Donald Trump To Carolyn: You're Fired!
The Donald Fires 'Apprentice' Sidekick
Carolyn Kepcher
Los Angeles, CA, Aug 31, 2006 - Donald
Trump axed "Apprentice" sidekick
Carolyn Kepcher earlier this week,
New York Post reported on
Portrayed as an icy blonde on the NBC reality show,
which debuted in 2004,
Kepcher, 36, who worked for
Trump for 10 years, "became a prima donna," following
the success of the show, one insider told the
newspaper. "Being on
'The Apprentice' went to her head.
She was no longer focused on business. She was
giving speeches for $25,000 and doing endorsements."
Trump is currently filming the new
season of
 "The Apprentice" in Los
Angeles and his daughter,
Ivanka, will
now be one of his TV sidekicks. She
filled in last season too.   Expect  "The
Apprentice" ratings to skyrocket and
maintain prominence this year. Her
savvy is as strong as her beauty.
But let's talk about the psychology of why
women give out their phone numbers, and why I personally like
to get email addresses
By:  J. C. Lee

You must remember that attractive women are being approached
all the time by men, in one way or another.  They have an
unlimited supply of guys to choose from.    I think that a lot of
women who give out their numbers, then respond by being flaky
when you call are doing something that many of us guys wouldn't
have thought of in a million years.  
I think they're making
themselves feel good.

Explained differently, I think that many women who give out their
numbers are looking for the self-image-boosting hit of power that
comes from having a lot of men calling them... men that
have the power to ACCEPT OR REJECT.

They can also use it to get attention from friends:   "All these guys
just keep calling me! Why don't they just leave me alone! Don't
they get the hint!?", they will say.

Now, don't get me wrong. I know that this sounds a little bit
negative and I don't mean to say that ALL women do this, or that
ALL women are bad.  To me, it's just part of the real world that
you need to learn to accept and deal with.  Which leads me to
why I get email addresses.

Keep in mind, I've tried a lot of different things when it comes to
curing this problem of hot-and-cold women who act one way
when you meet them, then totally different when you call.

What I've found is that if you get
EMAILS instead, you not only
differentiate yourself, but you also increase your chances of
hearing back from her by about 100%. No lie, for some reason,
email has a power that a call does not.
Do you Eat when you're hungry or do you nervously
By: Dr. John Mosby, M.D.

Atlanta, GA, September 1, 2006 -
Record two weeks of
an eating diary, in which you note all exercise activity,
the items eaten, the place, time, amounts, and mood
at the time.

Besides aiding in the process of summarizing the
total calories consumed and burned, it also allows
you to identify mood trends associated with eating,
and develop alternative behaviors for addressing
those without using food as a recourse.

Other than that benefit of targeting specific trends,
the development of the diary also increases the
client's awareness of intake, output, and emotional
factors associated
Three Hot Days of Cool Quintessential Jazz - Oskar Schindler
Performing Arts Center on the mountain top at Crystal Lake
Sept 8, 9 & 10  

West Orange, New Jersey  August 22, 2006 - The Oskar Schindler
Performing Arts Center (OSPAC) announces the 4th Annual Jazz
Festival to be held on September 8th, 9th & 10th starting at
12:30 PM at the spectacular OSPAC Amphitheater at Crystal
Lake, 4 Boland Drive, West Orange.

The event will be kicked off Friday evening September 8th with
Yoga and Jazz at 7:00pm with a Jazz party to follow.  This event
is FREE with a suggested donation of $5 at the door.
Children Scream 'We're burning'
-- Chicago Fire Kills 6

Chicago Sep 4, 2006 - Children screamed "we're
burning" on the city's North Side early Sunday as an
apartment fire, likely caused by a candle used for
light because there was no electricity, killed six
children ages 3 to 14, authorities said.

A visibly shaken
Fire Commissioner Raymond
Orozco, said "This is the lar- gest multiple fire fatality
we've had from a single fire in quite a few years. I
mean it's children. It's difficult for everyone
involved."      Commonwealth Edison spokesman
John Dewey said the apartment hadn't had electricity
since May, but he wouldn't say why it was turned off,
citing confidentiality reasons.

Firefighters found most of the children huddled in
the apartment's front room, not far from the spot
where the fire probably started, said Fire
Department spokesman Larry Langford.  "It appears
that candles were used in the apartment and right
now our
preliminary cause is that the candles were
the cause of origin," Orozco said.

The dead were identified by the Cook County
medical examiner's office as Vanessa Ramirez, 14;
Eric Ramirez, 12; Suzette Ramirez, 10; Idaly
Ramirez, 6; Kevin Ramirez, 3; & Escarlet Ramos, 3.
“Jazzmobile Vocal Competition” - Grand Prize
($1,000.00) and a guest appearance at a NYC
Night Club - 2nd Prize ($500.00) Dollars

New York, NY August 9, 2006 -  Beginning Aug 14 thru
Sep 28, 2006, Jazzmobile Inc. will be hosting it’s
third annual “Jazzmobile Vocal Competition”   

This talent search for the
best of the best jazz
vocalists kicks off on Aug 14th with a round of
auditions at the Harlem School of the Arts, 645 St.
Nicholas Avenue, NY 10030 (between 141st &
145th Street) between the hours of 3 pm and 9 pm.

All contestants must be 21 years or older and have
no former or current recording contract. If you are
interested in auditioning, contact NOAH Unlimited
95 West 95th Street Suite 31C   NY, NY 10025 fax:
212 316 1710.  Audition forms call  Leslie Burns:
212 222 7725.
Tuesday (check listings)

New York Sept 11, 2006 - It has been five years since
the horrifying day of
September 11, 2001, which
changed America forever.

Are Americans really aware of the multitude of
issues our nation continues
to face as
repercussions of that tragedy?

Forty-thousand people responded in our time of
crisis and worked at Ground Zero. The media is
reporting that over twelve-thousand of them are now
sick from the toxic and poisonous air they breathed
in while working at the site.

Many of them are no longer able to work and are
being denied health care benefits and worker's

Who should pay their bills? The 9/11 Commission
reviewed the mistakes our government made in the
past and made recommendations for the future.
Have these recommended changes been
implemented? The latest uncovered terrorist plot in
London makes us safe are we?

THE MONTEL SHOW  talks to some affected
families and a panel of experts will help bring
awareness to the issues of 9/11 we have yet to
resolve.  For more information log on to
Fast-food eaters underestimate calories
By:  Dr. Shawn King, MD
Contributing Journalist

New York City September 12, 2006  - Most people, no matter
how large or small they are tend to underestimate how many
calories are in
fast-food meals - a big problem as portion sizes
have balloonedhas been discovered.

Next time you go out for that big burger, bucket of fries and
super-sized soda, you better bring along your calculator just to
be safe.

People make more accurate guesses when determining the
calories in smaller meals.  

40 undergraduate students were asked to estimate the number
of calories in 15 sizes of a fast-food meal. The meals, varying in
calories from 445 to 1780, consisted of chicken nuggets, fries
and soda in varying amounts.

The results were similar no matter how much the participants
weighed or whether they were male or female, the researchers

However, overweight people tended to buy larger meals,
accounting for why they were more inclined to eat more calories
than smaller people.

What this study shows is it's the amount of food on the plate
that's fooling people.  As portions have gotten larger it has been
harder for people to estimate what a standard portion should

The amount people should eat seems puny compared to the
mounds of food we have become used to seeing on our plates
Pianist JASON MORAN Delves Into the
art world on His
7th CD For Blue Note
Records Titled

Celebrate CD Release Date and New York Blue
Note Gig Opening Tues Sept 12

New York City Sept 11, 2006 - Pianist JASON MORAN
delves into the art world and continues to blaze
his own trail with
seventh & most adventurous recording for Blue

Made up of music from three extended works
Moran  composed for major US arts institutions:
(Milestone for the Walker Art Center, The Shape,
The Scent, The Feel of Things for the Dia
Foundation, &
RAIN for Jazz @ Lincoln Center) -
collaborating with visual & performing artists
(Adrian Piper & Joan Jonas), further exploring his
use of sampled voices and sounds, and blowing
away any preconceptions of Jazz.

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE features Jason Moran,
Marvin Sewell, guitar; Tarus Mateen, bass;
Nasheet Waits, drums; Alicia Hall Moran, vocals;
Adrian Piper, sample voice; Joan Jonas,
Ralph Alessi, trumpet; Abdou Mboup, djembe,

Sept. 12-17 ~ Jason Moran & The Bandwagon -

Note Jazz Club, NYC ; Oct. 3 - Jason Moran
solo performance/discussion ~ Museum of
Modern Art, NYC ---Oct. 14-15, 21-22, 28-29 - The
Shape, The Scent, The Feel of Things w/ Joan
Jonas  Dia:Beacon, Beacon, NY
September is busy for Matt Savage Trio

New York September 11, 2006 - CNN’s web site has a
short video about Savants in which
Matt Savage is
profiled. This clip is a teaser for the upcoming CNN
Special Report about   “Genius”, which is set to air
on Sunday Sept 17th at 10 PM ET  Mark your

Also a live appearance by
Matt Savage on CNN
Headline News’ Robin and Company on
September 13th at approx.7:50 (7:55) AM.  Matt will
be interviewed and will do a short performance on
the air. This segment will be re-broadcast
throughout the week on Headline News to promote
the CNN Special, which (again) will air on Sunday,
September 17th at 10 PM Eastern Time.

Quantum Leap,” is being released in stores on
September 19th. A private CD release concert in
Manhattan on September 14th.
By: Dr. Shawn King, MD
Contribution Journalist

Women test men.  That's the reality of the situation.  Women test
men right from the beginning and they keep on testing forever.

If you don't know how to deal with the tests that women throw at
you, you have very little chance of improving your success in the
dating world.

For most guys, the concept of a woman "testing" them seems a
little strange.  Why would a woman WANT to test a man?   What
could she possibly gain from it?  The answer: A LOT!

By testing a man, a woman can learn the most important things
about him.  So back to my earlier question -  Why do women test
men in the first place?


If you walk up to a man and say "Hey, how much money do you
make?" he can LIE.  If you ask him if he is good in bed, he can
LIE.     If you ask him if he's strong enough to deal with the
challenges of life, support a family, and reach his goals, he can

Are you with me here?  You could LIE.  So much like the teacher
who gives you a test to see if you really know what's going on,  
women test men.

But there's one LITTLE TEENSY WEENSY difference between the
kinds of tests that women give you and the kinds of tests that
teachers give you... Women don't tell you first... that they're going to
test you!

And they don't teach you what you need to know before they test
you.  They just do it right when they meet you, within the first few
seconds, actually.

Why? Because women don't have the
Time to deal with all the
guys who are interested in them, and they're not interested in
getting together with a man who doesn't "get it" in the first place.  
Beautiful women aren't looking for a guy to train.

What women are testing for ...Now, women will test men for all
kinds of things.  Some women will test to see if you have money.  
Some will test to see if you'll spend your money on them.  Some
will test to see if you're intelligent.  And some will test to see if
you're loyal. .
Why women test men & what to do ...  (continued)

But By Far, in my experience, more women will test
you initially to see if you're a whimp!  That's right...

The very first thing a woman wants to "know" about
you is whether or not you're a submissive,
ass-kissing boy who has no balls.  And if you are
then you might as well throw in the towel.

If you are a pushover you fail the
tests that she throws
at you, then you stand very little chance succeeding
with the woman who is testing you.

Of course, MOST men fail with MOST women...MOST
of the time

These tests are very subtle, probably the most
interesting thing about tests from women is that
they're not obvious.   At least not to most men.

For instance, let's say that you're standing at a bar
talking to some friends, and you make eye contact
with the cute girl standing six feet away from you.
What do most guys do?  They look away.  And they do

Of course, most guys will LOOK AGAIN within a
few seconds.  But it's already too late.  Test Failed
Here's another...Let's say you're at a bar talking to a
and she says "Hey, buy me a drink".  You say "Great,
what do you want?".  Guess what?  She just told you
what to do, and you went for it without a second

Or maybe you've started a conversation with a
group of females at a coffee shop and one of them
says that she doesn't like your shoes.

You say "Oh, well I wasn't planning on seeing anyone
important today.  I just put on whatever I could find".

In other words, you Make an Excuse for yourself.  As
you can probably guess, that's a
Bad Idea , in that
moment, you have just failed the test with flying
colors. you'll probably find that you were tested, and
you Failed, -- Probably missed some
Vital clue that
you were being tested.
You Are Invited to a Don't Miss Art Exhibit


Thru Sept 30, 2006

Atlanta, GA August 18, 2006 -  On September 22, 1906
white mobs poured into the
Five Points area intent
on racial violence.

Enflamed by months of political rhetoric and
newspaper sensational-
ism that fed racial fears and stereotypes, the
violence against black citizens spread rapidly to
East Atlanta, to Brownsville and Inman Park.

In the end, at least twelve were dead, hundreds
injured; fearful for their lives, many fled the city, their
fates somehow erased from history.   
What Color
the Dawn peels back the layers of this buried
history in an effort to challenge communities to
re-view this shared history.

Gallery hrs: wed-fri-sat 12-5pm 404.522.0655.  
Organized by The Coalition to Remember the 1906
Atlanta Race Riot in collaborat- ion with Eyedrum
Art & Music Gallery. Funded in part by The Andy
Warhol Foundation and
City of Atlanta Office of
Cultural Affairs.

Performing Artists Respond:
Friday, Sept 22nd at
8:00 pm. An evening of performance, poetry and
more hosted by Alice Lovelace
You have to be positive every single day
By:  Dr. Shawn King, MD

New York, NY  September 12, 2006 - You have to put
effort into it daily because no one else is going to
do it for you.
 Get out of your own static comfort zone
by moving forward with momentum and power that
positive thinking can give you.

Every time a negative thought comes at you, zap it.
Replace it with a positive thought. That takes
energy but the result will be stamina - positive
stamina - a necessary ingredient for success.

Sometimes you just have to be tough. I use the
example of a brick wall. Is there a brick wall in your

Fine, that happens. But
you have a choice.

You can walk away from the wall. You can go over
the wall. You can go under the wall. You can go
around the wall. You can also obliterate the wall.

In other words, don't let anything get in your way.
Get a balance, and then let the positive outdistance
the negative. Be positively persistent.

Optimism can be learned, and it can make a huge
difference in life. No matter how large and
intimidating a challenge might be, facing it with
optimism is the thing you can do to manage, shape
and eventually triumph over it.   The bottom line:
Trash the pessimistic attitude.
Sex Shame & Power
Former New Jersey Governor
Tap Dances on Larry King Live
Former New Jersey
Gov James McGreevey
Atlanta, GA Sept 21, 2006
Sex, shame and
power is how
King billed his show
with former New
Jersey Governor
James McGreevey who delivered the bombshell
confession August 12, 2004,  "I am a gay
American and I am stepping down and coming

KIng asked McGreevey many questions about
leading a double life as a gay male while being
married to his wife and governor. McGreevey
responded saying, "I wasn't whole or integrated."

McGreevey then says, "I went in to a psychiatrist
hospital to be healed." and King asks, "From
being gay?"  McGreevey declares, "No -- I broke
down after resigning office from the trauma of
not accepting my sexuality."  

McGreevey appeared on
Larry King Live to talk
about the release of his book "The Confession"
but shared little and remained vague throughout
the interview with King tap dancing around most
of King's questions and answering others

Ice Cube Stars in Sequel to the Hit Comedy Are We
There Yet?  - Director Steve Carr

Santa Monica, CA (Aug 2006) Filming has begun in Vancouver on
Revolution Studios
Are We Done Yet?, a sequel to the hit comedy
Are We There Yet? The film, which is being directed by Steve Carr
and reunites stars
Ice Cube and Nia Long, will be released by
Columbia Pictures on April 6, 2007.  

The film is being produced for Revolution Studios by Ice Cube'
CubeVision’s Matt Alvarez (Barbershop, Friday After Next, All About
the Benjamins, Are We There Yet?and the FX series Black.White.)
and Broken Road Productions’ Todd Garner 13 Going On 30, The
Forgotten, Are We There Yet?).

The screenplay is by Hank Nelkin with rewrites by Robert Ramsey
& Matthew Stone and J. David Stem & David N.Weiss.

A follow-up to the hilarious 2005 family comedy hit Are We There
Yet?,picks up where the last story left off.

Now married to Suzanne (
Nia Long), Nick Persons (Ice Cube) has
bought a quiet suburban house to escape the rat race of the big city
and to provide more space for his new wife and kids Lindsey and
Kevin (Aleisha Allen and Philip Bolden).  

But when his new home quickly becomes a costly “fixer upper” and
he finds himself at the mercy of an eccentric contractor (
John C.
McGinley), Nick’s suburban dream soon becomes a riotous
Oprah On "Larry King Live"
Monday September 25th
Oprah and friends! All the
questions you want
answered from Oprah and
the stars of her new radio
channel. Tune in Monday,
September 25th at 9PM/ET.
NYC eyes ban on restaurant trans fats

New York Oct 3, 2006 - Three years after the city banned smoking in
restaurants, health officials are talking about prohibiting something
they say is almost as bad -- artificial trans fatty acids.

The city health department last week unveiled a proposal that would
bar cooks at any of the city's 24,600 food service establishments
from using ingredients that contain the artery-clogging substance,
commonly listed on food labels as partially hydrogenated oil.

Artificial trans fats are found in some shortenings, margarine and
frying oils and turn up in foods from pie crusts to french fries to

Doctors agree that trans fats are unhealthy in nearly any amount,
but a spokesman for the restaurant industry said he was stunned
the city would seek to ban a legal ingredient found in millions of
American kitchens.
NYC eyes ban on restaurant trans fats

Artificial trans fats are found in some shortenings,
margarine and frying oils and turn up in foods from
pie crusts to french fries to doughnuts.

Doctors agree that trans fats are unhealthy in nearly
any amount, but a spokesman for the restaurant
industry said he was stunned the city would seek to
ban a legal ingredient found in millions of American