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Connected And Committed To The Children June 17th --  "Masculine Mystique" -  Why It Works!
By:  J. C. Lee
Staff Journalist
New York, NY  June 12, 2007 - About 32
million children in the United States today ---
do not live with their biological fathers.   Two  
chief causes are high divorce and low
marriage rates. One might conclude that
fatherhood is therefore a cheap commodity
today, but don't get it twisted -- the cost of
fatherlessness is jubilantly swelling positively,
and so are the images of the persons getting
the gift's,  on June 17th

Father's Day this years celebrates the female,
the neighbor, the male or female friend of a
friend who lightened the load of one kid by
connection and commitment.

Teen child bearing occurs more often with
girls from single parent households, while  
boys  make  up  a  majority  of  youthful
substance abusers, regardless of the
parents'  race,  income or  education  level.
As Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in " THE LAST
  Forest Whitaker  won
the Golden Globe "Best Performance by an
Actor in a Motion Picture Drama";   won the
NAACP Image Award Outstanding Actor in a
Motion Picture";   won the London Critics Circle
Film Awards  "ALFS Award Actor of the Year".

Whitaker won the 2007 Academy Award Oscar
"Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading
Role for: The Last King of Scotland (2006)".
"CROSSOVER" is a warmly lit cautionary tale for
young guys that will make big bucks playing
professional sports, and it should be mandated
a "must see" for every middle and high schooler.

Produced by Frank Mancuso Jr. And Written &
Directed by Preston A. Whitmore, II.  The film  
warns young men of unsuspecting females on
the prey when they smell the success of your
big bucks future career. Film stars  
Eva Pigford
Long before the launching pad  "American
Idol" became the rocket to stardom there
was the television show  "Star Search" that
made funny man
Martin Lawrence   ("Big
Mammas House") ("DEF JAM") ("Rebound")
known to the world.  

The 27 hilariously funny scripts on a 4-Disc
DVD set for this
Second Season of
delivers lots of killer one-liners in
the comedy, the acting and even from
surprise guests like then unknown Wendy
Raquel Robinson (
Steve Harvey Show"),
Miguel A. Nunez, Jr., and boxing champion
Thomas (Hit Man) Hearne.
Season Two"
Home Box
Office Video
600 Minutes
$29.98 SLP.
95 Minutes
$26.96 SLP.
The year was 1994, and the fashion statements are
cool, but it is the skit clothes worn by Gina, Pam, and
neighbor, Sheneneh Jenkins, that will  have you in
stiches.  This stuff is hilalrious, and classic nostalgia,  
like "Happy to be nappy".  
Tisha Campbell  delivers big
time and should have earned a Emmy for her portrayal
in  'Gina's Not My Lover'.  Campbell is out of control with
those innovative elements that makes the difference in a
laugh and a laugh out loud.

Opening episode 'Do You Remember the Time' is a
throw back to 1983 high school reunion. Laff your butt
off.  "MARTIN" stars
Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell
(My Wife & Kids) Carl Anthony Payne II ("Bill Cosby
Show"), Thomas Mikal Ford, Tichina Arnold ("Preaching
to the Choir") ("Everybody Hates Chris"),  with Jonathan
Gries and Garrett Morris ("
Jamie Foxx Show").
Broadway's Tony Award-winning production
turned movie is now on DVD
2-Disc Showstopper Edition"
is packed with
numerous behind-the-scenes
enlightenments all the way back to the
genesis of the project, including  
Anika Rose screen tests for their roles,
and the search for the right person to play
Jennifer Hudson of course  won the 2007 Academy  "Best
Supporting Actress"  Award, for her portrayal of Effie White.

"DREAMGIRLS" the film has proven that it is more than a
movie with the message "the price you pay for success",
this film also has added trajectory down and the finding of
a nice space to land at the end.

Disc One "special features" contains 12 never before
seen musical numbers, including one by
Hudson.   performance.  Disc Two contains numerous
featurettes all about the "makings of" the film, including
cheorgraphy, sets, lighting and more.
FOX Home
Run time:
121 Minutes
$29.99 SLP.
Backstage with winners at the
2007 Academy Awards, "Best
Supporting Actress-
Jenifer Hudson and Forest
Whitaker "Best Performance by
an Actor in a Leading Role
"The Last King of Scotland"
Forest Whitaker was born 15 July 1961, in Longview, TX. He
stands  6' 2" . Whitaker will always be remembered as shy
Jackson opposite
Robin Givens in Bill Duke's "A Rage In
Harlem";  as Charley Bird Parker in Clint Eastwood's "Bird",
and as Director of
"Waiting to Exhale"  starring Whitney
Houston, Loretta Devine, Angela Bassett and Lela Rochon.

It was a high school teacher that made a difference in his
life.   "I never took acting until college. I was studying opera,
classical voice, and a speech teacher asked me to audition.
She helped me to get into a conservatory, with a scholarship
as a singer, and I was accepted into acting."

(On his role in The Last King of Scotland (2006)) "First of all I
started learning Swahili, learning the accent, then I had to
study all the recordings as well as all the books, tapes,
documentaries. When I went to Uganda I met with his brother,
sister, his ministers, his generals and even to the Ugandan
king. I did more research for this role than any other character
I've probably ever played."
Father's Day is celebrated in every part of the
world on the third Sunday in June except in
Australia, the first Sunday in September.  

This year consumers are spending HOURS
and HOURS searching the Internet, making
themselves smart about specific gift giving --
while looking for more meaningful and
affordable possibilities.  

Masculine Mystique sees no gender.  It says
that we are connected as people with
responsibilities toward others.  Maculine
Mystique is that element of endurance that
suggests to each kid that they are uniquely
amazing, awesome, awe inspiring and

Masculine Mystique wants the children never
to suffer.  Masculine Mystique purchases
Father's Day gift, not by gender but by
relevance in the relationship.  

Maculine Mystique gives the right movie or
musical DVD, the right book, the right disco
and dance sounds that jump start the
happening -- delivered with appreciation for
Masculine Mystique with the message thank
you for making me feel worthy of love, worthy of
healing, worthy of laughter, worthy of joy,
worthy of abundance, worthy of happiness,
worthy of imagination, worthy of life -  Happy
Father's Day  and  thanks for  making  a
difference in the memories of my life".

Maculine denotes male, but Father's Day
denotes colorless, genderless love.

If your money is low, make dad breakfast in
bed. Send him flowers, the red rose is the
official Father's Day flower. Do secret acts of
kindness, this might include doing one of
dad's chores for him, like taking out the
garbage.  Be obedient.  Do your chores,
without being asked.  Get along with your
brothers and sisters.Make or take him out to
Clarice Taylor as
Moms Mabley
Off Broadway
"A dad is a person who is
loving, kind, and often knows
what you have on your mind",
Clarice Taylor  told me
in a telephone interview from
her home in New Jersey,
((televison's mom
"Bill Cosby
Show", "Sanford & Son" -
Broadway "
(Mabley) & GIRLS"; film "Five
On the Black Hand Side"  "Play
Misty For Me").
"Night School: An Evening with Stanley Clarke and
Friends"  co-host with Stanley Clarke and comedian
Sinbad, is a keepsake.  The rare 90-minute DVD
presentation brings together a "Who's who" in the world
of jazz DVD chronicling the  
"3rd Annual Stanley Clarke
Scholarship Concert",  recorded at the Musicians
Institute in Hollywood, CA, in October 2002. With guests
Stevie Wonder, Karen Briggs, Sheila E.,    Paul
Jackson Jr,   
Patrice Rushen,    Rodney Franklin,    
Wallace Roney,  Lenny White, Marcus Miller, and
others.  The next best thing to being there is having
them perform in your living room, and you won't be
disappointed.  "Night School" is the precursor to Clarke’
s yet-to-be-titled CD scheduled for release on
Up in August 2007.
"Freedom Writers"
Paramount Home
122 Minutes
$29.99 SLP.
"FREEDOM WRITERS", stars 2-time Academy Award  
Hilary Swank , Patrick Dempsey, Scott Glenn,
Imelda Staunton, and top-selling Hip-Hop artist
(Step Up). This is an emotional story about how a high
school teacher encouraged her class of at-risk
students to overcome the gangs that divided them --
and the educational system that failed them.  To tell  
their stories in their own words. It is those journals the
students were inspired to  write that ultimately became
the book The Freedom Writers Diary.
Rick James seemed to have done and enjoyed it all,
but in this newly released book
"The Confessions of
Rick James Memoirs of a Super Freak"
, he tells on
page 274 that he worshiped the devil.  "I chose satan
as my master and hell as my future home," James
wrote.   He said he was "scared of not being
accepted" and of "being a failure".  At the end -- his
drug of choice was crack. He tells a story of wantonly
living his life without morals, values or principles and
integrity.  This book is mostly smut.  For more
information visit    www.amberbooks.com
"The Confessions of
Rick James Memoirs of
a Super Freak"  Amber
$18.95 Paperback
"Almighty Ultimate Dance Party Volume 2", a 2-Disc
CD set bursting with 49 modern club classics just
aching to kick-off  your party and have their way with
your hips, full of rump-shaking rhythms and sugar
high hits.  Hannah Jones ‘You Only Have To Say You
Love Me’, before the compelling club mix of Alisha
King’s ‘Heat You Up, Melt Me Down’ gets everyone in
the house a little hot under the collar.  For more
information visit     www.almightyrecords.com
Ultimate Dance
Party Volume 2"
153 Minutes
Almighty Records
London England
Will Smith is spellbounding in "the PURSUIT of
HAPPYNESS",and so is his biological son Jaden
Smith in this rags-to-riches moving tale inspired by
the true story of Chris Gardner, a San Francisco
salesman struggling to build a future for himself and
his five-year-old son.  Chris and his son are evicted
from their apartment and are forced to sleep on the
streets, in homeless shelters and even behind the
locked doors of a bus station bathroom.  With
self-confidence and the love and trust of this son,
Chris Gardner rises above his obstacles to become
a Wall Street legend.
"the PURSUIT of
Sony Pictures
Home Enter.
117 Minutes
$28.95 SLP.
"The Golden Girls - Complete 7th & Final Season" wasn't
just the last for
NBC's Golden Girls, it was one of the best
Beatrice Arthur, Betty White,  Rue McLanahan, and
Estelle Getty, it aired from September 1991 to May 1992.  
For its seven seasons "The Golden Girls" finished with a
total of 68 Emmy nominations and 11 Emmy wins.

With an exclusive nostalgic retrospective and terrific guest
stars like Leslie Nielsen,
Merv Griffin and Alex Trebek, the
girls go out with a bang. From the hilarious season
opener to the tearful farewell, THE GOLDEN GIRLS: THE
COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON is a fitting conclusion to
one of the most beloved series of all time.
"The Golden
Girls Complete
7th & Final
Buena Vista
Home Ent.
625 Minutes
$39.99 SLP.
"Miami Vice - Season Three" (Don Johnson) and Tubbs
(Philip Michael Thomas) are back for  the high-octane,
high-fashion cop drama, taking on the worst that the
Miami underworld has to offer. This season (1986-87)
features guest performances by such names as Liam
Laurence Fishburne, Steve Buscemi, Melanie
Charles S. Dutton and Wesley Snipes. The show
influenced men's fashions toward Italo-casual and
interior decor toward the Miami look. Very trendy music
and unusual guest performers. 5-Disc set.
Cases of easy going private investigating is what "The
Rockford Files 3rd Season"
is all about.  They never
ceased to be entertaining during its '70s run, and now
available on DVD, there's something still comfortable
about the show.  He lives in a dilapidated trailer on the
beach. He's not married. He was in prison, though he
didn't commit the crime and was pardoned.  His father,
Rocky, was a truck driver and wants his "Jimmy boy" to
take up trucking so he won't  get beat-up.  22
action-packed episodes originally aired in 1976-77.
Season three brought home an Emmy Award for James
"The Rockford
Files 3rd Season"
Universal Studios
Home Entertain.
18 Hr 9 Minutes
$39.98 SLP.
VANESSA BELL ARMSTRONG sings about feelings of
abandoned  and discarded. She evolks emotion when
singing about seasons and the change coming in
your life, if ya hold out and wait on Jesus.
 "Your pillow
is soaked from all of your crying.  Seems like your
tragegy has no end", Vanessa Bell  whales in  "Hold
On" (written by Smokie Norful).
 "walking Miracle" her
EMI Gospel debut undeniably  is set ablaze by its
groove, lyrics and musicianship.  
"walking Miracle"
EMI Gospel
$17.98 SLP.
Paramount Home
$34.99 SLP.
"Miami Vice -
Season 3"
Universal Studio
Home Entertain. E
17 Hr 40 Minutes
$59.98 SLP.
Every great human achievement is preceded by extended periods of dedicated concentrated effort
Herbie Hancock Plays Long Island

HERBIE HANCOCK plays Friends of the
Arts’ 2007 Long Island Summer Festival at
Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay on
Thursday, August 23 at 8 pm. Reserved
seating Pavilion tickets are $120, $60 and
$45 and Lawn tickets are $35. Gates open
at 6:30 pm. Tickets can be ordered through
Ticketmaster.com or by calling (212) 307-
7171. For more information, visit www.
FOTApresents.org or call (516) 922-0061.

Herbie Hancock is
a true icon of modern
music. His success at expanding the
possibilities of musical thought has placed
him in
the annals of this century's
visionaries. Herbie played with the Miles
Davis quintet in the 1960s and, in 1980,
introduced the young trumpeter Wynton
Marsalis to the world as a solo artist. For
his latest studio project, Possibilities,
Herbie teamed with established artists
such as Sting, Annie Lennox, John Mayer,
Christina Aguilera, Paul Simon and Carlos
Santana. With an illustrious career
spanning five decades, he continues to
amaze audiences and never ceases to
expand the public's vision of what music,
particularly jazz, is
all about today.
Susan Gets Some Play
Stage Fright Productions
Adam Szymkowicz
Director: Moritz von Stuelpnagel
FringeNYC favorite, Susan Louise O’Connor, and her best
friend Jay try to find Susan a boyfriend by holding
auditions for an imaginary production in hopes of finding
Mr. Right. Or at least a date. Or even just a freakin’ kiss.
1h 20m   Manhattan  New York   Comedy
VENUE #5: The New School for Drama
Sat 18 @ 12
Sun 19 @ 9:15
Thu 23 @ 4:45
Fri 24 @ 9
Sun 26 @ 1:45
The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC)
August 10th - 26th, 2007
Don't Miss Playwright Adam Szymkowicz Present His
"Susan Gets Some Play",
from prolific playwright
Szymkowicz, through Sunday
August 26, 2007.
NEW YORK Aug 8, 2007 -
The New York
International Fringe
Festival (FringeNYC) is
the largest multi-arts
festival in North America,
with more than 200
companies from all over
the world performing for
16 days in more than 20
venues – that's a total of
more than 1300

FringeNYC generates an
atmosphere of extreme
excitement, and the
energy is contagious!
The dates for FringeNYC 2007
are Friday, August 10th through
Sunday, August 26th, 2007.
Performances will be from 2pm
to Midnight on weekdays, and
Noon to Midnight on weekends,  
all tickets are general
admission $15.  Purchase
tickets 9am to 7pm every day
inside NY: 212.279.4488 (Credit
Card Only) -- outside NY:
1-888-FringeNYC (Credit Card
The Jazz Gallery, Saturday, August 25, 2007
J.D. Allen (tenor); Gregg August (bass);
Rudy Royston
(drums)                                                          9pm &
J. D. Allen
NEW YORK Aug 6, 2007 -
J.D. ALLEN (tenor)

Hailed by the New York Times
as "a tenor saxophonist with an
enigmatic, elegant and hard-
driving style," J.D. Allen is one of
the most thoughtful jazz
saxophonists on the scene
today. The Detroit natives’
apprenticeship has largely been
in New York, where he has performed, recorded, and
toured with legends Lester Bowie, George Cables,
Betty Carter, Ron Carter, Louis Hayes, Jack
DeJohnette, Frank Foster Big Band, Winard Harper,
Butch Morris, David Murray, Wallace Roney, and
contemporaries Cindy Blackman, Orrin Evans,
Meshell Ndegeocello, Dave Douglas, Henry Grimes
and Nigel Kennedy, among others. J.D.'s debut
album, IN SEARCH OF... (Criss Cross, 1999), won
him the Best New Artist award in Italy, and had
reviewers praising him for his original compositions
and bold playing. That same year J.D. began touring
and recording with drummer Cindy Blackman's
Quartet, where he remains a member. His second
release, PHAROAH’S CHILDREN (Criss Cross,
2002), won him accolades for its thoughtfulness,
maturity, and adventurousness. One of Jazziz
Magazine's Critics Pics Top 10 Albums of the Year,
the album was praised in the U.S. and Europe,
along with leading musicians, such as Michael
Brecker and Jeff "Tain" Watts. Since making a
strong impression in his early years in New York at
venues like Smalls, Village Gate, and Visiones, and
serving an invaluable tenure with Betty Carter, J.D.
has come a long way, now fully possessed of his
own sound. J.D. has appeared on NPR's Jazz
Perspectives, WNYC's Soundcheck and WKCR's
Musician's Show. J.D.’s most recent recording as a
leader, I AM – I AM (I Am – I Am Records, 2007),
features Gregg August and Rudy Royston.

For more information, please visit www.myspace.

The Jazz Gallery is located at 290 Hudson Street
(between Spring and Dominick Streets), NYC
RESERVATIONS 212/242-1063
*C/E to Spring Street; 1/9 to Houston Street
Pictured left to right:  Chaka Zulu; Dave "Jam" Hall;
Teddy Riley; Jeanie Weems, ASCAP Senior Vice
President, Creative Affairs - Rhythm & Soul;
Ludacris; Kandi Burruss; Todd Brabec, ASCAP
Executive Vice President/Director of Membership;
Jimmy Jam and Narada Michael Walden.

LOS ANGELES, CA June 29, 2007 - To mark the 20th
Anniversary of ASCAP's Rhythm & Soul Music Awards,
a special event featuring Songwriter of the Year Alumni
was held at the Linwood Dunn Theater at The Pickford
Center for Motion Picture Study on June 23, 2007.
Hosted by Ludacris and Chaka Zulu, the panel of
distinguished songwriters featured Jimmy Jam, Narada
Michael Walden, Teddy Riley, Dave "Jam" Hall and
Kandi Burruss sharing stories behind their songs.
'Idol' Voters Boot Malakar
Pictured Sanjaya Malakar and LaKisha
Jones on American Idol, Wednesday.
LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2007 - After an inexplicably long run
that was full of flash, goofy haircuts, gleaming smiles
and more showmanship than all of the other finalists
combined, phenom "Idol" underdog Sanjaya Malakar
finally ran out of gas Wednesday night.  The 17-year-old
singer, who had become an Internet phenomenon and
had given the show tremendous buzz during a season
that many have said contains the weakest crop of
singers to date

Following a painfully flat rendition of Bonnie Raitt's
"Something to Talk About" on Tuesday night's
country-themed show Malakar was sent home to the
grinning satisfaction of Cowell, who hinted before the
elimination that he suspected the jig was up.
Men's Bathroom Tapping  Conviction  Disgrace
Larry Craig Resigns As Idaho Senator
CBS NEWS Sept 1, 2007 3:27PM/ET -
Three-term Idaho Senator
Larry Craig has announced his
resignation today after a week
of withering criticism and calls
from his own party to step
down, since news of his arrest
in a men's room sting operation
was made public.
Idaho Senator Larry Craig in  
homosexual bathroom sting
Najee's "Rising Sun" is #1 on Billboard's
Contemporary Jazz Chart
Always the innovator, Najee
blends various shades of
straight-ahead as well as
contemporary jazz, classic R&B
and even indie rock on this new
ten-song set.  
NAJEE explains
"People who are
KANSAS CITY Aug 22, 2007 - Saxophonist Najee, the two-
time Grammy nominee and a pioneer of the “rhythm and
jazz” movement of the late ‘80s and ‘90s, continues to
shed new light on the contemporary jazz scene with
Rising Sun, his new CD released on Heads Up
International, and it is already #1 on Billboard's
Contemporary Jazz Chart.
familiar with me and my music have certain
expectations.  This is something fresh.’”   
Chris Davis returns to the production helm on Rising
and offers numerous songwriting credits as well.
Actors Ben Vereen, Olivia Cole, Leslie Uggams,
Louis Gossett Jr. and Georg Stanford Brown pose for
photos in the audience of the 5th Annual TV Land
Awards held at Barker Hangar on April 14, 2007, in
Santa Monica, CA.
Stars Take Time Out to Pose During
TV Land 5th Annual Awards Show
SEAN JONES Releases His Fourth Musical
Statement Featuring 5 Vocalists,  
KALEIDOSCOPE Street Date Aug 14, 2007
Sean Jones
Harper Woods, MI Sept 4, 2007 - Over the course
of three previous albums for the
Mack Avenue
Records label, trumpeter Sean Jones has
revealed himself as among the most immensely
expressive, versatile and gifted players of his
generation. With each
new project, the Warren,
Ohio native has peeled back another layer to
show us a fresh peek at his soul.  
On his fourth and equally impressive release Kaleidoscope,
Sean Jones adds another hue to his ever-expanding musical
palette - showcasing the voices and song selections of an
amazing assemblage of five top-flight singers: Gretchen
Parlato, Carolyn Perteete, Sachal Vasandani, J.D. Walter, and
contemporary gospel powerhouse
Kim Burrell. Most of them
are unknown to the majority of listeners...but not for long if
Sean can help it.

"This is a collaborative project," he states. "I believe that there
is power in numbers and power in a generation, not in
individuals. When I look at jazz and music in general,
combined forces are much more effective than one person
trying to make their testament alone. True, I am soloing on
every song and there is space for me to shine but, I was
more concerned with celebrating these gifted composers
and vocalists. I titled the album Kaleidoscope because these
artists represent the colors of my generation. And I see
myself as a thread among them." Check out his website at
Whoopi Goldberg joins the cast of "The View,"
replacing the controversial Rosie O'Donnell. She
co-hosts with (from left) Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy
Behar and
Barbara Walters.
Whoopi Goldberg’s Arrival As A Permanent
Co-Host on “The View” Tuesday Attempts
To Wash Away The Stains After The Sudden
Controversial Departures
By: Jacob Schwartz
NEW YORK Sept 7, 2007 - The 51-year-old Oscar-
winning actress and comedian, who is replacing
Rosie O’Donnell, is the second woman to sit in the
moderator’s chair since Meredith Vieira bolted for
TODAY last year, and she is a savior of sorts, trying to
breathe new life into a show that has had its share of

drama and controversy over the past two

Whoopi Goldberg get's her point across without
ramming it down anyone’s throat and she adds a
different perspective to the views  that hasn’t been fully
explored on other chat shows.  

When asked what she brings to the table Goldberg
said: “All I want to do is continue to plant things and
ideas and create saying what I think about the world as
long as I can,” she said.

Goldberg, 51, is more than qualified. She's hosted the
Oscars four times and holds a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar
and Tony Award. Goldberg has appeared in over 150
movies and is currently the host of her own radio show
called Wake Up With Whoopi, which premiered in 2006.

"I love this show," Goldberg said upon joining the
panel on Wednesday's show. "I love coming on it. I love
hanging out with you guys."
AT 29th
To Be Aired January 2008
Fairfax, VA - Sept 4, 2007 - The United Negro
College Fund (UNCF) has announced that
legendary singer-songwriter
Robinson will receive UNCF’s prestigious
Award of Excellence on its annual award-
winning television
special, An Evening of
Stars®.   Previous honorees have been
Aretha Franklin (2007),   Stevie Wonder
Quincy Jones (2005), Lou Rawls
The two-hour concert tribute will be taped at the Pasadena
Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, Calif. on Sept. 22, 2007, and
will air nationwide in late January 2008.  Tickets for the
taping went on sale Mon. Aug 27 through Ticketmaster.

“The award honors
Smokey not only for his five-decade
career as a creative artist, but also for the contribution he
has made to helping students get the college education
they need and deserve,” said Michael L. Lomax, Ph.D.,
president and CEO of UNCF. “His work on behalf of UNCF
and its mission of minority education ensures that our
message will reach the millions of viewers who will tune
into this tribute concert,” continued Lomax. “And the creative
excellence for which Smokey is known sets a splendid
example for our young people and the rest of us as well.”

An Evening of Stars® (AEOS), formerly the Lou Rawls
Parade of Stars®, first aired in 1979, and since that time
has become one of the longest running and most
successful televised events in U.S. history.  
Lou Rawls, a
spokesperson for
UNCF and champion for AEOS for more
than 25 years, is credited with helping raise more than $200
million for the UNCF to supplement the cost of higher
education for scholarship recipients and member

UNCF administers more than 400 programs, including
scholarship, internship and fellowship programs,
mentoring, summer enrichment, and curriculum and faculty
development programs. Today, UNCF supports more than
65,000 students at over 900 colleges and universities
across the country.  Learn more about UNCF at
MATT SAVAGE Goes On Record "LIVE: At Tufts
University" Saturday, SEPT 29th at 7:30 PM and
Sunday, SEPT 30th at 2:30 PM
NEW HAMPSHIRE Sept 4, 2007 On September
15th, an article about jazz piano legend
Savage and his Trio and their travels and
concerts in Curacao will appear in American Way
Magazine, the Magazine for American Airlines.
The article will run for a month. You
can get a copy of the magazine from any seat
pocket on any American Airlines flight.
Matt’s interview with the legendary Marian McPartland on her
popular “Piano Jazz” syndicated series on NPR will begin airing
on December 25, 2007.

Come be a part of the recording of
Matt’s NEW CD "Live! At Tufts
University", Medford, MA. - Distler Hall, The Granoff Music Center.
20 Talbot Ave. Tickets $20, $10 for students.
Box Office (Music Center) 617-627-3679.
I'm only 20 years old. Your attitude goes with
what you wear. Once I put on something nice
and I start dancing and singing in the outfit,
then it's like,
'That's the one ", says Fantasia
about her own fashion style which she
describes as "the punk rock look."
Yourself, the CD has sold over 2 million
Fantasia is the real deal  She's truly a  mentor
and idol -
The "Total Package" on "Free
Yourself"      Single & Video
July 1, 2005 - "Fantasia is the real deal - an artist who is instantly
identifiable and very much her own person," said
Clive Davis,
Chairman and CEO, BMG North America.

Davis has consistently stated about his glorious find.   "Fantasia
will have a long and illustrious career."  Indeed
Fantasia Barrino
continues to climb up the ladder of success with her latest savvy
filled single 'Free Yourself' and  video showcasing
Fantasia as a
thunder lungs singer with colorful character and extraordinary
acting and people skills.
Fantasia Barrino  on
the red carpet at
04 Awards Show