Marijuana May Stave Off Alzheimer's

Washington, DC Nov 21, 2996 - Good news for aging hippies,
smoking pot may stave off Alzheimer's disease.  New research
shows that the active ingredient in marijuana may prevent the
progression of the disease by preserving levels of an
important neurotransmitter that allows the brain to function.

Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in California
found that marijuana's active ingredient, delta-9-
tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, can prevent the neuro-
transmitter acetylcholine from breaking down more effectively
than commercially marketed drugs.  THC is also more
effective at blocking clumps of protein that can inhibit memory
and cognition in Alzheimer's patients, the researchers reported
in the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics.

The researchers said their discovery could lead to more
effective drug treatment for Alzheimer's, the leading cause of
dementia among the elderly.

Those afflicted with Alzheimer's suffer from memory loss,
impaired decision-making, and diminished language and
movement skills. The ultimate cause of the disease is
unknown, though it is believed to be hereditary.  Marijuana is
used to relieve glaucoma and can help reduce side effects
from cancer and AIDS treatment.  

Possessing marijuana for recreational use is illegal in many
parts of the world, including the United States, though some
states allow possession for medical purposes.
O.J. Simpson Tells Why He Participated in the ill-fated
"If I Did It"      Book and Interview Project

New York, NY  Nov 23, 2006 - He said that -- he did it for  
personal profit, -- and he has acknowledged that any
financial gain was "blood money."

"This was an opportunity for my kids to get their financial
legacy," Simpson said in interviews this week after the book
deal was abandoned by its publisher.

"My kids understand. I made it clear that it's blood money,
but it's no different than any of the other writers who did
books on this case."

Simpson's book is said to describe how he theoretically
would have committed the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown
Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. The book had
been scheduled for release Nov. 30, 2006, following the
airing of a two-part Simpson interview on Fox on Monday
and Wednesday.

News Corp., owner of Fox Broadcasting and publisher
HarperCollins, canceled the project after a public outcry and
objections by advertisers and booksellers.

In a radio interview Wednesday, Simpson said the project
was not a confession.

"I made it clear from the first day I met the writer that I wasn't
involved," Simpson said on a Miami AM station.

"I said, 'I have nothing to confess."'

Goldman's family, meanwhile, asked News Corp. to turn
over its rights to the now-canceled book and interview, an
attorney said Wednesday.  Simpson has declined to say
how much of an advance he received for the book but said it
was less than the $3.5 million that had been reported. He
said the money has already been spent, including some he
used to meet tax obligations.

Simpson said he was convinced the book would have been
a best-seller.  "My kids would have been coming into a lot of
money," he said, adding he desperately needs the cash
because his retirement funds are dwindling.

Prepublication sales for "If I Did It," had been strong, but not
sensational. It cracked the top 20 of last
weekend but had fallen to No. 51 by the time the
cancellation was announced.

Simpson said he deserved the harsh criticism for his role in
the project, although he complained that News Corp. owner
Rupert Murdoch appears to be getting off easy.  "I'm taking
heat and I deserve it," Simpson said. "But Murdoch should
not be taking the high road either."

Publisher Judith Regan has portrayed the book as
representing "O.J.'s confession," and it reportedly contains
a chapter where he explains how he could have committed
the killings.  But the former football star says he didn't
commit the murders. He said was disappointed by Regan's
portrayal of the book, which he said was ghostwritten: "I
thought, 'This lady probably thinks I did it and I didn't."'

Simpson said he told a representative of the publisher that
he would not allow the book's publication if it contained any
graphic descriptions of "cutting or stabbing."

Asked how he felt about the effect the book would have on
the victims' families, Simpson expressed bitterness toward
Goldman's father, Fred, who has denounced Simpson as a
liar and murderer.

Simpson was acquitted of murder in 1995 but was later
found liable for the killings in a wrongful-death suit filed by
the Goldman family. Simpson has failed to pay the $33.5
million judgment against him in that case, and his
pensions and his Florida home cannot be seized.

He said Fred Goldman has helped drain his finances with
"frivolous lawsuits," including one he brought recently
attempting to deprive Simpson of the commercial rights to
his own name. Although Simpson prevailed in court, he
said he spent $17,000 in legal fees.

Fred Goldman's attorney, Jonathan G. Polak, said Goldman
wants the rights to the material to ensure that all copies are
destroyed and that News Corp. doesn't sell the rights to
"some sleazy cable pay-per-view operation or video site."

A call to a News Corp. seeking comment was not returned.
After Murdoch canceled the book and interview, News Corp.
subsidiary HarperCollins said all copies of the book will be

Simpson, 59, said his NFL pension pays only $1,700 a
month and the private pension he amassed during the days
when he was a TV pitchman and sports commentator is
being halved next month because he's had to dip into the

According to Simpson, "Although I knew the project would
bring an avalanche of negative publicity, I was willing to face
it, if that's what it took."

Despite his financial troubles, Simpson indicated he wasn't
entirely unhappy the project was abandoned.  "I feel like a
man who's had the weight of the world taken off me," he
Wednesday through Friday, December 6 through 8
New York, NY  Nov 21, 2006 - The Iridium Jazz
Club is pleased to present soul, jazz and R&B
diva Ms. Freda Payne in a very special Tribute
To Ella Fitzgerald Wednesday through Friday,
December 6 through 8.
Iridium Jazz Club,1650
Broadway @ 51st, NYC, 10023, 212-582-212.
Freda Payne, celebrated R&B and jazz vocalist, who shot to
fame with her #1 Hit, “Band of Gold,” and “Bring the Boys
Home,” pays tribute to the legendary
Ella Fitzgerald, as no one
else can. Payne, the star of such
Broadway shows as Jelly’s
Last Jam, Sophisticated Ladies and Blues in the Night,
“conjures the spirit of Ella” with her renditions of “A-Tisket, a-
Tasket,” “Sweet Georgia Brown,” “It Don’t Mean a Thing.” and
many other Fitzgerald classics.
Resistance Training Is Key To Geting Results
By:  Bridigit Bianco'
Fitness Expert

New York, NY  Nov 21, 2996 -
If you're new to resistance
training  it can seem intimidat- ing. But don't let that stop
you. The following four tips will help you feel like a pro in
no time.
  • Mix it up: Aim to do four
different exercises, three times a week. Cover the bases
for the best shaping.  One exercise for the upper back,
another for the arms, one for the shoulders, and one for
the chest.
  • Get the gear: Dumbbells
work great for upper-body toning they're convenient and
effective, and they let you work through a complete range
of motion. Use soup cans or plastic bottles filled with
water if you don't have weights. Gradually increase the
weight as you gain strength.
  • Pick your level: Toning
exercises shouldn't be too easy or too difficult. If you can
complete two sets of each exercise with ease, the
weights are probably too light. Go up to the next weight
  • Do the reps: Start with 8
to 12 repetitions of each exercise, then work your way up
to two sets of 8 to 12 reps.

No single approach to weight loss works for everyone.   
We urge you to consult with your physician before making
any significant changes in your eating habits or physical
activit- ies to ensure that what you propose for yourself is
nutrion- ally sound, safe, and healthy.
Jazz In Brooklyn: A Community of Visions
Photo Exhibition by Lourdes Delgado

Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Lobby
November 28, 2006 to February 11, 2007
Opening: Tuesday, November 28, 6:00 – 8:00 pm;
Reception at 6PM on the 2nd Fl Meeting Room - Grand
Army Plaza
718/ 230-2100, www.brooklynpubliclibrary.

New York, NY Nov 27, 2006 - Jazz in Brooklyn: A Community of
Visions is an exhibition of home environmental portraits of
jazz musicians at their homes in Brooklyn.   It explores jazz
from a social and cultural viewpoint rather than a musical
one. Delgado takes only one photo per session using a
large format camera that captures a richness of detail.   
This exhibition features over 300 portraits of the men and
women, the masters and young artists, and the
mainstream and experimental musicians.

This exhibition is generously supported in part by The
Puffin Foundation, The Independence Community
Foundation, Con Edison, Consulate General of Spain in
New York and the Brooklyn Public Library.
First Tuesdays” –   FREE  Professional Development
Seminars for Musicians

Chamber Music America  2006-07 Series In
collaboration with Midtown Arts Common and The
Jazz Ministry at Saint Peter’s Church - 54th  and
Lexington Avenue, NYC - Seminars are held from 3 to
5 PM

New York, NY – Nov 28, 2006 — Chamber Music America
(CMA)   “First Tuesdays,” -- its annual series of
professional development seminars for jazz and
classical musicians.

Seminar topics include an introduction to web-based
marketing techniques (by jazz industry expert Jim Eigo).
Other sessions will focus on the availability of residency
and commissioning grants for musicians, including how
to best use the resources of CMA to seek such support.

On December 5, 2006    “Promote Yourself: Web-based
Jim Eigo, jazz industry expert.
The Music & Health Clinic at
The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine Beth
Israel Medical Center, New York NY

New York, NY Nov 28, 2006 - Our mission at The Music &
Health Clinic of The Louis Armstrong Center for Music &
Medicine is to provide high service, low cost health care
tailored to meet the unique physical, mental and
emotional needs of musicians and performing artists.   
For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit or call
212-420-2704.Joanne Loewy DA, MT-BC Director.
Ma Bell Quickly Becoming Just Another Name
For Trivial Pursuit
By:  J. C. Lee
Contributing Journalist

Atlanta, GA Dec 11, 2006 -
Wireless subscribers say they
now consider it to be their primary form of communication.
36% believe that cell phone service is more personal and
direct than land line telephone service.  Ma Bell could
become a name for
Trivial Pursuit as more and more
consumers are cutting the cord and going wireless only.

9% of U.S. adults said that they had abandoned their
landline telephone service completely in favor of using
their wireless phone exclusively. Targeted cell phone
advertising is eminent, but when consumers were asked
if they would be interested in receiving promotional text
messages on their cell phone 78% were
not at all
. Not a ringing endorsement for cell phone
Maya Angelou - Celebrations: Rituals of Peace and Prayer

New York Dec 18, 2006 - Grace, dignity, and eloquence
have long been hallmarks of Maya Angelou’s poetry. Her
measured verses have stirred our souls, energized our
minds, and healed our hearts. Whether offering hope in the
darkest of nights or expressing sincere joy at the
extraordinariness of the everyday, Maya Angelou has served
as our common voice.

Celebrations is a collection of timely and timeless poems
that are an integral part of the global fabric. Several works
have become nearly as iconic as Angelou herself: the
inspiring “On the Pulse of Morning,” read at President
William Jefferson Clinton’s 1993 inauguration; the
heartening “Amazing Peace,” presented at the 2005 lighting
of the National Christmas Tree at the White House; “A Brave
and Startling Truth,” which marked the fiftieth anniversary of
the United Nations; and “Mother,” which beautifully honors
the first woman in our lives. Angelou writes of celebrations
public and private, a bar mitzvah wish to her nephew, a
birthday greeting to
Oprah Winfrey, and a memorial tribute to
the late
Luther Vandross and Barry White.

More than a writer, Angelou is a chronicler of history, an
advocate for peace, and a champion for the planet, as well
as a patriot, a mentor, and a friend. To be shared and
cherished, the wisdom and poetry of
Maya Angelou proves
there is always cause for celebration.
She Lost Her Fiance on Their Wedding Day Court Ruled
She Can Still Have His Name
By:  Ashley Eli
NEW YORK Dec 10, 2006 - She lost her
fiance in a hail of police gunfire on their
wedding day, but a court has ruled that
Nicole Paultre can still have his name.

A civil court judge approved an
application to legally change her name
to Nicole Paultre Bell, in memory of the
victim of the November 25 shooting,
Sean Bell, her lawyer said Friday.
Nicole Paultre
with fiance
and baby
The name change will become official next week, said
the attorney, Sanford Rubenstein.

Paultre, 22, and Bell, 23, met in high school and had two
children together.

In her name-change petition, she wrote: "In honor of the
memory of my fiance, Sean Bell, the father of our two
children who was killed by police on the morning of the
day we were to be married, I request this name change
so that my surname will be the same as my two children."

Bell shot leaving bachelor party on wedding day
Police killed Bell and wounded two of his friends inside
their car after his bachelor party at a Queens strip club
where officers were conducting an undercover operation.

An undercover officer began following the victims to the
car after overhearing one of them allegedly threaten to
retrieve a gun in a dispute with another man. As the car
started to pull away, it bumped the officer and then
smashed into an unmarked police van, police said.

The undercover officer has insisted, through his lawyer,
that he believed one of the companions was pulling a
gun when he opened fire on the car; no gun was found.

Was there a fourth man who fled?
He and other witnesses also have said there was a
fourth man in or near the car who disappeared. But Bell's
two wounded companions and others who claim to have
witnessed the shooting have disputed the existence of a
fourth man.

The five officers who fired a total of 50 rounds have been
put on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of
a grand jury investigation by Queens prosecutors.
The victims were all black; the officers were white,
Hispanic and black.

The name change was first reported on Essence
magazine's Web site. In an interview with,
Paultre said Bell was carrying their wedding rings when
he was killed. After they were returned to her, she put
hers on and buried the other with him.

Though Paultre initially labeled the police officers who
shot her fiance as "murderers," she has since said she
doesn't blame the entire police department for the

"It's not the department that did this," she said. "It's those
five police officers; it's them that need to be held

Cleveland, OH - Heads Up International received four
GRAMMY nominations from the National Academy of
Recording Arts and Sciences on December 7, 2006.

The nominations were in a broad array of categories
including jazz, contemporary jazz, world music and surround
sound. All nominations were for albums released October
2005 through September 2006.

Winners will be announced at the 49th Annual GRAMMY
Awards Ceremony, to be held on “GRAMMY Sunday,”
February 11, 2007, at Staples Center in Los Angeles, and
once again will be broadcast live on CBS from 8-11:30 p.m.

“We’re thrilled to receive four nominations this year,” says
Dave Love, President of Heads Up. “As part of the 29
nominations for the Concord Music Group overall, we have
some incredibly gifted artists, and it’s so wonderful for them
to be recognized by their peers.”

The nominations for Heads Up are:

Field 10 – Jazz
Category 10 – Best Pop Instrumental Album
Wrapped In A Dream
Spyro Gyra

Field 10 – Jazz
Category 45 – Best Contemporary Jazz Album
Who Let The Cats Out?
Mike Stern

Field 16 – World Music
Category 73 – Best Contemporary World Music Album
Long Walk To Freedom
Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Field 28 – Surround Sound
Category 93 – Best Surround Sound Album
Long Walk To Freedom
Martin Walters, surround mix engineer; Martin Walters,
surround mastering engineer; Martin Walters, surround
producer (Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

For more than 15 years, Heads Up International has been
successfully carving its niche in the world of contemporary
instrumental music.

In addition to consistently landing on Billboard’s
contemporary jazz, traditional jazz and world music charts,
and garnering numerous industry awards – including a
GRAMMY win in 2005 (Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s Raise
Your Spirit Higher); Billboard’s Contemporary Latin Jazz
Album of the Year (Roberto Perera’s Dreams & Desires);
the AFIM’s Independent Contemporary Jazz Album of the
Year (Pieces of a Dreams’ Love’s Silhouette); and
JazzWeek’s Radio Programmers Award (Jaco Pastorius Big
Band’s Word of Mouth Revisited) – Heads Up artists have
regularly captured the #1 slot in national radio airplay.
By: Bridigit Bianco'
Contributing Journalist

NEW YORK Dec 18, 2006 -
Ab crunches not giving you the
flat belly you want? It may not be flabby abs you're seeing,
but a layer of belly fat sitting on top of them. Instead of
more crunches, try turning up the heat with aerobic
exercise to burn off that extra padding. Whether it's a step
class, kickboxing, a bike ride, a brisk stroll, or a cool
swim, shoot for a pace that gets your blood pumping but
leaves you able to carry on a conversation comfortably.

Aim for at least 20 minutes of activity three days a week at
first, then gradually work your way up to 30, 40, 50, or
60-minute sessions six days a week. In just a few short
weeks, those abs you've worked so hard to tone will start
shining through! Plus, you'll reduce your risk of heart
disease and other serious illnesses at the same time.    
You can do it!

CULVER CITY, CA Dec 17, 2006  With this weekend’s  
#1  release of
The Pursuit of Happyness, Sony
Pictures Entertainment’s box office receipts for 2006
have passed $1.573 billion, setting a new motion
picture industry record for domestic box-office in a
single year, it was announced today by Jeff Blake,
chairman, worldwide marketing and distribution for
the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group and vice
chairman of SPE.  In passing the industry record,
which Sony set in 2002, the studio caps an
extraordinary year in which SPE released a record-
breaking 13 #1 films. The studio also launched 13
films to opening weekends of more than $20 M,
another industry record, and surpassed more than
$3 billion in global ticket sales for the first time.  Sony
Pictures now holds the top two years in the all-time
domestic box office record books.
"I wanted to bring the 'BIBLE' to life"
Writer/Director/Producer Ruby Jewel
By:  Gatsby Melodi'
Kansas City Dec 21, 2006 -  Leaving lingering
thought provoking elements that articulate
how things might have been done
differently, became refreshingly visible in
"IF WE HAD ONLY KNOWN", written,
produced and directed by Ruby Jewel
Smith, performed at 8th Street Baptist
Church, in Kansas City, K
S, on Dec 17th.  
Ruby Jewel
The fabulous production had OLD & NEW TESTAMENT
characters telling their story.  It no-doubt snapped in to
play with Mary and Joseph redundantly hearing "No
Room.No Room.No Room" as they search for a place to
have baby Jesus.   It was fierce to see.

The Monroe, Louisiana native explains her production
saying, "Jacob represented change from deception  to
repentance; Adam and Eve represented the beginning of
sin. I wanted to bring THE BIBLE to life for your
Celebrate Kwanzaa at The Apollo  

Forces of Nature Dance Theatre
Vy Higgensen's Gospel For Teens Spirit
     hosted by Hazelle Goodman
Friday,  Dec. 29, 2006  7:30 PM
Apollo Theater Box Office
By:  Bridigit Bianco'
Contributing Journalist

NEW YORK - Dec 18, 2006-
Every year, Americans spend
billions of dollars on products and surgeries that promise to
turn back the hands of time.

Now a new public awareness program called the
Aging Campaign
says that there are safer, easier things
you can do to look and feel young, and they don't have to
cost a fortune.  The program suggestions include not
smoking, having regular health checkups, traveling, taking
classes to develop hobbies and skills, and maintaining a
close group of friends and family.

But can you guess what's at the top of the list? - staying
active and eating right. In fact, the experts say if you do
nothing else, exercise.

Without physical activity, all other efforts to fight aging will be
in vain.

They recommend a minimum of 30 minutes a day, three
days a week. On the healthy eating front, they recommend a
balanced diet that includes at least five servings of fruit and
vegetables a day.

In other words, the steps you're taking to get healthy right
now will actually keep you looking and feeling younger for
years to come!       So go ahead - stay fit and stay young.
Dave Stryker Organ Trio
w/ Jared Gold
- organ and
Tony Reedus - drums
Tue. Dec. 26th at 7:30 and
9:30 PM - The Jazz Standard
116 E. 27th St. NYC (Park & Lex) 212-576-2232  
Fri. Dec. 29th at 9:30 and 11 PM
The Goat
21 South Orange Ave / So. Orange NJ / 973-275-9000
Flashman Studios and Classic
Media Forge a Relationship to
‘Toon Up Gaming

San Francisco, CA  Dec 31, 2006 - Classic
Media’s most popular characters,
including Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends,
Dick Tracy, Underdog, and George of the
Jungle, are all set to expand their
cartoon antics into fun gameplay.

Flashman Studios Inc. and
Media have formed a strategic
consulting agreement to create video
gaming opportunities on all interactive
platforms. Included are these universally
loved classic characters
Underdog, George of the Jungle,
Gerald McBoing Boing, Veggie Tales,
Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town,
Magnus, Robot Fighter, Roger
Ramjet, Lassie, and Dick Tracy.

"Flashman Studios’ vast experience
and key industry relationships make
them an ideal partner to help us bring
our classic characters to a new
generation of gamers,” said Leslie
Levine, Classic’s VP of World Wide
Licensing. “We look to tap into
Flashman’s wealth of knowledge to
strategically determine which
developers and publishers can best
capture the uniquely fun game play
inherent in each of these great icons.''
Flashman is seeking game
publishers worldwide.  

“We know how to bring a game to
life,” CEO of Flashman Studios, Brad
Young, shares insight on their
success formula. “Flashman is
proactive when it comes to
representing intellectual property and
presenting a full business case to
game publishers. We typically think
through an interactive brand strategy
that takes into consideration the
appropriate game platform for the
property, high level design, and we
often present a game developer who’
s both passionate about the
intellectual property and able to