Connect Your Brain and Body
Dr. Joseau Feinstein, MD
Contributing Journalist

New York, NY Oct 25, 2006 -
I'm convinced that one of the
reasons we ignore our plans to eat less and lose
weight when faced with the desire to overeat is that
our brain isn't in synch with our body.

Somehow, the thought of immediate pleasure from
eating gets disconnected from the body's signals: "I'm
too fat. Don't feed me too much!"

This particularly occurs when there's good looking or
great smelling food around or when we're bored  or
emotionally upset.

The next time you're about to overeat try these

1. Touch your stomach. Go ahead and rub your tummy
with your hands. Feel your body, alive, connected with
your thoughts.

2. Now touch your head. Feel your face, hair, scalp,
and the back of your head. Tell yourself that you are
alive in there!

3. Picture in your mind that your energy is inside your
body, in your stomach, in your head, brain, and that
your mind is deeply, intimately, and directly connected
to your body. Picture being in your stomach, and being
just filled enough, without having to vastly overstretch
to hold excess food.  

No single approach to weight loss works for everyone.
We urge you to consult with your physician before
making any significant changes in your eating habits
or physical activities to ensure that what you propose
for yourself is nutritionally sound, safe, and healthy.
AFI Gives Godfather Some
Al Pacino To Receive American
Film Institue's Lifetime
Achievement Award

Los Angeles Oct 25, 2006 - Al Pacino can add
another acting accolade to his collection.

The 66-year-old actor will receive the
American Film Institute's highest honor, the
AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, it was
announced Friday.

Sir Howard Stringer, chairman of the AFI
board of trustees, called Pacino "an icon of
American film. His career inspires audiences
and artists alike.  

The 35th AFI Lifetime Achievement Award will
be presented to Pacino at a tribute dinner in
Los Angeles on June 7, 2007.

Past recipients of the honor include Sean
Connery, Martin Scorsese,
Steven Spielberg
and Elizabeth Taylor.

A two-time
Tony winner and eight-time Oscar
nominee, Pacino won an Academy Award in
1992 for his role in "Scent of a Woman."

He was honored with a Lifetime Achievement
Award in 1996 by the Independent Feature
Project. The Hollywood Foreign Press
presented Pacino with its Cecil B. De Mille
Award at the
Golden Globes ceremony in
Directed By JIM MCKAY
-  Tells Complex
Tale Of a Troubled Teenager and His Social
Worker       Debuts OCT. 30
New York, NY Oct 25, 2006 - HBO
Films presents a Journeyman
Pictures production in associat-
ion with C-Hundred Film Corp.
featuring newcomer Jonan
Everett and Rachel Griffiths (HBO
“Six Feet Under”).  

the complicated lives of a
on HBO Oct 30, 2006. (l to r)
Jonan Everett, Jim McKay
photo: Adam Bell
troubled student and the counselor who is trying to help him
when it debuts MONDAY, OCT. 30 (9:00 p.m. ET/PT).  

The cast also includes Denis O’Hare (“Half Nelson,” Tony
Award winner for “Take Me Out”), Wallace Little (“Ed”),
newcomer Jon Norman Schneider (“Law & Order:  Criminal
Intent”), Catherine Kellner (“Pearl Harbor”) and David Zayas
(“The Interpreter")

ANGEL RODRIGUEZ tells the story of an inner-city teenager
(Jonan Everett) and his counselor (Rachel Griffiths), both of
whom are at turning points in their lives.  Angel acts out by
stealing, lying, fighting with his father, and undermining every
opportunity he is given, and seems headed for the streets.  
The film takes place on a single pivotal day and challenges
commonly accepted beliefs about altruism.  
Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
Want You to be RICH Beyond Your
Wildest Dreams
New York, NY  Oct 25, 2006 - They wrote a
book that tells you exactly how to
achieve the same level of wealth they
have. The world is facing many
challenges and one of them is
financial literacy.
 Donald Trump and
Robert Kiyosaki, both successful
businessmen and natural teachers, believe that
you cannot solve money problems with money. You

NASHVILLE, TN Oct 8, 2006 - EMI
Gospel is proud to announce
the signing of the critically
acclaimed Clark Sisters to an
exclusive recording agreement.
The well known
Clark Sisters
, Twinkie, Dorinda and
Karen, recorded their latest album live at Houston’s eminent
George Brown Convention Center earlier this year.

The untitled reunion album is slated to release March 20, 2007.
Produced by visionary
Donald Lawrence, the LP will be the first
new project from the illustrious group in over a decade.
"Event releases don't come
everyday,” says EMI Gospel
Vice President/General
Manager, Larry Blackwell. “The
Clark Sisters Reunion-Live
release in every way defines
EMI Gospel is honored to
continue being a part of the
Clark Family legacy by
releasing this must have CD to
the legions of fans. Of all the
recent, important "reunion"
releases none is more eagerly
anticipated than
The Clark

The sisters regroup to create
an album that is both
compelling and high spirited. It
assimilates acrobatic riffs and
soulful trills.

The album offers 7 newly
recorded Clark Sisters
classics, from chief songwriter
Twinkie Clark and superb
production arranger

Living This Kind of Life, and I’m
Looking To Get There
are two
stand out singles with uplifting
up-tempo church motivated
songs from the 11-track

As a special exclusive, this  
release will also include 20
minutes of classic
Sisters performances,
including the1981
chart topping bonafide hit on
the R&B charts
You Brought
The Sunshine
, that garnered
the sisters a gold album and
established the singers as a
nationwide pop culture
Dick Clark Back For New
Year's Eve Show

76-Year-Old TV Legend Will Co-Host
'New Year's Rockin' Eve'

New York, NY November 1, 2006 - Dick
Clark will co-host the annual
Year's Rockin' Eve
this year.

The former American Bandstand host,
now 76, will join Ryan Seacrest and
musical guest Christina Aguilera to
ring in 2007 before a national TV
audience of millions.
Clark missed
the show two years ago when he
suffered a stroke but returned to the
holiday staple last New Year's Eve.

Seacrest, the 31-year-old host of

"American Idol,"
handled co-hosting
duties last year and is expected to
eventually succeed Clark as the
show's host.  Clark originated the
New Year's Eve program back in
1972. The only show he missed
followed his Dec. 6, 2004, stroke.
The Jazz Foundation of
America Presents
--Honoring Ann Ruckert
Sunday Nov 5th @ 2PM

New York, NY Nov 1, 2006 - An
evening of great music,
memories and fun  at St. Peter's
Church @ 54th & Lex in
Manhattan 7PM. Concert and
reception FREE Admission but
donations are accepted to further
the work at the Jazz Foundation.    
Guests include Gene McDaniels,
Dr. Billy Taylor, George Coleman,
Nnenna Freelon,  Mike Longo,
Genie 'Pepper' Swinson and the
Ann Ruckert Gospel Choir.  
(L to R) In the midst
of recording, bassist
and LCJO alumnus
Rodney Whitaker,
Mack Avenue
Records’ VP of A&R
Al Pryor, and first-call
New York session
drummer Carl Allen
pose for the camera.  
Toph-E & the 'Cats  @
Ashford & Simpson's
Sugar Bar
254 W. 72nd Street,
8:30 PM
Tuesday & Wednesday
nights, November 7th & 8th
Retail Release Date
for Two Classic
Godzilla Films
Rescheduled for
Spring 2007  

Upcoming Godzilla Raids
Again and Mothra v.
Will Still be Available Online at

NEW YORK, NY Nov 1, 2006 -  
The retail release of two
highly anticipated Godzilla
Godzilla Raids
and Mothra v.
has been
rescheduled from
November 7th, 2006 to the
spring of 2007.  

This new release date will allow
for the opportunity to give the titles
a larger retail release with
increased marketing support.  
Both films will still be available on
November 7th exclusively at Each title
will include both the original
Japanese and US version of the
films; special features will include
audio commentaries, featurettes,
poster slide shows and English
subtitles for the Japanese
National March for Economic Justice
Pompano Beach, FL  Oct 13, 2006 - You are
invited to attend a national march for
economic justice in Dade County Florida on
November 10, 2006 at 9pm.  It's time to
demand that all poor people received the
earmarked anti-poverty promised to them 40
years ago.  For more information
..305-758-5273 Mary L. Hill Founder and
National Regional Community Service
Three Keys to Fitness!
By:  Bridigit Bianco'
Fitness Expert

New York, NY  Nov 13, 2006 -
If you're not
sure how often, hard, or long your
aerobic workout should be, let the
be your guide:

F = Frequency: Remember that the more
times you work out each week, the better
and faster your results will be. Once a
week is a good start, two is better, three
is terrific, and four is stupendous!

I = Intensity: If you work out too hard,
you'll burn muscle instead of fat. If you
don't work out hard enough, you won't
get results. Aim to exercise in your
optimum fat-burning zone. Find it by
subtracting your age from 220 to get your
maximum heart rate. Multiply that
number by .60 for your best fat-burning
zone, and by .85 to find the point at which
your body will stop burning fat and start
burning muscle. Your range will likely be
somewhere between 100 and 135 beats
per minute.

T = Time: Aim for a minimum of 20
minutes to start, even if you break your
workout into two 10-minute sessions.
Add minutes as you gain strength.
Eventually, you'll be able to sustain a
longer workout, which will rev up those
fat-burning engines!

No single approach to weight loss
works for everyone.  We urge you to
consult with your physician before
making any significant changes in your
eating habits
or physical activities to ensure that what
you propose for yourself is nutritionally
sound, safe, and healthy.
ARMSTRONG To Release  New Album  
Vaness Bell
Brentwood, TN Nov 13, 2006 -
Seven time Grammy
Vanessa Bell
Armstrong will release her
highly anticipated album
Walking Miracle, on EMI
Gospel February 20, 2007.
The epic songstress returns front and
center stage with her an awe-inspiring,
ultramodern full length CD.   “When I
started out, I was a contemporary vocalist
however the late
Thomas Whitfield mixed it
up with a traditional feel and since then I
never went far from that,”
explained, when discussing the range of
traditional and contemporary blends on the
new LP.  She adds,  “I love the
contemporary and I love the traditional."

Supporters don’t have to wait until next year
to own a sample of the singer’s latest
offering. The commercial single
So Good
To Me
is available in stores Nov 21, 2006.
Jazz Matters Panel on
Publicists, Clients, Journalists:  
Relationships Wednesday  
November 15th  FREE

New York, NY Nov 13, 2006 -  Don Lucoff
(DL Media),
Jim Eigo (Jazz Promo
Services) and Tina Pelikan (ECM
Records) speak candidly of the
challenges, opportunities and different
approaches they take to publicizing
music and specific projects to various
markets via diverse and fast-changing

6- 8 p.m. Wednesday November 15,
New School Jazz fifth floor performance
space, 55 W. 13th St., NYC. For further
information, call 212-533-9495.
Eat Fresh Fruit for a
By:  Bridgit Bianco
Fitness Expert'

New York, NY  Nov 17, 2006 -
am a big believer in healthy
snacking. Eat every two
hours, just a little.  Instead of
having junk snacks, snack on
fresh fruit. It's portable, tasty,
full of vitamins, low in
calories and fat. And it's
access- ible. You'll find fresh
fruit almost everywhere.

Try an apple or orange,
banana, pear, peach, grapes,
kiwi, tangerine. Pay attention
to what your body says you
want or need. Many people
tell me, "Fruit is more
expensive." I say Nonsense.  
Compare prices of candy
bars or chips with apples and
oranges. I find them about
the same. Besides, isn't your
health worthy of a good

One word of advice, though. It
takes a few weeks for your
body to get used to eating
fruit for a snack if you've been
a candy or junk food eater.
Fruit is far subtler than a big
sugar-jolt from candy. There's
natural sugar in fruits
(fructose), and that'll taste
good and give you a little
energy. Far better than the
highly concentrated sugar
found in candy and snack

No single approach to weight
loss works for everyone.  We
urge you to consult with your
physician before making any
significant changes in your
eating habits or physical
activities to ensure that what
you propose for yourself is
nutritionally sound, safe, and
LIONSGATE Renews Vows With
TYLER PERRY  Accquires Rights To
His Next Two Films - "Why Did I Get
Married" & A Jazz Man's Blues"

Santa Monica, CA  Nov. 20, 2006 -
Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), has renewed
its commitment to its Tyler Perry
franchise, acquiring the rights to the
writer/director/actor/producer’s next
two films,
films will mark the fourth and fifth
motion pictures in Lionsgate’s Tyler
Perry franchise.  Yet another
milestone in Perry’s extraordinary
career will take place on February 3,
2007, when the gala world premiere
of his new film, DADDY’S LITTLE
GIRLS, takes place at the newly
Tyler Perry Studios in
Atlanta.   The announcement was
made by
Lionsgate President of Film
Production Michael Paseornek.   Perry
is represented by the William Morris
Agency and Ziffren Brittenham.
Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and
Sciences Announces
Deliver Us From Evil    in
the Documentary Feature
Category & Will Advance
In Voting

Beverly Hills, CA  Nov 20, 2006
The Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences
has announced that 15
films in the Documentary
Feature category
Deliver Us From
) will advance in the
voting process for the 79th
Academy Awards®.
Eighty-one pictures
originally qualified in the

Academy Awards for
outstanding film
achievements of 2006 will
be presented on Sunday,
February 25, 2007, at the
Kodak Theatre at
Hollywood & Highland
Center®, and televised live
by the ABC Television
Network at 5 p.m. PST,
beginning with a half-hour
arrival segment.
Iridium Jazz Club  Presents Tony-Award
Winner Singer/Actress MELBA MOORE feat:
NAT ADDERLEY JR                Nov 22-26, 2006
New York Nov. 13, 2006 - The
Iridium Jazz Club is pleased to
present Tony-Award winner and
versatile singer/actress
Moore feat: Nat Adderley Jr
Nov. 22-26 Ms. Moore, whose career spans four decades
will perform a compilation of music from her illustrious
career which will feature pop hit’s; “This Is It”, “Love’s
Comin’ At’cha” and “You Steeped Into My Life”; from her
Broadway shows
Hair ( Ms Moore originated the role of
Dionne replacing
Dianne Keaton becoming the first black
actress to replace a white actress is a lead role on
Purlie ( for which she won the Tony Award for
Best Supporting Actress In A Musical) and
"I Got Love".

Ms Moore will also perform a selection of jazz standards
that will feature the pianist / arranger Nat Adderley, Jr.
(who is the nephew of the great Cannonball Adderley and
the son of trumpeter Nat Adderley).

In 2003 Ms Moore scored a hit with Paramount's  "THE
FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS" with Beyonce Knowles
IRIDIUM JAZZ CLUB - 1650 Broadway @ 51st NYC 10023
Reservations: 212-582-2121,
Melba Moore
Word-of-mouth Advertising Now  
Known As Viral Marketing
By:  Howard Stein

New York, NY  Nov 21, 2006 -
One of the
fastest growing phenomena in the
online space   referred to as “viral
marketing” or “buzz” is designed to
stimulate customers to talk about and
refer their friends and colleagues to
your products and services.

An effective viral marketing program
begins with a positive customer

After all, the “80/20 rule” still applies:
80 percent of your profits come from
20 percent of your customers. That’s
why you must keep them satisfied
and confident about returning to your
business. Then, and only then, will
your customers become "evangel-
ists”  true word-of-mouth agents, for
your product or service.
Jamie Foxx  at  Madison  Square  
Garden  on January  22  with  special  
New York, NY Dec 5, 2006 -
Coming off his first
American Music Awards win
for Favorite Male Soul/R&B
Jamie Foxx embarks
on his North American tour
this winter.  Known first as a
major TV star and comedian, Jamie Foxx
also  won an Oscar for his portrayal of
Ray Charles in Ray. And, although he
released an album in the early '90s, it
was Jamie Foxx's guest appearance on
Kanye West's #1 single Gold Digger that
put him on the map in the music world.
Jamie Foxx released the album
Unpredictable at the end of 2005 which
hit number one and went platinum.

Catch Jamie Foxx in the new movie
Dreamgirls in theaters this December
Eddie Murphy, Beyonce
Knowles Hinton Battle, and Jenifer
     85th Birthday Celebration For CHARLES MINGUS
                     * * E P I T A P H * *
     Conducted by Gunther Schuller / Hosted by Bill Cosby
     Frederick P. Rose  JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER
     Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 7:30pm

NEW YORK April 9, 2007 - EPITAPH, an epic work in 20 movements
composed by Charles Mingus "for his tombstone" was premiered at
Alice Tully Hall in 1989 and heralded as "the greatest jazz event of the
decade" by the New York Times. Gunther Schuller called it "the most
important prophetic statement in the history of jazz."

Now Schuller conducts 30 outstanding musicians, featuring Christian
McBride on bass, in the first U.S. performance of this unique musical
work in almost two decades. It will include the world premiere of a
newly-discovered movement entitled Inquisition, which completes the
work. One of the most exciting aspects of this new presentation of
EPITAPH are the musicians themselves, who have been performing
Mingus music for the past 15 years - through a weekly engagement in
New York as well on international tours – and will present the Mingus
legacy as it lives and breathes today. These musicians now have this
so-called "difficult" music in their pores, bringing their own knowledge
and vitality to the work in a modern context that Mingus would surely

Prior to the
EPITAPH event at Rose Hall, the three Mingus repertory
ensembles, including the Mingus Big Band, Mingus Orchestra, and
Mingus Dynasty, will perform a week-long engagement from April 17 -
22 at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola. Featured musicians will include Craig
Handy, Jaleel Shaw, Ronnie Cuber, Ku-umba Frank Lacy, Conrad
Herwig, Boris Koslov, Alex Sipiagin, Kenny Rampton, Johnathan
Blake, Orrin Evans, Abraham Burton, Wayne Escoffrey, Donny
McCaslin, and many more.   Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center
Broadway at 60th St.  CenterCharge 212-721-6500