
Commentary from Denzel Washington and producer Todd Black; the DVD
delves behind-the-scenes with three featurettes including the “
Making of
Antwone Fisher
,” “Hollywood & The Navy” and “Meeting Antwone Fisher.”;   
available in both widescreen (aspect ratio: 2.35:1) and pan & scan (aspect
ratio: 1.33:1) formats; Available January 11, 2005 on DVD & VHS.
And then there's Luther.  "Dance With My Father" has
a song on it titled, 'Right In the Middle' that is certain
to set  a positive mode for your man. Listen to the
song with your man, and discuss the content. That's
right, talk to your man.

The song penned by Luther says: 'If you always do
what you've always done, You'll always get the same
ole suff...Life can treat you good, then turn as cold as
ice...",just to quote a bit of those beautifully powerful
and dynamic lyrics added to a party feel song, like
what he did on "Having On A Party", a few years ago.
Luther sings, "You get disappointed if it ain't all bliss all the time...And you
get so annoyed if you can't feel the same every night",

Wow-ify yourself and your man this Holiday Season with two splenderriffic
expressions of love, from two profound and prolific good men, who know
how to provide quality entertainment.
Famed New York hotel
offers $10,000 martini
By: Rhoda Wolin
Marlena Shaw Feels Like Making Love and She's Out to Warm
A Musical Spot In Your Heart With Two CD's  - "Lookin' for
Love" and "LIVE in Tokyo" From  
441 Records in New York City
By: Gatsby Melodi'
NEW YORK - Drinkers might
want to keep a clear head
when ordering a martini at
New York’s historic Algonquin
Hotel or they might pay
$10,000 for that cold sip.
Marlena Shaw belongs in
that rare breed of singers
that delivers succinctly

understood lyrics
, and
baaack sounding
huskier and deeper,
delivering those
deliciously divine
cremelicious lyrics.

Batta bang, batta  boom!!
The landmark hotel, where famed wit Dorothy
Parker and fellow literary lights at the Round
Table imbibed, offers a $10,000 martini,
complete with a loose diamond at the bottom.

“We haven’t had any buyers yet, but a lot of
people are talking about it,” said Anthony
Melchiorri, the hotel’s general manager, on

The drink is designed to fit with tradition at the
Algonquin, where Round Table members
including Parker, writer Robert Benchley,
playwright George S. Kaufman and “The New
Yorker” magazine founder Harold Ross
gathered regularly.
"FANTASIA"  The 2004 Winner of "American Idol"
Has Got Something For Everybody On Her Fabulous
Debut  LP Titled "
Free Yourself"
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Marlena Shaw
"Lookin' for Love"
Marlena Shaw
"LlIVE in Tokyo"
The album
arrived in
stores Nov

It features guest
appearances by
Missy Elliott, and a
host of hitmakers  
including Jermaine
On "Lookin' for Love" and "LIVE in Tokyo",  each CD opener
starts out with a strong
neck peck'n, thigh slap'n feel-good beat.  
The kind of music that makes you sit up, pay attention to,  and
listen for more.

On the
"Lookin for Love" CD,  most of the material is like that of
tracks 'New York State of Mind',  and 'For All We Know' -  Marlena
has considerably
slooowed down the tempo..She has slooowed
some songs down so much, at times it is too syrupy.  

Forget about her usual great stories, she ain't tellin', factly she's
speaking minimumally on both CD's    Long before "new" school
knew about RAP, there was a great story teller named Marlena

Then there is the wonderfully colored Shirley Horn classic --
'Here's to Life', on the "Lookin for Love" CD, Ms Shaw
mammothly with  magnificence nails it shut, and left behind her
"How Ya Like it Now" calling card.  Shaw performs it quite the
antithesis to Horn, and takes it to a whole other level by adding
calypso percussion -- seasoning it with a cha-cha feel.  
Welcome back Marlena!
The often outspoken Whoopi Goldberg seems to have
said and done it all
As a performer and producer she has
won an Emmy, Tony, Grammy and an
Academy Award, in addition to hosting
the Oscars telecast four times.

Now she has returned to the scene of
her original triumph, the Broadway
stage, with her one-woman show,
Fantasia Barrino Inside CD photo
"Fantasia is the real deal, an artist
who is instantly identifiable and very
much her own person. She will have a
long and illustrious career", says
Clive Davis, Chariman and CEO, BMG
North American, and album producer.

In additon to reprising 'I Believe', "Free
Yourself" includes Fantasia's show
stopping version of the Gershwins
'Summertime', the song that took her
to the final round on the American Idol

"Working with
Fantasia was fun. She's
just one hit record away from being
one of the biggest stars in the world",
said Jermaine Dupri.
Whoopi Goldberg
Monday, she visited The Early Showy,  to talk about the
show and what else has been going on in her busy life.
(Her Broadway show continues until Jan. 30, 2005.)

Here are a few  facts about Whoopi Goldberg:

Born Caryn Elaine Johnson in New York City
Nov. 13, 1955
.  Daughter Alexandrea Martin (married name) born in
.  Two grandchilchildren
.  Education: Attended St Columbia Church Parish
School in New York City; went to Washington Irving
High School but dropped out after two weeks in her
freshman year
.  In 1975, she moved to San Diego, where she
appeared in the San Diego Repertory Theatre's
productions of Bertold Brecht's "Mother Courage" and
Marsha Norman's "Getting Out,", where she  honed
her comedic skills as part of an improvisational group
Spontaneous Combustion.
 She created "The Spook Show," which she performed
in San Francisco and then toured throughout the U.S.
and Europe.
.  In 1983, at a performance of "The Spook Show,"
Whoopi caught the attention of Mike Nichols, who
offered to present her in her own Broadway show. An
evening of original material, written and created
by Whoopi, the show opened in 1984 at the Lyceum
Jesse Jackson, Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Maven Terrie Williams -
Among Others Paid Tribute to Rev. Herbert Daughtry  Hosted by
Delroy Lindo
Fantasia singing her
heart out on
"American Idol'
Rev. Herbert
Rev. Donnie
The High Point, North Carolina native and single mother
has taken
healing and forgiveness messages to an all
time high with the inclusion of
'Baby Mama' (written by
legends Barbara Acklin and Eugene Record
). "I am
proud of the work I have accomplished on my debut
album.  I want the songs I record to show different
aspects of what I can do musically." Fantasia says. "I fee
like God has blessed me, and  I just want to give
something back."
NEW YORK (1/08/05)—The Rev. Herbert Daughtry was honored for 46
years of activism and ministry by a veritable
Who’s Who Saturday at the
Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House.

A clip from a new documentary on Daughtry by filmmaker Howard Tate
was premiered,  and Grammy-winners
Yolanda Adams and Donnie
McClurkin performed a doubleheader gospel concert.

Jesse Jackson and thespian power couple
Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis
were among the stars who paid tribute to the clergyman at the event, which
was hosted by actor
Delroy Lindo.  

Other notables included council member Charles Barron, NAACP
president Hazel Dukes, PR maven
Terrie Williams, and a host of others.

In his near half decade of service, Daughtry appealed for peace to U.S.
officials and led a multi-faith, multi-racial delegation to Iraq in the final
hours before the war, was one of the first members of clergy addressing
the AIDS crisis, spoke out against police brutality and personally appealed
to Pope John Paul II to take a strong stand against South African

The minister hails from a family of five generations of Black church leaders
and has been active in civil and human rights issues spanning the globe
for nearly five decades.
The overall quality of the cd will please
people of all ages, and my favorite
tracks on
"Free Yourself" are, 'Ain't
Gon Beg You'. "Baby Mama', 'Got Me
Waiting', 'It's All Good', 'Don't Act Right',
'Summertime', 'This Is Me"
Saturday, Jan 22 - 8pm - 11pm & Each Following Sat - Louis
649 Features JD Allen (tenor); Ryan Berg (bass); Jeremy
Clemons (drums)
Jamie Foxx Wins At Golden Globe Awards
With exquisite talent
and expertise, tenor
JD Allen has risen to
be one of the most
thoughtful and skilled
musicians of his

Allen is
performing this
and every
Saturday at
Louis 649  is
Comedian Dave Chappell Has Signed a two-year Deal With Comedy
Central Potentially Worth As Much as $50 Million
Consider this a warning: Dave
Chappelle will probably offend
you. But if you’ve got a thick
skin and can take it, you just
might find him funny - brilliantly

Chappelle has created some
of television’s most
memorable characters. And,
incidentally, he’s one of the
kindest people you will ever
met. He's a devoted family
man and all-around nice guy.
Jamie Foxx with his date and long time friend
Regina King stops to chat with Star Jones for "E".
It's official Jamie Foxx beat out four others and became
this year's
Golden Glove Winner- Best Actor, Musical or Comedy
Jim Carrey, Eternal Sunshine
Jamie Foxx, Ray WINNER
Paul Giamatti, Sideways
Kevin Kline, De-Lovely
Kevin Spacey, Beyond the Sea
located at 649 East 9th Street (between avenues B&C)

Steeping his sound in tradition and fundamentals, he
possesses an adventurous, agile voice that honors the musical
heritage of the past and serves as a visionary of the future of

Born and raised in Detroit, JD grew up listening to the funk, soul
and r&b sounds such as Prince and Marvin Gaye.

JD was in a vocal group as a young child with two sisters, and
at the age of nine he picked up the saxophone. His playing
continues to have a vocal presence as he uses the instrument
like a voice, filling each note with emotion and expression of a
very personal nature.

His first band was composed of himself, Carlos McKinney and
Ali Jackson, and JD learned a lot very early on from that
experience. He developed his skills among peers and Motor
City exports like James Carter, Kareem Riggins, Regina Carter
and Clarence Penn. He soon started playing gigs with Marcus
Belgrave and Rodney Whitaker.

Recording credits include Duane Eubanks.
Black Color In Fashion Made A
Mini-Comeback Last Night At the 62nd
Annual Golden Globe Awards
Chappelle started off as a teenage comic looking for a break and became a
comedian with his own TV show. He had a subsequent fall from show
business after he accused one of the television networks of racism, and then
succeeded again, at 31, to fame and fabulous wealth.

CBS Correspondent Bob Simon reported Chappell signed a two-year deal
with Comedy Central that's potentially worth as much as $50 million.

"You're making more now than Mike Wallace. You're making more than Mike
Wallace and Dan Rather put together," says Simon to Chappelle. "You're
probably, even if you throw Ed Bradley into the mix, you're making more than
Wallace and Rather and Bradley put together."

"Wow. off to Comedy Central - - Man   -- Being put in those kinda perspectives,
wow,".----  "Get me a cup of coffee, Bob.", Chappelle hilariously relinquished.

The very popular and very hip
"Chappelle Show" is what has made
Chappelle rich. It's been on
Comedy Central, which is owned by Viacom, the
parent company of
CBS, for the past two seasons and will run for at least
another two more.
Are Nielsens Miscounting Black Viewers?   
CBS President Leslie Moonves Questions
Sharp Drop in Ratings of UPN Programs

LOS ANGELES (Jan 20, 2005 - CBS president Leslie Moonves
on Wednesday questioned whether Nielsen Media Research
was properly gauging the black viewership of UPN, the urban-
oriented network he also oversees.

While hailing UPN for ratings gains among young women,
Moonves wondered whether its flat adults 18-34 and 18-49
numbers were attributable to a startling drop reported by
Nielsen for six urban-skewing sitcoms.

“We are questioning those numbers and looking if the
sampling is right in those viewers,” Moonves, the co-president
and co-chief operating officer of CBS and UPN’s Viacom Inc.
parent, said during UPN’s portion of the Television Critics
Association winter press tour. “So I think that is affecting us.”

UPN also announced that its hit series
“America’s Next Top
Model” will return for two more seasons after its fourth cycle,
which is scheduled to debut March 2.

Citing freshman success stories
“Kevin Hill” and “Veronica
Mars,” both Moonves and UPN entertainment president Dawn
Ostroff touted the maturation of UPN into a haven for quality
programming that attracts top-drawer talent. The network now
skews 56 percent female — up from 47 percent three years ago
— fulfilling the gender orientation it guaranteed to advertisers
last May.

While careful not to seem too critical of Nielsen (owned by The
Hollywood Reporter parent company VNU), Moonves expressed
frustration with the sudden decline of UPN’s entire Monday
lineup, including sitcoms “Half & Half” and “Second Time
Around,” which was benched because of poor ratings, and its
Tuesday 8-9 p.m. block.
The Donald Get Married - The Bride's Gown  Worth More Than  
Most American Homes
Halle Berry arrives for
the Golden Globe
Awards Jan. 16, 2005,
in Beverly Hills, CA    
Nicole Kidman arrives for the
62nd Annual Golden Globe
Awards Jan. 16, 2005, in
Beverly Hills, CA
Her diamond
studded ring cost
more than many
Trump married
Slovenian model
Melania Knauss
Saturday, Jan 22,
2005, with all the
glamour, glitz and
gold that money
and star power
can buy.
The past two seasons celebrities wore more color in fashion
but last evening the majority opted to wear the color  black.

Two shout outs for not wearing black and adding color to the
red carpet, go out to two of the world's finest beauties, and
class acts at the event "
Nicole Kidman in a terrific teal Gucci
gown, and
Halle Berry  in an asymmetrically bodiced gold gown
BET  Goes Back  to  Class  With the Return Of
"COLLEGE HILL"   -       Television's       FIRST-EVER
Black  Dramatic  REALITY  SERIES
Donald Trump
The couple slipped into Trump's Mercedes-Benz Maybach parked
near a side entrance after the 30-minute ceremony and drove past
hundreds of cheering spectators with the help of a police escort.
WASHINGTON (January 25, 2005)
season of
series depicting Black
"college life" with eight,    debuts
Thursday, Jan 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The one-hour series premieres
Co-Eds at Oklahoma's Langston
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
A RECORD DAY - Black actors got a record five Oscar nominations.
Best Supporting Actress -
Sophie Okonedo
Rowanda" ; Best
Supporting Actor
- Jamie
"Collateral"; Best
- Don Cheadle "Hotel
Rowanda"; Best Actor -
Jamie Foxx
;  "RAY"; Best
"RAY";   Best Directing
It's a new cast of eight, but with the same saucy, volatile mix of eclectic
personalities and on-and off-campus hi jinx that marked its break-out
debut last season.

"COLLEGE HILL" garnered  BET its highest-rated series premiere in the
network's 25-year history with a 1.4 audience rating (1.4 million viewers).

On the new 2005 season of
COLLEGE HILL, the network's cameras are
there 24/7 to catch all of the action from classroom to chaos.  

This time around, BET and Edmonds Entertainment flipped the script with
an off-campus housing arrangement - the cast mates share a luxurious
Western-themed ranch in the middle of nowhere, and whenever they get
together sparks fly.

"COLLEGE HILL" is a no-holds barred, uncensored look at the
experiences, triumphs and growing pains of eight college co-eds.

Says Stephen Hill, BET Senior Vice President of Music Programming and
Talent. "The first night they were together was enough for three or four

"The personalities in this show are hilarious, touching, motivating . . . and
just down right ornery."

"Housing the students off campus gave us a lot of flexibility, and allowed
the students a lot of leeway in their, um, activities."

Edmonds Entertainment Group, famed producers of the multiple
award-winning drama television series SOUL FOOD, partnered again with
BET to produce the second season of the COLLEGE HILL.
None of the 9 people nominated in two categories before Foxx has
won both.  What does Foxx think his chances are of becoming the
first to do it?

"I'll tell you what," he responds. "If that happens, that would be
incredible. I don't know what the odds are, but if it happens, the
after-party will not be televised!"
IPO Recordings Announces New Release by Roger
Kellaway Celebrating the Music of Bobby Darin  "I Was
There – Roger Kellaway Plays From the Bobby Darin
Songbook"  Street Date: Jan 18th
A New York judge declared Friday that a law
banning same-sex marriage violates the
state constitution, a ruling that would allow
gay couples to wed if it is upheld on appeal.
IPO Recordings is pleased to
announce a new recording by Roger
Kellaway to coincide with the release of
the new film biography of Bobby Darin,
Beyond the Sea.  
State Supreme Court Justice Doris Ling-Cohan ruled in favor of
five gay couples who were denied marriage licenses last year.

Mary Jo Kennedy and Jo-Ann Shain, one of the couples, said they
were thrilled by the ruling and believed it would offer their family
increased legal protection. They have been together 23 years and
have a 15-year-old daughter.

The city Law Department issued a statement saying only, "We are
reviewing the decision thoroughly and considering our options."

Attorney Joshua Rosenkranz said no decision had been made yet
on whether to appeal.  
The recording, titled "I Was There – Roger Kellaway Plays
From the Bobby Darin Songbook",  features tunes that
Kellaway performed with Bobby Darin when he was Darin’s
musical director in the late 1960s.

Kellaway toured the country in December with Kevin Spacey,
who stars as Bobby Darin in the new film, performing tunes
associated with Darin.  Kellaway also worked extensively with
Spacey to prepare his musical performances in the film.

As a pianist, Kellaway has performed with everyone from
Elvis to Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie to Yo-Yo Ma, Sonny Rollins
to Joni Mitchell, Maureen McGovern to Natalie Cole,
Jones to Michael Tilson-Thomas.

In addition, Kellaway has written more than twenty-five film
scores, including Barbra Streisand's "A Star is Born” for
which he received an Academy Award nomination.
'IDOL' Judges Have Already Started to  Crack Up
In Search of Next American IDOL
Is There No Great Talent Out There
Come Hear Good Friday Gospel With Hezekiah Walker & Friends
- March 25th @ 8pm Madison Square Garden
When he's not bluntly
criticizing a contestant's
weight or lack of talent
with a barrage of
superlatives, Simon
Cowell appears
frustrated with the
producers for wasting his

Paula Abdul looks
alternately bored or
Come hear Good Friday Gospel with
Hezekiah Walker and Friends on March
25th,  @ 8pm in the Theater @ Madison
Square Garden

This year, the Pastor's friends include:
The Love Fellowship Chior,
Hammond & RFC, Byron Cage, Israel &
New Breed,
Deitrick Haddon and many
many more in this 20 year celebration of
Gospel Music! Ticket prices range from
$34.50 - $54.50.
Judge Says California Can't Ban Gay Marriage
By: Frank Smith
March 14, 2005 San Francisco - A judge ruled Monday that
California's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional - a
legal milestone that  if upheld on appeal would open the
way for the most populous state to follow Massachusetts in
allowing same-sex couples to wed.

Judge Richard Kramer of San Francisco County's trial-level
Superior Court likened the ban to laws requiring racial
segregation in schools, and said there appears to be "no
rational purpose" for denying marriage to gay couples.

The ruling came in response to lawsuits filed by the city of
San Francisco and a dozen gay couples a year ago after
the California Supreme Court halted a four-week same-sex
marriage spree started by Mayor Gavin Newsom.
Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, and Paula Abdul are
loosening up in their jobs as
"American Idol" judges
uncomfortable, while Randy Jackson alternates between the two extremes.

For even the most reprehensible, obnoxious singers, Paula has some kind
of contrived praise. Simon throws out the word "dreadful" almost as much
as Randy addresses contestants with, "Dawg, you did your thing."

According to the producers - During the first few weeks, viewers see a
carefully edited collection of the worst singers, with a few of the best thrown
in just to keep the series vaguely focused. The 32 people from St. Louis
who made it to Hollywood weren't shown except for brief flashes.

And those who never had a chance of making it to Hollywood were pushed
to the front of the pack by producers to create some entertaining television.